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aerisuggestions · an hour ago
I want nothing more than to love you, and to know you love me too
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To all trauma survivors: you have survived so much, a lot of it by yourself, have kept yourself alive and going, persisted through the worst parts of it all, and continue to find the courage and strength to face one day and one difficult thing after the next.
That's a huge achievement.
Society just doesn't consider things like that achievements, but society is wrong about so many things.
Trauma survivors, by virtue of surviving and persisting, are inherently successful. You are the living embodiment of a success story. You've kept yourself alive through some of the darkest things a person can go through and have managed to find joy, peace, and fulfilment still in life, and be bold enough to believe that you can still find more.
That in itself is success. You are successful. Extremely. The world still has you in it because of all your hard work and determination and that is what success looks like. You still manage to find light and love and hope and peace after everything you've been through and that is what success looks like.
You don't need to accomplish anything else in order to be successful. You've already achieved some of the most important successes any person can.
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feelsorganicsuggestion · 4 hours ago
feels dorky, feels tearful. yes.
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paulingsuggestions · 11 hours ago
Who is Nancy Drew and why do I keep getting emails about her
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wickeddepressedkehd · 12 hours ago
Ill never be like any of them. Im just a fucking good for nothing loser.
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creepy-mcnightmare · 14 hours ago
I need your help!
Might have just been sign up to do another DJ residency.
It’s for a metal club and they want me to give a DJ name.
I’ve been working at an alternative club for the past 3-4 year and I’ve never needed or thought of one.
Send me dj name suggestions 😂🤘🏼
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gahd-its-ron · 16 hours ago
I have a suggestion that will make this site so much worse better. They should let us put gifs and images in the tags
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namtiddles · 16 hours ago
my progress
I have not forgotten y’all, i’m just slow :’)
I’m currently in the process of writing the following crush scenarios ;;
Car . a short timestamp 
Not Her Romeo . inspired by an episode of The Proud Family -- Romeo Must Wed
A Ride Home . Requested by anonymous 
Love & Hate . suggested by @elizabethrosecresswell
So far, expect The first two scenarios listed to be published soon :)
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feelsorganicsuggestion · 16 hours ago
feels fatalistic, feels devastated.
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mydevilwearsguccii · 17 hours ago
one study method i will swear by is truly getting immersed in the topic. developing a genuine interest in whatever it is you're trying to commit to memory truly helps information stick better. go that extra mile and do some out of syllabus reading on the topic, it helps tie all the loose ends together and it makes the study process incredibly enjoyable, too.
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dateaforestgod · 17 hours ago
date a forest god who will travel over any distance to get to you if you only call out to him
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travelistme · 18 hours ago
How to travel by bicycle in Russia: ideas and suggestions
How to travel by bicycle in Russia: ideas and suggestions
Day trips in Russia Newcomers can test their “strength” on a one-day trip – the roads should not be complicated and the distances should not be too long. For first-time riders, study the route carefully, taking into account not only the length of the road, but also the conditions: there should be no long climbs and no high mountain passes. The flatter the road, the better. Do not ride close to…
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huntersuggestions · 19 hours ago
The wolfman cowers from your torch as you back him into the corner, bandaged hands shielding his eyes from the firelight.
They razed this place because of things like him, destroyed an entire town for the sake of killing the monsters within, and yet somehow they escaped. They spread.
The survivors fear flame as a babe fears the dark.
You rub fire paper into your blade before you attack and ignore the human fear in those animal eyes.
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 23 hours ago
know your limits not only so you can push them but also so you know where to stop and give yourself a rest
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aerisuggestions · a day ago
You’ve been making so much progress and I’m so proud of you
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feels generous, feels incomplete.
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wickeddepressedkehd · a day ago
Im basically just a friend with benefits 💔
Except i don't see any benefits. Only heartbreak
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sugarbell · a day ago
Okay so-
Is there a TV or book series, or a movie, with a plot like this?
A police force is forced to work with a dangerous criminal in order to solve some big crime that his expertise are necessary for. He's arrogant and has that Sherlock Holmes vibe, where he's kinda cold and distant, but can unravel mysteries with seeming ease when he gets the right pieces to the puzzle.
The team doesn't like him and are very hesitant to work with him and trust him, because he's not exactly sane and because of his history. But, they eventually grow close to each other, the team and the criminal, and learn to be a family as the criminal find his place with them, while trying to escape his past.
-Because this is what I thought Criminal Minds was gonna be about before I learned anything about it. Now, I watched the first episode, and I'm a little disappointed.
So if anyone knows a series that's similar to my description, please tell me. Some lgbtq rep would also be a welcome bonus
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zippity-zap-zak · a day ago
Calling all writers, and those who love to read!! I'm wondering if you'd rather read a tale of an older person, a person displaced through time as they attempt to adjust to a newer, younger world, or would you rather read a tale of a youth who wants to return to a past that was never theirs?
I ask cause I might start writing a story with one of these two prompts soon!! I'd love to hear any and all feedback, advice and suggestions!! Thanks for all your help, Tumblr!!
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