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#steve x teen!reader
caradoc-dearborn · a day ago
Avengers x male reader headcannons
Warnings: none
Not requested (I had this awful idea all on my own!)
It’s pure crack. I can’t take myself seriously anymore. Oh, and reader is a teenager in this.
Y/n just starts stomping around the compound one day
Everyone assumes he’s having a bad day
But then he just keeps doing it? It’s days later and everyone’s very confused
Some of them ask him what’s up because what could be bothering him? Is it school?? Friends?? (Could it be *whispers, frightened* hormones??)
He’s just like “nah, everything’s fine, don’t worry”
They don’t believe him (they should)
So the avengers hold a meeting about it. An entire meeting. About why their teammate could be upset. Ridiculous.
The reader walks in on the meeting and he’s like “??? A meeting? Why wasn’t I told about it??? What’s up?”
Natasha just asks him. She’s blunt like that. “What’s been bothering you this last week?”
“What do you mean?”
Tony says, “Kid, you’ve been stomping around the tower the past few days. We can all hear it through the floors. What’s wrong?”
Y/n laughs. Hard. Everyone’s confused.
“So none of you noticed??”
... “noticed what?”
“Look at- Look at my fucking feet.”
He’s wearing Sketchers light up sneakers. They’re stomp activated.
(Apparently the Earth’s mightiest heroes are dumbasses)
Clint and Natasha face-palm because they’re literal spies so why didn’t they just pay closer attention?
Steve is exasperated and even more confused because why on earth do light-up shoes exist?
Bruce just sighs and looks at y/n thinking I don’t get paid enough for this shit
Wanda was just glad that y/n wasn’t upset. And she likes the shoes. In her eyes, it’s a win-win situation
Tony feels a bit stupid for having blown the whole thing out of proportion, but he also wants to know if this a new trend with The Kids these days. Maybe he’ll ask Peter about it?
Y/n teases everyone about this whole thing months later
“Hey, remember that time y’all thought I was being an angsty teenager but I just had new shoes?”
“Oh, you know what I was just thinking about? When the Avengers assumed I was unstable but I actually had lit new kicks.”
“What would Director Mister Spy Nicholas J. Fury Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire do if he found out his hand-picked team is actually full of immature children who don’t know how to communicate?”
(Of course, y/n doesn’t dare say this to Natasha. She’s scary. I’m scared of her. You would be too. Don’t even try to deny it.)
Anyway, this ultimately served as a lesson: always suspect that Gen Z kids are doing something unexpected, but not necessarily detrimental to their own health
(Disclaimer: I hate Sketchers. Not just because my feet are the wrong shape for their shoes. They fucking moved into five HUGE buildings right by my street and made parking unbearable. So I have a personal grudge)
Well! I hope you enjoyed this! It was fun to write, and I’m hoping it was at least mildly entertaining.
If anyone wants to send me a request for a male reader fic, or some headcannons, that’d be great! (also I’d be so, so honored)
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 days ago
Part 2 of “if we had 5 more minutes”, Goodbye texts from the Avengers
Hey besties 👋 I made myself cry writing the first part so here’s to doing it again writing this 🥳😌😎 I am gonna have to do another part of this so stay tuned for that 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 days ago
If We Had 5 More Minutes
Hey Besties, I just want to say that there will be talk of death, grief and a brief mention of alcohol being used to cope and as always me not proofreading. Anyway, this kind of sucks but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Hold on besties! I’m so proud of all of you
A mission goes wrong and you die. How would they react? Let’s find out 
The mission was supposed to be a quick one
Get in, take what you needed and get out 
But it wasn’t 
Before you even got there the vibe on the jet was weird 
Bucky and A few others claiming they had a bad feeling about the mission
“All I’m saying is we should be extra careful, I have been doing this long enough to be able to tell when somethings wrong” Bucky said to Steve obviously frustrated with the way the Captain wasn’t listening. “Buck you just need to take a breath, if you aren’t ready and can’t put your superstitions to one side then I will take you off of this mission and leave you in the jet” the blond replied using his captain voice. You were watching this all from your seat knowing that it was best not to get involved and get so emotional before a mission. You did have to admit that something felt strange but you had put it down to the adrenaline pumping through your veins as it always did before a mission. “I’m sure we’ll be fine, we’re a team remember. We go in together and come out together no matter how we are feeling” you said trying to lighten the mood. Whether it lightened the mood or not the men decided to drop the subject and carry on the prep.
If only
When you all made your way to the designated start point the air was still filled with something you couldn’t decipher, whatever it was you could cut it with a knife it was so prominent
Still you and the rest of the team got ready for Caps orders 
“Ready guys?” Steve's’ voice crackled over the comms
“What? Ready to kick some bad guys ass? When are we not” Tony joked. He always had a joke to make or a way to lighten the mood “Hell yeah Stark” you giggled. “Alright, on my count” Steve said, you could tell even just by his voice that he was smiling “1. 2. 3. GO GO GO”
And with that you were off like a flash. 
Zooming straight to the North Corner with Sam just like you were told
It all went wrong so quickly that if someone were to ask you what happened you wouldn’t know where to start
There were more guards than you had previously anticipated meaning you all had to work twice as hard to try and find the USB with the information on 
“Uhhhh Steve, we might need some help up here” Sam called through the comms as he fought off 2 agents at once. Mean while you were struggling to hold off 3. Left hook. Duck. Kick. Slash. Slash. Right hook. Just as you had been trained to do, whether it was the fact there was 3 of them or the fact that they were practically a wall of muscle, you were finding it hard to dodge their attacks. You already had a black eye, a slash on your arm and at least a fractured or bruised rib. “Steve Hurry up, unlike you I don’t think I can do this all day” you joked trying Tony’s tactic to pretend you didn’t feel like there was an elephant pressing on your chest.
Steve got there shortly after
Having taken down all the agents on his side 
However 1 shield and 4 more agents with guns wasn’t exactly the most reassuring situation
Bang. A scream.Falling to the ground, a scream tore from your throat. When had the guy aimed at you? Why did it feel like you were falling in slow motion? Your body hit the floor with a thud “Y/N’S DOWN GET OUT TO THE JET NOW” you could here Caps voice but it sounded like you were underwater. As you drifted in and out of consciousness you could feel your body being lifted up by a pair of arms and carried out of the building. Opening your eyes all you could here was the dull sound of cried from your team mates “it’s going to be okay” you coughed, blood spilling out your mouth. That wasn't a good sign. “We’re a team remember?” you said, smiling as best you could as your black dots started to cloud your vision. “Don’t you dare die on us doll!” Bucky choked from somewhere on the jet, “Bucky's right, we’re a team just like you said” Bruce cried. Where was everyone's voice coming from? “You can’t leave us” Natasha sobbed, you tried your best to open your eyes but they just felt so heavy. “I’m not leaving you” you said breathy “I’m always gonna be here” struggling to speak you said the only thing you had the strength to and the only thing you could think of “I love you all, I’m sorry” tears rolled down your cheek as you looked into Steve’s eyes. “It’s okay princess, you have” his sentence was interrupted by a cry “nothing to be sorry about” and with that you closed your eyes.
Dying. It didn’t feel like how the movies said it would. It wasn’t like being embraced in a blanket, it wasn't soft or calm it was harsh and rushed. You had been ripped from your families world in a flurry of tears and blood and broken promises. That’s the thing about death. The people who describe it as greeting an old friend or surrendering to the unknown in a blissful and unaware state, fail to account for the people we leave behind. The broken, griefing and shattered people. That’s all the Avengers were without you. Broken people. Bruce no longer looked forward to leaving the lab to see you standing there with a coffee in your hand and a knowing smile on your face. Tony no longer joked, opting to wallow in his pain at the bottom of a bottle. Steve no longer found joy in drawing, you were always his inspiration and now you were gone. Bucky no longer talked, what was the point if the people listening weren’t you? Clint was no longer a shoulder to cry on for others, spending more time at home with his own family. Vision no longer used the door to the bedroom you had once occupied, in fact he refused to go in at all. Thor no longer laughed. Loki no longer took pride in his magic, it’s not like it saved you? Wanda no longer baked, you used to do that with her. Pietro no longer raced around, it was normal to see him slowly walking through the corridors remembering how your laugh used to bounce of the walls. Natasha no longer had someone to mother or even talk to. Peter no longer smiled.
That’s the funny thing about losing someone you love. You often find yourself remembering the times you had, asking yourself all the what if’s and the why not me. It leaves a person shattered and more often than not the only person who could mend that was the person that was no longer there. Without you, they were no longer a team. I mean how could they be when you were the glue holding them together?
Yes the world kept turning and the sun still rose.
But without you around to light up their lives like the star you were 
The world didn’t seem the same.
So how did they  react? How did they cope?
They didn’t.
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tara-learns-to-write · 3 days ago
They didn’t see that coming
Mind if I ask a steve x teen reader where they have a different mutant ability (fire manipulation and blood manipulation) seeing how they beat a bad guy by using two elements against them to using one bad guy as a puppet how would steve and the others find out
Hey Bestie, thanks for the request this was so much fun to write! I hope it lived up to your expectations :) sorry, it was shorter than expected :/
You were hired by Nick because of your skills in combat 
You were basically Natasha but… little 
No one knew about your powers as it wasn’t on your file and also because you didn’t use them unless you really had to as they took a lot out of you
“Oh come on Mini-me just because you don’t have Pietro’s lightning speed doesn’t mean you can’t try to race him,” Natasha said with a smirk plastered on her lips. Setting your feet at the start line you looked back at her “oh I intend to try, build up endurance you know?”. 
You didn’t think it was possible to be in pain everywhere until you ran a 10-mile race with Steve, Pietro, and Bucky.
“You know you could always ask one of us powered folks to get your glass for you ?” Loki chuckled from the corner of the room watching you struggle to get the cup from the top shelf “yep I am perfectly aware of that Mr last time y/n asked for a cup I put a spider in it” as your fingers wrapped around the object you realized it must have been him who put it up there in the first place “Bastard” you muttered walking away.
Another fun fact about you was that you were very protective of your family which showed up in little acts at first
Glancing over at them during battle to make sure they were okay, double-checking the mission briefs to make sure you had memorized how many guards there would be
They didn’t know how far you would go so they liked to test the boundaries
however, everything came out 1 mission
“y/n Cap’s gonna need an extra pair of hands in the south corridor” Tony’s voice crackled through the comms. You started to change your course and ran through the rubble of some building that had gotten knocked down in the process of the fight “Got it Stark, already on my way”. When you got there you weren’t expecting to see Steve fighting off 4 agents and struggling to beat them, you knew this wasn’t going to be good if you didn’t step in and use your powers, so conjuring a ball of flames in your hand you screamed “STEVE DUCK” and as the blond fell to the ground you threw the flames in the agents' direction. “2 down 2 to go” you muttered getting ready to use the one power you had been trying to hide for the last 6 months. “So boys, who wants to play a game?” you stalked towards the 2 men, a sick smirk slowly inching onto your face “How about Simon says? I’ll start” flicking a wrist up you continued “Simon says I’m gonna boil you form the inside out and then I’m gonna take you” you used your free hand to point at the now terrified agent “and make you fight against your own team, how does that sound? Great let’s get started”. Suddenly, the first man started to scream out in pain, writhing in the floor like a worm on concrete “pathetic” you spat. Using your powers to bend both the mans blood and body to your will and watched as he fought against the urges you were sending him “Y/N! IT’S DONE LEAVE THEM AND LET’S GO” you heard Steve shout, so letting your grip on them fall you ran out after the super soldier to the jet.
You could almost feel the tension when you stepped back onto the jet
And it was only then that you realized that they had been watching the whole thing from the CCTV cameras in the corridor
“So you do have powers?” “You didn’t think to tell us you could make a grown man cry”  “I’m impressed” You sat down as the team started to bombard you with questions, thinking that it would be best if you left it a minute before you started to talk “Look I didn’t think I would ever use them again, it wasn’t on my file so I didn’t think it was necessary. I’m sorry” and that was where the conversation ended
You were never teased again
And Loki even taught you how to do even more damage with your new skillset 
Fury made sure to add it to your file 
Apart from that, everything was fine in the Avengers Tower and if anything, it brought you closer together as a family
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simpforquicksilver · 3 days ago
Tragedy 🎭
Request: can you maybe write a drabble/blurb/whatever you want with the 10th angst prompt “you’re hurting me”. Bucky x daughter!reader please? Maybe fatherfigure!steve as too?
Summary: Bucky has been freed of HYDRA yet, and his daughter must bear the consequences.
Warnings: Choking, extreme angst, sad!bucky
Join my followers celebration here!
You and Bucky had fallen asleep on the couch. It was the consequence of your weekly Friday-night movie marathon in an attempt to catch him up on pop culture. His vibranium arm was wrapped around your shoulders and your feet were tucked into the his side. Your heads were resting against the others as you slept in the dim light of the tv screen. All was perfectly peaceful.
That was, until you felt cold metal slip around your throat. Your eyelids shot open and you could feel you veins bulge as the air was squeezed up of them. Your fathers expression was dark and his glare was dissecting your insides.
“Papa?” You squeezed out, though you knew this was not your dad, this was the Winter Soldier and he was going to kill you.
“Please papa, you’re hurting me,” your voice was scratchy and broken but it seemed to get through to him because he soon dropped you down to the floor.
You coughed and wheezed trying to force oxygen into your lungs, and you heard your father gasp,
“(Y/n)? I didn’t- oh I’m so sorry doll. I don’t-” He stuttered out, before his light steps frantically padded out the door.
