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marvelfanfiction · 29 minutes ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 5, Lagos
The next few weeks was pretty much the same routine; wake up, breakfast, train, lunch, train, dinner, and then evenings with the Avengers like we're one big happy family.  Steve and I manage to sneak away to get in some stolen kisses.  Oddly enough, this is what Steve's and my relationship has become.  Teammates, who flirt and kiss.  My body aches for something more than just kisses, as does my heart, but any capacity that I can have Steve will do...for now.  Most the team continue to tease us about our obvious interest in one another.  We both have created a flow of sucking it up and playing along.  To my knowledge no one has discovered our little rendezvouses.  That is until Clint approaches me alone.
"So, you and Rogers seem to be getting closer."  He states standing in my doorway.
"Uhm, yeah, I guess you could say that."  I sheepishly respond.
"You two just going to sneak around and make out, or is he going to step up and ask you out on a date?"  I turn towards him, eyes wide, I was wrong about no one knowing.  "Yeah, there's cameras throughout the compound.  I was asked to check something out and noticed you two hiding about."
"Clint, I'm sorry.  I just...."
"Nothing to be sorry about.  You should date, and Rogers is a good pick.  However, the problem seems to be there's no dating.  Just the benefits."
"No, that's all we've done is kissed.  I promise."  My cheeks start to flush.  Clint may not be my father, but he has played the role of my dad for almost seven years now.  Awkward conversations are still awkward.
"I wasn't even talking about that, it's just, I don't want him playing with your emotions.  You seem to be a lot more involved with him than he you.  Like he's scared to move your relationship to be public.  Are you ok with the way things are?"
"We have busy lives Clint.  You of all people should know that.  I don't think there's time for us to date."
"There's plenty of time if you make it.  I'm about to take some time off for a while.  I'm making time for my family.  If he wants to take your relationship to the next level, and actually take you out on a date, I think that would be amazing.  But if you're ok with just the kissing and nothing concrete, well, you're an adult.  But can you think about it?  Maybe when you guys are alone talk to him about it.  If that's what you want of course.  And Nat and I are always here, or a call away if you need to talk.  Nat is close with Steve.  Even she's raised some concerns with me."
"Did you tell her?"
"No, she noticed a hickey on your neck."  I look down at the floor.  I remember that day well.  I told Steve he would leave a mark and he only laughed it off.  And when he actually did leave a mark, I told Nat it was a burn from my straightener.  "Just be careful.  If you tell me, you're ok with this, I will trust you."
I smile at him wrapping my arms around his shoulders for a hug, "Thanks papa bear."
"Not you too.  I told Nat to quit with that nickname."
"It fits.  Clint is too formal sometimes, and dad is too personal.  So, papa bear."  He rolls eyes and leaves my room.  I put my earbuds in and begin putting my clothes away.  There are very few moments of normalcy at the compound so I find peace in every mundane moment I encounter.  Apparently, my music is too loud and I don't hear someone knocking on the door frame, but they decide to come over to me to tickle at my sides.  I let out a shriek and smack at Steve, taking my earbuds out.  "What the hell Steve!  I about had a heart attack."  I look towards the door; it's closed and locked.  This is our little routine.  If we go into one another's rooms, we always make sure to lock the door.
"Sorry I couldn't help it, you looked so into the music with your whisper singing and dancing.  I had a free moment before I left and I wanted to see you."  He gives me a cheeky grin and I know what he's referring to.
"Where are you going?"
"A few of us are heading to Lagos."  His hands grab at my waist pulling me closer.
"Wait, a few?  Who and what for?"
"Just a small mission.  Sam, Nat, and Wanda.  We got some intel concerning Crossbones.  No need to worry.  I'll be back before you know it.  Clint and you are going to the farm while we're away."  He pecks at my lips, but I don't return the gesture.
"Why can't I go?  I've been training for five weeks with you guys."
"Don't make this a big thing.  We don't need that many people for the mission.  And Tony, and myself, do not feel you're ready.  You lost focus when Bruce left, and you're just now recovering.  But that's part of this job."
"But I don't want you to leave."  I pout up at him.  Why am I acting so needy?
"Don't worry princess, I'll be back soon.  All in one piece."  His lips start kissing on my neck and I lose a sense of what we were talking about.  A small whimper escapes my mouth.  Steve deeply inhales, his mouth still on my neck, he whispers, "That sound is enough to make me want to stay."  My cheeks blush as I smile up at the ceiling.  "Listen, as much as I enjoy kissing, would you want to, I don't know take this to the next level?"  Steve pulls his face off of my neck to look at me.  I search his eyes, trying to think of the best way to respond.
"Steve Rogers, are you asking if we can have sex?"  His eyes darken as he nods his head.  "You want to have sex, but not take me out on a date."  He quickly looks down, before sucking air in between his teeth.
"I knew that was bound to come up."  I look at him confused because I'm not sure what's happening.  "I would love to take you on a date.  Life here is busy and hectic.  Not to mention I don't enjoy going out of the compound for everyone to stare and take pictures.  They don't know you, but the tabloids would love to blast your face on every magazine about the mystery woman with Captain America."
"We can always do something small at the compound.  I don't know, even watch a movie."  He looks at me with a pained smile.
"Yeah, we could do that.  I just don't want either of us to get too attached.  This line of work is tough, and there's no guarantee.  And I don't know if I can be good enough for you.  For what you deserve."  He looks down.  He's always lifting my chin up so he can see me, so I return the gesture.
"Steve, don't you ever think you're not good enough for me.  You're perfect."  He scoffs, "but I understand what you're saying.  How about, for now we can be friends?"
"With benefits?"  He smirks down at me.
"For now."
"For now."  He agrees.  "I'll text when we're heading back from Lagos."  He closes the gap in between us, pulling me in by my hips and crashing his lips into mine.  I bring my hands up into his hair and slowly start walking him backwards to my bed.  When he reaches the edge, he sinks down on the bed looking up at me before I climb into his lap straddling him.  His hands start to roam my body before I push him to lay back on the bed.  "Charlie, you have no idea what you do to me."  I smile into our kiss and move my lips to his neck, kissing and sucking on it, before giving him a little nibble.  He squeezes my hips, "Easy, I do have to go on this mission."
"This is payback for leaving marks on my neck, that Nat saw."  I smile onto his neck, continuing my love bites.  He shifts his weight to roll us over, pinning me to the bed.  He looks down at me smiling before placing his hand under my head, bringing me closer to continue kissing.  He grabs at my bottom lip with his teeth, gently biting it and pulling back before looking back down at me.
"I believe this is the best I've ever seen you look, princess.  As much as I don't want to, I have to leave.  Hopefully we can continue this when I return."
I lean up so I can whisper in his ear, "We will continue this and more when you return."  I lay back down on the bed looking up at him through my lashes.  He deeply inhales. 
"Don't make promises you can't keep, princess."
"I wouldn't think of it Captain."  He slams back onto my lips one last time.
He pulls back looking down at me with a devilish grin, "Be a good girl until I return."  And with that he gets up off my bed and heads to the door.
"I'll save being a naughty girl just for you Captain."  He turns back to look at me biting his bottom lip.  
"I can't stay Charlie, so stop talking and making me want to."  He slowly walks out the door and closes it behind him.  I lay back on my bed slowly breathing trying to cease my heart from racing.
"You ready to go Charlie?  I know Laura is looking forward to spending some time with you."  I grab my bag and nod walking towards Clint.  Tony is taking us in a  Quinjet to the farm for a week or so while Steve, Sam, Nat, and Wanda are in Lagos.  Since Clint isn't returning, he said he's retiring, now that he's found his replacement.  "How are you feeling not being on the mission with Steve?"
"I don't like it."  I shrug, but what can I do about it.  Tony and Steve both said I wasn't ready.  Clint grimaces nodding his head.  "You know, I'm sad that the others are there without me too."
"Yeah, but Steve has a special place in your heart."  He winks.
"It's not like that, Clint."
"Oh, what's it like?"
"They're friends that make out."  Tony comes up behind us laughing.  "You know I never thought the old man would have a dame without a date."  I roll my eyes.  "You two do what you need to do," he throws both arms up "but it's obvious to everyone on the team. We all think that there's something more than, 'just friends'.  Not all of them have the luxury of viewing the cameras either."
"You get off on watching Steve and I make out?"  I laugh at him.  His teasing doesn't bother me, Tony's one of the few people I can be sarcastic with.
"Get off? No.  Entertained by Capsicle not knowing what he's doing?  Most definitely."  He laughs.
"I would say he knows exactly what he's doing."  I wink at Tony as we take our seats on the jets."  
"Ok can we not talk about Steve and Charlie's love life? They're both adults Tony, let them be."  Clint returns with a groan.
"Aww, but I enjoy aggravating Hunger Games."  I roll my eyes up at Tony.  He's became like my second adopted dad.  Where Clint plays a true role of a dad, I know I can talk openly with Tony.  "I've just about got your suit all sorted out Charlie.  That way next mission you won't be stranded alone with no one but us old men.  Although you seem to have a thing for old men."
"When will it be ready?"  I eagerly ask him.
"By the time you return it should be ready."
The rest of our flight is spent between Tony and Clint talking back and forth about former missions.  As excited as I am to go on missions the thought is also overwhelming.  Not only will my teammates be entrusting their lives in my hands and capabilities, but also the rest of the world.  When we land at the farm Tony lets me know he will be coming back when the mission is over.  "Make sure you enjoy your time off.  It doesn't happen very often."  He waves goodbye and Clint and I jog into the house to flood the family with hugs and talk about the weeks I've spent with the Avengers.  Lila is very interested in my stories; I can see the worry and fear on Clint and Laura's face.  
The days go by in a blur.  It's nice to be back home, going through my former normal routine.  I get the urge to talk to Laura about mine and Steve's relationship, mostly the part of wanting to have sex with him.  Laura and I have always had an open conversation relationship, and this is more up her alley than Clint's.
After breakfast I can't contain it anymore, I need to speak to her, before I never do.  "Laur, can I talk to you a minute?"  Clint and Laura look back at me from the sink.  "Alone?"  I respond, looking between the two of them.
"Is this a Steve conversation?"  She asks curiously.
"Something like that."  I look down at the ground.  I can't meet Clint's eyes, or hers.
"Yeah, Laur you take that.  I'm good."  Clint returns to washing dishes.  Laura dries her hands off and we walk out to the barn.
"So, what's this about?  Is everything ok between you and Steve?"
"I mean, I don't know if there is a me and Steve."
"Clint says that he is completely infatuated with you.  He's assured Clint he will do whatever it takes to keep you safe while he isn't there.  That's one of the many reasons Clint thought now was a good time to retire.  And apparently you two have been kissing a lot."  I let out an airy snort.  "But he's not taken you out on a date?"
"Do Avengers date?"
"You know one that's married."
"I don't know if we can find time.  He is married to the job, but he's also...frustrated."  I look into her eyes only for my gaze to fall down to the ground.
"Oh, oh.... umm, are you ready for that?"
"With him, yes.  Clint may think Steve is infatuated with me, but it's really me who's infatuated with him.  There's something about him.  I would follow that man wherever.  And I know things are, different between the two of us now, but I keep hoping that we can be more than just friends, with benefits."
"So have you two had sex?"
"Oh, God, no.  He's actually quite a gentleman about us.  He always asks, if this is ok, or is this what I want.  I just, I want to make him happy, because he makes me happy.  It's killing me that he's on a mission, without me.  We haven't heard anything from them, but he promises he'll be ok.  And I'm looking forward to seeing, touching, and hearing him again."
"So, for now, you both are ok with not labeling your relationship?"  I nod at her.  "Are you ready for sex with Steve."  I nod again.  "Sex can change a relationship.  Especially for women.  Especially women who have strong feelings for the person she's choosing to sleep with."
"I know."
"Are you ok with that?  Even if it means he still doesn't want a label?"  Again, I nod.  "Well, ok.  Let's go to town.  Make sure you're protected."  She walks over to me wrapping me in a warm hug.  "Thank you for trusting me.  Charlie, I am always here for you.  Papa bear is too."  She winks at me and we head to town.
A week passes by before I get a panicked call from Tony, "Get ready to leave, I'll be there in fifteen minutes.  We need you.  Steve needs you.  Wanda really needs you."
"Tony what's wrong?"  I can hear it in his voice.
"Do you not watch the news?  I'll be there in fifteen minutes.  I can explain on the ride back."
I hurriedly run around the farm collecting my things.  I give Clint, Laura, and the kids big hugs and wait in the field for Tony.  Clint must know what had happened, probably from Nat.  He assured me everything will be ok.  Trust the team and we'll protect one another.  Shortly after Tony arrives and I run in the jet.  "Tony what's going on?"  I almost scream, not able to contain my rising anxiety.  What is wrong with my people?
"Things didn't go according to plan.  The team is ok, but...Steve didn't notice the bomb strapped to Rumlow.  Thankfully Wanda did and saved him, but when she tried to contain the energy, she placed it in a building.  Twenty-six civilians were killed."  My hand goes to my mouth as I gasp.  I know Wanda is beating herself up.  I'm thankful she kept Steve safe, but I know she's devastated about her deadly mistake.
"What can we do?"  I ask with tears in my eyes.
"It's complicated.  There's going to be a briefing with Secretary Ross and the whole team.  I'm not sure.  She needs you.  You've been working on your empathy, maybe you can help her get some rest, or I don't know see the bright side of things."
"What about Vision?"
"He's awaiting her arrival."
We land at the compound, beating the team there.  Tony informs me they're five minutes out.  My mind and heart are racing.  I don't know what to say or do.  How can I make things better?  Lives were lost.  Innocent civilian lives were lost.  There will be consequences for this.  I feel guilty for my relief on the team being safe.  Not long into my thoughts I hear the commotion of them landing and I head towards the landing zone.  I can hear Steve shouting, "Where is she?  I need to see Charlie now!"  I push around the few agents lingering about before spotting Steve.  He runs up to me wrapping me up in a hug and placing an urgent kiss on my lips.  I pull back surprised.  We've never kissed in the open before.
"How's Wanda?"  I look around and spot her with Vision.  He's holding onto her whispering.
"Not now, Charlie.  I need you.  Come with me."  He growls under his breath.  What is going on?  He leads me away from the commotion and into my room, closing and locking the door behind us. "Did you mean what you said?"  I stare confused up at him.  "About wanting to continue where we left off?"
"Steve, don't you think with what..."
He cuts me off, "I don't want to talk about it Charlie, not now.  Right now, I just need you.  All of you."  I look at him up and down and take a deep breath.  Am I ready for this?  "Please, Charlie, I need you."  Steve pleads.  With that, I rush to him, slamming my lips onto his.  He feverishly starts taking off my shirt.  I fumble around with his suit not knowing exactly how to get the damn thing off.  He pushes me back onto the bed and removes it himself, leaving only his boxer briefs before hovering over me.  "Are you sure you're ok with this?"  He asks.  I nod my head not wanting anything to distract me from him.  "Charlie, you know you have to use your words to talk to me."
"Yes, Steve.  I'm just, nervous."
"I've got you."  He starts kissing on my neck, kneading my breasts in his hands.  I can feel myself getting hot and pulsing.  Steve's body drops lower and I can feel his bulge through his thin boxer briefs.  I let out a mewl, causing Steve to groan in my neck.  He hovers back above me, unbuttoning my pants and pulls them down.  "Take of your bra."  He grunts at me.  I comply.  He looks over my body, "You're so beautiful."  He responds before crashing his lips back into mine.  His hand finds its way in my panties and he uses his leg to spread my legs further apart before finding my clit and gently rubbing it.  He hisses through his teeth, "You're soaking wet princess.  Just for me."  My senses are overwhelmed with Steve.  I just want him so bad.  He continues to massage my clit before finding his way to my breast, using his other hand to flick at a nipple and his mouth sucking on the other one.  He glances up at me seeing the pure pleasure on my face, he slips a finger in and smiles at my gasp.  His thumb still massaging my clit he slips in another finger.  "You're so tight.  Are you a virgin?"  
