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#steve rogers x sam wilson
I’m neutral on stucky, they do have a very sibling-like dynamic, but I do have a soft spot for it since I used to ship it hard when I was younger (now I just don’t see the romantic chemistry, even if I feel shit about them, it’s platonically.) that being said, let us all take a minute to consider samstucky. who told yall sam is gon choose between his token white boys? Samstuckynat? Samstuckytorres? Samstuckynatsharon?
Like no one here is saying you're a bad person if you ship stucky (same with me I shipped them ALOT when the first cap came out) its just they're really not written romantically you know?
samstucky would be great! I shipped them in civil war lol.
I've actually read a few great samstuckynat fics!
I've never thought about samstuckytorres!
Samstuckynatsharon would be the best tho!!!
mod laina
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heinzrat · 6 hours ago
referring to bucky as "captain america's husband" is the only peace keeper between stucky and sambucky shippers
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samwilsons-pillowpecs · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓕𝓮𝓮𝓵 𝓖𝓸𝓸𝓭
SteveSamBucky x Reader
Summary: The three Captains want to make it up to you, and to make you feel good.
Word Count: 3466
Warnings: It's threeway porn (with feelings because I can't write it otherwise apparently). Sex, oral, anal, dirty talk. All four of them are switches btw :) VERY 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI OR I WILL REPORT AND BLOCK YOU :)
A/N: This is all @ocean-bucky fault. I have no other excuses. Everyone blame or thank her, depending on how you feel about this sexy trash :D
Divider by the wonderful @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“Hurry home, doll. We’re getting bored without you.”
You look down at the notification from Bucky distractedly, eyebrows scrunched together. You had no idea what he was talking about, how could the three Captains of America, of all people, be bored?! You shook your head, and looked back up at the presentation that was on the screen at work… this was boring. Your three sort of fuck buddies, sort of friends, sort of impossible love stories didn’t know the half of it-
Your phone buzzed against the table top again, making your co workers glare at you, before turning back to the projection. You grabbed your phone, fully intending to text Bucky to go away, that you would be over to the Tower to see him, Sam and Steve as soon as possible, but your Face ID beat you to it.
Your phone opened, and you accidentally hit the play button on the video that had been sent.
You caught just a hint of Steve reaching forward and dragging Sam to him, tilting his head back and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, before kissing him well enough to make Sam moan in the back of his throat. You just heard Bucky’s throaty encouragement from behind the phone camera that added another too sexy layer to the video, when a gasp reached your ears and you looked up to see all your co-workers staring at you.
You were pretty certain that your face could be used to fry eggs if needed, it was that hot.
“Okay well, I think that wraps things up for today.” Your boss raises a perfectly manicured eyebrow at you, before pointing to the door, “Everyone, have a great weekend. Y/N? Could you stay for a moment, please?”
You smiled weakly at them, and nodded. You were going to kill all three Captains of America.
Tumblr media
An hour later and you were feeling somewhat better. Your boss had chewed you out for interrupting the meeting, and then told you to leave and come back with a better attitude on Monday, leaving you to depart the office in a cloud of rage aimed squarely at the three assholes who tried to torment you.
First, you sent all three of them the same message; fuck all of you… if you can find me.
Then, you turned your phone off, and went shopping. Twenty minutes later and you had a new burner phone, and some supplies.
Lastly, you had gone to the nearest and swankiest hotel - The Plaza in this case - and booked yourself a suite for the night.
Your yearly bonus had to come in handy sometimes, right?
Now, you smiled as you looked yourself over in the floor length mirror that occupied the room. The lingerie you had bought, paired with your work heels looked good. Keeping your smile in place, you started taking pictures, one after the other, after the other…
Soon you had a nice little collection, and sent them en masse to Steve - he was particularly susceptible to you in heels for some reason.
Hey handsome, come and get it if your old ass can find me...
You then went to the bed, and started taking more pictures, covering your body with a pillow or the sheet, and making sure to show off the fact that you had removed your bra, and forwarded those to Bucky.
I’ve lost my clothes, can you help me find them?
Finally you open up the video, and lay yourself back on the pristine white cotton sheets, keeping your sultry smile firmly in place. It wasn’t hard, your breath was already catching in your throat, it was all too clear in your mind how much you were riling your guys up with just the pictures. You figured that you had maybe fifteen more minutes before they tracked you down…
“Hey, Sam… where are you guys?” You trail your fingers over the skin of your neck, humming in the back of your throat, “I need you all…”
You hiss as your fingertips make contact with your nipples, but you keep the camera on your face, “Don’t you wish you could see what I’m doing?”
Your fingers trail lower, over your stomach, and dip beneath the silk of your panties, “Mmmm… god I’m wet just thinking about you three…”
You raise your fingers and suck them into your mouth, “I bet you wish there was something else I was sucking, asshole… maybe you should’ve thought of that before getting me in trouble at work.”
You send the video to Sam… and then you wait. You didn’t think that you would have to wait on the edge of arousal for long, but even you were surprised that you barely had enough time to freshen up before three loud knocks on your hotel room door echo through the large suite.
You bite your lip and adjust the strap of your bra that you had put back on,
“H-hello? I didn’t order room service.”
“Hilarious, Y/N. Let us in.”
That was Sam's voice, the deep, calm, whiskey soaked voice of reason…
“Let you in? Why?” You tilt your head at the door, “I have everything I need here.” You walk over to the small dresser by the bed, and start loudly unwrapping one of your new supplies.
“What’s that, honey?” Steve’s voice now, all growl, all demand. You could just picture him dropping his head slightly, glowering at the door like he could burn through the lock with just his eyes, and you let out a low chuckle,
“Just a new friend I made after you guys acted like brats.” You’re as loud as possible putting the batteries into your new toy, “I’m going to go have a nice long bath now and then…”
“Doll, you better shut up and open up this fucking door,” Bucky thumped briefly against the barrier between you, “You scared the shit out of us pulling this stunt. Do you know how many guys would kill to get their hands on you and use you against us?”
You roll your eyes heavenward, “Oh please. No one knows about us, ours is a secret fuck buddy relationship, isn’t it? And anyway, you guys are the ones yelling in a public hallway.”
“Go away, please.”
You turn on the vibrator, and they kick through the door.
Three three of them stalk towards you, a heady combination of anger and lust shining in their eyes as they look you over in your lingerie and heels. Steve raised an eyebrow at the pink vibrator in your hand, snatches it from you and throws it towards a shadowed corner,
“You’re not going to be needing that, honey.”
“Steve! Who told you that you assholes could come in?!”
Sam walked behind you, and pulled you back against him. He smelled like leather, and felt like sin. He trailed his nose along the skin of your neck, “You want us to leave then, sweetheart? Maybe we wanna make it up to you.”
Sam just holds you as Bucky and Steve slowly start removing their jackets. Bucky is wearing a black t-shirt, his muscles clearly visible under the tight material, and Steve rolls up the sleeves of his blue shirt, the sunlight glinting against the blond of his longer hair and beard.
They’re the three most beautiful men in the world. They protect the world from threats most people could barely comprehend. They carry trauma, pain, compassion and love on those broad shoulders, and they make it look easy when they come home to rest.
And they rest with you.
You relax against Sam, going pliant in his arms, and turn your head to kiss him softly, “You guys got me in so much trouble, you deserved a little payback.”
“Yeah? Well, we’ve had it. Now it’s your turn to make it up to us, sweetheart.”
“On your knees, doll.” Bucky appeared in front of you, pulling his chin length hair back into a little bun, sinful smirk across his face, “Turns out that Sam does want you sucking on something else.”
You poke your tongue out at him, “Get me on my knees, Barnes.”
Steve laughed at that, distracting you enough that Bucky pulled you from Sam’s arms, and dragged you flush against him, claiming your lips in the type of kiss only Bucky could give.
Possessive. Demanding. Needy.
This man could convey more emotion in a three second kiss then most men could in their whole life.
Bucky pulled away, letting you breathe for a spilt second, and pushed you down to your knees, going down on his haunches next to you, “Open your mouth, doll, Sammy has something for you.”
His metal hand went to grab your wrists, pulling them behind your back, you wanted to snark, but your cunt started to throb, distracting you. Sam had removed his upper clothing, leaving him gloriously shirtless. Sam shone, light sought him out and made him gleam like a god, your mouth watered at the sight of him and your jaw dropped open without much thought.
