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eeddis · 14 days ago
wtgct because I cannot figure out this acronym for the life of me
The “wt” is the only part that would maybe be familiar to you, because it’s “Welcome to”, as in “Welcome to Night Vale”.  “Wtgct” stands for “Welcome to Gold Crown Town” and it’s a WtNV AU of what is probably my favorite anime, Princess Tutu.  Both are stories about A Town Where Weird Shit Happens, and some wires crossed in my brain and made me want to smoosh them together.  It’s going to be another huge one if I ever write it; I’ve got most of a timeline fleshed out at just under 4k words.  At the moment, it’s not as coherent as I’d like and the ending still isn’t developed enough.  Another reason I haven’t worked on it much is that ao3 sucks for script formatting, but large chunks of it would be written out like WtNV episode scripts.  Weather included.
If I ever write this fic it will feature: trauma! trauma! swords! self-sacrifice but in a way that isn’t death but is possibly worse! which happens multiple times! people lying to each other a lot! the power of stories! me imposing my music taste on everyone! me deciding that two characters should be siblings, actually! haircuts as character development! a shitton of ballet! lesbians with weird pets! humorous cat chaos! an inordinate amount of blood magic! also just an inordinate amount of blood! fucked up puppets! more trauma!
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eeddis · 14 days ago
helphos braiding thing >:-)
Classic Mar lmao.  This is the thing I’ve been complaining about b/c I haaate it right now and even though I know where I want the ending to go I am having trouble getting it to go there.  This came from the server discussion ages ago about Sophos having long hair, Eddisians potentially doing a lot of hair braiding, etc.  Here, have some Smooth(ish) Sophos as a special Mar treat:
“I thought we were practicing real swordplay,” Sophos said.  He felt his poor hair tie finally lose its grip and fall to the ground; more hair fell in his face.  Helen’s lips twitched as he tried vainly to blow it out of the way again.  With the practice sword still at his neck, he didn’t want to try shaking his head to get it to move.
“You should always remember the advantages and disadvantages of any weapons you’re using,” Helen said.
“Oh my queen,” Sophos said, leaning in and waggling his eyebrows outrageously, a skill he had finally mastered only a few years ago. “I can think of another weapon I can show you the advantages of.” Helen looked up at him, her face seemingly neutral, until the tension at the corners of her mouth betrayed the fact that she was struggling to contain a smile.  Sophos looked down at her, experiencing the same problem.  He cracked before his wife did and let his smile spread across his face again, beginning to snicker. Helen stepped away lowering the practice blade, as she cracked her devastating grin, dimples deep in her cheeks.  She began to laugh as well, finally devolving into a full-blown cackle with the occasional honking snort as she ran out of air.  It sounded like someone torturing a very troubled goose; it was one of the most beautiful sounds Sophos had ever heard.  Its ridiculousness also set him off, until both monarchs were hunched over in the practice court, struggling with great whooping gales of laughter.  Every time one of them calmed down, the other would make a comedic noise, which would set them both off again.  After waiting for a few minutes to see if the two would free up the practice court anytime soon, most of the spectators wandered off in resignation to begin sparring at the smaller and muddier of the available training grounds instead.
Finally, Helen straightened up and picked up her original training blade.  She handed it, along with the one she’d taken off her husband, off to a cousin and began to stride away.
“Come on!” she said to Sophos, who was still snickering.  He trotted to catch up with her.  “Let us further your instruction in the arts of war,” she murmured to him, holding out her hand. Sophos hastened to put his arm under her hand so that she could rest it in the crook of his elbow.
“I am a very eager student,” he said, looking sidelong at her through his lashes.
That middle paragraph still needs some work tho
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Questions! For "Hook, Line, and Sinker" — 8, 10; For "The More You Know" — 4, 9, 10 (lol)
For Hook, Line, and Sinker
8. Which came first, the title or the fic?
The fic came first.
I was joking with Distractivate in the form of too many fishing puns and used it as my working title. However the joke was on me because a title was born.
10. Some facts people may not know?
It actually started as a five plus one of fights that David and Patrick had but as I started the fishing vignette, I could not get them to fight. I wrote about 1000 words about mud before I found the story too. If anyone needs more mud musings, they’re in a doc somewhere. Also I wrote most of the dialogue from the beginning without a story to put it in because Noah posted a pic of himself in waders, so my notes app came in handy.
