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fandomfluffandfuck · 3 hours ago
Awwww puppy Steve is so 🥺🥴🥰 he likes to sit in his daddy’s lap for kisses all evening, maybe rolling his hips a little if he’s feeling himself, trying to take it slow with Bucky but that man makes it so damn easy to go under. And here Bucky is with his hands petting Steve’s soft thighs, finding out how his baby likes to be kissed the most, coaxing more kisses out of him even as Steve turns bright pink and sometimes has to hide his face in his daddy’s shoulder. Steve just gets so shy and soft so fast, wants to kiss his daddy and do so much more, but Bucky makes sure to take things slow as they’re learning about each other
(Sorry this took me so long to get to! I just couldn't think of much to add onto it because you're so right!)
Sitting in daddy's lap for kisses - yes yes yes, in Bucky's lap is Steve's favorite place to be. Simple as that. Like, he's still a big boy, y’know, he's beefy and strong and could win basically any fight you put him in, but there's something about sitting in a lap that gets him going. Turns him into an oversized lap dog.
Rolling his hips - oh baby, Steve isn't sure if he himself likes rolling his hips more or if his daddy likes it better. He likes it because it feels nice, rubbing his dick against his daddy with his lips against his or on his neck or around his ear saying filthy but sweet things to him. Bucky, daddy, likes it because quiet honestly its the best way to get a grip on Steve. His hips are so little and so boney for such a strong guy. It makes it easy as pie for him to hold him, fingers pressing into his little waist.
Getting his thighs pet - Steve's thighs are strong yes, he appreciates his legs for that reason but he's never noticed them beyond that. They're surprisingly sensitive. Maybe it's just like the rest of his body, how he's not that hairy so he feels a lot. Or maybe its not. Maybe it's because they've gone unacknowledged for such a long time. Either way, having fingertips trace up and down and up and down makes him shiver, makes him achy. Makes him pout and huff and whine, wanting those fingers other places.
Getting kissed his favorite way - at first Bucky thinks his favorite way to be kissed is kinda rough, sort of bite-y and intense but then, just to indulge himself Bucky kisses him slower. Softer. And, hoo boy, baby just melts. If his daddy holds his jaw or cups his cheeks and kisses him that way without not really doing much but locking lips, almost shyly going in for what could be an aggressive kiss? Game over. It definitely leads to...
Hiding his face because he's all blushy - he probably wriggles around a little too. Squirming and flushing hot. Trying to hide but not wanting to get up. God. He never wants to leave Bucky's lap. This safe space.
Learning about each other - yes! Most of their conversations as a couple happen this way. Stevie in daddy's lap. Leaning into each other. Soft kisses. Soft voices.
Also have some subby Stevie pics for your consideration:
Tumblr media
Thigh spreading for thinking about baby in daddy's lap ^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inspiration for those soft, soft kisses that hit Stevie like a freight train ^
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captain-buckyyy · 12 hours ago
pretty baby ⭒ masterlist
Tumblr media
series summary: collection of one-shots, drabbles and headcanons based on sub!bucky x reader - all set in the same universe & in no particular order
warnings: all of these works will be 18+ and include smut
Tumblr media
♡  one shots ♡ 
⭒ desperation
⭒ pretty little baby
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fandomfluffandfuck · a day ago
picturing civilian lean dom bucky making cap subby steve sit on his cock all night, steve can move, ofc he can. man’s just made up of muscle and ofc he can bounce on bucky’s dick but at the same time…he can’t bc it feels too good and so overwhelminf..
my my my
What a picture that is like, oof
Tumblr media
"Man's just made up of muscle..." got my mind RUNNING.
I, personally, am picturing this happening like this:
After being fingered open excellently by Bucky, (like, seriously, he's got magic fucking fingers or something. He knows just how to touch Steve's serum tight muscles to get them to go lax and soft for him criminally easily) Steve slides down onto Bucky's cock little by little, fingers digging into the bed frame behind him (he's never hurt Bucky by accidently grabbing at his shoulders too hard but he's not about to start, especially with the overwhelming sensation that is the first push).
It has been a while since they've done this and so he finds himself gasping with every new inch or so, pretty mouth hanging open, wet and pink, until he's fully seated inside of him. Buckys eyes might have crossed at the site of his baby if his eyes weren't shut tight.
Steve feels like he's Literally forgotten how big he is. How good he feels inside of him. Plus, because of the length of time that they've gone without it, Steve is extra shaky, his muscles falling out of training at the same time that he's more responsive. More needy after not getting it. It's like he's wound too tight to breath. He won't stretch, he'll snap. He is nothing but fire, flames, flames melting his mind, his body. He is nothing but molten lust.
They're both speechless upon Steve's backside meeting Bucky's pelvis. Steve is never good at words with anything inside him, not a tongue, a cock, or fingers. His vocabulary usually shrinks down to pathetic whines and moans and mewls. This time is no different. He moans, throaty and high, speaking of his desperation but also his relief. He has always been a size queen, needing to be filled.
Bucky has to do the talking for him, "baby, baby, c'mon. I'm ready, you're ready. Move, sweetheart. Move, c'mon, b-be my good boy." He tries sweet talking, desperation beginning to gnaw at his bones, but Steve doesn't seem to even hear him. It would be hotter than ANYTHING if it wasn't driving him clinically insane.
"Buh-" Steve starts, getting distracted halfway through by the clench of his own internal muscles, choking his hole around Bucky's big dick and turning the rest of his name into a moan as the tip hits his prostate, he's so big, "uuuuuhh-ky!"
He can't control himself.
Steve's huge chest is heaving, breath hot and wet over his skin. In response to the moaning and the obscene other sounds, inside him Bucky's cock twitches. Steve keens. He clenches down harder. It makes it feel like he's hitting his prostate harder, more snugly against it. He grabs the headboard hard enough the splinter it, though he doesn't notice. Bucky doesn't either, his mouth is gaping, having his mind blown. Steve's muscles continue to run into overdrive, wanting nothing more than to keep Bucky there. To keep him in his body, keep him full and fulfilled.
"Stevie-" Bucky pants, "move," he struggles to speak around the tight, hot clench of his hole. There's. Never. Been. Anything. Tighter. Hotter. More tortuous.
The brunette finds himself unable to move too. Unwilling because of the mind melting feeling of his tight, tight, tight body but also literally unable to. Steve's too heavy when he's slumped over him, nothing but a pile of mush. Normally Steve has to help him move him. Now he can't. They're stuck.
Fuck, dizzily Bucky think, this is hell. Or purgatory. Whatever the fuck. It's awful. His head is Spinning.
Steve is mush, mush that is currently gasping and mewling into his neck while literally drooling. It's like he can't even move to shut is jaw. The only parts of his body that seem to be working is his internal muscles, working around him - fucking rippling, clenching, twitching - and his hands, shredding the headboard.
Steve's at war with himself. He's imploding and exploding. He's screaming and holding his breath. Having Bucky like this, held inside him, throbbing and spreading him open obscenely, is too much and not enough. Hes so deep, in his guts and throat, but he's not fucking him, bot moving in or out of him, so he's choking too. He can't breath, there's no room too. It's all he needs and a fraction of what he needs. His ears are ringing. His hole is all achy and throbby. Somewhere outside himself he hears himself sob. Arousal is killing him. This is killing him.
Bucky grows more desperate. As does Steve.
More and more desperate.
Steve can't move though, he can't, there's too much feeling too much sensation. Too much good. Too much.
He gasps suddenly with one particularly good flutter of his hole, drunkenly slurring, "ohmygod, oh- oh, Buck, 'm- 'm gonna die."
Very strained and a little more than a little hysterical, Bucky chuckles, unhinged, his fingernails digging crescents into his sides- his UNMOVING hips, "y-you're telling me!?"
"Uh-huh," Steve nods frantically, melting onto him impossibly further even as his internal muscles ripple around the intrusion of his cock. He moans. Bucky groans like he's dying... and he might be. He had no idea his muscles, his hole, could do that. This. Neither of them did.
Fuck. It's so hot.
To Bucky it feels like he's trying to pull him in, like he's trying to get more of him even though he has all of him already. In jest, in dirty talk, Bucky has called Steve's hole greedy but FUCK. He's never-
He's never been this greedy. And it's driving him fucking insane. Desperarion isn't a strong enough word for the boiling, molten, intoxicating, filthy need that's building and building and building in his core. He feels like a volcano that's about to erupt.
With his sweaty forehead against his neck and shoulder Steve whimpers, voice tiny and high, nearly feminine, "'s too good. B-buck, 's big, so big inside me. Feelssogood. Ngh-"
And his muscles are doing something and-
And Bucky is cumming.
He's cumming under the hot, tight heat, pressing around him unrenlentingly. Not giving up. Not. Fucking. Moving. His eyes roll back into his head, he makes a sound like he's been gutted, his fingers dig into Steve until blood wells under his nails, his muscles all shake, his soul gets fucking ripped out of his fucking body.
And Steve?
Steve is in a world of agony and bliss.
His eyes roll back too, chest heaving like he's gonna die and is taking his last breath. It feels like he's gonna die. Pleasure ASSAULTS him, like a skyscraper crashing down over him. His body is locked so tight around Bucky's cock that he can feel him twitch. He can feel him throb. He can feel it the second he starts to orgasm. Heat spilling into him. So deep. So deep. Deeper than it's ever been.
And still.
He can't move.
