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#still miss you mac
scorpio3nergy · 8 days ago
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denniswillfindhispride · a month ago
If you’re stuck in your apartment during quarantine, you’re probably not able to keep up your extreme workout regimen. Here’s how fat mac can make a comeback -
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bloodfromthethorn · a month ago
Sleep is the Best Cure
“Jack? What-” Mac blinked a few times, trying to clear his vision even as he automatically relaxed into his partner’s hold, trusting him to keep him up while he struggled his way back to the surface.
“Pretty sure you’re going on about 72 hours without sleep and you’ve had, what? Three? Separate traumatic situations in that time? Not much of a surprise you’re about to crash hard.”
Tag to 2x11 and 2x12. Also on AO3. 
Mac’s eyes surveyed the wreck of his living room with a building sense of dread. The last few days felt like little more than a blur in his memory and he didn’t think he’d had a chance to pause for breath during any of it. Now that he had a moment to himself, he couldn’t help but worry that the world was about to come crashing down yet again, with him standing right in the middle of it. 
Charlie’s attention had been drawn away by one of the team responsible for lifting the barrels out from beneath the floor, while all around them Phoenix personnel were cataloguing every item they could find just in case one of them might grant a clue as to the Ghost’s whereabouts. Mac considered moving to help them - or perhaps back Charlie up in what looked as though it might be descending into some kind of argument about proper procedure - but the instant he took a step to do so, sharp, blinding pain struck him right between the eyes like a lightning bolt. 
It was there and gone in a flash, but it left him so startled he staggered back a step in surprise. A hand snatched at his arm before he could do more than sway, tugging him carefully against a supportive warm body. “Easy there bud.”
“Jack? What-” Mac blinked a few times, trying to clear his vision even as he automatically relaxed into his partner’s hold, trusting him to keep him up while he struggled his way back to the surface. 
“Pretty sure you’re going on about 72 hours without sleep and you’ve had, what? Three? Separate traumatic situations in that time? Not much of a surprise you’re about to crash hard.”
“I’m- I’m okay.”
“Yeah man, ‘course you are. But maybe we should get you some sleep, yeah?”
Mac’s head still felt like it was floating some way above the rest of his body, foggy and distant, but he was still able to feel himself frown as the suggestion stuck a chime wrong somewhere. “Can’t,” he managed. “House is in clean up.”
“Matty’s got it covered,” Jack said, sure and steady. “And while she’s getting everything here sorted, you can crash at my place.”
That did admittedly sound amazing, but Mac forced himself to mumble a negative and reclaim some of his own weight, shaking his head in a vain attempt at clearing out the cobwebs taking root. “No, I need to help Charlie,” he said stubbornly. 
The arm Jack had around his shoulders turned to steel, not letting him move away. “Charlie is doing just fine. He knows what he’s doing and he’s not the one dead on his feet right now. It’s okay man, it’s over. You can hand the reins over to someone else for a bit.”
With his vision steadily clearing, Mac could finally make out Jack’s worried face at his shoulder, watching him closely for any sign he was about to take another nosedive. Beyond the concern though, it was clear as day that Jack was starting to flag just as badly as Mac was, with pale skin and deepening crow’s feet emphasising the slight squint he’d picked up to combat the dryness of his eyes. “You’ve not slept either,” he pointed out unnecessarily. 
Jack huffed something that might have been a laugh if he’d had the energy for it. “True enough, but I also wasn’t arrested and I haven’t spent the last twenty hours working on defusing two bombs simultaneously.” He gestured vaguely around the wreck of Mac’s living room with his free hand as though to encompass everything that had happened. “I’m good to drive us both back to mine and then I’m planning on passing out until at least tomorrow. That plan sound good with you?”
Honestly, now that Mac was aware of his own fatigue, the exhaustion felt like a physical weight on his body and the very thought of handing over his safety to Jack and drifting off for a couple of hours sounded like heaven, but he knew his job. Once an EOD tech, always an EOD tech, and there was still a lot of explosive material in his house that needed dealing with before anyone in a mile’s radius would be safe. He had work to do. 
The sentiment must have shown on his face, because Jack went right back to frowning. “No, man, cut that out. Even if there wasn’t a perfectly capable bomb tech right over there, you’re in no state to be handling explosives. You’re shaking.”
Mac glanced at his own hands to confirm that yes, his whole body was indeed wracked by fine tremors that he couldn’t seem to stop. That… didn’t seem right. Since joining the army he’d had countless sleepless nights, both intentional and unavoidable, and while he knew he must be getting close to his limit of endurance, he was usually steady handed. Sort of an occupational requirement, really. 
“Something’s wrong,” he murmured to himself, still looking at his trembling fingers. 
With a heavy sigh, Jack tugged on him until he was pushed, unresisting, onto one of the bar stools and propped up by Jack’s warm palms on both of his shoulders. “What’s wrong is that you’ve been running on nothing but adrenaline and coffee for two whole days. Just ‘cause you’ve not been dodging bullets doesn’t mean you haven’t been going through the wringer. You’re exhausted. That’s all it is, bud, promise.”
Well, if Jack promised then Mac would believe him. Jack would never lie to him and he always seemed to know Mac’s hurts even before the man himself did. Something about it still didn’t sit right with him though. “Was dodging bullets,” he corrected, slightly petulantly, as he remembered handcuffs around his wrists and the desperation of trying to find a solution using nothing but a bullet and a ballpoint pen. 
