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#stucky imagines
mischiefbarnes · 3 hours ago
The Dress
this is a Stucky x reader, I hope to do a few more like this. also let me know if a part 2 is needed for all the steamy details. hope you enjoy!!
“Nothing!” you exclaimed, looking through your closet for the perfect dress for tonight's party.
Running your hand through your still damp hair you were trying to figure out what to do. You ran across to Nat’s room hoping she still had the box.
“I need your help.” you said not even looking at her.
“If you wanted me all you had to do was say so.” She said a smirk appeared.
“What are y-” you looked down realizing you were still in a towel.
You rolled your eyes.
“Now is not the time.” you said rushing to her closet.
“What is it you need?” she said while changing.
You looked at her, “the box.” was all you said.
“I knew it wouldn’t take long.” she said amused.
“Oh shut up.” you said walking to the door, box in hand.
“See you in a few.” she winked.
You flipped her off not before flashing her. You ran out laughing at her gasp.
Setting the box down on your vanity you thought long and hard about if it was the right choice. Pulling out the dress you knew it was perfect. You rushed to finish your hair and makeup.
Fixing your curls, applying the last layer of lipstick you turned to look at yourself and knew you were ready.
“Is everyone here?” Clint asked.
“I believe so.” Steve said.
“Are we sure?” Sam questioned.
“All I see is random people Tony invited.” Scott raised his shoulders.
“Where’s Y/N?” Bucky said looking around.
“She’s on her way.” Wanda reassured him.
“Calm down lover boy.” Tony teased. “Have a drink.”
Everyone went back to their conversations, taking in yet again one of Tony’s lavish parties. Everything was perfect. Looking up towards the balcony, Steve caught glimpse of the most beautiful being he ever saw. Bucky took notice immediately.
“What the hell are you looking at?” He furrowed his brows at his friend.
He went wide eyed.
Nat snickered.
“Hot isn’t she?” She smirked at the two.
Catching all eyes on you, you could feel the confidence radiate off you.
You smirked.
“Hiii!” You said sitting on Sam’s lap.
Both Bucky and Steve stirred in their seats.
“You look stunning.” Sam said, eyeing you up and down.
“Not so bad yourself.” You said taking his chin into your fingers.
“Shall we get a drink?” Nat suggested.
“Of course babe.” You smirked, taking her hand.
Walking away, you made sure to sway your hips more than usual.
“What has gotten into you tonight?” Nat asked smiling.
“I’m not too sure.” You smiled back.
“The boys are all over you.” She quirked her brows.
“Maybe I’ll get lucky.” You sipped your drinking walking back to the boys.
This time around you sat on Bucky’s lap.
“Hey doll.” He smiled at you.
“Hi.” You bit your bottom lip.
“Enjoying yourself?” Steve asked.
“Very much.” Sipping your drink once more.
I know what would make it better. You thought to yourself.
Shifting on Buck’s lap, he held your hips into place.
The feeling of his hands on your body made you feel something you hadn’t in so long.
You leaned back into his chest.
“Comfortable?” He asked.
You decided to mess with the boys.
“Not really, it’s a little hard.” You smirked.
Getting up, you sat down on Steve’s, really shifting down on him.
“Doll..” he whispered in your ears.
Looking at Bucky he was adjusting himself.
“It’s getting late,” you fake yawned. “I’m headed to bed.”
“So soon.” Wanda and Nat said.
“Yes, yes I’m tired.” You gave them a look.
Reading your mind Wanda knew what you were planning. She giggled.
You hadn’t been in your room five minutes before a knock was heard on your door.
Opening the door, there stood Bucky, Steve was right behind him.
They both took in your appearance, you were only in your underwear.
“Shall we take this inside?” Steve said eyes just looking at your body.
You didn’t say a word, you just pulled them both into the room. Once the door was closed the feel throughout the room changed dramatically. The sexual tension was heavy and all three of you knew it.
“So were all in agreement here?” Steve asked.
“We both are willing to share.” Bucky said softly.
“This isn’t my first rodeo boys.” you smirked.
Bucky grunted. Steve whimpered.
The power you held over these two equally strong men was insane. You definitely were gonna use that to an advantage.
Walking up to the pair, you tugged on their shirts signaling for them to take them off. Once they took the hint it was game on. Sitting on the bed you leaned back taking in both men. They were hot and no doubt packing, you couldn’t wait for the night ahead of you.
You motioned with your finger for the boys to join you, instantly their lips attached to your body. What a blur the night was about to unfold.
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shieldwinter · 6 hours ago
Just imagine during WWII, The Howlies have a bit of downtime, they’ve made camp for the night. Gabe and Dernier are on first watch, while the other guys gather around, eating some MREs.
Steve slips out a notepad — small, barely bigger than his hand, and a pencil. He starts sketching, and his mind wonders like it does when he draws.
Next thing he knows, Dum Dum is yanking the notebook outta his hand and looking at it, exclaiming “ay! Our Captain is quite the artist.” The guys grin, and laugh, and Bucky is smiling wider and wider with each flip of a page, knowing that all the drawings in there are of him.
Steve’s as red as the setting sun, blushing. But he endures the lighthearted jabs from his teammates. He has nothing to be ashamed of.
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zaddy-cevans · 16 hours ago
Icy Winds - Part 4
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - Oh. Fucking. Boy. Here we go.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Threesome (M x M x F), DubCon (perhaps), Oral (both M and F receiving), fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Professor Kink, Double penetration, Anal, Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, choking kink, Rough sex, BDSM (very light), Somewhat angst (the beginning of a whole pile, sunshines), pet names, Age gap (reader in her early 20s, Steve and Bucky in their late 30s), mentions of violence (can't reveal too much bc of the story line and surprise at the end but tw)
|| PAIRINGS || Dark!Professor!Steve x Dark!Professor!Bucky x Dark!Student!Reader
2.4k Words
Main Masterlist
Stucky's Masterlist
Previous Part
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
It was quiet. Eerily so. Too quiet. Something was wrong. Steve slowly got up and out of his office chair, telling his men to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, while he, himself, sneaked towards yours, Bucky's and his shared bedroom.
He slowly opened the door, peeking his head in to see you still sleeping naked. Various scars and hickeys covered your body from last night. You were snuggled up against Bucky. Albeit, you were forced to, you couldn't lie that both their bodies next to yours still made you feel safe and secure, no matter how much you hated them. That was the thing about love, you fall into it easily and it's a nightmare to fall out of it. You couldn't stop loving them, but you could certainly put up one hell of a fight. Day after day.
You had put one up yesterday night as well.
"Don't be a brat." You crossed your arms over your chest as you sneered at Steve and Bucky both. "I'll be whatever the hell I want." Steve sighed, walking forwards to you and grabbing your upper arm harshly, causing you to cry out in pain. "Either you be a good girl or you be a dead girl." You snorted, "Clever and surreptitious." You remarked sarcastically. "How long it'd take you to come up with that one?"
Bucky chuckled under his breath as he walked over to the two of you and pried Steve's harsh grip from off of you. Lately, Bucky had been more sensitive, kind to what you had been going through and he knew he had to intervene now as well before either you or Steve got hurt. "Baby, please. We're still the same two men you fell in love with." You shook your head, "I thought you were. I'm not so sure anymore."
Bucky sighed, "Just. Give him what he wants and I'll take you out tomorrow." Steve's eye twitched, "Are you fucking kidding me? We can't take her out. What if she does something?" "I'll handle it." Bucky quipped back and you saw something in Bucky’s eyes. For a second, it was like he was the man you fell in love with. "Fine." Steve grumbled and then he broke into a smile, "But only if I get to come along as well."
You shrugged, "Not like I've got much choice, right?" Steve sighed loudly as he reached you, his arms rested lightly on your shoulder as his other hand tipped your chin up to look at him. "I know you still love us and we'll always love you. Don't make our insignificant mistakes get in the way of our true love." You took a deep breath, "They'll always haunt me."
Steve sighed and nodded, "Ok. Ok. We don't have to do anything tonight. Just go to bed." Even though these two men hurt you, the dejected looks on their faces was too much for you to handle. Was that crazy? They had turned your life upside down, fucking with your mind, but you still loved them with all your heart.
You rushed forwards and pressed your lips to Steve, trying to push the obnoxious thoughts of them to the back of your mind, where they wouldn't bother you. You wanted wanted cry and vomit all at the same time, but you just numbed your entire body. You nullified your brain. You were there, but not there, if that made any sense.
Steve was surprised at first, you could tell by the sudden cough. But then he found his rhythm with you, his hands resting on your waist as he pulled you in closer and grinded into your hips. You didn't moan. He knew something was wrong, but he was too caught up in the possibility that maybe he and Buck had made progress on you after all. Maybe they stood a chance to bring you into their lives permanently. It was a long shot, but your body was giving them hope.
Steve pushed you back until your back hit Bucky's chest. Bucky grinded into your ass and you let him. You let both of them do whatever they wanted to your body because you just weren't present in the moment anymore. You weren't in your body, it was like you were watching a completely different person do these things with both men.
Steve took off your shirt and kissed down your neck, to your breasts and further down. His lips and tongue left behind a hot trail of saliva on your skin, but you couldn't feel it. You couldn't feel anything. Bucky's hands found way to your chest where he kneaded your breasts in his hand, pushing your bra down and tweaking with your nipple. No pleasure. You didn't feel anything.
Steve reached your pants where he stripped them off alongside your panties. His tongue immediately delved into your folds where he licked at your opening, his nose nuzzling against your hair-covered mound. You pushed out a breath out of boredom, but Steve and Bucky both took it as a breathy moan. His tongue lapped at your core and even though you could feel the wetness, you couldn't fell much else.
Bucky licked his finger as he circled your puckered hole and then slowly slid his finger in. It hurt, but you didn't comment on it. You just let them do whatever they wanted to. Bucky paused his fingering of your asshole as he walked over to the bedside table and got hold of the lubricant. He stripped off and jerked his dick off a few times before he spread a generous amount of lube all over it.
Steve was too busy giving you Oral to care much. Bucky slipped into you from behind and you let his hold up your limp body as he fucked you roughly. Metal arm ended up wrapping around your throat, other hand going to spank your jiggling ass cheeks as he thorughly fucked you. His thrusts were hard and fast, his breathing turned erratic. You could tell he was close.
Steve frowned when you took longer to orgasm than usual. He got up, smiling. "Awe, you just needed my dick too. You want us to stuff you, don't ya?" You didn't respond, but that didn't deter Steve from stripping off completely. His abs glistened with sweat and he grabbed the ubricant bottle, applying a hefty amount on his palm before spreading it over his cock.