He can only groan - so loud and rough that his throat aches the instant the sound starts - and follow Bucky over the edge. Crashing over the edge. It's like somebody's ripped him open and filled him with lava. He's sweating and shaking and cumming.
Cumming and cumming.
Not only without having his cock touched but without moving.
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fandomfluffandfuck · 2 days ago
Subby and beefy Steve has my heart 😍😍 he’d go soft for anything his daddy would do, just even talking about likes and dislikes at the beginning of their relationship makes him feel so safe and dopey and floatyyyyy. Bucky has to scratch at his head a little where he sits on the counter as Bucky cooks him dinner, says “baby, you already gettin’ sweet on me? Gotta let me know what you need, wanna keep you all sweet n’ soft in my lap all day, but you gotta talk to me honey, can ya do that?” And Steve, bless his heart, goes “could you… could pet my hair again? You’re real gentle when ya do it” And who’s Bucky to deny his baby that
Yes yes yes
This is so true and so sweet.
Theyre both so weak for literally anything, any touch, any sort of gooey eyes, any sweet words. Anything. At first Buckys all like, I didn't do this with my other relationships, why do I do it with you?? Is it just the kink element? The fact that I'm your daddy?
But then it just dawns on him. He likes it and is weak for it because Steve's so weak for it. Watching his pretty eyes go wide and then soft, eyelids lazily drooping like his eyelashes are too heavy, cheeks flushing soft, huge shoulders dropping back. The whole nine yards. It's down right addictive to watch him turn to mush. Steve turns into the sweetest little thing that brings up the dumbest, most eye-rolling, annoying couple pet names out of Bucky that he didn't know were inside him. He'd do anything to have Steve stare at him like he does, pretty pink lips falling into a contented sigh of, "daddy-"
I'm talking about this puppy
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mypoisonedvine · 2 days ago
𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙮 𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙖𝙡 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 (𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘝) || sub!bucky barnes x dominatrix!reader
(𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘐) (𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘐𝘐) (𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘐𝘐𝘐) (𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘐𝘝)
𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 || you and James try something new, and another boundary is accidentally broken; more about James’ identity is revealed.
𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩 || 4.5k
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || smut (pegging!!! it’s happening!!), use of a collar and leash (aka continued mild pet play), spanking, choking, angst (L-bomb alert), canon compliance, alcohol consumption
new parts posted on thursdays... usually! follow my reblog account to be 'tagged'!
Tumblr media
It wasn't realistic-looking: really, it wasn't meant to be.  The only real purpose was to curve right into his prostate, which is why the pink silicone had a slightly interpretive shape.  It wasn't meant to be too big either, but he was still noticeably intimidated by the idea of it inside him.
"Don't worry, baby, gonna warm you up first," you soothed.  “Bend over.”
For a guy who looked pretty frightened just a second ago, he sure did obey that demand quickly, making you laugh a little.
“Good boy,” you hummed, stepping closer to him and admiring how good he looked in this position.  The choke collar leading to the leash in your hand certainly looked nice on him as well.
You applied lube liberally to the finger of your black latex glove— not the medical kind, certainly, although definitely safe to put inside him.  Although, if you were being honest, it was too bad you weren't going to be able to feel the warmth of his body through the material.
The glistening end of your glossy, gloved finger circled his rim, and he jumped a little before relaxing.  Gently, you pushed in the tip and just that made him tense up and exhale suddenly.
"Just that got you worked up, honey?  How are you gonna take my strap?"
"I can take it," he sighed, "please, just push your finger a little deeper…"
Which you did, still moving slowly as you heard him breath carefully, resisting the urge to up the ante already.  His hesitance quickly faded into desperation as he started to move slightly against you, so subtle that you almost didn’t notice it— but of course you did, and smirked as you watched him rock back on your finger.  “You really like this,” you noticed.
“Yeah,” he admitted.
“How long have you been thinking about someone doing this to you?” you wondered aloud.
“Ever since I found out it was a thing someone could do to me,” he answered, smiling like it might be funny but clearly not at all joking.  You figured he might have found out about this more recently than most.
“You’re acting like you’re ready for another finger, but I don’t know if you can take it…” you spoke, almost a taunt but not quite said like one.
“N-no, I can take it,” he whimpered, “please.”
“Are you sure?  I don’t wanna hurt you,” you cooed, pressing the second finger right up to his rim but pulling back when he tried to push himself back onto it, clicking your tongue in feigned dissatisfaction at his neediness.  “I’ll know when you’re ready, needy boy.”
“Please,” he repeated again, and as much as your brain wanted to tease him longer, your body wanted the same thing he did and so you found yourself pressing a second gloved finger in beside the first.  Maybe it was a little too soon, but the way he moaned was entirely worth it: the sound went right to your core which was unfortunately not going to get much attention tonight due to the nature of the session, but it was dripping wet regardless.  
You twisted your fingers slowly, only barely moving them in and out at this point, biting your lip hard to cope with how tightly his body was clenching down on them.  “Color?” you asked him quietly.
“Blue,” he breathed.
The color system didn’t get a ton of use with James compared to other clients, but days like this absolutely required it; you couldn’t help but worry you were hurting him considering how tight he was, but he apparently didn’t mind.
“More, please,” he begged, “another finger, Mistress, I’ll be good…”
You had to stop yourself from reacting out loud to that, because how could he be asking for three fingers already when you’d only just started?  It made you wonder how much he’d experimented with himself in this way, how many of his own fingers he could get in himself, how big of a toy he’d filled himself with before…
And that made you so turned on that you, against your better judgment, gave him the third finger like he’d asked.
“Fuck!” he groaned loudly, rocking back on your fingers even though his legs were shaking slightly, making you quickly tug on the leash until the collar choked him slightly.  
“Such a filthy little slut,” you smiled, “riding Mistress’ fingers already.  You want to get fucked, don’t you?”
“Yes,” he sighed, “oh god, yes, please— Mistress, fuck me…”
“Mm, not yet,” you grinned, “but you do sound so cute when you beg like a naughty little puppy.”
He gurgled slightly at the name, and you wrapped the leash around your hand a few times to give him less slack.  Your plan had been to finger him until he was begging to be fucked, but it seemed that came a lot sooner than you expected.  New plan: finger him until he starts crying from begging so much.
Your fingers carefully explored inside him, and he whimpered when you hit a particularly spongy spot, making you smile.  "Is that it, baby?”
He nodded slightly, his mouth falling slack as you curled your fingers against it harder.  Just when you thought his moans couldn’t get more perfect, the way he reacted to this was indescribable— he made weak little noises, broken and whiny, but he pushed back against you more wantonly than ever.
“Has anybody ever touched you here before?” you asked, noticing the way his face and chest were completely covered in a blush now.
“N-no,” he admitted.  
"How does it feel?"
"I…" he began, swallowing and starting again with a breathless laugh.  "I can't describe it.  It's good… it's strange…"
"Is it what you thought it would be like?” you continued.
“No, it’s better— it’s so much better,” he sighed.  “Don’t stop, please.”
If only he knew how long it would be until you stopped.  You didn’t know exactly how long it was either, but you glanced at the clock a couple times throughout and knew it must have been at least thirty minutes, most of which he’d been begging you to just fuck him already.
“I can take it, I promise, I can take it please— fuck me, Mistress, I need it, god,” he groaned, gripping the sheets beneath him, shivering each time you rubbed his spot with the tips of your fingers.
For once, you actually believed that he needed it.  But that didn’t mean you were going to give it to him yet.
The tears started flowing not too much longer after that, when it had been nearly 45 minutes of him begging and whimpering so sweetly that it took all your willpower not to give into him.
“Please,” he sighed shakily, his lip starting to quiver and his eyes watering.  “I’ve been good, right?  I’m your good boy?”
“Yes, of course you are,” you assured.
“Then why are you punishing me?”
Your heart broke a little, but you tried to answer him without letting that show in your voice.  “No, baby, I’m not punishing you.  I’m just getting you ready for me—”
“I’m ready!” he interjected.  “I’ve been ready for so long, I just need you to fuck me, I need—”
You pulled the leash until he was choked into silence, leaning down a bit to speak closer to his ear as he gaped for air uselessly.  “Don’t interrupt me, puppy.  You’ve been so good and now you want to be naughty?  It’s not gonna get you what you want.  The only thing that will make me give you what you’re asking for, is me wanting to do it.  Is that clear?”
You released the tension and watched him gasp, nodding quickly.  “Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry,” he sobbed.
“It’s okay, I’m going to be nice and fuck this pretty ass anyways, just like you’ve been begging for for so long,” you promised, gently pulling your fingers out of his hole and watching it shrink and pulse— it was still gaping a little bit, which made your chest tight with desire.
You looked down at the strap sticking out from where it was attached between your hips by the black leather harness.  It wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t too slim either— you were pretty surprised when he picked it out from the line-up, you wouldn’t have blamed him at all for going for the thinnest one.  You guided his hand behind his back to stroke the toy, making him shudder slightly.
“You feel how thick it is?” you prompted, seeing him nod a bit.  “Answer me.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he breathed, “it’s thick…”
“And it’s all gonna be inside this pretty little hole… I’m gonna stretch you out, James,” you promised darkly, watching him arch his back harder as a result— a silent plea for exactly that.
You carefully guided the toy to his entrance, moving yourself and using one hand to adjust his hips as well.
"Fuck," he hissed when you circled the end of it around his rim.  You just barely ventured the very tip in before pulling back, making him growl a little, clearly irritated.  He earned a tug on the leash for that, and a quick scolding.
“Don’t be impatient or I’ll make you wait another hour,” you warned.