"Yes, Steve, but I want you."  I moan looking down at him.  He smiles up at me before readjusting himself.  Ripping off my panties, he spreads my legs further apart before hovering over me once more.  
"Are you sure you're ready?"  He looks at me, hunger in his eyes.
"Yes, please Steve, fuck me."  I answer him in barely a whisper, almost unable to talk.
He gently puts his member at my entrance, teasing me.  I grab his hips, urging him to just put it in.  "No princess, when I'm ready.  I'm enjoying watching you squirm undeath me.  Anticipating my next move."  He smirks down at me, before crashing into me.  I let out a very audible moan before placing my hands on his back, holding on to him with my nails.  He seethes enjoying the sensation.  He continues to drive into me, before quickening his pace.  His hand goes back down to my clit rubbing it once more.  He smiles above me, and then nibbles on my neck.  My body is buzzing until I can't contain it anymore and moan once more before reaching my climax.  Steve looks back down at me again, smiling, "Such a good girl.  You think you can do that again, for your Captain?"
"Please, Steve, don't stop."  I call up at him wrapping my hands around his arms.  Holding him tight.
"Say it.  Call me your Captain, princess."  Steve doesn't slow his pace.  His devilish grin smiling at me.  "Tell me you want to cum again."
"Please make me cum again, Captain."
"Such a polite little one."  Steve quickens his pace.  My body is overstimulated and I climax again, tightening around Steve's dick. Seconds later Steve's breathing changes and he himself climaxes.  He slows his pace, allowing us to ride out our climax.  He looks down at me once more before sweetly kissing my forehead, nose, and ending with my mouth.  He collapses on the bed beside me.  Breathing heavily.  Once his breathing steadies he turns to the side, raising up on one hand.  "Are you ok, princess?"  I haven't quite caught my breath yet.  I begin to nod, realizing he hates when I don't use my words.  I turn my body to the side, looking at him.  Sweat has gathered around his hair line, he's got a goofy grin looking at me, and I am fully captivated by this man.  So much that it hurts.  He's, my Captain.  I want him, and I will protect him.  He will not leave my side again.  My Captain.
"I'm ok.  Great, actually."  He pecks at my forehead and rolls over my body to get off the bed.  Slipping both arms under my body he carries me to the bathroom, sits me on the counter and turns on the water.  Steve adjusts the water until it's just right and carries me into the shower.  He takes his time carefully placing me under the shower head, making sure my hair is fully wet before grabbing the shampoo and lathering it in my hair.  He turns my body under the stream to rinse my hair, "Close your eyes, princess, I don't want soap to get in your eyes."  I comply smiling.  He continues with the conditioner, carefully rinsing it out, and then onto the soap and washing my body.  I can't help but smile up at him towering above me, treating me like a doll that can break.  When he's finished washing me, he gently kisses me.  Nothing full of lust, just pure, sweetness.  He places my body to the back of the shower before washing himself.
"Do you need help?"  I ask.  My voice is deeper and sleepier than it had been earlier.  I'm riding the high of having sex with my Captain.
"No princess.  Just watch."  When he's finished, he helps me out of the shower, wrapping my body in a towel before grabbing a towel of his own.  He guides me out into my bedroom, going to my closet and grabbing me some lounge clothes.  Steve uses the towel to dry off my body before dressing me.  He guides me to the bed.  "Sit here, I'll be right back."  He jogs off to his room, returning still with just the towel and gets dressed himself.  He sits on the bed beside me, "Turn around.  I'm going to brush your hair."  Taking his time to brush my hair, he sighs.  "I needed that, Charlie.  Thank you, princess."
"Thank you, Captain.  It was perfect."  He smiles down at me.  "Do you want to talk about it?"  Asking about their mission in Lagos. 
"No."  Shaking his head, he brings his hand to my cheek.  "You're perfect princess."  He gives me a quick soft kiss again.  "Let's go check on Wanda."
Tumblr media
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moonlighttfoxx · 6 days ago
The girl with the golden eyes
Fanfic series
Steve Rogers x OC(that’s the plan at least, still in process, might be some sort of platonic Bucky)
Summary: Steve Rogers hates Y/N - the way her golden eyes sparke, the way her hair falls down her shoulders, the way she smells and most of all he hates that she screwed him over in a mission, working with Hydra. Caught between the hatred and the desire he feels for her, what will happen if they are forced to live and work together not as enemies, but as a team?
Warnings: smut, sexual content, 18+, lots of jealous Steve Rogers
A/N: I'd appreciate some comments no matter positive or negative.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
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unmistakablyunknown · 22 days ago
Legacy [Sixteen]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Sixteen
[Arc 1] [Arc 2] [Previous]
Description: Whilst being transported in the back of the STRIKE vans after the fight on the freeway, Steve, Alex, Nat and Sam are rescued by a familiar face. When safely hidden from Rumlow and the likes, the truth finally comes out and they get the whole story. With the countdown to Insight's launch ticking away, it's down to them to stop the deaths of millions and take down HYDRA/S.H.I.E.L.D. in one fell swoop.
Song: Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Warning(s): violence against main characters, guns, mild language, mentions of physical injuries, medical attention, brief descriptions of panic/anxiety
THE RIDE IN THE BACK OF THE ARMOURED VEHICLE WAS TENSE. Alex couldn't understand why, when they were all restrained and were of no threat to the STRIKE members that monitored them.
"It was him," Steve stated solemnly as they went over a bump in the road. Alex winced but listened in as best as she could.
"He looked right at me like he didn't even know me," he continued with a crestfallen expression. Alex wanted desperately to comfort him, but the only thing that she could muster up was quiet winces and gasps at every jolt they experienced.
"How is that even possible? It was, like, seventy years ago?"
"Zola. Bucky's whole unit was captured in forty-three. Zola experimented on him. Whatever he did, helped Bucky survive the fall. They must've found him and..."
"None of that's your fault, Steve," Nat assured him drowsily from her seat next to Sam. It became apparent at that moment just how much blood she'd lost.
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky." Steve's words hung heavy in the air and that's when Sam also noticed how much Nat was bleeding.
"We need to get a doctor in here," he stated firmly, nodding to the STRIKE agents in their full gear.
"If we don't put pressure on that wound she's gonna bleed out here, in the truck," he reiterated and the agent nearest him squared up, taking Sam and Alex by surprise. They withdrew an electrified baton and when it looked like Sam might get a beating, the agent turned on their colleague and gave them a TKO in a matter of seconds.
"Madre Mia," Alex hissed as the truck jostled again. When the agent took their helmet off, they were all relieved to see Maria Hill beneath the uniform.
"That thing was squeezing my brain," she complained before dropping the helmet on the floor.
"Who's this guy?" Maria questioned Steve with a gesture to Sam. Things started to look up for the group. Within minutes, introductions were made and a plan set in motion. With some high-tech burner wand Alex had never seen before, Maria cut a hole in the floor of the truck big enough for all of them to drop through.
Once they were out, Alex limped along behind Steve as they followed Maria to wherever it was she deemed important for them to see. A secondary vehicle was waiting not too far away so they all piled inside. Had the circumstances been different, she would've paid attention to where they were going. But as it happened, she could barely stop herself from falling over with how much her vision spun.
When they arrived, Sam helped Natasha out of the van and Steve helped Alex. 
"Can you walk or do you need a hand?" Alex took an experimental step forwards and almost tripped over her own feet. That answered his question.
"Sorry, for being a pain in the ass," she apologised as she leaned into him for support.
"It's okay, don't push yourself." Nat, Sam and Maria were a few paces ahead and got inside the dam first. A stranger in a suit rushed towards them and Maria relayed Nat and Alex's injuries to him. Of course, as a matter of priority, Nat was seen to first.
"One GSW, almost a pint lost -"
"Maybe two," Sam chimed in.
"And a potential dislocation and severe bone bruising." Nat was handed over to the stranger and rushed ahead. Alex took her time walking down the long, rust-scented corridor. They headed deeper into the water treatment facility and stopped at a cordoned-off area. Maria pulled back the sheet-plastic curtains to reveal one Nick Fury. Alive and kicking... Well, alive at least.
"About damn time," he snarked from his position on the hospital bed. It looked so bizarrely out of place that Alex couldn't be certain that she wasn't just hallucinating. Whilst the doctor sat Nat down and began stitching her up, Nick rattled off his own injuries.
"Lacerated spinal column, a cracked sternum, shattered collarbone, perforated liver and one hell of a headache."
"Don't forget your collapsed lung, " the doctor chimed in as he clamped his hands over Natasha's shoulder to stop the bleeding.
"Oh, let's not forget that," he replied mockingly before attempting to shrug "But otherwise, I'm good."
"They cut you open. Your heart stopped." It was easy to understand why Nat was pissed at Fury for doing things the way he did.
"Tetrodotoxin B. Slows the pulse down to one beat a minute. Banner developed it, for stress. Didn't work so great for him, but we found a use for it."
"Why doesn't that surprise me," Alex mused under her breath.
"Why all the secrecy? Why not just tell us?" Steve queried as Alex all but collapsed into the seat offered by the doctor.
"Any attempt on the Director's life had to look successful," Maria explained with an apologetic expression.
"Can't kill you if you're already dead. Smart," Alex admitted with a grimace as she tried to shrug off her jacket.
When Nat had eventually been stitched up and Alex's shoulder relocated into its socket, things started making a little more sense. As the doctor dosed her up on painkillers for her ribs, she settled back into a chair at the long table that had been cleared off. Steve sat down next to her and gave her a concerned once-over.
"You gonna be alright?"
"Hm?" she looked at him with hazy eyes, the painkillers already working their magic, "Oh, yeah, I'll be fine." He couldn't help but notice the slight slur in her words and couldn't decide if that was from fatigue or the painkillers strong enough to sedate a raging bull. With everyone now patched up or on the mend, Fury called a meeting to order.
"This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize," Nick stated bitterly as he dropped a picture of Pierce on to the table, "He said peace wasn't an achievement, it was a responsibility."
"It's stuff like this that gives me trust issues," the eye-patch clad Director declared simply.
"We have to stop the launch," Nat spoke up, though her voice was slightly hoarse.
"I don't think the council's accepting my calls anymore," Fury countered with unparalleled sarcasm. He opened the case that sat in front of him and revealed three large chips - computer chips. Even in her drug-addled state, Alex could recognise that they were for computers and such machines.
"What's that?" Sam stepped forward, curious.
"Once the carriers reach three thousand feet, they'll triangulate with Insight's satellites, becoming fully weaponised," Maria began to explain, turning a laptop around for them to see.
"We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own," Nick joined in.
"One or two won't cut it. We need to link all three carriers for this to work. If even one of these ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are going to die."
"We have to assume that everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades and then maybe - just maybe - we can salvage what's left -"
"We're not salvaging anything," Steve interrupted Nick and all eyes turned to America's Golden Boy, "We're not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We're taking down S.H.I.E.L.D. -"
"S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this," Fury defended and Alex could sense that there was potential for things to go south very quickly if they weren't diplomatic.
"You gave me this mission, this is how it ends. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been compromised, you said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed," Steve continued, starting to get agitated with the Director's attitude.
"Why do you think we're meeting in this cave? I noticed," he insisted from across the table.
"How many paid the price before you did?"
"Look, I didn't know about Barnes -"
"Even if you had, would you have told me? Or would you have compartmentalized that too? S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes." The expression on Nick's face told him all he needed to know.
"He's right," Maria admitted and Alex hummed in agreement. Nick looked around the table and even Nat sat back in her chair, resigned to the idea of taking it all down at once. When he looked to Sam the unbearable tension was broken.
"Don't look at me, I do what he does, just slower."
"Well," Nick sighed and reclined into his chair slightly, "Looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain."
Once everyone was clear on what they were doing, the meeting was dismissed and Steve headed outside. Without thinking, Alex forced herself to stand up, though the doctor stopped her and insisted she stayed sat down whilst the painkillers were in effect.
"Bullshit, let me go," she fought her way out of his grasp and followed after him. It was a tedious process to catch up, but once she did, she was relieved.
"You shouldn't be out here," he chided as she hobbled to a stop next to him.
"Well, there's a lot of places I shouldn't have been. Look where that got me," she joked in reply before she leant against the railings.
"He's gonna be there, you know that, right?" Alex spoke up after a long silence, filled only by the sounds of the water and birds in the nearby trees.
"I know."
"Whoever he used to be, isn't there anymore, Steve. He's not the same."
"Yeah... I know," he admitted with a sigh of defeat.
"And, I'm not saying it'll happen, but you might not be able to save him, Steve. Those who can't be saved need to be stopped." She hated the way the words tasted in her mouth. Bitter and copper-laced.
"I don't know if I can do that, Alex," Steve confessed with a crestfallen expression.
"You might not have the luxury of choice. He can't remember, he doesn't know you."
"He will," Steve assured the bruised brunette, "Gear up, Alex. It's time." He began to walk away and Alex was left in confusion.
"You're gonna fight him in chinos and a leather jacket?" she questioned with an incredulous grin.
"No. If you're gonna fight a war, you gotta wear a uniform," he called back over his shoulder and carried on his way.
Back inside, Alex was relieved to find that one of her older tactical suits had made it to their hidey-hole.
"Oh, no you're not gearing up, are you crazy?" Maria stopped her from putting her suit on and earned a confused glance in response.
"Why not? You said so yourself that all three carriers need their blades replacing or it won't work. You're dealing with the launch, Nat and Fury are on Pierce and the Council, which only leaves Steve and Sam to fix the carriers. You're a body down and I can help," she insisted as she tried to tug the sleeve of her suit free from Maria's grasp.
"Alex -"
"Look, if your gonna baby me with crap about my dad, it's not gonna work. I'm in. All or nothing, Maria." With the moment of contemplation that followed, Alex knew she'd won her over.
"Fine, but you're in and out, nothing else, alright?"
"Absolutely," she promised almost immediately.
The one thing Alex hadn't counted on was the fact they were hiking to the Triskelion. It startled her to find out how close they'd actually been this whole time. She trailed along behind Maria, Sam and Steve, who'd found his original Captain America suit from the forties.
They forged on and tried to cover the distance as fast as they could manage. When the building finally came into view, Alex breathed a sigh of relief. They snuck their way in with thanks to Alex's shadow-jumping abilities, which allowed her to get inside and unlock the maintenance doors. They reached the operations room and were patiently waiting for the door to open.
When it did, they made the tech who opened it, jump about a foot in the air.
"Excuse us," Steve greeted and he stepped back, letting them all in without hesitation. They all moved to the desk where the main PA microphone resided and no one argued about their presence.
"Floor is yours, Cap." With a grateful nod to Alex, he turned the microphone on and began to talk.
"Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, this is Steve Rogers. You've heard a lot about me over the past few days. Some of you were even ordered to hunt me down. But I think it's time you know the truth -" he paused to gather himself and organise his thoughts before he continued.
"- S.H.I.E.L.D is not what we thought it was. It's been taken over by Hydra. Alexander Pierce is their leader. The STRIKE and Insight crew are Hyrda as well. I don't know how many more, but I know they're in the building. They could be standing right next to you. They almost have what they want. Absolute control."
"They shot Nick Fury. And it won't end there. If you launch those helicarriers today, HYDRA will be able to kill anyone that stands in their way. Unless we stop them. And I know I'm asking a lot - we're asking a lot - but the price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay. If I'm the only one then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not." Steve straightened up and the microphone was turned off.
"Did you write that down first, or was it off the top of your head?" Sam teased, thought the jovial mood of the room was cut short when a deep, resonating rumble took over. They rushed to the windows and strained to see what was going on. Below them, in the Potomac River, the hangar ceilings began to open.