“Good girl. Buck, hold her jaw open for me.” Sam's voice was husky, as he pumped his cock right in front of your face, “Swallow me down, sweetheart.”
Bucky kept your wrists in one hand, and held your mouth open with the other, his lips at your ear, “You look so fucking sexy like this. Can’t wait to fuck your pretty ass later.”
You can’t answer, Sam's eyes are rolling into the back of his skull as you tongue his tip, tasting the pre cum gathered there. Steve comes down on your other side, his shirt is also off now, and he takes one of your wrists,
“I need in her cunt. I’ve been waiting all fucking day.” Steve slapped at the inside of one of your thighs, just enough to sting, “Keep your fucking legs open. I want to touch you, and you’re not cumming until one of us says, okay, honey?”
Sam is gently fucking your face, both his large hands holding your skull firmly. Bucky drops his fingers from your jaw and pushes it past both cups of your bra, pulling the fabric away and letting your breasts spill free,
“God I love these,” Bucky rolls a nipple between his fingers, as Steve drops his hand between your legs. His fingers pull the fabric of your panties to one side, and the immediately go to your clit,
“She’s soaked, I bet she could cum within a minute if we let her.”
“No way, man.” Sam growled, picking up his pace and hitting the back of your throat, “I want her begging us before we let her cum.”
Sam tastes like heaven on your tongue. Steve’s fingers are playing you perfectly. Bucky whispers filth in one ear and teases you higher with his metal fingers on your breasts…
Sam's hips stutter, and he comes down your throat. You just barely manage to breathe through your nose and not gag, swallowing him down as instructed. Your orgasm is just about to hit, when Steve and Bucky both pull away from you, and make quick work of ripping off your bra and panties. Bucky pouts as the fabric flutters to the floor,
“Those were really pretty, I really like fucking her in her underwear, man.”
“You’ll have to get me some more then, won’t you?!” You hiss, irritated that your relief had been taken away, and then jerk when Steve lays a slap against your ass, just hard enough to sting, and you glare at him, “What was- ow!”
Steve had spanked you again.
“Get on your knees on the bed, honey, we’re not done here yet.”
That tone… only Steve used the full Captain voice with you and got away with it.
Sam was too playful, he liked leaving his Captain persona at the door and just being Sam with you. Bucky was too unpredictable, sometimes he would be sweet and soft, other times - like now - he would be hard and demanding, but he never acted like his professional persona with anyone when that uniform came off. He had been a violent shell with no control for too long. He liked having his varied tastes and personalities now.
Steve though… he just liked seeing his orders being followed, and he liked being strong enough to see that they would be followed too. Like right now.
You rolled your eyes - you were not the type to just give in just because Steve was pulling his belt through the loops on his jeans - and Steve just smirked, kissed you, and promptly threw you on the bed.
You bounced, a stream of curses falling from your lips, but they were cut off when Sam and Bucky climbed on the bed on either side of you. Both were now fully naked, their only adornment was the greedy smiles on their faces as they crowded against you.
Sam lay back against the pillows, and spread his arms out to the sides, “C’mere baby girl, I got a great seat for you.”
You giggled, and relaxed enough for Bucky to help you straddle Sam’s face. Once in place, Sam raised his hands to your ass and helped guide you over his mouth. The first swipe of his tongue over your clit had you breathing out his name, and you leant forward to grasp the headboard. You barely noticed Bucky moving behind you, just moaned softly as he trailed kisses along your neck, and lightly bit down on your earlobe,
“You like Sam eating you out, doll? His tongue is magic, right?”
“Will you let me tongue your ass? And you can suck Steve's dick?” His touches to your skin were tender now, his voice low and pleading, “Please, doll? I’m sorry for getting you in trouble, we just wanna make you feel good.”
“Will you let me cum?” You hum as Bucky's fingers reach between your legs to gather some of your slick, and bring it back to your asshole, “Bucky…”
“Whad’ya say, Steve? Can she cum yet?”
Steve snorted, and came to kneel next to you on the bed. He took a grip of the back of your neck and laid another kiss on you, stealing your breath just as Sam did that with his tongue, and Bucky pushed a finger into your ass to the first knuckle,
“Oh god-”
“Not yet, honey. Bend forward, okay?” Steve whispered against your lips, and moved you to his satisfaction, guiding your lips to his cock. Steve was muskier than Sam, more dark spice than clean whiskey, his taste was addictive and you sucked the tip eagerly into your mouth.
“Good girl.” Steve murmured, his voice just strangled enough in pleasure to make you preen around him and suck him harder, letting go of the headboard with one hand so you could take a grip of his base and stroke him long and slow…
“I should take a picture of how hot you three look right now.” Bucky murmured from somewhere behind you, his hands on your ass, spreading you for his gaze, “But I got something to do right now…”
The first touch of his hot wet tongue almost sent you over, and you would’ve if Sam hadn’t chosen that moment to lift his hand and pinch your nipple, just enough to hurt.
You growl around Steve’s cock, your free hand swatting at Sam in frustration, but he just chuckles against you and starts pushing to move you enough so he can sit up,
“Gonna fuck you now, baby girl, okay?”
Your mouth is too full to answer, so you just wink and stick your thumb up at Sam, making his honey toned laugh fill the room,
“You’re so fucking sexy, you know that?”
Of course you knew that. These three men - your men - made you feel like a living goddess just by looking at you. It was how Bucky made you feel when his eyes never left you as soon as you entered a room, but he would wait until you came to him if you ever needed anything. It was the way that Steve held you as you slept, all day he was a Captain, but in bed he would lay his head on your chest and take the comfort that he needed but could never ask for. It was the way that Sam could drop his guard around you, opening up to you in ways that he just wouldn’t for anyone else.
You mattered to these three. It might never be a relationship that the world would fully embrace, but what did that matter when they loved you in this quiet and powerful way?
Sam slid inside you, stretching your walls in a deliciously painful way. He brought his hands to caress your chest, playing with your nipples and sending a fresh wave of arousal through you. You sucked harder on Steve, almost delirious with pleasure, and that was before Bucky rose to his knees behind you and tapped the head of his cock against your back passage,
“You ready for me too, doll?”
Another thumbs up, and Bucky pushed forward, gentle in the way only someone with Bucky’s level of strength could be. Once Bucky was all the way inside you, the three of them paused, sharing a look with each other, before they began moving in unison, stuffing you full with every thrust inside of you.
You were close before, now you were desperate, you keened around Steve’s cock desperately as he held your head firmly. Sam played with your nipples, Bucky reached around and rubbed softly at your clit. It was too much, it was not enough…
“Steve, are you ready? I think Y/N should be allowed to cum now, don’t you?” Sam asked breathlessly, Bucky hummed in agreement behind you, and started picking up the pace, his hips slamming into yours, bringing both him and Sam deeper inside you…
“Yeah, come on, honey, come on…” Steve started thrusting harder too, making you gag. Your orgasm his suddenly just as the first ropes of Steve’s release shoot down your throat. Sam follows quickly after, groaning lewdly on a chant of your name, and Bucky finds his release last, pulling out to empty himself across your back.
You fall forward, breath coming in pants and zero strength left in your body. All three men cradle you, your ears hear nothing but words of praise and love and devotion. You whine when Sam slips back out of you, and when his warmth leaves your front. Steve pulls you next to him, draping you across his chest as Bucky and Sam work on cleaning off their combined messes.
It’s indescribable how you feel after they have their way with you. Every time is different, and yet it always makes you feel the same. Warm, cared for, appreciated. Steve calls for room service, Bucky runs a bath, and Sam tucks the covers in around you.
Steve’s lips press against the top of your head, his deep voice low, “How’re you feeling, honey?”
“Mmmm…” you sigh, sleep tugging at the edges, “Gimmie a little while?”
“Sure thing… we’re not going anywhere.”
Tumblr media
Your phone rings forty eight hours later. When you see it’s your boss, you turn your back on your three guys, chuckling at their groans. By the time you’ve finished the call, you’re grinning from ear to ear, and throw your shoulders back in triumph knowing full well it made your chest look amazing… and that it would further torment your three Captains,
“So, that was the boss! Even after your thoughtless actions the other day, they want me to work on a presentation for the company. If I do it right, then guess who gets that promotion?”
