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moonlighttfoxx · 5 months ago
The girl with the golden eyes: Prologue
Summary: Steve Rogers hates Y/N - the way her golden eyes sparke, the way her hair falls down her shoulders, the way she smells and most of all he hates that she screwed him over in a mission, working with Hydra. Caught between the hatred and the desire he feels for her, what will happen if they are forced to live and work together not as enemies, but as a team?
Story type: Series
Pairings: Steve Rogers x OC
A/N: This is my first try for an Avengers fanfic. All comments(even the negative ones) are welcome. I’ll try to post regularly. Keep in mind that I’m not a native English speaker, so I apologize for any mistakes that might occur in the story. :)
Warnings: Language, smut, adult content, 18+
Tumblr media
Steve looked around the room full of people. His eyes were rapidly scanning everyone until they landed on the person he was looking for – a tiny plain guy in his thirties. It was easy to miss him, given that he was no one special at all, but he used to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. employee and right now he was a great threat for them all.  He had to give the order for that guy to be taken down. He needed to be taken down one way or another, but Steve wasn’t willing to risk the lives of all those people. So right now the only thing he could do was patiently wait for the former employee to leave the event and then he would give the order to the agents that were surrounding the area around the event center.
Holding his drink in his hand, his eyes still casually going around the room, stopping for a second on each face – some of them familiar, others not so much. Rich gentlemen from the high classes with their polished wives showing off their fortune, parading with their marriages – shiny on the outside, broken and sad on the inside.
A sudden shiver pulled him out of his thoughts, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Surprised by that weird reaction of his body, he became even more alert and he started searching frantically for the cause of it. It was then, when his eyes were met by light brown intense almost magical orbs. Blue into golden.
You were walking in the room, moving slowly and gracefully in between the crowd. The long burgundy dress was hugging your curves perfectly. It was just the perfect combination of classy and sexy – it wasn’t showing too much flesh and yet it was enough for the mind to wonder what’s underneath it.
You took a quick look at the people in the crowd, but still kept your focus on the person you were here for tonight. Jim Brooks was right in front of you. Your eyes were set on him and you were doing your best to remain focused. You were well aware of the fact that you were being watched by the handsome man at the other end of the room. You also happened to know exactly who that was – you’d seen him on TV a couple of times. You blinked once and tried to bring your attention back on your mission.  Your eyes found your target quickly – Jim Brooks was a few feet away from you. You smiled to yourself. It was show time.
You moved past him, bumping into his shoulder accidentally on purpose, which caused him to spill his drink all over his shirt. He turned around to face you, looking annoyed as hell, but the moment he looked at you, his expression softened and his eyes travelled down your body.
‘Oh, my God. I’m so sorry, Sir. I’m so clumsy.’ you said sweetly. You looked down at his ruined shirt and then back at his face. You put your hand over the wet spot on his shirt, caused by the spilled drink. You moved your hand over it slowly, gently rubbing it.  ‘Oh… look at that. It’s going to leave a stain. I really am so so sorry.’
‘Well, I’m not.’ Jim smiled widely at you. ‘But how about you make it up to me by letting me get you a drink.’
‘I guess it’s the least I could do. Thank you’
‘Oh… trust me. It’s my pleasure, miss…’ Jim looked at you questionably, waiting to hear your name.
‘Lilly. Lilly Sparks’ you said sweetly. That was your alias. The name you used when you were on a mission.
‘Well, miss Sparks that over there is my table. Why don’t you wait for me there while I go and get you that drink’  
Steve was curiously watching the peculiar encounter taking place in front of him. He wasn’t sure what was happening. Jim Brooks was supposed to leave the event, but he got distracted by the beautiful girl with the golden eyes and what was the strangest part – she seemed interested in him. Something was definitely fishy. There was no way a girl like her would have a slight interest in a simple plain man like Jim Brooks.
Steve was getting slightly irritated. This mission should have ended by then. They should have already taken the flash drive from Jim and called it a night. That lady was slowing the mission down and that was a problem. Fortunately, he had an idea how to quickly deal with the situation. He downed his drink and straightened his tie, then stood up from the bar and headed directly towards the girl. Truth be told, that idea wasn’t his favorite, but it was the first thing that came to his mind.
‘Excuse me, Miss’ he said when he reached the table where she was waiting for Jim. She looked at him, her golden eyes shining under the artificial lights of the room expectantly, obviously waiting for what he had to say. God, she was beautiful. ‘I was wondering… would you like to dance with me?’
‘Oh, I’m sorry, Sir. I’m waiting for somebody’ now that was new for Steve. The ladies usually would throw themselves at him. He definitely wasn’t prepared for that answer.  He started thinking of what to say next, but he didn’t have much time, because a moment later Jim was back to the table with a drink in his hand.
‘Is everything okay here?’ he asked, his eyes nervously looking at Steve. Jim’s hand slowly slid to his right pocket. Obviously however stupid that might be, the flash drive they were looking for was there.
‘Yes, everything’s great. Would you like to dance?’ the girl asked looking at Jim.
‘Oh, yes’ he nervously answered, putting down the drink he was holding, then took her hand and led her to dance floor, where a few other couples were already moving around under the beat of some slow song. Steve couldn’t do anything, but just watch. The golden eyed girl pressed her body against Jim, she was whispering in his ear, giggling at his responses. She was probably just another stupid girl, looking for a sugar daddy. That was the only logical explanation of her interest in Jim.
They continued to dance for some time with Steve watching them intently.  Eventually they came back to the table. Both of them looked at Steve questionably.
‘Oh, captain Rogers. You are still here.’ Jim said. ‘Is there anything we can do to help you?’
What was happening with him? Of course if he continued to just stand there, it would look suspicious. Come on, Rogers, you are better than that. If he didn’t get his act together, he was going to blow it.
‘Nothing. I was just leaving. Enjoy the evening you two’ Steve smiled and walked away.
He sat back at the bar and continued to casually watch the interaction between Jim and the girl with the golden eyes. They were talking and laughing for good 20 minutes. Then the lady took out a piece of paper from her purse and gave it to Jim. Steve assumed it was her phone number. Then she hugged him and gave him a light peck on the cheek. With that, she turned around and headed for the exit. Steve’s eyes lost her in the crowd a few seconds after.
Jim stood there at the table, smiling at himself. That fool. He finished his drink, straightened his suit and also headed for the exit.
‘Okay, guys ‘Steve said almost cheerfully, speaking to his teammates through the device in his ear. ‘Stay on position. He’s coming.’
He waited a few minutes himself and started making his way through the crowd, going for the door.
‘Uhm… Sir’ he heard one of the agents speak in his ear. ‘He’s got nothing on him.’
‘What?!’ Steve almost yelled. ‘What do you mean nothing? It should be in his right pocket!’
‘It’s empty, Sir’
Where was the flash drive? He could have sworn it was in his pocket. It was visible from the camera footage and from his behavior tonight. It should have been on him unless…
You walked to the limo waiting on the side of the event center. The driver smiled at you and opened the door for you.
‘Thank you’ you smiled and got in the car.
‘So… do you have it?’ Brock Rumlow asked, looking at you intently.
You raised your hand, holding the flash drive in it and smiled, saying:
‘Hail Hydra!’
Chapter 2:
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