That certainly made him correct himself quickly.  "S-sorry, Mistress."
You lined it up again and slowly pushed your hips forward, watching as his hole swallowed up the pink silicone, a low moan echoing from his chest.
Although you were still slow and careful, you began to move immediately, glancing back to see his toes curling which made you smirk to yourself.  You found a slow but reliable rhythm, purring when he sighed and visibly relaxed.
“Is this what you wanted, baby?” you smiled.
“Yes, fuck,” he breathed.
“You want it harder?” you assumed.
“I want it however you wanna give it to me,” he answered.
“Oh, there’s my good boy,” you chuckled, seeing him arch his back deeper from the petname.  “You’re taking it so well, do you like it when Mistress fucks this needy hole of yours?”
“Yes,” he groaned, “oh god, yes, it feels so good…”
You sped up slightly, more for yourself than for him, still holding the leash in your hand but gripping his hips as well to keep him steady as you thrusted even deeper.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop— fuck,” he whimpered, and this time you let him technically make a command just because he sounded so cute doing it, and you had no intentions to stop anyways.  In fact you just sped up instead, not too brutal yet but certainly giving him more than you expect to so early on.  He took it all like a champ, though, rocking back against you again and throwing his head back to moan loud enough that it echoed around your bedroom.
“Mistress,” he breathed, in that way that made you sure he was about to ask for something.  “Please…”
“What do you need, baby?” you asked gently.
“Spank me,” he blurted out, and he’d barely even finished when you hit him hard with the palm of your hand, smiling when he yelped in response.  So you gave him a few more, hearing him get louder each time.
"Whose ass is this, huh?" you asked lowly, with another smack for emphasis.
"Yours," he panted, "yours— fuck!— all yours."
"Yeah?  Your whole body is mine, isn't it?"
"Yes,” he answered instantly, groaning through his teeth from another spank.
"Mine to play with whenever I want.  Mine to fuck.  Mine to use."
"Yes," he whimpered, weaker than before.  You pulled the leash until the collar choked him, hearing his breath peter out into silence for a few seconds before you let go and he choked on a sudden gasp.  “Fuck!”
You stopped when his ass was so red that you knew bruises would form soon.  You hoped it meant he would have trouble sitting down the rest of the day.  “Gimme your color, baby,” you breathed.
“Blue,” he groaned.
And maybe it was just because you were so turned on you were going to lose your mind soon, but it made you decide to really go in on him: if he wanted more, he was going to get more.
You let go of the leash to grab the back of his head, tugging on his hair until he hissed before shoving his face down into the mattress.  He arched his back harder, he had no choice but to, and you heard yourself panting from the exertion as you fucked him hard and fast.
For the first time you could see his face with it turned to the side like this, his eyes fallen shut and squinting occasionally when you went especially deep, his mouth slack and that pretty pink tongue threatening to hang right out as he panted and moaned and whined for you.
“This is what you really wanted, huh?  To get face down ass up and let Mistress fucking ruin you?”
“Yes!” he sobbed.  “Oh fuck… I’m so close, t-touch my cock, please," he whined.
"I don't think I need to," you smirked.  "I think you'll come just from this… don't you wanna be my good boy and come for me without being touched?"
He didn't respond right away, so you pulled his leash until his back arched and he choked again, forcing him back onto his hands.
“Get up, have a little self-respect, Jesus Christ,” you sneered.  “You are so fucking pathetic… and answer my fucking question, if you can even talk while you’ve got my strap in you.” 
 "Y-yes, Mistress,” he managed to choke out, barely finding his balance again, “I'll come— I'll be your good boy.  I'm— ah, right there— I'm close…"
"Yeah, you like being on your hands and knees for me, huh?  You like getting fucked?  You like being my little bitch?"
"Yes," he cried, "oh my god, I love it— please don't stop…"
"M'not gonna stop, just be my good boy and come for me," you encouraged, your tone still just as harsh as before even if your words were significantly kinder.  It worked for him, though, if his response was anything to go by.
“Mistress, I— I’m coming,” he sobbed, face falling forward into the mattress and his cuffed hands clutching at the sheets.
You wished more than anything that you could see this, see his cock getting come all over the place without even being touched, but his stupid perfect body was in the way.  Of course, once he let out a long sigh that made you figure he had finished, you stopped your movements and tugged him up by the leash until his back was against your corseted chest.
And yep, there were stripes of come on the bed, the last of it only a little drop rolling down his shaft now.
“What a messy little slut you are,” you grinned.  “Clean that up, puppy.”
He whimpered slightly as he shakily bent down and started to lick up the come with a wide tongue, wincing slightly as he tasted it, still catching his breath after coming.  
When he sat back up, you ran your hands over his chest and hummed proudly.  “Such a good boy,” you cooed.
“Yes, your good boy,” he agreed breathlessly, whimpering slightly as your hand trailed lower and lower.  
“I bet you want me to touch it, even though you just came,” you smirked.  “Isn’t that right, greedy boy?”
“Yes, p-please touch my cock,” he begged, moaning loudly when you did just that, wrapping your fingers around him and using what was left of his come as sticky lube while you stroked slowly.
The strap was still inside him, but you weren’t moving; instead, each time he thrust up into your hand, he inadvertently rode the toy.  The result was moans like you’d never heard from him before, desperate and overwhelmed and balancing constantly between pleasure and struggle.  Soon, you just stayed still while he just went for it all on his own, his cock throbbing in your hand as the strap kept bumping into his prostate.  “Feels good, huh, puppy?” you mocked.
“Yes, so good, Mistress, feels s-so fucking good,” he babbled, head falling back onto your shoulder. 
He kept whimpering out broken fragments of praises and pleas as he continued, looking beautifully brainless as he chased his pleasure and abandoned his dignity.
"Fuck, I love you," he sobbed, both of you halting in your tracks when you realized what he'd said.  
A tense silence weighed heavy in the air; you felt your face get incredibly hot all of a sudden, your chest freezing up as you held your breath for a moment.  His head shot up from where it was resting on your shoulder, and all you could see was the back of his hair, still a little messed up from when you’d pulled it, as he looked off to the side.
"Um, how much does it cost for you to forget I ever said that?" he asked awkwardly.
"First one's free," you mumbled, still a bit stunned.
"Thanks," he sighed, "I didn't mean to— I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable.  And I don't mean it, you know, I just… force of habit I guess."
You weren’t sure if the ‘I love you’ or the ‘I don’t mean it’ hurt more.  "No, I understand," you nodded sternly.
“If you… if you need to stop, I get it,” he offered.
“Do you want me to stop?”
“Then I’m gonna keep going,” you decided. 
You slowly began to stroke his cock again, carefully, hearing his breathing get a bit heavier as you want.  
“Tell me how it feels,” you instructed softly.
“Good,” he blurted out, clearly still tense as you both tried to forget what had just happened.  “It feels… feels good.”
"Can you come again?"
"Yes," he sighed, "please."
You focused on the head as you continued, mainly because it made him pant and squirm the most.  “Good boy,” you heard yourself mutter somewhat absent-mindedly.  
“Mistress,” he breathed, bucking up into your hand.  “I’ll come,” he started to warn you after not too much more stimulation, whimpering as your other hand reached down to squeeze his balls, “fuck, I’m gonna come…”
“Then come,” you encouraged softly, looking at his face fallen slack in ecstasy as he painted his chest and your glove in another wave of pleasure, moaning brokenly all the while.
You waited until he was done to very carefully pull out of him, and from then on it was a particularly silent wrap-up: less small talk than usual as he cleaned up and you washed the silicone strap-on.  You kept your mouth shut mainly because you had so many questions, none of which should be asked.
‘Force of habit,’ he’d said, when he was tripping over himself to explain that he didn’t love you.  What fucking habit?!
The thing is, even when he first said it— that he loved you, that is— you didn’t believe it.  He tried to convince you that it was just a mistake and honestly, you didn’t take much convincing.  Because of course it was a mistake, you never expected real feelings past perhaps a misguided infatuation.  Maybe, for a moment, he thought he loved his Mistress, but he didn’t love you— he could never love you.    
Tumblr media
A girls night out for drinks at a local bar was supposed to distract you from James, but it ended up sort of backfiring: why, oh why, did you feel guilty when Grace tried to set you up with some guy from her gym?  Why did you feel like you were cheating on someone by even considering it?
“I’m just not interested in meeting anyone right now,” you tried to tell her, but she knew you too well— she saw right through you.
“Oh please,” she scoffed, “I know that look.  Did you meet somebody?”
“Um… sort of?” you admitted nervously, making her laugh excitedly before she took another sip of her martini.
You stared at your own drink and silently blamed the alcohol for your honesty.
"So who's this mystery guy, huh?" she pressed, poking your shoulder.
"I… met him at work."
"Consulting?" she clarified.
"What's he like?” she continued her interrogation.  “What does he do?  Is he rich?"
"I don't know that much about him." I know he likes being slapped, and choked, and chained.  I know he comes hardest when I'm degrading him for it.  But I don't know his last name… though I have my suspicions.
“Okay, then tell me what you do know,” she offered.
“He’s… really sweet.  Sensitive,” you shrugged, smiling slightly to yourself.  “I don’t think many people get to see that side of him, so I’m glad I do.  To be honest he seems a little troubled.”
“Okay, so he’s got issues.  Sounds like exactly your type,” she grinned.
You scoffed.  “Yeah, I know, but like...  he treats me well.”
“Oh, so not your type at all.”