You looked up, tears welling in your eyes. Picking up the landline, you dialled the only number you had ever called.
“Hello?” The deep groggy voice called down the wire,
“Steve? He’s- he’ gone,”
“(Y/n)? I’ll be right there,”
He got there quickly and unlocked the door with his own set of keys, he had bought coffee along the way and set it down on the counter before he looked around for you.
He found you in your bedroom, huddled on your bed with your knees pressed to your chest.
“(Y/n)? What happened?”
“He- he tried to strangle me, but it wasn’t him,”
He nodded in understanding, “So he ran away once he realised what happened?”
The creak of the floor boards made you both look up to see the familiar silhouette in your door way.
“Papa?” You croaked, but he didn’t move.
“Buck?” Steve tried, and yet he still didn’t move, “Buck, what happened wasn’t your fault, the Wakandans are working on removing the programming,”
“Steve, I can’t be around them until its gone, until I’m free. They won’t be safe until I’m no longer like this.”
“Papa, we can fix this. Find a way! Its not as bad as you think,”
He shook his head, “Sam said he would fly me out in the morning,”
“Bucky, at least think about this! They need you!” Steve protested, standing up from the bed,
“Steve you can’t change my mind, I’m doing this to protect them.” And with that he walked off and out, the two of you hearing the front door slam behind him.
It felt as if the tears would never stop.
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tara-learns-to-write · 3 days ago
Being Shy and Quiet but loving Horror movies and how the Avengers would react:
Hey Besties, I did get this as an ask but I was an idiot and deleted it :/ but here it is anyway. Hope this is what you wanted :) if it wasn’t I can redo it but no more stalling let’s get into it. @loudbluepancake thank you for the request 💖
Okay so you were a pretty sweet person 
When you first joined the team it did take a little while for you to open up and make friends but that's only because they were THE AVENGERS and well you were a little nervous 
The team new you could hold your own in the field but that doesn’t mean they were any less protective
You were only training so there really was no need for them to get so upset over the fact that Thor had been a little rougher than expected “come on Point Break what were you thinking” Tony sighed at the God. You just sat there on the bench and waited for some quiet in between the conversation so you could get a word in. “Starks right Thor it was irresponsible yes they can take it but doesn’t mean you can just go at them like that” oh god he had his captain voice on, that wasn’t good “uhm guys” no reply too caught up in whatever Bucky and sam had started to say to the man “GUYS! You do realise that I don’t mind just because you guys go easy on me doesn’t mean the enemy will so thank you Thor for giving me a chance to actually train” that certainly shut them up. Getting up from the bench, grabbing your water you waved goodbye to them and headed for the showers.
Okay so it got a little annoying but it was fine as long as they let you get on with it when you were actually fighting whatever alien or mad man that had decided they wanted to destroy the world
There was always a monthly Movie night 
A night when everyone cleared their calendars, texted their family and got under the fluffy (overpriced) blankets Tony and bought and stay there for the night 
Without fail every month there would be an argument about who would pick the movie everyone claiming they had the better option
In those moments of normalcy there was no place you would rather be
“We are NOT watching The Hobbit again I swear to God I would rather shoot myself in the foot and run a marathon” it was safe to say that Sam was fed up of The Hobbit being an option every month but every month Loki would put up the same argument “But the small man is very interesting to watch” never mind The Hobbit this was interesting to watch you thought as Nat handed you the popcorn also content with watching the men acting like children over something so silly. The second movie that was always entered by an anonymous hero was ‘Teen Beach Movie’ it got picked once and you swore you saw Clint jamming along to the songs so you are starting to think maybe he puts it in.
So out of sheer desperation it was decided that you would all be watching ‘The Conjuring’ 
Everyone was a little nervous about how a sweet little thing like you would react but they really shouldn’t have worried 
“Pssssst, Bruce” Wanda whispered to the scientist as she munched on the sweets she had brought “HAhg what” who would have thought someone who could turn into a mean green killing machine would get so scared over a whisper “what is y/n doing?” 3 more heads that had caught on to the conversation looked turned to look towards you “ARE THEY GIGGLING!” yes yes you were “I think so” a murmur of confusion washed over the group as they watched you imitate the scared faces of the characters. All of a sudden the TV paused “hey I was enjoying that” you complained, a pout clear on your face even in the dark lit room “yeah we could tell”, were you laughing?” you had watched this movie at least 5 times so y now you found it hilarious “Yeah I was sorry was it distracting? I just love watching these types of things they just make me laugh” well that was new for them “even Tony is scared how are you doing this” Steve said from his cocoon of blankets “I don’t know I just am, can we maybe turn it back on now I was enjoying that”
They really didn’t expect it
Let’s just say anytime Loki wanted to watch a scary movie you were invited and anytime Steve wanted to try watching one you would get a phone call
Not that you minded
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shaded-echoes · 5 days ago
Inauspicious Stars // Prologue
Stark!Peter Parker x Rogers!Reader
Taglist: @potters-heart
Two households, both alike in dignity
(In fair New York where we lay our scene),
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-crossed lovers “take their life”;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife.
The fearful passage of their death-marked love
And the continuance of their parents’ rage,
Which, but their children’s’ end, naught could remove,
Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage.
The which, if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.
Do they make it? None shall tell you
(but I won’t tell you they don’t get away)
This tale of Romeo and Juliet
The passage of time, and mortals, and play
Next Part >>>
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I Don’t Dance (A Request)
Tumblr media
Requested: Anonymous
Word Count: 1658
Pairing: None, Platonic Avengers X Teen!Female!Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
A/n: Sorry for the long wait guys! I’m going to try to get back into writing steadily again but I don’t want to get your hopes up too high! so be patient with me please! Requests will still be closed until I am caught up with the requests I currently have sitting in my google docs.
Ps: Do you like my play on the title? :) If you know where it’s from then I hope you got the song stuck in your head now!
Request: Could I request an imagine with the avengers where teen!reader plays softball (shortstop maybe??) and they all watch?? Maybe it can be a close game. It’ll be up to you if reader’s team wins or not. But if you don’t want to write this thats ok too. I really enjoy reading your stories!! :)
You breathed out deeply, focusing on the white noise surrounding you and the feel and weight of the metal bat in your hands.
Your eyes met the piercing gaze of the pitcher and you smirked, egging her on.
Time seemed to slow as the pitcher wound up and then released, right away you could tell it was a curveball. But unluckily for her, you were one of the best batters’ in the league and with a well-timed swing, hit the ball straight out to the far outfields. 
“Yes! Go [Y/n]! That’s our girl!” The loud voice of one Tony Stark rang out over the field as you raced around the bases, getting the final home run and winning the game for your team with a score of 7-5.
Dropping your helmet in your bag once back inside the dugout, you wiped the sweat from your forehead as you accepted the congratulations from your teammates and captain.
“Amazing as always [Y/n].” Your coach caught you before you could leave, patting you on the head, before she smirked and looked behind you for a moment, “Though maybe next time your friends can show up incognito and not distract your teammates, the score shouldn’t have been that close together.”
You laughed, looking over your shoulder at the Avengers who were all in their suits, covered in dirt and other questionable stains and bruises.
With a final good job, the coach sent you on your way and you jogged over to the Avengers, “Did you guys finish the mission? I thought you wouldn’t be able to make this game?” 
Steve ruffled your hair, his smile lighting up the sky it seemed, “We wouldn’t miss a single of your games [Y/n]. Don’t worry about the mission.”
Wanda sighed, but she was smiling as she moved to your side, “What Steve means is that we finished the mission just in time. But until you're officially an Avenger, you should just stay focused on school.”
You laughed along with the Avengers. Ever since you had been a child, they had been your friends, like older brothers and sisters, as they helped raise you. You had been found alone as a baby wandering the streets without any memory of parents or a home when Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff had stumbled across you. A normal child by all standards, but they must have seen something in you because they never turned you into 
Taken in by the Avengers, you never imagined you would have a normal life. And that was true to some extent. From the time you were a toddler to a pre-teen, you had been homeschooled and taught advanced science and mechanical engineering from Bruce Banner, Vision and Tony Stark. You had been given martial arts lessons and defence from Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff. 
Then you met Peter Parker, the spider-man and Tony Stark’s apprentice. He was close to your age and you grew close to him, the first contact you had with someone young. Together you convinced the team to let you go to a normal highschool. So you entered Midtown high alongside Peter and soon discovered your joy and affinity for Fastpitch.
A beast at shortstop and a hell of a batter, you rose through the team until you were the youngest and apparently fastest player to hit Varsity.
“Hey [Y/n]! Oh!” Peter skidded to a halt beside you, a red flush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Hi Mr. Stark!”
You punched the boy’s shoulder causing him to yelp, “What is it Peter?”
Peter jumped and then smiled, “Oh! I was going to ask if you wanted to play a quick round since the field is now clear.”
The Avengers immediately perked up and looked at you excitedly causing you to giggle and point at their suits, “Aren’t you guys tired from the mission? We can play on another day.”
Tony swung an arm around your shoulder and gestured wildly, “Today’s a perfect day though [Y/n]! And we’re the avengers! If we couldn’t handle an easy game of fastpitch what type of protectors would we be?”
You smirked, “Easy you say? Alright, let’s pick teams. Peter and I are captains.”
Everyone shifted uneasily, seeming to sense the shift of tension and your smirk grew wider. They may be the Avengers, but fastpitch was where you shone the brightest.
“I’ll take Bucky.” You started off the nominations.
By the end, the teams were decided with you as the captain alongside your players, Bucky, Steve,  and Natasha, while Peter had Tony, Bruce and Wanda, and Vision deciding to be the referee with Clint as the catcher for both teams.
“We’ll take the field first.” You made the executive decision, deciding not to leave it to a coin toss. “One inning outfield and one batting for each team, the one with the most homeruns wins.”
Tony preened, “You already know who’s going to win.”
You tilted your head and asked, “Do we?” Before turning away and walking back into the dugout you had just occupied for the past several hours. 
Your team took the field first, and you took your spot as shortstop. Steve took first base while Natasha stood in the far outfield and Bucky took up position as the pitcher. 
Tony sauntered up to bat first, his Iron Man suit almost completely off except for the gloves and shoes. 
He smirked as he swung the bat back and forth before taking up a stance, eyeing Bucky who took a deep breath and then wound up for the pitch, using his metal arm to pitch.
The ball moved so fast, you couldn’t track it with your eyes. The crack from the bat hitting the ball was as loud as thunder and you couldn’t hold back the flinch.
“Would you look at that!” Tony laughed, but he was interrupted by Peter shouting, “Run you old man!”
Tony looked back, affronted with a hand to his chest,  “Who are you calling old?”
And then Vision called out, “Mr. Stark, you are out.”
Tony flipped around, “What?”
You laughed, pointing to where Steve stood on first base, a ball in his hand from where Natasha had caught it and thrown it to him. “Next time you should run around the bases before trying to brag.”
Peter’s team finally managed to get a homerun after Wanda manipulated the ball a bit, which caused a bit of a stir about whether abilities should be allowed or not. 
Finally it was your team’s turn to be at bat and you started off strong with Bucky. Wanda pitching for Peter’s team as he stood on first, Tony was at shortstop and Bruce was out in the outfield looking distinctly uncomfortable holding the glove on his hand.
You went through your roster and finally it was your turn up at bat. The teams were tied and you were the last to bat, with two strikes against your team. 
Taking up a stance, you breathed out deeply and focused on the weight of the bat in your hands, the sand under your feet, the sun on your face and the look Wanda gave you as she wound up the pitch.
You shouted out, “Don’t go easy on me guys just because I’m not an Avenger!”
The others exchanged looks and then nodded at you, making you pleased.
When Wanda released her pitch, your eyes tracked the ball. You didn’t have super strength, or flight, or were a trained assassin, but Fastpitch was your lifeblood and you knew from the bottom of your heart that you could hit this ball out of the park.
You mentally spoke to yourself, not yet, not yet….now! And swung with everything you had. 
The ball made contact and though it didn’t create a thunderous crack, it did ring in your ears and hands as the bat vibrated from the force of the connection. 
You dropped the bat and ran like the devil was licking at your heels. Your mind focused on the bases in front of you as you rounded them, but half an ear out listening as Tony yelled for Bruce to ‘Throw the damn ball already!’
You internally smirked, breathing evenly as you pumped your arms, getting to the last stretch towards home base.
A flash of red energy and Wanda stood over home base with her hand outstretched, ready to tag you.
But being the best batter wasn’t simply just about hitting the balls. With a short leap, you fell to the ground, the momentum carrying you forward still as you slid underneath the surprised witch.
“Safe!” Vision’s voice shouted out and broke the calm that had befallen the field at your slide.
“Yes!” You jumped up and fistpumped the air.
Your team came streaming from the dugout and Peter’s came in from the field. 
Tony shook his head, sweat flinging from his hair, “Hate to say it kid, but you won.”
You smiled at the man, “Fastptich not that easy now, is it?”
Tony laughed, “Nope, definitely proved me wrong kiddo.”
You sighed, running your hand through your hair, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beyond tired now and ready for some greasy food.”
“Hell yeah!” Peter jumped up with a grin.
Clint gasped and slammed a hand over Peter’s mouth, causing everyone to look at him. Clint just looked around at everyone with a grave look, “Who taught the baby to cuss?”
Everyone stared a moment longer and then everyone broke down laughing. Even Clint broke his composure and laughed, releasing Peter.
As you all began walking back to the tower, you thought about your life. The abnormalities and the people in it. And realized you wouldn’t trade a thing about it. Your life may not be exactly normal, but with your friends and family, you knew your life would be amazing. 