Bucky grinned, the edges were just a little strained, “Aw, doll, I’m so proud-”
“Did I say you could talk?” You boop his nose, and then kiss it, then lean over to Sam on Bucky’s right hand side, and kiss his neck, grinning when he let out a strangled groan,
“Such a good boy…”
“YN…” Steve was always the worst when it came to you having your turn to be in control, which also meant he was the most fun, “don’t be a tease-”
“Come on, Steve! Would I tease you? I promised that I would let you all cum didn’t I?”
You grin down at them, your three Captains. All of them naked, and laid out like beautiful sacrifices for you, each one of their beautiful cocks stood to attention just waiting for you to decide what to do with them…
You adjust the straps of your bra, and the hemline of the thong that you wear, and lick your lips,
“So… who’s first?”
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leylinefiction · 13 hours ago
Call and Answer
This story is the sequel to No More Yesterdays
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
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leylinefiction · 14 hours ago
Call and Answer: Epilogue
Delacroix, Louisiana
One month later
Edie and Steve park the pick up truck in the middle of the field and get out. Nick Fury is already there, leaning on the side of a Jeep.
“How goes the Hydra hunt?” Fury says by way of greeting.
“We have some leads,” Steve answers. “Mostly pointing back to Germany, where it all started.”
“The shells from the sniper are the same that the Winter Soldier used and they fired about 1200 yards out so we’re probably dealing with another enhanced person,” Edie adds.
“It sounds like this case is definitely in both your wheelhouses which makes now a good time to do this.” He pulls out a small rectangular device and presses a couple buttons. The empty field suddenly shimmers as reflective panels retract and reveal a double landing pad with two quinjets, a hanger, and multi-floor building. “Welcome to the new SHIELD facility.”
Steve looks at the building. “Awfully big space for just the three of us.”
“Actually,” Fury sighs, “I’m here delivering the keys. It’s just the two of you.”
Edie shakes her head thinking she misheard. “Wait, where are you going?”
“I have my own personal project I’m working on currently. John Walker isn’t the only tarnished superhero the world has to offer. There are many others out there with a checkered past that need the opportunity to redeem themselves. Apparently, I’ve been told, I have a heavy enough hand to help guide them on their path back to redemption.”
“That sounds pretty noble,” Steve says.
Nick scoffs. “It sounds like utter bullshit but someone needs to get their hands dirty. Why not me? You two, on the other hand, have a chance to rebuild SHIELD with clean hands, run it the way you want.” Nick holds out the device to Steve.
Steve looks at Edie who gives him a slight nod and he takes the device. They had already talked about this exact situation and came to the conclusion that they would tackle this together. He was a soldier and always would be. She had been raised in the shadows and it was in her blood whether she wanted it or not. But at least they were going to be rebuilding SHIELD together.
“Try not to wreck the place,” Nick says with a smile before he gets into the Jeep and drives off.
Edie laces her fingers with Steve’s as they cross the field to the front entrance of the building. “You know, SHIELD was founded with three people: Peggy Carter, Colonel Phillips, and Howard Stark.”
“Well, we have the career soldier and the charming spy, all we’re missing is a Stark.”
“Do you think Hazel would want to work with us? What about Sam’s team?”
“I don’t think it’s a mistake that Fury chose this place that’s only a few miles away from Sam’s home.”
Steve nods thoughtfully. “Well, we have a few months before we pitch anything to her.”
Steve opens the door and holds it for her. “After you, Dr. Erskine.”
Edie smiles and kisses him. “Welcome home, Captain Rogers.”
“If I had known you and your friends were capable of doing work like this, I would have had you all visit years ago to fix up the house.”
Sam smiles as he finishes screwing in the plate around the ceiling fan. “Maybe we’ll start our own business: Avenger’s Remodeling.”
In one month, Sam and his teammates and friends had completely turned the old attic into a beautiful studio apartment. Insulation and new windows kept the Southern heat out of the upper room, hard wood floors were sanded and sealed, and Pepper had sent over the furniture that she knew Hazel would find comforting. It turned out lovely and Sarah hoped that Hazel and Luka would find some respite here while Hazel tried to rebuild her life.
Sarah hands Sam a beer as he climbs down from the ladder. “Well, now AJ and Cass want their rooms redone.”
“Kitchen’s next.”
“I thought you were joking about that!”
Sam laughs. “Hell no. You want to start selling food, you need a decent kitchen to do it in. Besides, Clint already has the countertops.”
“I told you I don’t want granite.”
“I know. It’s butcher block. I listen.”
Sarah gives him a serious look. “You listen, huh?”
Sam shakes his head. “Oh lord, I know that look. I’m about to get some little sisterly advice.”
“What you’re about to get is a fat lip if you don’t stop mouthing off to me.”
“Alright, alright.” He brushes the dust off his clothes before sitting down in one of the chairs at the small kitchen table. “What do you want to say?”
She takes the chair across from him and fiddles with her own beer bottle. “I know you feel guilty over what happened in Madripoor. And I know you always like to rescue people.” She motions to the remodelled attic. “But I’m telling you right now, being a single mother with two little kids is something Hazel can’t be rescued from. She’s going to have to figure this out herself.”
“I know that.”
“Do you?”
“If you didn’t want her here-”
“I do want her here,” Sarah interrupts. “Pepper’s got her hands full with Riri Williams and Peter Parker. Hazel has an entire community here that is willing to help and she agreed to come for the duration of her pregnancy.”
Sam frowns. “So what’s the problem then?”
“Me? How am I the problem?”
Sarah shakes her head and laughs. “I know you. You’re going to want to rescue her from this situation and I’m telling you right now, you can’t. She has to stand on her two feet and she may never want to be rescued. You gotta be okay with that.”
“Sarah, she’s just a friend who needs some help right now. That’s it.”
She gives him a slight smirk. “That’s good. Keep repeating that until it sounds believable.”
Sam shakes his head. “I don’t know where you get these ideas from.”
“Oh, you don’t? How about the fact that you talk about her more than you do Bucky? I know more about Hazel than your own partner.”
“First of all, he’s a coworker. Second of all, Hazel talks and Bucky stares. She actually gives me things to talk about when I come back home.”
“All I know is this past week you have had that look in your eye that I haven’t seen since you and Lorainne Beauford were going together.”
“That was high school, Sarah!”
“Some things never change, Sam.” She stands up and squeezes his shoulder. “Just give her space and keep being her friend.”
“You’ve now made this weird, I hope you know.”
“Good,” she smiles. “Maybe for once you’ll behave yourself.”
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milk-of-poppies · a day ago
Marvel's jewelry
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: bucky, sam, peter, pietro, wanda, steve, and nat
format: headcanons!
warnings: none! meant to be read in computer format. some angst?? but mostly fluff rn.
a/n: I apologize to everyone who has a hard time reading the yellow format. Also! I'm jumping on the bi!sam bandwagon and saying that there was def something between Riley and him👀
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
I) It's simple and thin, stopping just above the scar on top of his ribcage. A thin pendant hangs from the chain, warmed by his body heat. the pendant holds the image of a rose, simple, pretty, plain. His mother used to wear one like it, and when his memories finally rushed back it was one of the first things he bought.
II) his dog tags are loud as they thump against his sternum. The metal slides against each other, clanging quietly underneath the thick cotton of his shirt. It's another reminder of a past him, a him he's trying to go back to. They're new, lacking the beat-up symbolism of his original pair, but they're there. And they were a gift.
I) his chain is simple and thin gold. There's no decoration, no design, it's worn and tarnished from years of wear. He'd picked it up years ago with Riley on the streets of New Orleans. The two of them had found a rare off day in the midst of all their chaos, and they took the time to spend it together. Riley had picked the thin gold up as a joke, handing it over to him with a playful smile. Now he plays with it in the middle of the night when things are growing dark and he can't see the world outside his head.
I) Morgan gave him a necklace made of beads, small and cute as it nestled into the hollow of his throat. The beads were a mirage of colors, ranging from orange to red to blue to yellow to hot pink to brown. They clashed with almost everything peter wore, but they stayed where they were no matter what. The first time he ever put his necklace on, he aced one of the hardest tests of his semester, and now he never takes it off. For good luck.
II) he doesn't know how his uncle got them, but somehow he has his parents' wedding rings. He keeps them on a chain, tucked beneath the soft material of his shirts and sweaters. They nestle right by his heart, warmed by body heat. The weight comforts him when the world gets too loud, a reminder that his parents are still around.
I) When Pietro was 12, his sister gave him a bracelet of woven black thread. She had made it herself, very proudly, and demanded to watch him slip it onto his narrow wrist. He whined and griped the whole time he put it on, but once it was there it never came off. It stayed there, getting beaten and worn through the years. He lost it when Sokovia fell, and now it's somewhere, buried beneath the rubble.