One of Jack’s hands drifted up his shoulder to cup the back of his head comfortingly in a move that Jack liked to use when he wanted to check Mac’s pulse without him knowing. “I’m okay,” he mumbled again in protest, but didn’t pull away. 
“Yeah, I know you are. You’re pretty out of it though bud. Reckon you’re not going to remember this conversation tomorrow, huh?”
That was probably a fair assessment, honestly. With no witty retort lined up and thoroughly lacking the energy to search for one, Mac just hummed agreeably, blinking at him as his vision went wobbly again. 
Jack sighed. “Okay, I’m calling it. I know you want to help out here, but you need rest and you’re not going to get it while there’s a Phoenix clean-up op happening in your living room. And since I’m not letting you out of my sight just yet, you’re coming home with me, yes? Good.”
He finally broke his attention off from Mac to cast a glance around the room at large and caught Matty’s eyes, gesturing to his semi-conscious partner with a small head tilt. “I’m taking this one home.” He didn’t leave any room in his tone for argument, but softened it by adding, “If you need us, call me.”
Thankfully, as much as Matty might be a hardass when her job needed her to be, she was also one of the most observant people Jack had ever met. Her eyes took them both in with a single look and recognised the exhaustion staring back at her. She nodded with a soft smile. “Take as long as you need. We’ve got this.”
He spared enough time to shoot her a deeply grateful look before his entire attention turned back to Mac, who appeared to have been trying unsuccessfully to use the brief pause to rally himself. Unfortunately for him, he was long since out of any reserves to draw off; the best his attempts got him was some slightly more aggressive blinking. 
“Okay hoss, think you can stand up for me?” From the way Jack was having to keep him steady, it was obvious that Mac’s balance had completely gone to shit, but he obediently pushed himself upright and managed to at least keep his knees locked to take his weight. “Alright man, you’re doing great. Let’s get outside and get you sitting down again, yeah?”
Getting Mac outside and into the car turned out to be an exercise in extreme patience. Out of it as he was, he seemed to consistently forget where they were going and why, and made several attempts to turn himself around to go and help Charlie even though he could not more obviously be beyond that particular task. Each time Jack would nudge him back in the right direction with a soft push and a string of gentle words that seemed to more or less do the trick. By the time Mac was carefully folding himself into the passenger seat, the kid was scarcely still conscious. 
“That’s right, you just sit there and let Jack get you home, yeah?”
That Mac didn’t even groan in protest at Jack referring to himself in third person said a lot for his mental state. Chuckling to himself, Jack rounded the car and nodded at Bozer who had appeared at the front door to see them off. 
“I’ll get the house sorted as soon as I can,” he promised. “Make sure everything’s nice and clean when he gets back.”
“Appreciate that. But make sure you get some rest yourself, okay?” He said sternly, sending him a steady look. “Today’s been a long day for everyone, you included.”
“We’re good Jack. Matty will take good care of me and Riley. You just worry about Mac.”
Jack snorted, momentarily letting his bone-deep exhaustion show on his face. “As if I ever do anything else.”
Mac was thoroughly dead to the world when Jack slid into the driver’s seat beside him, his head tilted awkwardly against the window and his arms wrapped tight around his middle. It looked wildly uncomfortable, but the journey was only short and now that he was actually out for the count, Jack was loath to disturb him until he had to. Instead, he jammed his keys in the ignition and headed for home without another word. 
Tired as he was, Jack drove more carefully than he was usually of a mind to and as a result ended up taking a full half-hour to make it to his apartment. Mac didn’t so much as stir the entire time. If it hadn’t been for his breath fogging against the glass of the window, Jack might have resorted to feeling for the pulse in his wrist just to be certain that he really was still there, still in one piece. After everything he’d been through in the last three days, the fact that the worst physical damage he would have to deal with would be a few scrapes and a hefty dose of exhaustion was something of a miracle - and Jack would still trade almost anything for the chance to go back and spare him of all of it. Mac had never deserved the shit that got thrown at him day in and day out, but it rarely came so thick and fast. 
And physical condition aside, Jack knew that Mac wasn’t getting away from any of it without some new mental baggage. 
But that was a problem for tomorrow, at the earliest. Right now all he had to worry about was getting 6 foot of mostly-catatonic secret agent up several flights of stairs, preferably without drawing any attention. Easy. 
Mac did make a valiant attempt at consciousness after a few gentle shakes from Jack, but it was clear the window of opportunity for his ability to hold his own weight had closed some time ago. In the end, it was left to Jack to duck under his shoulder and do his best to balance them both as they hobbled unsteadily up the fire escape. The lobby would have granted them an elevator, but with them both on their last legs, Jack didn’t want the attention.
No doubt they must have looked comical - or perhaps just drunk - but they made it in the end, and without anyone falling down the stairs to boot. Jack was going to count that as a win. 
“Mac, you still with me brother?”
There was a vaguely attentive hum. Mac’s eyes didn’t open. 
“You happy to share the bed or are you gonna make me sleep on the couch?”
Another hum that Jack chose to take as ambivalence. In truth the question was somewhat redundant - the pair of them had shared far closer quarters than a king-sized bed before, and Mac would never turf Jack out of his own room, especially when he was just as desperately in need of rest. Asking was more of a formality than anything. 
There was a second brief deliberation when Jack managed to get them both into the bedroom as he tried to weigh up the chances of him being able to bully Mac into changing into some borrowed sleepwear. In the end, he figured it wasn’t worth the hassle and just calmly battled him out of his jeans and his dust-covered henley before tipping him beneath the covers. With his consciousness waning once more, Mac offered little more than a sleepy grumble as he burrowed down beneath the blanket and went still once more. 