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you don’t have to do this if you’re not comfortable with it, but could you maybe do a fic where the reader is tony stark’s teen daughter and is going through chemotherapy and has to shave her head? and maybe she’s insecure about it, but then tony shaves his hair off too?
Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader
Summary: After shaving you head because of Chemo, your dad decided to surprise you by shaving his own head.
Warnings: Cancer, Chemo, leukaemia, fluff, losing hair.
Reader's age: 15
A/n: Here you go! I hope you like it! Thank you for the request!
Tumblr media
You sighed looking in the mirror with a frown. You brushed a hand through your hair taking a clump of hair with it. With another sigh, you threw the hair away before walking out of the bathroom.
"Dad?" You shouted.
"Mr. Stark is in his lab." F.R.I.D.A.Y announced. You gave a quiet thank you and walked down to his lab.
"Dad... I think it's time." You said. He looked up from what he was doing confused.
"Time for what Smalls?" Tony asked rolling his chair back to look at you better.
"To shave me head." You answered. His face softened standing up. He wiped his hands off on his shirt before wrapping you in a hug. He knew this time was coming everyone you know knew.
"Well we'll go to a place to get you a wig if you'd like." You shrugged.
"Yeah.. I guess." You mumbled. "Can we just go get it shaved?"
"Friday schedule an appointment with the salon for tomorrow please." Tony asked letting you rest your head on his shoulder.
"It's for at 3pm sir." F.R.I.D.A.Y said.
Tony watched you tear up as your hair fell to the ground. He couldn't help but cry himself. You looked over at him with a sad smile. He remembers the day you got diagnosed it was really heard for you, and the rest of your family though more so you.
"Mr. and Mrs. Stark, the test results came back for your daughter." The doctor said walking into the office where you sat with your dad and step-mom.
"What is it?" You asked immediately taking a deep breath.
"Well you have leukemia, the good news is that we caught it just in time. We can help you-"
Tony snapped from his thoughts when he heard you. He looked at you. You had a smooth head, your beautiful hair was gone.
"You look beautiful." He mustered a smile.
"Thank you dad." You said before looking in the mirror again. "Thank you." You said to the lady who shaved your head for you.
You walked into the common room of the tower Happy following behind. Your dad told you that he couldn't come to your chemotherapy today, so Happy joined along with Pepper but she had to leave half way through for a meeting though.
"Uncle happy? Did dad tell you why he couldn't come today?" You asked adjusting the beanie that no has seen you taken off since you shaved your head.
"No, go lay down kid. Tony put me in charge of making sure you rested." Happy said.
"Fine. And Uncle Happy?"
"Thank you for coming today... It was scary without dad... You made it better." You could've sworn he had the ghost of a smile on his face. You left the room going to yours. Once in your room you sat criss-cross apple sauce on the end of your bed looking around your room. A pile of schoolwork sat on your desk, a pile of hospital bracelets were on your dresser hiding behind your happier things.
Then your now growing collection of hats were sat on the other side of your desk. Your eyes seemed to only catch the things that made you feel worse. Soon your caught sight on your favorite photo. It was you and the avengers, plus Peter, taken just before your diagnosis. You finally stood up marching to you closed door looking at the mirror pulling your hat off your head.
"Are you sure about this?" Rhodey asked leaning against the wall in Tony's master bathroom. Tony stood holding the razor looking in the mirror.
"Yeah.. It's just hair." He reasoned.
"Does she know?"
"No it's a surprise for her." He said turning the razor on. He went up with it shaving a big chunk out of his hair. "No going back now."
"Where's y/n anyway?"
"Chemo." He explained continuing with his hair.
"Don't you go to all of her chemos with her?" Rhodey asked.
"Yeah... Pepper's at it with her along with Happy." Tony turned around, Rhodey held in a laugh at how funny his friend looks. He had two strips of bald patches but the rest of his hair was there. "How do I look?"
"No." Rhodey laughed. "Okay I have to go. Tell me how she reacts."
"Bye." And with that Tony was alone in the big bathroom. He couldn't really explain why he felt the need to do something as crazy as shave his head. You didn't ask him to, but he saw how you looked at yourself in the mirror after yours was shaved last week. It was full of disgust. Everyone around you could tell, Steve and Nat went and got you some hats, Clint was least sensitive and shot a suction cup arrow onto your head, Bruce and Thor didn't really say much acted as though they didn't notice.
Tony was just about don't when F.R.I.D.A.Y announced that you and Happy were home. He quickly finished before asking for one of the avengers to make sure he didn't miss a spot. He was ready to show you.
"Your good. Go show her." Steve smiled.
"Thanks, captain Sparkles." Tony patted his shoulder before leaving the bathroom, Steve following.
"Who?" Steve asked.
"No one. Friday where Y/n?" Tony asked the AI.
"She is currently in her room."
"Thanks Fri."
Tony walked to your room. Rubbing a hand over his bare head as he stared at the door. He didn't know how you'd react. He hoped you loved it. Though you've been out of it obviously.
You were on the other side of the door staring at your bald head in the mirror that was on the back of the door. You used to love your hair. It was beautiful, one of your favorite things about yourself. You knew you'd end up losing it. It was not a surprise. But you looked like an ugly baby now. You looked down at the hat in your hands. Your dad offered to get you a wig but it just didn't feel the same. So finally you got angry, let your emotions get the best of you. You tossed the hat across the room. With a frustrated shout.
You hated this. How you looked, how you felt, how you couldn't go to school and be with your friends, how your hair had to fall out. How the avengers seemed to look at you with sadness or pity anytime they saw you. How your dad didn't come to chemo with you. You hated it all. You hated this mirror especially. It's just reminding you of how you look.
Tony heard this. He could hear your sobs. He knew you were feeling embarrassed by your new look. You after all went straight to your room a made a mess of your room looking for a hat from your winter stuff. When you found one you didn't take it off until Peter gifted you one that was themed around your favorite show. Now you haven't taken that one off. He finally knocked on the door waiting for you to answer.
"Go away!" You shouted quickly hurrying to put your hat back on.
"Smalls! I have to show you something please open the door." You heard your dad on the other side of the door. You sighed before opening the door. Once you saw your dad's new look you gasped bringing your hands to your mouth tears welling in your eyes.
"Hunny." He pulled you into a hug letting you cry into his shoulder.
"Daddy.. You shaved your head for me." You whimpered.
"Of course smalls.. You looked so cool I had to give the style a try." He shrugged pulling from the hug. "Come on let's see how we look." He closed the door turning to the mirror before pulling your hat off your head.
"We look silly." You giggled.
"Yep. The things I do for you Smalls." He sighed letting your rest your head on his shoulder.
"You didn't have to shave your head." You whispered.
"Yeah I know." He rested his head on top of yours. These were the moments he loved, when you weren't worrying, when he didn't have to worry. It was just quiet. "Okay you need rest get in bed, we're watching a movie."
"Okay." You grabbed your hat from him looking at it before setting it on your nightstand. The two of you sat on the bed putting on the tv. You rested you head on his shoulder. "I love you dad."
"Love you too." He placed a kiss on top of your head.
Tumblr media
A/n: How did I do?
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blueposthings · 6 days ago
Little Informant (pt.3)
Warnings: Language, mentions of suicide aka death of Brock Rumlow, daddy issues :D
Word count: 2.8k+
You were brought to the Avengers Compound and they had you checked up by the doctors they had on standby. They confirmed your injuries to be a broken nose, a sprained wrist, some bruising on your stomach and back, and a couple of hairline fractures to your ribs. The doctor let you go with a request of staying out of fights for at least a couple months but the team wouldn’t let you off that easily.
So here you were, tailing a billionaire with a goatee as he led you from the elevator to the conference room of the Avengers Compound. Upon arriving, you became... uncomfortable, to say the least. The room full of notorious heroes couldn’t help but stare at you; the bruised and battered teenager wearing a loaned SHIELD shirt a couple sizes too big with a cast on her wrist. They stared at you because despite your unfamiliar existence, you reminded them of the man that, one way or another, almost tore them apart for good.
For Steve, it was the man who he had trusted and worked with until he betrayed him and tried to kill him on multiple occasions. For Sam, it was the man he fought only seconds before he almost died among the rubbles of a collapsing building, the man he thought he left to die in that same building. For Wanda, it was the man she had thrown through a construction filled with innocent people as she watched him blow himself up, no way of escaping death. For Bucky, it was the man that had commanded him to do despicable things by day and watched him get tortured by night.
Even with the holes you could feel burning into your figure, you held your composure and straightened your back. When Stark told you to sit, you did so while you held your head high, not afraid to make eye contact anytime you caught another’s eyes. You steadied your breath, you hid your emotions and fear, you pretended to be someone you weren’t, because that’s what a Rumlow does.
“So,” Tony broke the silence. “Wanna tell us your name?”
You diverted your gaze to the man. “Y/N.”
“Okay, Y/N,” he sat down across from you. “Where have you been all this time? Because honestly, I couldn’t find anything about you for the life of me.”
“Minding my own business.” You said, a sharp edge to your voice.
Steve spoke before Tony, stopping the two of you from getting into a snarky comments fight. “Tell us what happened.”
You leaned back in your seat, trying to make yourself look less intimidated, less small. “I got back to my apartment, and there was a man trying to kill me.”
“Who was he?” Natasha then spoke up.
“Beats me,” You shrugged, “said he was an old family friend.”
“So he knew you?” Steve leaned in, resting his forearms on the table.
“No.” You shook your head. “He said when I accessed the information I gave to you, it sent a signal to them, and they thought my dad had come back from the dead.” You paused. “But he knew my name.”
“And that is weird… why?” Another man from the far corner of the table you recognized as Colonel James Rhodes inquired.
“Well if your genius of a friend here couldn’t figure out my name without asking me himself, I don’t suppose your everyday hitman could.” You bit, a defensive tone never leaving your voice.
“You said ‘they’. Who is ‘they’?” Steve asked, disregarding your attitude.
You sighed, exaggerating your exasperation. “I don’t know, okay? HYDRA, Hero Mercs, whatever- he did try to recruit me into his whatever-little-army, which I declined. Then he wanted to know what I did with all the shit I got from that laptop. He wasn’t very happy with the answer.”
This time Bucky leaned in with interest. “He tried to recruit you?”
“And I said no.” You repeated yourself, putting an emphasis on every word. “He went ballistic and almost shot me in the head but I shot him first, beat his ass unconscious and ran like hell.”
“Which was impressive, by the way.” Clint couldn’t help but say.
You pulled your lip in to a sarcastic smile. “Thanks. I suppose my dad taught me a thing or two.”
You noticed the way everyone would tense everytime you mentioned your dad. This time Steve looked down for a second, you could swear there was sadness and guilt in his eyes. Good, you thought. You knew it was probably selfish to think this way, The Avengers probably did what had to be done and plus, they didn’t know Rumlow had a kid, but you still wanted them to feel bad. You wanted them to at least think of the unknown damage they have bestowed upon hundreds of people while they were fighting the big fight.
“Speaking of,” Tony cleared his throat. “You know anything about what your dad did? At all?”
“Aside from what he told me, no. Not one bit.”
“And what did he tell you?” Natasha inquired.
“That he worked for SHIELD.” You let your gaze divert to the wall across you, staring at nothing. “After SHIELD was gone he said he’d gotten recruited into another security agency. I didn’t know anything about this-” you paused, gesturing to nothing in particular, “mess.” You sighed again, your defensive and rude facade faltering ever so slightly. “Then one day he left for a mission and never came back.”
“I’m sorry for your loss.” Sam said after a moment of silence.
You only looked at him, face unreadable. After that, you went back to the cocky, overly-confident brat you were. “So, can I go now?”
“No.” Steve answered without missing a beat. “You barely made it out alive, Y/N. It’s not safe for you to go back out there by yourself.”
"Yeah, remember the last time you tried to do that?" Tony asked rethorically, gesturing to the bruises on your face and the cast adorning your wrist.
You rolled your eyes at the man.
“We have more than enough space here for you. You should stay.” Steve said, although his tone made you believe it wasn’t really a suggestion.
You let yourself think for a short moment. “For how long?”
“Until we clear out every immediate threat,” Tony answered as he pulled up the hologram showing a bunch of digital files. “With the information you’ve given to us, I’d say about four weeks.”
With a deep breath you say “okay.” The fact that you had agreed a bit too quickly raised a few questions for everyone around you but they figured not to push their luck.
Tony raised to his feet. “FRIDAY, show Y/N one of the empty rooms.”
“Of course.” An unknown being voiced ahead. “From the door to your right please, Ms. Rumlow.”
You were surprised with the AI addressing you by your last name, but as always you recomposed yourself within a split second. No one even noticed your quick flustered demeanor aside from Bucky and Steve who picked up how your heart rate sped up just a little bit. You rose from your seat and left without a second glance, following the directions from the AI echoing the hallways.
You were left to your own accords for a few hours, FRIDAY left a message from Tony that said you should settle in. But the only belongings you had brought was your knife and the gun Steve had yet to return to you. The sun was already rising, you haven’t slept in almost three days but even after the long night you’ve had, you still couldn't sleep. So you sat on the edge of the way too comfortable bed, staring off to the skyline.
There was a knock on the door right around six o’clock in the morning. You pulled yourself out of your train of thought and stood to open the door. On the other side was Sam Wilson, his hands were behind his back and it seemed like he had aged a couple years since you last saw him merely hours ago.
You looked at him expectantly, mouth shut waiting for him to speak.
“I have something you probably want to have.” He unclutched his right palm in front of him, his eyes studying your reaction upon seeing your father’s dog tags in his hands.