I) She keeps a fine bracelet of silver chain buried beneath the layers of her sleeves. It was a gift from her brother in the later years, after they became new people. The metal remained warm against her skin, sliding around beneath her cotton shirts. As the years went by, it became a reminder of what she had lost, one she couldn't bring herself to take off.
II) Her rings are an amalgamation of things, picked up from all the places she's been to over the years. The first was a couple plain silver bands stolen by her brother when they were 10, slipped into her clenched palm with a mischievous smile. The rest followed after that quickly, stacking up on her nimble fingers. The majority were silver, thin and simple, holding no intricate designs or symbols. The feel of smooth metal keeps her sane.
I) Steve finds himself wearing a thick band of engraved gold on his right hand. It wraps around his middle finger, a simple decoration that he doesn't take off. The engravings are of a sunrise, so intricate and delicate you need to hold it close to fully understand the symbols decorating it. The inside is worn-down, shiny, and smooth from its constant place on his finger. Peggy's daughter had given it to him with a timid smile, whispering that she would've wanted him to have it. He finds himself twisting it whenever he gets anxious, rubbing the familiar pattern to remind himself of everything that he does have.
II) only sometimes does he wear his dog tags. They clink and slide together on the smooth material of his chest, hidden beneath his shirt. The name of them was Steven G. Rogers, along with his serial number and his date of birth. For the longest time after he left the ice, he hated what the tags stood for. He hated being him, being Steve Rogers, The Captain America, the man out of time. But then he saw Peggy again, he saw the man that shared his best friend's face, and he started to wear them again. Only when he needed reminding of who he truly was.
I) For the longest time, she didn't believe in jewelry. They were clunky and in the way, only worn when she was on a mission. Then you gave her a braided bracelet of glass beads, an amalgamation of messy colors. She tried to hide how much she loved it, the thing clinging tightly to the skin of her wrist. It remained hidden beneath her clothing in every situation, but it never left her. It never could.
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
tagging!: @peterssweetpea @peterrs-parkerr @buckysmischief @blackberrybucky @punani @hunters-heathen @rizwritesfandom @cosmicsierra @laserbrains @softforbucky @cap-n-stuff @@wxnters-soldier @wnterwidows @buckyblues @lokihiddleston
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5littleassbutts · a day ago
Dear Fic Writers,
I liked your fic because I am saving it for later. I promise to reblog with tags and reactions once I actually get to read it.
Thank you,
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We Are Entranced Chapter Three
This mundane facade, the great lie that was Darcy Lewis, began to crack after she met God. Okay, she did not meet god, capital G. But she met a god, so it totally still counted.Her life which had previously been made up of poptarts snuck between science benders with Jane and worries over her impending graduation (the six remaining college credits that were gained through her internship assumed), quickly became one consisting of red tape and big scary governmental bodies who had the uncanny ability to steal iPods with no apparent repercussions. Suddenly she was graduating and moving to New York so Jane could bump uglies with her  God boyfriend. This move also meant that Jane would now have access to Stark tech and funding that made her threats to split open the universe (when Darcy tried to pry her away from science) that much more intimidating.Her lie, which she had spent her whole life perfecting, was starting to crumble away. And it had only been two months of living in Avengers Tower, rubbing shoulders with heroes who could put the Greek legends to shame.Two months of limited normality and Darcy could feel her shrewdly made front slipping. She was surprised no one noticed.Of course, with Natalia and James being away on a mission in Siberia for the last few weeks, it made sense that her slips had been given no consideration. Steve and Sam were far too trusting to think anyone in their inner circle could be hiding secrets, let alone one this big. They took anything she cooked for them with absolutely no questions asked, just a boy scout grin and an “aw shucks, thank you ma’am” attitude. Tony and Bruce often kept their heads firmly buried in the sand that was whatever new science project they were working on. When they did come up for air from their little love affair both were too self centered to notice her. Tony was more unapologetic about it, but Bruce gave the impression that he had to be a bit more removed in order to keep the other guy in check all the time. Clint, well Clint may have noticed, but he was often away from the tower, living with his family (a tidbit Daeira would never have been trusted with, but the non threatening and dearly held Darcy was).That only left the brothers from different mothers, Thor and Loki. One of whom was so proud of having a sister, however adopted and non official it was, to see any fault with her. The other, well Darcy had never really met Loki. Sure she saw him around, mostly in the elevators or during Family Movie Nights, but she had never worked up the courage to introduce herself. This was of course mostly due to the fact that should she ever do so, it was highly likely she would mention that nasty habit he seemed to have of cheating death and the time he tried to take over her planet. In short, Darcy was convinced that any formal meeting between them would be, well to put it lightly, bad.He was unnerving, always watching everyone in the unblinking way a cat stares at a particularly enticing bird.During Family Movie Nights, or any other time she had to be around him, Darcy could feel the burn of his stare on her and it always made her feel naked. Not in a fun sexual way, no, this was being stripped down to her core, her most basic elements put on display in front of a God who could never be trusted.The fact was, Darcy only ever truly felt like Daeira when he was around, and that worried her.
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marvelmusing · a day ago
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
Helmut Zemo
Twin Flame
Terms of Endearment
The Baron’s Return
HYDRA Hunter
Tumblr media
Cover Stars and Stripes
Forever Home
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Bucky’s Little Artist
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson
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Before the streetlights come on: Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader (AU)
Series MasterList
Summary: It's the summer of 1994 and you find yourself falling for your childhood best friend. There's a lot that can happen before the street lights come on.
A/n: I made the divider myself!! It's the first one I've made. And yes I did just get a clip art lamp post...
Tumblr media
"Be home before the streetlights come on!" You heard your mom tell you and your little siblings as the three of you ran out the door.
"Yes ma'am!" The three of you shouted before the door shut and your each went your separate ways. You went right next door where your best friend of 16 years lived, while your siblings got their bikes and went to find their friends. Summer break started a week ago and this was now the routine. You rung the door bell waiting.
"Hey y/n!" Sarah Rogers, your best friend's mom said as she opened the door.
"Hi Mrs. Rogers is Steve up yet?" You asked.
"Coming! I'm coming!" You heard the blonde hair blue eyed man you call your best friend shout before someone came running down the stairs.
"Yes he is." She chuckled, you laughed with her as he stumbled on the last step.
"Hi." Steve smiled at you. "Bye mom!"
"Bye Mrs. Rogers!"
"Be home before the streetlights come on!" She hollered as you two ran to your bicycles.
"Okay!" The the two of you rode down the street.
"Diner?" You asked him.
"Yeah obviously." He said speeding up on his bike. You rolled your eyes following. Once finally at the dinner you two were sat waiting for food.
"So for your birthday this year are you gonna have a party?" You asked.
"Probably not a party of us two, Tony, and Bruce won't be that fun." He shrugged.
"Oh well you should still invite them over to watch fireworks."
"So I say we go to mall." You suggested after a while of sitting in the park talking.
"Sure." Steve shrugged standing up before helping you up. "Race you?"
"Oh your on!" You ran to your bike getting on it as fast as possible before riding away. He copied quickly making it in front of you. He ended up winning though.
"Well, we could go to blockbuster and get a movie we can watch it at my house," Steve suggested.
"Sure." You shrugged putting your bike in the bike racks.
"Great! So what movie?"
"A Disney one." You suggested.
"Okay." The two of your walked around the mall for a little while before going to Blockbuster and getting the movie. By the time you got outside it was almost time for the street lights to come on.
"Race you home!" You said riding off. He followed quickly behind you.
"Hey, no fair! You got a head start!" Steve complained, parking his bike in front of his house.
"Don't be a sore loser!" You scoffed. "Okay I'll ask my mom if I can come over after dinner.
"Okay see you then." Steve smiled at you before walking in. You sighed walking into your own home.
"Momma! I'm home!" You exclaimed.
"Welcome home dear!" She smiled before going to the door to scream for your sibling. You rolled your eyes heading up to your room.
You looked out the window seeing Steve in his room which had a window across from your own. You looked away quickly when he noticed you and just grabbed what you came to your room for. You were developing a bit of a crush for the blonde. You couldn't tell him or anyone for that matter. You didn't want to ruin the long friendship the two of you had so you ignored you feelings. Hung out with him a lot as usual. You wish your other friends were there this summer but they weren't. Sure you had other friends then just Sam, Nat, and Bucky but they were also busy this summer.