"They must've executed the launch early to try and stop us," Alex guessed as the three of them left in a hurry. Maria stayed behind to monitor their progress.
"Yep, Alex was right, they've initiated launch," Maria confirmed over their comms. As they broke out on to one of the back lots overlooking the river, they saw the first of the carriers ascended, quickly followed by the second.
"Hey, Cap, how do we know the good guys from the bad guys?" Sam questioned as they moved a little faster.
"If they're shooting at you, they're bad."
"Couldn't have said it better myself," Alex remarked as she watched Sam activate his wings. As they'd agreed, Sam picked up Alex and flew her out to the second carrier before leaving for the furthest away, whilst Steve dropped down on to the final carrier that was still in the process of leaving the hangar.
As Alex avoided the enemy fire that threatened to fill her with bullets, it sounded like the same was happening on Sam and Steve's carriers.
"Hey, I found those bad guys you were talking about," Sam informed them as shots rang out from every direction.
"You okay?" Alex quizzed as she took down a couple of armed agents.
"Well, I'm not dead yet," came the reply and Alex had to bite back a laugh as she kicked another overboard. Thankfully, despite the injuries she'd sustained earlier, Alex found that using her powers didn't drain her as much as she thought it would. She evaded and confused the adversaries and managed to worm her way into the helicarrier.
"Falcon, status?" Maria checked in. Alex was working her way through the levels of the helicarrier and taking out anyone that made themselves known as HYDRA.
"Trust me, I'm trying my hardest," she replied hastily as she shadow-walked into the next corridor over.
"Eight-minute warning guys." With a pensive sigh, Alex decided to stretch her powers to their fullest capabilities. She closed her eyes, stepped into the shadow and when she emerged, she was in the very bottom level of the carrier. Alex made sure she was alone before she marched up to the centre console and opened the housing unit for the blades. Without being fussy, she swapped out one of the core blades for the one she'd been given by Maria.
"Charlie lock," Sam confirmed and Alex was pleased to follow up with confirmation of her own.
"Bravo is locked."
"Cap? What's your status?"
"I'm working on it," he assured them before radio silence ensued. Alex didn't want to hang around so she returned to the airstrip and signalled for Sam.
"Just set me down outside or on the roof, I can make my way in from there," she assured him. As she was dropped off, Sam almost immediately high-tailed it back to help out Steve.
"Phantom's on the ground, coming in to provide back up," she informed Maria over the comms and made her way back to the operations room where the raven-haired agent had set up.
"Six minutes, Cap, get Alpha locked in ASAP," Maria instructed and when Alex walked out of the shadow near the doorway, the older woman almost seemed relieved to see her again.
"You said, in and out. I kept my promise," Alex joked as she took a seat at the monitors and began working out how to help Maria. Over the comms, some less than reassuring sounds vibrated in their ears.
"What's going on?"
"Steve's old pal decided to show up again. Things could get messy, up here," Sam informed them and Alex swallowed back the fear that threatened to ebb its way into her head.
"I'm grounded. You're on your own up there, Cap."
"Madre Mia." Alex couldn't settle knowing Steve was facing the Winter Soldier alone. That was too much. He had a minute left. Maria was counting him down and Alex forced her eyes shut. She counted down in her head alongside Maria, though that only seemed to make it worse.
"Stand by," the blonde super-soldier instructed with a groan and Alex was relieved to just hear his voice again. She stood up and moved to the windows to watch the three carriers.
"Alpha -" a gunshot cut him off and Alex flinched.
"Steve?" She could hear the conversation of the weapons techs setting up the carriers to fire. An uncomfortable lump pushed itself into Alex's throat.
"Alpha lock," he finally confirmed and Alex nearly hit the floor in relief.
"Okay, Cap, get out of there," Maria instructed and Alex kept her eyes on the carriers.
"Fire now," Steve ordered and Alex's heart sank. She watched as the helicarriers lined themselves up to pick each other off.
"Absolutely not! Steve -"
"Do it!" he barked and Alex finally turned to look at Maria. The younger woman shook her head, silently begging her not to. In reply, Maria could only shake her head back before pressing the button. Almost immediately, the raven-haired agent was pulling Alex along behind her as they went to find Fury and Nat in the helicopter.
Outside, the carriers opened fire on each other and explosions of bright orange burst from the impact points. Slowly, then all at once, they began to fall apart. Alex was utterly helpless. She watched as one went crashing down into the Potomac. The carrier Steve was on was hanging on and staying relatively afloat, though its descent towards the river wasn't unnoticed.
Inside the helicopter, they were looking for Sam, who'd been holding off Rumlow until the second carrier ploughed through the side of the Triskelion, almost severing the top from the bottom completely.
"Please tell me you got that chopper in the air?!" Sam questioned as they approached the building.
"Sam, where are you?" Nat responded and Alex kept an eye on the floors that were in her scope.
"Forty-first floor, northwest corner!" he exclaimed as more of the building collapsed. Everyone onboard the helicopter held on to something as Nick steered it close enough to the crumbling architecture for Sam to jump aboard.
They stopped and hovered, only for him to come crashing out of a window four floors above them. Fury angled the helicopter to catch him and Alex helped make sure he didn't just fall straight through.
"Forty-first floor! Forty-first!" he exclaimed through ragged breaths as Nat helped him into the seat next to her.
"It's not like they put the floor numbers on the outside of the building!" Fury yelled back before steering away from the wrecked Triskelion. Alex watched as the carrier she assumed Steve was on sunk lower and lower. There was still no sign of Steve being on board and he wasn't answering them over the comms. Alex was well within her rights to panic now.
It didn't matter how long it would take them, Alex demanded they circled back several times to look for Steve. As it appeared that he'd gone down with the wreck of the carrier, Alex spotted something on the far bank of the river.
"Over there!" On the bank, a distinguishable blue suit lay in the mud, red and white stripes streaked with blood and dirt. A shield discarded near his head.
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ronimina · 24 days ago
The Siren // Chapter One
tw: not really anything to worry about, unless blood bothers you. no sexual stuff/ smut (not yet at least)
rating: PG-13
word count: 1,228
note: this chapter does not follow the exact timeline of marvel, and obviously the details are altered. I hope you all enjoy it, and I’d appreciate feedback!! cheers :)
“He doesn’t know who you are,” I say from behind the man in a blue suit, and I watch as he cautiously turns around to stare at me. 
He was wearing a red, white, and blue suit, which looked sort of old, vintage almost. He wore a look of recognition in the deep blue of his eyes, but I could hardly say I shared the same feeling. 
“You do.”
“I don’t.”
“Then why aren’t you trying to kill me?” I didn’t know why I wasn’t. In the past, I had followed orders like the reckless killing machine I was. So why can’t I kill this man?
I watch as my brother starts walking up from behind our target, and the man must’ve seen me turn my gaze because he turns and begins walking away from me. 
My brother and I wore black suits, black boots, although he had a sleeve missing, bearing his silver arm.
Wasn’t it my mission to stop the star-spangled one from inserting the chip into the motherboard? No. Wait. I shouldn’t be hesitating. 
He says, this time to my brother, “I am not going to fight you.” He’s a fool, I think to myself. He’s going to kill you. But I don’t speak up. Instead, I jump down from the platform and situate myself in a position where I can watch the two men fight; close enough to intervene and help if needed. My brother looks down at me, not saying anything, and turns to the other man. What was his name again? Captain America? Yes, that’s right. The great American soldier. I let a light huff through my nose and roll my eyes. But why do I know him? I shake my head to stop myself from going into crazy conspiracies.
“NO I DON’T” my brother yells at the man, as he punches him repeatedly.
I struggle to lift the fallen metal pillar off my arm as I watch the ground near us. The ship is on fire and falling fast. I watch the two men continue to fight; or should I say one man beating up another. I finally pull my arm free and feel a slight ache. It would be okay, I’ve gone through worse. I rush over to attempt to pull my brother off the man.
“Brother, this is our chance. We can get away from them. We can hide. They won’t have control over us anymore…” I trail off as I struggle to run and fill the few steps between the two men and my location due to the shaking of the ship.
The captain looks over at me, his blue eyes meeting my brown ones, and back at my brother’s. They share more inaudible words…
“Cause I’m with you to the end of the line.” My brother hesitates to land another punch on the man. Impossible. I recognized that phrase. I yell and cradle my head in my hands as a searing pain comes into my brain. Like a lightning bolt.
My movements were like trying to sprint through mud. I try and break them up as another metal tower falls down on the glass, and I watch the captain fall from underneath my brother. He looks over at me and nods as we both jump down into the water below. We both knew I was the better swimmer, so I push myself farther down into the dark abyss to retrieve the fallen man and drag him onto the shore. I meet my brother on land and fall into his arms.
Suddenly, another sharp pain. This time in my arm; I look down as I watch dark red blood gushing through a cut in my now bare forearm. The skin around was rapidly turning various worrying shades of purple and blue. I press my hand against the bloody wound, forming a frozen cast. It would work for now.
I look up from my arm and use my good hand to pull Bucky’s worried gaze to meet mine. Look at him. He looks so different. Longer hair, dark coloring around his eyes, same as mine. We take a moment, not saying a word. I can tell he’s searching my eyes to see if we had come to the same resolution.
We share a thought and nod. 
I can’t help but smile, “We’re free. We are free Buck. They are gonna think we died in the crash.” He wraps his arms around me in a warm, familiar embrace, careful not to put pressure on my arm.
“We are. I promise I’m gonna keep you safe” he says and I laugh. Eighty years and he still worries this much over me. He begins to lead me into the forest on the edge of the water.
“Wait.” I look back at the blond man I had just pulled out of the water and walk over to him. I check his pulse. It was quiet, but I was sure his friends would find him and get him medical attention. He’ll be fine.
I hold my hand up in front of me and watch as water is pulled from the air into small droplets, and they hover in my hand; waiting for me to command them. An odd power, I thought, but it was useful for many tasks. I close my eyes for a moment and think of a rose; the weightless petals folding around each other beautifully.  They had always been my favorite. I’m unsure why, and I’d only ever seen the flower once in my life. Maybe from life before… everything. I open my eyes slowly to reveal a delicate shard of ice, shaped into a rose. A perfect replica; it was obviously colorless, but the indentations of the veins in each petal could be seen. I lean down and carefully place my wonderful creation in the unconscious hand of the man who fell. It felt good to use my ability for nonviolent things. Creating life instead of taking it away. 
Turning around, I meet my brother’s gaze and offer him a small smile that he returned. We walk off into the forest, not stopping, or turning to look back at the damaged ships that had fallen into the water. We were going to be okay. It had always been me and him. And possibly the other man. The one who refused to fight back. Who turned the other cheek. But we wouldn’t ever see each other again… or that was what I thought.
Bucky and I found sanctuary in a small town in Romania. We didn’t think anyone would find us halfway across the world, and no one recognized us as assassins. That was until one day. Years later, I was reading a newspaper that had claimed my brother had bombed a conference. I didn’t think much of it; many murderers had claimed to have been a Winter Soldier over the decades. But as I looked closer at the black and white printed pictures that had… my brother? But- he was out buying food right now; down the street at the market. That’s impossible. I read another line down and it says the bombing had occurred in Vienna. 
I look up in confusion just as my brother bursts through the door of our apartment. 
“We aren’t safe anymore.”
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oops-aquarius · 26 days ago
tainted kisses
summary: steve needs some relaxation, which you provide to him
warnings: smut (!!!!), praise kink, slight degradation kink, a little bit of angst cuz a hoe is sad, oral fixation (duh), slight dom/sub dynamics (?), mentions of sadness/depression, tiny mommy kink (like barely there)
pairing: steve rogers x reader
word count: 2.2k
note(s): not edited well at all, also i used a prompt generator to get the promt i used (which is below !!)
prompt: “baths or water (tubs or jacuzzis; hot springs; water houses or steam rooms; the ocean; swimming pools.”
kink: “Oral fixation or fetishization (lips, tongue, or whole mouth; french-kissing; licking; oral displays using food or beer bottles; smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes; biting or chewing one's lip(s))”
***this is post-endgame except nobody died, cause im a hoe for all of the avengers***
Tumblr media
Steve never realized how much he liked things in his mouth. Not always in a sexual way, at least not until after fighting Thanos.
After fighting for so long, bottling up his emotions was not at all how Steve needed to cope. He tried the yoga and meditation route Wanda had so kindly suggested. Yeah, after one session of hot yoga, Steve decided that it wasn't going to happen. Tony, obviously, suggested sex. Said something about it being a “healing experience for the soul”. That’s bullshit were Steve’s first thoughts when that came out of his mouth. Bucky told him to get some goats and raved about how therapeutic it was to raise them. But Steve could barely take care of himself, how would he even take care of a goat? Steve felt a hot sense of hopelessness burn against the back of his eyes as he sat on the floor of his bedroom, back pressed against the adjoined bathroom door.
“Steve?” A soft knock came from the front door. He took his thumb away from his mouth, he had resorted to subconsciously nibbling on the tip of it. Pulling himself off the door and towards the voice, he rubbed his tear-stricken cheeks in attempts to clean himself up a bit before seeing you.
“One sec, Y/N/N.”
When he opened the door, your face softened a bit before the smile that Steve, secretly, loved so much dropped off your face completely. “Stevie, what happened?”
Stevie, a nickname he hated for his entire life. A name that reminded him of the days before the super solider serum where he was a little guy getting beaten up on the streets of Brooklyn. Stevie, a nickname he loved hearing from your caring voice. Nobody else’s. 
“Just tired, Y/N” he sighed, “so,so tired.”
“Stevie,” your voice caught at the back of your throat. Seeing him in so much pain made your life turn upside down. He doesn't deserve to be in pain. “ S’there anything I can do to make you feel better?”
“Just stay with me? Please?”
You took him back into his bed and sat with him, just talking about life until his breathing turned back to normal and he seemed partially-okay. 
“Do you want to take a bath?” you asked, still stroking the blonde strands of his hair.
“Are you saying I smell?” He took his face out of the crook of your shoulder, feigning a look of hurt.
“No, punk, I meant to relax. You seemed pretty shaken up and I just wanted to help. I mean, that’s what I do when I feel down, relax in a bat-”
He cuts you off, “I appreciate it. Really, Y/N, I don’t know many people that are as loving and caring as you, sweetheart.” The nickname made a pang in your heart. You had like the super solider since you had met him, but never felt like he reciprocated the feelings. Even though you both cuddled often, and had movie nights, and he always let you beat him while sparring, and that one time you came down with a stomach bug and he fed you soup and-holy shit. Did Steve like you? “Sweetheart?”
“I said, ‘A bath does sound nice’. What’s got you so suddenly zoned out?” He says, donning a smirk.
“It’s nothing. Let’s get you into that bath, mister,” you had a faux grumpy look on your face as you got up and walked to the bathroom, starting to fill the white, ceramic bathtub with warm water. “Okay, big boy. You need help getting up or are you okay?”
Rolling his eyes at your inauthentic tone, Steve pushes his tensed frame off the body and managed to stumble into the bathroom, while you following him closely to make sure he doesn't fall over from exhaustion.
“I get it, I’m old, but damn Y/N. I can walk perfectly fine,” He chuckles as he pushes himself up to sit on the counter top.
You start to fill up the bathtub with warm water, adding bubbles and lighting a few scented candles. He looked so pretty, hair sticking out in every direction, lips pink and puffy from biting them, his ocean blue eyes still misty as he looks down at his cuticles, picking them slightly. 
“Okay, I’m gonna leave so you can take this bath,” you say, shutting off the faucet, “Got it?”
“Yes, Stevie.”
“Stay, please.” His eyes were watering more than earlier. He had those puppy dog eyes, lip quivering as his voice cracked and wavered even with just a few words. He looked so vulnerable, how could you say no to him?
