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#still going to try
cutecottagewife12 hours ago
aaaaaaa they're cute
#wife whispers#me: okay so if i can't find a native who i find attractive then i'll just date somebody anyway and hopefully i will like them#me after seeing pictures of the native i've been thinking about as a potential friend and/or partner: OH GOD THEY'RE ACTUALLY CUTE#like i haven't seen them in years so i didn't know if i would find them attractive or have any feelings for them#BUT. THEY'RE CUTE.#and!! idk if there's any chance that we will date but that's ok! i'm just going to befriend them and maybe. maybe we'll end up dating#since nobody has a crush on me rn and nobody has asked me out i still need to be the one to find a lover :/#like i am just a little tired of being the one to tell people i like them or to ask them out#and of course i HAVE been asked out but only while i was already in a relationship or when i was in high school#whatever. i'll find a lover even if that means i have to do everything myself#BUT once i find a lover i am not doing everything myself. i want to be shown how loved i am. i want stuff like a bouquet of dandelions and#and other cute things!!!#and i will write my lover love letters and make flower crowns for them and make little gifts for them and#and try to do things that make their life easier#i want to do so many things for my future lover but i also want to receive the same energy back you know?#i want somebody to hold doors open for me and to hold my hand at random times and to hold me close in their arms#and i will probably do much of the same for them#because i love giving affection!!!!#this femme (me) is too pretty and sweet to be without a sweet lover
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anextraordinarymuse20 hours ago
If there is any power in writing
It's this: I will unmake your world in pursuit of something better
I will pour my heart into fixing what you broke
In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda (as Alexander Hamilton), I'll write my way out
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wired-heartbeatsa day ago
If there are any self shippers that鈥檝e like, migrated over here from Twitter锟硷考 and any of y鈥檃ll need help figuring Tumblr out, ABSOLUTELY feel free to ask for help even if you think it鈥檚 a silly question!! It can be about the self shipping community on here or just general Tumblr stuff since I know this website/app operates 锟紂uite a lot differently than the others锟硷考锟硷考, I鈥檝e been on Tumblr for a very long time at this point锟 so I can help out if you need it!!锟
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luigraa day ago
Ok I was busy yesterday but TODAY I am going to finally get to draw
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jwilliambyersa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so suou鈥檚 most liked poem is聽鈥渁i mite no鈥澛爓hich is a poem about comparing your past and present feelings of the thing you love and renewing that passion 鈥渁s if [you] have never loved before.鈥 suou initially liked the poem because it was the聽鈥渇irst sound that filled the emptiness in [him]鈥 since it was said by his aunt who he cherishes. but now the reason he鈥檚 fighting so hard to get that poem鈥檚 card is because he鈥檚 realizing that he rather have his heart be filled with light than darkness or emptiness, and therefore, he is essentially renewing both his love for karuta and his want to remain as meijin :鈥)
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yueqqi-main2 days ago
Hey, mind doing a quick favor and stop scrolling please? Thanks.
Since I鈥檓 tired and also pissed off at a lot of things in general, namely ppl still expecting me to do the impossible and unsick myself like magic or apparently I鈥檓 faking disability but not enough to qualify for disability, and continuing to get mocked and verbally and psychologically abused at home but ig no one cares so
Just a less than subtle reminder that I have a Ko-fi and I just got $100 after really straining myself the last couple weeks since I鈥檓 not the only person to feed, family isn鈥檛 being very helpful on the mental health front and making things worse since at this point I don鈥檛 have much financial autonomy anymore else risking a much much worse outcome, and I can鈥檛 get out of here bc we鈥檙e in a fucking pandemic and I already drained away all of my savings in the first two months of being out of work. But, $100 only lasts maybe two weeks if I鈥檓 lucky and unfortunately unless I鈥檓 fending for only myself it鈥檚 definitely not gonna last very long.
Really, shares are very much appreciated and I鈥檓 tentatively testing the waters if I can start doing commissions now that my art has improved a lot, so if anyone also wanted to drop their opinions if they鈥檙e interested after checking out my most recent art @yueqqi or on my Instagram @/yueqqi that would also be appreciated. I feel ashamed asking for help like this again but it鈥檚 been really hard and I鈥檓 desperate.
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