Wanda and Pietro were visiting their home country. Clint was a counselor at a summer camp. Bruce had a summer job. You didn't know how but Tony got a job babysitting a kid named Peter. You were surprised he'd even get a summer job since his parents are rich but you assumed it was just to stay away from his dad. And Vision was with Wanda and Pietro.
So almost every day this summer will just be you and Steve. And you ignoring your crush.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @honeyyxashes
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hitchell-mope · a day ago
Wanda: Okay, Sam, I gotta say something. I think my feelings for Steve may be resurfacing.
Sam: Oh, please. They were buried in a shallow grave.
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tsmukanii · 2 days ago
First Impressions…or Second Ones
I really didn’t think people would like the first chapter but thank you! Hope you like this as well!
Tumblr media
Waking up slightly disoriented as you don’t recall passing out on your couch you try to collect your thoughts for a moment. You try to process the dream you had but its not making any sense to you.
You hear a faint voice calling out to you. “Zero. Zero its time for your injection.” But you don’t make any move to show that you are awake. The next thing you hear is your cell door sliding open but yet you don’t even flinch as you wait for footsteps to come near. 
Then suddenly your body you feel hands grasp at your arms-
You are shaken out of the dream by a huge thud sounding in the kitchen making you whip around to see what is happening. Meelo has knocked over a glass you left on the counter.
Frustrated you let out a huff at his antics and take your time moving to clean up the mess. Finished you glance over at the kitchen stove to check the time and it shows that you are going to be late for your meeting.
“Shit!” You exclaim as you run to grab your phone to text your client that you will be running late and letting out a relieved sigh as he reassures you it is fine.
Trying to hurry for his sake, you grab your bag and take off as fast as you can to the schwarma place that is continently close to the apartment. 
“I am so sorry I am late!” you apologize profusely. 
“Its quite alright Y/N, I understand. No need to worry I was running late as well.” Says Mr. Nolan with a small smile on his face. Relaxing at his words you take a seat in front of him ready to get started.
“Still sir, traveling from Maine to meet is too much to ask of someone.” You reply while pulling out your binder to show him your work.  “Well I was planning a trip to surprise my daughter anyway so this works out just fine.” He says excitedly with a genuine smile on his face now.
Hearing that you flash him a big smile and pull out a few sample pieces for him. “Well that’s wonderful to hear sir. I hope you both have an amazing time together.” He nods his head in thanks and looks down at your designs then he slowly starts to develop an impressed look on his face which eventually leads to a truly astonished one. “Y/N these are incredible! Your attention to detail is just amazing!” You smile shyly accepting the compliment but you are never used to them. 
You go to thank him when suddenly your phone rings.
Captain Eye Patch
You clench your jaw tightly moving to ignore the call. “Sorry about that. Where were -“ you are cut off again by your phone but not giving in you turn the phone off to give Mr. Nolan your undivided attention. 
“So can you tell me what you were thinking about having a sculpture of?” You ask eagerly, trying to focus on the task at hand. 
“Well I’m not sure exactly but I want it to be an anniversary gift. I want it to really symbolize how -“ but Mr. Nolan never gets to finish as a hand slams down onto the table evidently startling the two of you. 
“I do not like to be ignored Ms. Y/LN. Especially by you.” The words come out harsh but soften at the word you.  Not wanting to look up but doing so anyways you are greeted by what is supposed to be Director Fury’s harsh glare but also something you can’t identify as he stares at you.
Sending your potential ex-client an apologetic gaze, you move to gather up your stuff.  “I am terribly sorry for this interruption sir but I would really like to capture your vision. Maybe we can reschedule?” You ask hopefully but seeing the doubtful look on Mr. Nolan’s face you can tell that you blew it but still he says he’ll contact you before he leaves. 
With one last nod you head out with Fury on your heels. Walking down till you reach a nearby alley, you don’t say anything as you turn to face him but your face says it all. Except he doesn’t seem to care or he tries to act like he doesn’t. “I thought I told you that I would be in touch.” Fury says surprisingly gentle but you pay no mind as you are still upset at the loss of a possibly huge commission opportunity.  
“I thought I said I wanted nothing to do with Shield!” You yell out to him. “You government types are all the same no matter how different you try to be.” You say a little calmer now. 
Sighing Fury tells you “Its not about trying to get you to do anything… its about your family.” Hearing that makes you tense up. 
“…What about them?” You mutter out weakly. Your family has always been a sore subject for you. You were found as a baby with only a necklace and a letter left for you. The only thing you knew about your family was that the necklace was a family heirloom. 
You were lucky to be adopted by a nice couple but your relationship became strained when the dreams started. You repeat the question to Fury when he didn’t answer you.
“Its not much but I was able to find out where that necklace of yours originated from. “ He says while pointing at the pendant around your neck. “Its from a small village just outside of Wakanda.”
You look at him in shock and start shaking your head. “But that’s crazy! No… I was born in Indiana.” You say trying to make sense of this news. “No you were found in Indiana, not born.” Fury confirms for you.
Before you can get a word out your alarm went off letting you know that you had to meet up with Peter. Trying to move past the news you have been given you take a deep breath before looking to Fury. “I don’t have time for this. I get to have a little meet and greet with your group of misfits.” You say with a sarcastic grin on your face.
Without even waiting for him to speak you head out of the alley with Fury just watching you leave.
In the elevator of the Avengers compound you try to take in all that Peter says about everyone but your mind is still on the conversation you had before.  
“Sam and Bucky like to play pranks on me a lot so I think you’ll definitely hit it off with them the most.” Peter says with a hint of annoyance in his tone. “But honestly I think you’ll get along with everyone pretty well.” You nod at his words and try to look interested for his sake and you think its working until you see him look at you with a questioning glance.  
But when you give him a shake of your head, he knows that you don’t want to talk about it. It upsets him that you keep things to yourself like this. He worries about you but he knows it will make you distance yourself from him so he keeps telling you about the Avengers. 
Finally you both reach your desired floor and enter what looks to be a common area where two individuals are in the conjoining kitchen. 
“Hey Vision, Steve this is my friend Y/N. Y/N this is The Vision and Steve Rogers aka Captain America.” Peter says with a wide smile on his face clearly happy to have you here. “Nice to meet you Miss Y/LN it is a pleasure.” Vision greets with a small smile. 
Steve nods his head in confirmation and greets you with a firm handshake that leaves your hand throbbing a little. “Its great to finally meet the person who the kid can’t seem to shut up about.” He says. Looking over at Peter with a teasing smile, he tries to change the subject before you make fun of him. “Hey uh, can you call everyone else?  E-everyone else should meet her as well.” Peter blurts out. Smiling at his antics, Vision nods and goes to collect the others. 
Meanwhile Steve sits you down to ask you some questions. “So Y/N where are you from?” Trying to remain polite you answer “Oh uh I’m from Indiana.” 
“Oh was it nice growing up there?” 
Suddenly feeling very uncomfortable at the question it becomes noticeable on your face making Steve backtrack. “I’m sorry if that’s too personal for you. I just wanted to know more about you.” He says 
Before you can say that its fine, you hear footsteps coming toward the common area making you turn to greet the new people in the room. As you scan your eyes over each of them your eyes widen as you lock onto a familiar pair who does the same when seeing you.
Nobody else notices how you both are frozen until you hear the person speak suddenly. 
“Oh fuck..”
Leave a comment who you think it is. Also Natasha x reader or Wanda x reader? Or both maybe? Let me know.
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ritesofreverie · 2 days ago
✨ 𝐬𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐲 ✨
okay i’m bored out of my mind while doing laundry so here’s what we’re gonna do to spice things up a lil bit
send me in your sluttiest thots, confessions and/or drabbles about our fave mcu characters 😌
and if you’re shy — anon is always welcome bby!
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idy-ll-ique · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Thank you for 500 followers!!!!! I am truly blessed!!! All the love and support I receive on this app... you guys are amazing. I started posting a year ago, never thought my blog would reach these many followers in one year but thank you so much
(oh no im actually crying haha lame)
even on the days where I feel the worst, I just open this app and realize I have something worth living for. you guys are seriously the best
also, on the account of 500 followers, I will now be reopening my asks!!! send in your prompts!!!! I will be writing one-shots/drabbles for the people mentioned in the tags 🖤
once again, thank you all so much, I love you guys and I only hope this number will continue to grow!!!
