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#straight from the books
unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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peachcitt · 12 days ago
seeing shadow and bone netflix series opinions like. keep livin y’all’s lives i respect the hustle we can’t all be right
#peach stuff#.....i will not be tagging this with the series tag❤️#i just fnfndndkd lmao i looked through the tag after i finished and i was like damn y’all live like this?#i thought the series was fantastic!! i loved pretty much every moment of it!!!#the changes were weird at first to get used to but i really vibed with them actually!!#and this is from someone who considers the grishaverse to be their favorite series literally ever#like i was so nervous for the adaptation but i fucking LOVED it!!!#so many people are harking on the changes made and like dude i get it#i love books too ive seen a lot of shitty adaptations that didn’t follow the books BUT#even though this one doesn’t follow the books letter by letter there are still COUNTLESS scenes and pieces of dialogue#that were either taken straight from the books or were slightly adapted to fit the screen#this isn’t like other adaptations where the show runners obviously didn’t read the source material and don’t fucking care#these people care A LOT and leigh bardugo is a part of the staff!!! she worked on it!!!! she was an executive producer!!!!!!!#these people know and probably love the source material and it SHOWS. yeah changes were made but the main idea is the same#and that’s what really matters to me in book to movie/show adaptations#if it’s obvious the people read the book and understood the main idea. that’s all that matters really#and the fact that leigh bardugo is part of the team?? i trust her to make good decisions even if i can’t see how they play out#she’s a storyteller and she’s getting the opportunity to rewrite her biggest story#i know as a writer i would probably make some changes but i would be making those changes to make it BETTER#i love the books so much and i love the series. it’s just that the series is it’s own monster now. and it fucking rules#anyways that was all feel free to ignore this#or. alternatively. feel free to ask me how i feel about specific changes in the series because i do in fact have opinions on all of them#(and those opinions are overwhelming positive tbh but i do have like. a lot of analysis happening in my brain to back myself up)#(just english major things<3 i just be reading and watching media critically all the time for no reason)
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Straight from the Heart by Sam Burns Review (contains spoilers)
Book 1 of the Wilde Love Seroes.
Very excited for this series. I have high hopes. Please don’t disappoint, book. 3rd book has an asexual character in it AND AND it’s a rocker romance! LOVE.
Oh! Book 1 the mc is in a band. So the whole series focuses on band members!!! (i’m seething with excitement. This is what i wanted weeks ago.)  Should have guessed that from the guitar on the cover. (Update: Correction. only book 1 and 3 focus on band members.) My excitement and thoughts are moving faster than I can type. My typing is in no way expressing the amount of excitement i’m in. i love this so far. Also really happy that he got kicked out for quitting law school not for his sexuality which is what i thought based on the summary.
I love drunk Alex.“This is so weird. I swear, I didn’t even know I was gay.” i love him even more.
This flirting scene is SO FUCKING CUTE.
I am LOVING this book.
“The first thing she had done was ask about Jake’s family. She had looked increasingly perturbed at the answers, and asked him if he knew that there was a page on Wikipedia detailing every member of Alex’s family for the last hundred years.
 The next day, Jake had suggested that Alexander Jonas Austin IV should find himself a stage name, because his real one sounded ridiculous. That was how Alex Sage had been born” keeping this quote for future reference of what his real name is.
Okay. so Liam’s a marine undercover working as the Chicago mafia and his current mafia assignment is to watch over Alex. That's complicated. If he was just in the mafia, that would have been fine but it gets complicated with this extra layer of he’s not actually working for the mafia, he’s undercover working for the (ew) government as an (gag) cop. The fact he’s sympathetic to mickey and the Quinn family plus the next books focus on Quinn’s sons gives me hope he doesn’t get on their bad side by the end.
“I meant to say that from an outside standpoint, like a random straight dude on the street, he’d say that Jenna’s hot?”
Jake considered that for a moment, then nodded in agreement. “Yeah. He’d say that, I’d threaten to hit him, Jenna would get pissy with me, Els would laugh her ass off, and you’d drag us all away so there was no fighting.” i like their dynamic. They are such good friends. I loved Jake and Alex’s honest heart to heart, discussing the complications of coming out.
“There were two whole layers of lies between them and any kind of healthy relationship. And that wasn’t even counting what, if anything, Alex was holding back. Liam thought it was either amazing or devastating, but he didn’t believe Alex was holding anything back.” Yeah that’s an issue.
He goes by Alex Sage but Alex Austin is a catchy name, too. Yeah, his full name is pretentious but only his mom calls him that.
Wait. Jake was worried about losing opportunities if the band had an openly gay guitarist but he named the band Freddy mercury is not dead. You can’t name a band after Freddy mercury then expect people to think you’re straight.