With a weary chuckle of genuine relief, Jack ran through his own preparations as quickly as his tired body was capable of before finally, finally folding himself into the other side of the bed. After everything, the sensation was heavenly. 
There was a long stretch of motionless silence, broken only by their steady breathing, and Jack felt the fiercely alert, wary section of his brain finally start to cede control to the comforting embrace of sleep. It was over; Mac was safe, the bomb was defused, no one was in prison, and Cage would be just fine after a bit of recovery time. Jack was free to let his guard down at long last. 
It wasn’t an easy task. For the next five minutes he struggled with slipping into light dozes that broke off suddenly when his adrenaline spiked, bracing himself against some new danger. He knew that he needed the rest and for once it was legitimately safe to do so, but he had too many years of forcing his body through every possible hardship for it to give up the fight so easily. 
Then, as he always managed to do, Mac provided the solution. After the fifth or so time Jack jolted awake, Mac let out a low, displeased huff and wriggled until he was able to reach out a hand and wrap long fingers around Jack’s wrist in a gentle reassurance of his presence. He didn’t even look as though he was awake as he did it - he’d just sensed that Jack needed his help, and had offered it without thought. Lost in his own exhaustion, Jack thought it was almost poetic. 
Not that he would know, of course. 
Safe at long last, and tangibly aware of Mac’s steady presence at his side, Jack finally let himself sleep.
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deereynoldswife · 2 months ago
hullo! just letting you know i’m okay i know i kinda just.....ghosted for no reason and normally any time my brain produces 1 (one) thought i’d come straight here.
basically without going into gory details, had a dip in my mental health and really started dissociating like really bad and with my support system currently not available i’ve been very unwell, even physically and thought it best to just distance myself from the internet. but! things are getting better, things are looking up and i’m around people again so it’s all good! back to my regular scheduled dee-posting and glenn thirst soon enough
mwah love you all
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azurelacrima · 2 months ago
Thoughts on desiriley?
my thoughts on desiriley, dear anon, are that i LOVE it! 🤩 ok rant incoming, and keep in mind that this is just my opinion and by no means accepted canon, just how I tend to read into it, so pls don't take it personally if you disagree <3
I think my feelings on Desi's characterisation past s3 and MacDesi are fairly clear lol, as I've voiced them here and there. To recap, she's a poorly-written MacRiley plot device where abusive behaviour is passed off as depth. Like I've said, the show is very clearly pushing Mac and Riley by juxtaposing her and Desi against each other, and I could talk heaps about this as well but I'll cut it short in saying that it's a very clunky execution imo, and feels rushed. S4 is toeing the line already, but s5 just goes all in on that.
The thing is, I like Desi as a character when she isn't Mac's horrible girlfriend - because in most scenes with him, that's what it feels like she's reduced to, spending most of her on-screen time belittling or blaming him for things that objectively aren't or aren't exclusively his fault. Has she ever actually, explicitly apologised to him? At this point, it seems to me that she almost can't, that there's some element of "losing face" if she does, and that's not a healthy relationship dynamic at all. People like comparing their relationship dynamics with Mac to each other, so I'm going to take a page out of that book and point to 5x01 as probably my favourite DesiRiley episode to date.
It's a beautifully executed arc of working through the leftover issues from the Codex disaster by showcasing how they go from reluctant, mistrustful coworkers to admitting their frustrations and acknowledging their own faults back to that sweet dynamic we all love so much, underscored by how they work together through the action. And they look bomb doing it, of course. But back to the point: Desi apologises to Riley, and explicitly says that she feels guilty for not trusting Mac, where someone else did. (Sidenote: the fact that she knows this and can admit it to someone else but not Mac himself, instead compensating by shovelling more blame onto him, is also an interesting aspect.) Then they go on that spa trip together, of course, which is just the sweetest girlfriends-moment, plus something that really speaks for Desi's character to me; you can tell she doesn't enjoy the activity itself as much as Riley does, even says so, but still has fun doing it, was willing to try something so far out of her comfort zone because it'd make her friend happy. And then drops that line about being there because of the company, and jokes about the whole bikini bottom incident.
Has she ever done either of those things with Mac? Nope. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure it's the episode immediately after where they debate their relationship and she shoots down every single date idea he proposes. In the double date episode, it's made pretty clear that they're a domestic nightmare. She's never gone out of her way to accommodate his interests the way she does with Riley, or even looked like she wasn't counting down every second of their dates together until it's over again. Now, you could read this any way, and say that it's easier for her to accommodate a friend she has less baggage with and commitments to, but I'm choosing to look at this through pink glasses.
Desi and Riley have similarities and understandings of each other that the other relationships simply don't, imo. (Arguably Mac and Riley have known each other long enough at this point to bridge that gap, but again, personal preference in that siblings is all I'll ever see for them.) Their experiences as women of colour in a highly male-dominated field in traditionally male jobs gives them a perspective that Mac simply doesn't have. Their storylines, too; Desi starts off the show as prickly and distrustful, but with increasing moments where her self shines through, much like Riley, who I'd argue was similarly defensive and distrustful immediately after being sprung from prison, especially towards Jack. The difference is that Riley eventually gets the chance to really grow out of it and find her spot in the family, whereas that progress is cut short for Desi when the Phoenix gets disbanded and she tumbles into the relationship with Mac.