“Maybe he could be…” you imagined for a second, “but I don’t think he really… feels the same way I do.”  Sure, he might have blurted something out in the heat of the moment, but that didn’t count.  He backtracked immediately, you promised him you’d forget it ever happened.  You broke that promise… you’d been thinking about it nonstop since.
“He’s not attracted to you?” she assumed.
“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” you smirked, taking another sip as memories of James worshipping your body flooded your mind.
“Oh my god you already had sex with him,” she realized with a playful gasp, and your snort of a laugh kept you from denying it any longer.  “I knew you were getting laid, you’ve been suspiciously happy lately.”
“I have?”
“Yeah, less tense.  Not so grumpy,” she elaborated.  “He must be good.”
“Oh, yeah,” you nodded fervently.  “He’s.... different.”
“Yeah, how different?” she grinned.  “Eight, nine…?”
“I’m not telling you that,” you laughed.  “And I didn’t exactly mean it like that.  I mean, he is… yeah, he uh… we… he’s got that covered,” you finally managed to stammer out, feeling your cheeks warm from more than just the sting of the mojito.  “He’s just, I don’t know, passionate?  Sometimes with guys, it just feels like… well, it feels like work.”
“And with him, it feels like fun,” she finished for you.
“Yeah.  Fun,” you agreed, finding more truth in her words than you had expected.  “It feels easy.  He makes it easy.”
“So what’s the problem?”
You chewed your lip, not sure how to answer that strategically.  “I don’t know how to ask him out.  I don’t know if I should, really.”
“You’ve… already had sex but you haven’t asked him out?” she realised.
“It’s complicated.”
She rolled her eyes, “of course it is.  Because you always make it complicated.”
“Hey, just because you’re right doesn’t mean you have to say it,” you scoffed.  
“I wanna meet him!  I wanna see this guy that’s got you all giddy and flustered.”
“Oh, no.  Definitely not,” you shook your head vehemently.
“What?  Why?” she frowned.  You glanced at her, sitting beside you at the bar, and shook your head as you tried to process this discussion.  
“He… we don’t… I don’t know, it’s not like that.”
“Can I at least see a picture of him?” she bargained.
“Try the Smithsonian,” you suggested, glancing down to the drink in your hand bewilderedly when you heard your own words.  “Did I say that out loud?”
“What are you so embarrassed about?  Is he married?”
“I’m, like, 98% sure he’s not.”
“Is he older?”
You scoffed.  “A bit.”
“That’s hot though,” she grinned, and you rolled her eyes because her proclivity for an age gap was no secret.  
“It’s not the hot amount of older,” you corrected.
“Oh,” she nodded, “so is it like, a May-December thing?” 
“Pff, more like December 1941,” you blurted out before you could stop yourself.  Fucking hell, what is in this drink?!
“Oh my god, it’s—” she choked, eyes wide and her fist landing playfully on your shoulder.  “You’re kidding!  That Winter Soldier guy, Bucky… Bucky something!”
“Shh, shh, keep it down,” you hissed at her, glancing around the crowded bar.  “And it’s Barnes.  James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.”
You couldn’t believe you were telling her this, considering James hadn’t even told you yet.  He probably expected you to figure it out at some point, hence his demands in the very beginning of total secrecy, but you figured there was a reason he didn’t talk about it.  Most of your clients spent at least some time venting about their life to you, but all you knew about James’ life outside of sessions was that he had a crush on his barista.  Well, you actually knew a lot more than that since you found his Wikipedia page, but that was beside the point.
Grace seemed impressed, like you’d accomplished something when all it was was business.  “All these years in New York and I’ve never bumped into an Avenger, and you’re fucking one?!”
“I don’t think…” you trailed off, starting over again with a groan.  “Listen, he doesn’t want anyone to know who he is, okay?  He doesn’t want me to know.”
“Oh, he must be a demon in the sack,” she giggled happily, ignoring the point entirely.  “I mean come on, that man is just pure dominance.”
You smirked to yourself.  “Uh huh,” you agreed half-heartedly.
“Do you ever make him speak Russian in bed?” she teased.
“Ew, no,” you shuddered.  “Can you promise you’re gonna keep this quiet?  If he knows I told you… if you tell anyone—”
“Babe,” she interjected solemnly, resting her hand on your shoulder, “you know I would never expose your secrets.  I know you have a lot more that you aren’t ready to tell me.  I’m just thankful I get to share this one with you.”
You smiled slightly, surprised that she knew you were hiding so much; honestly, odds were high that she knew more than she let on.  “Thanks,” you mumbled.
“Any time,” she shrugged, smiling.  “Another round?”
“No, definitely not,” you laughed, “or I’m gonna end up telling you way more than I should.”
“Yeah, that’s the point!” she grinned.  “Just one little thing, please, I need to know.  You’re not gonna see it on deuxmoi tomorrow.”
“Do what?” you repeated in confusion, furrowing your brow.
“I’m not gonna tell anyone, that’s what I mean,” she sighed.  “It’s just for me.  Just tell me something about him that nobody else knows.”
A million things rushed through your head at that moment, little morsels you could give to satisfy her for now.  The way he begs and his voice gets so much whinier.  The way he breathes and it makes the hair that’s fallen in his face float for a second.  The way he cries and his cheeks and nose turn red in an instant.  The way he laughs sometimes, how good happiness looks on him, but it’s so temporary and you just wish you could always see him like that.  The way he looks at you, the way he looks at you, the way he looks at you.   
Any of those would’ve been a reasonable glimpse into your relationship with James to keep Grace happy and get on with girls’ night out.  But you didn’t say any of those.
“I’m in love with him,” you heard yourself say instead.
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fandomfluffandfuck · 3 days ago
im having thoughts here but like, mean but equally as sweet daddy buck making beefy baby Stevie ride his face :(( teasing him and cooing at him, saying the sweetest most humiliating things to get him to ride his face “cmon sweetheart, daddy wants a taste, dont you want me to make that pretty pussy feel good huh? you know a slut like you cant say no...” and Stevie is so so so embarrassed and red bc well, Bucky isn’t wrong and he can’t resist shakily climbing over his daddy’s face and squealing when he’s immediately pulled down onto a wet mouth and it’s so so so good and Bucky’s rambling all dirty right into Steve’s hole, slurping all loud and filthy “that’s my girl, pretty baby with a pretty pussy, tastes so good doll” and Stevie, embarrassed as he is, still can’t stop himself from rutting down on his daddy’s tongue
(Not my first thought being has K @howdoyousleep3 come to visit my inbox? lol)
Like... just... these two
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
o o f
Poor Steve would be pinkkk all the way down to his fucking belly. Flushed from his hairline, his face, his ears, his neck, his chest. Boy would be BL-USH-ING.
Yes yes y e s to this dirty talk
*MAJOR warning for daddy kink, hella feminization, and consensual name calling below*
Bucky gets Steve cornered, pressing him to the kitchen counter, the wall, the bed, anywhere he can pin his sweetheart down and lean in close, whispering into his ear.
The words that he starts spewing are so filthy and hot that if Steve didn't know how his daddy got when he's horny he'd think he downed half a bottle of whiskey when he wasn't looking.
Bucky leans in real close, lips sensually caressing the shell of his ear as he speaks not trying in the slightest to shy away from the filth. He's clear and his words are put together (completely unlike Steve who's knees are weakening and muscles already starting to tremor), "c'mon sweetheart, daddy wants a taste, don't you want me to make that pretty pussy feel good, huh? You know a slut like you can't say no. Tell me you don't want to sit on daddy's face. I dare you." Steve can't make his mouth work beyond a sudden influx of saliva, nearly drooling. "See?" Steve whines, Bucky tilts his chin up, making them lock eyes, the tension between them ravenous, on the edge of snapping, "see. I know you can't. You need it. You get all squirmy and whiny if you go without it for too long. Don't you?" As if hypnotized, Steve nods without issue. "Yeah," Bucky purrs, "you do. 'S a good thing daddy gets withdrawal too, huh? Yeah. Daddy can't go without his sugar."
Bucky grabs Steve and hauls him of to the bedroom. When close enough he drops Steve onto the bed and orders him to strip, his own hands getting to work against his clothes too.
They're both naked.
There's a moment of nothing but predatory staring (Bucky) and swallowed whimpers (Steve), then the moment breaks, snapping like a rubber band pushed too far. And Bucky is on Steve, wrestling him and manhandling him like no one else can. Making Steve feel tiny and powerless in the most intoxicating way.
Bucky, with Steve under him, purrs into his mouth, pushing his words onto Steve's tongue, "gonna show daddy your pretty hole?" Steve shakes his head frantically, embarrassment just as potent as arousal. "No?" He bites Steve's fat bottom lip until he feels his neck go weak, head lolling back in submission, then he laps the hurt away from the tender flesh and growls, "how about your pretty pussy? You gonna show daddy your pussy?" A high, thin whine tumbles past his lips without his consent. Embarrassingly easy. Bucky laughs darkly, "yeah. You are."
He flips them.
Steve struggles to move above the other man, frozen with embarrassment. Biting his lip, vibrating in place, wanting to tuck tail and run. He loves and hates that this sort of thing gets him so damn good.
Bucky lazily, seductively stares him down from under heavily lidded eyes, all dark and wanting. No. Not wanting. Demanding. Biting his own lip Bucky nonchalantly asks, shrugging one shoulder, "you wanna look all night sweetheart or do you wanna ride?"
