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#sugar baby
spacejordy · 3 hours ago
Piss baby-
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anyone want to be my sugar daddy and just spoil me rotten with gifts and money? 🥺 the poor health club is not a fun to club to be in.
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megalomaniac-trash · 3 hours ago
I wouldn’t mind being a sugar baby. Trading companionship for sweets is a pretty good deal.
I will bend over for sweets.
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iridevanescense · 3 hours ago
casually tell me the details of all the dirty things you’d like to do to me just so i get messed up and blushing and incoherent
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dirtylittlemuses · 4 hours ago
Open to: f/m/nb Plot: A follower Lucy met through her Onlyfans has been paying (a hefty amount) to maintain a relationship for months now, and  they’ve finally flew her out to spend time in person. Upon landing she shocked to see who is waiting for her. Suggested connection: T*bo0 welcome (Fam/step-fam), an ex, previous teacher, family friend etc.
Despite making her suitor buy her a first class ticket, as well as the several seats around her so she could ‘enjoy the silence and alone time,’ Lucy really hated flying. She had popped an Ambien the moment they had boarded and spent most of the flight unconscious. As per her instructions, the flight attendant woke her about 15 minutes before landing, so she could wipe the sleep from her features and check her makeup and hair before getting off the plane. It was practically her job to be beautiful and desirable, after all. When the plane had landed and they passengers were given the okay to begin unloading, Lucy grabbed her carry on (which was the only luggage she’d brought, expecting to have all new outfits bought for her anyway) and exited the plane as quickly as possible, ready to be off that death trap. There was a spattering of people waiting for their loved ones, and Lucy scanned the crowd for hers. She didn’t know what they looked like, well, she didn’t know what their face looked like, she’d seen enough of their body to recognize it from a line up. When she spotted the sign with her name written on it, Lucy stopped in her tracks. “What the hell is this?” She demanded. “Why are you here?”
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