“Of course, Steve. I mean, the bubbles with kind of cover everything. I’ll just sit next to the tub with you, alright?” You awkwardly giggled and scratched the back of your neck. He nodded, hopping off of the counter and starting to undress himself with a wobble. “Stevie, you’re shaking like a leaf, let me help you.”
His eyes never met yours as you helped him pull his t-shirt over his head and looped your delicate fingers through the waistband of his sweatpants, dragging them down his muscular thighs. “You’re not gonna finish your job, doll?”
His boxers. The only clothes he had left on were his grey boxers. You wanted to give him privacy and not look, especially in such a broken and vulnerable state. But god, you could see the outline of his partially-hard cock through the soft cotton. You thought about what it would be like to have your mouth around his hard length, chocking on it as he rammed himself into the back of your throat.
“Ummm, I just--I thought--I mean I can---Only if you want--” The dirty thoughts clouded your brain. It made speaking a speaking a sentence almost impossible as your mouth watered just thinking about his cock.
“It was a joke, sweetheart,” he laughed heartily, “You’re too adorable.”
Pulling his boxers down his legs, he waddled tiredly over to the tub before stepping in. He groaned in pleasure at the feeling of the warm water encapsulating his exhausted body. You imagined that’s how he’d groan if you sucked his cock so hard he was seeing stars.
You were still facing the door, like you were as Steve got completely undressed. You knew if you turned around and look at him, naked and at ease, you’d jump his bones in a heartbeat. “Come sit with me, Y/N”
And you did. You turned around cautiously, like you expected, the bubbles covered his body enough for you to be able to handle yourself as you sat down next to the tub. You grabbed his hand away from his lips, running your soft fingers over his rough calloused ones. “I always see you biting your nails or cuticle or lips or your pens. Why?”
He sighed, “I’m not sure, I guess it just distracts me?” He said it more like it was a question rather than a statement. “I guess I don’t truly know why I do it, I guess I just enjoy having things in my mouth.”
You could read Steve like a book, his pupils blown with lust, his lip stuck between his teeth, a blush heating up his cheeks. You took a leap of faith.
“Yeah, like what?”
His lips were on yours in a flurry, it took a second for you to react, but as soon as you did it felt amazing. Neither of you seemed to care about the water splashing over you as his hands trailed up your body, tugging at the hem of your shirt.
He pulls away panting, “F-Fuck, Y/N, I need you. Please. Oh my god I need you so bad,” His eyes looked as if they were welling up with tears and he looked so pretty still in the relaxing bubble bath, whimpering and whining for you. 
“God, I need you too, baby,” you stop to look in his eyes sincerely, “Are you sure you want this? I don’t want to do anything that you don’t want to do or that you will regret.” Your hand caresses his cheek.
“Just get in here with me and I’ll show you how much I want you,” he whispered, “Need you, really.”
You sighed before your hands moved shakily to take off your t shirt. As much as you wanted this, you were still scared of how the ripped super solider would feel about you and your body, As soon as your shirt was off, Steve was whimpering, dipping his hand into the soapy water to massage his aching cock. This only spurred you to take off your clothes and join him faster. 
“Did I say you could touch yourself, puppy?” Your stern voice caught him off-guard, making him pause his actions with a look of fear on his face. You step into the bathtub, straddling him. Your nails raked up his milky white thighs, trailing up his body admiring the beauty of it. “Y’Know I was planning on being nice to you because you’ve been so good to me, but you might need to be punished, baby? Do you need to punshied like a brat?”
He mewled, bowing his head in shame. You could feel him growing harder and harder by the second and you were starting to go crazy with the empty feeling inside of you that on he could fill. “No, ma’am. I’ll be good, I swear!”
“Mmmm, that’s my good boy.” Your hands slid up his chest and rested on his cheeks, hearing him preen at your praise, as you repositioned yourself over his cock. “Are you sure you want this?”
“If you dont ride me into next week right fucking now I’m going to scream, Y/N,” He breathed out with a chuckle, Grabbing your thighs, he helps you sink down on his cock. Both of you were moaning and whimpering messes by the time you were sitting at this base of him, trying to get adjusted to his large size. 
Hot tears burned at the back of his eyes as soon as you lifted yourself up off of him, only leaving the tip of him inside of you, and slamming back down on his dick. 
“Baby-please,” he whimpered, “n-need, shit, need your fingers, bad.” 
You were confused, slowing down a bit to make sure he was okay. But his puppy dog eyes showed that he was okay. Slowly taking your wrist from his cheek, he puts your fingers in his warm mouth. Moaning around them and swirling his tongue around them. He did it the same way you always dreamed about sucking his dick, chocking and gagging on his length.
“Yeah, you’re such a needy little slut for me, for this pussy. Look at you, so ruined and fucked out just because I’m fucking you.” He moaned sensually at your words making your core tighten impossibly. 
You had gotten a good idea as you were riding him. Slowly, you start to thrust your hand in and out of his mouth, watching the saliva dribble out of the corners of his mouth as he choked on you. The band in your tummy starts tightening as you feel yourself getting close. 
“Shit, fuck, baby, I’m gonna come. Oh my god, you’re make me come with your beautiful cock, puppy. So good for me, aren’t you?” Your free hand dips into the water, cupping his balls and rolling them around your soft palm.
He nods, choking on your nimble finger yet again his you massage his sensitive balls. “Gonna come,” he slurred and spit around you.\, “almost there.”
“I didn’t” you moaned as you feel his balls tighten, fall back down on his cock at a faster pace, “give you permission to do that. I thought you were going to be good for me?”
“I am” he spluttered loudly, “i am good, I swear. Just please let me come. I need it, oh shit, mommy.”
The name went straight to your core, making you grow weak as you feebly give him permission to come as you come undone with one more bounce on his large member. His hands come up to grope your breasts as he come with hot spurts inside of your tight cunt. 
“Oh my god,” you stifle a giggle as you stand up on shaky legs. You wordlessly helped him out of the tub and wrapped him in a white towel, walking him to bed while you dried yourself off. Collapsing on the bed with a grunt, the solider hollds out his hand to you, signalling you to lay down with him. You could easily tell he was still coming down from his sex high, starting to regain his self back.
“I dont know what possessed me to,” he pauses, trying to figure out a way to word the rest of his sentence, “to suck, I guess, on your hand. I’m sorry, Y/N, that was really weird of me.”
“What do’ya mean, baby? Having an oral fixation isn’t something to be ashamed of.” The words make him smile with droopy eyes, tucking his head into your neck and starting to fall asleep, happy and comfortable, cuddling you.
“And to be honest, puppy. I think it’s really hot.”
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we'll meet again | 1
notes: first chapter, here we go!! also, for any language other than english spoken in this, i used google translate! please message me or send in an ask if there are needed corrections! and this does not follow the exact plotline and timeline of the mcu!
this is a reminder that the oc just the name! thesse are all pre-written so i'm kinda just spewing them out at you, but here's a quick little first chapter for you!
pairing: steve rogers x oc!reader
summary: if you are given a name, you would answer only to yourself.
warnings: alcohol consumption, guns, murder, dark and mature themes, 18+ MINORS DNI
song: sinnerman by nina simone
word count: 2.2k
masterlist - series masterlist
Tumblr media
"online, маленький."
little one. the darkness dissipated as her eyes slowly unveiled the deepest pools. the light was blinding, contracting her pupils before she could adjust. the man in front of her wore a white coat, with tweed pants and shiny polished shoes. on the chest of his coat was a circular, golden bin, carved with a small letter 'H'. suddenly, it was cold--her blood was chilling and she shivered from the ice in her bones, but why could she not react? why did she remain still in her chair, hands folded in her lap and back straight.
her left eyebrow arched, head cocking slightly to right. "who are you?" her mouth whispered. she doesn't remember ever learning vocabulary, but the words seemed to flow. " i?"
the man looked down to the band of metal around his wrist and noted the time. "thank you for keeping calm," he nodded, lips slightly curving into a smile but it looked as if invisible fingers were forcing it. "my name is iosif pavlovna. i'm a friend," another forced smile. "can you guess where you are?" his accent was thick and hard to read through. there was a melodic beat while his thumb rhythmically tapped against his wooden clipboard.
she was silent and ignored his question. her eyes danced from the floor, to the wall, and back to the man's face. "iosif," she whispered almost inaudibly, letting the name play out on her lips. it slightly tickled when she spoke with a breathy voice. "what is my name?
a silent laugh erupted in the depth of his eyes as iosif stood from his metal chair, the clipboard still stiff in his hands. "no name," he shifted his weight on his left leg. "if you are given a name, you would answer only to yourself. and you, защитник," protector. "you were made to answer to others." the unanswered question that still lingered in the air was not forgotten but ignored as the subject changed. "but as a prize for doing so well, i have a treat." the smallest of smiles grew on her lips as she clasped her hands together on her chest. iosif looked to a small black camera that hung in the corner of the room. it whirred as it shifted to the right, capturing her in its frame.
it was the beginning of a series of tests that would take course over however long needed. her excitement calmed as the room suddenly took on a darkness, one that was impossible to see through. not a single morsel of light managed to peak its way inside, not even from the hallway when the door buzzed open. she could hear footsteps, heavy ones that sounded like clunking metal against concrete. whoever was there had been trained in agility and silence, for even their tiny inhales of breath were inaudible.
"маленький, i'd like you to meet the soldier."
brooklyn would always be the star of the country. it didn't matter of monuments stood in other cities, if celebrities lived in others, this place would always be aurora's home. it was hard for her to feel small. she was well-known throughout the underground community of secret trading and experiments--she was a revolutionary step in the world of engineering and artificial intelligence. bystanders strolling past her on the street, taking no notice to her presence, didn't even know it, but she was a walking database. she had traveled to every nook ion the planet, seen even the smallest towns, the most deserted civilizations. but something about new york always drove her back.
polished black heels clicked against the sidewalk. there was a cheeriness to her step, evident in the way she held her chin up. she was dressed in the most expensive fabric and looked incredibly out of place in this part of the city. however, confused stares and arched eyebrows did not dull her light and she continued her fast-paced stroll down the road to wear a flight of stairs dug underneath the ground. they led to a matte black door with flakes of paint chipping off of its wood. there were no windows, no secret entrances, nothing to show the lights that were on inside. it appeared as an abandoned basement and that was exactly how they intended on keeping it.
her gloves that covered delicate fingers knocked against the door. when she pulled her hand away, a chip of wood and paint snagged a thread from the satin that hung loosely and depressingly. with a frustrated sigh, she ripped it off of her limb and shoved it into the pocket of her jacket. her ears caught sound of muffled footsteps behind the barrier before they halted. she imagined whoever was there had their eye pressed against the tiny peephole. a lock unlatched with a click, followed by a questionable grunt and a long, ear-splitting beep as the door slowly opened.
"can i help you?" a shriveled, gravelly voice questioned her. the voice belonged to a old, white-haired man that went up to her nose with big dirty green eyes, and it was dripping with a sneering sense of disrespect. she saw it in his eyes too. he took one good look at the clothes on her body before muttering a, "i don't know what you think you're-"
"mr. arbatram, that's enough," this voice spoke from the back of the building. it was deep and rusty, and just hearing it made her insides curl with disgust. she gave the old man a tight-lipped smile and brushed past him, making sure to let the mud on her heels trail on the floor. when the door was slammed shut, followed by muttered curses, she entered a room that was dimly lit and found her spirits lifted.
a jazz club. a light saxophone played through a speaker system. at least twelve circular tables were scattered over the room, each one adorned with a small oil candle in the middle. on the walls were countless framed photos of musicians and artists. they looked indescribably beautiful--each one was a precious moment in which they were so deep in doing what they loved. she wished for that.
"защитник," the voice spoke again, hidden by a newspaper that crinkled with every turn of its page. defender. only one table in the front was taken. in a chair sat an auburn-haired man, clad in a pearl-ish grey suit. he flipped the newspaper closed and threw onto the table. its headline read "PRIVATE HYDRA DATABASE RAIDED BY CAPTAIN AMERICA" and below it was a black and white photograph of the one and only. "they didn't manage to steal much. if he wasn't admired by every person in the world, i'd have steve rogers shot in his sleep. he's a pain in the ass, you know?"
she took her seat beside him and hummed a laugh. "he gets the job done," a waiter set down a thick glass next to her arm. it was filled halfway with ice drenched in an amber liquid but she wouldn't touch it. "pierce, i'm not sure why i'm here."
just then, a woman in a skin tight black dress that shimmered underneath the spotlight walked onto the stage-like platform in front of them. it was almost impossible to notice, but a fat bead of sweat traveled from her forehead, down her temple and cheek, and to her chin. she looked to alexander pierce and cowered. it was then that aurora noticed a brawny man standing behind the curtains, a long handgun in his palm. on the barrel was a long, cylinder silencer.
alexander clapped his hands together before taking a long draw of whatever drink he'd ordered before aurora had made her appearance. "i think i'd like to hear some nina," he smiled at the woman, but it was passive and threatening. "i don't need the whole band. just the piano's fine." the woman nodded as her body began to convulse with every step towards the grand piano on stage. she took her seat and began to play the familiar intro. "oh, sinnerman," pierce began to sing under his breath, closing his eyes as if drifting into another world.
aurora rolled hers and took her turn with her drink, downing the whole glass and raising her hand for another. "where's the soldier?"
his eyes remained closed and he hummed, "siberia."
the music seemed to increase in volume when she jumped from her seat, knocking the glass onto the floor. it shattered and spread across the ground, waking pierce from his haunting trance. "what?" she snapped, causing the women at the piano to strike a wrong chord. she looked to pierce with fear-stricken eyes like he held her life in his hands...
"it's alright, jasmine, just..." pierce sighed and tiredly rubbed his fingers over his eyes. "keep playing." he turned to aurora and adamantly motioned for her to take her seat. she did so with a puff of air. "we wiped him two weeks back. one of the worst ones we've done."
"why?" aurora gritted through her teeth; it was hardly a question.
in pierce's chest sat a heart. it functioned perfectly fine, pumping blood and oxygen through his body. it kept him alive and well and he didn't need much more of from it. which is why deep inside, it was moldy and black with carelessness and ignorance. "he hasn't seen you in 20 years. and when he woke," he paused, chewing the inside of his cheek. "he asked for you."
she grunted out a blunt laugh as another offensive chord rang through the club. "i'm flattered." as the woman played, it was clear this wasn't a talent. this was truly who she was. but her eyes would crawl over to the silenced gun less than five feet away from her, and her fingers would tremble over the keys as if someone was violently shaking her shoulders. deep in aurora's heart, whether it was real or not, she had a soft spot for the soldier. she had protected him and cared for him for what seemed like a lifetime, but never did he remember her. "one day, his hair will turn white and his skin will wrinkle," she spoke bitterly, not fond of the memory that rang through her head. "what will you do then?"
her smirk did not falter him. instead, he leaned forward, elbows on his knees. "we'll use you." pierce spoke threateningly, because as much as aurora wanted to deny it, one day it would become true. the soldier would pass on, a monumental name in HYDRA history, there was no doubt. and she would be morphed into him. "for almost 55 years, you've achieved great things that no man ever could. not even the soldier. you're a revolution waiting to happen. all it takes is time." he stands from his seat and strolls to the stage, hands stuffed in the pockets of his pants. aurora's expression remains still. "unfortunately, time seems to be running out.