Steve's heart pounds like crazy in his chest. Arousal fills him. Wetness leaks from the head of his cock. If his eyes were simply stuck to Bucky's mouth before, now they're super glued as he licks his lips.
"What is it, sweetheart?" He taunts, "never had your pussy eaten before? You scared?" Steve trembles from head to toe, actually- his toes curl he gets so hot. "C'mere, honey," he curls his fingers around his little waist, "you like sex, I know you do, slut." Bucky pulls him up, settling him above his mouth, fingers locked onto his waist, not letting him move yet. "You'll love this," he coos, smirking dangerously, "gonna be begging for daddy to eat you alive after you feel my tongue on that pretty fucking cunt. I guarantee."
Bucky pulls his hips down. Viscously holding him against his mouth and going to work. Licking. Sucking. Slurping. Getting him wet, making him look and feel like a hot mess.
Steve squeals and squirms within seconds. Tangling his hands in his daddy's hair and quickly dissolving into pretty little mewls of, "oh, oh, oh-!" "ah!" "AH! D-DADDY!" while he rides his face. His tongue. His cock twitching, drooling against his stomach as his veins fill with molten fire.
The only time Bucky lets him move is when he pulls away to talk; talking against his skin, making him feel dizzyingly soft brushes of his lips against his rim, his inner thighs, and even his balls or base of his cock if he's really lucky. Every touch makes him want more. Every word makes him want to plug his ears because its so fucking filthy and embarrassing but also lean closer and beg to hear more; to have his daddy whisper them into his mouth as he fucks the daylight out of him.
"Good girl, yeah, yeah- lookit that." Bucky pulls away as if he's actually staring at Steve's hole. He whimpers, squirming, trying to get away. "My little fuckin' show piece, prettiest pussy and body, swear to God. Could make anybody jealous, that face. 'Specially 'cause you're so hungry for it, everybody wants you. Everybody wants a bite." Steve shudders. From head to toe. Tummy full of flames. "Can't imagine how many people wanna be your daddy, Stevie... yeah. Lookit you... mmm, goddamn."
"That's my girl, pretty baby with a pretty pussy, tastes so good doll..."
"Love how much your pussy controls you, Stevie, my girl... you get a little wet, a little horny, and suddenly you turn into a bitch in heat." He grabs a chunk of his ass, digging his fingernails in, pulling back, then slapping him for good measure. Spreading a sting all the way through him. Steve moans. Impossibly loving sounding he praises, "'s so cute, sweetheart."
In a while, with a rare moment of freedom - meaning Bucky's hands aren't pressing bruises into his hips to stop him from moving - he rolls his hips desperately, doing nothing more than humping his face. Completely desperate. All Bucky does is laugh, dark and predatory, before recapturing his body easily and growling, "mmm, yeah, you're a natural baby girl, lookit you makin' a thrown outta daddy's face, huh?"
"Show daddy how much you like this. Now. C'mon. Clench that pretty, hungry hole for daddy. Yeah."
"Gonna eat this pussy alive. So tasty, honey, dripping all over me," Bucky gets his fingers into the mix, just so Steve can hear how wet his daddy has made him. He swears he hears Bucky growl, "so juicy," against his balls and he just about faints. If he weren't so turned on that he's about to die or explode or both, he'd call Bucky a cannible and laugh his head off at the ridiculousless. "Gonna lay you out on the kitchen table next, make you my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You'd like that wouldn't you, you slut."
"Show daddy how pretty you are. Show daddy. Cum. Now."
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fandomfluffandfuck · 3 days ago
As a notorious post orgasm giggler~ who between ur bug subs gets the gigglest(like shrinkyclinks buck or any serumed-big-sub stece)
I. Love. This. Question.
Post-orgasm gigglers are the sweetest fucking thingssss. I just- I can't, they're too pure.
Anyway, for this, I think:
Subby, post-serum Steve
As much of a softie as beefy, subby Bucky is... he's quieter and he's more shy than big sub Steve. It takes a lot out of him to melt because he melts so wholeheartedly and he's not used to melting as much, its his nature, yes, but its a nature he's repressed his whole life. Big!Sub!Steve represses it in his day-to-day for sure but he always makes time to let go with Bucky. After sex Bucky's more of a grabby, quiet baby. His Steve and him lie in peaceful, drowsy quiet for a long while, Bucky's head in his lap with Steve's slim fingers scratching through his hair or his thumb fitting into his gorgeous cleft chin in between sweeps over his jaw, feeding him candy or chocolate or bits of dried, sugared fruit.
This kitten:
Tumblr media
Steve on the other hand. Oh boy.
He's grabby (bouncing between grabbing sheets and shirts hard enough to tear them like they're nothing only to turn around and barely be able to lift his arms or weakly scratch at his Buck's chest or back). And he's sweeter than sugar too. He's also flushed-red and squirmy.
Giggles come naturally to him like this. You get him feeling good and safe and warm and yummy and giggles are just one of the sounds he makes. He gasps and moans and giggles throughout sex. Espeically giggling after sex though.
Bucky doesn't even have to do anything to get him there once he's orgasmed really. He looks at him fondly and Steve is up and squirming away, trying to roll over or get up onto all fours even though he can't feel his legs after fucked so good and hard. Bucky brushes his thumb against a rapidly fading hickey when he's still much too sensitive and coming down and the sweet thing is laughing, eyes watering from the force. One time Bucky is giving him water by hand - tilting the bottle back for him - and gets distracted by his lips, giving him too much, and Steve is off giggling, spilling water down his still sweat soaked chest. Bucky might tease him, imitating one of his high, feminine moans and Steve will literally slap himself across the face, trying to hide his giggles and reddening cheeks so he can pretend to be sore at the other man. It never works though.
Giggling is part of Steve as a person as amplified by the serum- Bucky figures that he just hits subspace harder and more chemicals get pumped into his brain so he ends up more giggly and dumb than the average person once things stop. It's the damn best thing Bucky has ever seen either way, and he thanks the Lord, that he's not too sure is there anymore, everytime.
This kitten:
Tumblr media
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moonlight-onyx · 3 days ago
sub!bucky with a praise kink that just begs you to sit on his face and tell him how good he is at eating you out
oh oh 😩
and he just begs you with those wide eyes of his and he’s just whining, “please, please, i’ll make you feel so good i promise”
and then when you finally comply, you just run your fingers through his hair and tell him how he’s “such a good boy” and how lovely he is (that’s definitely one of his favorites that gets him so flustered)
let’s talk whoreknee hours
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fuckandfluff · 3 days ago
NSFW Ask: Needy Bucky Gets Punished
Tumblr media
I feel so privileged that I'm your first request! that's so flattering💗
I decided to make this a quick little drabble so I hope that's okay, beeb🥺
Word Count: 400
Warnings: 18+, smut, mommy kink, degradation, sub/dom dynamics
A/N: special thanks to the platonic LOML, @sableseb, for reading this thang over for me! Xoxoxox
Tumblr media
It was an odd reversal of power when the two of you weren’t out in public.
Bucky loved being the dominant one in your relationship when eyes were on you but behind closed doors, he was your submissive little boy.
He could rarely annoy you; you often craved his subtle touch and were never sated when it came to him. But today, Bucky grated on your last nerve. He couldn’t stop touching you, grazing your thigh, pecking your neck, doting on you. Most women would feel blessed to have the full attention of the super soldier but to you, it was just plain irritating.
“Bucky, can you seriously just stop? I’m trying to study up for tomorrow!” you chide, glaring at him as you attempted to work through the case file you brought back from the office.
His face was painted with defeat: “Sorry, I just wanna - ah - I’m sorry, Y/N.” He's now on his knees, nestled betwen your legs and nuzzling against the soft curve of your thigh.
You huffed loudly, rolling your eyes back with your usual dose of sass, “It’s annoying, Buck. Can you just leave me alone?”
“But babe, please? Need you. Need my hands on you.”
You snapped your ballpoint pen down against the oak desk and locked scornful eyes with his.
“ENOUGH! You’re pissing me off! Always such a needy, one-track minded boy.”
You stood up abruptly from the desk and swept your delicate index finger under the stubble of his sharp jawline, “What am I gonna do with you, huh?”
He looked down defeatedly and it was in this moment that you knew you were just a bit too harsh with him. But his submissive nature with you is what made your sexual chemistry so damn amazing. He was an absolute alpha in public but you could make him crumble when no one was looking.
“Think you owe me, what do you think? My baby is such a greedy slut, always needing my attention,” you scold, placing a hand on his broad, sculpted shoulders.
You reached for the sturdy, police-issued handcuffs in the top drawer of your dresser and clinked them around each of his wrists, fastening them to the tightest possible resistance.
“Yes, mommy. Whatever you say.”
Tag list:
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poisonbeauty · 4 days ago
i am thinking about edging a bucky with a mommy!kink on this evening
sub!bucky does things to me that i can't even describe, honestly... my favorite headcannon of my sweet baby bucky is having him hump on your leg, all needy and whining and begging like a dumb little puppy <3
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bloodorangesoup · 4 days ago
If James officially goes by White Wolf his s/o calls him puppy when they’re alone or when he’s in a sub mood because he’s whiny & needy & totally not a big bad wolf with her lamo
Oh my god I love this
This would be really cute too because you'd try it out one day to see how he feels about it and just nonchalantly call him puppy and he's conflicted because he's a fucking wolf but he also thought you calling him puppy was adorable
It would be a little affectionate nickname that you'd know to only use when it was just the two of you
If you two are cuddling in bed and he's all snuggled up against you with his arms around your waist you'd just run your hands through his hair and sigh out "I love you puppy" and he'd feel so loved and cared for oh my god
You could use it to tease him when he's in a sub mood and call him puppy when telling him what to do
@lavendercitizen and I kinda talked about this under my pet names headcanons but if you only called him puppy alone and when he's in a needy subby mood you could kinda pavlov him
So one time during movie night you would just whisper in his ear and call him puppy and he would go RED
I love this so much
can you guys tell how much i love sub!bucky
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rainbow820 · 4 days ago
I would publicly like to declare my love for Winter Soldier: Winter Kills and present my favorite panels 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Namor is actually so funny and no one realizes this okay.