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thelastavenger-3000 · 2 days ago
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Avengers x Reader
Featuring: GoTG, Peggy Carter
Warnings: Angst, sad I suppose
Summary: 2 years after her death, your struggling even more. And it’s killing the team to keep their secret. (I changed Endgame because I can. Come at me. I might make it into chapters.)
‘It can’t be undone’ she said
*2 years ago*
You had gone through years with her. Years with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. You had gone through love with her. You had gone through the 5 years with her. You had gone to Vormir with her. Yet you had won the final fight without her.
When you all came back from the time travel success you had to try and keep yourself from collapsing. You saw the others standing with smiles on their faces but all you saw was her. Her lips and eyes pleading you to let her go. Her body descending forever. And her sprawled out onto the floor, a pool of blood surrounding her head confirming Natasha Romanoff no longer wondered the earth.
“Are you telling me this actually worked?” Rhodey questioned, followed by Thor’s wheezy laugh. Their faces became confused when they heard a long bang. You have dropped down onto your knees, stone in hand and body wet from wherever you had been teleported to after she had sacrificed herself.
“Y/n where’s Nat?” The big green guy said. Your eyes were stuck in front of you. A sorrowful look on your face. You couldn’t even move. You couldn’t speak. You could’ve all been there for hours or seconds. But Steve lifted you up by your arms and tried to read your expression. With the help of Nebula you were taken to your bedroom you shared with Natasha. The both of them tried to gently take you to the bed but instead you walked shakily to the bathroom and shut the door. Of course Steve was upset. He had a lost a part of his family. He had shed tears while he walked with you. He could only imagine what the scene must’ve been for yourself. The unspoken news of his friends death was indescribable, but having to be there in an unimaginable situation would’ve been even harder. And he understood that. Nebula grieved, she barely knew the woman. But she grieved. She saw the distraught and pain on your face and in your eyes. She placed her hand on Steve’s shoulder and took him out of your room.
In the bathroom you had caged yourself into. You had your hand gripped to the sink. Your eyes trained to the sink bowl. Your eyes drifted to the left for you where her makeup and hairbrush had been layed out this morning. You took a step back, nervously clasping your hands together. You tried to calm down before someone got hurt. You looked down at your hands and you were maintaining some level of sanity before you remembered that your hand had let her go. If anyone would walk past your bedroom door, they were bound to hear glass smashing and screams and words of anguish.
You didn’t speak to anyone. You completely shut yourself down. The only reason you spoke to someone was to communicate over the earpiece when you were fighting. There was a short debate over the coms as to who was going to steal the stones from Thanos. You nearly went into a fit of rage and upset before Carol ordered you to look into her eyes. Your excuse to use the stones was so you could be with her again. When Tony clicked his fingers the enemy became dust, and the world became a little more louder and a bit more lighter. The battlefield was filled with new and old faces. Tony’s snap had been so powerful he was able to bring back the people that mattered the most to those around him. Steve had Peggy in his tired arms. Clint had Laura and his children. Wanda had Vision. Quill had Gamora. Thor had his mother and brother back. Tony had Pepper. He was unharmed and Bruce’s arm had healed. Everyone had someone. You had someone. You had your whole family. But your special someone was Natasha. You had never felt so lost. Natasha would be holding you, you holding her. She would tuck your head into her shoulder while letting your arms envelope around her. But all you got were sad looks.
Some of the ‘newbies’ had questioned their closest. After a lot of loud whispering, there was silence. The battlefield was silent in memory of Natasha. The only noises were the hundreds of sniffles and sobs of those who had the news broken to them. The dying fires crackling. The next minute footsteps were approaching you. You had internally begged for it to be Natasha. But you looked up to see a short boy. His suit red and blue with a spider on it. His brown curly hair was tinted with grey. His teary eyes gave you the saddest smile before and steadily put his arms around your shoulders. You accepted the young boys embrace. You were thankful for it.
The news were around the place as quick as they could’ve been. Pictures were taken. Statements were took. The public had tried to surround the heroes but were pushed away by the helping police. It has been released to the enormous crowd that one of the most heroic heroes had died. The crowds became distraught. They sounded like how you felt inside. They tried to surround you and shout out their condolences but you kept walking. Where to? Who knows.
*2 years later/present time*
You spoke to no one. You spoke out in bursts of anger. Anger if someone tried to tell you to come away from your desk and to stop working and trying to find a way. Peggy, Steve’s wife, had became close to you. She understood how it felt to lose a loved one. She understood she wasn’t Natasha. She understood why you were working yourself so hard. She would never judge you, if you looked all disheveled or smelt from not taking a shower. She encouraged you to do your best, but she never pushed you. 2 years ago, you found a solution to stop Thanos. 2 years ago you lost her. 2 years ago Steve returned the stones. You haven’t been able to go through any videos or voice messages of her. Just a photo that you have framed. There were and still are memorials for her, but you would never attend any.
You had only cried to yourself. But right now you were on the edge of having a definite breakdown. Tony and the whole team of Avengers, Wakanda, GotG and Carol had wanted to check in as you had been back to Vormir. Which you greatly regret. Scott had made an extra time travel refill for you. All you were told by red skull was a ‘soul for a soul’. You argued with a ghost. You lashed out a ghost. You didn’t dare look to the edge. Knowing you would either throw yourself of or cry so much you wouldn’t be able to move.
They all met you at the Compound. At the platform that sat on top on the lake.
Tumblr media
Steve and Peggy. Tony and Pepper. Rhodes. Bucky and Sam. Clint and Laura. Thor and Loki. Bruce. The Guardians were there. Rocket was by your side. Peter was there with Happy. Carol was at the edge of the platform. Wanda and Vision. And the rest were all there. You had your back turned to them. You were silent trying to understand why they all had such guilty faces, except Thor. They all had a secret. One they had agreed to not tell you, for fear it may completely break you. But they decided enough was enough. They had to tell you.
“Look we need to get her back to stop this shit with the Avengers get it together.” Thor spat at Steve, as he still saw him as the Captain.
“Can’t get her back.” You spoke up, causing everyone’s attention on the two of you.
“Wh..wha..what are you..?” Thor mumbled out.
“It can’t be undone. It can’t.” You said quietly looking at him from over your shoulder.
He laughed at your words before saying, “Look.. I, I’m sorry but your a very earthly being okay, we’re talking about space magic and can’t seems very definitive. Don’t you think?”
“Yeah look I know that I’m way outside my.. my paid rate here. But she still isn’t here is she?” You said. Tony took of his sunglasses, getting upset.
“Yeah well that’s my point.” Thor said in a hushed manner.
“It can’t.. be undone.” Your voice cracking, your tears had crawled their way down your face now. “Or that’s at least what the red floating guy had to say. Maybe you wanna go talk to him. Ok, go grab your hammer and you go find him you talk to him!” You yelled at him. He looked down to the floor. You shouldn’t be angry with him. He missed Natasha. But you couldn’t help it.
“It was supposed to be me.” You admitted with a breaking voice. Bucky let a tear fall freely from his eye. “She sacrificed her life for that goddamn stone, she bet her life on it.” You started to breakdown in the middle of everyone. Angry at how she could’ve died for nothing. How it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Even Wanda began to breakdown. She felt your pain from far away. Your longing. And your grieving. Rockets fur was wet as he was upset just like everyone else.
He couldn’t take it anymore. The lies. Not the acting. But the lies. Clint stood up and said, “Y/n we’ve been lying to you. Natasha is here. She’s perfectly fine. She’s alive. You just can’t see her.” No one else bothered to look up as he said what was needed to be said. You slowly turned around to him. “What?” Was all you could choke out. Steve stood up and walked towards you before keeping a distance. “When I returned the stone. He told me that we could all get her back, after all it was a soul for a soul. But the one who travelled there has been cursed. You can’t see or hear her and I don’t know if you ever will. But she’s alive.”
You took time to observe his words.
She was standing in front of you. Her arms crossed but her eyes were stuck on your face that was wet from the tears you had cried. Your eyes brows moving in a sorrowful way. She wasn’t crying for herself no. She cried for you. For your pain. She had never seen you so upset. And because she had been with you ever since she got back, she’s had to watch you cry almost every day.
Natasha wishes you could see her. She has been next to you this whole time. She was gone a few hours and then she was back. She couldn’t find you and instead ran into Sam who held her tightly. Instead she sped off to Tony’s cabin where she found Bucky and Steve, who explained everything.