The More You Know
4. If you could change anything in The More You Know what would it be?
Honestly I wouldn’t change anything. I mean, maybe some sentence structure or ways I broke up dialogue but plot-wise and story-wise and emotional arc-wise, I don’t think there is anything glaring I wish I had done differently. It also went through a million drafts so it is likely I did try something different before I posted it 😂.
9. Which idea came to me first in TMYK?
The idea to do a trivia AU but enemies to lovers. I quickly realized that was a problem for me bc they just love each other’s faults so much, they couldn’t be enemies. So. Scene-wise, the first thing I wrote most fully-formed that stayed pretty much unchanged was Stevie and David comparing Patrick notes afterward. Also I always knew Patrick was going to do origami and he was a musician who had recently had surgery that kept him from playing music.
10. Some facts people may not know about The More You Know:
Haha. It used to have alternating Patrick POV. I then wrote an entire backstory for Patrick I was going to turn into a companion fic but decided not to. I based it on my trivia league in real life but didn’t really need to steal the team names bc Schitt’s Creek really lends itself to terrible puns. I am really glad people liked it, too.
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seagodofmagic · 4 months ago
storieswelove: Please I’m going to google because my Greek mythology/history is poor but I need more thoughts if you’re willing
so my favorite thing about the worldbuilding in the queen’s thief series is that it is very haphazardly accurate to ancient greece, which gives us lovely things like eddis joking about how inappropriate it is for her to be named helen, who was famously beautiful.  (also, one of my favorite scenes for all kinds of reasons, i would read a whole entire book that was just eddis and attolia awkwardly hanging out)
and there are a lot of other touchstones that aren’t explicitly called out in the text, like how galen the royal physician has the same name as a real ancient greek physician, aristophanes is a well-known playwright, et cetera.  usually it’s at most nebulously meaningful and not important to the story at all!
anyway the first time i read king of attolia every time aris showed up it was so distracting because all i could think about was that he had the same name as the famously gay tyrannicide who kind-of-but-not-really kicked off athenian democracy because the tyrant insulted his boyfriend, and it’s not exactly a generic name!  also it felt of-a-piece with the other seemingly deliberate gay subtext, like the legarus storyline and baron artadorus’ lover whose pronouns we never get (and now i guess the teleus/relius subtext, which i absolutely did not pick up on) and it still cracks me up every time i reread the book
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schittposting · 4 months ago
Alexis for the character thing!!
Sexuality Headcanon: Bi! 💖💜💙
Gender Headcanon: Cis girlboss
A ship I have with said character: Alexis/Twyla 😍
A BROTP I have with said character: Is it weird to say a family member for a BROTP? Because the growth of her relationship with David over the series is so incredible, from the “I really need a hug” hug to when Alexis was worrying about leaving her family to go to the Galapagos with Ted and said she was “basically his only friend” to her giving him away at his wedding. Just. Incredible. So yeah I guess it’s a literal BROTP.
A NOTP I have with said character: Uhhhh Alexis/Mutt I guess? Like I think that relationship helped her grow and was ultimately a good thing for her but they weren’t right for each other and I don’t think it’s a particularly interesting relationship (though they did have chemistry, especially at the beginning).
A random headcanon: Will probably be founder and CEO of a major company someday
General Opinion over said character: Incredibly strong, resilient, and resourceful, shows amazing growth throughout the series, and also like... GORGEOUS obvi
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costis · 4 months ago
for the character thing — Sounisian royal bastard
Sexuality Headcanon: idk man he's bi i guess??
Gender Headcanon: he's cis sorry :/
A ship I have with said character: emma sold me on magusbastard <3 but also the scene where he and sophos reunite with his wife and the girls is so sweet
A BROTP I have with said character: love love love once he and sophos finally get along. a healthy father/son relationship? it's more likely than you think
A NOTP I have with said character: uh. no one is shipping rb with anyone lmao, not really any options for this
A random headcanon: he absolutely dotes on ina and eurydice, they get anything they want
General Opinion over said character: i do not think about him very much at all lolllll
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schittposting · 8 months ago
6 off the fanfic questions!
6. What’s the detail you wait on bated breath for readers to notice?
Honestly, I’m having a little trouble thinking of a specific detail I wanted people to notice. In general though, I *love* when people quote specific lines back to me. To narrow it down to a particular fic, there are a lot of details I liked in Mouthful that I didn’t get comments on (mainly because that fic didn’t get very many comments, which always makes me wonder if people didn’t like it or if they’re just shy about commenting because it’s smutty or...? Idk.)