You grabbed it hastily. “Where did you find this?”
“In your apartment,” he said truthfully. “I probably shouldn’t have, I’m sorry.”
You didn’t reply, you only looked at the metal tag sitting in your hands. You wondered how you could have missed it. When you lost your dad, you quite literally lost your dad; you didn’t even know where your dad was buried -or if he was even buried at all. And for three years, your dad’s dog tag was the only remains of him that you had. You had held on to it for so long but you must have forgotten about it after your mind was too clouded by HYDRA, Hero Mercs, and the fact that everything you thought you knew about your dad turned out to be a complete lie.
“Sam.” You didn’t even register the word leaving your mouth. You sounded so scared, so broken. So small.
The older man raised his eyebrows. Though your eyes weren’t meeting his, you could feel him staring at you. You’d expected judgement, deprecation, but you could only feel kindness maybe even a bit of sympathy.
“Is it wrong?”
“Is what wrong?”
“That I still- that I still love him,” you sniffled, tears glistening your eyes, “even after I know what he’s done.”
“No. Of course not.” There was no hesitation in his answer. “People are… complicated. I didn’t know your dad like you did. But from what I’ve gathered, he was a good dad to you.”
You nodded. Because he was an amazing dad. He lied to you, that’s obvious by now, but in the back of your head you believed it was because he wanted to protect you, he wanted what’s best for you. And that’s what made you held on through the past few days.
Sam suddenly continued, his tone changing to one more serious and deep. “Steve didn’t kill him.”
“What?” You finally met Sam’s eyes in a surprise, blinking your tears away.
“He, uh- he killed himself. Steve was there, he was the last person to talk to him and I think he felt responsible.” Sam added with a sigh. “I thought you should know,”
“Oh.” You felt a crippling dull pain crawl from your chest to the rest of your body. Your dad killed himself? Why would he do that when he knew you were waiting for him to come back home? You were just a kid -hell you’re still a kid now, he wouldn’t do that to you. Would he? No, no, he cared for you, he wouldn’t leave you if he had a choice… Right?
There was a moment of tense silence, you were processing and internally panicking and Sam, well truthfully he didn’t know what to do at the moment. He had worked with a handful of war-wounded veterans but he had never consoled a teenager before, let alone a teenager who had just learnt that her mass-murderer father intentionally left her when he decided to blow himself up.
When he looked up, he was greeted by a slam of the door. He flinched, wondering if he made the right decision by telling you what he told you. He finally sighed, sparing one last glance to the door closed tight before walking away.
You sat on the floor, your heart was pounding so hard that you forgot about all of the injuries you had obtained less than six hours ago. The metal accessory you had once thought to be a source of warmth and a reminder of love was now as cold as ice, you could almost feel the letters ingrained into it glaring at you. A reminder that the man you thought you knew, you thought you could rely on, the man you grew up looking up to was nothing else but a stranger who shared the same DNA as you.
Then you planned.
You planned all the things you were going to do within the next four weeks you will be cooped up in this tower. The Avengers now know who you were; where you lived, and so did the people who worked with your dad who now probably wants you dead. You can’t stay in New York anymore so you planned your disappearance. Faking your death might seem a bit far fetched, too dramatic. So you decided after these four weeks were up, you would leave. You would leave with a smile and an expression of gratitude to the people who have protected you. Then you’d say you would return to your apartment and process, you’d need some alone time, about a week. You would tell them to leave you alone for a week, but they were welcomed to visit afterwards. But you will be long gone by then.
Afterall, you didn’t just inherit your father’s last name, or eyes, or jawline, or cocky demeanor. If there was one thing you’ve learnt about your family these past few days, is that the Rumlows are one hell of a liar.
You found yourself walking home one night when you came across a TV in a store’s front display playing a live news report. You held your breath, not stopping the small smile creeping up your lips.
Proud was an understatement. You might not have known him for too long, only for four weeks, but during those weeks you saw how kind, thoughtful, and responsible he really was. Sam was arguably the person who cared about you the most, despite what you’ve heard from Vision -who, mind you, has no filters whatsoever- his encounter with your late father wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. You listened to Sam's speech the other night and you knew there was no one more suited to takeover the mantle than him.
You have been thinking for a while about what would have happened if you never left New York, if you have stayed with The Avengers. Maybe you would eventually become an Avenger yourself, maybe you would have fought against Thanos, maybe you would’ve been blipped -or even died. There were so many possibilities, however none of them made you regret the decision that you made.
Besides, fighting the big fight wasn’t really your thing, you’ve figured that much. You didn’t have superpowers or flying suits or extensive Red Room training, all you had were the skills your father left you with and some self-taught tricks you learnt while you were on the run. And if with great powers comes great responsibility, then your smaller power comes with smaller responsibilities; can’t say you’d complain. So with a mask covering your face and a fake name to hide your identity, you stayed on the ground; protecting the little guy. That’s what you’ve been doing for at least three years now and you gotta say, Baltimore has quite grown on you.
“What do you think?” A familiar voice rang, breaking your train of thought.
“Of the new Captain?” You glanced at your boyfriend beside you. “I think he’s the right man for the job. Glad he finally made the decision, I don’t imagine it was easy for him.”
“Yeah,” he nodded knowingly. “I bet.”
It was silent for a couple of minutes, the both of you stood hand in hand as you two listened to the news reporter reviewing the stunts the Flag Smashers tried to pull yesterday night. However, the silence was soon broken by the shrill of a police siren passing by you across the street.
You looked at your boyfriend apologetically.
“Well, I guess that’s your cue,” he smiled at you teasingly, “Shadow Trail.”
“Oh, shut up.” You pushed him by the shoulder lightly.
“I really wish I could go with you.” The smile on his face turned into a sad one. His hands lingered on your hips, unwilling to let you go.
“And give your grandpa a heart attack?” You joked, poking his nose to try to lighten up the mood. When it didn’t work you sighed, looping your arms around his neck. “I know you do, babe. Soon, maybe. Okay?”
He planted a kiss on your lips, mumbling an “okay.”
There were a couple more police cars passing by you and you forced yourself away from your lover. “I gotta go, I love you.” You turned to walk towards the direction the police cars had gone.
“I love you too.” He said before you got too far. “Bring that beautiful face of yours back home safe!”
“You bet!” You shouted over your shoulder but then you stopped and turned on your heels. “Oh, and Eli?”
His eyes hadn’t leave yours when he tilted his face to the side, cocking an eyebrow.
“If you see Sam again, tell the Captain I send him my best regards.”
Tag list: @iamthescarlettwitch @sincerely-kizzy @ineedmorefanfics @moonyinthestars @mjaudrey @anon03030
The laugh that left his lips was bubbly, genuine. “I will, Y/N.”
With the MCU starting to drop hints in kick-starting Young Avengers I thought why not give a little tribute to it. I was thinking about making more fics based on this Y/N when Young Avengers and Eli Bradley as Patriot becomes canon in the MCU where Shadow Trail would eventually become a part of Young Avengers. With her family background and her history with The Avengers I feel like it would be a fun storyline to play with. But I would love to know what you think!
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 6 days ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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mellowavengersstuff · 7 days ago
The Beast Masterlist
series summary: You are offered a chance to join the avengers initiative when it was put into action to help defeat Loki Laufeyson. The catch? You don’t want to go gallivanting around with superheroes.
"That moment is when you feel that something is wrong here. The avenger’s initiative was supposed to be scrapped and it never had anything to do with you or Tony. The facts that you had gathered are all adding up wrong. Maths is not your strong point, but you have heightened senses. That is enough to be counted for. "
The Beast - A knock at the Stark tower's door and suddenly your life is upside down.
The Beast Part 2 - The one where you meet the Asgardians, and the star spangled man with a plan.
The Beast Part 3 - The one where you find out why you’re really here, and you get a glimpse of your past’
The Beast part 4 - The one where you remember. ( Please heed the warnings.)
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tara-learns-to-write · 7 days ago
Being Bucky's kid and comforting him after a nightmare:
 If there was one thing you hated it was seeing your dad in pain
He always managed to put on a smile to make sure you had the best childhood you could but you heard the screams and cries at 3am and there was no denying that
You never brought it up though because you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable but this one night was worse than normal.
In his dream he was running. From what he couldn’t really tell, having gotten so used to the dull sounds of screams during the nightly occurrence. All he knew was he had to get you to safety, he couldn’t pinpoint when you had made your way into his arms but that didn’t matter he just had to keep running. Running. Running. Bang. Another scream. Since when did what he was running from have a gun and who screamed? And then he felt it, the warmth slowly pooling on his shirt, it was you who had gotten shot. It was his fault, if he wasn’t a murderous, villainous asset then maybe you wouldn’t be dying in his arms on the cold hard floor of what looked like an abandoned hospital. When did he get here? So many questions swirled through his head yet all he could think, feel, hear and breathe was you. His little girl, his angel, his everything slowly losing the light from the eyes he had onced so dearly peered in the day you were born. “Goodbye daddy” he hadn’t heard you use that name for him in so long and these were certainly not the circumstances he wanted to hear it under. “No no no no y/n don’t leave me doll, you’re gonna be fine, I promise, this isn’t the end of the line! It can’t be” so with tears in his eyes and broken sobs falling from his mouth he watched you take your last breath.
He had been crying out for the last 10 minutes
It brought you so much pain to hear but you knew better then to wake him up and so you waited
Another 10 minutes went by until you heard his door open and the shuffling of his heavy feet on the tiled floor
You knew he would do what he always did; go the kitchen for a glass of milk.
Feet padding down the hallway, you made a concise effort to make some noise as you made your way to the kitchen as to not scare the already jumpy super soldier.
“Hey dad” you whispered as you opened the fridge, taking out the bottled water that you were sure you had told Tony there was no need to buy  just 2 days ago. “Hey doll, what are you doing up so late” he choked on the word doll as if it pained him to say, remembering the recent image that had flashed before his eyes and the name he had used to bid you goodbye. “Just got thirsty is all” you didn’t bother asking why he was up “dad, it’s okay to not be okay. To be hurting and in a place where reaching out might be both the hardest and the best thing you can do. You don’t need to keep it all locked up and carry on walking around like it doesn’t constantly eat away at the back of your mind” you looked up from your spot at the island and let your eyes fall on your dad's face, it was clear that during your little pep talk he had let a few tears slip. Making your way to the couch and seating yourself next you your dad, you looked head and carried on. “Do you remember when we had a sleepover in the lounge when I was 6? I was so scared without my night light. Aha I kept thinking that the monsters where coming to eat me. Do you remember what you said? You told me that it was okay to be scared and that I was so brave for telling you that I was scared” it was your turn to cry now, reaching for your dads hand and slowly encasing it in your own you said “I’m scared daddy, I don’t want you to think that you can’t ask for help, I want you to be okay but I don’t know what I can do to help you” tears streaming down your face your dad's arms found their place around yours as he whispered “it’s okay doll, you help me every time you smile, laugh, say something sarcastic to Tony or whenever you try ever so patiently to teach Thor some new slang but if it helps you I promise starting from tomorrow I will go get help” if anyone were to walk in now you would both look a mess but honestly you were too tired to care “promise?” maybe he would get help and maybe things would start looking up but it could only start with him making this decision. “I promise” adn with those words acting as a blanket of hope you drifted off into peaceful slumber.
You brought your dad so much comfort that night 
The promise you had thought was probably just an empty one meant to comfort you in a time of vulnerability was proved to be one filled with hope when you woke up the next morning and heard him say
“Steve, I’m not doing great”
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mellowavengersstuff · 8 days ago
I have a request, please could u write about Tony adopting an unruly teenager xx
Hi lovely, thanks so much for requesting. I hope you like it! (Keep the requests coming I love them sm lol)
Broken bits and pieces
Warnings: Self deprecation, anxiety, the foster care system, being adopted by tony stark? getting into trouble at school.
Summary: You’re broken bits and pieces. So why in the world does Tony Stark want to adopt you?
Have a look at my masterlist and my taglist posts if you liked this :)
Tumblr media
               Tony Stark has a habit of picking up broken bits and pieces as he goes along. A scrap piece of metal here, an ancient broken record player there. It’s presumably the creative in him – wanting to make something great out of everything that is not, always looking for ways to improve things.
That still doesn’t explain why he wanted to adopt you.
You remember it clearly. The day after the “adoption activity day” your centre held every once in a while. You had been called to the adoption centre to be met with Tony fricking Stark sitting in sweats and a bobble hat at your social worker, Kelly’s, desk. You had gawped. Not like the cute kind of gawping, with the slightly parted lips and adorable wide eyes. The kind of gawping that consists of a mouth dropped to the floor unconsciously, panicked sweating and a slight buckle of the knees. (Not that you let anyone see, of course. You’re too smooth for that.)
Kelly had explained that Tony fricking Stark was looking for a kid to adopt, that he passed all the usual background tests. Good residence, sufficient pay (at which point she winks at you) and a happy home. He had chosen you. Been matched specifically with you. You were confused. Why you? You have … a mischievous streak, to put it lightly. You have many flaws. You’re a teenager. That in itself should be an off putter. He could’ve chosen anyone else. Hell, he could’ve been matched with a sweet young kid, maybe four or five, easy to love, sweet to be around. But you weren’t about to pass up the opportunity. You would’ve been stupid not to. Like you said.
Tony fricking Stark.
