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#study motivation 100 dop
Day 3/100 • 100 DOP challenge
Today was bad as well. I have my biology exam tomorrow, meaning I don't have A LOT to study so I used my phone a lot. I've downloaded instagram as well, and am trying to self discipline myself with it. Well I am not proud of how much time I spent in the app.
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Please shame me so I get out of my addiction with instagram. Tomorrow, I am gonna plan out how I will be using instagram.
So I studied for around 2 hours today, which is better than yesterday but not enough.
I am happy with what I did today. I didn't eat any junk food. So yay! And I did 500 skips today!!
Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day.
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Day 2/100 • 100 DOP challenge
today was my physics tell and it was fine ig. I got only 4.5 hours of sleep, so after I reached home I slept for an eternity. Then woke up, did a little studying. My mood was a bit low today so I didn't wanna study much.
So today's study time: around an hour.
Didnt workout. Drank iced coffee with two spoons of sugar cause I didn't wanna die. But that's it.
I took a few pictures if myself today? I do that whenever I feel insecure. Makes me feel good about myself. Will recommend. A picture of me:
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forest-green-tea · 2 hours ago
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001/100 15042021
Hello! I’m beginning the 100 days of productivity challenge.
- Macbeth Slides
- AP European History Document
- Chemistry Paper
- Attended my Climate Meeting (talked in a zoom meeting with 70+ people :))
🗝 Listening to - What’s Wrong - Half • Alive
🗝 Reading - Macbeth - Act 5 Scene 1
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mintcl-writes · a day ago
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[09/100 Days of Productivity] 14 Apr 2021—I missed updating yesterday because I was so tired after travelling. Even though I did a little studying, I don’t think it’s enough to count it as a day of learning.
Today I learned more grammar and did some more practice of verb conjugations! I’m not going as quickly with Genki’s chapter 3 as I had with chapters 1&2 but I think that’s helping make sure I learn all the vocabulary more thoroughly.
[Memrise: Genki 1 (451/1952)]
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mintcl-writes · 3 days ago
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[08/100 Days of Productivity] 12 Apr 2021—Today was a busy day with a lot of travelling so I didn’t get as much Japanese studied as I wanted to! Either way, from 9pm until 11pm I did a quick study session :3
A quick update for today but I’ll be more thorough tomorrow in both study and updates!
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mintcl-writes · 4 days ago
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[07 Days of Productivity] 11 Apr 2021—Today consisted of continuing my revision of keywords and new vocabulary. Not much more to report. 😂
Tomorrow I go back to learning new content!!
[Memrise: Genki 1 (404/1951)]
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apalsant · 4 days ago
37-42/100 days of productivity
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not going to lie. I've been too lazy to post through my spring break.
Anyways, I've actually been productive and, believe it or not, I've done everything I had planned to do.
I go back to class tomorrow, and this next weeks will be really busy - too many exams to count them. So I decided I would take it easy today. I planned for next week, revised for my Spanish exam and organized a bit my room.
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mintcl-writes · 5 days ago
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[06/100 Days of Productivity] 10 Apr 21—Today has mostly consisted of revising what I’ve learned this week and making sure I have the grammar and vocabulary learned memorised properly!
I’ve been quizzing myself on vocab between episodes of a new podcast I’m listening too, which means recalling things more fully rather than just remembering the kanji/hiragana lots in the same 10 minutes!!
[Memrise: Genki 1 (398/1951)]
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mintcl-writes · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
[05/100 Days of Productivity] 09 Apr 21–Today I began learning Kanji. I thought I would be very scared of them, but there’s actually something quite therapeutic about learning and following the correct stroke order!!
Over the weekend I will mostly revise what I’ve already learned, instead of introducing new content. That way I won’t burn myself out as I continue.
I hope everyone will go on to have a good weekend!
[Memrise: Genki 1 (355/1951)]
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starrstudyblr · 7 days ago
8th April 2021
Day 22/100 of productivity
What a frustrating day. I got calls. Had to do stuff which was non study related. I kept flinging between subjects and couldn't concentrate. Basically it was my focus that was lacking i think.
Later at night i found some stuff about authors and blah which soured my mood further. I just wanna read now and go to bed.
What i did today (most of which i didn't complete ugh):
Maths revision
Limits rev
Watched physics video
Drank 4 glasses of water
Took a walk
That's all for today. It's important to accept your mistakes but instead of dwelling on them learn from them and move one.