Steve walked forwards, his body morphing with yours as he pushed into your entrance. Your head fell onto his chest, but other than that, you felt... nothing. The two men fucked into you relentlessly until they both orgasmed, their cum seeping out of your holes, but you still hadn't cum, not even once.
The two, however, were too wrapped up in their victory of making progress with you to notice. They still cleaned you up with love afterwards, they still kissed all the bruises on your body. They still snuggled close to you, wrapping their arms around you so you felt secure. Problem was... you couldn't feel anything and that scared you more than the thought of still loving them did.
"Get up!" Steve hollered at the both of you as you whined slightly and pushed back into Bucky. His arm went to wrap around your waist and pull you in, instinctively. "Come on. I thought we were going out today!" That got your attention. You peeked an eye open, "you weren't lying last night?"
Steve sighed as he approached you on the bed. "I know we've lied to you before, but I promise I will never lie to you again. I love you with all my heart and I'll spend eternity proving it to you." You gnawed on your lip, you had to admit that that was pretty sweet, but you couldn't escape the fact that these two were killers. The people they murdered probably thought they were sweet as well, y'know, before they were murdered.
You sighed as you stretched in bed and slowly sat up, wincing at the pain underneath. "Are you okay? Were we too rough? Usually you tell us, but last night..." you nodded, "Yeah, no. I'm okay." You lied, straight through your teeth. Steve looked at you with such concern that you almost forgot you couldn't trust him. "Ok, well, go wash up." You nodded.
You got up and carried your feet towards the washroom. Locking the door behind you, you slid down to the floor and cried out until your eyes couldn't take any more. You tried to cover up your puffy and swollen eyes with makeup. Concealer, foundation and powder could do miracles. You walked out, smiling. The only way you could last long enough with these motherfuckers was to pretend, so that's exactly what you did.
"Just gotta wear something." You chirped and Steve looked over at Bucky raising a brow. "You think she's coming around?" Steve asked and Bucky shrugged, "I sure hope so."
The drive to the plaza was silent, dreadful almost. No one talked. Bucky popped his lips as he was bored and Steve hummed listlessly. You sighed as you stared out the window. "Are you going to give us a second chance?" Steve blurted out. You pursed your lips, "I feel you don't really deserve one." You answered truthfully.
"Then... what was last night about?" The hurt in Steve's voice was too much, you looked down at your hands entwined in your lap. "A mistake." You whispered, but the two men heard you clearly. "Right." Bucky spoke, grunting slightly. "I- I didn't mean to lead you on." "Ok." Steve spoke. You felt like you had dissapointed them and in a sick way, it felt bad. You felt bad.
"Guys, I'm sorry. It's just-" "We're killers?" Steve asked. You nodded, "You murdered people." "And did you even think to ask why we did?" You paused. "I... no. But that doesn't matter. You still killed people!" A voice in the back of your mind called you a hypocrite, but you tried to ignore that voice.
"The people you saw in our folder were the same people that killed our best friend. They killed Tony, who wasn't even involved in anything shitty, like us. He had a daughter and a wife and now he's gone." You stilled, "I-I'm so sorry." You didn't know what else to say. "Not just Tony, they killed your bestfriend's brother." Your eyes went wide, "Pietro?" Steve nodded.
"We never killed Wanda, the people left over from the gang that killed her brother and Tony killed Wanda. We simply got you out of there." Your mind raced at a million miles an hour. You shuffled forwards and slapped Steve's arm, "What the fuck? Why didn't you tell me?" Steve winced as Bucky chuckled at his expression. "We wanted to break it to you gently. Much better that you think of us as the bad guys rather than go through all this pain."
You scoffed, "I'm going through pain either way. You both are dumbasses." Bucky nodded, "That's been established." You sat back in your seat. Everything you believed for the past few weeks had finally been explained, and although they were still murderers, you couldn't blame them for what they did. Ofcourse you can't, because you did the same thing, didn't you? A voice whispered into your ear.
You whipped around to see no one. Great. Now you were losing your mind, going insane.
Maybe Steve and Bucky weren't so bad after all. Maybe things could work out between you two. Maybe you could finally escape from your past mistakes. Maybe you could look past theirs. But before you had time to talk to Steve and Bucky, you felt weightless as something hit you from the back. For a moment, you were floating and then you came crashing down. The car rolled over again and again until it came to a stop.
Your ears rang, your eyes were blurry, your head pounded, your vision swam and everything was upside down. "Buck." You cried as you tried to reach him. Shaking his shoulder, he didn't respond and you cried. "No, no." You moved over to Steve, trying to shake him awake. Both of them weren't responding and your heart pounded loudly into your ears, like a steady drum.
Before you could check for a pulse, you heard voices outside. "They're dead. Let's go." "Not without checking first." You grit your teeth together as you slowly laid down, placing your feet by the door. You heard the man's hand rest on the dented door and you kicked outwards with all your strength. The man went flying back along with the door. You tucked into your body and rolled out, standing up.
You were wobbly on your feet and you felt like you had just gotten back from the dead, but your flight or fight instincts were turned on and you were gonna fight. Like always. Your eyes scanned infront of you, a man stood cowering infront of you as he desperately tried to reload the bullets into the case.
You ran forwards and jumped up, kicking out at him. You heard a satisfying crack and the man fell to the floor, dead. Two others were in the truck behind you, except they were smarter. You hit the ground as gunfire went off. You breathed deeply through your nose and wiped the blood from your eyes. You had a nasty gash on your forehead and you couldn't see with all the blood rushing into your eyes.
So you did the only thing you could think of, to survive, to make sure Steve and Bucky survived. You grabbed the dead man's gun, refilling the load and clicking it into place as you unlocked the safety and shot a few rounds before taking the burning hot front of the gun and placing it on your wound. You screamed loudly as your skin hissed, but it had worked. You had burned the wound shut.
You were gritting your teeth so hard that your gums hurt, they were sore. You held up the gun and got up, taking aim and shooting both men straight in their chests. Breathing heavily, you fell to the floor. Your vision blackened around the edges as you lost all consciousness.
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
Hey! Do you have a taglist for Love & Other Desires? If so, can you add me to it?
Yeah I do! You’ll be tagged in the next chapter🌸✨
The main Masterlist for this series is here.
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thefanbasewhore · a day ago
Stucky and reader waking up in the morning? 😩
Summary | Steve has always been an early riser, you and Bucky, not so much.
Content | fluff
Paring | Bucky Barnes x female reader x Steve rogers (stucky x reader)
Side note | check out my other works :)
Written for: drabbles week
Tumblr media
"Cut it out." Bucky hisses in a whisper but Steve's fingers curl into his side with a goofy grin. It's so hard to fight it, the chuckle that gathers in his chest as Bucky's face flushes red from holding in his own laugher, "You're gonna wake the Mrs. Up."
"She sleeps like a rock." Steve presses a kiss to Bucky's lips which he pulls away from. Steve frowns, kissy lips puckering into the air, "I've missed you, gone for too long."
"I do not sleep like a rock." You huff as both their eyes widen and you turn to face them. "Stop being so loud."
"Sorry honey, you sleep soo long." Steve mumbles, reaching over Bucky to press a kiss to your forehead, "Getting bored over here, waiting for you two lazy bones to wake up.".
Bucky huffs, annoyed at Steve's internal alarm, not to mention of lively he is at seven am.
"Sorry I'm not an old man." You reply back, burying your head into the pillow with a groan.
"Hey! I take offense to that." But Bucky's action don't seem to show it as his arms wrap around your waist and pull you into his chest. "You're lucky you're cute. You too, Steve, if anyone else woke me up this early a day after a mission they won't survive to tell the story."
Steve seafoam blues turn to face his two lovers, chewing on his bottom lip as eyes fill with fake sadness. "I'll just leave you two alone then.".
"Steve." You and Bucky seem to simultaneously say. Bucky reaching over to cup Steve's shirt accompanies with whirling and clicking as he pulls him into his other arm.
"You belong right here." Bucky mumbles as your lips meet the flushed skin of Steve's cheek.
"Forever and ever." You agree as your two supersoldier turn their attention towards you. With evil smiles they nod to each other, some annoying thing they often do and before you know it two pairs of hands tickle your sides throwing you into uncontrollable laugher.
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Baby Girl: Part 13
“It’s cold.” You mumbled, pulling thick gloves on your hands. “Why is it so frickin cold?”
You ignored his grin and the little spark in his eyes every time you said something he thought was funny. You missed his amused grin far better than you could ignore the bubbling warmth that was becoming a rather staple feeling whenever you were with Bucky or Steve. Or both.
“Maybe it’s because you’re so small.” Bucky joked, slipping his vibranium hand, which felt like it had been dipped in liquid nitrogen, under your sweater and your jacket, eliciting a shocked, tortured shriek.
“Bucky!” You whipped around and smacked his shoulder repeatedly. “That is so not funny!”
While you were only half-serious with your intent to maim and do harm, he snaked an arm around your waist and pulled you into his body. He held you by your waist and kissed you silently softly, muffling your protests against his warm, plump lips.
“I am still mad at you,” you put your hands on his chest and pushed him away from you, with a few inches between his chest and your own, “and your dead hands.”
“Death hands?” He raised an eyebrow and reached for your waist again, his solid and muscular arm bringing your back against his chest. Your thick wool coat was something from the past, something that belonged to Steve when he was still in the ’40s, and you treasured it more than anything else you wore.
His coat, while big on him pre-serum, fit you perfectly, save for the sleeves that were too long and the hems that were frayed.
“Death hands,” you shivered and pushed yourself closer to him, “is the most suitable thing I’ve called you.”
“You wanna feel them again?” he questioned with a laugh bubbling in his throat as you pushed him away from you and ducked under his arms to seek solace in Steve.
“How about,” you snaked your arms around Steve’s waist and hid in his expansive chest, “we go home and give up on this entire venture?”
“You said you wanted to go ice skating.” Steve rubbed your back as he spoke, the rumble of his chest bringing you a familiar sense of comfort.
“I also want to be able to feel my feet.” You whined. “And Bucky’s mean.”
“Poor baby,” Steve’s chest rumbled again, “we’re not leaving.”
“I don’t know how to skate.” You mumbled and whined when Steve started to pull away.
“I am not mean,” Bucky reached for your glove-covered hand and slipped it in his, “you just can’t handle the cold.”
“Who could handle having your death hands on their bare skin?” You bit your bottom lip, eyeing up the pairs of skates in Steve’s hands. “I still can’t skate.”
“We’ll help you, baby girl.” Steve stole the chance to kiss your cheek before he directed his attention to the benches behind you. “Sit. I’ll help you put them on.”
You rolled your eyes but complied anyway, feeling regret again, after expressing your interest in going skating on the outdoor Rockefeller Centre. It was something you’d always wanted to do but never had, despite not knowing how to skate. It was on your bucket list of things to do that you’d likely never actually do, like going skydiving.