That thing with Desi's file in her first episode? That's what I'd point at if you asked me to sum up her character. To shamelessly paraphrase my own fic, she's Netflix n' treason packed into a kickass, tattooed woman, and honest to a fault, almost playful even if she's sometimes a little direct in the delivery (those sticky-notes? Priceless). And remember how she was almost immediately down to go along on Matty's little treason joyride to save a man and his family she's never met? Honestly, with s3 Desi, the Codex fiasco would've gone very differently. I really do think that her and Mac's relationship messed up a potentially amazing dynamic, and threw a wrench into the almost unbreakable trust shared by the entire team.
That's a beautiful storyline of grey morality if I've ever seen it, and mirrored in Riley and her hacking career. They're both absolute junkies for adrenaline (though arguably I'd say that's really the case for every Phoenix employee except maybe Jill and Bozer), and to remind you: Riley was hacking long before the NSA incident that got her into supermax, and her main problem there was her mother being threatened. Am I saying she would've wanted to set off WW3? No, but it does paint a picture. If anyone understands what it feels like to be angry and combative, unable to really trust anyone, it'd be her. So if anyone could reach Desi - has reached Desi - I think it'd have to be Riley. And if anyone could complement her edges, I'd also have to go with Riley.
Desi is an emotional person, and she does have the capacity to be sensitive to the people around her (Vietnamese lullaby, anyone?), she just doesn't seem to click properly with Mac. At least not in the way she does with Riley. I'm repeating myself here, but that first moment between them really was an incredibly rich one; you can just see the connection and sense of understanding passing between them, the experience of having to do the wrong thing to make a right and then getting punished for it.
Ndnsndsj god I'm sorry this got so long, probably not what you expected to that ask, but this rant is about gone off the rails enough by now, so I'll just end it on this: I love Desi and Riley's dynamic, because it feels like one of the few moments in the show where they're still unabashedly themselves, and not written through a Mac-related lens. Riley's pining in itself isn't necessarily bad just because, I just think that it's overdone in the show, and she's being emotionally tortured by the universe at this point as much as Mac. Plus, I really just don't see either of them getting a happily ever after with him under these circumstances, and in this team - there's just so much messiness and conflict there already that there's no graceful way out of this anymore, and no situation where I see them working together well when all that is hanging over them. Maybe they're just gonna solve the problem by killing Desi off too, who knows.
I'd love to see DesiRiley, but a formerly Lenkov-produced show wouldn't touch a main gay pair with a ten-foot-bargepole. It's a pipe dream for sure, but a lovely little pipe dream that I'm definitely going to write lots about in the future.
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bastardmanvibes · 6 months ago
Some things that should happen in The Gang Gets Quarantined 2: Electric Boogaloo
- Dee gets a pet parrot (she just wants someone to talk to... someone who can talk back) which turns out to be the bird that one of the McPoyles had (I don’t remember his name I’m sorry). The guys have a field day. Her landlord makes her get rid of it because “birds aren’t allowed in this apartment”. The guys have another field day.
- Mac is incredibly bad at using Zoom, and accidentally puts a super explicit picture as his background (the whole thing is just blurred). That being said, the gang does a call every day.
- They all start out the quarantine with a lot of energy (except Dennis, who never has any energy lately). Since they can’t run the bar as normal, they decide to “adapt their business model” in several ways including a) doing door to door delivery (it goes okay, but most people would prefer to just use the liquor store) b) Mac convinces Dennis to make a YouTube channel where he teaches people to make different cocktails... Dennis takes it down after he reads the comments and has a breakdown c) they rent out the bar for private events: the customer (two people max) orders ahead, does a COVID questionare, and then shows up to an empty bar with their pre-ordered drinks set up in a booth for them. Paddy’s immediately gets robbed.
- Charlie and Frank decide to start a side business where they coach companies/people in how not to get sick. Charlie sells bubble suits, Frank explains the merits of bathing in hand sanitizer, and they provide a handy map of the sewers that people can use to get around without any unwanted human interaction. Charlie also sews his own masks, as well as masks for everyone else in the gang.
- Mac and Dennis can’t pay their rent because neither of them has an income anymore. Dee tells them they’re not living at her place again. When they go to Frank for help, he suggests that they live in... the upstairs of the Paddy’s building. Out of options, they reluctantly agree to live there until they can get back up on their feet. It turns out to be a workable arrangement, actually, once they clear out all the dead animals (and one dead body). They still have all their furniture this time, and they convince Charlie to help clean the place up. The bar has bathrooms, fridges, sinks, and a ton of alcohol, and Frank even agrees to pay to have a shower installed (better than letting Mac and Dennis live with him and Charlie). The building is big enough that they can avoid each other when one of them is doing something annoying (Dennis HATES Mac’s home workouts. That said, he doesn’t want Mac to get fat again).
- The gang eventually decides to just be in the same bubble (not a completely unreasonable decision... there’s only five of them, and none of them has other friends). They go back to their regular hanging-at-Paddy’s-and-scheming-all-day routine.
- Mac helps Charlie open up an Etsy shop where he can sell his homemade masks. It’s moderately successful.
- Frank tries to convince everyone he lived through the Spanish flu. They don’t believe him.
- Dee decides to learn how to bake bread. She ends up getting into a fistfight with a woman at the supermarket over the last bag of flour.
- At one point, Mac says that Covid is all part of God’s plan, leading to a huge argument between him and Dennis. Mac says Covid led to them having a better living arrangement, gave them a break from work, and is probably only killing the jabronis that are stupid enough not to protect themselves. Dennis eventually gives up trying to explain why a global pandemic is a bad thing.