"the world is begging to be saved. i can see it, and so can you," his hand twists under the wooden platform and pulls a 466 viking from a hidden slot. a split second later, he pulls the trigger directed at jasmine's temple. the bullet pierces her skull, blowing through the inside and out the other end. the curtain behind her is sprayed with a crimson blood and her black, shimmering dress is stained dramatically as if this were a movie scene. when her body crumpled, aurora felt something like pity inside of her. she knew how a shot like that felt, only she would wake up from it with a raging headache. "that's why this mission is yours."
a guard behind her pathetically throws a stiff black, card stock folder on the table. her fingers delicately flipped it open. "what am i supposed to do with this?" she pursed her lips as the metallic stench of blood wove its way in the air. the first page, crisp and white and newly printed, read in big bold letters,
his picture was poorly-taken. it had been quick and for identification purposes only, but just at the bottom where it cut off she could see the straining emblem of red, white, and blue. it seemed that he hadn't gotten the message of what year it really was. his hair was neatly combed to the side with a sticky gel and aurora's memory flashed back to her early years. the photograph below it was slightly newer and his hair was shorter. his face seemed deeper and the patriotic costume was now darker and sleeker.
"captain rogers is a threat to our program and what it stands for," there's a few drops of blood on the pristine white collar of his shirt and pierce tries his best to wipe them off, but it only smudges the red staining further into the fabric. "he's a national hero. i told you, the world loves him. he can't just disappear. it has to be slow and progressive."
she slaps the folder shut and pushes it to the edge of the table where the guard retrieves it, sliding it into a thin briefcase. "i still don't understand how this is on me."
"because, защитник," he leans forward and it's sickening. his lips are dripping with power and control. he has the advantage here and he knows it. a wrong move and he could shut her down--this time, it would be permanently. "steve rogers needs someone to love."
Tumblr media
tags: @brattycherubwrites @cloudystevie @babyyhoneyydarling @fallinforevans @ronimina @rogersaurora @steebsbabygirl @avengersbau @aliceforbes @kaatelyyynn@kaiparker-avengerssmut @spookybooisa @lady-elena-adeline @badbleep88 @vhscherry @jnkyrds @mai-secretgarden @allaboutdatmarvel @theoldermanswhore @danneelsmain
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the-ultimate-avenger · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
masterlist | seabound masterlist
steve rogers stood, shield on his arm, staring down thaos. it had been almost 200 years since the last time he had seen the titan in front of him, only in a different form. in all the years steve had been alive, he had met everyone from his past life, bucky was still his best friend, tony became a good friend later on in life after steve had known his father, even wanda had made her way back into steve's life. everyone but aegea had somehow found him again. steve had been reborn and lived through world war two before going into the ice after meeting peggy, the women he had sworn he had loved seeing as he had never met aegea again. when he woke up 70 years after that and peggy had grown old and moved on with her life, steve couldn't help but think back to the pirate girl he had fallen in love with long before he had met peggy, long before he became captain america.
 the battle was the same, a fight for the six infinity stones but this time they were correcting what had been done 5 years prior. thanos had succeeded in his plan of snapping away fifty percent of the population and now here was steve, tony, and thor ready to battle him. steve had been separated from his friends and stood alone when a voice came through the comms.
"on your left."
as steve turned to his left, he saw the portal open as the wakandans joined him, sam flying through the portal. as he looked around, all of his friends, who he hadn't seen in 5 years, joined them, ready to fight thanos yet again. as steve turned to look back at thanos, a flash of long black hair caught his eye. turning to look at the owner, steve was met with the same beautiful girl he had met on a dock 200 years ago.
"i told you in my letter, in another lifetime. i'll find you every time."
"i missed you and i love you so much."
"i love you too steve. now let's finish this, once and for all."
"avengers! assemble."
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seabound chapter four
Tumblr media
description: the final battle and a beautiful letter written to cause tears.
warnings: blood, death, cursing
word count: 1.6k
masterlist | seabound masterlist
note: thank you so much for coming along on this ride! i appreciate all the love on this story and please please please, know you can always request any story from me! love you all!
aegea moved down the dock in a numbness that made no sense to her. sure, she was heartbroken and betrayed by someone who she was open to actually loving but she isn't supposed to love. how could she have been so stupid? and to let steve know of her plans with the stones? it was almost a laughable lapse in judgement. wanda and natasha hadn't said a single thing since they had left the boys in the jungle, natasha just not wanting to get involved since she didn't really know everybody like that and wanda just as heartbroken. aegea felt guilty for putting her best friend through this as well but there was nothing she could do about it now. stepping onto the ship, aegea was ready to just end this whole chapter of her life and head home to forget what she has spent months doing.
"wanda, we're going to head home. i don't want to be here anymore and then we can figure out where to go from there."
"huh. didn't think the daughter i raised was a quitter."
aegea spun towards the voice to find her father, the tony stark, leaning against the railing, her mother sitting on the stairs.
"you can't just quit. you've spent a year evading me and trying to find these stones and the minute something goes wrong, you quit?"
"how did you even-"
"captain rogers."
aegea scoffed at the mention of the captain who had betrayed her trust and her heart. moving across the deck, aegea stood in front of her father, waiting for an answer.
"i've known where you were at every port you've been in and going to since i sent steve out looking for you."
"so why didn't you just come get me?"
"steve had asked me not to. he said you were very passionate about what you were doing and he would accompany you until the very end of the line."
"he did?"
"yup. but now, you're giving up and i just can't understand why. from what i understood, you made some amazing connections. so let's bring the fight to this…"
"then let's bring the fight to thanos. you didn't work this hard to leave empty handed."
"i love you dad."
your dad smiled at you and pat your shoulder, bringing his hand up to his mouth and whistling, signaling someone.
"lady aegea," a thick accent called out from behind her. aegea turned to see thor and the asgardians stepping down the dock and making their way to their ship. behind them, the guardians were making their way to the smaller ship decked out in weapons. pyms crew were joining the guardians while the group of wakandians stood at attention. there were people you had made friends with on your journeys, getting ready to help you fight the biggest battle of your life.
"we set out in an hour, be prepared," aegea shouted to the many people willing to stand by her. there was a shout of agreement and the large group dispersed to get ready.
aegea turned to see steve standing off to the side, bucky standing with wanda. he looked so lost, it was a weird sight since steve had been the strong one of the two of them when he needed to be. but for some reason, he was the weak one now.
"steve, can we talk?"
the taller man nodded and the two made their way back into captains quarters. once the door closed, steve was pressed into aegea's back, hugging around her waist.
"i am so sorry, aegea. please. i never meant to hurt you, and yes it started as a lie, but it changed so quickly. once i got to know you, i knew that i needed to be with you and protect you, even if you don't need the protection."
"let me finish," he replied, spinning aegea to face him. "i love you aegea stark and i want to be with you for the rest of our lives."
"i love you too steve. it'll be a while until we can get back to where we were but, i'm willing to make it work."
steve smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips to aegea's as she wrapped her arms around his neck. his hands moved lower and cupped her ass as a moan slipped from her lips.
"hey," aegea mumbled, pulling back. "i would love to finish this but we have a whole battle to fight and we need to prepare for. we'll have plenty of time after for this."
when the hour was up and aegea worked through a plan with the captains of each ship, the group set out to find the one person that had managed to follow in the footsteps of aegea and rob her of the stones she had set out to find. it didn't take long to find thanos, his ship and a few smaller ones were hiding in the cove on the other side of the island, close to the cavern where the stones were. the ships lined the entrance and exit to the cove as aegea made her way to the end of the bowspirit, squatting and playing with a small dagger.
"thanos," she yelled out, catching his attention. the large man moved to the front of his ship and watched the small girl.
"the king and his men took the queen from her bed… and bound her in her bones… the seas be ours and by the powers, where in will we'll roam."
as aegea finished her section of the song, her crew began singing the next verse until all the ships were singing, preparing for the battle of a lifetime. as the song ended, aegea stood, winked at steve and jumped towards thanos' boat, sword ready and a fight commencing. a battlecry rang out and everyone began fighting, aegea moving to thanos immediately, their fight almost moving in slow motion. thanos easily cornered aegea, his sword just missing her neck when there was a clang of swords above her head. aegea looked up and saw steve, his sword pushing thanos' back as the two began tag teaming him. as they fought, the skies opened up and rain meeting the warm cheeks of the fighters. thanos became distracted as his daughter yelped out and aegea took her moment, swiping the bag with the stones off of his waist and moving around him, her sword pushing past his clothing and into his skin.
"you bitch," he growled, whipping around and catching aegea off guard, her sword stuck in him as he forced his own into her stomach. grunting and falling to his knees, thanos smiled at the girl he had just killed.
"you may have won the battle but i will win the war. you are just a child. i am…"
thanos was cut off as steve slid his sword across thanos next, finishing off the job aegea had started. his body fell to the side and steve quickly made his way around the large body in time to catch aegea as she fell to the ground.
"hey, hey. don't you leave me, aegea. i just got you back."
"steve… i am so sorry and i love you."
her words were followed by a cough, some blood trickling down the side of her mouth.
"aegea," steve wailed, holding her body closer. "please don't leave me. please don't go."
the girl in his arms didn't respond and steve loosened his grip to see that she had closed her eyes, a faint smile on her lips that she was able to tell steve that she had loved him. a guttural cry left steve's body, his heart shattering as the rest of their team finished off the job they had started and made their way over to see steve holding their captain. wanda cried out, turning into bucky as he wrapped his arms around her. hats were removed from heads as respect was paid to the captain that had led them into this battle and won it, paying the ultimate price. tony and pepper made their way through the crowd, the sight of their daughter coming into view. pepper screamed as tony grabbed her, steve's eyes meeting his. they had both lost the most important person in their lives. holding aegea's body closer to him, steve stood, crossing the ship to the dandy, laying her body in it and placing her hat on her chest, the small bag with the stones underneath. the crowd had moved to the smaller boat and watched as steve lowered it to the water, silent tears streaming down his face. the boat reached the water and began floating towards the sunset. as it floated away, the crowd began heading back to their ships. bucky placed a hand on his shoulder and the two began moving back towards the red star, wanda following closely behind as she introduced herself to tony and pepper quietly. as they reached their boat and walked across the plank that was set between the two, bucky moved across to the captain's quarters and motioning steve to follow him. once inside the peacefulness of the room, bucky grabbed a sealed envelope from a small side table.
"aegea gave me this before we set out, told me to give it to you if anything happened to her."
steve took the envelope and nodded silently, watching bucky leave to comfort wanda and aegea's parents. once the door closed, steve moved to his desk and sat down, ripping open the paper and unfolding the letter. tears ran down his face and met with the ink as he read the beautiful words aegea had written.
𝒾 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝑜 𝓂𝓊𝒸𝒽 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒾𝒻 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝑔𝑜𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓁𝑒𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇, 𝒾 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝓀 𝒾𝓉'𝓈 𝒷𝑒𝒸𝒶𝓊𝓈𝑒 𝒾'𝓂 𝒹𝑒𝒶𝒹. 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓌𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝓈𝓊𝒸𝒽 𝒶 𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝒾𝓃 𝓂𝓎 𝓁𝒾𝒻𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓅𝒶𝓈𝓉 𝒻𝑒𝓌 𝓂𝑜𝓃𝓉𝒽𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒾 𝒶𝓂 𝓈𝑜 𝑔𝓁𝒶𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒾 𝑔𝑜𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝓂𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊. 𝒾 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒾 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓂𝒾𝓈𝑒 𝒾 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝒻𝒾𝓃𝒹 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒾𝓃 𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝓁𝒾𝒻𝑒𝓉𝒾𝓂𝑒.
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Tumblr media
PAIRING: Steve Rogers x Reader
Series Warnings: NSFW TOPICS, Manipulative/Toxic tendencies, sad boi steve rogers, cheating, alcohol
Series Summary: Heartbreak follows her everywhere and Steve Rogers is nothing but the latest victim, at least thats what she thought? Now she can't shake the feeling of him no matter where she goes.
Word count: <1k
A/N: Hey lovelies! Welcome to a new series! This album series is inspired by It was Good Until It Wasn't by Kehlani! If you want to follow along I would suggest listening to Toxic by Kehlani while reading! Also my posting schedule is on Friday's and REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Thanks and I love you!!
Series Masterlist coming soon // Masterlist Coming soon
Bass pounded through her veins and into her head. Her hand came to her temple as she approached the bar for what might have been the fifth or sixth time that night if she had been counting. She pushed her way past two or three layers of people who were entirely too drunk to be making good decisions. The strobing red and blue lights fell onto her face, illuminating the back and forth occupying her brain for the past hour. As her eyes caught with the bartender’s, she began to play the game she knew too well. He came closer and her eyes fluttered a few times as she leaned forward. Her fingers gently landed on his forearm and she leaned into his ear. “Two shots of the best tequila you have please.”
“On the house” he replied with a wink.
She smiled lifting the glass in her right hand with a sheepish nod before turning around and downing them both with a scowl. On nights like these, she missed the burn that Don Julio used to hold but her swaying hips and innocent demeanor seemed to make the pricey alcohol more accessible these days.
The dance floor was crowded but she wanted the rush of adrenaline that came with being in a seedy nightclub in Miami. It's why she wore a low cut corset and a miniskirt shorter than her attention span this evening.
To put it plainly, she was bored.
It showed in her carefree attitude as she took the bait the men around her laid. Hands that drifted way too low and eyes that said way too much made up the majority of her evening and she was begging for a thrill. Her stunning features and alluring outfit highlighted the fact that her boredom did not stem from lack of interest. As men, both with and without women on their arm, eyed her up and down, there was just no proposition that she wanted to take up because with each encounter, she could only wish it was him.
Now, she was stuck. While she hated the idea of calling him and her stomach flipped at the notion, she needed him. She knew that Steve went to bed hours ago and she knew her desperation for him would come out for his sleep-ridden voice and the 5 or so shots she had taken.
Despite her best efforts, her back was soon leaning against the filthy brick wall of whatever fine establishment she had found herself in this evening. Her manicured nails clicked on the phone in a steady pattern as she dialed the number she knew all too well, only pausing to hover over the call button. It was her last out before she ultimately made the mistake she would regret in the morning.
It rang and rang and for a minute, she convinced herself that he wasn't going to answer.
Of course he wouldn't, its 3 in the morning and her golden boy needed to get up in 2 hours for hi-
“Y/N? Are you ok?”
Her heart fluttered at the concern that laced itself into every word that left his obviously exhausted mouth. The shuffle of his bed sheets made a playful smirk grow on her face as she imagined her favorite version of the super soldier that she knew all too well. She knew that tonight, on a Friday, he probably stayed up later than he should have reading and she also knew that he probably threw his white tee on the floor and she hoped his grey sweats followed.
“Y/N?” His voice pulled her from her fantasies as she began her lie in a voice sweet enough to cause cavities.
“Yeah, Yeah I’m ok, I’m really sorry, I didn't mean to wake you Steve, I just needed to talk to someone”
“What's on your mind?”
His compassion triggered a twang of guilt in her chest that she pushed back and rationalized with her neediness for the super soldier. “I miss you Cap, it's so lonely in Miami”
His throat cleared at the insinuation in her voice, bring a quiet and breathy giggle past her lips.
“You should be home in a couple weeks, right? then we can all get together and celebrate?”
She bit her lips as an excited blush rose to her face. “No Steve, I miss you”
“We’ll I miss you too bu-”
A soft groan interrupted his thought as she continued, “And I miss all the things we could be doing at 3AM if I weren't stranded in Miami right now.” She took his bashful silence in stride as her sickeningly sweet tone and dirty words began to attract the attention of not only Steve, but also three bouncers taking their smoke break. As she continued, a blush found even their faces at her innuendos and borderline vile language. “I’m just sad Stevie because these guys try and try, they just can't do it like you”
“And I promise I have been so so so good and-"
“Y/N, I-I really can't do this right now- I mean I really want to but” He paused for a moment and hope glimmered in her eyes but it was quickly gone as he continued.” I-I just cant…. You know how I feel and what I need from you”
At the sting of initial rejection, a bratty pout formed on her lips as she made another push. “Stevie, I know what you want and you know that I can't give you that right now. Why don’t you let me tell you what I need and take your mind off it? I’ll give you a hint, I haven't had it since my last night in New York”
As he let out a soft chuckle, his phone picked up a noise that shot her fluttering heart down, leaving it to shatter as it hit the floor.