“Steve skydived.” Bucky teased, his attention drifting from you to the other super-soldier. “Without a parachute.”
“What kind of idiot goes skydiving without a parachute?” you wrinkled your nose, pulling your boots off your feet and setting them to the side.
“Way to give context, Buck.” Steve willingly knelt in front of you and helped you slip the right skate on, using very little strength to tighten the laces and tie them around your ankle.
“You..” you trailed off and frowned. “Sorry about the whole ‘idiot’ thing….”
“You don’t have to be sorry, honey.” Steve flashed you a smile and squeezed your knee when the first skate was on before moving to the next. “I was an idiot.”
“I’ll tell the world.” Bucky’s comment made you snort and hide your laugh behind your hand. Your body jerked as Steve yanked on the skate and tightened it around your ankle. When he was done, he looked up at you with a tender gaze, his blue-green eyes searching yours as the whole world came to a complete standstill. Everything stopped; everything in the world became dim and dull around you and Steve and Bucky.
“Happy birthday, sweetheart.” He spoke with a whisper, softly and affectionately.
“You’re going to make me cry….” You mumbled, unable and unwilling to look away. Not when Steve was looking at you like you were the very air he was breathing, and Bucky had his arm wrapped around your waist to give you warmth. The world was vibrant and bright, and it righted itself, Peter and all his shit, all his issues were fading like old scars that would eventually vanish.
“I know.” He stood and held out his hand for you to take, and when you placed your hand in his, he had helped pull you up and stabilize you when you started to wobble. “Are you okay?”
“You go ahead,” Bucky spoke from the bench, taking off his boots and slipping his skates on, “I’ll be right there.’
You clutched the wood with an iron grip through your gloves, terrified of falling the moment your skates hit the ice and shifted. You yelped and slid back, right into Steve’s broad chest. He placed his hand on your hand that was holding onto the wood and slowly pulled it off. He kept his chest to your back and slowly started moving, pushing you along with him.
“You’re okay,” He mumbled, reassuring you when you felt as though you were going to stumble again.
“Doubtful,” you shrieked briefly, your skates sipping to the left and the right in part, your shrieking turning to a laugh when Bucky zipped by you “show off!”
He grinned and stuck out his tongue before skating back and stopping expertly as if he had been doing this his whole life. After coming to a stop, he reached for your hand and pulled you lightly away from Steve, ignoring your wide-eyed panicked look.
“You’re beautiful, doll.” He laughed, “even when you look like a baby deer on ice.”
“Call me Bambi, then.” Bucky’s laugh and his grin were infectious, resulting in your smile and easement as he pulled you along behind him.
“Bambi?” Steve was following close behind, skating just as effortlessly as Bucky was. “The deer with the mother that gets shot?”
“Please,” you drew out the ‘ease,’ “tell me you’ve seen one of the most traumatizing cartoon movies. It was made in 1945.”
“After Steve fell into the ice, honey.” Bucky quipped.
“So how is it,” you yelped when Bucky started skating faster, “that you’ve seen the movie and Steve hasn’t?”
“I’ve seen the movie.” Steve defended himself and skate from behind you, to skate beside you. “And the Wizard of Oz.”
“I LOVE the Wizard of Oz!” Your excitement rose. “It is one of my favourite classic movies. Did you know that when they filmed the movie, the Tin Man got silver poisoning? Oh! And the Wicked Witch of the West got second-degree burns from the fire. Oh! And another fact, the snow wasn’t snowing, but rather it was asbestos.”
“You’re adorable.” Steve squeezed your right hand with his left. “You wanna watch it when we get back.”
“Ye-“ your feet slipped out from under you, your back hitting the ice in a manner of moments, but even quicker were the reactions of Steve and Bucky.
“Are you okay?” Steve immediately reached for you to help you stand, and Bucky had skidded to a stop to brush the ice and snow from the rink off your back.
Your head fell back as you laughed, as your whole body shook with gut-wrenching laughter. Your vision blurred from tears, from laughing until your sides hurt, as you were eventually joined by the softer, quieter laughter from Steve and Bucky.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Steve asked, adjusting the toque on your head.
“My ass is a little worse for wear-“
“I can help with that,” Bucky smirked and shot you a heated glance.
“Oh, I’m sure you could.” You rolled your eyes and pulled Steve’s old used coat further down your front, fixing one of the buttons that had come loose. “No public indecency allowed.”
Bucky didn’t look the least bit disturbed.
“Let’s skate for a bit; then we’ll grab dinner on our way home.” Steve reached for your right hand again as Bucky skates to your left. “Anything you want.”
“Anything?” You asked, glancing at him from the corner of your eye.
“Anything reasonable.” Steve’s lips formed a half-smirk. “You’re not going to gorge yourself on junk and get sick again.”
“Everyone needs to do it once a year,” you countered, “I was thinking about tacos. I love tacos.”
“Whatever you want.” Steve leaned in and kissed your cheek, his lips lingering.
“Steve, Bucky-“ your breath caught in your throat, grappling with the urge to confess your feelings.
“Yes, baby girl?”
“I love you,” it spilled without hesitation, “both of you. I love both of you.”
It felt good; it felt right getting that off your chest.
“We love you too, Y/N.” first from Steve, then from Bucky.
** **
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
Congrats on 200!! Can I request smut 3 and angst 2 for Stucky??? I imagine it’d be tough working out dynamics for dating two super soldiers who’ve known each other for years and I feel like these prompts would really fit 🥺🙏
Thank you so much!!! I completely agree. They’ve know each other for so long and it would be hard to figure out the dynamics until they fuck the reader🤷🏽‍♀️
You can find the link to my drabble list here
Drabble #2
Smut🥵 3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
Angst💔 2. “It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
Pairing: Stucky x Reader
Warnings: angst, almost smut (MInors DNI), insecure! Reader
Word Count: 904
Y/n’s POV:
I freeze in my spot at the entrance of the bedroom where I hear moans pour out of the door.
“Fuck Steve…” I hear Bucky whine as I push the door open an inch.
“So fucking impatient huh?” Steve taunts as he shoves his hand through Bucky’s hair and tugs.
“I need you to touch me, please!” he whines once more while Steve only chuckles.
My fists clench as I force myself to turn and walk away as I realized I wasn’t invited to this particular rendezvous. I enter the living room with a scowl on my face and flop down on the couch, face down. Lately, I had started feeling left out with Steve and Bucky. I knew they were still getting used to the idea of a third in their relationship but it hurt. The way they’d gravitate toward each other and forget that I was there. I know it wasn’t intentional but it hurt nonetheless. Obviously, Captain America, a WWII trained soldier and the Winter Soldier, an assassin for over 70 fucking years were oblivious to the pain they caused.
“Why aren’t you with your boys?” Natasha asked as she sat on the back of my legs. “Thought they’d be all over you by now.”
“That makes two of us,” I mumble into the couch seat.
“Trouble in paradise?” she asks, twisting off the cap to her beer and throwing her legs up on Tony’s expensive centre piece.
“I think they just forget I exist sometimes. I know it’s not on purpose but…”
“It stings anyway?” she completes.
I shrug as much as I can in my position as Natasha sighs.
“You tried talking to them about this?” she asks, taking a long sip of the beer as the condensation from the bottle slides down to my leg.
“Not really,” I say. “But you know what,” I say, shoving Natasha off me, “I fucking will,” I decide.
“GET IT!” she screams after me and I only laugh in return.
When I get to the door this time I push it open this time and their gazes snap to me immediately.
“Y/n!” Bucky announces, surprised as he scrambles to cover himself.
“Hey, whatcha doin’ doll?” Steve asks, pulling the sheets across his lap.
“Why didn’t you come see me when you arrived?” I ask, ignoring his question completely. The confusion on his face only works to fuel my anger.
“I guess it slipped our minds,” Bucky says, sitting up straighter against the headboard.
“Did it also ‘slip your minds’,” I say as I air quote, “that you have a fucking girlfriend?”
“Woah doll, don’t you think it’s a little unfair?” Steve asks dragging my attention back to him.
“No I don’t think it is. We’ve barely talked in the past few weeks. You’ve barely kissed me or touched me or even looked in my fucking direction,” I say as their jaws drop at my angry tone.
“It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake,” I mumble under my breath but their super soldier hearing picks up on it anyway.
Bucky gasps in surprise while his eyes widen.
“Baby, you don’t mean that,” Steve pleads as he makes his way across the room to me.
“I don’t know anymore Stevie. Do you even love me? Or was this just some sex adventure for you both?” I ask shakily, tears escaping the corner of my eyes.
“Of course not. We’ve just been assholes. We were actually planning something for you and I guess we got carried away,” Bucky says as he comes to stand beside me and fiddles with the hem of my t-shirt with a blush on his cheeks.
“Planning something? Like what?” I ask, my hands raising to my face to wipe off my tears.
“We were gonna ask you to move in with us but Bucky was nervous,” Steve says, a smile making its way onto his face.
“You were too punk! Don’t try to blame this shit on me,” Bucky exclaims exaggeratedly.
“You want me to move in with you?” I ask, my eyes widening and tears threatening to escape again.
“Yeah,” Steve whispers, raising his hand to cup my cheek in his warm palm.
Bucky wraps his arms around my waist from behind me and rests his chin on the top of my head.
“So…” he asks. “Will you?” he whispers in my ear as his vibranium fingers make their way under my t-shirt and up my stomach.
My stomach clenches at the coldness of the metal and his insistent kisses on my neck don’t help either.
“Y’know, jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you,” Steve whispers in my ear before he kneels on the floor in front of me.
“Shut up Steve,” I pant between laboured breaths as Bucky cups my breast in his palm. His fingers tweak my hardened nipple and my back arches in desperation.
“Say you’ll move in with us doll,” Steve whispers against my thigh as he undoes the button on my pants and rolls them down my legs. His lips press against almost each inch of bare skin.
“Yes,” I moan as Bucky peels my top off and works on unhooking my bra.
“That’a girl,” he whispers against my ear as Steve lifts me by my waist and deposits me on the bed.
“Let’s show our girl how much we missed her huh?”
“Yeah, let’s.”
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moonvis · 2 days ago
Bad days
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x daughter! reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, mentions of the Avengers.
Summary: You are having a shitty day but your concerned family makes you feel better.
based on a request by maximeevansblog​
Warnings: some angst but then just fluff fluff fluff!!
Note: The fam live at the good ol' tower :)) Hope you like this!
Tumblr media
Being the adoptive daughter of two super soldiers has its perks. You get to live at The Avengers tower with your big family aka the worlds mightiest heroes. Your dads are the best, they adore you and you pretty much have them wrapped around your little finger. They're also very protective of you, which can be annoying at times, but you know they just care.