Cr: Tithe by Holly Black
Stay safe. Stay productive.
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mintcl-writes · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
[04/100 Days of Productivity] 08 Apr 21—I finished off all the revision for today’s Japanese, and after learning a few useful expressions, I find myself at the end of Genki 1’s second chapter!!
I begin learning Kanji tomorrow as I start chapter three, which is both scary and exciting!!
(The massive jump in memorised words on Memrise is from the hiragana section revision, I wish I knew this many words already!! Later I will revise Katakana and then the count should slow to more realistic numbers.)
[Memrise: Genki 1 (196/1951)]
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mintcl-writes · 8 days ago
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[03/100 Days of Productivity] 07 Apr 21—An earlier update on today’s productivity because we will have my sister and niece visiting after lunch! This morning included putting the vocabulary and grammar I learned yesterday into practice which is always really satisfying!
Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the revision practises so that I can learn new vocabulary and more grammar tomorrow!
Last night, I decided to download the Memrise app onto my phone to revise Genki 1 vocabulary and kanji, so from today onwards I’m going to leave my memrise progress at the bottom of my posts. (๑>◡<๑)
[Memrise: Genki 1 (53/1951)]
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mintcl-writes · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
[02/100 Days of Productivity] 06 Apr 21—Today has been really busy! I managed to practice some grammar this morning, before babysitting my two year old niece for a few hours.
Another thing I’ve been doing to study today is doing timed revision where I’ll have 1-2 minutes to translate a bunch of words and phrases into Japanese. I’m hoping this will help me become more confident at quickly writing in hiragana and katakana!
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mintcl-writes · 10 days ago
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[01/100 Days of Productivity] 05 Apr 21—Today I begin my expedition into DoP! I’m working on trying to take the JLPT when the tests open back up, either at N5 or N4, depending on how quickly I learn and when the tests open for sign up admissions.
Since the admissions for JLPT opens typically in Aug for the Dec exams, hopefully by the time I finish my DoP, I’ll know whether I’m confident enough to apply.
(Right now, I’m studying with the Genki 1 textbook and workbook!)
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starrstudyblr · 11 days ago
04th March 2021 || Day 18/100 of productivity
I literally studied just one subject the whole day and tomorrow I'll have to take exam of it. I did go to then farewell thingy that i mentioned and it was nice tho a bit sad. The family who is leaving isn't close to anything but i still feel bad. I myself have changed towns, houses etc but still it reminds me too much of what i leave behind every time.
And this is becoming my journal or sth which I def should not do.
I finished after by anna todd and im...
Anyways wish me luck for tomorrow and have a wonderful day
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the---hermit · 13 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
89/100 days of productivity
Today, after a small mental breakdown in the morning, I have finished writing down some notes and started reading a new chapter of my history of ancient philosophy book. My focus wasnt the best but I still did some stuff. After lunch I went on a walk in woods, and walked around i km, I also saw a roe deer running around the trees. Then I took the rest of the afternoon to get some rest, since I wasn't feeling great, and I also had to cook in advance a couple of things for the weekend. I have also finished listening to the audiobook of The Picture of Dorian Gray.
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apalsant · 13 days ago
32+33/100 days of productivity
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey everyone!!
First of all, happy April for you all!
Yesterday I spent almost all day cleaning, though I did go to Mass too (and spent a couple good hours in bed doing nothing... But let's just ignore that)
My plan for today is:
Organize all the papers I have laying around
Do chemistry activities
Make some physics flashcards
Go to Mass
Print a wall calendar for April
I will go updating with my progress as the day goes.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
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starrstudyblr · 15 days ago
|31st March 2021||Day 14/100 of productivity|| 2337 hrs|
Two weeks. That's like a record cuz i didn't have a breakdown during which i just layed in my bed and did nothing. I did a lot during this time. But still a long way to go.
I have English exam tomorrow morning so good luck to me myself and i. Hope it goes well and the maths viva the following day. I'm more worried about that.
What i did today:
Relation notes and some ques
5 glasses of water
50 min walk
Finished the inheritance games (it was so good and it wasn't productive thingy but still it goes here)
Hour wise it was just almost 6 hrs of studies but my focus is getting better. I felt somewhat down but I'm better now. Talking to my bff helps too.
Take care of yourself. You've got this🧡
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