Tumblr media
I’ll never not squeal when Toro calls Jim his Pappy mmk they’re my favorite father and son duo. 
Tumblr media
might fuck around and make this my new header who knows. Bucky and Toro is all too neglected friendship
Tumblr media
very much a Peter, Johnny, and MJ inspired interaction but this is also totally in character for Bucky and Toro
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just I miss them lots 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay and Namor always cared about Toro so much, he was Jim’s son after all.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Invaders are a Family and Marvel needs to give them back to me thank you. 
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captain-buckyyy · 4 days ago
pretty little baby
summary: bucky is your clingy little baby and you can never say no to him 
pairing: sub!bucky barnes x reader
word count: 1.3k
warnings: lactation kink, bucky calls reader ‘mommy’, reader call bucky pets liek ‘puppy’ ‘pet’ etc, a lil bit of smut
a/n: this part of the lil sub!bucky universe, read the first part desperation here
Tumblr media
Bucky’s always been clingy, he can’t be without you for more than five seconds without bursting into tears. It’s adorably pathetic and each time you see those pretty little tears leave his eyes and roll down his soft cheeks you can’t help the wetness that drips down your thighs. When Bucky cries like the pathetic little baby he is, all you want to do is put him over your lap and spank him until his ass is raw and red and cock is leaking pre-cum all over your thighs. It’s your favourite thing to do especially because each time you spank him, he cries harder and harder, it’s a beautiful sight.
Like right now, Bucky is crying because for the past five minutes you’ve been ignoring him. He’s on the floor in between your legs on his knees crying softly whining for you like the little pet he is. “What’s the matter, baby boy?” You ask, taking pity on him, rubbing your thumb over his jaw delighting in the way he moans softly at your touch. He’s always so responsive, it’s addicting.
“Wan’ mommy to pay attention to me, please mommy,” Bucky begs at your feet, whining softly as you pet him.
You smile down at him, pity written across your features as you coo at him. “Is mommy not giving her little pet the attention he needs?” You ask running your fingers through Bucky’s hair rejoicing in the way he purrs like a cat at your touch.
Bucky shakes his head and continues to purr at you as you pet him, basking in your touch and affection. “My poor little pet, don’t worry mommy’s gonna give you all her attention,” you promise and he stops crying, his sniffles coming to a halt at your words.
“Your promise?” he asks looking up at you with those puppy eyes he knows you can’t resist, it may not look obvious but Bucky has you wrapped around his finger, you could never say no to your pretty baby.
“Of course puppy, mommy’s gonna take care of you and give you what you need,” you respond, tapping his lips with your fingers and watching as his mouth opens up instantly and he sucks on your fingers like the good little boy you trained. Bucky moans around your fingers and you push them further into his mouth watching the way he greedily swallows your fingers until he’s practically deep-throating your fingers.
“Good boy, you’re such a pretty baby sucking my fingers so good, mommy’s so proud of you.” you coo at him and he whines at your praise; Bucky has the biggest praise kink you’ve ever witnessed. One time Bucky came just from you praising and petting him, it was the hottest thing you’ve ever witnessed and you nearly came just watching him.
You pull your fingers from his lips and laugh as he whines at the loss, “tell mommy what her little puppy wants, mommy just wants to make her baby happy, will you let me do that?” You ask as Bucky lays his head on your legs.
“Wan’ milk mommy, please,” Bucky whines, nuzzling his head into your thigh as he looks at you eyes pleading with you.
“My little baby needs mommy’s milk?” You ask running your fingers through his long hair. Bucky nods in response against your thigh, eyes rolling to the back of his head as you play with his hair. Your little puppy loved it when you played with his hair and gave him every ounce of your attention.
You take your shirt off and Bucky’s cock jumps at the sight of your perfect breasts, “come get your milk, my greedy little puppy.” You say and Bucky does as he’s told, sitting on your lap. He may be a super soldier but when he’s on your lap he’s your little baby.
Bucky greedily gulps one of your nipples into your mouth sucking until he feels the sweet nectarous taste of milk on his tongue. He steadily laps up your milk, whimpering at the taste and the small moans you make as his lips wrap around your sensitive nipple. “You’re such a good boy for mommy,” you praise as Bucky suckles at your nipples.
Your eyes drift down to the large bulge in his gym shorts and you can’t help but laugh, “does my little puppy need me to take care of him?’ You ask as you rub at his hard cock over the material of his shorts.
Bucky whines around your nipples nodding before more of your milk trickles down onto his tongue. You smile down at him as laps at the milk leaking from your nipples, groaning at the taste. Your arm snakes down into his shorts, freeing his cock and laughing darkly as you spot the sight of his red and swollen tip leaking small bouts of pre-cum. You take him into your hand, using his pre-cum as lube and start jerking him as he sucks at your nipples, trying hard to get each and every last drop of your milk in his mouth. Bucky was addicted to the taste of your milk, it tasted so good and made his cock so hard it was unbelievable.
Bucky practically comes apart as you jerk him off and let him feed from you, the taste of your milk and the feeling of your hand gliding over his hard cock making him moan and whimper around your nipple. “Mommy, it feels so good,” Bucky whines all high pitched and needy as your hand moves quicker over his cock delighting in the way he sucks harder at your nipple and his legs shake just a little.
“Look at my pretty little puppy, you’re so good for me. My beautiful little boy with the most perfect cock,” you say hand twisting over his dick and Bucky practically screams mommy! the sound muffled by your whole boob practically in his mouth. His legs twitch in anticipation as your movements become quicker as he sucks harder more of your honey-like nectar slipping onto his tongue as he swallows it all like the greedy little boy he is.
You can’t help but notice the way his legs practically shake as your hand jerks over his cock and his tongue laps up all of your milk. You know what’s about to happen, your pretty little puppy is about to make a mess and you couldn’t be prouder.
You let out a lewd moan as Bucky wildly sucks your nipple, his movements becoming more frantic as he gets closer to cumming. “Mommy, please can I cum?” Bucky asks, ever the obedient little boy and you smile down at him with pride, he really is your good boy, you’ve trained him to perfection and he never fails to amaze you with his obedience.
Your free hand comes to cup his cheek, “Of course. Be a good boy and cum for mommy.” You command and your little pet follows your orders. His white-hot cum splurts all over your hands, his body shaking wildly as his suckling slows down on your nipple.
You let him catch his breath, “Look at my good boy. You did such a good job for mommy. I’m so proud of you baby.” You coo at him, rubbing your thumb over his cheek as he nuzzles your palm at your praises.
Bucky smiles at you before unlatching from your nipple, you whine softly at the loss. “How’s my little baby feeling?” You ask as Bucky gazes up at you with love and adoration.
“So good mommy, thank you so much,” Bucky says, pressing a small kiss to your chest.
“You’re welcome baby, mommy will always take care of you.” You say.
“I love you,” Bucky says, nuzzling into your chest.
“I love you too baby,” you say, pressing a kiss to his forehead watching as his cheeks turn pink with a blush.
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stevebuckyinc · 5 days ago
your explanation about how bucky isn’t female/woman coded was so interesting and well said! i’m worried after reading it that i’m unintentionally giving bucky traits that he doesn’t have on screen in my writing. I often write him as submissive, and now i’m worried that I do that because of some misconception that’s actually damaging. how do I know and how do I stop?
well. i’m not sure i can give you an unbiased answer to this because 1) i don’t know what you’re writing 2) i’m unable to set a personal boundary for you and 3) to be frank i don’t personally sub bucky at all. the aversion stems from a lot of personal reasons with how i see his character/things i’ve seen within the community of authors/artists and dislike of things like i went into detail on during the woman coding post + the fact that a lot of the fics i’ve seen featuring him are trauma porn, but with that being said, i’m aware not every fic is like that at all. it’s just not something i’m personally comfortable with.
i’m not trying to “more righteous than thou” you, because i think it’s actually nice that you asked and are trying to be self critical but i guess the question you should ask yourself is: why do you write him, both as submissive, and in general? is it because you see that trait in his personality on screen? because you think it’s healthy and beneficial with his history? because you think it’s hot? do you write fic trying to adhere to his on screen characterization? do you try and retain his canon personality regardless of a fic’s setting/situation?
you can replace the word submissive with a lot of others, but this is the example, and with bucky’s characterization i think answering these questions can sometimes get convoluted because of his history both pre/post hydra and what weight each individual writer think it holds. a lot of people like erasing “the pain” from his character as a whole, which kind of leaves him an innocent blank slate in some cases, while others have it debilitate him to the point of him being unable to function on his own. there’s damage done on both ends of that scale to some degree.
since we’re different people, we’re going to have different answers about these things and i can’t tell you what is right and wrong about bucky’s characterization, what should/should not be written, or how you should go about writing fic/what reasons you have behind it. but i can tell you that misconceptions are something that can hinder us all. i’ve written fics before that i now find personally icky when it comes to personal preference stuff because after asking myself questions and reevaluating, my opinions on things changed. such is the way of life and growing up. sometimes things that we prefer are later realized as superficial or stereotypical. sometimes they actually make more sense than we thought. sometimes they are part of a larger problem. it depends. “how do i know and how do i stop” are the questions you’ll have to ask yourself again at the end, and as with the other questions, only you are going to have the answer to them.