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schittscreekficrecs · 8 months ago
Summer is More Than Freedom by ships_to_sail, storieswelove
Rated: E
Relationship(s): Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Stevie Budd & David Rose
Additional Tags: Alexis Rose, these boys are really dorky and also very very very into each other, it’s just the rule of the universe, Slow Burn, Alternate Universe - Summer Camp, Recreational Drug Use, Underage Drinking, Angst, Jealousy, Pining, Hair Braiding, Coming Out, Making Out, Teenage Dorks, Blow Jobs, Everyone is grown up by the end, also like a lot of swearing?, Hand Jobs
Summary: “My family, um. We — they — actually own the camp?”
“Oh,” is all Patrick says, and it’s a two-letter word with two million meanings and David doesn’t know how he’s supposed to hear it when it comes out of Patrick’s mouth. “That’s, um. Wow.”
“What ‘wow’?”
“I’ve just never met anyone whose parents owned a summer camp before.”
“It’s a camp, not the diamond from Titanic.”
“The what?”
David and Patrick spend six summers together, first as campers, then as counselors, always as best friends. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Recommendation by: Anonymous
A great summer read as it takes place entirely during this season. There is a perfect level of angst watching them both figure out their feelings over a series of years but a very well-written Stevie is there to help figure it out. It is a slow burn but so, so worth it to see Patrick's love language in full action.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Submit a rec!
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loveburnsbrighter · 9 months ago
Prompt: 7. Late nights (bonus points if it’s pre-Grad Night or early relationship bc I’m sad and pathetic and it’s all I want 🥺)
it's been soooo long but i finally cranked this one out! i challenged myself by writing pre-grad night, and it was so much fun :-) i hope you love it! here's the ao3 link.
"What do you mean you've never seen The Princess Bride?"  Patrick mock-glares at David, then turns to Stevie.  "Did you know about this?"
Stevie shrugs, and the look on her face tells David that she cares less about the actual fact that he's never seen the movie than she does about bothering him to death.  "I can't say it's ever come up, but I naturally assumed he had."
David leans against the counter, supporting himself on both hands as he lets his shoulders slump.  It's nearly closing time, and this conversation is ridiculous, but he feels comfortable.  The store has only been open for a little over a week, but the three of them have spent so much time in this space together that it feels natural, standing at the counter and getting harrassed by the two of them.
"David, you have to watch it.  I can loan you my copy —" Patrick actually does seem invested in this, which David, God help him, finds endearing.
"There's no DVD player in my room," he says, engaging because Patrick's eyes are sparkling, and he's got his top two buttons undone, and no undershirt on, and when he gestures, the shirt gapes a little too wide, giving David a glimpse of collarbone.
And because Alexis and Stevie have hooked David on the idea that maybe Patrick might be…not totally straight.  And not totally not into David.  He's helpless to the maybe of it all.
Which is why, when Patrick says, "Well, Ray's not home tonight, why don't we have a little watch party?"  David finds himself agreeing.
Stevie agrees too, when David shoots her a sharp glance, and if Patrick has any reaction to that, he doesn't show it.  But Stevie is, despite all her and David's constant bickering and blustering, an excellent friend, and she understands without him having to say a word that watching a movie together, alone, on Ray's awful floral couch, lights off, probably a bottle of wine open…it would destroy him.
"Great," is all Patrick says.  "I have a thing after we close, but you guys can come by at like eight?  I'll make Jiffy Pop."
There it is.  Already.  The very idea of Patrick standing at the stove making popcorn the old-fashioned way is enough to make David want to bury his face in his hands and squeal.  This is why he needs Stevie.
"You're my buffer," David explains to Stevie on the drive over.  He's got two packs of brand-x licorice, because the single sad convenience store in Schitt's Creek actually can't afford to sell name brands, and a bottle of wine he pilfered from his mom's stash before they left.
"I don't think he's planning to sleep with you tonight," Stevie says mildly.
"My emotional buffer."  He curls one leg up, putting his heel on the seat of Stevie's passenger seat.  "Because I really like him, and I don't — if I'm left alone with him, like that, I'll definitely say something stupid and ruin our friendship, and then he'll pull out of our contracts and I'll run my business into the ground and be back to only having one friend."
Stevie snorts indelicately.  "Who's saying I wouldn't take Patrick's side in the divorce?"
He ignores her, watching out the windshield as they pull into Ray's driveway.
