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#stop calling me out like this
anonymous-eggy · 2 days ago
Has anyone else noticed how much better I've been doing since starting my ADD meds? I've been writing more and actually finishing things, it's amazing. I've also been so much more active and interactive because my self-confidence has been going up.
It feels really nice to notice the improvements I've made by making the decision to get the help i need. Seeing me before and me after is amazing. I actually finish things now. I can finally take time to create things without fear of losing interest half way.
I used to be so timid and unsure of myself, but now I'm finally settling into being me and putting myself out there.
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red-lever · 14 days ago
anyone else with long hair only ever get people assuming you must want it shorter or?? people are always like wow your hair is so long isnt it annoying? doesnt it get in the way?? wouldnt it be better if it was shorter???
#i get it from my mum a lot but it might be because shes only ever had super short hair#and doesnt like the idea of long hair#and because i used to have shorter hair. but i grew it out so people would stop calling me a boy#so now people think thats the only reason i have it long now when really i actually just like it??#the length means i can get it completely out of my face. it stays behind my ears and doesnt pass over my shoulders#i do need it cut but i really dont want to lose much of the length but people assume i do??#part of me would love to try shorter hair again but ive had really bad experiences with it before and im scared itll go like that again#but i do just genuinely like having long hair now. the only thing i dont like is it can be a pain and can get in the way#and i cant tie it up because i reeaally hate the feeling of it (well i can if i absolutely need to but i dont enjoy it)#i dont even like eg plaits i dont like the pulling feeling of it#but other than that its fine. i like it#i dont know why everyone always assumes i dont#also about the being called a boy: both accidentally and deliberately as bullying oof#its a shame because honestly the thought of looking like a boy is appealing but i dont think id ever do it now#or well a boyish girl is appealing. but i dont think i could pull it off#(tbh would be fun if there were magic potions or something to instantly change sex but unfortunately there are not)#i have no idea where this is going now jfjshfhs gonna stop rambling and actually sleep perhaps#anyway yeah its just!! really weird how shorter haired people see someone with long hair and think wow that must be so annoying for them
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chalcedonic · 21 days ago
yo not to be a total buzzkill but the fact that so many people still use tumblr to reblog simple funny/cute posts with a novel-length bunch of word block bullshit that is barely related to the original post and meant to be a "lesson" to readers is a huge reason why i want to burn this hellsite to the ground
yes, everyone is making fun of the dumb teenagers on tiktok who're mixing 10 household cleaning products together in their sink... because we know it's dangerous. you don't need to add a 6,000 word response as to why it's dangerous. we know. stop making me scroll past your D+-worthy dissertation. either tag your long posts or die
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lyrslair · 24 days ago
You ever get neck deep in a long WIP using a character you revived from 20+ years ago that you didn’t RP with much but thought about using as a pseudonym and now after using that character’s name like a shitton over the course of the last few months and feeling super comfy with it have the realization that oh hey yeah this is why I used to like that name and then something shifts into place and you think well shit fuck maybe this name belongs to me after all and you have some kind of Possible Gender Moment?
Haha me neither.
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thatone-highlighter · 28 days ago
I have a pet peeve to do with writing sometimes
So when you write something where you or a character is drawing out the length of the word
Do so in a way you can actually pronounce, it not only makes it better to read aloud and more consistent, it's generally more aesthetically pleasing as well
As a general rule if you don't wanna have to check every time, you can draw out vowel sounds, and not consanat sounds. Tho of course there are a few exceptions and they all have to do with the shape of your mouth and how it makes the sound
Letters like a, e, I, o, u and h, are open sounds, you pronounce them with an almost or completely open mouth (the sounds they make not the letters themselves), these are letters you can draw out as long as you can breath out
Most consonant letters rely on changing the shape of your mouth to make the sound (think B, C, K, D, J, P, etc) these make up a good amount of letters and are letters you can't draw out at all
Some consonants have some interesting qualities, M, N, F and S while are not open sounds are letters you can hold because you don't move your mouth when you say them (you can read mmmm or sssnake and know exactly how those sound even tho the consonants are extended) its much less common for N and F but you can hold those sounds
Thank you, let me know if I've made any mistakes
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roughentumble · 29 days ago
Oh god now the idea of Geralt fighting for Jaskier is stuck in my head and I'm thinking of a totally different arranged marriage situation where Geralt and Jaskier are sorta just transitioning into a more romantic relationship when suddenly Jaskier's being informed his parents arranged a marriage for him and the weddings in like a week
Through some kind of misunderstanding, Geralt truly believes Jaskier will be happy with the husband/wife his parents found him and doesn't try to stop it. Meanwhile Jaskier's miserable at the idea and a little heartbroken bc "he didn't fight for me. He doesn't want me."