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jhenes-blog · 6 days ago
The Pugilists by ipoiledi
There’s only one way Steve wants it when he gets like this, and nice ain’t the word for it, that’s for damn sure.
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/ Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Anal Sex, Multiple Orgasms, Dom/sub Undertones, Face-Fucking, Rough Sex, Angry Sex
Words: 4 585 words
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Category: M/M
Characters: James Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers
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bowdownbucky · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
sɴᴇᴀᴋʏ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʙᴏʏ !
warnings- degradation, choking, mommy kink, restraints, pegging, oral (female receiving) masturbation (male receiving)
pairings- mommy! reader x sub! bucky
this is my first drabble/headcannon idk what to call it but lemme know how you feel about it dudes. send me your requests and feed back!!
you came home exhausted from a long day of debriefings and all you wanted was to see your bucky. you opened the door, tossing the keys in a dish. you kicked off your heels and coat but you stop dead in your tracks once you heard a soft whimper come from the hallway.
at first you didn’t acknowledge it, maybe you were tired and need to sleep it off but yet another whimper came from the hallway. you slowly approach the hallway, following the moans which lead to the white door which was you and bucky’s room. you huffed under your breath, bucky was going against your rules once again.
the first time bucky disobeyed you, you played it safe. your dynamic was new and you didn’t want bucky to freak out but if it’s one thing you didn’t like…was repeating yourself. bucky’s chest heaved and shook as he stroked himself. you watched through the the crack of the door as bucky laid face down, thrusting his cock into his hand.
his hand right hand clenched the sheets tightly, while he fists his hard cock. you wondered how long he would go on like this, you smirked to yourself knowing that now was the best time to give a punishment more than ever. "𝘰𝘩 𝘮𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘺...𝘺𝘦𝘴 ! 𝘪𝘮 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘣𝘰𝘺." he moaned into the pillow. his moans escalated, you could tell by the pitch of his voice that he was going to cum hard.
you pussy was drenched at how bucky’s face was smushed into the pillow. you couldn’t help but fantasize of how vocal he would be. bucky panted as he came into his hand. you watched him just lie still, he had knocked the wind out of himself. boy was he in for a treat. you push open the door only for bucky to look at you like a dear caught in head lights.
“ you know after a long, long day at work, momma just wanted to come home to her baby boy and cuddle him. praise him for staying here like a big boy all day.” you seethed, slowly tracing the bed frame with your dark red nail. “but no she had to come home to a sneaky little boy.”
bucky sat up straight with his eyes to the ground, he wouldn’t dare look you in the eye after what he’d just done. “ and to think i was actually going to reward you. pathetic.” you spat. “i gave you simple rules to follow and all you had to do was follow them.”
“i-i did mommy, but you were gone so long an-and it just happened. i’m sorry mommy. i won’t do it again.” bucky’s pale blue eyes filled with tears, you scoffed as his face began to turn red. you stand in front of him, he whimpers at how you tower over him.
you brush you hand on his cheekbone, loving his soft skin. you tick your tongue at him before grabbing us throat in you hand, forcing him to meet your eyes. “i didn’t give you permission to speak did i sweetie?” you arched an eyebrow at him. he shook his head vigorously. his lip quivered as he looks down at his hardening cock. you peck his lip gently biting his shaking lips. “what’s rule number one lovie ?”
bucky didn’t answer you, he was ashamed of himself. you clench his throat tighter. “if you don’t answer me i swear you will get it.” he whimpers and swallowed, you hum at his adam’s apple bobbing. “don’t speak unless given permission.” he whispered. you release some of the pressure on his neck.
“and rule number two?” you ask him. your left hand begins unbuttoning your black blouse, revealing bits and pieces of your red bra. “don’t touch myself with out permission.” his eyes glance down at your chest, his mouth watered for a taste of your tits but he knew was in trouble.
“rule number three.” you unbotton your pants. “no cumming unless mommy tells me to.” you let him go, and take a step back from the bed. “now get on your knees and suck mommy’s clit, i just might let you off scott free.” bucky fell stood up and fell to his knees in front of you. he kissed your stomach, trailing them down to the top of your pants. he kisses your hip bones while he pulls down your black work pants.
once your pants fell down, you stepped out of the bottoms, bucky kissed the cloth covering your pussy. he rolls down your panties and licks a strip up your clit, sending a cold chill down your spine. he slurps and sucks on your clit, he’s pretty eyes looking up at you. you grip his dark brown locks within your fingers. “i know you can do better than that sweetheart.”
you start grinding your pussy onto his face, he pulled away to take a few small breaths but he enjoyed every moment of it. you moan out loud, pushing his face between your two legs and keeping him there for a few minutes. he may be a bad boy right now but he knew what he was good at. you felt your stomach tighten and you pussy clench as his tongue entered you a few times more.
you pull bucky away by his hair and push him onto the bed. you saw him land on the bed, moaning at the friction he got when his hand grazes his cock. you walked into your closet and picked up bucky’s favorite black and gold dildo. you reached up and grabbed the little the of lube. you squirted the liquid all over you hand then stroked the veiny strap-on.
you also grabbed a black ziptie, a little bondage never hurt any it right? you strut over to bucky who watched your every move. “turn around.” you ordered him. he whines while turning around, his leaking cock was pressing down on the covers.
“mommy please touch-“ you slap his round ass hard. “speak out of turn one more time and i swear i’ll have you in a cockring for a week.” you grabbed his hands and held them behind his back. you wrapped the ziptie around his precious hands.
“since you want to be a whore and play with yourself, your now nothing more then a useless hole.” you hissed. “ass up.” bucky spread his legs for you, showing his wet asshole to you. his whole puckered as if it was asking you to fuck it. you slapped his ass once more, earning a yelp. you smiled before rubbing the tip of your strapon on his aching hole.
he moaned loudly, stuffing his face into a white pillow. “not prepping you this time baby. only good boys get prepped.” you gloated. you wanted him to feel please but you also need to prove a point that no one disobeys you. you slowly entered him but stopped at half the length. “what’s you color sweetie.”
“g-green m-mom-mommy” he sputters out, you can tell he was already starting to fill full. you fully enter him, easing bucky into it. once he was adjusted you picked up the pace, his moans jumped as you pounded into him. you hand pushes his face into the pillow, annihilating his hole at a fast past.
“who’s ass is this?” you slow down on bucky, you pushed you blazer away from your body as you were starting to get hot. when bucky didn’t answer you leaned down so far that your breasts are touching his back. you run a hand under him, bucky pushes his head in the pillow, the pressure you applied to his cold was too much.
“momma asked you a question lovie. are you ignoring momma?” you teased, trailing your nails along the sides of his veiny cock. you stroked bucky at a painfully slow pace. “n-n-no mommy.” he moans.
“who’s. ass. is. this?” you pound hard for every word, bucky screams your name loudly feeling his prostate being hit so many times. “ITS YOURS MOMMY.” you smirked at his tone, he was practically begging for you to let him cum.
you grab his hips and ram into his ass, your left hand grabs the zip ties and pull them closer to you. bucky’s back arched at the pressure you were putting on his prostate. “mo-mommy i-i-im gon-gonna come-e” bucky whines.
you pulled his locks, forcing him to look back at you. “should i let you come whore? hmm? are you gonna listen to mommy next time?” you asked. he nodded hard, but you wanted to play more. “i can’t hear you baby.”
“YES MOMMY ILL BE A GOOD BOY! PLEASE PLEASE LET ME COME.” he cries loudly. you were satisfied, he learned his lesson. you let his hair go and struck his cock at a fast speed. his moans were getting louder to the point where you knew the neighbors would ask who mommy was.
after a few more pumps and pounds bucky was coming hard in your hand. you slowed you strokes. “you took your punishment so well baby.” you kisses his back. you slowly reaped yourself from him, getting off the bed and getting a towel and a pair of scissors. you released him and helped him be over. you cleaned him off and helped bucky get under the covers.
“you did so well baby. mommy’s proud of you.”
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buckyhoney · 7 days ago
bestie im writing a sub!bucky fic because of all the mess you got us all into with sub!bucky today 😳🤚🏻❤️
sub!bucky lives rent free in y’alls head & i LOVE it
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coldfingers-warmheart · 7 days ago
Omg I live for cluelessboomer!bucky, imagine when he discovers the hub and is like “you don’t have to pay for it????” 😂😂
Or him realizing that men don’t always have to be in control bc I LOVE sub!bucky sm
ohhh think how he would react
when you turn him over sit on his lap and find a way to tie his wrists. “let’s switch things up a little.” you whisper to his ear, hands going around his torso, and they’ll slowly go down to palm his cock but not for long.
he gulps as excitement takes him over, “i think you’ve some apology to make.” you say as your hands went to his face again. “and i just know how to.” you say before sitting on his face and ride it.
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ella-writess · 9 days ago
I’m Yours.
⚠️ 18 +
Tumblr media
(Disclaimer: The following is a story containing a DDLG Relationship, do your research and be safe!
Let me know if you have any questions while reading.)