The only downside is the lack of talk about your feelings. You used to tell them how you felt and share your problems, but as you grew a little older you gradually stopped. If you really needed it, you would talk to Natasha about your period days and boy drama. Steve and Bucky never wanted to push you into telling them everything if you didn’t want to.
One day, you come home from school, unhappy, walking past Natasha who greeted you while you went straight to your bedroom. She raised an eyebrow, unsure if she should check up on you or leave you alone. Instead, she decided it was best your dads took this one.
"Hey, Steve!" Natasha greeted loudly as she entered the training room, where she had presumed he was. Steve was just finishing up his workout, drinking from his water bottle as the redhead came to stand in front of him, "Nat, what's up?"
Natasha was wearing a visible frown on her face, making Steve question her again before she even got the chance answer, "Everything okay?"
"You tell me. I just saw your daughter looking pretty frustrated. She ignored me in the hallway."
Steve's brows formed into a frown, and he quickly let go of his water bottle, "What? Where did she go?" He asked like the concerned mother-type he was.
Steve was already on his way out of the gym as Natasha informed him about your location, "Her bedroom, I think."
"Thanks Nat!"
Steve, on his way to your bedroom, met Bucky in the hallway, dragging the brunette along.
Once outside, they knocked on your door, but you didn’t answer. Bucky frowned and knocked again, "Doll, it's us. Can we come in?"
"Ms. Y/N has requested to not let anyone in. She wants to be left alone." Tony's Al spoke up.
You were laying on your bed, tears freely falling down your cheeks. Today had been awful. You got your period, which always made you emotional. Your math test went downhill. You dropped your food and drink in the cafeteria, making a mess. Then you rudely passed Natasha in the hallway, making you feel like a shitty human being.
You thought you were being dramatic, but that thought only angered you. You cursed at yourself, hating how your period days always messed with your head.
Steve and Bucky chose to give up on talking to you right now. If space were what you needed, they would give it to you.
Later that day, after collecting your thoughts, you wandered down to dinner. The other Avengers were gathering around the table, and you found your usual spot between your dads.
"Hey, sweetie, you feelin’ okay?" Steve asked you carefully once you sat down. You were grateful he kept it down, but annoyed he had to ask, so you gave him a quick response, "Yes."
Steve let out a quiet sigh and eyed Bucky. The brunette took the hit and leaned in a little closer, "You sure dollface?"
"I said yes. I'm fine. Focus on the dinner, not me." You answered again, immediately regretting how rude you probably sounded.
"Okay." Bucky muttered quietly, afraid to push it any longer. You let out a frustrated sigh before focusing on the dinner yourself.
It was cheeseburgers. You remembered it was Tony's turn to chose dinner, so of course it was burgers, his, and your favourite meal.
As the Avengers started eating their dinner, Tony tried communicating with you, "Hey, mini-solider, how'd you like the dinner?" He even winked at you, making you roll your eyes. The billionaire looked a little taken back and eyed Steve. Your blonde dad just shook his head.
You noticed every interaction, realising how rude you just were. Tony didn't deserve your eyeroll, your dads hadn't deserved your attitude when they just asked how you were doing. And Natasha hadn't deserved your cold shoulder when she only greeted you.
You stayed silent, looking down, feeling your eyes water. Fine, now you were dramatic again. You wanted to cry but refused to do so if front of the team. Your family you felt like hated you right now. You refused to eat your dinner as well, you didn't deserve your favourite meal. Not with your behaviour.
Unable to hold back a sniffle, your dads looked at you again. This time, Steve placed his hand on your shoulder, "Darling, what's wrong. Please, talk to us." You quickly looked up, angry he spoke so loudly. You didn't want any attention while feeling so emotional.
But when you looked up to scold at him, you noticed the concerned eyes plastered on you. Not only from Steve and Bucky, but from Tony, Natasha and the whole bunch. They worried, they cared. No one hated you, you quickly remembered that.
Unable to hold back any longer, the tears finally streamed down your face and you crashed into Steve's comforting embrace. You felt a metal hand rubbing your back, making you feel so much better.
After you had let it all out, you looked back up, eyes moving from Steve to Bucky and back, "Thank you. I'm sorry for being rude, I love you. I've just had a shitty day." You let out a last sniffle, turning back to Bucky who dried away your tears with his flesh hand. Your dads didn’t need details, they just needed to know you were okay. You crashed into Bucky’s embrace this this time, who rubbed your back gently, "It's okay dollface."
"We all have shitty days." You heard from a female voice, making you look up at Natasha, "We're just glad our smiling girl is back."
You chuckled, appreciating the smile she gave you, "Thanks Nat, and I'm sorry about ignoring you earlier. And Tony-" You turned to the man, who gave you a wink again, which you took with a smile this time, "Sorry for my eyeroll, of course I love the dinner!"
"That's what I like to hear!"
You laughed before turning to a happy looking Steve. Your smile always made your dads smile, "To forget about this day, what do you say we do somethin' fun tomorrow. You, me n' Buck."
You couldn't help the excitement showing on your face. You wanted cry to from the love they were showing you, happy tears this time, "Yeah!"
You kissed Steve's cheek, then Bucky's, thanking them. The other Avengers were pleased with the scene unfolding, continuing with their meal, while Tony suddenly felt extra generous, "You three do that. Do whatever. I'll pay."
To say you had your dads wrapped around your little finger was an understatement, cause honestly, you had the whole Avengers team wrapped around your arm.
The next day you woke with a smile from last night still plastered on your face. You dads did their usual workout and paperwork for the day early, so they could be finished when you woke up. You had slept in a little longer than usual, wanting to be well rested for the fun day ahead.
Once done preparing yourself, you met the two super soldiers in the common area. Bucky came forward and ruffled your hair a little, making you laugh and push his flesh hand away, “Hey, stop it.”
“Okay, dollface, what’s the plan for today?“ Bucky asked while Steve came to stand with the two of you, “Remember, you’re the boss today sweetie.”
“Nah, not the boss, I’ll be your Captain today dad.“ You pointed as Steve as you spoke, making him shake his head, “As you wish, Captain. Now, what’s the plan?“
“I was thinking we could go bowling and eat out later, but first I wanted to ask...“ You looked at both your dad’s innocently, “Could I get my hair and nails done? Please?“
“Of course. You’re the Captain.“ Bucky nodded. Steve did as well, with a smirk forming on his lips, “I mean, Tony’s paying anyways.”
You did a small fist bump with the air, before taking hold of Steve and Bucky’s hand, dragging them towards the elevator.
Once you arrived at the mall, you didn’t hesitate to head over to the hair salon first. And let’s just say you went all out with getting your dream hairstyle. Why not go for it when you don’t have to worry about the payment anyways?
When it came to your nails, you did something simple, an easy pedicure to be exact. Once done, you turned to your dads, with the same innocent expression as earlier, “I don’t wanna be the only one getting my nails done...”
Since Bucky couldn’t get both his done because of his metal hand, Steve ended up as the victim. You left the nail salon with a laugh, loving the sight of Captain America with long golden nails.  
“How am I supposed to go bowlin’ now? I’m going to ruin my nails!“ Steve played devastated.
You and Bucky laughed at the blonde, “Perks of having a metal arm!”  
Thank you for reading!!
Have you ever tried bowling with long nails?? They just break! I always forget to cut my nails beforehand...
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skyeisawizard · 2 days ago
All smut in bold
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Pet (blurbs open)
Wild Child (ongoing)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
An Omegas Duty (ongoing)
Chapter One
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Threes a Crowd
Fucking Bucky Barnes
Now I have you
Boyfriend Bucky helping reader with WW2 stuff
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
On the Run
Fucking Peter Parker
Tom Holland
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Over the mic
I Hate You (So Much it Hurts)
Stucky X Reader
Tumblr media
Star Spangled
No Control
Fucking Stucky
Stucky + safe word
Stucky finds out their girl is pregnant
JJ Maybank
Tumblr media
Rafe Cameron
Tumblr media
Joining the mile high club
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savemesomenachos · 2 days ago
Love & Other Desires - Chapter 9
Alternate Universe
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Stucky × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: Some fluff, angst and H/N is hospital name.
Word Count: 2205
The main Masterlist for this series is here.
Previous // Next
Give Me Love
Y/n’s POV:
I limped down the stairs and into the kitchen where Steve made breakfast while Dom sat at the table and coloured.
“Mama!” he screamed when he saw me and ran toward me. He attached himself to my uninjured leg while my hand shot out to grab the wall for support.
“Dom, what did I tell you about running into mama?” Steve asked, worried as he rushed over to us and replaced the wall with himself for my support. I looked up at him with a smile but he refused to meet my eyes.
“It’s ok. He’s just excited to see mama and so am I. Come here you!” I said with a smile as I leaned down to give him a proper hug.
Dom laughed and hugged me right back. His tiny hands ran over my back soothingly and I could cry. It seemed like he was the only one who liked me right now.
“Mama, I’ll be late to school!” he said as he pulled away and rushed back to the table and sat down for breakfast which Steve immediately provided.
He came up to me again and wrapped his arm around my waist while helping me to the table.
“I’m fine Stevie. You don’t have to help me do everything,” I said as I poured myself a coffee and tried to catch his eyes.
“Yeah, I know,” he said as he avoided my gaze still.
I guess he was still pissed about the Bucky thing. Though I’m not exactly sure what.
“Come on dad, we’re gonna be late!” Dom whined as Steve started on the dishes.
“I can get those; he’ll be late to school,” I say as I plate my breakfast.
“You’re not supposed to be working,” he says as he dries his hands off anyway.
“It’s like 3 dishes Stevie. I’m not completely useless,” I say, annoyed at his protectiveness.
“Don’t do them. I’ll get the dishes when I come back,” he says, walking over to the front door with Dom in front of him.
I follow them silently but don’t reply. Dom’s hand wraps around my wrist and gently tugs me down to his face. He plants a quick kiss on my cheek with a soft ‘take care mama, bye!’ whispered in my ear. I smile at his ‘Steve qualities’ and ruffle his hair in thanks.
Steve smiles and ushers Dom forward with a gentle hand on his head.
“Hey,” I call out while Dom rushes forward to the car. Steve remains stiff with his hand on the door and his back facing me.
I limp forward some more and reach out to touch him while he turns to look at me at the exact time I decide to retract my hand. He looks at my hand questioningly and turns his gaze to mine. I bite my lip, at a loss for words.
“Can I kiss you?” I whisper as my eyes wander to the floor, nervous about his answer.
There’s absolute silence on his end. Just as I begin to apologize, his fingers slot themselves in my hair and tip my head up with his thumb hooked under my chin to look him in the eye as he steps into my space.