Patrick greets them at the door and leads them to the kitchen to pour the wine; David stands at the counter and observes that Patrick actually has made Jiffy Pop.  Something about it seems weirdly nostalgic to David, despite the fact that he himself had a professional popcorn machine growing up, and it makes him ache in a way he doesn't want to poke too closely.  This is probably a relic of Patrick's growing up.  David can almost picture tiny Patrick, standing on a chair to reach the stove and observing the foil rising into a ball for him.
While David has been lost to this thought, Patrick has found three stemless wine glasses and poured the wine.  Stevie unearths a big bowl from the depths of Ray's cupboards for the popcorn, and together the three of them troop to the living room.
It's so much worse than David could have imagined.
There's just the couch — there's an armchair, but it's beside the TV rather than pointed at it, and there's nowhere to move it to.  They'll have to share the couch, which has a horribly ugly, probably handmade and supremely cozy-looking afghan draped over it.
Stevie and Patrick claim the ends of the couch, leaving the middle for David, which is reasonable — they're both better friends with him than they are with each other, and it's the first time David has experienced that dynamic in his life — and a nightmare, because now he has to sit beside Patrick.
Patrick is unbothered, because it's normal to sit squished on a couch with someone you only consider a friend.  Or because he's just completely unflappable; thus far, David has yet to see him express emotions outside of frustration, focus, and varying shades of amusement.
David plops between them, and his thigh grazes Patrick's.  He tries to squish closer to Stevie, and she pushes him back.
"Are you uncomfortable?"  Patrick turns toward David a bit, pushing the whole solid line of his thigh against David's.  This was a mistake, this whole thing.  David should have come up with an excuse not to come.  A prior engagement.  Dinner with his parents.  A Sunrise Bay viewing party.  A trans-continental flight.
David gives in when Patrick hands him the popcorn bowl, cradling it like a child and trying to ignore the line of nerves lit up where their legs are pressed together as Patrick queues up the movie.
David focuses on the screen studiously, like he'll be tested on it.  Sips his wine, crunches his popcorn, lets the vaguely European fantasy hijinks onscreen take up as much real estate as they can in his mind.  It's an easy movie to focus on, funny in a way that means he can see why it's such an icon.  Romantic enough that David can't help but be a total sucker for it.
It's not until midway through that things get dire.  Wallace Shaw has just laughed his last victorious laugh and keeled over, and Patrick nudges David, taking the mostly-empty popcorn bowl and setting it on the coffee table.  He reaches back for the afghan and tugs it from behind their backs, and passes the end to Stevie, so that the three of them are snuggled beneath it, and David is the middle of the coziest little sandwich.
It's a nightmare.  He glances at Patrick, who's watching the screen with a little smile, and then he looks back and turns that little smile on David, and David takes a deep breath and turns back to the screen.
It's fine.  What's changed, really?  That they're warmer now?  They aren't cuddling, or anything.  Although Patrick looks cuddly to the max in his little blue sweater.  It's almost definitely synthetic and remarkably soft for the fact.
David sneaks a glance at Patrick out of the corner of his eye; he's so relaxed, so in his element.  David feels like he's never seen Patrick out of his element.  Is everything his element?  David is struck with an urge — or maybe a quiet desperation — to find the borders of Patrick's comfort zone.  To prove that they exist.
David's borders are everywhere.  They're under this blanket and along the side of his thigh and at the bottom of his empty glass.  His comfort zone is smaller than his body, and so everyone is always rubbing his edges.
But with Patrick, he instinctively minds less than with…a lot of other people.  Surely that must mean something.  Maybe not something cosmic, but…something.
It gets even worse.
David is focusing as studiously as he can on the movie, doing his best to ignore Patrick's thigh against his, his shoulder against his.  Wesley is mostly dead, and David is caught up in the fantasy peril, he is, and then Patrick yawns, pressing his whole palm up to his mouth, and slumps and rests his head against David's bicep.
It's unacceptable.  To be that casually touchy with a friend.  A coworker.  David wants to shove Patrick off and shout that there are rules about how to treat people you don't want to date.  He wants to hold him close, wrap an arm around him and whisper and gamble on that…maybe he does.
Rather than doing either of those things, he turns his head slowly to glare at Stevie in total panic.  She meets him with an excited little smile.  "Yes," she whispers.  "Love this for you."
"Don't rush me sonny," the healer guy onscreen says.  "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles."  Like having an unrequited crush on the guy sleeping on you, David thinks sourly.
"Hmm?"  Patrick lifts his head from David's arm to look at him and Stevie, and David immediately misses the warm weight.