So he might get on the bad side of the mafia after all. The Quinn sons don’t like the family business and encourage Liam to quit the mafia.
I love Jake. i think he ends up with an ace too. Cute.
Trying to do math. Alex is 23. If he went to college at 18, got a 4 year philosophy degree, then he would have only been in law school for a year before dropping out.
Book funny and cute.
Oh no. plot is happening. Elsi’s mom, Mrs.Speilman mentioned that Alex’s dad knew the Quinns. Like already knew his family had to be involved in shady stuff with all this talk about legacy and the easy deduction that his mom hired the Quinns to watch over him but this confirmation sits bad in my tummy.
“waste time and money on a debt that doesn’t exist anymore” More clues from Liam’s pov. Hopefully he notices and thinks about this line. Probably not gonna remember bc the shoot out is going to sit more important in his mind.
Alex is smart and i’m happy the book allows him to stay smart throughout. He figures some stuff out on his own. He figures out his dad was a mob lawyer on his own. Oh wow! He figured out more than I thought! He knows Liam works for the mob! COOL. I LOVE how smart he is! Usually books will pick and choose when a character is smart and when a character is dumb for convenience.
“A job? Please tell me you’re not teaching philosophy.” AHAHAHAHAHA OMYGOD
Hmm. so his dad defended one of Quinn’s sons. That’s all. Quinn felt like he owed a debt to him so that’s why he’s watching over Alex. I’m glad his mom’s giving in.
Glad Alex already figured half of Liam’s situation out before he saw him bleeding.
“This, Liam?” she asked, looking stunned. “This is the easy part?”
Oh this heart to heart between Keagan and Alex is so good.
Keegan didn’t look back at Alex, but he nodded again. “He believed it when my dad said I didn’t do it. So he defended me. Treated me like a person, too, even when the newspapers were calling me K*******r Quinn (this isn’t actually a bad word. I just censored it bc it makes me unhappy to see). They fucking made a cute little title for me. Used to talk about my life and my car and my clothes during the trial, like it was all just something to gossip about and not a goddamn tragedy.”
Alex noted that Keegan hadn’t said he was innocent. He also wasn’t acting like a guilty man so much as a man who felt guilty. He gave Keegan a half smile. “You didn’t kill him.”
Keegan’s eyes finally focused back on Alex, and he looked surprised. “That’s what he said. And with that same look on his face. Damn, you look just like him.”
So good.
Oops. Keagan spilled the beans.
“It’s not about you. It’s about my guilt complex. At least, that’s what my therapist says.” He rolled his eyes. “But she keeps saying I’m a good person, so what the hell does she know?” this should not be funny.
Alex is getting kidnapped. Where’s Liam?  Did penny ask Liam to go to that meeting with him as a distraction so he wouldn’t be there to protect Alex?
Penny knows he’s talking to the cops but has it a bit backwards.
Oh. it’s even worse. He just didn’t want to seem like a stalker boyfriend so he skipped out on doing his undercover job for a bit. The one second you aren’t looking.
He told Keagan he was a cop. We’re in the big leagues now. Can’t believe we’re getting close to the climax where they take the bad guy down and Liam still doesn’t know Alex is secretly rich. The complications that were going to take place aren’t there bc the Quinns and the person Liam was after are a common enemy so they won’t mind as much that he’s a cop. And mickey might forgive him since he kidnapped his boyfriend therefore also needing to be forgiven. They might consider each other even.
“Fine then, be a wet blanket. He’s here with me. Would you like to say hello, Mr. Austin?” Liam was wondering who Mr. Austin was a second later, when the distinctive background static of a phone being switched to speaker sounded.” so this is how Liam learns his name.
Not at the climax yet? Maybe soon. Maybe Quinn will handle this himself. No, Alex handles it.
Aw man. Penny tells Liam some of the stuff about the history between their families.
I think mickey is also undercover. Either that or very loyal to Quinn. It’s the latter.
It all pulled together nice and easy in the end. Not as complicated as assumed.
Is Liam going to need a lawyer from Alex’s firm? He knows his dad’s a lawyer but does he know Alex was supposed to follow in his footsteps? Is Alex going to invite him to meet his mom? I just feel like all the focus is on Liam but Alex has (accidental) secrets too.
So he’s really not going to ask about the Mr. Austen thing? The book is over. :(((:((( it ended too soon. I wanted to see Liam’s reaction to Alex coming from old money :(((( There’s always 1 disappointment in the good books.
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oretsevs · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this part of r&r always ruins me. mal realises that sacrificing his life for alina is whats in the cards for him and makes his peace with it in 0.2 seconds because thats probably how he always planned to go out anyway.