Synopsis: Daddy Adrien and Little Violet are on a snuggly park date, having some fun on the swings. Daddy gets jealous after a brief interaction with another Daddy, Baby Violet growing shy and blushy around him. Daddy then goes home with his baby and reminds her who she belongs to.
(Degradation and Breeding Kinks involved)
Enjoy the smut!! 😉♥️
Tumblr media
     Daddy pushes me on the swing, the wind nearly blowing my headband off. I giggle gleefully, the swinging making my stomach drop from the height he pushes me at. He abruptly stops the swing with he broad build, pulling me flush against his back before he plants a sweet kiss on my forehead.
     "Daddy, come around!" I look up at him and capture his attention. "I wanna face you while you push me."
     I tug on the sleeve of his sweatshirt, his beautiful chuckles sending tingles throughout. He gently grabs my chin and tilts it up, planting those sweet lips on mine.
     "Okay, Angel'skoye litso." He murmurs against me, the pet name heavy with his accent making me squeal and melt in his arms. (Angel'skoye litso – Angel face).
     Daddy had finally given into bringing us to the park after days of begging him to do so on his days off. I love the swings so much and have been craving him to push me on them, plus I love spending time like this with my Daddy. Sometimes being cooped up inside just makes my babie heart sad and feel locked up, a lot like Rapunzel. No fun.
     He comes around the swing and kneels in front of me, peppering my face with his sweet kisses. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his warmth closer.
The sweet melody of an ice cream truck registers to me and captures my attention.
     "Does my sweet, Violét, want ice cream?"
     "Yes, please, Papa." I attempt my best accent to match his, the smile on his face filling my heart up.
     "Up and off then." He gently places his large hands on my waist and lifts me into his hold. "Vanilla, right?"
     I nod and swing my legs around, careful not to kick much anyway. I lean my head against his chest, his palm patting my bum and sinking me further into my headspace.
     "Adrién, hey! It's been a while." Another masculine voice calls out to my Daddy. I squeeze my Papa and hold onto him tighter, burying my face further into his neck.
     "Is this your precious Bunny you've always marveled about?" The man chuckles and I feel a foreign touch against my shoulder. I peak out of Daddy's chest to catch a glimpse of the man who touched me as they converse in their language.
     The man is around Daddy's height, so very tall, and muscular too. His hair is lighter than Daddy's, closer to mine in blonde. And his eyes, they're a deep forest green I had never ever stared into. Very much contrasting my Daddy's ocean blue depths.
     I tap on Daddy's shoulder, signaling him to let me down. He complies quickly, allowing me to slide down his body before facing the unnamed man. Could he be a Daddy too?
     I tilt my head and examine his attire, my cheeks flushing at how well his shirt hugs his biceps. I clear my throat, snapping myself out of the trance before I get caught ogling at another. I reach for my Daddy's hand, the expensive watch catching the sunlight and shining in my eyes.
     I momentarily allow myself to be captured by the pretty sparkles, bringing his hand up closer to my face so I can trace the pretty stones. I look up at my handsome Papa, turning his palm around so I can nibble on his pinky.
     "Bunny," our eyes suddenly connect, his ocean storms pinning me in place. "Want to say hello to my friend? Luka's from back home, in Russia. I've been telling him all about my precious girl."
     I look over at Luka, his forest green gaze already taking me in. I involuntarily squeeze my grip, my cheeks flushing as the man's structured features stand out to me.
     "H-hi." I whisper. He smirks and waves with two fingers.
     "You're so precious." He chuckles and reaches forward to brush my cheek with the back of his fingers. My heart flutters along with the butterflies in my lower tummy. I suck my bottom lip into my mouth before pressing my face to Daddy's side, never taking my eyes off the other Daddy.
     The two continue in a short conversation before they say goodbye. My mind imagining his hands all over me, with his soft supple touch the entire time.
     "Angel, I thinks it's time for us to go home." I jump at how thick Daddy's voice sounds, my heart dropping at his tone. I gaze up at him to find his eyes hard and his jaw locked with a thumping facial muscle. Does he know?
     "B-but, my ice cream." I pout, hoping to distract. He comes down to my level, making me shrink back against his scrutinizing gaze.
     "Only good girls get ice cream."
Tumblr media
Daddy rips my skirt off my hips as soon as we get home. His thick hand around my throat and shoving me back into our room. The sound of the material tearing away from my body raising goosebumps. His fingers grab my jaw tightly and tilt my face up towards his, leaning so close to me our noses touch.
     "Did you like another man staring at your pathetic little ass?" He spits, tugging at my lip with his thumb and his rumbling devilish tone thick with his accent.
     My heart pumps rapidly in my chest, my thighs clenching with need as tears filled my eyes. "No?"
     He pushes against me, forcing me to fall back against the bed. I suck in a breath as he crawls over me, his weight delectably on top of me as his cologne fills my senses. Snickers, I didn't mean for it to come out like a question!
    "Daddy, I didn't—"
     "Quiet, you know what's good for you."
     My whimper soon turns into a moan as he slips his hand over my panties, stroking his index finger over my soaking slit through the material. I buck against him, needing more pressure as my body heats up for him. My arms come up to wrap around his neck, but his free hand claim my wrists before I could move to do so.
     He presses a kiss against my mouth, his tongue slipping inside and tasting me.
     "You wish my fingers were his, don't you?" He mumbles, a chuckle rumbling through him as he rubs circles against my nub. I squirm beneath him, his hips pressing down against mine to hold me down.
     "Stroking you." I shake my head 'no' against him as an answer, his lips having stolen my breath to speak. He pushes my panties aside and runs his fingers along my wetness, his lips curling in a slight smirk as he takes in my reaction to his touch.
     "Teasing you." He rumbles, leaving hot kisses down my jaw.
     His hand slides down to my heated entrance, my hips pressing down so his two fingers glide in. He chuckles once again, earning a gasp from me as he suckles on the sweet spot of my neck.
     "Slipping inside your little hole." He rasps against my ear and pushes his ring finger deep inside with the other ones. I bite his shoulder to muffle the scream, my body quivering uncontrollably. He hovers above me for a moment, the amused smirk playing on his lips driving me wild. I plead with my innocent eyes for him to move, to dominate every inch of me — claim my body as it is.
"Claiming you as his." He repeats my words, smacking them back at me and pumping in and out of me harshly. The squelching sounds of his fingers curling up to hit my sweet spots driving me closer to the edge. My vision goes black as my eyes roll back into my head with the sheer pleasure. He slows down before pulling his fingers out, my wetness dribbling down to his knuckles.
"Look at you, you're dripping all over me already and I haven't even gotten started." He chuckles, planting hot wet kisses down my navel and nipping the skin of my hip. His eyes bore into mine, his gaze darkened and predatory."You're so pathetic."
"Daddy. I'm already so close." I plead as he rubs smooth circles across my nub, teasing me further as the coil starts to build inside me. I grab the back of his neck, pulling him over me and into a kiss. I moan into his mouth and spread wider for him, his fingers slipping back inside. I love this, I'm so wet for him.
"Such a needy little cunt. What should I do with you?"
"Make me cum." I plead and rock my hips against his fingers, sliding them in and out of my throbbing core. He smirks and stops moving, pushing me to ride his fingers out like the needy little kitten I am.
I grip the bedsheets tightly, clenching around him as I push harder against him and hit a spot deep inside. My lips part and my vision blurs, the ringing in my ears intensifies as pleasure overcomes all my senses.
I'm his and I only belong to him. He's the perfect Daddy, he's my handsome Russian caregiver. The only one who could ever have me dripping through my panties. Daddy Adrien, I belong only to you. I'm your needy little slut.
"Bend over, I want to use your little holes." His husky voice, raspy with lust, orders me. I nod feverishly, wanting to feel him pounding into me already. His hand releases its grip on my wrists, momentarily letting me go as he unbuckles his belt. "You're my slut, you hear me?"
"Yes, Daddy."
He rolls me over, ass high in the air and ready to be claimed. I brace my hips, his warm bare tip teasing my slick entrance.
Our moans fill the air as he pushes our hips together, his mouth licking and sucking my shoulders and neck. His thick cock stretches my walls out, pumping and riding out the burn as we move together.
"Daddy, you feel so good." I moan and bury my face into the bedsheets below. I quiver as his grunts vibrate through me, the beads of sweat forming across my back.
He presses a flat palm between my shoulders and pushes me further down into the mattress. I curl my fists up and arch my back, ready for him to pound my pussy senseless.
His pulsating cock drives into me, his hips slapping against mine mercilessly. I scream into the mattress, my stinging walls easing out with the pleasure as he stretches me out. He grips my forearms and pulls me off the mattress, pressing my back against his hot chest and tilting my jaw so I look up at him. My walls clench around him and my orgasm becomes impossible to hold back.
"That's it, Angel. Cum for Daddy."
His words quickly drive me over the edge, my thighs numbing as the orgasm rakes my entire body. He grunts and squeezes my hips as he rides out my high, sliding deep into me with slow strokes.
"I'm yours, Daddy. All yours." I mewl, panting against him as I feel every inch of his thick cock, the veins pulsating as he nears his finish.
"My little cumslut." He curses and his strokes turn sloppy, gripping me tighter as I roll my hips against him. I purr as he fills me up, his thick cum claiming my walls and womb. His angel, his little cumslut.
"You did so good, Angel face." He praises as he slowly pulls out of me and pulls me onto his chest, stroking my hair as my body succumbs to exhaustion.
Find The Entire Collection: Here
Tumblr media
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