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studyingjade · 4 months ago
would anyone be interested in reading about the development and consideration of gender identity in quarantine? I've been really fascinated by the topic and doing some extra study outside my sociology course this quarter, so I'd love to consolidate some of the research I'm doing into a possible post or series of posts.
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studyingjade · a year ago
staedler, coffee, ruler? for the studyblr asks ^-^
Thanks for the ask!! :)
Staedler: what subjects are you studying?
Right now, I’m working on a summer english course to get ahead on my transfer credits, but overall I’m studying psychology with a possible double major in philosophy or english.
Coffee: what is your favourite study snack and why?
Honestly I just snack on whatever’s in the fridge, or whatever’s easiest to reach. (Generally almonds and a cup of coffee).
Ruler: what is a strange study tip that actually works for you?
If I’m in a slump (which I was for the past three weeks) I try to fix it by pretending I’m some classic movie studying icon. I get all dressed up, do my makeup, put on some classic rock, and just sit on my bed or at my desk and force myself to be inspired.
studyblr asks!!
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mytruestudyblr · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys I’m back with an update on my 30dol challenge! So I’ll give you a brief update on days 5 and 6 of my challenge.
Day 5/30 June 5th
• Didn’t post anything but did work on a post called How to Study Efficiently and I’m glad I got a good bit of leeway headed on that so woohoo!
Day 6/30 June 6th (Today)
• Posted my How to Study Efficiently post which I’m proud to say I did very well on it. So kudos to me.
• Started to create a new post but can’t figure out what I want the post to be about
I would be grateful for any suggestions y’all have to help with that, put down in the comments section below. Thanks!
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studyingjade · 2 years ago
so apparently my next foundations of college chem professor is supposed to be really boring and just. a lecturer so I’ll be doing some self-study for the next 20 days before the semester starts. On Feb. 1st I’ll be starting 100 days of productivity and trying to get out of my motivational slump. That means hopefully more original content!
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pechastudy · 2 years ago
Thanks for the tag! @sadhbhstudies 
A-age- I’m 20
B-birthplace- Vancouver, Canada
C- current time- 22:23 I’m in a different timezone than what I’m used to so idk when sleep is
D- last drink I had- cocktail!
E- easiest person to talk to- my self lol or my twitter tl which is also myself?
F- favorite song? - can’t say, I’ll just tell you my most played all time: Handshake by Two Door Cinema Club with 345 plays
G- grossest memory- prob covering myself in river silt as a child knowing now how polluted that water was.
H- horror, yes or no - No, never. I hate jump scares and necessary suspense. 
I- in love- yes
J- jealous?- it depends really, I get jealous of people who have things I want or never had. 
K- kiss or be kissed? - Be kissed.
L- love at first site- No
M- middle name- don’t have one!
N- no of siblings?- only child (gladly) 
O- one wish- to be financially secure enough to pursue all my dreams and ambitions. 
P- last person you called- my mom
Q- one question you’re always asked- what I’m doing with my degree (Political Science) and subsequently what my career plans are. 
R- reason to smile?- because I have an amazing beautiful family, the cutest dogs, the best friends and a wonderful boyfriend!
S- song you last sang- Simplify by Young the Giant
T- time you woke up- 8am
U- underwhelming experience- high school and university. I’ve had none of the conventional experience or perceived experience shown in movies or tv, I am glad for this though.
V-vacation destination?- Dream destination: Croatia. I am on my first vacation in like 5 years right now in Toronto and previously in Calgary though.
W-worst habit- Nail and hair biting. 
X- X-rays- Only dental X-rays.
Y- your favorite food- French fries 
Z- zodiac sign- Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Rising
I’m tagging mutuals whose blogs I really like! 
 @angelbujo @studyingjade @luminary-studies
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