"Nothing," David says too quickly.  Patrick frowns, and he doesn't say anything but he supports his own head for the rest of the movie.
David knows he's in too deep now, because he wants to tug Patrick back to him.  He wants to hold him, and this isn't — normal, for David, is what makes it horrible.  He's not used to slowly growing to like people.  He's not used to liking people, flat out.  Attraction is something he can handle, the invisible line that draws two people together for a night or a week or a month, keeps them in the same bed until they find new beds to fall into.
But this?  Getting to know someone, feeling warm in his gut when they smile at him?  Wanting to know someone better, and wanting them at the same time?  This is new.  And to have these feelings for Patrick, who's so buttoned-up and straight-laced, nice and smart and clean?  Even if sometimes David thinks… 
Because you don't lean your head on someone's arm if you don't like them, right? 
David loses the whole finale of the movie, trapped in his head with Patrick beside him, warm and soft and sleepy.  Imagining things too far and then reeling himself back in — like what if after the movie, Stevie left, and David and Patrick put in another movie and fell asleep sweater-to-sweater on this couch?  But no, stop, because Patrick…who knew if he felt even a spark of what David felt?  He couldn't risk this, their friendship, their business… 
"So, what did you think?"  Patrick asks over the incredibly sappy song rolling in the credits.
"Mm," David says, trying to think of something to show he's been paying attention.  "I normally am not a fantasy fan, but young Robin Wright is a gift."  God, that makes him sound like he's into Robin Wright, what the fuck is wrong with him.
Patrick's invisible brows raise half a millimeter and his mouth curves with something akin to fondness as Stevie pokes David harshly in the shoulder, no doubt ribbing him for saying something so stupid.  It's hard to care when Patrick's expression is making David feel hopeful that maybe, maybe what he feels between them is double-sided.
"That she is," Patrick says.  He's alert enough, but he looks sleepy, his eyes ten percent warmer and wider than usual.  David wonders what it would be like to have a night like this and then stay; to let Patrick nod off against his shoulder and not wake him.
"We should get going," he says instead.
Patrick follows David and Stevie to the door; Stevie is already halfway down the driveway, having said her goodbye, when Patrick puts a hand on David's elbow.  "We should do this again sometime," he says.  "I had fun."
For a second David lets himself imagine that this is the end of a date.  That he could smile and pout and lean in and Patrick would lean too and they could kiss and hug, that David could leave feeling warmed up inside.
Just for a second.  Because this isn't that.  "Me too," he says, and despite the bite of just friends when he's so desperate for more, he means it.  He'll take friendship with Patrick, movie nights and long days at work, anything he can get.
He turns and joins Stevie, and Patrick waves from the doorway as they back out.  David rolls his eyes but he waves back, and it's strange — he does feel a little glow, as if they did have a date.  He turns to Stevie, and she's smiling at him just a bit, just out of the corner of her mouth.
Don't rush it.  Maybe, maybe, he thinks all the way home.
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ohlexa · 9 months ago
hi! I caught of screenshot of your Schitt's Creek 3x01 gifset with Moira and David when it was at 6,666 notes, which I thought was hilariously apt. If you're a weird numbers nerd like me, lmk if you want it! (idk how to submit it on tumblr because Im 1,000, even though I think that's a thing we can do now?)
hey! thanks for stopping by! (i’m sorry i’m replying to you so late....) i love that you got a screenshot and reached out - i love when things like that happen. if you still have it (i know it’s been several days...) i think you can submit it here:! 
have an awesome day!
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fuckyeahqueensthief · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
@storylinecaroline @storieswelove
Akskd if we do two weeks next year (and I’m really liking the idea) I’ll definitely get the themes hammered out by like March at the absolute latest so people have at least three months to think and plan for it. I mean my dumb ass did not plan ahead and I could only hammer out for four total days and I just do like shitty fanmix akskdjd I cant imagine people who actually put more than five minutes thought into their stuff. But like it’ll be five years of me doing this (and six years with the blog) and we might have the whole series so!!!! I want it to be special for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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plantagenista · 10 months ago
storieswelove replied to your photo “Attolis.”
this is possibly my all time favorite portrait of Gen I've ever seen. It's just impossibly good and impossibly accurate? WOW
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plantagenista · 10 months ago
storieswelove replied to your photoset “When breakfast was over, the king stepped around the table and bent...”
this is legit S T U N N I N G -- I was literally thinking about this specific scene earlier in the day because of another tumblr post (and how irene is probably just holding back a laugh when she's pursing her lips) and it's *glorious*
thank you! it’s truly a scene that has it all -- gen and attolia being cute while nobody present gets it. attolia roasting gen’s outfit. gen pissing off the attolians. costis, confused and dumbfounded. stellar.
hannibizo replied to your photoset “When breakfast was over, the king stepped around the table and bent...”
hannibizo replied to your photoset “When breakfast was over, the king stepped around the table and bent...”