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nyctarian · 21 days ago
#1/#2/#3/#personal#saltblogging#sometimes i think about how soc was one of the biggest recent ya books#and how baked into a key element of the end is like magic yellowface plastic surgery#like straight up the disasterous characterization of kuwei and the way that plot is handled was one of the reasons i took#a million years to finish the second book#'this character has a crush on another boy and the boy that boy likes has had#his face magically made to look like the asian first boy so he takes advantage to kiss the second boy without his consent'#like truly its wild how so many elements of the book can be so good and geared to my specific interests and still hold no rereading interest#inej and kaz were great jesper was fun but the plot about him having a crush on kaz was dumb but otherwise love his vibes#waylan had a lot of potential but only really got interesting once he was all in on the crim lifestyle and the aforementioned yellowface is#of course a big yikes#nina and matthias. i understand the role of their characters but. they didnt need so much focus#kuwei truly was never given a single trait other than mean petty griping and the aforementioned nonconsensual kiss#and that is such an active choice by the author like#its six of crows heres the seventh i give no traits to only weird racializing semi homophobic stuff oh wait wdym no one makes content of him#this is another book that also suffered from 'i am giving every character a viewpoint chapter' and its simply a pet peeve of mine#anyways kiki strike *handshake emoji* six of crows#books i like that have weirdly unremarked upon yellowface that the narrative goes out of its way to justify as being really accurate#also i know there is headcanons and i think word of god comments from bardugo about kaz being asian or picturing him that way#and its fascinating how i can totally see that great headcanon but. it does not once make its way into the plot#and everyone else gets clear racial distinctions that the audience clearly recieved#but kaz just got generic dark haired white boy designation bc coughcough thats how hes written
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theprincessandthepie · 25 days ago
here’s how mary and her high school hunter girlfriend that i just made up in my head can still win
#I just think Mary should get to have a little the way I loved you moment....#the passion and the conflict of both coming to terms with living a girl while you both go to chemistry class and hunt monsters with her.#*loving#the final blowout fight. I just want to be NORMAL! do you mean you want to be a civilian or you want to be straight? (quietly) both.#she sits with her eldest son who is older than her but has managed to live less of a life than her regardless as he drowns his grief.#(this is post ending but before they rescue cas from the empty and Mary is alive because of course she is#what kind of a writer would kill off-)#(softly) I loved a girl once.#I loved your father. but I loved her first.#and I think. part of the reason I chose your father to fall in love with was to run from her.#(quietly but firmly) I don’t want you to choose your life like that.#a few months later she runs into her and is floored. she was always reckless when they were kids. Mary never imagined that she’d make it#this far. there’s love there still but they’re different people. she’s older. she has a wife and she she doesn’t hunt anymore.#but she’s still part of that world. she ended up going to college and studied a bunch of different languages and she splits her time between#translating manuscripts for academics and spell books for hunters.#she says: Mary. it doesn’t have to be one or the other. you don’t have to be normal to be happy. but you also don’t have to shun normalcy#either.#they keep in touch. Mary offers her number to Sam as he assembles his network. she finds a place for herself as she hunts on occasion#but also spends time dedicating herself to learning about the world she’s been thrust into. she makes friends in her classes at the local#community college.#she dates a few boys. she dates a few girls.#and when she starts going steady with a boy she does it on purpose. just because she loves him.#she’s not hiding from herself. she makes him go with her to pride the one year she goes before she decides it’s too much for her.#but she LOVES the motorcycles and gets one of her own. her jacket says posse magnet on the back.#Mary#mine
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snowie130 · a month ago
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (by V.E.Schwab)
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Well, sort of.
Okay, there are many many 5 star or less reviews that will explain you how wonderful this book is. I'm gonna do a bit of a shipper's rant.
I didn't expect to like Henry-the-mortal-love-interest, but I did! Maybe because he was more of a second protagonist (or third :P) than a mere "MC's boyfriend" or maybe just because he was created by Schwab...
Still, I'm here for Luc.
If someone told you there is no 'villain love interest' then they were wrong... or we have different definitions of love. Perhaps Luc's is (mostly) a selfish one, but damn! Don't we love (reading about) those! He made me think of Damon, Julian, Darkling, Kylo/Ben... All those pairings with enemies and lovers attitude, some that ended tragically (most of them, unfortunately) and others saved (by ghostwriter and a tv show, but still!). When it comes to Luc/Addie, well... We have a nice open ending.
There are two wolves inside you (like with The Forbidden Game).
One of them is a feminist, a deep suporter of strong female characters, that yells: "Go and get him, Addie! Show him you're not his equal, that you're better, that you can fight him and win. You can have anything you want if you try."