So, you said yes. The next two months consisted of packing up your things and getting to know Tony ... better. You had a few phone calls with his wife, Pepper Pots. She seemed sweet, asking what colour schemes you wanted in your room, what kind of things you liked; telling you about herself and Tony. You liked her. You’d also had lunch with Tony every other day. The first lunch meeting, he asked what you liked, and you’d told him that you don’t mind, whatever he likes best. At which point he smiled and lowered his sunglasses and said, “Kid, I know you want to choose. So, what’ve you been craving, huh?” You found that unsettling in a sort of … comforting way. Like he knew you, even after spending such a short amount of time together.
So, every other day, you would eat at the small sandwich joint around the corner, and he would ask you about yourself. You told him the normal things, that you like art, music, physics. You’re going through an anime phase. Your favourite colour and that you like going to the same corner shop that you’re sitting in now with your friends – just to catch up. The usuals, nothing special. But you could never bring yourself to ask him why he chose you. He would told you about the avengers in return, how they always bicker and they’re not as cool and collected as they look. How they’re a family, and you would be part of it as well.
(That made you sniffle a bit.)
Now, you’re lying on your new bed in your new room in your new home; first night. And thinking about how your covers are so soft, like a marshmallow and that you love the pale, baby blue shade of wall like Pepper had gotten for you. And wondering, why me?
The next day, you wake up relatively early for you. Around 7:00; you suspected it was the nerves. Y’know, meeting the avengers, new environment, new… what do you call him? Carer? Guardian? Parent? ……. Father? no, much too soon for that. You’ll settle with guardian.
You padded over quietly to the kitchen after getting dressed, not wanting to disturb anyone. First impressions are irrevocably important, you’ve come to realise. The hallways are large, classy. Easy to get lost in; as you do a few times, walking past endless corridors and fashionable doors at least three times each before you make it to your destination. When you get there though, you are to be surprised.
Before you even reached the doorway, the sound of echoing laughter and teasing reached your ear. You weren’t expecting anyone to be up this early. Peeking your head just past the archway, you were met with the sight of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, the latter poking the other in the ribs like a child and Bucky retaliating by trying to smack him in the side with a water bottle. They were each trying to keep a straight face, bursting out in outrages snorts every once in a while; each trying to trump the other.
Suddenly, Bucky stopped; held out an arm for Sam to pause. He beckoned Sam closer and whispered “I can hear a heartbeat. Accelerating. Close to us on this floor. You think it could be a threat?”
You sucked in a sharp breath and clenched your fists in your stress, fingernails digging into your palms. This wasn’t how you had imagined this encounter.  So just as Sam was about to open his mouth and say yes, you sidestep into the centre of the doorway swiftly and say “Hi?”
(It wasn’t meant to sound like a question; your voice just adopts a slight upwards lilt when you get nervous. Smooth, Y/N, smooth.)
Bucky’s big blue eyes softened immediately, and he leant over the kitchen counter to get a better look at you, smirking slightly at the sheepish look you wore. “You must be that kid Tony adopted. I’m Bucky, nice to meet you.”
“Sam, welcome kid.”
You walked forwards to shake their outstretched hands, offered a sheepish smile. “Y/N, likewise” They pulled out a chair for you next to them and you sat carefully.
Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you from across the kitchen, fixing you a bowl of cereal. “So, talk to us. What’s your story?”
“Uh, nothing special. I just spent my life in foster care up until now.”
“Just that, huh?” quips Sam, brown eyes full of mirth.
“Well yeah, I mean I wasn’t really crashing hellicarriers into D.C. I was on a different roll.”
Bucky chuckles. “So, you uh any good with pranks?”
You frowned a little. “I dunno, it depends on what you want me to do.”
Sam pulled out a little sheet of paper, full of messily drawn mind maps and diagrams and leant in conspiratorially.
“Me and Bucky are teaming up, and we want to get the parker kid. You know him, right? Tony told us that you guys go to the same school.” He whispered.
“yeah, I guess-”
“Ok that’s fine. Anyways, Tony also told us that you’re a little bit of a… trouble-maker-”
“Yeah kid, he never shuts up about you.”
“Hey, I was speaking-”
It felt nice that Tony didn’t shut up about you, you thought over their squabbling. That he was remembering details about you. Like a warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy. Like butterflies, but more pleasant. A strange feeling, one that you weren’t very well accustomed to.
“Yeah, I can do certain jobs.”
That was underexaggerating it. You were practically a mastermind; you had told Tony in one of those rare moments when you let your guard down that you almost got expelled because you had found a way to hack into the school governor’s email and produced a whole sequence of events and meetings and conferences that produced a loophole, essentially scrapping the dress code and the school’s policy on girls’ clothing. The only reason you didn’t get expelled was because you brought the class averages higher, in terms of scores. You had immediately regretted telling Tony, but he didn’t give you any reason to worry, instead he threw his head back and laughed, said “you know, I hacked the pentagon once on a dare.”
Sam and Bucky grinned at you, eyebrows lifted and cheeks smiley, and said in unison, “You’re in, kiddo.”
After that, Sam and Bucky became fast friends with you. They said they liked your genius, and you said you stuck around for the entertainment. A fun, light-hearted relationship. It was the first bond you made within the avengers.
Still, it is hard to enjoy things when you feel like you don’t deserve it. Why should you? You’ve not done anything particularly special or worthy of attention. In fact, you’ve done quite the opposite.
And still, you can’t bring yourself to ask why.
You have to admit, you were a slight bit worried. You had heard tales of the Thor’s endeavours, his crazy stunts, his impeccable agilities, his thirst for war; all rumours rippling through busy school crowds. You were to be pleasantly shocked by what you found. Walking into the kitchen with Pepper on that second day, you saw the giant of the man sitting on the counter, a mega pack of pop tarts in his arms. He was groaning as he tries to prise the packet open, a funny look of frustration on his face.
“Do you…uh, need help with that?”
Thor looked up, blonde eyebrows raised and sweat running down the side of his face.
“Ah yes.” He grumbled. You must have the strength of a Bilge snipe to be able to free the delicacies from their ghastly imprisonment.”
You giggled and pried the packet open with your nails. It opened with a slight pop. Thor looked at you in wonder.
“Sit here, young one. I can tell that you will be a glorious warrior.” He said, patting the space next to him. You hopped up and stared up at him, wide eyed. “I will teach you all the traits of a good warrior and you will lead into battle gloriously as my ward!”
Pepper laughed under the guise of slight panic and pat him on the chest. “How about we take it easy for now, Thor. They’ve only just got here. We’re just about to watch an episode of friends though. Would you care to join?”
“Yes, yes. Duly noted. I shall watch this “Friends” with you.”
And so, you did. You spent two hours eating pop tarts and watching friends with pepper and Thor and motioning at Bucky and Sam when they come to you with stacks of paper, not now because I’m busy bonding, sorry.
(And also still wondering why me, why do I deserve this, but that’s a given; a pesky little bug in the back of your mind that just wouldn’t, still doesn’t, leave you alone.)
It was comfortable and soft and happy. Your guard was down, and Pepper couldn't enough of you bursting into laughter at the screen; eyes crinkled, laughing at your giggles.
Later that day, you were shown to the training area. You found that you liked the environment, liked the smell of sweat and sawdust and punching bags, liked sound of fists smacking surfaces. It was reminiscent of everything your life had been composed of until then.
Tony sat you down on the floor, patted your shoulder and said “Watch”.
Natasha and Clint were sparring in the ring. Natasha was winning. She was almost graceful in battle, limbs moving in perfect coordination as she took Clint down. Legs wrapping around his neck, flipping him over; a punch to the side, elbow to the kneecap and he’s down. It was swift, clean, quick. You supposed you shouldn’t expect anything else. Clint got up from the ring, groaning and made his way out with a wave and a “how’s it going” to you and a nod to Tony.
Natasha beckoned you over. “Come over. Let’s see what you can do.”
You gave Tony a nervous look, but he sent you a wink and said you’ll be fine. You stood in the ring, stance unsure, waiting for her instructions.
“Ok, we’ll just go one round. I wanna see what you’ve got down.”
“I, uh, don’t really know much-” you started to say but before you can finish, Natasha lunged towards you and pinned you to the ground before you managed to wriggle out from under her grip and get back up.
“Rule one: confidence. You can’t do anything if you aren’t sure of what you can already do. Again.”
And so, you start again. This time, you were more confident, sure of the quick jabs you could deliver to her sides, not that they were much use. One thing you could do well though, was getting back up again. Every time she pinned you down, or tripped you up, you would get back up again. You never stayed down for long. You tried and perfect your skill – a hit to the back of her knees, the elbows, targeting all her joints. It doesn’t do her much difference, but she looks impressed. The corners of her lips were turning up, but her eyes were focused somewhere behind you, frowning a little bit.
Nope, you were not about to look behind you. That’s a classic for God’s sake.
“Have a little faith, Natasha.” You said before she swooped in and floored you. Again.
By the end of the session, you were very worn out. Lying on your back on the mat, looking up at the ceiling is all you wanted to do for the next three hours. (“Good run kid.” Natasha had laughed at your blob like state. “You’ve got some skills”. You disagree.) Before you could shut your eyes, though, you saw a looming shadow above you, then blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes and the face that represents America appeared above you, smiling slightly at your state. You scrambled up.
“Oh my gosh, um hi Mr America, didn’t know you were watching” you smiled sheepishly.
(turns out there actually was someone behind you.)
Steve chuckled at your flustered being. “It’s alright. Nice to meet you, Y/N”.
“You too, Mr America.”
“You can call me Steve, by the way!” he called after you, as you jogged towards the entrance.
Your new life was going fine - better than fine. You had everything you wanted. You felt warm, fuzzy, safe.
In hindsight, you should have known the honeymoon phase wasn’t going to last. It was foolish of you to expect it to do so. You’re broken bits and pieces after all. Never whole, and it showed.
You had started closing yourself off, spending more time worrying, anxious about messing up. Going out more, playing more pranks, the worst of your troublesome nature peeking through. You’re unruly – unable to sit your arse down and follow the rules.
It’s the third time this week you’ve been sent home from school.  It’s always something minor, talking back, dress code violations, pranks you counted as harmless, until it isn’t. Until people in charge start claiming you’re “unrefined”, “defensive”, “Mouthy”. You guess Peter warned you to keep your head down.
There was always one thing though. No matter what you did, how badly the teachers would speak of you, how stern you were treated at school, Tony would never seem to get angry.
He pulls into the parking lot of the tower.
“Do you wanna tell me what it was this time?”
You look out of the window, even though there’s nothing to stare at apart from cold grey walls. “There was this kid. He was mouthing off to Peter. We got in a fight, he told people I started it.” You sounded cold, unemotional even to your own ears.
Tony sighs . “Y/N, you know you’re not responsible for Peter, right?”
You gulp a little “Yeah, I know.”
“And you know that you’re better than fighting right?”
You blink a few times furiously. “Yeah, I know”.
“And you know that you don’t have to prove yourself to me, right?”
The lump in your throat is getting harder to swallow now and your eyes are burning and it’s getting all too hard to breathe. “Yeah, I know.”
His voice is gentle now, becoming almost a whisper, his hand gripping yours. “And you know that I love you, right?”
And it’s like you can’t help but burst into sobs. The tears that your eyes are full of are falling fast and steady now, and you hold onto his hand like it’s a lifeline, breath hitching, shoulders shaking, curling into yourself. He wraps an arm around your shoulders. You keep crying I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry like it’s all you know how to say.
Finally, after your sobs have subsided and your post-crying hiccups have started to plague you, you take a deep breath.
“Tony, why’d you choose me?”
The surprise on his face is evident. “You could’ve chosen anyone else. Like maybe a sweet younger kid, or a pre-teen who’s easier to deal with, or a baby who’s had no life before you. I’m broken bits and pieces. Nothing special”
Tony sits back and takes a long, hard look at you. “You’re anything but,” he says finally. “You’re special. I knew that from the day I saw you. Smart, sharp as a tack, a wit like that.” He snaps his fingers. “You’re kind, and attentive. Don’t you think I see you make Bucky’s coffee every morning? Put Pepper’s pills on her desk? Pack Peter’s bag because he forgets every time? I’ve never met anyone like you. You’re unique and special. And broken bits and pieces have always been more interesting.”
By the time he finishes, you have dissolved into tears again. “But I’m not a good kid” you croak.
He rolls his eyes at that. “Who cares? Neither was I. Good kids aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.” He wipes your eyes, and You laugh a little at that. then he leans back and puts his vintage tracks on and closes his eyes. So do you.
Yeah, you’re broken bits and pieces. But whoever said that was a bad thing?
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tara-learns-to-write · 8 days ago
Being Bucky's kid and encouraging Steve to ask him out:
You absolutely loved your dad
He had been through so much but never took it out on you and he made sure you had everything you needed for a good life
So all you wanted was for him to be happy even though his pining was painfully obvious to everyone except him and Steve
“Soooooo dad do you want to make your satreing anymore obvious or are you gonna finally say something to Mr ice ice baby” if looks could kill then that galre your dad just sent you then you would be 6 feet under and halfway to hell all ready “Well daughter of mine I would if it wasn’t for the crushing fear of being rejected and never being able to face my best friend again” he replied still staring at Americas Ass whilst it walked away. “Hey Steve you should come watch Star Wars with us, I am sure dad wouldn’t mind” ohhh you were really signing your death warrant now “Sure if it is okay with you Buck”  of course it would be you thought “mhm sure sure its fine its perfectly fine by me” this man really wanted to make is simping as obvious as possible didn’t he.