noooooOooo....... how can such cute conversations lead to such agony within me
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mikkofroggo · a month ago
hhhhnhhg beyond evil arrest scene
Tumblr media
#my brrain is liquid no thought post beyond evil disease instead of brain there is the arrest scene#my second fave part after the arrest scene for this finale was when they pulled out jaeyi n her eggs n i was like 'stop tryin to make this h#appen n then they popped dongsik out n did the whole turning around lookin in disbelief at the other n its like yall not even trying#to make it happen actually sorry for doubting u#i never watched hannibal cuz im too lazy to watch smth that already has three whole seasons out thats too many episodes but very hannibalesq#ue of a show if u ask me if i got what this show is like right#th eonly show#dont talk to me if its not abt beyodn evil im in 24h beyond evil lockdown#cant believe i have to write a focking lettre de motivation when i have thoughts to think abt this show yall bOTHERING ME i have pressing ma#tters to attend such as watch arrest scene again#activity status thinking abt juwon's silence n blank face after changjin asked 'lmAO u oNLY aNSWEr hIS caLLs aRE u tWO aN ITEm'#jihwa 🤝 changjin --> carrying the agenda on their shoulders in that interrogation room#thats why they were married at a point actually they bonded over their gaydar#anyway#i lvoe brain damage i love shows that give me it#i love things u can watch with both ur brain n ur pussy#this show has the range i can rec it to the serious lads who want d4rk murder thriller material n also to the smart ppl who appreciate#The Homoeroticism Of C*p calling each other partner and also constantly threatening each other#this shows impact on me i still think abt jeongje drawing juwon a deer fursona at the start of the show u can watch it stupidly u can watch#it smartly but the best way is to do both a t once#anywya i did done ramble
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fooltofancy · a month ago
first legit nightmare in YEARS and ive already lost the thread of it, but eesh.
#it was A Lot#actually woke me up lmao#apocalyptic question mark#not sure if i was meant to stop or start... It#calling gods#old old gnarly deep woods gods#it's been like two weeks since i touched old gods of apalachia but i guess just HOLDING ON TO THAT ONE#anyway stopping for gas on the way out into said woods#collecting? people?#on the way#some of them called some of them#im not sure#but this gas station was PACKED and weird parking shenanigans were happening#but throughout the fuckin... yackety sax bullshit it got very empty#until it was just me and the attendant i guess#went to pay for gas and he'd also disappeared but there were just people like#in bags and trussed up etc#some of them had obviously been dead for a long long time some of then were people who'd been at the station while i was there#a couple were still alive and people i was meant to collect#but the attendant was coming back and i had to duck behind/into the bodies#i'd seen the man i was meant specifically to find (name was will and it was also high dancy lmao but like BABY hugh dancy so ok brain) befo#and was VERY afraid he'd also been killed#but he came through the side door as the man was coming around the corner and killed him with idk a bolt gun?#the rest of the dream was finding who was Not Dead and preparing to leave#which included raiding this gas station which was alsonthis man's house#telling the other folk that yes there are very nice guns but no i should NOT have one because distess makes me shake violently#and showing them my hands LOL#it went full exposition and then i woke up but#that was Very Much To Process at eleven fifty trying to make it to work at midnight#farewell tag typos
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campcampfanfan · a month ago
Let’s Talk About Camp Camp
Tw for Cursing, Camp Camp, All Caps
So, let’s talk about it. I’ve been browsing the Camp Camp tag, and I’m starting to see more “Don’t interact if you are/have a CC profile pic/ CC apologist/ CC fan” and I wanted to talk about it. 