- After several days of playing Chardee Macdennis, the gang decides they need to make something better. They end up combining paintball, the floor is lava, obstacle course, volleyball, baseball, Marco Polo, and Manhunt. The games last for days, even weeks. The bar gets trashed. There is frequent injury stoppage, cheating, and substance abuse. They have a great time.
- The gang collectively tries to help Charlie learn to read and write. It doesn’t work, but he thinks it does.
- Mac and Dennis still have monthly dinner. They make an excuse as to why the rest of the gang can’t come over that day, get takeout from Gugino’s, dress up in their fancy clothes, light some candles, break out a bottle of wine, put on some nice music, and set up shop in the least shitty booth in the bar. There are no wobbly chairs, or too-close kitchen doors, or annoying waiters or other patrons. Things are okay, sometimes.
- This is turning less into stuff that should be in the episode and more into a list of Macdennis headcanons sorry for rambling
Tumblr media
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clownbasedintrigue · 7 months ago
wait shit where's my post where i was "if they touch macallan's lore i'm quitting"
#tginking abt the tf1 callback#and WHY thry made it now out of all times#that and the viper callbacks. bringing blisk back. yknow REVIVING ash#i Do Not Trust Respawn#look look. barkers the mostly likely of the three to be brought back bc he's a fan fvaorite#macallan is dead and VERY solidly dead. like space dust and nuclear explosion kind of dead but that hasmt stopped them before#ash was LITERALLY ON TYPHON when it went boom (unless i missed a piece of lore) and she was space dust dead!!!!#and they still brought her back!!!!#also graves is dead?? as far as we know at least#and like. blisk has come back. blisk wants smth enough to come knocking on ash's door. blisk also has Very personal beef w mac and graves#like...ur teammate. a part of ur unit. the pilot u work with throughout the titan war betrays you#and then fifteen yrs later you very narrowly miss getting to kill himself yourself? and watch him get his final moments of heroic glory#even if he died he still messed up your plans and then was framed as a war hero?#and then to top it off ur long-time commander for those fifteen yrs AND the yrs in the war. Turns around and betrays you as well???#leaving you to be one of the only people left in charge of a floundering army stranded at the far end of space???#bro i would be fucking PISSED#wait shit *****graves ISNT dead#i hate the tumblr tag system sometimes lmao#anyways. if they bring thr tf1 cast back im fuckong losing it#this doesnt include barker or briggs they deserve the spotlight and were also in the second game#homk honk#head full many thoughts
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kumojinn · 7 months ago
C........, I want to thank you for sharing all of these memories and experiences with me. I only hope that you will take the time to read this.
We only have two months left in this year, thankfully this horrible year is almost over, and I’ve found myself wondering a lot, were we really real? Just two years ago we were sharing moments together and doing things like getting pho and boba, having conversations in your car(which you named Israphel at the time lol), having me sign your yearbook, going on adventures together (the night time ones were my favorites), having silly moments with one another, comforting you the times that you’ve cried in my arms, venting to one another about the problems that we were having, how one time I had to help you and your brother with lion dancing, how we went to the dior exhibit at the museum together, and other things.
Sometimes I’ll remember how you were just that cute girl that I saw around campus, how our friends were trying to push us together, and how it turned out that we both liked one another. Our initial feelings towards one another were so unabashed, but I felt that from the moment I met you that you were going to mean so much to me. I could tell this from how we would differentiate our shared moments and experiences with one another; how you would tell me, show me, and experience things with me.
Although it was poorly communicated between us, even earlier this year, and prior, feels unreal, too. I could never forget the last night that we were together, and I wish that I had told you what I wanted to tell you that night, but I didn’t.
I’m so thankful for all of the memories and experiences that we’ve shared together. I don’t think that I could ever forget them, and I wouldn’t have wanted to share them with anyone else other than you. I will always have the birthday card that you gave me, because nobody has ever written something like that for me before. I hope that you’ll always have the rilakkumas that I gave you, and hopefully they will remind you to always find the time to relax, just as the rila in their name means :p. The seasons of Autumn and Winter remind me of us the most, because it’s when we had a lot of our memories and adventures together. I want to let you know that you’ll always have a special place in my heart, and that I could never bring myself to think negatively of you.
Since I am writing this here, I just wanted to say that I did remember that you have a tumblr, I just never told you mine. I hope that you’ll read through my blog, there’s memories of you and us here with the earliest mention being in August of 2018. I didn’t use this blog at all in 2019 though.
A small part of me hopes that you’ll want, even if it may just be once more, to catch up and get boba, but I understand that from all that you have said, you wouldn’t want to.
Again, thank you for everything, I’m so glad that I was able to meet you and to have you in my life, even if it may just be for a short time. The world is a softer place with you in it, and I’m thankful that you’re the first person to teach me what the feeling of love is and how to understand it, despite how late I was in realizing and understanding what my true feelings were. I was scared to admit my feelings towards you because I still felt like I couldn’t be enough for you when we started to talk again. I realized that I did love you, but I may be too late seeing how long it took me to really process everything.
You’re so wonderful and lovely, I hope that you’re still finding reasons to smile and laugh more, and that you’re taking care of yourself and loving yourself. You’re just awesome, and I forgive the world because it has you in it.
Thank you for teaching me that I should never negatively assume what I mean to others, and to never be afraid to speak my true feelings to others. Admitting this may be pointless now, but when I did break up with you in June of last year, I still had feelings for you and even now. It was so thoughtless of me to assume that I was a burden to you and my friends, due to my anxiety, and I broke up with you because of it. Especially given that you said you wanted to see me and to spend time with me more, since we no longer went to the same university.
