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#straight up gay
LGBT+ user: *makes a joke online that has no real life implications, meant for other LGBT+ users to relate to, at the slightest expense of cis straight people*
Cis straight people: this is LITERALLY like calling for a genocide of cis straight people HOW do you not see the hypocrisy HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF I SAID THIS ABOUT LGBT PEOPLE YOU WOULD LITERALLY HANG ME FROM A TREE
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angelhummel · a day ago
ahhhhh as usual everyone is entitled to their own opinions and headcanons and whatever the fuck but every time i see a post about finn being not straight i just
Tumblr media
like this man is out here using homophobic slurs and outing someone against their will just for you to see him standing next to another dude and be like “bi disaster” “haha gay panic” “bisexual himbo king” like ok
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reginaofdoctorwho · a day ago
i wanna make a post about how queerbaiting affects reactions to media/characters that seem to the audience to be queer, but anyway
first time i watched spies are forever i watched the first song, thought “wow, these two would probably be in a relationship w each other”, watched the entire musical, saw doing this, thought “man, i’m glad there’s no forced romance :)) wish there had been a romance with owen”, got to the “you know you broke my heart“ and was like. “...ok... they were friends?? were they--”  and when tatiana called owen curt’s dead lover i started fucking screaming
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neocute1 · 2 days ago
I've had another
[Challenge Accepted] fight me moment.
A guy I'm friends with said it was out of character for me to wear a dress and makeup, a few days after he called me "not a real girl"
I actually like dresses in spring now that I have a denim jacket to use for pockets. And I was kinda fishing for an excuse to wear them.
So when he dared me to wear dresses all week you bet I jumped on it.
Yesterday though, he insulted my wife's makeup and said it didn't look good and made her look emo.
So guess who showed up wearing the exact same makeup, a dress, a flower crown and even heels to school?
This petty girl. I'm now not only wearing dresses all week but also eyeliner and a little eyeliner heart on my cheek because he insulted it and I think I look cute with it.
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randombubblegum · 2 days ago
Awsten sure has a lot of opinions on what kind of guy he wants to date for someone who doesn’t like guys 🧐
Tumblr media
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unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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sambuckygimemelife · 3 days ago
I will not sit through a sex education lesson about heterosexual sex, I do not have the energy for that
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becauseimawinchester · 3 days ago
That moment Mac discovered his bondage kink whilst undercover in a prison while his NotAPrisonGuard!boyfriend got to cuff him (:
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mymilkhasice · 4 days ago
I’d just like to say that I still like women, I think
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prettyboydream · 4 days ago
hi!! i’m not sure if you’ll know this, but i’m new to the fandom and yours is one of the only blogs i follow so i thought i’d ask lol.
i’ve seen a lot of speculation about dream’s sexuality but i’m very confused bc i’ve seen the clip of him saying he’s straight yet there seem to be loads of people saying he’s unlabelled / ambiguous?
i saw the tweet addressing the queerbaiting allegations (dumb as hell that he even had to do that lmao) where he said he didn’t want to be ambiguous but people’s sexualities were their own business, is that what people are taking as him saying he’s ambiguous? i didn’t read it that way but i could be wrong.
if you don’t feel comfortable answering don’t worry about it!! i was just trying to get some clarification bc everyone’s saying different things and i don’t wanna be disrespectful by assuming anything :)
dream’s said that his sexuality is his own business + i think that the only time he’s explicitly said how he identifies was during the kaceytron situation where a couple of people essentially ganged up on him and forced him to say if hes straight or gay and he said straight then, but honestly i think the most respectful thing to do is respect the boundaries he’s set and not speculate on his sexuality
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