The other is a hopeless romantic, who sees a villain/(anti-)heroine ship and cries out: "Go and get him, Addie! You two are perfect for each other, you're equals and you're gonna be beautiful together. He can corrupt you (a bit), you can make him a better man (a bit)."
Both of those wolves can actually coexist, and patiently wait for the fanfiction about the two of them to grace the ao3.
(This book made me feel things, but it also made me think. Not just about ships.) Also, a reylo read. I can see an AU, I can see it...
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toytulini · a month ago
u know what actually im just gonna say it, those posts that are like "if you can read x long fictional fandom thing you can read y long non fiction political commentary or dry long book or book about incredibly heavy and hard topics uwu" annoy the shit out of me. like i get the point theyre trying to make, but like. the insinuation that you can read this thing bc youre able to read this other VERY DIFFERENT thing in this like grating, condescending tone just pisses me off. not even touching on the fact that i know i personally struggle to even work up the executive function to read Fun Fictional Things i WANT to get into, its like...a Thing, im pretty sure, in ADHD that it is significantly Harder to focus on smth you are not actively interested in and sometimes obsessed with. like. i could tear through an entire book series im obsessed with in like 2 weeks but i would cry for hours every night trying to accomplish math homework that "should" take like 10 minutes, or finish a book that was assigned reading that you Hate and Cannot maintain focus on. Like, no, being able to focus on and finish one thing doesnt actually mean that you can accomplish the same with another Very Different Thing of the same length.
And like, thats not to say that we should Only ever read fun lighthearted fiction things and not have to focus on learning important info, about history and politics and systemic oppression, but like, can yall find a way to talk about it with condescendingly acting like engaging with these two things is exactly the same and that ppl who engage w the fun lighthearted accessible fiction thing are choosing the fun thing out of malice? like idk just recognize that it does require a different energy and state of mind to engage with that sort of thing.
#toy txt post#like i can hyperfocus on certain interests and push through the slog of material that isnt accessible to me as someone not in that field of#study Sometimes on Some Topics that i know other ppl Absolutely would not be able to do. but i can keep trying and ramming my brain against#it even tho i struggle to undersrand bc im mega interested in it like that time that i just fucking. read that paper on coral metabolisms#for fun. sometimes i can activate an interest in smth and hyperfocus my way through the inaccessibility of the text or even just the topic!#but i cant always do that. and i cant do that for every topic. and so sometimes trying to read smth. even if its very important! is just#like. nothing. nothing is entering my brain no matter how hard i mash my head against this wall. if i dont take my adhd meds honestly trying#to force myself to focus in that way will just straight up give me a headache and make me go to sleep.#idk just the vibes i get from those posts...same energy as all the adults who yelled at me as a child for not trying hard enough to focus on#things that hurt and were hard vs me reading books under my desk. and i honestly didnt even get it that bad as a kid bc so many of my#interests at the time that i got obsessed with was BOOKS. if i had been like that about video games or movies or even comics i know damn#well that it would have been seen as me actively being like. manipulative when i said that i struggled to focus on homework but then turned#around and was able to focus on playing a video game for 12 hrs! and i know that def now bc i struggle to read books these days and instead#i watch tv or play video games which isnt as respectable.#and like im not saying that we should all let ourselves get fully lost in fun fiction media with no criticisms of it etc okay like i#i know thats not good for any of us and its not helpful and can lead to some Damaging Discourse but god damn. try not to sound so...#'shame on you for not being able to force your brain to focus on hard things when you can so easily get your brain to focus on fun things'#i do not control the focus!! and even when i do it is with GREAT EFFORT to focus on things that havent just. caught me#idk just recognize that it takes more effort. and that sometimes the reason ppl arent engaging w that but they are w fun light things is cos#all their mental energy is being expended on other things. and the fun thing doesnt take much
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cosmermaid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Okay, I know Brandon Sanderson stated that he personally interprets Moash as being straight but the way he phrased that honestly strikes me as “Moash isn’t getting a romantic subplot” instead of “He is canonically straight”. One thing we gotta remember about Cosmere is that there’s a truckload of characters and details and Sanderson needs a hired team and a private wiki to keep all the details straight, and he’s changed his mind on things before. Word of Brandons aren’t canon until they’re in the books, he has stated that himself. So if he answers a question with “I personally think” then Straight!Moash is still just fanfiction. Brando can imagine his own fanfictions for his work if he wants to, doesn’t mean that his gay coded characters aren’t gay.
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dollopheadsandclotpoles · 2 months ago
Legit never seen a character so villainised just for being a woman in a position of power as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 
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