This was a regular occurrence, you would invite Steve into any activity you and your dad did together and watch as they cluelessly tried to flirt with each other, then you would all go back to the tower and repeat the cycle again
It was becoming a torturous experience so you decided that you would take matters into your own hands
You had expertly waited until your dad went to get a  coffee from the cafe down the road and then you asked for Steve's help putting up a shelf (you didn’t need another shelf you just didn’t know what else to say to get him alone). “You should ask my dad out” the fact that you had said that after 5 minutes of comfortable silence and the statement itself made The Star Spangled Man With A Plan choke on thin air “I- I don’t know what you mean, we are best friends and he doesn’t like me like that…. Right?” either he was blind or all that training had made him burst a nerve in his head “Steven Grant Rodgers are you kidding me! Of course he likes you! You are gonna look at me in the face and tell me that ‘I’m with you till the end of the line’ isn’t a bit gay?!?!?” you had him there you really did “I mean okay even if you are right he deserves more” it looked like you would have to do all the hard work “Listen, I wouldn’t be saying this unless I thought that you were perfect for him! You are and always will be an amazing person inside and out and you make my dad happy so what are you waiting for? An invitation?!” 
After that you made it your mission to hype Steve up and push him to confess
However at this rate you were debating just locking them in a cupboard until they told each other
“Honestly old man any metal armed man would love a private word with you” “What the fuck is she talking about Steve?” “Uhm I have no idea Buck”
 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Looking good old man dressing up for someone are we?” “Y/N stop” “Not until you confess buddy”                                                                          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Hell yeah you guys make such a good team!” “Y/N the comms are meant for mission details only!” “Dad Caps being mean to me again!” “Seriously you both need couple therapy and I am meant to be the one with problems” “DAD!”
Remember that locking them in the cupboard idea I mentioned ?
Well you did it
“Y/N THIS ISN’T FUNNY LET US OUT RIGHT NOW!” you knew they must have been lying about wanting to get out because using your common sense here you were pretty sure that a metal arm and super solider serum would be more than enough to get them out “Y/n listen to your dad and open this door” it’s not like you wanted to lock them in there… okay that was lie you were enjoy this way too much “well until you fossils confess your undying, disgustingly obvious love for eachother that door stays shut” 
I am gonna let you in on a secret you hadn’t even locked the door
Nevertheless after an hour and a heartfelt confession from both men they finally tried the handle 
You were grounded but it was so worth it 
You have now officially appointed yourself the super soldiers hype man 
Lets just say you have way too much fun with that job :)
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har-rison-s · 9 days ago
protected, well enough: finale
rogers! reader x peter parker
request/synopsis: could you maybe write something about the  reader being steve rogers daughter, who’s very similar to pre serum steve, (polite, a bit shy, and artsy) and peter having a massive crush  on the reader? and ALL the avengers going full momma bear mode on the  reader bc of it. if you want to of course. i think it’d be interesting  to see something with the reader being a rogers instead of a stark, yaknow? thank you !!
also, this is an AU where everyone’s okay and no one’s a fugitive and everyone is friendly, like in other writings all over tumblr :)
please read !!! a/n: so, part of the journey is the end. woah, that gave me chills, but it's true. hi ! series finale, i can't believe a day like this has come. me finishing a series? since uh when !! anyways, um. this is a bit sad for me, and i'll have to say goodbye to all my pwe tagged people :') i hope you all have enjoyed the ride. i'll be holding a q&a in honor of this series' ending, but i doubt anyone will drop any questions because no one did the last time i held a q&a.... but you can ask anything about the series, about the finale, about possible sequels, about the writings process - whatever you wish. this has been great, everyone, i am truly happy with how this series has worked out and i hope you've had fun. remember, none of this would have been written if it wasn't for you guys. so thank you so much. happy reading and goodbye <3
main masterlist
mcu masterlist
series masterlist
warnings: mentions of stress and infinity war scenes and events :)
Tumblr media
‘i’ll be there in 20 mins, how far away are you :>’
‘just got on the bus :)) bridge in about two minutes’
‘okay, i’ll get some coffee on the way. want anything?’
‘hot cocoa?;)’
‘you got it <3’
Y/N smiles to herself as she slides her phone into her coat pocket, and keeps walking across the Washington Bridge. The sun is out today, which only amplifies her already perfect mood and its indestructability, and she feels like the happiest girl in the world. She’d even call this day the happiest day of the year, or maybe even her life, but it’s only eleven in the morning.
There’s no wind today, as well, and it only makes the weather all the more pleasing to Y/N. Wind gives her headaches and messes up her hair, and would only have been very inconvenient and uncomfortable with her outfit for the day - a floral dress. She loves it always, but it’s hard to manage in windy weather because it’s so flowy and gets stuck places or blown up too high. But today’s not a day of struggles, today is a windless, happy day.
Y/N’s proven to herself that she walks faster than she thinks. Crossing the Washington Bridge takes her only fifteen minutes, and she doesn’t even feel out of breath. Am I going to be the first one there again? She hates to always arrive early, it’s sort-of a bad habit of hers. But at least she’s got time to wait in line for coffee and Peter’s hot chocolate.
Oh, Peter… Ever since that faithful day, Y/N thinks she’s thought of Peter than anything else she usually thinks about. Their first kiss happened barely two weeks ago, and they haven’t seen each other since, but have been feeling more head-over-heels in love than ever. And they miss each other. Y/N misses Peter so bad sometimes she can hardly stand it. Missing him creates almost a physical pain in her chest. Yet when she reminds herself she’ll be seeing him soon, and today’s the day, she almost wants to jump so high she’ll hit the ceiling from excitement.
Excitement or happiness? They’re really the same thing when you’re their age. Y/N is buzzing with electricity while standing in line to get their coffees, her fingers are shaking at the thought of seeing Peter in probably less than half an hour. MoMA is just across the street from her now, and she can’t wait for the moment for when she walks up to Peter and hugs him again. Should she kiss him once more? Would that be okay? Oh, now she feels awkward.
The Starbucks worker takes Y/N’s order and tells her to wait while he makes it. So she does, she sits on a small table next to the cash register. Her chin rests in her hand as she looks past the TV on the wall, instead watching the busy life of New York through the window. She sits with her own thoughts, completely in her own world, a smile across her face. You could tell she’s in love by just looking at her.
“What the hell is that?!”
“Aliens? Again?!”
She hears the gasps and exclamations of surprise all around her, and she looks around to see what everyone’s making a mess about. The customers’ and staff’s attention is drawn to the TVs in the café. Y/N has a clear, straight view on it, and she puts on her glasses to see better. Breaking News is written on the banner at the bottom of the screen. A staff member turns all the TVs’ volume higher.
“A foreign aircraft is seen in Greenwich Village just now, creating mass hysteria and destruction to the buildings and vehicles around it.” A news man reads. “Please, do not attempt to engage, we do not know what this aircraft contains, we advise everyone to stay indoors and keep away from Greenwich Village until the situation is handled.”
Y/N covers her mouth with her hand. An alien spaceship in New York? Again? She doesn’t even notice the barista putting down cups of her orders next to her, though he himself seems to be in awe of what he’s seeing. The aircraft looks like a vertical donut, it has wind all around it, and chaos, from what the broadcasting provides in terms of visuals. Cars and buildings are destroyed, that’s true, people are running around, running away from the donut.
Then Y/N notices familiar faces on the screen. Tony and Bruce, along with two other men, unknown to her. Then the camera pans to…. what even is that? Is that meant to be a person? Or to resemble a person? Some creature—oh, no, two—are standing before Tony, Bruce and the other two. Rather, opposite them. Some big guy that resembles the Chitauri aliens from many years ago has a weapon in hand. The other guy, who looks more human than his accomplice, is levitating above ground, however, and he holds an angry expression on his weird face. What the hell is going on?
Y/N breaks out of her daze and looks at her phone. Where’s her dad? She notices her order made, standing on the table, takes the two coffee cups and exits Starbucks. Everyone on the street seems to be walking normally, acting normally as if nothing’s happened. Y/N pushes her dad’s name in her call list and then presses her phone to her ear, with a bit of struggle, mind—she’s holding two coffees in her hand, as well. The line beeps, and she impatiently waits for her dad to answer her call.
“Come on, come on, pick up.”
“Dad! Oh, my God. Um… Have you seen the news?”
“Yes. We noticed a breach in the atmosphere, so we decided to round up everyone. We’re on our way to get Wanda and Vision out from Scotland.”
“Scotl—oh, right, their holiday.” Y/N unknowingly distracts herself from the main issue. “Um, I, I’m crossing the street to MoMA right now. God, I just—I wanted to call you to make sure you’re fine cause I didn’t see you with Tony and Bruce on the TV… I don’t know what to ask, dad, I have so many questions, I’m just…” Y/N shakes her head.
“Sweetheart, it’s alright. I’m safe, you’re safe, too. Just stay inside for now, okay? Wherever you can. Museums are safe.”
“Yeah, against people, not whatever they are. Do you even know what that is in Greenwich?” Y/N’s heartbeat picks up pace.
“No idea so far, but looks like aliens. You stay at MoMA for now, okay? I’ll come get you as soon as I can. They don’t want anything from you, that’s for sure.” Steve assures, at which his daughter sighs. She now sits on the entrance stairs of MoMA, head in her hands, the coffee cups standing by her side, waiting to be drunk. “You will be fine. I would come get you right now, but all of us are on the jet and we better get Vision somewhere safe. Word is, whoever they are, they could be with Thanos.”
“Yes.” Steve sighs into the phone. “I’ll get you as soon as Vision is safe, alright?”
“Oh-okay,” Y/N nods, “y-you’ll come get me as soon as you can..” she repeats to herself out of anxiety.
“Yes, I will, I promise, sweetheart. I want you by my side, so you’d be safe.”
Y/N chuckles. “Well, that’s not always the right place to be in terms of safety.” She says, and to her relief, she hears her father laughing at the other end.
“True enough.” Steve says and pauses. “You have to stay calm for now, honey. I know it’s—I know you’re scared right now, but keep a clear head. Try, at least.” He tells his daughter.
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll—I’ll try.”
“As soon as we get Wanda and Vision, our next stop is you. We can pick up both you and Peter. That sound good?”
“Yes, yes, absolutely.”
“Okay. I’ll let you know when we’re close.”
“Yeah, okay. Be safe.”
“I’ll do my best. Love you, sweetheart. See you soon.”
“Yeah, bye-bye.”
Y/N ends the call and stuffs her phone into her purse. Her elbows on her knees, her head in her hands, she feels shaky, nervous, afraid. Why hasn’t Peter’s bus arrived already? Her eyes cautiously scan the skies that she sees around her, but they’re clear—no other alien donuts visible anywhere. Y/N blames it on her paranoia, but she feels like she can hear the whirring of the alien aircraft from here. That’s impossible, she’s miles away from Greenwich, plus there’s tons of cement blocks called buildings between her and Greenwich. But they’re aliens, and maybe the noise she thinks she’s hearing is actually real. Who the hell knows?
She decides to drink her chai latte, try to ease herself with something warm, and as soon as she’s drank almost half of it already at light speed, she sees the yellow school bus coming towards where she sits. She takes both coffee cups in her hand and raises to her feet. The bus stops directly in front of the entrance and as Y/N steps closer to it, she searches for Peter’s familiar face in the pile of students who are getting out of the bus. She doesn’t see him. Not yet, at least, she doesn’t know where he likes to sit in the school bus, anyway.
She spots Ned, though, and he sees her soon enough, too. He immediately smiles and waves at her, his face alight with relief and delight to see her. Y/N comes down the steps and jogs up to meet Ned. With her coffee cups in hand, she hugs him tight with a relieved smile on her face.
“Hi, Y/N,” the boy greets.
“Hi, Ned.” She returns the greeting. “Gosh, I’m glad to see you.” She says once they’ve pulled apart and have a chance to over-look each other closer. Ned still has that same optimistic smile and look on his face that Y/N loves and is so envious of. She almost wants to boop his nose. She’s missed him.
“Did you see the spaceship?” He muses. Y/N nods.
“I saw it on the news.”
“Oh, we saw it closer. From the bridge.” Ned boasts and Y/N gives him a small smile.
“It looks pretty scary.” She says. Ned agrees with a nod.
“Yeah, for now,” he says, “I bet Mr Stark will have no trouble in taking it down, though.” He admits, and they both chuckle. Y/N’s chuckle is strained and awkward. She’s fearful and anxious, and she can’t avoid asking the burning question any longer.
“Where’s Peter?” She softly asks Ned as they now go upwards the entrance steps of MoMA. Ned’s optimism falls. He knew she was gonna ask him that, I mean it was obvious, but he wasn’t prepared to give her the answer.
“Um, well…” he trails off, and that only amplifies Y/N’s worries, “he told me to cause a distraction. And then he disappeared.”
“What?” Y/N gasps. Disappeared? Did the aliens take him? “Wh—Did he—Where—Maybe they—“ possibilities and questions race through her mind like Formula 1 cars in races, and she kind of wants and kind of doesn’t want to hear answers to them all.
Ned stops them both from walking further and turns to face Y/N. “This certainly won’t make you less scared, but I think he went on that ship. Maybe we can call him…” He tells her, concern and worry painting his face a certain color. Ned can see Y/N’s heart dropping to her toes and her spirit leaving her body. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything…
“But he—Oh, my God, no,” Y/N squats down again, head in hands, lungs collapsing, heart beating a hundred miles per hour. She can’t even care about the cup of hot chocolate for Peter, she can’t care for it having gone cold now. She’s having a panic attack, “no, no, no, he can’t be. Peter can’t be on that—that thing.” Her world feels turned upside down. Her fingers are smearing sweat over her forehead, yet they feel cold against the skin of her face. Her lungs feel to be growing smaller and smaller with every breath she tries to take. Y/N feels like fainting.
