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fr0gger · 6 minutes ago
the fact that some non-disabled content creators are presently so compelled to spurn things like giving their amputee characters prosthetics is crazy to me because. a disabled person using a prosthetic doesn’t make them LESS disabled, either in the sense that the function of their missing limb is not going to be restored, nor are they “self-hating” for using one.
and when it DOES come to functionality, why shouldn’t such a character be participating within their world to the fullest that they logistically could and would desire to do? i don’t think they should have to give disabled characters just one way of interacting with their disability; some characters would naturally have more or less means than others, different ideas of what works best for them. making a character be as visibly and capably ‘diverse’ as they can be just because you think prosthesis erases disabilities though? there’s “magical solutions”, and then there’s just this.
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phant0m-queen · 12 minutes ago
Sneak Peek
I am struggling with Chapter 14 of Red Threads of Fate, or rather I am hitting a snag with writing more than the chapter. I can potentially see its going to be the middle of July before its ready to be shared but it can’t be helped. 
I am 21,000+ words and I still have loads to do for the chapter. 
Anyway - here is a sneak peak. 
All mistakes are mine - its unedited and possibly will change. 
Divider by the lovely @firefly-graphics​ 
Tumblr media
Steve didn’t miss the widening in Holly’s eyes as she glanced at him.
She masked it quickly enough that it would have been easy to miss had he not been paying attention. He gave her a reassuring smile as he pushed himself away from the wall.
Steve had debated at length with himself whether waiting for her outside the Medical Wing would be a good idea. He didn’t want to intrude, or over crowd her, when he knew that going to the Medical Wing was the last place she would want to be, but he wanted to be on hand in case she did need someone.
There had been flickers through the bonds they shared. The impression of her heartbeat quickening the longer that she stayed, but there wasn’t anything that made him step across the threshold. To make himself known. To offer her aid. He knew Bucky had wanted to wait outside, he had practically vibrated in anger when Steve suggested he step back and let him wait instead. He had held his ground though. Steve knew that Bucky and Holly had spent time together in the last couple of weeks. Was aware that Bucky was making an effort in trying to get to know her and he hadn’t. Steve didn’t like to admit the mixed feelings he was feeling with how close Bucky seemed to be getting or how quickly. Not when Bucky was keeping his distance from him. It wasn’t jealousy. Not exactly. Steve had kept his distance because he didn’t know what to think about Holly, and having her name on his skin, and that was on him. Something he had actively worked at not thinking about since he woke up from the ice.
Steve knew that wasn’t fair on Holly. Not when she was here in the Tower. It was one thing to ignore a name of an unknown person when there was a higher chance he would never meet her. But now that she was here, he couldn’t ignore her, despite the fact he had tried to do just that.
The guilt of his behaviour weighed on him.
He needed to do better.
“Are you okay?” he asked, breaking the silence between the two of them.
She gave him a tight smile though it didn’t reach her eyes.
“Medical. Not my favourite place.”
“I can’t say it’s mine really.”
Holly cocked an eyebrow at him.
“I was a sickly child. When it got bad, I spent quite a few times in at the hospital.”
“And yet you volunteered to be apart of a secret experimental project?”
“I wanted to do my part, with the war front. It was the only chance I was given. Though I was as surprised as everyone when Abraham picked me.”
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scintillasofbeomgyu · 30 minutes ago
hi gorgeous 🥺🦋💕💞💗💓💖💘💝🌈✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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liberty-barnes · 47 minutes ago
do you also pull the same facial expressions that your characters are pulling when you write a fic or are you normal?
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thunderbringer · an hour ago
HEY!  do you want nsfw and / or shippy memes from the thundernered ??  if you’ve reblogged some today then like this and it might happen. multis pls specify. 
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dizzy-on-coffee · an hour ago
how are you contributing to manic pixie dream person culture today? i am riding the subway to the end of the line while listening to the entirety of mitski's discography
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storyweaverofgondor · an hour ago
Me trying to think of sisterly interactions between Bomba and Deme: What do sister do?
My brain: . . . You have a sister. You should know this.
Me: Not the point. Go away.
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justiceraffles · an hour ago
Gagghhghghgghh I wanted to have chapters 3 and 4 up in time for Kaito's birthday but editing has been going slowly because life is o)-( aaaah I guess I prefer taking my time and making sure I'm fully satisfied with it rather than rushing it but grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr frustrated with myself
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mercurydean · an hour ago
Oh no but the thought of Claire being raised by a woman community of hunters! Like we know are sort of vaguely got Jody and Donna being her moms, and she's got her sister Alex and Patience and gf Kaia. But then there's her Aunt Bela who swans into town in an exciting whirlwind and ensures Claire knows how to scam her way through rich societies. Aunt Jo teaching her how to toe the line between flirting for tips/ info and ensuring the guy never lays a hands on her for fear of getting stabbed. Aunt Ellen being the no-nonsense second home for when she needs to get away sometimes. Aunt Eileen teaching her the finer points of ASL so they can talk shit when out on cases together. Also her gently reminding Claire that falling in love and being in a relationship won't make her weak but would add to her life! Aunt Mary making sure she knows she gets to live life on hers terms, whichever way that means.
YES anon this is everything i want. there are so many awesome women from the earlier seasons that she should have met and everything you said is so true. also charlie who i think claire would probably scoff at as nerdy a bit at first, but once they found some common ground in like. being gay and teasing dean or something i think it'd be an interesting relationship. teaching claire that it's okay to have interests outside of hunting and to just let yourself enjoy things.
sigh your brain is huge and we were so robbed. we could've gotten a taste of something like this with wayward sisters and yet
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love-crustymoon · an hour ago
I don't always eat, but when I do I make sure there's literally nothing left in my kitchen afterwards ✨
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singingninja4 · an hour ago
When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy~! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity~!
1. My dog! Just looking at him warms my heart. It’s even better when we get to snuggle 💖🐶
2. My niece! She’s only been in this world for 8 months but I’m already wrapped around her little finger. She had the cutest little shriek laugh that fills me with joy every time I hear it 💖
3. Performing. Whether I’m singing, playing an instrument, or conducting, it’s hard to beat that feeling and energy that comes from the audience’s reaction to my music.
4. Playing games. I love playing table top and board games. I have a ridiculous collection. I love the challenge of the games themselves but also the social aspect of gathering with friends to play, drink, and just have a good time.
5. Being in the mountains. Whether I'm hiking, camping, or snowboarding, I love the feel of the mountain air and taking in all the beautiful views.
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yixiangs · an hour ago
when all else fails, i know sad ass mha fanfics got me
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