“Babe, You coming back to bed?”
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nakedrogers · a month ago
we’ll meet again | p.
notes: hi!!! this is my first personal series. i'm not writing this for anybody's enjoyment. i wrote this for myself a long time ago and i've just decided to share it with you all! reblogging and liking and leaving reviews is very appreciated, but not necessary!
i'm also writing this as a lil treat for rosie @brattycherubwrites and this is just the prologue! a little different format from my other series, but like i said, this is personal to me and i really don't care about anything negative someone has to say. and i didn’t put a nice font for this title, kinda wanted to keep it simple!!
pairing: steve rogers x oc!reader
summary: she'd leave like it was a talent, forcing him to continuously watch her eyes drown in death; but no matter what, she always returned.
warnings: angst, mentions of blood, fighting, death
word count: 752
masterlist - series masterlist
Tumblr media
there's a split in the skin above her eyebrow, bloody and bruised. it's dripping crimson down her temple and cheek where it'll drip off onto the floor and create a puddle. it's already healing, mending itself back together as tiny strands of her synthetic skin layers on top of another and the wound ceases to exist. it's a quick fix, nothing much to it, but the bullet stuck in her abdomen says otherwise. hot blood is pooling from the hole, dripping onto her pants and staining the fabric and her skin. it dries with a crusty foundation before being replenished with a new wave of crimson liquid. the worst part is, with every movement of her stomach, she can feel the metal part inside her swishing against her organs and muscles. her eyes are clouding over, and she can hear a voice calling out.
"aurora!" he yells, sliding down to her side when her knees catch her fall. his hand grabs the back of her neck just before her skull can hit the ground. she's running out of air. "aurora, stay awake." he barked it as an order but behind it was a hidden sense of fear. it was evident in his eyes as well.
there wasn't much to see anymore. a vignette surrounded her line of vision and it was becoming darker and darker by the second. "steve?" she muttered, finding it hard to move her lips. her breaths were becoming shallow and soon, she wouldn't be able to make a sound at all.
he didn't hear his name. his eyes were freakishly wide, and although they'd both gone through this before, having her dying in his arms would scar him. his hands were pressured onto the bullet, but her blood only continued to seep through his clenched fingers and onto the gravel road. she'd died in many places before, and if there was one thing she learned, it's that you never get to pick how and where your life ends. "s-teve," she muttered again. seeing the end, however, would always scare her. she'd awake the next morning without any wounds, but it was the way he frantically cried and pleaded for her to stay in this moment.
"i'm gonna get you to tony," his voice cracked and when he finally looked to her eyes, he saw it. it was that blank stare that held no emotion yet every emotion. she looked angry, sad, happy, and scared, but the worst part was, she also looked at peace. she looked more calm than ever. and it terrified him. "aurora?" he asks, hoping just his voice and her name would bring her back to him. "c'mon, doll, not right now." he brought her head closer to his chest, smooth, baby skin against rough kevlar, and his cries finally stopped. they sat in the silent road, nothing but his ragged breathing echoing through the night. soon, the rest gathered behind him.
it was all a show they'd seen before. her eyes would freeze over, her skin and lips would gray, and her fingers would go numb. he'd hold her for however long it took--sometimes it'd be a whole night, and others it'd be only minutes. no matter what, this time seemed to take forever. the stars seemed to shift in their beds, the moonlight was getting brighter and brighter before dulling, and the sky remained black but the sweet singing of birds waking in their trees began to melodically play in the air. still, she remained frozen and untouched.
his back began to ache from leaning over her body, watching her blood pool at his knees and freeze from the cold of the night. everything was cold...bone-chilling as it racked through his muscles to which he could no longer move. his neck cramped but moving it only hurt more and his heart was frosting over with an icy hue. at some point, he'd wiped a drop of blood from the corner of her lip and watched it smudge against her synthetic skin.
she was real to him, realer than anything he'd felt or had before. she was the dream of summer during a deadly winter, the hope that he'd seen during the war. she'd leave like it was a talent, forcing him to continuously watch her eyes drown in death; but no matter what, she always returned.
her eyes swung open with a slow draw, a golden gleaming glare scared even the moon as the dawn took back its place in the new day.
Tumblr media
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hippiepotatoes · a month ago
Marvel RP OCxBucky Barnes& Your OCxCanon
Hey everyone! I’m an experienced RPer looking for a partner to RP as Bucky Barnes x my OC. I am also up for playing a Canon x your OC. I am 20 so would like an 18+ partner as I am up for some NSFW scenes, as well as fluff & Canon plot. I am looking for a long term partner with reliable replies & is literate.
I have some plot ideas, but I am also up for any suggestions!
- 1943- My OC has been friends with Steve & Buck for years. They grew up with each other and have always had a platonic relationship. There’s something flirty between my OC and Bucky, but it’s not really gone anywhere before as the two are too stubborn to admit their feelings. My OC joins the US army as a spy, but begins to be experimented upon like Steve but for different outcomes- one of which makes her ageless like Bucky. Following the plot of Captain America: The First Avenger.
- Around Winter Soldier time. My OC has joined the Avengers after Steve has come out of the ice. She was retired for years, but was convinced by Steve to use her ability for good again.
If you’re interested in doing an OC too around the Avengers that would be great!
Message if interested!
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hippiepotatoes · a month ago
Looking for a Marvel Rp partner!!
Hey lovelies!! I’m looking for a RP partner to play Bucky Barnes x my OC. I am also happy to play another Marvel character x your OC. I am 20 and would like a partner 18+ as I’m up for some smut scenes as well as fluff & action. I write in first or third and I would also ask that you are semi lit aha. Message if interested!
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moonlighttfoxx · a month ago
Chapter One:
Tumblr media
Nick Fury had gathered the team for a meeting. He wanted to introduce the new recruit: it must have been someone special, because even with his usual grumpy attitude, there was a hint of emotion in his voice over the phone. Steve couldn't really tell what kind of emotion exactly. It could have been anger, excitement, annoyance... who could tell anyways?
So, there he was, sitting in the conference room with the rest of the team, arms crossed over his chest, waiting for Fury and this 'special person'.
'Do I really have to be here for this?' he heard Bucky complaining next to him. 'Who has meetings at 8 am? I need my beauty sleep...'
'Yes, you do. You are part of the team now, you should start acting like it.' Steve answered sternly, to which Bucky only rolled his eyes.
Their attention was caught by the sound of the door, being opened. There he was: Nick Fury with his usual grumpy face. Steve glanced at his watch. The director was right on time, as usual. He was a very punctual man - a quality that the Captain actually appreciated. Behind Fury there was a lot smaller person. Steve couldn't make out their face since it was hidden behind the One-Eyed Man's broad shoulders, but one thing was certain: this wasn't a man, but a woman. A short woman with dark brown hair.
Being a supersoldier, all of his senses were heightened, so he could be alert at all times. You see, in moments like this, that was a problem. He could smell her. She was so intoxicating. She smelled like lilacs. It was as if her scent was slowly penetrating every part of his body. A shiver ran down his spine, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. That was a familiar feeling. But why?
She stepped aside, so she could see everyone and everyone could see her. She was wearing a simple white shirt with the first few buttons unbuttoned, showing just a little bit of her cleavage and ripped black jeans that were hugging her hips tightly. She had one of those big sunglasses on her face, so he couldn’t see much of it, but from what he could see, she was beautiful. She had cute small nose and red plump kissable lips. Not that he thought of kissing her.
‘So, everyone…’ Fury started ‘…This is Y/N. Our new teammate.’
Y/N took her sunglasses off and smiled widely at the team.
‘Hello everyone! It’s so nice to meet you!’
Her eyes travelled through every face in the room. Eventually they settled on Steve’s. Their eyes met. Blue into golden. Wait! Golden? He knew those eyes! He could never mistake them. In fact, he doubted he could forget them. That was her! The girl with the golden eyes from the gala, who ruined his mission.
‘Oh, nice. A hot chic’ Steve heard Bucky whisper next to him, only for him to hear. The Captain sent one more stern glare in his direction. She wasn’t hot. Not one bit. Not at all. Sure she had some nice squishable curves on her, but so did every other woman on the planet. It wasn’t as if Steve was wondering what treasure was hidden in between those thighs or what would happen if he were to slowly unbutton the rest of the buttons on her shirt, one by one, only to reveal her soft skin underneath, which he would definitely NOT want to explore first with hands igniting every bit of it and then he would definitely NOT ravish it with his mouth, marking it, claiming it, owning it. Just as he was definitely NOT feeling his pants getting tighter in the crouch area. Not. At. All.
‘She is a former agent of Hydra. One of their top agents if I might add. She, undoubtedly, is a great asset to our team.’ Fury introduced her, interrupting Steve’s thoughts, leaving him confused.
‘How’s a former Hydra agent a great asset to our team?’ Steve asked. It came out huskily due to his previous thoughts, although there was no way in hell he was admitting he was having any thoughts about her at all.No, she didn't affect him one bit. Or at least he tried to convince himself that. He cleared his throat.
‘Firstly, she was basically their right hand. She knows the way they think, the way they fight, the way they play. Secondly, they recruited her for her skills. She is a great spy. She can subtly find out the information you need without using force. No shootings. No combats. Easy. Clear. Casual.’ Fury said, raising his hand, holding a small object in it. That was the flash drive Steve was looking for for his mission.
‘Huh, if that’s what S.H.I.L.D.’s looking for, doesn’t it make the rest of us obsolete?’ asked Tony.
‘Of course not! There’s always gonna be need of you. What we’re doing, is reducing the rough force to a minimum. Less damages, less casualties. We still need you to plan out strategies, work along Y/N, be her backup and intervene, when it turns out we need rough force after all. With all your skills combined, you’re gonna make a hell of a team’
‘I don’t understand completely. How can she help us exactly?’ Wanda asked.
Fury sighed, looking annoyed.
‘Look at that’ he pointed at Y/N. ‘Is there a man in this room, who wouldn’t say she’s attractive?’
Steve noticed half of the male crowd in the room, looking Y/N up and down. Bucky had one of his ‘I’d hit that’ smirks, he was almost certain he heard Sam whisper ‘Damn’ somewhere behind him, Clint and Tony were nodding in approval and Bruce was blushing. Ugh… their reaction was so damn irritating.
‘Exactly... Men like that, men could be easily manipulated by that. And some women too.’
‘I’d let her manipulate me any time’ Bucky whispered in Steve’s ear. The Captain was so close to punching him in the face and wipe that disgusting smirk off of his face.
‘Why, thank you, Sir’ Y/N spoke sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
‘And how exactly are we supposed to trust her? How can we be sure she’s not a double agent?’ Steve asked.
‘If you trust me, then you can trust her as well. Romanoff can back me up here.’
Natasha raised from her chair, standing next to the One-Eyed.
‘I trust her with my life. That should be enough of a proof’ she said simply.
‘No more questioning. No more doubting. I count you’ll make her feel welcome, show her around, let her adjust and most importantly be her friends. That’s what one needs after interacting with Hydra for too long.’
With that Fury turned on his heel and left, leaving Y/N to them. Steve didn’t like that situation one bit. He didn’t trust her. He couldn’t. And all these controversial feelings he was or was not having, were definitely new and 100 % unhelpful. He was screwed.
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unmistakablyunknown · a month ago
Legacy [Fourteen]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Fourteen
[Arc 1] [Previous]
Description: Once they've reunited with Natasha, Steve and Alex must try and figure out why the flash drive was so important. Whilst narrowly avoiding Rumlow and his STRIKE team, the duo has to improvise a plan to fly under the radar. When that leads them to New Jersey, things only get messier and more tangled than they first realised. Alex learns some hard truths, but she doesn't face them alone.
Song: Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
Warning(s): mild language, brief talk of hospitals, Zola makes an appearance, an explosion, a kiss, unresolved tension between characters
INSIDE THE HOSPITAL, STEVE DIDN'T SAY A WORD ONCE THEY'D MADE IT PAST THE FRONT DESK. Alex struggled to keep up with him but didn't dare complain about trying to match his unequivocally large strides. When he did eventually stop, it was in front of the same vending machine they'd been stood next to the night before. Though something was obviously amiss because whatever Steve was looking for, wasn't there.
Before either of them could come up with a different plan, a familiar redhead appeared in the reflections on the glass. She blew and popped a bright pink bubble with a smug grin on her face. Steve reeled around and pushed her into the nearest empty room. Alex hurried behind them and shut the door, though she kept an eye on the corridor through the slatted blinds.
"Where is it?" Steve demanded as he pulled his hood down. Nat was backed up against the wall with nowhere else to go. She had to face the music and answer.
"Safe," the Russian assured him in an equally agitated tone.
"Do better," the super-soldier all but growled in reply.
"Where did you get it?"
"Why would I tell you?"
"Fury gave it to you. Why?" Even Alex had to admit, Nat's elusiveness was starting to lose its charm, given the situation both she and Steve now faced.
"What's on it, Nat?"
"I don't know," Nat deflected and Alex was still half keeping an eye on the corridor. Sooner or later someone was going to need this room.
"Stop lying."
"I only act like I know everything, Rogers."
"Bet you knew Fury hired the Pirates, didn't you?" That information seemed to take the redhead by surprise. Alex fidgeted with the sleeve of her jacket.
"Well, it makes sense, the ship was dirty. Fury needed a way in, so do you."
"I'm not going to ask again," Steve reiterated. The gravel in his voice was sign enough that he was serious.
"I know who killed Fury." Nat's reply took them both by surprise. Carefully, Steve stepped back and Alex moved in to fully join the conversation.
"Don't let the anticipation kill us, Jesus, Nat." The Russian assassin rolled her eyes at the brunette before giving them an answer.
"Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists. The ones that do, call him the Winter Soldier. He's credited with over two dozen assassinations in the last fifty years."
"So he's a ghost story?"
"Five years ago, I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran. Somebody shot out my tires near Odessa. We lost control, went straight over a cliff. I pulled us out. But the Winter Soldier was there. I was covering my engineer so he shot him, straight through me. Soviet slug. Bye-bye bikinis."
"If going after him is a dead-end, why bother?" Alex questioned as she adjusted the cap on her head. A moment of silence followed. It was clear everyone was thinking, formulating. Nat held up the flash drive they'd been looking for and Steve seemed to change his tune.
"Let's find out what the ghost wants."
The three of them made their way out of the hospital and thankfully, Nat had a slightly more suitable car than the Stingray parked outside. The climbed in and set their bags in the back. The plan was simple, they preferred to keep it that way so they were all on the same page.
They located the nearest mall and laid out the plan. Alex and Steve would go inside, debug the flash drive, find out where they need to go next. Nat would keep an eye on outside and find them a new car to commandeer. Mercifully, the drive to the nearest mall wasn't that long and before the car had come to a complete stop, Alex and Steve were out and speed-walking to get inside.
"Alright, I'm no expert at being on the run, but I'm pretty sure the first rule is walk don't run," Alex mused quietly as they moved through the sea of people. They passed a fountain and Alex admired the layer of change that decorated the bottom.
"If I run in these shoes, they'll fall off," Steve remarked in reply, though he did slow down his pace slightly to allow Alex the chance to keep up. Off to the left, Alex spotted an Apple store and pulled Steve along in the general direction. The store itself wasn't too busy, but they still made a concerted effort to choose the bank of MacBooks that were completely deserted. Alex pulled the flash drive from the front pocket of her jeans and held it in her palm.
"If my feeling about this is right, as soon as we plug this in, they're going to know where we are," the brunette theorised as she weighed out the pros and cons. Steve seemed a little more on edge than she was, so she tried to downplay how badly she was really freaking out.
"How much time do we have?"
