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#stop staring like that pls
strawberryvanilla · 2 months ago
honestly im really cute like im lovely and gorgeous and awesome and beautiful like its taken me FOREVER to get here and i know its true
but like do i still want someone to compliment me and say that im pretty and just call me attractive and pretty? yes please please pleaseeeee
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aro-aizawa · 2 months ago
sometimes i think “hm maybe i don’t have adhd bc i don’t really forget to take care of needs” but then i get cold flashes and shaky hands and i realise oh!!! yeah i haven’t eaten in like 8 hours.
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sirrgwaine · 2 months ago
digging out my ears from under my hijab after my lunch break is over to put my mask back on is one of my top 10 most dehumanising experiences
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mvnces · 7 months ago
fellas is it gay to be less than an inch away from ur friends face, talking about how you’re only a marine to keep his dumb ass in line, only for him to go ‘your dumb ass’ before the two of you share a soft, knowing smile ??
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