She wishes you could hear how proud she is of you. She wishes you didn’t have to see you break yourself and live in your mental anguish. It hurt her. Every night you fell asleep at your desk, she would drape a blanket over you, and almost cry at your confused state in the morning of who had been to your office and covered you.
She wishes you hadn’t been traumatised by her silly yet heroic actions. She wishes she could tell you how much she loves you and how she wants to be held by you and she wants you to be able to hear her words, “I love you.” The others heard it. But they didn’t dare tell you.
She wishes there was a way.
If you would like a part 2, let me know.
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buckyhoney · 2 days ago
𝐠𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐬... 𝐬𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐲 ;)
everything is on the table! (you must be 18+ participate!) *18+ warning* - slutty asks/kink talk/vibe talk/18+ advice/topics - asking me: questions/about my fics/etc. - advice about anything - opinions about unmarvel related things - would you rather's this or that’s make me chose, etc. - literally anything you want!
… it’s a sleepover baby!
join the sleepover here! anon or not, you’re all welcome!
*i am not obligated to answer every single ask*
Things I will not respond to:
- anti-lgbtq+, racism of ANY kind, sexism, etc. - hate towards me or another creator - excessive spamming - creepy unsolicited explicit messages - or if you’re being an asshole
**too much of any of these on anon will result in me turning off anon**
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loki-laufeyson965 · 2 days ago
Surprise? (Blurb)
Loki Laufeyson x female!reader
Tumblr media
Most of the Avengers had been away on a mission that took a rather long time. It took four months for them to successfully finish it before returning to the infamous tower in Manhattan. Since it had been a rather tiring mission, Tony made the executive decision to stay an extra week to just relax. Since they were in Amsterdam it was a rather fun extension.
Because of their impromptu ‘vacation’, when they returned everyone was in rather good spirits. After everyone unpacked their belongings, most of the team made their way to the common rooms to catch up with some of the other agents and the few members that stayed back.
“Where’s y/n?” Natasha asked.
Peter and Wanda, both of which didn’t go on the mission, looked at each other before shrugging. “Dunno.”
“Has anyone seen Loki?” Thor’s voice boomed.
Again, Wanda and Peter gave each other knowing looks before shrugging.
“I was really looking forward to seeing y/n, I got her a gift.” Natasha said but shrugged.
They all decided to head to the theater to watch a movie since their briefing was tomorrow and everyone wanting a relaxing night.
Tony was leading the group into the tower theater when everyone stopped dead in their tracks.
“What the hell?”
Y/n and Loki pulled away from each other at the sound of Tony’s voice. Y/n quickly slid off of Loki’s lap and looked to him for some help, only to be met with his signature smirk.
Y/n looked back to the group and gave a cheeky smile. “Surprise?”
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mrsdeanwinchester19 · 2 days ago
The Dinner-Sequel to The Interview
Pairing: Steve x reader
Word Count: 3k
Summary: Sequel to The Interview.  Steve takes his wife to meet his team after her interview
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
“Steve, do you think this dress is ok?” I ask, coming out of our walk-in closet wearing my lace, off the shoulder red dress.  Steve is taking me to dinner with the team tonight, so I want to make a good first impression.  Most people would think I’ve met the team before, but Steve kept our relationship a secret in the beginning and then the team broke up because of the Accords and we got married when we were on the run, so we really couldn’t invite any of the team members.
We had our wedding in Norway, one of the few countries that hadn’t signed the Accords.  They claimed they didn’t sign because if a non-government owned unit made from people from different countries called the Alsos Unit hadn’t helped them in World War II, the Germans would have succeeded in creating an Atomic bomb in their country.  In Norway, there was one team member, Thor, who was visiting Earth; he vouched for us.
After our wedding, we went to Wakanda on our honeymoon and visited Bucky. We had been having dinner with Bucky, T’Challa, and Shuri when we told him we got married.  He was upset that he couldn’t be there, but he understood when he found out the wedding happened when he was asleep.  When he said Steve could make it up to him by naming his first son James; Steve started choking on his Umqombothi drink.  I know Steve wants kids, but he wasn’t willing to have them while being on the run. Now that we’re not hiding, we’re actively trying for a baby.  I wonder if tonight he’ll break the news that he has a wife AND is trying to get said wife pregnant.
As I walk out of the closet, I bend down to adjust the ankle strap on my right heel.  I stand back up, smooth my dress, and look up at Steve.  He’s staring at me with a dopey smile on his face, love evident in his eyes.  “The dress itself is fine, you make it look perfect.”
“Ugh, Steve, quit it with the cheesy lines,” I protest while blushing.  Men used to say these things to their wives and girlfriends back in their time, it’s why Steve and Bucky can be prince charming when they want to be, Bucky more often than Steve now that he’s more like his old self, or so Steve says.
“I’m just being honest,” he defends, shrugging his shoulders.  He comes over to me and wraps his arms around my waist.  “You nervous?”
“What do you think?” I ask rhetorically.   I haven’t been this nervous since I first met Steve. In 2014, during a career conference once for journalists, the resort we were at was seized by terrorists.  One of my coworkers and I were the only ones from The New York Sun attending, despite the fact that it was in New York. I suppose they only wanted to go if the convention was out of town so they could get out of work and go on vacation. We were held in the resort’s Grand Hall for hours until the Avengers were able to save us.  There was a pretty big fight between Steve, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the terrorists but luckily no one died.  I had been hurt in the kerfuffle, a broken finger, but after Steve wrapped my finger in a brace, he allowed me to interview him.  During the on-camera interview with him, Thor was teasing him in the background, doing silly faces and the “blah blah blah” hand motion.
Tumblr media
Steve had asked for my name and number to “keep in touch and see if my finger heals correctly”.  When I gave it to him, he wrote it down in an old-fashioned address book. I hadn’t expected him to call me ever, but he did, asking for a date.  At first, he was weary of me being a journalist, in case things ended badly and I wrote a bad article about him.  However, a year later, he was thankful I was a journalist because I had access to all archived articles about the Winter Soldier.  After that happened, I knew he trusted me wholeheartedly and I felt the same. When the Accords started happening, I had access to the signing, to interview government people about it, and relayed that information to Steve about who he could trust.  That was how I found out about Norway not signing.
“They’ll love you,” he says.  “Bucky loves you, Tony will probably love you because he’ll think the interview prank you pulled on me was hilarious.  Nat and Wanda will be happy another girl is around.  Thor likes everyone, even Loki after he’s stabbed him multiple times.  Clint will like you, Bruce will like you; no one has a reason to dislike you.
I turn around and take a good look at him. Royal blue dress shirt and black pants. His hair is up and I want nothing more than to run my fingers through it. He keeps me pressed to his body closely and I rub my hands along his chest. “If we didn’t have to go to dinner with your friends, I would be all over you right now.”
“Sorry, last night’s sex is just gonna have to hold you.” I give a little laugh.  “I’m just messing with you, I’ll be all over you tonight,” he growls, pulling my face up to his and kissing me deeply.  His kisses always leave me breathless, whether they’re passionate like this or small, chaste kisses when he’s leaving for work in the morning.  This however, is a whole new level and it’s making my heart go crazy.
Steve picks up the basket on the kitchen counter and we walk out the door. When we get to the car, he opens the door for me, ever the gentleman, before climbing in himself.  As he drives there, I fiddle with the hem of my dress.  I’m so worried I’ll talk too much or too little, or I’ll offend someone or embarrass Steve. What if I mention something about him that they don’t know?  Like that he bawled like a baby at Old Yeller and Homeward Bound. Tony would probably love that but I don’t want to make Steve feel bad, I was crying too.
My biggest worry is what they’ll think of me after the interview.  Will they think it was funny or will they look at me as unprofessional for not telling them I had a conflict of interest with the Avengers?  I think Tony will like me, and maybe Nat, but I have no idea about the others.   I don’t think Bucky would come around as much as he does if he really didn’t like spending time with both Steve and me. Besides, sometimes when Steve is on a mission and he isn’t, he comes and keeps me company with old movies and our little two person book club we started.  His first choice of book was The Hobbit, which he told me he had read it when it first came out in 1937.  He was happy but not surprised to find out there were movies based on them.
When we drive up to the compound, Steve has a difficult time getting me through security.  They recognized my face and apparently Tony told them not to let me back. “Don’t alert Tony about her,” Steve said as he explained the situation to the guard.  He looked skeptical but agreed.