XOXO (responding to your tags, the answer is that I have access to Meghan’s secret archives where she stores actual descriptions of her characters)
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fuckyeahqueensthief · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I know 🙄🙄 it’s like the first year I’ve done it where I didn’t wind up getting sick the week before (I genuinely was worried I’d jinx myself and get The Rona akskdjd but im still healthy!!) so of Course tumblr decides not to show half the posts in the fOcking tag smh
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likerealpeopledo-on-ao3 · 10 months ago
20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference; D/P
Sweat trickles in less-than-fine rivulets everywhere on David’s person, doing god-knows-what to the fabric of his Neil Barrett. He is a sea creature, dripping as if he’s just emerged from an algae-laden pond. To top it all off, he’s carrying burdensome, heavy furniture that Alexis bought retail. And in a case this dire, there is but one thing David can do. Complain.
“The next time you offer to help my sister move, could you please ensure that she does not live in a fourth floor walk-up?” David grouses, swiping at his forehead with his inner elbow. Obviously this sweater is unsalvagable.
His husband, who is five steps above David holding the opposite end of an apparently lead-based coffee table and showing off his balance and coordination by doing everything backward like some sort of gymnast, has the nerve to laugh. “I’m sorry, did I offer? I feel like I remember saying I’d be happy to help you help your sister. I was thinking I’d drive the truck or even be more like moral support. I’ve seen the two of you pack. It’s like D-Day but with five hundred pairs of shoes and an over-abundance of fine leather goods.”
If David had an available hand to wave dismissively, he would, but. He settles for an aggrieved eyebrow raise and a slightly aggressive shoulder shimmy. “Listen, we don’t have a transcriptionist on hand so I’m going to go with my memory of the events if you don’t mind.”
Patrick grunts in response as he hoists his end a bit higher to miss the next step up. It isn’t as if they aren’t both exerting themselves. It’s just that when Patrick sweats, his forehead merely glistens as if woodland fairies have jubilantly spritzed him in a fine mist of morning dew and sparkling magic dust. Even in the dingy light of the too-tight stairwell, he looks like an ingenue, if ingenues wore Blue Jays caps and a one size too small white t-shirt, just to be ornery. Patrick even has the cuffs rolled up because it’s hot David, but David knows better.
Better is because Patrick, after two years of dating and almost a year of marriage, has discovered that he’s a fucking dish. Which David is thrilled about. When they aren’t trapped in a two inch wide stairwell in a heatwave holding Pottery Barn’s latest abomination and David isn’t doing his Creature from the Black Lagoon impersonation.
“David,” Patrick says as he takes another step backward toward the landing and does a graceful little turn to maneuver onto the next set of what appear to be endless stairs. “I promise that the next time you offer to help your sister move into her fourth floor walk up apartment in August, I will remind you not to wear a sweater.”
David sniffs and comes to a dead stop. He doesn’t drop the coffee table because he’s in no mood to become a widower at...thirty-f-something, but he needs to take a stand. Patrick’s left bicep and forearm bulge and mock him silently where he’s gripping the table. “I don’t think—” David is unable, however, to finish his thought because his too-hot-for-the-stairwell husband is hovering above him, lips tantalizingly close.
“I’ll make you another promise,” Patrick’s voice is low and a little scratchy and the tone of it scrapes its way down David’s nerve endings, straight to his cock. His bottom lip brushes David’s top one, a kind of slow murder, death by a thousand electrical impulses. It isn’t fair that Patrick can still make David weak-kneed over something as simple as a kiss after all this time. It’s sorcery. He finds himself on his tiptoes, magnetized and energized by Patrick’s lips on his, wishing he could explain to Patrick the power he possesses.
Patrick must know, though, as he licks into David’s mouth and makes a strangled noise in the back of his own throat, as if he is the one who is overcome. David can feel his grip on the coffee table slipping, can feel his grip on the fabric of reality slipping, thanks to his husband’s clever tongue. They’re panting and sweat is dripping into David’s eyes when they finally pull apart.