Her eyes are blind, her ears are deaf. She can’t see Ned sitting down in front of her, she can’t hear him calling her name and trying to calm her down, she can’t hear the incoming call from her father to her phone, she can’t even hear the usually insane New York traffic to her left. All she can hear are her own panicked wheezes, she only sees red and can’t feel nothing but panic and fear to the point of losing unconsciousness.
If Peter is on that spaceship right now, who knows what happens next. If he’s on there, she’s lost him. And for how long? She doesn’t know. They were so close, and all the time they’ve spent together already still feels too short. She was so close to everything with him, and now she’s got nothing. Peter’s gone.
series taglist (i can automatically add you to my mcu taglist, guys, if you want!!): @headheartbellarke​​​​​ @pan-ini​​​​​ @matchat3a​​​​​ @ep-the-penguin​​​​​ @theliterarymess​​​​​ @simpleboox​​​​​ @sunflowerbecca​​​​​ @juliannaamonroe​​​​​ @isabellamur​​​​​ @namoreno​​​​​ @officialfictionalwreck​​​​​ @fandom-life-12​​​​​ @mangobangi​​​​​ @ifilwtmfc​​​​​ @ohashley101​​​​​ @jswessie187​
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rendevousz · 10 days ago
req: i was wondering if i could request a natasha x teen daughter reader where the reader has really bad social anxiety please? maybe where the reader was in the red room with natasha but given to hydra once the red room was taken down and natasha has been looking for her ever since she left the red room. on a mission to take down a hydra base natasha finally finds reader, and it's super emotional for the both of them and they're just happy to have each other back. natasha knows about readers social anxiety from when she was younger and sees that it's only gotten worse now, so she's super sweet and understanding. she saves the reader from the base and comforts her the whole way home because she's scared of all of the new people also on the jet (the other avengers). the reader lives with natasha at the compound with everyone else and natasha is just great about her social anxiety and never pushes her out of her comfort zone and comforts her when she has panic attacks. sorry if that's a lot, but thank you so much! i love your fics sooo much, you're such an amazing writer!!! 💖💖💖
mother figure!nat x fem!teen!reader
summary: nat finally finds you after years of looking.
word count: 4083
notes: i didn't make them peers in the red room because then they'd have to be around the same ages but i made them meet at the red room. also i didn't know how to write about her having social anxiety so i hope you don't mind that i didn't 😓 hope you like this <33
"stop," madame b's authoritative voice commanded and all of you stopped dancing. all of your peers seemed to be struggling to stand still on their battered feet, some breathing heavily but who could blame them? you had all been instructed to dance for hours now. you had to dance until you couldn't anymore.
your head faced madame b but your eyes landed on your best friend, veronika, for a split second. she seemed in pain and you vowed to check on her after whatever announcement your supervisor had for you. you stood tall, clenching your jaw in order to not show that you were in pain or out of breath.
madame b's gaze flickered to you for a second, her lip lifting up on one side for a brief moment before her face hardened once again.
"i have someone special here today. she's here to observe your training and if necessary, teach what you girls lack. she has long graduated this academy, please welcome miss natasha romanova."
you jolted awake, panting hard at the memory that just played in your dreams. you looked around you, seeing the same cell wall you had been put in for the past three years. after the fall of the red room academy where you were from, another organisation came and swooped you in, not wanting to waste your skills. you were the only one they took, having heard much about your abilities and reputation in the red room.
the girls stood all around you and veronika, watching the two of you spar tirelessly after hours of endless ballet. natasha and madame b watched the match closely, eyes trained on your techniques and movements.
after natasha had introduced herself to all of you, madame b had instructed her supposedly two best students—you and veronika— to demonstrate a true spar between skilled assassins.
while you were reluctant to attack your best friend, she had other plans, one that included impressing her idol who stood mere metres away from her. you were shocked when she started attacking you. never had she obeyed a command against you so quick.
you had to put away your initial shock to start attacking back in order to not get hurt by the hands of your own best friend. the look in her eyes was different, almost animalistic. it wasn't like the one she had when you two were laid in your beds side to side at night, handcuffed to it while you talked about your deepest struggles being in the academy. it wasn't the same one she had when you reassured her that she was doing okay whenever she said she would never be as good as you were at this whole assassin thing. it wasn't the same innocently surprised one she had just moments ago when she was addressed as one of madame b's best students.
this wasn't your best friend. this was a girl blinded by her desire to impress. she wanted to show natasha that she was the better one out of you two. your heart broke when you saw her desperation. it was obvious in the way she fought you.
it wasn't long before you had her in a chokehold, the girl struggling to get your grip off of her. your face visibly faltered, eyes tearing up slightly when you heard her whimpers. natasha took notice of this.
your lips were quivering when you turned to madame b. a simple nod from your trainer had you whispering a strained 'i'm sorry, i love you' in her ear before you broke her neck. the girl fell limp in your arms, dropping down to the mat, dead. you panted heavily as you stepped away from her body.
"good. this is what i expect of all of you," madame b turns to your peers, the stone cold look back on her face. "one thing you need to perfect though, y/n, is your emotions. don't get emotional over things that don't matter. i saw your inner conflict. veronika would have no reluctancy to end you if you were the one in the chokehold. she was more mentally prepared to be a ruthless assassin. you're lucky you're more skilful than she is. she would have no hesitation to kill you, close companion or not."
you swallowed that lump in your throat, biting the insides of your cheeks to prevent crying right then and there. "you have a lot of potential, y/n. don't let your emotions ruin it. i have high hopes for you." she spoke once again, before dismissing everyone.
you left the room with a heavy heart, turning to look at veronika's body one last time before leaving quickly so you could break down where no one else could witness.
you rushed to the staircase where you and veronika would sneak away all the time when you were supposed to be having lunch. you two would always sit under those stairs, talk about anything and everything you could. your tears were now freely rolling down your face.
"hey," you heard a voice say and you quickly wiped your tears away. you looked up and saw that it was none other than natasha. "miss romanova," you breathed out, scrambling to get up before she placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, the woman seating herself next to you on the floor, under the staircase.
"that must've been hard for you," she spoke after a few seconds of silence. "i remember my first time killing an actual person in training. they had me shoot targets and i consistently got the bullseye every time. then they switched out the targets to an actual person and i had a hard time doing that. i can't imagine how it must've been for you. i heard you and veronika were quite the inseparable duo."
you didn't move to show that you were shattered over the current events but the millions of tears silently streaming down your face said otherwise. natasha turned to you, reaching to wipe your tears away before gently caressing your cheek.
"you're a strong one, y/n. you remind me of myself when i was still in training. i can see myself in you." she told you truthfully. she had no idea why but she felt a strong connection towards you. she felt that you and her had so much in common. she had a strange inclination to protect you even though she knew damn well you were capable of doing so yourself.
since then, she always dropped by to help train all of you but you and her developed a relationship so strong that she even told you of her plans to get you out of that hellhole. at that point, it had been a few months since she'd turned good but she kept coming to the academy for your sake. she felt a sense of responsibility over you, like a mother would over her daughter.
she would with the other girls too if they had shown at least a bit of humanity but it seemed that the red room had ruined them beyond fixing. despite being the best student of the academy, you still weren't inhumane like the rest. you would hesitate to hurt others, only doing so when threatened and even that, you still weren't as heartless or cruel.
madame b would always berate you over this but natasha would pick up the pieces every single time. you loved her. she was the best thing in your life after veronika and your heart broke when the red room fell and you were taken away. away from the mother you never had.
you awoke with a jolt again. it was the second night in a row you were reliving your past memories. you touched your face and you felt the tears on it, wiping them with your sleeve as you sat up in your cold, uncomfortable bed in your cell. you sighed, bringing your knees up to your chest and hugging them.
you couldn't help but think of nat again. what could've happened if she managed to get you out before you were taken away? could you have a nice life with her? would you never have to hide under the stairs to have emotional exchanges with the woman? would you finally have been able to be who you were, not influenced by the evil around you?
you never knew what it was like having a mother but you imagined it was what nat had been towards you during the times you spent together at the academy. you two were more mother and daughter rather than trainer and student.
all of a sudden, alarms blared through the building and red warning lights flickered in your cell. you stood up, peeking through the small glass of your cell door to see guards rushing through the hallways in a frenzy.
you assumed that the facility was under attack and no one was coming to save you. you didn't even try, walking back to your bed to return to your position of hugging your knees tightly to your chest.
you could hear the chaos outside but opted not to pay attention to it. it didn't involve you and if no one was coming to save you from whatever was attacking the place—not that anyone in that place would, you were merely an asset to them—you wouldn't bother worrying about whether you were going to live by the end of the night.
a loud bang interrupted your thoughts and you looked up to see your cell door had been forcefully thrown open by a large man in stripes, holding a circular shield. you immediately stood up, getting ready to attack him when he spoke.
"i'm not here to hurt you." he said, holding out a hand as if to tell you to stop whatever you were about to do. "we're here to save you. you can finally leave this place now." he says gently. you frown at him, still in a stance ready to attack him.
"cap, is there someone in this room?" a familiar voice spoke and your head immediately turned to the door, where the owner of the voice stood, mouth dropping open at the sight of you. your face softened and a tiny gasp left your lips at the sight of her.
"y/ that you?" she breathed out, walking towards you and not stopping when she saw that you weren't alarmed or anything. "nat.." you choked out, tears starting to form. how crazy was it that you had been having flashbacks of her for the past two nights and suddenly she was here to come save you?
"y/n!" she exclaimed, pulling you into a tight hug. you knees buckled but she held onto you tightly, sniffling as she caressed your head gently. you buried your face in her shoulder as you took in the familiar feeling of being in her arms once again.
more tears started to form in your eyes now. never had you thought you were actually going to see her again. you lost the hope of seeing her again two years ago. but here she was, standing in your cell and hugging you like there would be no tomorrow.
your hugging session was cut short when steve sheepishly spoke up. "sorry to uh, interrupt this reunion but more guards are coming, i think it's best if we leave now." he picked up his shield, leading the three of you out of the facility safely and back to their quinjet. the whole time, nat held onto your hand tightly, as if letting go would lead to another few years of being apart once again.
once you reached the quinjet, nat led you to the seats in the back where you two would have more privacy. the team watched the two of you in confusion before turning back to steve for an explanation as he was the one who was partnered with nat for this mission. all the captain could tell them was that you two knew each other way before this and that all of them would have to wait for an explanation from nat herself if they wanted to know what was going on.
when you reached the compound, nat led you to her room where she lent you her clothes and let you shower before tucking you into her bed. when she was sure you were comfortably asleep, she left the room quietly to go grab a glass of water only to find the whole team sat in the common room instead of back in their own rooms.
she looked at them, confused. "guys, it's like almost the crack ass of dawn and we just got back from a mission, why aren't you asleep? or were you debriefing? in the common room? did i miss it?"
"no, you know debriefings for late night missions are the next morning. we were waiting for you actually," steve spoke on behalf of the whole team. "me? for what?"
"nat, c'mon, don't act stupid. you know what we're talking about," clint makes an unimpressed face at his best friend. nat sighs, taking a seat next to him and the team look at her expectantly. she cleared her throat, preparing for a whole story time.
"you know how i was from the red room?" she asked them and they all nodded, urging her to continue her story. "well, after i graduated, i was asked to come help train the younger ones in the programme. during that time, i met this girl. she reminded me a lot of my younger self and she didn't seem completely brainwashed to the point where she lacked emotions. i grew close to her and after i met clint and joined SHIELD, i vowed to get her out of there because she went through a lot in that hellhole and i could tell she didn't want to do any of the things that the other girls were fine doing.
"she had a good heart and i didn't want it to be wasted. she was the best in the academy and i knew they had big plans for her. but i didn't want her to be programmed to kill. she was much more than that. so i made this whole plan for her escape. i kept going back to the academy to come see her and share my plan with her. clint, you always asked me where i kept disappearing to when we first started becoming friends. it was her. the people there didn't know i was already under SHIELD at that time—nobody did—so it was safe for me to keep visiting and keep planning an escape for her.
"but three years ago, the red room fell. i rushed over because i thought i could finally leave with her without anyone knowing. but apparently she'd been taken away. she was the only one of the girls who was taken. by who, i didn't know at that time. but i knew it was because of her skills and abilities. if the red room had big plans for her, i knew other organisations must've already heard of her too.
"i never stopped looking for her. i don't know why i never thought of HYDRA. but it doesn't matter anymore. i finally found her and i'm never letting her go. i hope you guys don't mind that she lives here now. if not, i'll move out and find somewhere for us."
the team seemed surprised that nat told them her story. they were very much expecting her to, well, not tell them because this seemed like a very personal story.
"no, no, of course she can stay. i'll even set up another room for her." tony says and nat nods gratefully. "what's her name?" wanda asks.
"y/n," nat tells her, smiling at the thought of you as she stands up. "alright, i have to go back to her. see you guys in the morning. maybe you'll get to see her then."
she bids them goodnight, leaving after grabbing a glass of water for you in case you woke up in the middle of the night, in need of it. she wasn't wrong because when she got back to her room, you were up, hugging your knees as you cried.
"hey, hey, hey, what's wrong, sugar?" she quickly puts the glass of water on the bedside table, sitting on the bed and pulling you close to her. you look up at her all teary-eyed and she feels her heart break.