I’m saying this candidly, and I don’t want this compliment to sound like I’m putting you on a pedestal, but you honestly have such a beautiful soul. A soul that I doubted would ever exist in this world, a soul that I never knew would have such an impact on me.
To address the elephant in the room, can we really be strangers again after all that has happened?
I hope that I’ll hold some special place in your heart, too. It may be silly to say this, but the optimist in my hopes that if we cross paths again in the future and feel any different we could start anew. Whether it be as friends, as significant others, or maybe more.
It still breaks my heart thinking about you, not only because I loved you, but because of how this all happened; I don’t know why it took me so long to process everything. It hurts thinking about how you may not be a part of my future anymore and it hurts knowing how much pain I’ve caused you, but it pales in comparison towards the pain that you felt waiting for me to feel at home with your heart.
Just in case I truly don’t have any other opportunity to say this, as I said to you that night in my car when we watched the full moon rise -- I love you. I don’t know what else to tell you, other than I fell in love with you a long time ago, and I didn’t have the courage to realize it, until now. I want to, although I’ve only caught glimpses of it when I’ve studied your eyes, see the world in the ways that you see it. I don’t want you to guess anymore how much you meant and mean to me, because I can only be clear with my intentions and feelings towards you. I hope that you’ll feel these words, but will they be felt in the way that they were meant to be?
Please promise me that you’ll never stop loving yourself and everything that encompasses you. Be careful about who you give your sunsets, midnights, and mornings to. I wish that I could celebrate your birthday with you. Thank you for everything. I wish that I could talk to you again, and hold you in my arms. Your presence, and the ways that we would differentiate our experiences are what I miss the most. If you feel any differently about me now and then at any point... Well, you know how to contact me
I’m not heartbroken
Was simply just hoping
It’d be you and me at the end of the line
Was it real? Was it fate?
Oh, the mess we made
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queenerdloser · 11 months ago
reading mac reviews is so fucking funny to me as a normal person bc so many of them are like... itty bitty baby complaints about how a fan is too loud or the computer runs hot or s/t and it’s like... okay king but does it load quickly? is the battery life pretty good? can it hold a lot of files? for everyday fucking people is it a decent computer?
it’s like these people think only other computer nerds will ever buy a computer and thus they need to provide a ton of useless spec information that means literally nothing to an average layperson and that most people who are using their computers for day-to-day stuff will never really need to worry about anyway. i don’t care!! if the i5 processor means you can edit 4k video more easily!!! please just tell me if this computer can easily multitask between web browsers, handle writing programs, and handle video streaming bc that’s pretty much all i use my computer for!! is that so difficult!!!!!!!
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teddybearsunflower · a year ago
yeah I work tomorrow but also. I'm lonely again I want company.
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loadinggraphic539 · 8 hours ago
Internet Explorer For Mac Os X
Tumblr media
Mar 24, 2020 Since then, Microsoft pushed harder and harder for its software on Mac OS X, and new versions of Internet Explorer were released regularly. Internet Explorer 5 landed in January 2020, followed.
It also provides all the latest security and performance enhancements for Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS X. Changes This latest version — version 5.2.3 — enhances browser compatibility for users who work on a network with secure authentication or with proxy servers.
Internet Explorer for Mac OS X (also referred to as Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition, Internet Explorer:mac or IE:mac) is a proprietary web browser (just like Safari) but was developed by Microsoft for the Macintosh platform to.
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If you’ve just recently switched from PC to Mac, you’ve probably noticed that instead of Internet Explorer or Edge that you’re used to, Mac has its own proprietary browser called Safari. In fact if you try searching for “download Internet Explorer for Mac” you’ll quickly realize that the exact IE equivalent on Mac doesn’t exist. What do you do then?
Interestingly, at the dawn of the world wide web in the late 90s, Internet Explorer was the default browser on all Macs. But when Apple introduced Safari as the new default browser in 2003, Microsoft has decided to discontinue the development of IE for Mac shortly after. So unless you run Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier (why would you?), there is no way to directly install Internet Explorer on Mac. And you definitely shouldn’t use the Internet Explorer versions from pre-2003 right now.
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How To Use Internet Explorer on Mac
Although natively launching Internet Explorer on Mac isn’t possible, there are other ways to simulate IE for Mac experience. You could mask Safari as different versions of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you could also install a virtual machine and launch IE for Mac that way, or you could simply choose to use any other third-party browser available on macOS.
Simulate Internet Explorer on Mac with Safari
Most of the time, if you need to use Internet Explorer on Mac, it’s probably for testing purposes, to see how certain websites or web apps perform, or to access websites that require you to use IE (yes, those still exist).
Both of those use cases could be easily performed by Safari. To use Internet Explorer with Safari, you just need to turn on developer tools:
In Safari, go to Preferences > Advanced
Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
Now you can access developer tools directly from Safari, which let you inspect websites, empty caches, and most importantly simulate a variety of other browsers right through the Safari app. To use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on Mac:
Go to the Develop menu in Safari’s menu bar
Navigate to User Agent and select the browser you’re looking for, whether it’s Microsoft Edge, any of the Internet Explorer versions, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
The website you’re on will be automatically refreshed to reflect the browser of your choice. Just don’t forget to switch back!
The User Agent option in Safari should cover nearly all reasons for using Internet Explorer on Mac. However, if you do absolutely need to launch Internet Explorer itself for one reason or another, you could also try doing it with the help of a virtual machine.