“Yes,” he whispers with a hint of relief in his tired eyes. I lean up to plant a quick kiss on his lips while he does not seem gratified in the least. He leans down once again to catch my lips in a heated kiss. Like he missed me. And I don’t blame him. I kiss back with equal fervour until Dom’s “dad, you can kiss mom later,” sounds in the background. We pull away with a blush on our cheeks and a laugh bubbling in our chests.
“Bye,” he whispers as he slips out the door and raced to the car. Once his car slips out of the view, I hobble to the sofa, needing a much-needed nap. Damn these pills for making me all sleepy.
As I lay down, I think of Bucky again. I couldn’t seem to stop. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t know who else to talk about it with. Steve bristled each time his name came up in conversation. My eyes started to droop with drowsiness as I let sleep take me away.
“You’re so fucking selfish, Bucky. What about Y/n and me, huh? You just gonna leave us behind?” Steve asks as he paces the length of our bedroom.
“And you asking me to do that is not selfish? This will be good for me. It’ll help my career a lot,” Bucky says, running his hand through his hair in frustration, a habit he picked up from Steve while throwing down the acceptance letter on the bed.
“Bullshit! You never wanted this job. You were fine with the intern job at H/N but now you’ve suddenly changed your mind?” Steve asks, his voice rising with every response Bucky gave.
“Enough!” I screamed. They stopped immediately and turned to look at me.
“Bucky, do you want this job?” I asked as my heart constricted in my chest painfully.
He hesitated and looked right into my eyes as if trying to convey a message. “Yes,” he finally said.
“Then we’ll support you,” I whispered. Steve started to protest. With a stern gaze from my end, he shut up.
Bucky crawled over to me on the bed while I tried to avoid his gaze and hide my unshed tears. His hand caressed my cheek and turned my head up to look at him. His eyes reflected my sadness and he surged forward to wrap me in a ferocious hug. I sat still as he sobbed uncontrollably on my shoulder.
Steve softened at the sight of us and sat down in front of me. I breathed deeply, unwilling to cry in front of Bucky. He needed us to be strong right now and that’s exactly what we would be. Steve and I seemed to agree on this because he nodded wordlessly. His hand hesitated before making contact with Bucky’s back.
“I’m so sorry,” Bucky wailed while my hands clenched into fists and my eyes stung with the need to cry.
My hands raised to his back where I pulled Steve’s along as well. We rubbed his back in comfort as Steve’s other hand to catch mine in silent comfort. I tried to smile while I’m sure I looked crazy.
Bucky pulled away from me but while still keeping a hand on my waist, his other arm wrapped around Steve’s neck, pulling him forward for a teary hug.
“I’m sorry you hate me, Stevie,” he cried as his fingers tangled in Steve’s hair.
“I don’t hate you, Buck,” he said as he pulled Bucky away to look him in the eye. “I’m just gonna miss you. I mean who's gonna bribe me into doing laundry or make breakfast or get up to all sorts of mischief that pisses Y/n off, huh?” he asks as he strokes Bucky’s cheek. Bucky replies with a watery laugh.
“We love you and we want what’s best for you. Even if that means you going away,” I say resting my head between Bucky’s shoulder blades.
“When you become a really rich and famous doctor, don’t forget us,” I whisper against his back while wrapping my hands around his waist.
“I could never baby. Especially you,” he says, resting his arms on top of mine.
“What the fuck does that mean?” Steve asks exasperated, pouting.
“Nothing Stevie, I’m gonna miss you too,” Bucky says, pulling Steve’s head to rest on his chest.
A while later, Bucky lays asleep between us while Steve and I stared at his sleeping form, memorising.
“We’ll be ok right?” I whisper shakily.
“It’ll be hard but you’ll have me, I promise,” he whispers with no hesitation. I smile at the comfort that I wouldn’t be alone.
We smile at each other and clasp hands across Bucky’s chest.
*End of Flashback*
I gasp as I sit up on the sofa. That dream was so goddamn vivid. These drugs are really fucking with my head. I rub the remnants of sleep out of my eyes and wince as my leg clashes against the coffee table. I rub my throbbing leg when the bell rings. I check the time on my watch. 11:00, huh. I didn’t know Steve was coming home this early. I stagger to the door, my leg still throbbing painfully.
I yank the door open with unnecessary force and am immediately met with Bucky’s nervous face.
“Hey!” he says excitedly. He winces almost instantly at my confusion.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come. I just wanted to give you this,” he says while pulling a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. He thrusts them in my hand and turns to leave.
“Lavenders?” I whisper as I clutch them to my chest and the sweet aroma from the flowers warps my senses.
He freezes and mumbles a quiet ‘yeah’ while his cheeks turn pink.
“You remembered?” I ask, my voice on the verge of breaking.
“’ Course I did!” he exclaims, offended that I could even ask such a thing while turning around to face me.
We stare at each other in contemplative silence before I gesture him inside with a free hand. He hesitates at the doorstep as I move to the kitchen to put the flowers in water.
“He’s not home,” I say and Bucky stiffens which makes me think I was right in thinking his hesitation came from Steve.
He immediately steps inside, closing the door behind him and slipping his jacket off.
“Coffee?” I ask, already pouring myself a cup.
“I can get it. You should rest that leg of yours,” he says, making his way into the kitchen, and snatching the pot out of my hands. When our fingers brush, my eyes slit to his but he pointedly looks away.
He pours himself some coffee and wraps his arm around my waist to help me to the sofa. He lowers me down before settling himself opposite me on an armchair.
“I don’t bite doc,” I say, trying to break the tension.
“Yeah right,” he mumbles into his cup which makes me choke. I cough at his snark and try to hide my smile and blush in my cup.
‘So, what brings you here?” I ask draping a blanket across my lap.
“I just wanted to check on you,” he says. “And give you the flowers.”
“You do that for all your patients?” I ask fiddling with the tassels on the end of the blanket that suddenly seemed quite interesting.
“You know I don’t,” he whispers.
My head whips up to meet his gaze and I see him melt a little. For a moment, I get lost in his eyes. Still that same shade of blue and still breathtakingly beautiful. Butterflies made their way into my chest while an odd sense of guilt swirled in my chest. I was with Steve now and this was wrong. I had to nip this in the bud.
“I’m serious Bucky. What are you doing here?”
“I already told you. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“You don’t need to do that anymore. I have a husband to do that.”
“I fucking know that!” he screams into the empty space while rising up from his chair. He stalks toward me menacingly while I gulp my fear. He leans so close to my face; I can feel his breath on my lips. The smell of coffee and mint and something uniquely Bucky lingers between us.
“It’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about since I saw the both of you,” he whispers. I shudder and chew on my lip nervously. I try to look away but his eyes make it really difficult.
His hand reaches out to touch my face but he retracts his hand, suddenly remembering where he is. He straightens while running a hand through his hair and practically sprints to the door while I try to follow on my bruised leg.
“Wait!” I shout, limping toward him as fast as I can. He stops but doesn’t turn around.
“Bucky, I’m sorr-”
I’m cut off by the sound of keys jingling in the lock. We back away from the door as it opens to reveal Steve and Dom.
“Babe, I bought-”
He freezes when he sees Bucky in the doorway, jacket in hand.
“Papa, it’s the doctor from the hospital!” Dom exclaims making his way to Bucky.
“Thank you for making my mom all better, doctor!” he says, peering up at Bucky through a blinding smile.
“Of course, buddy,” Bucky says, raising his hand for a fist bump. When Dom responds with one of his own, Steve snaps out of his shock.
“Dom, go to your room,” Steve says, calmly and Dom immediately shuffles upstairs throwing a wave at Bucky over his shoulder which Bucky reciprocates with a wide smile of his own. As soon as Dom disappears out of view, Steve’s low command shakes me to my core.
“We need to talk.”
Bucky moves to leave and Steve stops him with a strong on his arm.
“All of us.”
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
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coffeenoirposts · 2 days ago
Sad Stucky headcanon
So Steve isn't into drawing/painting anymore because he was in his room one time siting in his chair and everytime he paints or draws he imagines bucky's face, and that makes him really depressed to the point where he sits frozen for minute then proceeds to break his art supplies because everything that reminds him of his bucky hurts and it's really not fair since he finds comfort in drawing but his mind can't seem to stop thinking about bucky, about how he was close to catching him when he fell away form him in the train how he failed his best friend and himself, he just wanted to draw a simple flower but instead imagined bucky holding a bouquet of flowers smiling at him, then Steve bawled his eyes out for hours until his eyes gave up until he couldn't stop heaving, he started hugging himself attempting at claming himself down, rocking himself back n forth wishing that bucky was the one to hug him and comfort him like he always does in his lowest moments and whisper soothing words to him, and he looked down at the supplies he broke wondering what he did in his past life to deserve this.
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 12
“She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold.” You were amazed, you were blown away by the simplicity of the tattoo, yet it was amazing. It was beautiful.
The quote was black and white and written in cursive on your left shoulder with three red petals and three blue on the other side, a nod to Steve and Bucky, who were your rocks, your strongest supporters, as well as your soulmates.
“I love it.” You beamed, a bright and excited smile on your face as you gazed at the tattoo before the artist put the covering on. “I already want another one.”
“Sweetie,” Natasha crooned with her arms crossed over her chest, “you should let the first one heal before you think about getting a second.”
You shrugged and kept your back turned so the artist could place the covering over, something that wouldn’t have to be taken off or changed until the tattoo was completely healed, which according to him, would be 2 to 3 weeks before it could come off.
“How much do I owe you?” You kept as still as possible, questioning your tattoo artist when he placed the final piece of tape over the edge of the covering.
“Your boyfriend paid for it,” he stepped away and moved to a plastic storage compartment near the stand holding all the different colours of ink.
“Boyfriend?” You glanced at Nat.
“Bucky. Wired the money over a couple of minutes ago.” Nat leaned against the wall of the tattoo parlour, only able to be with you when it was all done. “Though I’m guessing that you didn’t officially make your relationship a thing?”
You chewed the inside of your cheek as the coil in your stomach tightened. There was bursting warmth in your belly, the feeling of their phantom touches caressing your skin as if they were behind you whispering their sweet nothing promises into your ear.
You’d been intimate but not had sex with Steve. You’d cried on their shoulders multiple times but hadn’t labelled yourselves as being together. But you should.
“Have you said the three little words yet?” Natasha implored, raising one of her red eyebrows in curiosity.
“No,” you held the care sheet in your hands as the two of you left the shop, “but I do.”
“You love them?” Natasha didn’t sound surprised, but her statement ended in a question anyway.