“You were saying something about a promise?” It’s hard to be casual when all he wants to do is pin Patrick to the dirty stair rail and kiss him until the landlord installs an elevator but he will do what he has to do.
Patrick’s eyes are a little dazed, which is nice. It’s nice to see the physical manifestation of both the love and lust David feels for Patrick, reflected back at him, even now. He also loves that Patrick is still towering over him, glistening and glimmering and beautiful. Patrick clears his throat, recovering. “I promise we are going to finish this later.”
@storieswelove thanks for the prompt...sorry it isn’t better 😂
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holmesapothecary · 10 months ago
storieswelove replied to your photoset: Yes, Mariah Carey! 
@holmesapothecary your #sc spoilers #? broke me
I’s gonna be a long time before I get to use that again. LOL
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huilian · 12 days ago
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!
I was tagged by @prismatic-et-al and @hood-ex. Thanks for the tag! (and sorry for taking so long to do this..) There is also another one of this that asked for 10 stories rather than 20? I’m just going to lump all of them here (sorry, again). Thanks for the tag @fanfictiongreenirises and @foriland !!!!!
hands on each other’s hearts : The king of Attolia, Annux of the Little Peninsula, walked alone across the halls of the Eddisian palace.
and a sword will piece your own soul : It was silent in Gen’s room.
the one whose favour your bear : Once they had taken Kamet away--after that declaration from the king that showed even Costis had no idea of the scope of Eugenides’s planning and interventions--they showed Costis to a room in the palace.
and you’re not what i asked for : It wasn’t a good patrol.
lay me gently in the cold dark earth : Damian glares at the guard in front of the cell, channeling the heir to the League of Assassin that he was, years and years ago, and was recently reminded of.
through the heart and invisible to the eye : Dick looks at Tim and frowns.
and now they were two : Temenus was sitting next to Xenophon when Eugenides came into the tent the officers of Eddis’s army shared to discuss their strategies.
of hairpins and little brothers : Xenia was talking to Euphemia about the different techniques of dyeing wool when she felt the pins holding her hair up slide across her scalp and disappear, one by one.
the rhyming of the past : The woman her father was courting was wearing ruby earrings, and she hated it.
through love his throne is made secure : He had meant to go right after the queen had given him permission to.
knowing and the known : “Are we still on for that coffee date this afternoon?”
what honor. what pain : It was a fool’s errand.
a hypothesis and a list of methods and ingredients : Jason wakes up to a cacophony of noises coming from all around him.
lying in the bed i made : It’s a case.
to see with the heart : Cass hates Cobblepot.
Noctuis : Dick stands near the podium, watching Bruce give his speech.
if there’s a reason i’m still alive : Damian looks at the handful of people who made it through to the other side, searching, hoping for a familiar face, even when he knows it’s impossible.
if you don’t do it then the other one will : Jason wakes with a start.
breathing is a gift : The moment Dick wakes up, he knows that it’s going to be a bad day.
as i say these words : “What are you doing, Damian?” Richard asks, with a voice that is so soft, Damian almost couldn’t hear it.
huh. I have two modes, apparently. Either it’s a short, to the point sentence, stating a fact or an action; or it’s a long winded exposition (with the occasional dialogue put in).
favourite one: hard to choose, but if i had to do it, i’d take “It was a fool’s errand.”
tagging (if you want to join and haven’t been tagged) @sassydefendorflower @geminibabyhere @preciousthingsareprecious @eeddis @storieswelove @ckbookish @thychesters @jinmukangwrites
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worldsentwined · 14 days ago
So I know I did this one like...not too long ago, but I have some new wips since then and @storieswelove just tagged me to do this, so I figured I'd update it.
  rules: post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of  how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! and then tag as many people as you have wips. (lol no I would have to tag WAY too many people.)
Since I did this not too long ago, I'm going to include links to a few of the ones I talked about back then. If you have more specific questions about those, feel free to send them!
Original works:
A Stitch In Time
Aunt Gardenia and the Dragon link
Before Waking (cyborg pancreas) link
Cyborg Apocalypse part 2
Fearless Writing Fiction - Year of Lost Memory
Hospital Killer
Hydrant of Life (technically only a wip in that it would need major edits)
Meeting of the DKP Squad
The Fourth River
The Inventor and the Imager
The Lie Aerie
The Waif and the Urchin Queen
Active Fanworks: The things in this section are sorted by fandom and are things I still think I would like to finish someday. Ask about them and you'll get the same kind of response as for the original works.