"i–i thought i lost you again," you croaked out, burying your face in her shoulder. "oh, sugar, you'll never lose me ever again. i'll never let that happen. you're safe here with me. now sleep, i'll be here when you wake up." she stroked your hair gently, laying down next to you on the bed before you two fell into a blissful slumber in each other's arms.
true to her words, she was right next to you when you woke up the next time. she seemed wide awake and you felt bad because she probably had been up hours before but didn't leave you because you were scared.
"how'd you sleep, sugar?" she asked as you sat up, stretching. "the best i have in years. thanks to you, nat." you smiled at her, still not believing all of this is real. that you're finally reunited with the woman you thought of as your mother.
"do you want to meet my friends? they're dying to meet you," she tells you and you bite your lips nervously. "do you think they'll like me?"
"are you crazy? of course they will. and if they don't, i'll make them." she threatens playfully and you laugh, missing how protective of you she is. you smile, agreeing to her suggestions to meet her friends after you got ready for the day.
"hi, sweetie, you're y/n?" a man with fancy silk pyjamas greeted as you entered the common room with natasha. you nodded timidly, scooting closer to natasha. it was weird for natasha to see you this nervous. after all, you were the best student of your batch in the red room. but she understood that years with no actual social interaction does that to people.
"i hope you'll like staying here, i already have your room setting up as of right now. when you move in, you can tell me if you don't like anything and i'll change it for you. oh, i forgot, i'm tony," he extends a hand towards you and with an encouraging nod from nat, you hesitantly shake his hand. he smiles at you before telling you both he has projects to finish down in his lab and to tell him if you needed anything.
"hey, nat, not gonna introduce your friend to us?" you heard a voice from behind you and you two turned around to see two men and a woman. you recognised both men—one of them was the one who broke into your cell last night and the other one you had seen him a lot from pictures nat would show you during your secret meetings in your red room days. he was her best friend. you didn't know the woman but the kind smile on her face was enough to reassure you that these people weren't bad.
"y/n, meet clint, the idiot who i call best friend," she points to the shorter man. the name nat called him must've offended him because the face he made was hilarious that you let out a little giggle. nat smiles at this before proceeding to introduce the other two.
"this one's steve, he's an old man stuck in a young body—literally— so if he says things you don't understand, just smile and nod." you nod at nat and steve gives her an incredulous look, as if not believing the audacity she had to introduce him like that.
"this one's wanda, she's the least annoying person in this whole place and she can cook whatever you want so i think you two will get along really well." wanda smiles at you and you return it shyly. you smile at the other two before nat drags you away, telling them she still had others to introduce you to.
when you entered the kitchen, you saw a man reading a newspaper on the kitchen island while another man, whose skin was red, stood beside him. they seemed to be discussing something very intelligent because you didn't understand a single word they spoke.
"bruce, vision, i want you to meet someone." they turned their attentions towards you and nat and you immediately felt like hiding once again. "oh hello, steve told us you brought back someone from the mission. is this her? hello, i'm bruce," the man sitting down introduced himself.
"wait, is this the bruce?" you asked nat, smirking teasingly at her and she smacks you gently on the shoulder. the man seemed flustered at what you're insinuating, scratching his neck awkwardly.
"bruce, vision, this is y/n, i've known her for a long time and i finally found her after years so i hope you two won't mind that she'll be staying here from now on," nat tells them. the two of them didn't come on the mission last night so they were the only two who didn't actually see you until today.
"it's nice to meet you, y/n. i'm vision, i hope you'll enjoy your stay here." the man with the red skin greets formally and you turn to nat with a confused expression. "he's an android, he does things a bit weird here so don't mind him." she whispers to you and you nod understandingly.
"it's nice to meet you two, i hope we'll be good friends." you say awkwardly, hoping to get this whole introduction thing over with. how many people do you have left to meet?
speaking of the devil—or should you say, devils—, two annoying voices rang through the kitchen, interrupting the peacefulness that it was before they came in.
"i'm just saying that if you hadn't eaten my last bag of chips last week, i wouldn't have taken your cookies last night. it's all about fair play, man."
"and i keep telling you that it wasn't me! i don't even like those stupid salty ass chips from that brand,"
"stop lying, i saw you eating that brand the other day! just admit you stole my chips and go,"
"guys, are you really having another one of your stupid arguments now?" nat cuts them off and they immediately turned to you, finally noticing all of you.
"oh hey! y/n, right? it's nice to meet you, i'm sam. if you wanna survive in this place, you better hide your snacks because if you don't, this winter warrior here will snatch 'em all before you can even stash them in the cupboards. don't ever trust this guy here when it comes to your snacks. you heard what happened to mine," the man fakes a cry and you held back a laugh at his long introduction. you only wanted a name to match the face but he gave you much more. you didn't mind though, he seemed like a fun person.
"hi, doll, i'm bucky. don't listen to eagle right here, i do not steal snacks. i simply let people have a taste of their own medicine. you steal my snacks, wilson, i steal 'em back. you think i don't know you stole my oreos too last month? that's why i stole your damn chips last week,"
"so you did steal them!"
"so what if i did?! you stole my oreos first!"
"oh my god, guys, you're really embarrassing me in front of y/n. these are really the people i was excited to introduce her to," nat face-palmed and you couldn't help but laugh. "don't worry nat, these people seem amazing. i can't wait to get to know them better." you assured her and she smiles, pulling you close to her. "buckle up, sugar, because living with the avengers is gonna be a wild ride."
you were excited for what was about to come. it seemed like everything was finally falling into place. you finally got nat back and you didn't have to worry about losing her again because you had a feeling these people weren't going to let that happen.
taglist <3
@amourtentiaa @rqmanoff @abitofeverythinggg @andreasworlsboring101 @cay-writes-fan-fiction514 @teenwonder @sevenmorningstars @fleurlovesbucky @marauvdersfate @bestillmystuckyheart
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rachaelswrites · 10 days ago
New Captain: Part 2
Steve Rogers x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader, Bucky Barnes x Teen!reader
Previous Part
Tumblr media
Warnings: Slight fatws spoilers (just a few mentions of Walker)
A/N: After doing some thinking, I’ve decided this is going to become a series with at least 3 or 4 parts
Your eyes scanned the headline on the news channel and they shot back to Sam, “What the hell did you do!” you shouted angrily. 
Sam stood up from the desk chair he was at and took a step towards you, “Y/n calm down. Let me explain to you why I did it.”
“No!” you yelled, “He gave you that because he trusted you. And you just hand it off to some stranger? How could you do that? To him? To me?” you turned on your heel and stomped out of the room, back to your own. 
Sam followed you and tried to go into your room but the door slammed in his face, “Y/n! Let me talk to you. Please,” this wasn’t how he wanted you to find out about the shield. He wanted to tell you once you were fine with everything, “Open the door Y/n.”
“No,” you spat, “You betrayed dad, therefore me. I don’t want anything to do with you, Sam. Leave me alone,” you walked from the door and to the bed, throwing yourself onto it. You buried your face into the pillows and once you heard Sam’s footsteps leave your door, you screamed into them. You yelled at Sam, you yelled at Bucky, you yelled at your dad, and you yelled at yourself. You couldn’t believe Sam would do this and you could never forgive him. 
After your small screaming match with your pillow, you rolled over and faced the ceiling. There were a few stains that had made shapes, reminding you of the clouds. You tried to make a story to try and calm down but it made you even angrier. The legacy your dad left was going to be ruined because of what Sam did. 
You sat up from the bed and went over to the closet. You didn’t have much with you so it wasn’t hard to pack everything back into your backpack and suitcase and slip out the window again.
Sam knew better than to try and force you to do anything right now. He knew he messed up by not telling you but if you knew, you wouldn’t have let him. He gave you a few hours to get your emotions in check before going back to your door, “Y/n are you willing to talk? I think we should,” he said. He waited for a response before knocking on the door, “Y/n at least answer me,” he waited again before sighing. He couldn't hear anything from your room which made him worried. 
He opened the door and saw your bed was empty and so was the closet. He noticed the window was open slightly and there was something on the dresser. He walked over to it and picked up the object, a small note attached that read, “If you care about us, come find me.”
You didn’t know your way around New Orleans but you managed to find a smallish airport and pulled the “Captain America’s daughter” card to get a ticket all the way back to New York, the place you knew best. 
It was only a few hour flight so once you reached the city, it was only starting to get dark. You knew it wouldn’t be safe out at night so you quickly found your way to a familiar apartment. You climbed up the steps and found the right door. You took a breath before knocking, awaiting an answer. 
Sam had tried tracking you down but you left the cellphone he got you behind and he knew you were capable of avoiding any type of security camera. The only person he could even think of calling to try and figure out where you were was Bucky, but he was a bit preoccupied. 
“Y/n what were you thinking?” Bucky asked as he paced back and forth in front of you. As soon as he had heard a knock on his front door, he was alarmed. He had no one in the city, you and Sam being the only people he knew and you two were in Louisiana, as far as he knew. When he saw you, standing there, he knew something was up. 
“You saw the news I’m sure. America has a new captain and it’s because Sam gave up the shield. I can’t live with someone who gave that up, Bucky. Dad wanted him to have it and he threw it away like trash,” you said. 
“I know and I understand. I’m mad at him too but you can’t be here. If someone found out, you and I will both get in trouble,” Bucky explained, sitting down next to you on the couch. 
“Why? I’m just here seeing a friend. I can do that can’t I?” you asked innocently. You knew you’d get in trouble if someone found out. 
“You ran away from Sam and I can’t be with you by myself,” he said, grabbing your hands in his, “I know you, Sam, and Steve trust me but they don’t and there’s nothing I can do about it right now.”
“So what? We break rules all the time. We were international fugitives for two years. What’s the worst that could happen?”
“I could go to jail and you could get put in foster care Y/n. I don’t think your dad wants either of those things to happen. Do you?” he asked. 
“No,” you said softly, “I just needed to get away from him. I’m angry at him. I’m furious and I don’t understand. I don’t even want to talk to him anymore.”
“I know but you’re going to have to,” Bucky said. He watched as you started to rub your eye harshly and he reached up and grabbed your hand, “You can stay here for the night but we have to tell Sam where you are. Why don’t you go and get some sleep now.”
“I’m not tired,” you said, “I just need someone to talk to. I haven’t talked to anyone since dad died.”
“I can tell you’re tired. You always rub your eyes when you’re tired,” he said through a small laugh, “You and I can talk tomorrow morning. How about that?”
“Fine,” you said, standing up from the couch, “Where do I sleep?”
“Right here,” Bucky said, patting the couch. 
You sat back down and Bucky stood up and went over to the small mat on the ground nearby, “You’re sleeping there? I don’t need a nightwatch.”
“I sleep here every night Y/n,” he said, “I don’t have much stuff here.”
“Oh,” you said quietly. Bucky shot you a small smile before laying down on the mat. You laid down on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. You waited a few moments, before speaking out loud, “Bucky?”
“Do you miss him?”
“Everyday Y/n.”
Bucky hadn’t been answering his phone and Sam was starting to get worried, not just about you but Bucky also. He was pretty sure the new Captain America headline had been seen by almost everyone in the country, including Bucky. Sam didn’t know how Bucky would react so he did what he thought was best and headed back up to New York. 
The next morning, you woke up to Bucky shaking you harshly, “Y/n wake up,” he said loudly. 
“Shhh,” you said as you sat up. “It’s too early for you to be yelling,” you let your eyes adjust to the bright lights before your eyes focused on two men in front of you, Bucky and Sam. “Oh,” you said. 
“Yeah, oh,” Sam said, “If you wanted to come here you could’ve just asked me Y/n.”
“Well, I didn’t know if you cared about what I wanted. Since you stabbed dad in the back and gave up the shield,” you snapped. 
“Y/n,” Bucky said in a warning tone, “Let him talk.”
“Fine,” you grumbled, sitting fully upright now, “What do you want to say?”
“Well I wanted to return this to you first,” he said, holding out your dad’s dog tags. You had left them on the dresser, next to the note, “Thought you might want them again,” he tossed them to you and you slipped them back around your neck. You watched Bucky’s expression soften lightly. He knew what those tags meant to you and knew you never took them off since Steve gave them to you. 
“Thanks,” you said. 
“I want to talk to you about the shield and why I gave it up, Y/n. I didn’t know it would go to someone else.”
“If you knew, would you have still done it?” you asked. That question seemed to have piqued Bucky’s interest as well. 
“Absolutely not,” Sam said, “If I knew that giving it up meant it was going to Walker, I would have passed it down to you.”
“Then why didn’t you just pass it down to her Sam?” Bucky asked, “If you wanted to, why not just do it?”
“I didn’t know if she’d want to,” Sam said, turning to Bucky. He then turned back to you, “I knew how angry you were with him and didn’t think you’d want the burden of the shield.”
“That shield,” you said as you stood up, “Isn’t a burden to me, Sam. To me, that’s my dad and what he stood for. And now that he’s gone, it’s one of the only things I have left of him and it kills me, to see someone other than anyone in this room using it.”
Sam looked at you for a moment before talking, “Steve would be proud of you for wanting the shield. You would have made a great Captain America.”
“Then let’s take it back,” Bucky said, “Let’s get it back to where it belongs.”
“If we’re taking it, I think Sam should have it,” you said, facing both men, “Dad wanted him to have it. Sam deserves it and we can’t let this Walker guy come in and mess up dad’s legacy.”
“If you want it Y/n, you can have it,” Sam said, “Steve would want it to be you.”
“If he really did, he would’ve given it to me in the first place,” you replied. 
“It’s yours Sam. Take it,” Bucky said. 
Sam looked between you and Bucky, taking in a breath, “Alright then, let’s get that shield back.”
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