Launch Internet Explorer on a virtual machine
While using a virtual machine for Internet Explorer is not by any means an easy solution, it’s still there for anyone who needs it. What virtual machine essentially does is installing a full-scale copy of Windows on your Mac and letting you launch it as an app inside the macOS. From there you can launch Internet Explorer or, in fact, any program you miss from your Windows days.
To set up virtual machine, first you need to buy a copy of some virtual machine software (VMware Fusion is a good one) and a license for Windows. Once you have those in place:
Download both VMware fusion and the Windows ISO file
Launch VMware Fusion
In the Installation Method window, choose “Create a new custom virtual machine”
Drag and drop your Windows ISO file onto the dialogue window
Click Finish
Relaunch the virtual machine and click the play button to setup Windows
Now every time you need to use Internet Explorer on Mac, you can just launch the virtual machine and use IE directly with Windows that way. There are certainly a few downsides to this solution. First, you have to purchase both VMware Fusion and a licensed copy of Windows for the sole purpose of using Internet Explorer. Second, virtual machines tend to be quite heavy on your processor, as they are running the whole operating system inside them.
Another option available to you in case you don’t specifically need to use IE for Mac but rather move away from Safari is to switch to any other third-party browser, all of which are freely available on macOS.
Use third-party browsers on Mac
If Safari is not your first browser of choice and using Internet Explorer for Mac is at the very least quite complicated, you can download any other stable and widely used browser out there and make it the default one on your macOS.
Google Chrome
By far the most dominant browser of today, Google Chrome currently commands 45–65% browser market share. Developed by Google, the browser is available on both desktop and mobile devices, and thus boasts a significant amount of plugins and web apps that are exclusive to it. Chrome has also been praised for its speed and tight integration with all other Google products. As for the downsides, using Chrome means being subjected to Google’s pervading tracking and helping Google to effectively monopolize the web.
Firefox is another great everyday browser. Heir to the first commercial web browser called Netscape, it’s an open-source program owned by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation. Firefox is fast, secure, and boasts a supportive community around the world. All of this makes it a great alternative to Safari and Internet Explorer.
Brave is a newcomer to the browser arena that first appear only in 2015. Based on the open-source Chromium project (as is Google Chrome), the browser quickly gained a loyal following due to its aggressive privacy controls and ad blocking. Turning Brave into your default browser might seem a bit experimental at this point, but it nevertheless presents a good option for anyone concerned with privacy.
Microsoft Edge
Although not available on macOS as of early 2019, Microsoft has announced that it’s currently rewriting the Edge browser engine to run on Chromium (like Google Chrome and Brave), which means it will become compatible with macOS too upon release. Fingers crossed, but in the meantime you can choose one of the alternative browsers listed above.
Overall, these are your three options of running Internet Explorer on Mac. You can use Safari’s User Agent to view any webpage just as Internet Explorer would, launch the actual Internet Explorer browser through a virtual machine running Windows, or choose one of the alternative browsers if all you want to do is get away from Safari on Mac.
However, if you’re new to Mac, a browser might not be the only thing you’re concerned about. You also need to find apps to cover all kinds of issues related to optimization, organization, security, and productivity.
Tumblr media
Essential apps for all new Mac owners
As soon as you switch from PC to Mac, you realize that sadly not all apps you loved and used daily are available on macOS. So naturally you need to find suitable replacements. The good news is Mac has an abundance of great apps for everything you need. But how do you choose and decide which ones are worth your time?
That’s where a platform like Setapp becomes indispensable. Setapp is a collection of more than 150 essential apps and utilities for Mac that cover all possible use cases and scenarios. All apps in the collection are automatically updated to their latest versions and new apps are added regularly. It’s a godsend for new and seasoned Mac users alike. Discover new apps that are the best at what they do? What’s not to like?
Try all these apps for free
Get around browser restrictions to enjoy your web journey with useful apps for Mac users
Here is an essential introductory set of some of the apps featured on Setapp that every new Mac users should have.
Tumblr media
A lightweight utility performing a vital role, Bartender keeps your menu bar clean and tidy. As you use your Mac more and more, every new app would want to be featured in your menu bar (top-right corner). This quickly becomes unsustainable, and instead of a quick access to the apps you need, you’ll spend more time just trying to find the right one.
Mac’s default organization settings for menu bar are quite basic, only allowing you to reshuffle icons. Bartender lets you hide them under a single icon and feature just those you need to use right at the moment.
Lauded as the best writing tool for years, Ulysses features a clean interface and lets you focus on the writing process, whether it’s for simple notes, speeches, or anything in between. And the app’s Markdown support makes it much more web friendly, allowing direct exports to WordPress and Medium.
Disk Drill
No one ever wants to lose their files, no matter whether it’s due to physical damage or accidental deletion. Disk Drill solves that problem by essentially insuring and giving you the option to recover your files. As the most widely used data recovery tool around, Disk Drill helps you back your files on a regular basis and save lost files from damaged hard drives if things ever go south.
CleanMyMac X
The ultimate Mac optimization app, CleanMyMac X keeps your Mac free of any junk, safely and completely uninstalls old apps, and protects you from being affected by malware. Just launch CleanMyMac X once a month to do a complete scan of your computer and you’ll ensure your Mac’s top condition.
Best of all, Bartender, Ulysses, Disk Drill, CleanMyMac X, and all other apps featured on Setapp are available to you on a free trial. Just launch Setapp and try out as many apps as you want, turning your transition to Mac from a chore to a pleasurable discovery.
Setapp lives on Mac and iOS. Please come back from another device.
