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studymonie · a day ago
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chemistry is fun until you don't understand what's happening and everything turns into a ✨disaster✨
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kaylasstudynotes · a day ago
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April 10, 2021
Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope that you are safe and well during these tough times.
Today, I had to finish a few discussion posts for my english-based class. We were discussing about the ethics from the case of Dudley and Stephens. After that, I’ve been consistently studying for my bio and chem exams on Monday and Tuesday.
I started to re-read Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. I read this book for my AP English Literature & Composition class, but I couldn’t properly finish the second half of it due to other commitments at the time. Not going to lie, just looking at my old annotations makes me feel a bit nostalgic about my high school days... and it ended last year. I’m guessing that this is a sign that I’ve been at home for too long 😅
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oilyspine · 2 days ago
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04.09.2021 Friday
Stepping out of my comfort zone this quarter and serving as the VP for the Gonstead Club at Life University. Feeling slightly overwhelmed but also grateful for this opportunity to continue to grow and pour into other future doctors.
(I’m having to public speak every week so if you see me hiding in a corner that is why)
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starrstudyblr · 3 days ago
09th April 2021
Day 23/100 of productivity
Had a paper today. Went well. Now I'm tired. Didn't do much today like study wise but that's ok for now since I'm kinda idk feeling down. So I'm gonna take it one step at a time.
What i did today:
Finished a chapter revision in maths
Took an exam
Drank 5 glasses of water
I didn't went on a walk today cuz my sis wasn't feeling well so i studied instead. And if this keeps happening i might have to start doing yoga again. Maybe i def should. I'll see if I'm not feeling groggy in the morning I'll do it.
What i did better today than yesterday
I meditated for like 2 min. I know it isn't much but when my mind is full I can't do it properly but i tried.
Keep moving forward. Even if its just a small step.
Cr: tithe by holly black
See y'all soon .
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chonkystudies · 3 days ago
My name's Urvashi (she/her), I'm 18 and I am from India. I am an INTJ though sometimes I relate to INFJ too. I'm preparing for medical entrance examinations.
Why medicine? I could say the generic I want to help people thing but I'll be honest. I have very big dreams and for those dreams to be reality I need a lot of money and medicine is the way. A saying my mom says is 'swarth mein parmarth' which roughly translates to "doing divine work by doing work for yourself" and medicine is just that helping others and yourself. I think I have the potential for it and working hard will get me closer to where I wanna be.
I want to work hard but I procrastinate and slack a lot. I used to be a straight A student till I entered college(or high school) then I became depressed and really hit a bottom but now after a year I'm stable and getting back on track of my life.
I have decided to go ahead and start a 100 day productivity challenge. I've been putting this off since so long and waiting for it to be perfect like other studyblrs or pinterest pins or doubting if I'll be able to do it and so on. But perfectionism is the killer of progress and I don't want to be stagnant anymore .so here it goes.
I'm going to post my daily routine and the tasks I've done as a reminder and also as a motivation to keep going ahead. I hope I get where I want to be and this will be the proof of my journey.
Right now my sole goal is to score a good Rank and get into a good medschool in my city.
So t = 0
Let the hustle begin.
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withnotesandmatcha · 3 days ago
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Oftentimes, I like to study on the floor. It’s more comfortable and makes me less sleepy, especially when I read. _(:3」z)_
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withnotesandmatcha · 3 days ago
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Hello! I’m Frannie~
I’m in graduate school specializing in English Linguistics. I have this odd interest in research and has been trying to gain different research experiences; but strangely that curiosity of mine dwindles when I’m doing my own investigations. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
I’m also learning Korean on the side. In book standards, I am low elementary. Picture storybooks are my favorite practice material—I’m obsessed for them! ♡
I made this curated space to share the beauty and joy of my often-described-as-dull scholarly journey.
Feel free to drop by and engage with a discourse with me here~
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caffeinatedstudies · 3 days ago
Thursday April 8th 2021
Hello friends. It been a minute since I actually posted my own content... oops. The last few months have been nothing short of a rollercoaster, but I’m hoping to be more active on here now. My winter semester is pretty much over other than the one final I have to do which is a blessing! In other news I’m trying to make big life decisions right now, which has been quite hard given the pandemic, but I’m still out here trying. More about that stuff in another post? But for now I will leave you with some photos that new got posted with my hiatus. Enjoy! 💕
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oilyspine · 3 days ago
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04.08.2021 Thursday
Glad to have the option after a long week to do my lecture at home tonight. But I am loving learning about taking care of pediatric and perinatal patients. This specialty is definitely where my heart lies❤️
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starrstudyblr · 4 days ago
8th April 2021
Day 22/100 of productivity
What a frustrating day. I got calls. Had to do stuff which was non study related. I kept flinging between subjects and couldn't concentrate. Basically it was my focus that was lacking i think.
Later at night i found some stuff about authors and blah which soured my mood further. I just wanna read now and go to bed.
What i did today (most of which i didn't complete ugh):
Maths revision
Limits rev
Watched physics video
Drank 4 glasses of water
Took a walk
That's all for today. It's important to accept your mistakes but instead of dwelling on them learn from them and move one.
Cr: Tithe by Holly Black
Stay safe. Stay productive.
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pothosandtea · 4 days ago
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4/7/2021 | 24/100 Days of Productivity
✨and the sun makes its slow return✨
Wow! It has been a month since I have posted, but let me just say that this last little bit has been incredibly draining. Recently, I have been feeling weary to my core and unwilling to complete the simplest tasks. I always start to feel run down at the end of the semester before getting a second wind that is able to carry me through finals. I have my major projects due these next couple of weeks, but I feel a lot better about completing them than I did a few days ago.