“Of course. How couldn’t I love them? I’ve never met anyone who’s been so supportive and understanding.” You rubbed your hands against your jean shorts before you shoved them into your back pockets. “Steve and Bucky are my soulmates. It’s only natural that we’d fall into a relationship, but it doesn’t feel forced or like some twist of fate. It’s like being in love with Steve and Bucky is as easy and natural as breathing. It just inherently feels right.”
“No labels?” Natasha asked, opening the passenger’s side door of her car for you.
“We’re together. I guess their my boyfriends?” You pulled a face and shrugged. “I’m with them; they’re with me. Putting a label on it feels…wrong?”
“Or maybe you’re not used to being in a relationship that has a healthy balance and having a label on it feels too real?” Natasha suggested after starting the car and pulling away from the curb.
“My relationship with Peter wasn’t toxic.” You countered.
“It wasn’t healthy, honey.” Natasha stopped at a red light and looked your way, her green eyes sympathetic.
“Whether you want to admit it or not, you spent the better part of a year investing yourself into a relationship that ended the minute you caught sight of Steve and Bucky. Yet, you pushed. Peter wasn’t as invested in the relationship as you were, and he was ready to cut the cord. You held on. You pushed. You wanted it to work, and Peter was stringing you along. It might not be toxic, but it sure as hell wasn’t healthy.”
You supposed she was right. You assumed that your relationship with Peter was never ideal and was instead a coping mechanism for not being able to see colour or have your soulmates. Maybe it was nothing but a stand-in for something real. Perhaps you had dove too far into a relationship that was never worth saving, that would never pan out in the end.
“I love them, Natasha.” You were of clear mind, spirit and heart. You were speaking from a place of clarity that was deep and true. “If they asked the question-“
“The question,” Natasha preened with happiness for you and excitement, “that is THE question?”
“I would say yes. Immediately. I know we haven’t been dating long, but I have never felt secure and cared for. I’ve never been so sure of myself.”
“You’d say yes.”
“I would say yes even if I had nothing to offer.”
** **
Natasha walked off the elevator and down the few short steps to get to the centre of the ‘party room’ that the few avengers who weren’t on missions were hanging out in. As they sat on the circular couches, with drinks in their hands, Natasha plopped down on Bucky’s lap with her arm wrapped around his shoulders. As she sat, she looked over her left shoulder, casting her green-eyed gaze upon Steve, smirking pointedly at him.
“What, Nat?” Steve lifted his beer bottle to his lips and sipped on the barley ale in the dark glass, the foamy head of the beer hitting his lips first.
“Your girlfriend is a delight.” She cocked her head to the side. “She is a funny woman, full of humour and wit.”
“Yeah, and gorgeous.” Bucky agreed before he grabbed Natasha around the waist and moved her off his lap. “What’s the point?”
“The point,” Natasha readjusted her position before he reached forward and grabbed a shot with red coloured vodka inside the thick glass, “is that you should be thanking me.”
“For what?” Steve moved closer to Bucky, draping his arm across the back of the half-circular couch, his fingertips grazing Bucky’s right shoulder.
“For figuring out where your girlfriend wants to go for her birthday.” Natasha lift the shot to her parted lips and tipped her head back, swallowing the red-coloured vodka.
“I thought you were throwing your girlfriend a party, Cap?” Clint asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Tony offered to throw a party,” Bucky shift and pressed himself closer to Steve, his left shoulder pressed against his chest, “but Y/N doesn’t want a big party.”
“Gee,” Natasha spoke sarcastically, “I wonder why. Could it be because her ex-boyfriend is a little shit?”
“So what does the future Mrs. Barnes-Rogers wanna do for her birthday?” Clint asked, stretching out on the couch.
“After we got our tattoo, we went to this little place tucked into an alley near Times Square that has the best Italian food,” Natasha reached for another shot, “and little miss told me about this place in Finland. An ice hotel.”
“An ice hotel?” Steve’s blonde/brown eyes brows furrowed. “Really?”
“Don’t knock it, Rogers. If you saw pictures of the place, you’d be on the first plane out of here. It’s the kind of place that couples go to screw each other’s brains out in a romantic sense.” Natasha downed her second shot and placed the empty glass back on the coffee table. “The hotel is made of ice, or you can stay in glass igloos that have a nearly 365-degree view of the northern lights.”
“Y/N wants to go to an ice hotel?” Steve sounded incredulous.
“Y/N said she wanted to go to the hotel since she first saw pictures of it when she was 15.” Natasha crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head. “This place is romantic. I mean, they have private hot tubs, and fur blankets, secluded suites with private chefs.”
“Y/N is a young woman who is turning 21 and doesn’t want to go to Las Vegas but would rather spend her birthday trapped between two super soldiers in the cold, with nothing but their body heat to keep her warm.” Natasha licked her bottom lip, watching the revelation settle into the two men; the news that you wanted to give yourself to them under the northern lights was enough to make them book flights now.
“Unfortunately, the ice hotel doesn’t open until December 15th,” Nat informed the two, bouncing her leg up and down with her hands resting in her lap.
“Her birthday is the beginning of November.” Bucky bit his bottom lip.
“Take her there for Christmas,” Clint suggested, finishing his beer before reaching for another. “The kid has no family here. She doesn’t keep in contact with most of her extended family. Celebrate her birthday in November and take her to Finland for Christmas.”
“We could-“
“You should.” Natasha nods her head, green eyes studying the two soldiers. “It’s been a dream of hers to go. If you took her to this nice hotel for Christmas….”
“Nat, are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”
She shrugged and remained silent with only a half-smirk as their answer.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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coffeenoirposts · 2 days ago
i can't stop thinking about stucky dancing together and the avengers catching them and cooing at them and Clint saying "aww it's so cute seeing old people dance together" and both Steve and buck stop and look at him with zero amusement, bucky will probably reply with a snarky comment and Steve just ignores it and fondly looks at buck and without thinking he gently kisses buck right cheek, the avengers LOSE IT they are cooing harder after seeing steve do that and buck would tell them "hey It's NOT a circus Act for you guys leave me and this punk alone!!" and points at Steve while saying that, after that the avengers leave and buck and Steve are left alone FINALLY and bucky looks at Steve and says "you punk come here and give me a real kiss" and Steve replies "yes sirr" and goes and gives bucky the sweetest kiss imaginable, buck then stops kissing Steve because air is important (🙄✋) and looks at Steve fondly and they both press their foreheads together smiling like idiots and continue dancing together being soft with each other 🥺
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savemesomenachos · 3 days ago
Writing Update!!!
Since I’ll be doing the 200 followers drabble list for a short time (Undecided), I will be giving those drabbles priority. I have 2 pending fics in my ask box which I will complete at a later time but I have seen them. Thank you for all the love lovelies!!!🌸✨
You can find the link to my drabble list here
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
Permanent: @julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown@mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @noshame-bb @cece5 @white-wolf1940 @marvelfansworld @jassiejj2118 @sohosteve @sia2raw@honeymarvel @hart-failure @Clints-worldavengers
Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here
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gwenavibra · 3 days ago
So, I'm watching In the heights yes again and I'm still with my Stucky high, and I can't stop thinking about dancing with my boys. Like, yes, they danced in the 40s, and Bucky was a pretty good dancer, but I wanna go full latina on them and I wonder how they would react like 👀 would they like it 👀 idk
should I write something like that? idk
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myavengersimagines · 3 days ago
I felt like there was some detail missing for the first Snakes and Ladders chapter, so I've had a small re-write to add some more details and give it some length.
I hope that you guys enjoy <3
Chapter One
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thefanbasewhore · 3 days ago
Hey I recently stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed your bucky and Stucky work! Could I request one where reader fakes a betrayal/ or breaks up with Bucky And Steve for a HYDRA infiltration mission because the boys are being targeted. The mission goes successfully with reader being hurt but not too much but the boys are still heartbroken but stunned by her loyalty. Eventually everything does work out thou?
Angsty with fluffy end?
Hi my love!!! I hope you enjoy this, I really liked this idea so it took me quite a while!! Hope this is angsty enough!! I know you said fluffy end but I'm going to write a fic based on this ❤️❤️❤️
Summary | Bucky and Steve are left heart broken after you leave but after finding out you left to save them, Steve can't seem to forgive you.
Content | angst, fluff
Paring | Bucky Barnes x female reader x Steve rogers (Stucky x reader)
Side note | I KNOW A CLIFFHANGER but good news I decided to write a full fics of this!!! I will actually go into detail and etc. So if you would like to be tagged comment on this post :)
Tumblr media
Bucky pulled Steve closer with a sniffle, the clicks of metal plates are the only other sound in the room as they scratch into the blondes scalp, applying just enough pressure that Steve's eyes flutter shut.
"Sweetheart..." Steve mutters against the shell of his ear despite already knowing the answer, "Are you doing okay? You haven't left the bed all day."
"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Bucky's bottom lip quivers, as tears fill those baby blues. Steve nods lips finding his cheek to press a meaningful but sad kiss. "It hurts to much."
Steve hums in agreement, curling closer into his boyfriend's heat as his heart clenches inside his chest. It's still fresh, both heart broken with the news of the mission report. "I'm here baby, we'll get through this."
It was supposed to be a simple in and out. Collect the information and leave. Bucky and Steve wanted to go but after all, this would be her first solo mission and after hours and hours of begging they agreed to that only Clint would be acconpying you.
Imagine their surprise that only Clint came back reporting that you had in fact been playing them the whole time. It was a set up, that you had for a fact joined HYDRA with little regards of your two boyfriend's at home.
"That's why I had you come with me and break the super soldier's hearts, I will take away everything they love, they will be mine." The grip on your throat thightens as you gasp for air, clawing at the hands as they lift you highrter into the air.
It all pasts with a blur, one second your vision is blurrying as you stumble to the ground. It's instinctual, the way your hand reaches up to sooth the burn on your throat. It burns, coughing for air as your lungs are on fire deep in your chest.
Once your eyes meet his, suddenly it's hard to breath again.
The way Steve stares is heart breaking, seafoam blue eyes widening as the look of betrayal tugs his lips into a frown. His chest is heaving, no doubt from taking the man who's hands were wrapped around her neck down as he doesn't move from his position only feet away from you, on his knees. He had to hear everything, the way his eyes water with tears say it all.
"He was the reason?" Steve's palms his beard as angry eyes darken in the light, "Why didn't you tell us? It didn't need to be like this!"
"He was going to hurt you and Bucky, I couldn't let that happen, Steve." While your chest tightens with emotion, the tone stays unapologetic as you struggle to stand.
Bucky enters the room, bloody and bruised as lines of confusion wrinkles his forehead. Eyes bounce from Steve to you and then back.
Steve ignores it, lips forming a snarl has heavy breaths choke on his throat. "We thought -, you don't get to make that decision on your own! That's not fair to us, it's been weeks - we cry ourselves to sleep every night!"