"About nine minutes from... Now." She plugged the flash drive in and the laptop lit up. Immediately she set to work running decryption after decryption and threw every bit of IT knowledge she had at cracking open the content on that flash drive. Though it presented its own set of challenges, getting the information wasn't as big a problem as she initially anticipated it to be.
"Fury was right about the ship at least. Somebody's trying to hide something... It's being protected by some kind of AI. It keeps rewriting itself to counter my commands," Alex explained as she continued to type away. Steve adjusted his stance to stand over her shoulder, not in a way meant to come off as overbearing, but protective. Alex appreciated that.
"Can you override it or not?"
"Please, the person who set this up is only marginally smarter than I am," she assured him with a cocky grin.
"I'm gonna have to run a tracer program, the one S.H.I.E.L.D uses to track hostile malware. At the very least if we can't read the files, we can find out where they came from." As the program began to work its magic, they were approached by a store employee. A man in his late twenties with long hair and a short beard.
"Can I help you guys with anything?" he questioned with a cheery smile and Alex had to improvise. She turned to face the employee with a bright smile and leaned back into Steve's chest.
"Oh, no we're alright, thank you. My fiance and I were just weighing up some honeymoon locations," she explained with a faux-sweetness to her voice. To emphasise her point, she looked up at Steve adoringly, though she wasn't sure how good a job she was doing.
"Right, yeah. We're getting married," Steve played along and smiled with her.
"Congratulations. Where are you guys thinking about going?" Alex turned away to continue typing whilst the program finished running. The location popped up on screen and Steve must've panicked because he replied.
"New Jersey." Alex wanted so desperately to slam her head against the desk but restrained herself from doing so. There was an awkward moment. An uncomfortable pause as the employee stared a little too closely. Alex feared that he might've seen through their charade and tapped faster at the keys.
"I have the same glasses," he informed the pair and Alex bit back a relieved sigh.
"Cool, you guys are practically twins," Alex mused somewhat sarcastically as she kept her gaze fixed on the screen.
"Yeah, I wish," the employee chuckled before gesturing to Steve, "Specimen. Well, if you guys need anything, I've been Aaron." Alex had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop herself from laughing. When he was gone, Alex could relax. Steve too, as it happened. He glanced at his watch and leaned in.
"You said nine minutes, come on," he prompted impatiently and Alex tutted.
"Relax, Spangles, I know what I'm doing." As she spoke, the final location appeared on the screen. Alex cast a glance at Steve and was confused as to why he seemed to freeze up.
"You know it?"
"I used to. Let's go," he replied, and Alex swiped the flash drive from the side of the laptop. They ducked out of the store and desperately tried to blend in with the crowds. As they walked, Steve gave the short brunette a rundown of what he assumed and had observed.
"Standard tac team. Two behind, two across and two coming straight at us. If they make us, I'll engage, you hit the escalator south to the metro." Whilst Alex didn't like the idea of Steve taking on six at once, she didn't have much of a say in the matter.
"Quick, put your arm around me. Laugh at something I said," Alex instructed and Steve obliged. The way he leaned in to hide his face and the way his fake laugh resonated in her ears sent a torrent of butterflies through Alex, not that she would ever admit that out loud.
They made it to the escalators. As they wedged themselves in amongst unsuspecting members of the public, Alex almost let herself relax. Until she spotted Rumlow on the escalator next to them, heading directly towards them. She panicked for a split-second before she turned back to face Steve.
"Kiss me."
"What?" There was nothing the super-soldier could do to hide the surprise in his voice and facial expression at Alex's request.
"Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable," she stated simply, knowing they were running out of time to throw Rumlow off their scent.
"Yes, they do," he agreed and Alex rolled her eyes before she reached up and curled her fingers around the nape of his neck. She pulled him in and kissed him.
It was the strangest sensation. Not her first kiss by any means, but not the circumstances she'd imagined ever kissing anyone in, let alone America's Golden Boy. For the sake of theatrics, Alex let her other hand rest inside his jacket, on his hip. In his shock, Steve's hands found purchase on Alex's waist, involuntarily holding her close to him.
When she pulled away, it was hard not to notice the rosy glow that burnished Steve's cheeks and ears. Alex found it endearing.
"Still uncomfortable?" she questioned as they stepped off at the bottom.
"It's not exactly the word I'd use," he admitted quietly as they made their way back to Natasha in the parking lot.
Three and a half hours later, they crossed state lines into New Jersey. The car ride had been unbearably awkward and Alex was sat in the front passenger seat whilst Nat slept in the back. For the duration of the ride, Alex had been unable to think about anything else other than the kiss on the escalator. Unable to take it any longer, Alex let her curiosity get the better of her.
"I have one question by the way - you don't have to answer, but if you don't I feel like that kind of answers it anyway," she began to ramble and Steve gave her a pointed look.
"Was that your first kiss since World War Two?" Alex didn't know where the sudden burst of confidence had come from but she certainly wasn't complaining.
"That bad, huh?" the blonde behind the steering wheel sighed and Alex sat up to object.
"I didn't say that."
"Well, it kinda sounds like that's what you're saying." A laugh of disbelief escaped Alex's lips as she turned to face him as best as she could in her seat.
"No! I didn't. I just wondered, how much practise you've had since you came out of the ice," the brunette defended and tried to stop herself from digging a bigger metaphorical grave.
"You don't need to practise -"
"Everybody needs to practise!" At this, Nat woke up and leant forward to listen to the conversation.
"It wasn't my first kiss since nineteen-forty-five. I'm ninety-five, not dead," he stated simply and Alex left it at that.
"Nothing," they replied in unison and Nat sat back with a sigh. As the scenery of the Garden State rolled by, the sun began to set and Alex was finally starting to feel the exhaustion creeping in. Mercifully, they were only a short ten minutes away from the pinpointed location.
When they finally rolled to a stop outside a fenced-off compound-looking place, Alex was grateful to get out of the car and stretch her extremities. Nat monitored the signal on a handheld device and the three of them approached the chainlink fences. The sun was starting to set. The air was getting cooler.
"This is it?" Alex questioned as she kicked a clump of grass with the toe of her shoe.
"The file came from these coordinates," Nat confirmed.
"So did I," Steve stated as he forced the gate open.
The sun had well and truly been swallowed by the horizon by the time they'd finished searching the majority of the old military base. There was a small section left they were yet to check. As they moved between dilapidated buildings with blown-out windows and rotting wooden doors, Nat continued to search for the signal. Alex just took in the sights.
"This is where I was trained," Steve stated quietly as they passed an old storage hangar.
"Change much?" Nat questioned as she followed the raised walk-around platform.
"A little," the blonde admitted as he stopped at a rusted flagpole. Alex reached out and put a hand on his shoulder.
"You alright, Steve? Do you need a minute?" He shook his head and mouthed a gentle 'no' in response before he carried on and caught up with Nat.
"This is a dead-end. Zero heat signatures, zero waves. Not even the radio waves. Whoever wrote the file must've used a router to throw people off."
"Great," Alex mused sarcastically as Nat turned around in a slow circle. She turned to Steve for their next move but grew confused at what Steve appeared to be fixated on. He was staring at something and Alex attempted to follow his gaze.
"What's the matter?" Without an initial reply, the super-soldier took off in the direction of a bunker they'd missed.
"Army regulations forbid the storage of munitions within five hundred yards of the barracks. This building is in the wrong place." Alex was impressed and as they approached the locked and rusted-over doors, decided to keep quiet and observe. A single swipe of his shield and the padlock split in two, letting them in.
The inside of the building smelt musty and damp, though that didn't really surprise Alex. Nat flicked a switch and lights flickered into life, illuminating the dusty room with a candescent glow.
"This is S.H.I.E.L.D.," Nat observed as they all saw the logo printed on the far wall.
"Maybe where it started," Steve agreed as they moved through the abandoned desks and chairs. The trio moved to a side room and was greeted with cubby holes for storage and a dusty set of pictures hung on the walls. With a nod and half a chuckle, Nat pointed them out.
"That's Howard Stark?" Alex moved around her two teammates and stretched up to pluck it from the wall. The frame and glass were dirty and covered in smudges, but the black and white print was clear.
"Your grandfather."
"Yeah, Tony never talks about him. Not really. It's a touchy subject, I know, but I've always wanted to know more about who I am and all that," she explained quietly as she kept a hold of the frame as they moved on.
"If you're already working in a secret office," Steve started before prying the secret door open, "Why do you need to hide the elevator?" Alex trailed behind, still fascinated by the picture in her hands. There was a striking resemblance between Tony and his father, Alex could see that with no speculation. She'd inherited the same whisky-brown eyes.
Nat got the code for the elevator and cautiously, they boarded. At the bottom, the very bottom of what Alex assumed was the sub-sub basement level, the doors finally opened. The lights turned on without a switch and illuminated rows and rows of old computers and data banks. Alex's eyes lit up like a child at Christmas. There was a central dais that they moved to stand on. If she listened hard enough, Alex swore she could hear the ghosts of the past whispering about them.
"I'm getting major hinky vibes from this place," she admitted aloud as Nat and Steve looked around. Under the harsh fluorescent strip lights, Alex noticed Nat's frown.
"This can't be the data point. This tech is ancient." Alex spotted a not-so ancient-looking USB port plugged into one of the old-timey monitors and pointed it out.
"Not too ancient, it seems." Alex and Steve observed as Nat plugged in the flash drive and waited with bated breaths to find out what would happen. Immediately, more lights turned on, more of the data banks started coming to life. They turned in circles, sceptical, before focusing on the main computers in front of them.
"Initiate system?" a warbled electronic voice questioned and Alex let Nat take the reigns. The redheaded Russian stepped up to the keyboard and let her fingers hover over the dusty keys.
"Y-E-S spells yes." As soon as she hit the enter key, an ominous whirring sound made itself known. The hairs on the back of Alex's neck stood up and a chill ran down her spine.
"Shall we play a game?" Nat joked and neither one of them were impressed.
"It's from a movie -"
"We know." An image flickered to life on the screen, harsh green lines that formed what Alex realised was a bespectacled face.
"Rogers, Steven Grant. Born in nineteen-eighteen. Romanova, Natalia Alianovna, born nineteen-eighty-four. Stark, Alexandra Maria, born nineteen-ninety-four."
"It's some kind of recording..." Nat guessed, unable to explain how the computer knew who they were.
"I am not a recording, Fraeulein. I may not be the man I was when the Captain took me, prisoner, in nineteen-forty-five. But I am."
"You know this thing?" Alex turned to Steve in disbelief. He shook his head and hefted his shield.
"Arnim Zola was a German scientist who worked for the Red Skull. He's been dead for years," Steve assured them both before their attentions were turned back to the screen.
"The first correction, I am Swiss. Second, look around you, I have never been more alive." the heavily accented voice reprimanded. Alex already found the voice to grate on her nerves and wished that it didn't.
"In nineteen-seventy-two, I received a terminal diagnosis. Science couldn't save my body. My mind, however, was worth saving. On two-hundred-thousand feet of databanks. You are standing in my brain."
"Oh, Gross," Alex grimaced as she took another look around at the hundreds of databanks.
"How did you get here?" Alex could tell that interrogating a sentient computer was not something Steve was familiar with, but he was handling it well enough.
"Operation Paperclip after World War Two. S.H.I.E.L.D recruited German scientists with strategic value," Nat chimed in with a shrug, just as confused as the others who watched the screen.
"They thought I could help their cause. I also helped my own."
"Hydra died with the Red Skull," the blonde to Alex's left insisted.
"Cut off one head, two more shall take its place."
"Prove it."
"Hydra was founded on the belief that humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom. What we did not realise, was that if you try to take that freedom, they resist," Zola began and Alex felt like she was about to be given a history lesson. The kind they don't teach at Midtown.
"That much should've been obvious," the redhead mused in reply.
"The war taught us much. Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly. After the war, S.H.I.E.L.D was founded and I was recruited. The new Hydra grew. A beautiful parasite. For seventy years, Hydra has been secretly feeding crisis, reaping war and when history didn't cooperate, history was changed."
"That's impossible, S.H.I.E.L.D should've stopped you," Alex rebuffed with a growing sense of panic settling in her veins.
"Accidents will happen."  Articles flashed across the screen. Alex read the headlines as fast as she could and her heart fell to her feet when the words sunk in.
Howard and Maria Stark Die In Car Accident.
"Son of a bitch!" Alex exclaimed and lunged at the monitor. Luckily, Steve intercepted and stopped her from smashing the machine to pieces.
"Hydra created a world, so chaotic that humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security. Once the purification process is complete, Hydra's new world order will arise. We won, Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life. A zero-sum." Apparently, it was Steve's turn to retaliate and he punched the middle of the computer. A spiderweb of fractured glass exploded and the screen went black. To the right, a smaller screen lit up.
"As I was saying..."
"What's on the drive?" Steve barked and Alex almost flinched at the ferocity in his voice. She wasn't accustomed to seeing him so volatile and shaken up.
"Project Insight requires Insight. So I wrote an algorithm." That was good news for Alex. The thought of detangling an algorithm brought her a minuscule sense of comfort.
"What kind of algorithm? What does it do?"
"The answer to your question is fascinating. Unfortunately, you shall be too dead to hear it."
The elevator doors began to close. Steve launched his shield at them in an attempt to jam them open long enough to get out, but he just missed. Fear dripped over Alex's senses as Nat's handheld device began beeping.
"Steve, we got a bogey. Short-range ballistics. Thirty-seconds tops."
"Who fired it?"
"I am afraid I've been stalling, Captain. Admit it, it's better this way," the computer droned as Nat grabbed the flash drive and Steve directed them both to the grating on the floor. He ripped a panel free and let them climb in first before following after them. In the compact space, he just about had time to steady his shield and body across Nat and Alex before the building blew up.
As the building collapsed on top of them, a tight, twisting sensation tugged at Alex's chest. It was like New York all over again. Being buried alive under the rubble, fractured concrete, gnarled metal piping. Trapped. The youngest of the trio forced herself to stay calm. She clamped her eyes shut and huddled closer to Steve and Nat as the building rained down.
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darklydeliciousdesires · a month ago
Feral Love - A Chris Evans/Reader One Shot Story.
Big thanks to my lovely @lafrenchdevancouver​ for the request that inspired this! 
Tumblr media
Tag list - @denisemarieangelina @hannel0re-blog  @movingmusically @ce-vans @thummbelina @redhairedfeistynerd​ @patzammit​ @sweetllamaparadise​​​ @poetic-heart​
(Do please message if you wish to be added to the taglist. I’d love to see Chris get a bigger following over here as he is a muse who is most definitely here to stay!)
You knew when you first saw it that the dress you chose would raise some eyebrows. Long, dark red and with a slit that goes all the way to the waist almost, revealing your entire bare leg (and a lot more without some strategically placed double sided tape) your look was the talk of the red carpet and, as you would later discover, would continue to be a hot topic of conversation once the pictures of you and your boyfriend hit the media outlets the world over.  
Usually, you shrink back at events, but this time, you wanted to shine a little as well. Chris certainly agreed you’d do just that in the dress you chose. That dress...that dress. Ultimately, you wore it because you knew it would drive him wild, that it would make his eyes seldom leave you, ensure he’d look at you just like he’s doing now.  
“I think we need to leave. I have some intentions that I’d like to make clear in physical terms,” he whispers in your ear as you finish your glass of wine at the afterparty.  
“Is that an eloquent way of telling me you want to take me back to the hotel and fuck me senseless?” You enquire, making him smile and raise his eyebrows. He doesn’t answer you in words, taking your hand and pulling you up to stand, sliding an arm around you before escorting you towards the door.  
As soon as you’re sitting comfortably in the back of a limo, he makes his move to slowly caress the vast expanse of bare leg that’s been tantalising him all night, sweeping his hand from your hip to ankle as he leans to kiss you with uncontained passion.