Meantime, prepare for all the awesome things you can do with Setapp.
Read on
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Internet Explorer For Mac Os X 10.8.5
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Internet Explorer For Mac Os X Yosemite
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rentfox514 · 9 hours ago
LUNA The Shadow Dust Download
Tumblr media
LUNA The Shadow Dust Free Download ApunKaGames – Overview – Free Download – PC – Compressed – Specs – Screenshots – RIP Type of game:Adventure PC Release Date: February 13, 2020 Developer/Publishers: Lantern Studio, Coconut Island Games, Application Systems Heidelberg LUNA The Shadow Dust (547 MB) is an Adventure video game. Developed and published by Lantern Studio, Coconut Island Games, Application Systems Heidelberg. It was released on February 13, 2020 for Windows. LUNA The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated Point&Click puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.
Luna Shadows Age
Luna The Shadow Dust Steam
Luna Shadows Wiki
Luna Shadows Waves
Luna The Shadow Dust Mac Download
Before downloading make sure that your PC meets minimum system requirements. Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Tumblr media
LUNA The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.Inspired by the old adventure games, LUNA The Shadow Dust is a moving tale of two playable companions drawn together in a hand-animated puzzle adventure, featuring a breathtaking original soundtrack and beautiful 2D cinematics. Download the best classic and new games on Windows, Mac & Linux. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies and 30-day money-back guarantee. Release: LUNA The Shadow Dust.
Processor: Intel core i5 2557M
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GT440 or HD5570
Tumblr media
Storage: 1 GB available space Tick tock: a tale for two.
How to Install?
Extract the file using Winrar. (Download Winrar)
Open “LUNA The Shadow Dust” folder, double click on “Setup” and install it.
After installation complete, go to the folder where you extract the game.
Open “PLAZA” folder, copy all files and paste it where you install the game.
Then double click on “luna” icon to play the game. Done!
How to Download? If your don’t know how to Download this game, just Click Here!
Game Size: 547 MB Password
Please share with your friends and help us to make best gaming community!
Hello Guys! We hope your game is working 100% fine because it is our first priority to upload only working and tested games. We test every single game before uploading but but if you encountered some error like Runtime Errors or Missing dll files or others errors during installation than you must need read this FAQs page to fix it.
LUNA The Shadow Dust PLAZA Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. It is an amazing casual, adventure and indie game.
LUNA The Shadow Dust PLAZA PC Game 2019 Overview
Inspired by the adventure games of old, LUNA The Shadow Dust is a moving tale of two playable companions drawn together in a hand-animated puzzle adventure, featuring a breathtaking original soundtrack and beautiful 2D cinematics.
Luna Shadows Age
To light a candle is to cast a shadow
Behind the shadow of reality, an enchanted world awaits illumination. Experience the magical journey of a young boy and his companion as they solve puzzles and trace back the memories of old, brought to life with visually stunning, wordless cinematics. Enter the ancient tower that stands at the edge of the world and discover the hand-drawn cinematics, intricate puzzles and haunting music of this indie gem.
Traditional frame by frame character animation
Luna The Shadow Dust Steam
12 frames per second, 3 layers per frame. Over 250 animations and 20 minutes of cinematics. A nostalgic and time-consuming process – but really worth the challenge for a small indie team of four.
Single player mode with dual character control
Solve puzzles from different perspectives. Discover a story of true courage with two playable characters drawn together through an inseparable bond.
Robo-Fortune grabs her opponent and lays on her back before her hands and legs separate from her body and hover into the air using rocket boosters, still holding the opponent. Then, her stumps each fire a laser, creating one huge laser. The opponent flies upward before falling back onto the ground. Thanks to the incredible support of Skullgirls’ fans, Robo-Fortune is the last of five additional characters funded by Lab Zero’s Indiegogo campaign to be added to Skullgirls Encore. Robo-Fortune comes equipped with all manner of advanced weaponry, including lasers, chainsaws, and mouse missiles. Metered Magnet Trap (236KK) is a very useful conversion tool, in order to use you have to hold it and release when opponent lands close enough to you, but not close enough that the opponent gets caught in to this super's grab. Skullgirls: robo-fortune.
Think outside of the box
Spark your imagination and solve a wide variety of puzzles, presented in gorgeous hand-drawn environments. Puzzles work standalone, requiring no ‘hidden items’ or player backtracking.
LESS reading, MORE cinematics
We replaced a dialogue system with a series of beautifully hand-animated cinematics telling a mysterious story.
Engaging Original Soundtrack
Our composer created an original soundtrack, designed to immerse the player in the emotional highs and lows of the story, kindling goose-bumps along the journey.
Technical Specifications of This Release.
Game Version : Initial Release
Interface Language: English
Audio Language : English
Uploader / Re packer Group: Plaza
Game File Name : LUNA_The_Shadow_Dust_PLAZA.iso
Game Download Size : 585 MB
MD5SUM : 373ea82e751cbfb52927df44dbff8cf9
System Requirements of LUNA The Shadow Dust PLAZA
Before you start LUNA The Shadow Dust PLAZA Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
Windows Minimum:
Luna Shadows Wiki
* OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10 * Processor: Intel core i5 2557M * Memory: 4 GB RAM * Graphics: GeForce GT440 or HD5570 * Storage: 1 GB available space
Luna Shadows Waves
LUNA The Shadow Dust PLAZA Free Download
Luna The Shadow Dust Mac Download
Click on the below button to start LUNA The Shadow Dust PLAZA. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.
Tumblr media
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