"Steve.." Bucky whispers, reaching over to grasp his shoulders and bring him to his feet, "Hey - hey, what's going on? Why are you crying?"
"She -." He chokes, can't even get out the words as Bucky coos softly, pulling him into his chest.
"Buck." You call softly. While Steve has always been stubborn and proud, Bucky is understanding and soft. No matter what you did wrong, he would always take your side. "They said they would hurt both of you, I had to."
Bucky's eyes never leave your own, swirling with mixed emotions as Steve tugs his hand, "She could have told us."
"She was scared, sweetheart." Bucky argues, kissing Steve's lips softly, "It wasn't right. She should have handled it differently but I can't lie and say I wouldn't do the same for you two."
The ride back to the house was quiet, Bucky and Steve sat up front, not a word muttered. Bucky gripped the steering wheel white knuckled while Steve aimlessly stares out the window. Every once in a while you would catch either of their eyes, almost as if they were making sure that you were in fact still there.
Bucky had hugged you, it's been weeks since you felt warmth like that. It brought actual tears to your eyes, relief that he still loves you despite what you have done but Steve could barely look at you.
"Steve.." The call of his name makes him tense and sit taller in the passenger seat. The treeline beginning to form and resemble home and it makes your heart pound. The home you have built with them, to be in your bed again, wrapped around your super soldiers is all you have wished for. "I'm sorry, at least look at me."
"No." The word makes your stomach tie in knots and a ball of emotion form at the back of your throat. "I can't."
Bucky sighs, using his elbow to nudge his side. "Steve, stop. We will talk about this later."
"Why do I have to stop? I've held you for every night since she left and you take her side?" The words are hissed through clenched teeth, alabaster skin flushing in annoyance. Words filling you with guilt, mouth snapping shut instantly.
"I am not taking anyone's side, pal." Bucky sighs, "We all need to calm down before we have this conversation, that is all."
"Stop the car." Steve growls, hand pressing against the handle as Bucky shakes his head.
"Steve -." He tries to argue but Steve daring eyes test him like he wouldn't jump out of the moving car.
"Stop the car." Steve demands, "I want to walk to rest of the way back."
"He hates me, Buck." Bucky holds you close, curling against his chest as tears soak through the material of his t-shirt. "I'm sorry bucks, I know I hurt you and Steve and now he hates me. I just wanted you two to be safe."
A hiccup interupts, "He wanted the winter soldier back and after everything you've been through, all of the healing and therapy I couldn't let him do that. And Steve, he was going to do the same things to Steve. "
"It's okay, sweetheart. I forgive you, Steve will come around. You did what you thought was right, and I trust you."
"But it cost me everything." But you don't miss his last three words, teary eyes meeting his, "You still trust me?"
"I trust you, honey." The way his eyes fill with tears makes your heart break, his large hand cupping your cheek as he angles your face to meet his own. His bottom lip quivers, the tough begging to crumble as he pulls you into his chest, "I thought I lost you forever. My heart was so broken, I missed you."
A kiss presses to the top of your hair as a soft hand rubs the small of your back. Fat tears wetting your hair as he pulls back, "You stay here. I'm going to find Steve, he's hurting."
Days pass, Steve refuses to even look at you let alone be in the same room which left Bucky is a tough situation, picking between lovers but then again he didn't have to. Steve made that decision himself, deciding to not come home until later hours at night and crashing in the guest bedroom.
You tried and tried every day. Apologizing with gifts, words and even letters but he would just walk pasts as if you didn't exist.
Bucky would end up just rubbing your back and pressing a kiss to your temple, "Giving him time."
Bucky and Steve would leave for a few hours and talk, Steve had not only been distant with you but also his other lover. Bucky couldn't help but notice the drifting away and tried with all his heart to fix it which seemed to work, judging by the soft moans and thumping of the headboard against the wall which only broke your heart more.
You should be in there, sandwiched between them like the missing puzzle piece but only now did you realize how big of a hole you had left in their hearts, especially the way Steve's words shakily whisper from behind the door. "It hurts to see her, she broke my heart but is all I can think about.".
Level headed Bucky is always there, sweet and calming as he replies, "She is trying. Whether you want to admit it or not, she did what she thought was best, sweetheart. The way you would protect her with your life is the same thing but she actually did it."
Without a word you leave, tears blurring your vision as a sharp pain crumbles your heart inside your chest.
They would be so much happier without you, that's what you have to tell yourself as you shove clothes into the suitcase. Through the tears and pain in your chest, it was best for them. Steve wanted you gone, never to speak to you again and after everything they have been through, you would not be the person who separates Bucky and Steve.
The car is only feet away, key clenched in your hand. Was this really the right thing to do? Leave them again without a word?
Bucky would be heart broken but Steve could care less but for his happiness you would do anything, including give up everything you've ever loved. Throwing the suitcase into the back of the car with one last huff, you turn too quickly stumbling into a broad chest, large arms crossing against the swells of his chest.
The dark, brunette beard catches you off guard. It's the first time in weeks you've been this close to him. The scent of wintergreen and dewy grass makes your head dizzy, you can't look away from those vibrant eyes.
Steve's eyes twitch in confusion, hard lines forming against his forehead. "You were going to leave again, just like that?"
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gwenavibra · 3 days ago
Currently picturing Stucky cuddling with me, while I wear a sweater and panties and we watch The Conjuring 3 and like Steve rubs my belly cuz it hurts like a bitch and Bucky kisses my head and we eat a ton of sweets cuz in this perfect universe I don't care about getting fat and they love me and we're perfect together.
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myavengersimagines · 3 days ago
Chapter One: Snakes & Ladders
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy, Good Girl, Sweetness), F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, minor mentions of violence, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
Part Two >>
When both of your Mobster boyfriends offered to take you away on a stunning vacation to a secluded beach-side Villa on a remote Island, you hadn’t particularly imagined that it was going to raining for close to a week straight. Instead, you had imagined the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin whilst Bucky used his skilled hands to rub lotion into your skin, taking great care with every inch stay still; we don’t want your beautiful skin to burn and blister, doll he’d warn with so much tender longing in his voice. Then you’d be carried into the sea by Steve’s strong arms. He’d dunk you underwater, kissing you beneath the surface and make you completely forget about your need for oxygen.
Crack. The deafening sound of thunder came from the skies overhead following by the blinding lightning that always followed. You found yourself narrowed your eyes as you glared out the glass windows of the villa, watching as that tranquil sea that you desired was a deathly black colour crashing with a foamy substance against the shoreline, stretching far out and almost meshing into those dark rainclouds over the horizon.
There was almost this feeling of guilt that was brewing inside of you. Almost. At first, you had come to terms that everything that was happening was completely out of their control; however, it was easy for them to slip back into work mode. It felt as if there was nothing else that could be done, so Bucky and Steve had found themselves getting more and more invested in work back in Brooklyn, having these long phone calls ordering Natasha and Sam to take care of business whilst they were away. It was when Steve hadn’t joined you both for dinner one night whilst speaking to the Odinson’s that you felt this resentment growing; you were all supposed to be enjoying this vacation together without worrying back home.
It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you had maybe binge-watched almost everything on Netflix. Back home in Brooklyn, Steve and Bucky kept you busy with escorts to gala events, parties and meetings that you hadn’t had time to even glance at a TV, but it appeared that this vacation was the perfect time to catch up on all those shows that you friends had gushed to you about.
Every now and then, either Bucky or Steve would duck into the bedroom, check that you’re doing alright or if you needed anything, if you were lucky, they might even snuggle up beside you and start asking mundane questions about these shows Who is that? Why are they doing that? Who killed him? That’s not the best way to dispose of a body… Until finally, you ordered them to leave, and they did with a smirk and a playful smack on your rear.
It was difficult for both Bucky and Steve to see you this upset. This vacation was something that you had been looking forward to since they had given it to you as a gift for your birthday. It was a whole three weeks of their undivided attention, sunbathing and snorkelling, eating good food and just being together. If there had been any other problems, they would have been able to solve them with a snap of their fingers, but the weather was an unruly mistress – not dissimilar from their beautiful partner.
In all their wisdom, Bucky and Steve had even charted a private plane to take you off the Island to another sunnier destination. But, the airport soon put a hole in their plans as the weather conditions were too bad to fly anywhere. So Steve and Bucky took out their frustration on the poor pilot and had literally beat the messenger, leaving him a bloodied mess on his own private jet before leaving to ice their knuckles and try and decided what their next option could be.
An afternoon of mauling over ideas of how to turn this vacation around had led them to come to a brilliant solution. Bucky sauntered through the quiet Villa, hearing the sound of voices coming from the bedroom, leaning against the doorway and watching you curled up in the centre of the bed with your eyes fixed on the screen. “Doll…” His voice was gentle, but it caught your attention immediately. “We got a little surprise for ya~” Bucky stuck his tattooed hand out before him as an invitation. “Come with me.”
This invitation seemed to pull a hefty sigh from your lips as you remained unmoving on your bed. “Can I just watch the end of this episode first?” You gesture to the screen across the room. A sense of anger burned with Bucky’s chest as his dangerous blue orbs lingered on your lump in the centre of the bed. Ever since this vacation had turned sour, Bucky noticed a change in their usual good girl as you acted more defiant and abrasive than usual. It wasn’t a good look on you, and it wasn’t something that either he or Steve would allow for much longer.
Even though your eyes remained fixed on the screen, you could hear Bucky shuffling around the room behind you. “I’m sorry, Doll, but made that sound like a request?” He was standing beside the bed now, and you could feel your body locking up in fear of his wrath. You opened your mouth to argue before you saw that look on his face, and it made your blood run cold before you quickly snatched the remote and shut off the TV without a second thought. Then, with a clumsy clambering, you climbed from the bed and stood beside Bucky with a kind smile on his features, hoping to subside his anger. “Good girl~” His voice was a low grumble as he leaned down to peck your forehead in a tender way.
“Now, I understand why you’ve been so grumpy.” His voice was thick as he cupped both of your cheeks in his hands, causing you to have to look up into his loving blue eyes. “This wasn’t the vacation that any of us wanted. Doll, I wanted to watch you flaunt around in all those bikini’s that we brought, but the weather Gods had different ideas.” Bucky said with humour to his voice, and you took your opportunity to let out a soft giggle.
At that wonderful sound, Bucky couldn’t help but let out a dreamy hum and muttered in a soft voice. “There’s our pretty girl~” His voice cooed in an adoring way. “Stevie and I’ve been neglecting you, hmm?” Then, leaning down, Bucky’s soft lips brushed against your jawline, leading all the way up until your ear. “We got a surprise for you. I think you’re going to like it a whole lot.” Then nipping at your earlobe in a playful way that made you squeak before suddenly shrieking as Bucky lifted you with ease and threw you over his shoulder, and carrying you through the Villa.
