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#stolen meme
crow-hearted-detective · 13 hours ago
✵ uwu
Their first impression of your muse: Ah, finally, someone who’s intelligent and willing to actually say what’s on his mind even if that means basically saying “fuck cops” to an amateur detective on live TV. How interesting!
Current impression: His darling rival, the absolute love of his life, one of the few people he would absolutely love to spend the rest of his days with.
Are they attracted to your muse?: I mean I sure fucking hope so at this point.
Something they find frightening about your muse: He doesn’t find Katsu particularly frightening. He does find Katsu’s tendency to put himself in harm’s way even if he doesn’t have to rather frustrating at times, though, and when it results in him coming to harm it really worries Goro.
The closest he might come to finding something frightening about Katsu has less to do with him specifically and more to do with all the other Jokers running around. Namely, the fact that they exist and are all just... uncanny valley versions of the one he knows. Similar, and yet distinct enough to be separate people.
Something they find adorable about your muse: When he flops down and basks in a particularly sunny patch in the apartment. Bonus points if the pokemon and/or Morgana come join him.
Would my muse sacrifice themselves for yours?: He would and he has. Many, many times over in many different loops. And he’d do it again without question.
Would my muse go on a date with yours?  platonic/romantic: Oh he would absolutely go on many romantic dates with his fiancé, no questions asked.
One word my muse would use to describe yours: Radiant.
Would my muse slap yours if they could?: I mean we’ve established at this point that he would absolutely slap anyone and everyone if needed, and Katsu is no exception.
Would my muse hug/kiss yours?: He would and he has. And will again! And again. And again.
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