Steve led me upstairs, but not to the dining room where the team was waiting. He led me to his room.  “Well, well, well, Mr. Rogers, I thought we had to meet your friends in a little bit. Though I know you could probably get it done in ten minutes.”
“Ha ha ha, very funny,” he sarcastically replies.  “I just needed to grab…this,” he says, pulling his wallet out of his nightstand.  “Forgot it here yesterday.”
I simply hum in response to his explanation because I’m too busy looking around his room.  I’ve only seen it over FaceTime and in pictures.  It’s very different from our room at home. Our house, which we had just moved to from our apartment in preparation for a family, has a farmhouse theme.  Our master bedroom has a cream colored walls and one shiplap wall which our bed’s decorative headboard sits against, while our king sized bed is covered in a thick white comforter.  There’s a gray bench at the end of our bed and a blue and white rug.  There are nightstands on each side of the bed where we keep our small before bed items and our white, shared dresser is on the other side of the room, next to the door for our walk-in closet.  We have an attached bath with a clawfoot tub and a shower stall.  Our room lets in lots of natural light, which Steve loves because he likes to let the morning sun warm his back on his days off.
This room has a completely different feel to it. It’s much darker than our room at home. The walls are gray and his comforter is dark blue.  He has a black dresser across from his bed with a TV mounted to the wall above it. A plain bathroom with just a few essentials like shaving cream, a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc sit on the counter.  While our walls at home aren’t covered in pictures, we have more than the two he has here.  One is a picture of him and Bucky laughing and the other is of his parents before his father went to war; the war he never came back from.  Both pictures he has copies of hanging up at home. There’s a somewhat large window on the wall, but it’s covered with a blackout curtain.
I did most of the decorating at home, while this decorating was all him.   “Steve?” He looks at me.  “Do you not like our room at home?”
He furrows his eyebrows.  “No.  I love our place.  Why would you think that? Also, that’s very random to be bringing up now.”
“Well it’s just…this room is so different from ours at home.  I just didn’t know if you liked the darker colors better.  I want you to be comfortable in our room at home.  We can change it if you want it to look more like this one.”
He gives a little laugh and turns to face me.  “I didn’t decorate this room, Tony’s person did and he gave me this room because it’s the “most masculine”.  I prefer our room because it’s bright and spacious.  The fact that you decorated it is special to me because it’s like a present you gave to me.  Plus, I don’t have the best eye for interior design since everything I grew up with was either floral or had doilies.  But to be honest, this one feels a bit like a dungeon.  I just don’t bother to change it because I just sleep at home.  And I didn’t change it before I met you because even then I just used it to sleep, if I slept at all,” he looks into the distance, remembering all the nights he spent up in the gym, trying to beat the memories out of his mind.  He changes the subject, “Ok, so when we go down there I’m gonna have you wait around the corner and then you can come out when I tell you.”
He leads me downstairs and has me wait in a hallway. He walks around the corner and I hear Tony say, “Alright Capsicle, what’s the surprise you have for us?”
“Everybody just sit down and I’ll get to it in a minute,” he replies.  The sound of chairs scraping the floor is heard and Tony grumbles something about how he had been planning to have lasagna with Pepper tonight.  After a few seconds of silence, Steve comes back around the corner, grabs my hand, and leads me out. I nearly trip over my heels when we start moving and the pit in my stomach only grows.
At the sight of me, Tony and Natasha stand up startled. “What is she doing here?” Tony angrily asks.
“I thought you banned her,” Natasha adds on.
They all begin chattering, asking Steve why I’m here until Bucky calmly says, “Hey Y/N.”
Sam looks at Bucky confused, “You know her?”  Bucky nods his head and Sam looks at Steve, confused and a little hurt.  “Steve?”
“Everybody,” Steve starts, setting his hand on my lower back.  “This is Y/N, my wife.”
“WIFE?!” they all shout at different times.  Steve and I get bombarded with about a million questions at once.  When did we meet, why weren’t they invited to the wedding, when the wedding was, why I interviewed Steve the way I did, etc.
A loud thud on the balcony draws everyone’s attention. Thor is standing there in his armor and cape, holding his hammer.  “Sorry I’m late for team dinner,” he begins but stops when he sees me.  “Lady Y/N, I haven’t seen you since the wedding.  How has being married to the Captain been?”
“Oh you know, being married to a man-child is a struggle, but he’s hot enough for me to keep him around,” I joke.
“Thor, you know her too?” Tony asks.
“Yes I do.  Loki does too but I decided not to bring him tonight.  I think it would have been a bad idea.”
“Alright, Tony, sit down and I’ll explain everything,” Steve says.  Tony hesitantly sits down and everyone else follows.  Steve explained everything from why we met to why we couldn’t invite them to the wedding.
As he’s finishing telling the story and answering questions from the team, Tony’s bots bring in the pasta and Steve gets up and grabs something from the basket we brought.  He opens a bottle of wine and begins filling glasses.  When he gets to mine, I put my hand over my cup.  “Not tonight,” I say.
“But it’s your favorite,” he says.
“I can’t,” I say, not wanting to get in to it.
“C’mon, I won’t let you drink too much,” he says jovially.
“No, Steve…I can’t,” I say forcefully, looking up to make eye contact, hoping he understands without giving anything away.
He understands, but unfortunately his mouth works faster than his brain.  He looks down at my stomach and an excited smile spreads on his face.  “Are you…?”
I look around the table, seeing the Avengers all looking at us expectedly.  I look back at Steve and sheepishly nod.  He gasps and nearly drops the bottle, but luckily he realizes that when I reach out to catch it.
“A babe,” Thor says happily.  “Mazel tov.”
“They’re not Jewish,” Bucky says to Thor.  “Can’t wait to meet little James or Jamie.”  I give Bucky a look to let him know it’s not happening.  “Ok, Bucky works too.”
Tony puts his head in his hands looking like he’s about to pass out.  “Oh my god, we find out Steve is married to a woman I banned from the compound, and now that he’s going to be a father.”
I look at Steve to see him with tears in his eyes. Thankfully, Natasha saves us. “I’d like to propose a toast,” she says, standing up and holding her glass out.  “To Steve and Y/N, I hope you have a long, happy marriage and a healthy baby girl that you name Natasha.”
“That was the other thing we had planned to tell you tonight.  We’ve been trying for a baby.  I guess we were successful.”  Steve finishes pouring the drinks while everybody suggests baby names.  After a while, the conversation drifts to other things.  I enjoy listening to them, though they’re constantly quipping (mostly Tony).
Bucky, who’s sitting next to me, whispers to Steve, who’s on my other side, “Are we going to church this Sunday?”  The three of us go to church most Sundays. Steve and Bucky both grew up going to church, and it gives them some hope in a dark world.
Tony, who wasn’t involved in the conversation, cuts in. “Barnes, you could live at church and you still won’t go upstairs when you die.”
Bucky’s metal hand clenches so hard around his fork I’d be surprised if it isn’t bent.  He looks at Tony and gives him a very fake, overly sweet smile.  “Tony, I love how mean you are to me because it makes me feel less guilty about what I did to your parents.”
Tony stands up, slamming his hands on the table and Bucky mirrors him.  It looks like they’re about to attack but Steve intervenes.  “Tony, Bucky!  Tony, that was uncalled for and Bucky, that was unnecessary.  We know how you actually feel about your past and we’ve watched you try to change.”  Both men slowly sit back down.  “We have a guest.”  Bucky relaxes first, then Tony does.
“Y/N,” Tony addresses me.  “I need to apologize for my rudeness towards Bucky on my first night officially meeting you.  I was hoping not to fight with him tonight.”
“You call that a fight?  You should hear these two,” I say, gesturing to Steve and Bucky on either side of me.  “These guys can bicker with each other like an old married couple for hours about the smallest things.  Last week they had a 45 minute argument on how many times you can reuse a towel before it needs to be washed.”
“Wash it right away,” Steve mutters.
“Steve, we used to use towels so many times before we washed them in the 40s,” Bucky argues.
“Yeah but that was because if we needed to wash things, Mom had to heat up water and then hang-dry it on the balcony.  It’s easy to wash things now days.”
“Anyways,” Tony says, stopping their argument.  “I guess the interview you gave Cap makes sense now…somewhat.”
“Well I was pissed at him that day, so I think he deserved it.”
Tony smiles at Steve.  “You need to bring her around more often.”
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