Getting out of my slump has meant simply cleaning my apartment, and taking better care of myself. If you've been feeling weary as well, know that the hardest part of getting out of it is deciding to push forward. I believe in you.
Today I...
worked out
had a meeting with my professor about my paper
cleaned my apartment
read Return of The King
contacted my group about our group project
Let me know if you've been seeing any cherry blossoms blooming! They are my absolute favorite :)
~ MacKenna
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starrstudyblr · 5 days ago
7th April 2021
Day 21/100 of productivity
3 week!! I have been doing this for three weeks i can't believe that. I try to keep everyday productive cuz i think that's what this challenge is about. For me that is studying everyday even if it's for a short period.
Today i didn't get a lot done. My mom's sick so i had to do stuff. She isn't really sick but i wanted her to have rest. And being the elder one i had to do it alone even tho i have a sis but being baby of the house she is exempted ( I'm still trying to find the logic behind this)
Today i did:
Maths revision
Wave optics
4-5 glasses of water
Went to walk with the said sis.
I usually go with mum and her but today we went by ourselves. And then we got scared of being eaten by "something" got home early.
I wanna try sth. I am going to list one thing everyday that i did that is better than yesterday. So I'm gonna do it for the rest of the challenge.
Enough if my chit-chat. Take care everyone.
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liddychen · 5 days ago
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Click for quality :) The history plays by Shakespeare are incredible! I've never been too interested in them, always focusing on tragedies or comedies. But they're actually really enjoyable when you watch a performance on stage. If you're at university, you might be able to get access to - it's got a whole bunch of recorded performances of plays (not just Shakespeare's!). Not the same thing as a real performance, but as good as we can get right now!
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oilyspine · 6 days ago
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04.06.2021 Tuesday
Long day of lectures but enjoying the learning process.
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rotatingdice · 6 days ago
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Potato chips are crunchy slices of thin potatoes that are baked or fried until crunch. Potato chips originates from the United Kingdom in 1817 and is commonly served as a snack, a side dish, or as an appetizer.
With the snack industry growing exponentially, the conversation of DEI(diversity, equality, and inclusion) would really be impactful and go a long way if incorporated properly. Especially in North America where discrimination and racism is mostly noticeable because of how diverse this continent is.
In order to do so, snacking in itself, should be a reminder that purposefully makes us as a community work together towards a harmonious unity deliberately.
Although potatoes are grown everywhere and potato chips are made almost everywhere now a days which makes that an effort towards inclusion on a small-scale, a lot more can be done to make DEI(diversity,equality, and inclusion) as noticeable and as visible as hatred, discrimination and racism is in our society today.
This can start in casual small talk and conversations in our homes and amongst ourselves and friends to elaborate on how important it is to be inclusive.
So as the chips is creating a form of reminder for us to be inclusive (because of the origin and how it’s all over the world), the industry itself with its influence and power over consumers can invest more and towards a world again discrimination, hate, and racism!!!!!
The five star of reputation includes
These are key to maintain a company’s reputation good. And as Warren Buffet once said, although all companies goal is to make profit and gain interest, losing dollars for a firm will be understanding, however, losing reputation for the girl will be ruthless”.
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rotatingdice · 6 days ago
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Salad is a mixture of food pieces that contains at least one raw ingredient. It is mostly used as a food garnish and served at room temperature. Although leafy greens such as kale, basil, spinach, and parsley’s are typically considered salads, a mixture of fruits too, is a salad.
People from all walks of life enjoy a bowl salad with their local ingredients that are not known all over a world. For example, some West African countries add locals green leafs like cocoyam leaf in the making of their salad.
Just by virtue of consuming a bowl of salad is an effort towards inclusivity because of the origin of all the ingredients that salad constitutes. However, our efforts to seek inclusion, diversity, and equality should go approve and beyond that.
It should be consciously worked on until achieve and integrated into our regular day to day activities, just as one could easily mix vegetables and make it into a salad without much thought.
A community manager is a person in charge of the digital identity of a company. The role of a community manager is to enforce a communication link between companies and their public on an online community basis.
A day to day activities of a Community Manager include the following:
Monitoring and listen to online interactions as well as responding to comments quickly and user questions. They also share content that is the most suitable for the company’s platform and relate to the organization directly.
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oilyspine · 7 days ago
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04.05.2021 Monday
Happy Monday ☀️
First day of 10th quarter and first full day back of lectures in person. Motivation is high! Let’s hope it stays there.
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bboundless · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi, my name is Rebekah! Weclome to my studyblr! I'm a Physiology major at the University of Washington (Seattle) in my senior year. This blog is part of an assingment for ENG288 where we are asked to run a blog for several weeks. I will be blogging about my studies, my digital bujo, my hobbies, my dogs, and my fitness journey. My hobbies include art, science communication, gaming, and learning new skills. Feel free to send me an ask, or comment on my blog! I'd love to get to know other studyblrs and/or get feedback on my blog. I do not support racism, sexism, homophobia, terfs, anti-semitism, ableism etc. Please do not engage if you support hate.
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relentlessdreamer · 8 days ago
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Tumblr media
T-minus 27 days until I take the mcat and the last minute energy is real. I’m planning to take another practice test tomorrow and hopefully I will see some improvement. 
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study-time95 · 11 days ago
Nisan ayı da hazır👍🏻🌈
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