The sounds of your displeasure to be carried sung throughout the entire building, and it only made Steve grin madly as he spotted Bucky rounding the corner with you thrown over his shoulder. “Did our girl show some resistance?” Steve rose from where he was sitting across the plush couch and drew his arms over his chest in an expecting kind of way. “Oh, no…” Bucky said before dropping you onto the couch opposite where Steve was standing and laughing as you bounced softly against the comfortable surface. “I just like carrying her wherever I go~”
A deep scoff came from Steve before he responded. “You’re gonna spoil her, Buck.” Then gazing down at you as you pulled yourself to an upright position and looked over at Steve. Just the look of you made him want to melt on the spot; it was only now that they had come to the decision that they had neglected you on this vacation. It didn’t matter if the weather wasn’t on their side. That certainly did mean they were allowed to leave you high and dry. “Did the punk tell you about our little game?” Steve rose his brows at you, and you felt your stomach clench in wonder and intrigue before shaking your head.
Then they both gestured down to the coffee table between the two couches, and a firm frown set on your lips as you saw the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ laid out on the table. “This a game for babies.” You muttered coldly before crossing your arms over your chest. You scornfully found yourself already hating their idea of theirs and found yourself wishing that they had just left you to your own devices and allowed you to continue binging Netflix.
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong~” Steve chose to ignore your petulant tone with a big grin spreading across his cheeks. “This is a much more adult game of Snakes and Ladders, baby…” Then he reached down onto the table and picked up a stray piece of paper resting beside the board and held it out in your direction for you to accept. “You give that a read and then decided if you still want to throw a tantrum.” The writing was neat and legible, meaning that Steve had certainly written it, though some of the vernacular used was certainly that of Bucky’s. These rules were a joint effort.
Game Rules
- For the entirety of the game, Princess must remain seated on one of Daddy’s cocks.
- If a player lands anywhere on a ladder space, they will roll for a reward.
- If a player lands anywhere on a snake space, they will roll for a punishment
- There is NO cumming permitted during the game. If these rules are not met and a player orgasms, then they will roll for a punishment.
- Any gloating, teasing, tempting or brattiness will result in a punishment roll
Princess Rewards
1. Thrust(s) (roll for the number of thrusts, then roll for the intensity of the thrusts)
2. Hair pulling
3. Praise
4. 10-second touch (1-2 Daddy Stevie touch, 3-4 Daddy Buck touch, 5-6 Princess touch)
5. Dirty talk
6. Marking
Princess’ Punishment
1. Spank(s) (roll for the number, then roll for the intensity)
2. Humiliation (1-3 decided by Daddy Stevie and 4-6 decided by Daddy Buck)
3. No rewards for 2 turns
4. Teased
5. Vibe on clit for 30 seconds
6. Edge
As you came to the end of the rules, you found that your mouth had become increasingly dry whilst your bikini bottoms that you were wearing as panties were becoming more soaked by the second. For a moment, you wondered how they might have come up with this idea, but you remembered the type of minds you were dealing with. It took you a second to truly accept that this was all true, opting to re-read the rules a few times over before finally looking between both Bucky and Steve. “Does that sound more fun than just a stupid game of Snakes and Ladders, doll?” A tender nod came from you before Steve urged. “Use your words, baby.”
“Y-yes, sir.” Those were really the only words that you were able to form, and it made both of the men beam a smile at one another, truly enjoying this moment. It gave them this great sense of power and joy, knowing that they could short-circuit your brain in such a way with only a piece of paper and some dirty threats.
With a soft clearing of his throat, Steve responded. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetness~” His voice purred as he rounded the coffee table and pinched your chin softly between his thumb and forefinger. “Now, we are gonna need you to be a good girl and think of some rules for your Daddies too, hmm?” Steve hummed, and he leaned down at her lips, slipping the paper from her hands and turning it over to the blank side. “We’re gonna need 6 rewards and 6 punishments. It can be whatever that beautiful mind of you can dream up~” He urged, slipping a fancy looking pen into your fingers.
The two of them observed the way that your hands trembled as you began to jot down your rules. Bucky hummed as he watched your write in beautiful lettering. Whether it was messy or neat, it came from you, and that drove Bucky wild. He loved nothing more than receiving little love notes from you, finding them hidden around rooms with dirty little promises and secrets hidden between the pages.
It didn’t take long for you to begin to fill the page with all these ideas and promises of what you wanted both of these incredibly handsome men to do to you and wanted you wanted to do to them in returning finding yourself feeling this slight part of cynicism as the tables turned. Now it would be completely up to lady luck, for, however, would get rewarded or punished.
Daddy’s Rewards
1. 10 seconds of ball play
2. Make out with Princess
3. Thrusts (roll for the number of thrusts)
4. Begging from Princess
5. Edge Princess (roll for the number of times edged)
6. Expose boobs for the next 2 turns
Daddy’s Punishments
1. Edge
2. Princess has no punishments for 2 turns
3. Teased
4. No moaning for 3 turns (punishment roll for failing)
5. Princess gets to watch Daddy’s make out
6. Throat fuck other Daddy
It took you a couple moments, and you spent your time reading the words you had written over and over, wondering if they seemed fair compared to what Bucky and Steve were about to put you through. There was two of them you needed to try and turn the odds in your favour somehow. “I’m done~” You sung softly, looking across to the other couch where both Bucky and Steve were lounging now, holding out the paper for Bucky to snatch from your hands and begin reading it, trying to hide the smirk on his face.
They made soft humming noises, nodding their heads and looking at one another in small moments. It kept you completely on edge as you gulped softly and awaited your fate. “You like them?” You asked with a soft and vulnerable edge to your voice as you perched yourself up on the couch. “We love them, doll.” Bucky answered with certainty, “Now, what are you just sitting there for? Clothes off.” Again, you were reminded that Bucky didn’t request anything. No, instead, they were thick commands in your direction.
Without any hesitation, you clambered up from the couch. You began to tug at your clothes, throwing your sundress to the ground and pealing your bikini bottoms down your legs, watching as they fluttered the ground with a telling wet spot in the crouch. A tender blush pulled at your cheeks as your eyes fluttered up to Bucky and Steve, both undressed now along with you, their taut and primed bodies exposed to your greedy eyes, muscles wound tight and cocks’ firm and ready between their muscular legs.
“You are a sight to behold.” The warm voice of Steve seemed to drag you away from taking in every inch of their skin to memory and looking at him with a smile pressed to your lips. “Are you going to be a good girl and let us know who’s cock you want to warm first, baby?” He asked with genuine curiosity to his voice. It seemed like whenever you were forced to decide, you between our two men, that you became a bashful mess, and it appeared this time wasn’t going to be any different either.
There was this look of inner conflict that was pulling across your features, eyes darting from one member to the next and licking your lips all the while. Steve’s cock was long and hard, angry red tip that was practically dripping with pre-cum from how he had clearly worked himself up whilst creating their little game for you to play. On the other hand, Bucky was equally as hard but visibly thicker than Steve being just that shorter in length, soft pink tip that was glistening from his arousal. “Do you want us to flip a coin, beautiful?” Steve offered in a kind way to put you out of your misery.
“Yes, please.” Your voice was breathless in response, rubbing your thighs together softly as Steve reached onto the table and slipped the coin from the surface, flipping it into the air with ease and calling competitively. “Heads.” As it flipped once, twice and three times before landing on the rug beneath the coffee table with the outcome tails pointing upright. This filled Bucky with a great sense of accomplishment from doing almost nothing at all. Of course, it was 50/50 odds, but Bucky still felt as if he had won the jackpot.
The brunette held his hand out in front of him, and you stepped around the coffee table and took his hand. Bucky tugged you close in the next second and took hold of your waist, turning you around and slapping your ass, making you squeak aloud. “I hope that you’re ready for tonight, doll, ‘cause I’m not giving this damn game up until I win.” His voice was filled with venom as he tugged you down onto his lap.
The way that Bucky was able to manoeuvre and manhandle you to being in the exact position that he wanted you in always left you feeling more like an object than a person – not that you were complaining. You sat with your back, his taut chest, legs spread over his thighs, and cunt stretched deliciously over his cock, spreading your walls in a way that almost brought little crocodile tears to your eyes but instead made a mewl spring from deep in your throat.
“Does that feel good, sweetness?” The sound of Steve’s brought you back to reality for a moment. “Does it feel good having your little cunt spread wide of Buck’s big cock?” His eyes flickered down to the apex between your legs to see the way that Bucky’s cock was nestled deep inside of your cunt and humming as he licked his lips. “Jesus, if I weren’t so sure I’d get a good in that pussy later, then I’m sure it’d make me jealous,” Steve muttered, making Bucky smirk and pepper a few kisses against your shoulder lovingly. “Now, ‘cause you’ve been such a good girl whilst we’ve been on this vacation, we’re going to let you roll first.”
Reaching forward, Steve dragged back the coffee table so that it was closer to them all, within reach even with you perched on Bucky’s lap. He picked up the die in hand and placed them in your open palm. “What do you say?” He urged softly, and you squeaked. “Thank you, Daddy~” At the moment, it was difficult to focus on really anything other than the way that Bucky cock was spreading your walls in such a wonderful way. Still, you clutched the die in hand and allowed it to spring from your hand, tumbling a few times on the board before coming to a dead stop.
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amarriageoftrueminds · 3 days ago
Hospital Shrunkyclunks Meetcute AU
2012 Steve is having an anxiety-attack at a hospital he's visiting to do a Cap Meet n Greet 
so he ducks into what he thinks is an empty room 
which actually contains: THE WINTER SOLDIER
TWS is a recently-admitted veteran who is missing an arm and has bandages across his eyes while he recovers from a traumatic eye injury, sustained during some heroic noble act like rescuing a bus full of schoolchildren or sth
(he is recovering suspiciously well/fast) 
they strike up a conversation and Steve decides to visit again
they end up falling in love despite neither of them knowing who the other one is
Key moments:
Steve being moved by Bucky's stoicism and positivity despite the severity of his injuries
Hydra breaking into his hospital room to re-take blind one-armed Bucky WHO STILL MANAGES TO KICK THEIR ASSES by the time Steve gets there
Steve being there the day Bucky has his bandages off and he Realises
This piece of dialogue: 
Bucky: I don't think much of these doctors. They said, 'hey, do you want the Good news or the Bad news? The Bad news is: you've lost your arm. The Good news is: you can't see it!'
Steve: *leaping up, about to punch someone* They DIDN'T?!
Bucky: *snickering* No, they didn't.
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