A Redtail's Dream
Oona and Puppy-Fox
The Queen's Thief
QT Bakery AU (Great was their loaf and greatly did it sustain them) link
QT Camping AU
The Thief of Attolia
Stand Still Stay Silent
Every little thing he does is magic (yes, I do still want to finish it)
OMG they were roommates
Yuri! On Ice
Inevitable Kitten Thing
Mostly Abandoned Projects: These are things that I either barely started, or are so old by now I just have no desire to really work on them again. You can ask me questions about them if you like, but honestly at this point if I get asked about one of them I will probably dump the whole text of it in a post and let Tumblr have it. Quality not guaranteed, length could be anything. If you want a summary of what it’s about before I post it, ask for that and then decide. Most of these are SSSS, a handful are aRTD, and there’s one lonely YOI fic down there which I have marked.
5 Times Reynir/Onni
31 - Flowers
47 - Creation
Before It Was Cool Chapter 10
Behind the Scenes (1, 2, and WIP)
Date With Disaster
Dream Archipelago
Flower Girls
Ghosts of Yuletide
Hotakainen Feels
Looking For Trouble
Madsen Snowballs
Mismatched Spoons
Objects of Affection
Onni/Bjarni Fluff
Palm Trees
Reynir/Onni Hair Fluff
Reynir/Onni Mage School
Shepherd’s Staff Extended
Shopping in Barcelona (YOI)
The Second Date
Unwritten Love Letters
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thecrenellations · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I found an old postcard of la Méridienne by Vincent Van Gogh and had a great time drawing it with various pairs of Queen’s Thief characters ... before learning that the painting is in turn a version of an engraving by Jean-Francois Millet?!
anyway, my snoozing duos are (in order, and from left/curled up to right/on back/in front):
Kamet and Costis
Costis and Kamet
Helen and Sophos
Sophos and Gen (halfway to Methana era)
Sophos and Gen (kings who have tired each other out roughhousing and are taking a nap somewhere inappropriate, thanks @storieswelove​, you know what’s up)
A convenient sort of milemarker? How about FIVE?!
here’s the original painting:
Tumblr media
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hullomoon · a month ago
last line challenge
post the last line of your last 20 fics 
i was tagged by @grapehyasynth, @lilythesilly, @yourbuttervoicedbeau, @maxbegone. thank you everybody!
and for @grapehyasynth, @storieswelove, @petrodobreva, and anyone else curious here’s my first line challenge!
obv this will contain spoilers
cause i’ve been thinkin bout forever | “Flatterer,” David replied as he leaned in to kiss Patrick again.
let’s all go to the lobby | “Of course,” Patrick replied.
money, money, money (it’s a rich man’s world) | A month later they hired a financial director who after an intense vetting process, Johnny was happy to call a colleague. 
a sense of expectation hanging in the air | Stevie: But yes we’ll have fun
i’m so grateful and proud | "Thanks for always knowing what to say," he murmured.
i’d take my puppy everywhere |  David pulled Patrick toward him and into a kiss.
let the rain fall, i don’t care |  David while not a fan, lays out a towel and some baby wipes so he can mitigate how much dirt ends up in the house. 
ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes  | She couldn't wait to see who he would become, but in the meantime, she'd enjoy these quiet moments. 
gonna kiss me real hard, make me want it | Ruth smiled and basked in the warm, happy feeling as it ran along her body.
a recipe for disaster and love | As David watched Patrick walk away, he couldn’t stop smiling.
through thick and thin | “You’re welcome, Alexis.”
wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight | They kissed again and David thought that this was the best New Year’s kiss yet.
rock me ‘till i’m fast asleep  |  He wrapped his arms around her and gently rocked her as he hummed a nonsense tune until he fell asleep.
what am i to you? | They slowly leaned in and kissed.  
make a little something sweet | “No, problem babe,” Alexis replied and booped her nose.
a beautiful sight |  “I can think of someone,” and she leaned down to kiss Stevie.  
look up | Patrick agreed, because after all, he got his kiss and more.
you just call out my name | Alexis was with her again and right now she wanted to enjoy the moment. 
sugar and spice | This was different, but he loved the idea of making new memories with an old tradition.
have a cup of cheer  |  A pleased smile on his face when noticed that the thermos was half empty.
i think pretty much everyone i know has played this, but if you haven’t, considered yourself tagged!
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