Lets just start out by saying I am not a CC apologist. I do believe the show is heavily flawed, especially with it’s race jokes. Honestly, I am on the team of getting rid of those. Especially Dolph. Please, get rid of him. It’s really gone to far, and even though you have toned it down, please don’t really feature him anymore. Order of the Sparrow was heavily flawed as well, but let’s not talk about that right now. Let’s talk about why people are mad.
1) Race Jokes (Totally get it, you have every right to be mad)
2) Adult humor (It’s an adult show)
3) Bad plot/characters
For number 1, I completely get it. But, I’d like to state right here and now, nothing is fucking perfect. NOTHING. If we boycotted everything that was flawed in some way, or took a joke too far, or did something offensive, practically nothing would be available. Try boycotting Disney, they did tons of shit wrong multiple times. Most classic books. Pixar. The office. The all did the same thing, but for some reason, you aren’t mad. I get it, you don’t like the race jokes. Me neither, I hate them. Fuck them. But once again, this a young studio that is still doing trial and error. I can name maybe three shows that were made popular enough for me to see, and one year ago I only knew about RWBY. That’s it. They are doing Trial and Error, which means mistakes are going to be made, ESPECIALLY because it was their first adult themed show. I’m not saying you have to watch it, but please, don’t immediately try and block me because I watch this fucking show.
2, It’s a fucking ADULT SHOW. It’s not meant for kids! That doesn’t mean kids aren’t going to watch it, that just means they’ll do it in secret or something. If you don’t want to watch it because the humor is too adult or not what you like, you don’t have too! No problem! Have a fantastic day! But the problem is complaining that it has “Adult humor”. That’s the point, it’s an adult themed show.
For 3, got it. Don’t watch it. Plot’s terrible? Ok, don’t need to hate it because of that. Stupid characters? That’s fine, we like them. 
Point is, please stop with this whole “Camp Camp is horrible!” thing, because so many other companies that you watch do the exact same thing. I just want to enjoy my stupid ass show in peace, without hate getting thrown at me every time I browse the tag. I get it, you have every right to dislike it, but please don’t clog up our tag with hatred. Just let us enjoy our damn stupidity in peace.
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honeyednights · a month ago
#so like the mental health decline i hit like two months ago just... wow#does not go away#and like calling it a decline sounds weird because i don't think i feel any worse? like it feels the same as always?#it's just that i physically cannot get anything done. like there's just a block on doing anything i need to do. and the stress from not#doing anything mixed in w the amazing state of my mental health just makes everything stop even more.#so like here i am#two months away from my bachelor's thesis#with nothing done#oh and i literally yesterday found out i fucked up w some classes so i'm missing two classes in my minor<3 which i have no interest in#anymore <3 or rather i took two other classes than the ones i should've taken. which i just didn't read properly the thing my first year#@ uni so like That's Great#life really just punches you in the face sometimes huh :)#so i've decided that like. maybe i just need to stop everything and put my mental health first for a lil bit#so now i need to like 1. talk to my guidance counsellor and figure out the two missing classes and ask about getting sick leave for this#semester and the next - which the latter should be v simple#and 2. call the student loans office because i need to get them a medical certificate so that the money they're giving me this semester#will still be like idk valid?? and so that the classes i don't finish will be 'forgiven'#3. talk to my bachelor supervisor and be like hey thanks for all the help but turns out it was just a waste of your time but i'll see you#next year!!#4. talk to my therapist about a) a new therapist since she's going on leave in june b) getting her to write something my doctor can use in#the medical certificate i need#and c) talk about getting meds bc... shit's not getting easier and i think it might be a good idea to try those out after like flat out#refusing everytime someone has mentioned trying meds in the past 10 years#and 5. talk to my doctor about getting the medical certificate and meds#yikes this seems like so much........... and i'm just so uuuuuuugh why can't i do this. which is such a moot point to dwell about bc i Know#i struggle and i have and that doesn't make me any less worthy of anything - and i'd never ever have think that about anyone else#but when it's me it's like .... y'know#and like especially when i feel like such a failure for not managing to just pick up my books??? and just read them???? and i've already#spent a year longer on my bachelor's than 'normal' and so the thought of extending it another year is just :))))))#oh and also i need to get a new job to get enough money to cover all the bills for next semester since i wont get any loans which is
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