With the privacy screen up, the back seat is your playground to do all manner of acts that wouldn’t be appropriate for the driver to be made visually privy to. This play begins with you moving to sit astride him, unfastening his tie and shirt, wanting the access to his neck which their presence prevents.  
He groans a soft grumble at your teeth scraping the column of his throat, all hungry kisses and nibbles over stubble flecked flesh, his hands gliding down your back in sumptuous exploration of all he’s been craving for hours.  
The grit of his groan as you sway your hips forward against him, grinding his crotch and awakening his cock goes right to your cunt, his hand there moments after, rubbing you through your tiny, seamless thong.  
The heat of you has him seeking your lips, exchanging scorching kisses in a battle of eager tongues, having you panting into his mouth as his fingertips seek your clit through the thin fabric of your underwear.  
That action has an immediate radiating effect, heat building to tempest as you mewl and kiss him fiercely, your hand plunging between you to unfasten his belt with eager haste, wanting to feel him too.  
“No, babe. You’ll get me so fucking hard, I won’t be able to hide it when we get out of the car. You always do.” He pants, tongue swirling with yours again as he grips your wrist lightly, moving it away from his crotch. You grumble with frustration, soon being distracted though when his fingers slip beneath the cloth separating them from your wet, pink folds, stroking your slick deftly.
He circles your bud, making pleasure glimmer through your core before he slides a finger into your wetness, mouth shuddering a groan against your lips.  
“Fuck, you’re soaking,” he observes, stroking your walls, crooking his finger and raking at you as you tighten around it appreciatively. “I can’t wait to get my mouth all over this beautiful pussy.” He then tells you, his free hand unzipping your dress, hastily pulling the front down to reveal your breasts, mouth devouring your nipples in turn with gusto.  
You twist against his hand, hips bucking into him, ravenous for more. It is with regret for you both that only a few more minutes pass before the car draws to a halt outside of your hotel, clothing hastily rearranged before you exit and walk up the front steps arm in arm.  
You cross the lobby in a haze of pent-up arousal, your undies stuck to you, you’re so wet and ravenous for him. He doesn’t help things by standing right behind you while you wait for the elevator to descend, hand discreetly fondling your butt.  
As soon as you step inside, it’s like the wait between pulling a pin from a grenade, launching it and waiting for the explosion, standing beside one another looking nothing short of calm. As soon as those doors slide shut though, he’s on you.  
Your back hits the side of the enclosed space, Chris shunting a thigh between yours, your legs springing open as you kiss one another with ferocious hunger. He then reaches back and hits the elevator stop button, turning back to crouch before you, reaching for your thong to yank it down your legs.  
“Here?” You ask with excitement.  
“Oh yeah. I can’t wait.” With that, he buries his mouth at your apex, tasting you keenly and making you buck against his tongue. Pleasure crackles up your spine, your hips purling against his mouth as he eats you eagerly, sating your hunger as he sucks and licks your aqueous womanhood like a man half starved.  
Your fingers tangle in his hair, nails clawing over his scalp as he draws lust drenched noises from you, letting you ride the flat of his tongue as he looks up and watches you, smiling filthily before his mouth closes and his cheeks hollow, your clit sucked upon with the kind of force that has your howling his name.  
Your thighs tremble, Chris moving one of your legs to rest over his shoulder, giving his ravenous mouth greater access to your slick, pink folds, bestowing long, slow licks upon you, your clit throbbing against his tongue.  
Your cunt twitches with the need to be filled, to feel his cock splitting you, your desire raging like wild fire, his mouth not relenting in tending to you with ruinous zeal, tongue circles at your clit quickening as he pushes two fingers into your heat.  
You begin grinding against his hand as he pushes against you hard, massaging your inner walls as your silky fluid begins to trickle over his knuckles, he has you so aroused. “Fuck.” He grits, turning his head to gently bite your thigh before returning his tongue to you.  
Each long, wet lick from his tongue has you shivering against his touch, your thighs brushing against his face as he eats you vigorously, groaning while he does it and looking up to watch you lose yourself to the pleasure he’s currently sending you out of your mind with.
You’re glimmering with incandescence, panting hard as you clutch the rail behind you, crying out as he works you to your undoing, but yet when you’re almost there, tipped into him like warm liquid overboiling, you push him back to join him on the elevator floor.  
“I need you, baby. I want your cock inside me. Let me fuck you.” You purr, yanking his shirt open, sending the buttons flying as you kiss wantonly and filthily, groaning into one another’s mouths, Chris hitching your dress up around your waist as you release his cock, positioning him against your opening and bearing down to encase him in your slippery heat.
You gasp at the gratification of being joined, rolling your hips into him to ensnare those final few delicious inches of his thick erection. He groans carnivorously, hands all over you, clasping your face, fingers grazing your neck and squeezing your tits before finally settling at your ass, gripping it hard as he thrusts up into each of your downward movements.  
You’re pressed against him so tightly that your clit rubs against the soft skin on his lower abs as you grind the length of his cock, sending salacious tingles through your body, making you jolt and judder atop him as you pant against his mouth.  
Impressively, he manages to stand with you in his arms, not losing the tangency between you, moving to back you against the mirrored side, holding your legs open and beginning to pound into you savagely.  
His thickness drags your walls deftly, mouth at your neck, startling you when he reaches out to hit the stop button again, the elevator shuddering into life.  
“Chris, what if someone is waiting on our floor?” You hiss, your man only slowing to smile at you, entertained.  
“Then they get a free show,” he begins, laughing. “No one’s gonna be around at 1:30am! Besides, it kinda makes it more exciting, wondering if that’s the case or if we’re about to get caught,” he replies, still chuckling at your slightly daunted face and continuing to keep on fucking you in a way that has you past caring again just as the elevator arrives on your floor.  
The coast is clear as you’re carried out into the quiet, empty hallway, your back hitting the wall opposite the elevators as he continues to fuck you, right there adjacent to someone’s room. He holds your legs wide, the back of each knee sliding into the crook of his arms as he begins to thrust into you forcefully once more.  
Pinned between the wall and his hard, broad chest, his mouth at your neck as you cling onto him, fucked assiduously by your lover, it takes everything you have not to verbalise, to scream like a banshee, biting your lip as the excitement creeps over you in a flood of electric tingles.
Although it’s late, anyone could suddenly leave their room and catch you, the thrill of such working as a potent aphrodisiac to what is already a burning hot, illicit encounter. If you knew wearing a dress like that would make him this ravenous, you’d have done so much sooner.  
It’s unbridled, passionate, have-to-have-you-immediately sex, raw and uncontained, his cock hitting your summit as you flex around him, the sound of him cutting through your wetness the only audible noise along with your mutual heavy breathing.  
Your cunt clenches on him, sparks crackling through you as the heat of him cuts right through to the marrow of you, hard and unrelenting. He steals the groan you cannot contain any longer with more sumptuous, hungry kisses, suddenly moving away from the wall and carrying you the short walk down the hallway to your room.  
Once within, you both paw at each other’s clothes, Chris withdrawing from you for only the time it takes for you both to undress each other, the feel of his skin on yours as he sinks back inside you completely overwhelming.  
He spears into you so deeply, your tits bounce, your nipples becoming his focal point as he grips your hips, fingers digging into your skin as the pebbled pink peaks are sucked upon by him. He has you groaning curses, your nails flexing at his shoulders as he assaults your cunt with deep, hard thrusts, speed gone for the moment.  
He’s heavy within you, dragging your fluttering walls, hot breaths blasting against your cleavage before his mouth claims yours once more and you drink back the groan that pours from his lips, your insides twisting pleasantly as you feel him shudder against you.  
Pleasure fizzes through you, lewd noises as he speeds up filling the air along with your mutual moans, his cock saturated in your silky dew, your cunt so soft and wet against his thick, steely hardness.  
Pushing into his chest, you move him onto his back, drawing his legs up behind you and gripping them as you drive down onto him, wanting to ride him to the most magmatic of finishes, his blue eyes locked on yours, mouth agape, looking utterly mouth-watering.  
“Mmmm, that’s it, baby. Cum on my cock.” He encourages you with, voice sheer gravel with lust, hands bracketing your hips as you feel the tingles beginning to glitter at the base of your spine, waiting for the cold heat to rush like a faucet exploding.  
His skilful fingers move to your clit, rubbing heat there as you grip him tightly, your cunt in spasm as he twitches within your walls, your lightning snapping through his dark sky, illuminating, spreading the sudden and sharp release of energy through him too.
“Oh god...fuck!” You grit as it crests and almost topples you, throbbing heat encompassing you entirely as you feel him fill you with his hot release, grunting with effort as your bodies chase every last throb, tensing and then softening in the aftermath as all becomes slow again.  
“I think I need to send the guy who designed my dress a thank you note,” you pant, Chris laughing beneath you as he fights for air.  
“Sign my name on there too.” He instructs, pulling you down into his arms to kiss you lovingly.  
After Chris’s appreciation and physical confirmation of your dress choice, you know you’ll definitely purchase more gowns from the designer in the future if what you shared in the car, the elevator, the hallway and finally the hotel room are anything to go by.  
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the-ultimate-avenger · a month ago
seabound chapter two
Tumblr media
description:  aegea stark was raised by the sea, her name literally meaning “from the sea of aegean”. as she grew older, having lived a prim and proper life, aegea realized she didn’t want that. she didn’t want to marry the man predestined for her. how could she when there was so much life out there to experience. so she ran, far away. far enough away that she was able to create the life she always wanted, complete with a ship, a crew, and a tall and handsome stranger that she was dying to get to know.
pairings: steve rogers x oc
warnings: cursing, death (murder)
word count: 1.1k
masterlist | seabound masterlist
aegea was having a great time in the pub, drinks flowing and laughs roaring out over the crowd. it had been so long since she'd been able to have actual fun. the whole time since she ran from home was on this stupid treasure hunt, the stones something she heavily sought after. but with any job, aegea needed some stress relief. and she was finding that in some sailor in the pub, her body pressed against his as wanda kept watch for anybody to cause them problems.
"what do you say we take this back to my ship," aegea whispered in the good looking sailors ear. he groaned and grabbed her hips harder, nipping at her neck.
"i say let's do it."
as the pair made their way out the door, steve watched from the other end with bucky, wondering why this beautiful, rich, and from what he heard, the best pirate on the seas, was going back to her ship with the dirty sailor she had found herself entangled with.
"steve, what's wrong?"
steve turned to his first mate, sighing. he didn't know how to tell bucky how he wanted to stop their target from making a mistake, or that he kinda wished he was the one going back with her. stark had showed his photos of his daughter, prim and proper photos in gowns and no smile. but seeing aegea in what seemed to be her natural habitat, a large smile on her face. steve began questioning why they were even looking for her, trying to see all sides of the feud between her and her father.
"i'm going to take a walk," the tall, blonde, captain said, getting up and walking out of the pub before bucky could answer. heading down to the water, steve could hear muffled screams, getting his attention. curious, he moved closer to the scream, seeing a familiar head of black hair.
as steve was moving to stop what he was assuming was an assault on aegea, he caught the glimmer of a sword and gurgles of pain and a possible 'help'.
"oh shit," he mumbled, running down to find aegea standing with her sword in hand, blood dripping from the polished silver, and the sailor on the ground, holding his throat. "are you okay?"
"fine," the smaller girl whispered, wiping her sword on her pant leg. "he had it coming."
steve was in shock, watching the girl who he had heard was a delicate little wallflower. he didn't know she had it in her to literally kill a man and sit there like it was nothing. looking up to her, aegea was looking right at steve, her eyes glassy. a sigh escaped her plump lips as she looked past him to the stormclouds ahead. her eyes looked empty, as if all life was drained from them and steve found himself stepping closer to the seemingly broken girl. as soon as she noticed his movement, the air around them changed. aegea couldn't place it but, she felt safe with this stranger.
"i could escort you back to your ship, if you'd like?"
"that would be great captain rogers."
"steve, please."
the girl nodded and the two of them made their way down to her own ship, settling in complete silence. steve wanted to say something, he wanted to know more about her. but this was also a job, a well-paying job that he couldn't screw up. steve just wanted to make sure that everything went the way it was supposed to in order for him to get his payday. as the walked down the dock, steve found himself taking peeks at the small girl next to him. she hadn't made a move to speak to even acknowledge that he was never next to her. finally, fed up with the silence, steve decided to speak.
"so, what brings you to the open seas?"
"a search."
"oh? for what?"
aegea was silent next to him again, giving steve the impression that she was done speaking. part of his job was to find out what had even caused her to run from her family but clearly aegea wasn't the sharing type. deciding not to push her, steve continued to walk in silence.
"yes. six of them. they call them-"
"the infinity stones," steve said, cutting off aegea. he stopped walking and just stared at the girl. was she insane? the stones were an urban legend, something told around campfires or rainy days spent in the house. nobody really believed they were real, why would they? besides the stories, there was no proof of them existing.
"yeah," she mumbled, stopping and turning to look at this stranger that she decided to confide in. it felt like a weight was lifted off her chest, telling someone besides wanda about this. her crew thought it was a normal search for gold or treasure, if she would have told them they would walk off the ship of a crazy woman. "i have proof. proof they exist and proof of where they are."
"show me."
aegea nodded towards her ship and the two of them made their way up the ramp and across the deck. steve stopped at the door to captain's chambers, waiting for permission to enter. he wasn't the type to just enter into personal chambers without that permission, if steve was many things, a gentleman was definitely one of them. aegea nodded, appreciating the respect steve showed her, and he followed her inside. once inside, he watched as aegea crossed to her desk and opened the drawer with the key on a chain around her neck. she pulled out some papers and closed the drawer.
"i found this map in a shop in puerto rico. i was warned of the dangers but this is a search i've been planning my whole life. the corner is missing, i don't know where it is and honestly i think i could find the location of the stones without it."
steve walked over and looked at the map, struggling to read it. the battered paper was older then anything he had seen and it seemed like the missing piece was important, only leading steve to think the young girl was as crazy as he thought she was for even embarking on this journey. however, aegea could be crazy but steve was intrigued.
"i want in."
"excuse me?"
"i want to help find them. i've heard the stories of the stones and i really want to know if they're real."
"you take your own ship then, following us. but you're more than welcome to join us."
steve stood straight and looked to the captain. this wasn't what he signed up for but he was excited to get going on this. it's amazing how one path will almost 9 times out of 10 lead to something new.
"i'll get my crew ready and we'll head out tomorrow."
aegea nodded and sat at her table, watching as steve smiled to her and left her chambers. minutes of him leaving, wanda wandered in, smirking at her captain. 
"did it work?"
"like taking candy from a baby."
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daddysadvocate · a month ago
imagine, if you will
okay but can you imagine if steve and oc had been together since the snap (5 years before endgame) then everything happens yknow thanos, quantum time travel, etc. then comes the time when steve’s gonna go back in time to return the stones, and oc knows exactly what he’s gonna do (that he’s gonna go back to peggy, live his life with her, since he would take any chance he’d be given if it meant getting back to her). he’s somewhat apprehensive at first because he’s been with oc for the last five years—they’ve been through hell together, they’ve lived through possibly the worst thing that they’ve ever had to live through (maybe there was a prior spark before then?? i dunno). oc notices this, and reassures him that it’s gonna be okay. he/she/they understand. i kinda saw it as:
‘oc lays their forehead on steve’s, emotions running thickly between them. they know they can’t cry now—not when steve has the opportunity to do what he’s longed for ever since he came back some ten years ago. “it’s okay, steve. we’ll be okay. go, live,” they say, choking back a sob...’
yeah then it continues from there. it’d probably have to be a multipart or a really long thing, i dunno. i’m not sure if it’s been done before or if something similar’s been done, but this is my vision, heehee :)
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the-ultimate-avenger · 2 months ago
seabound - 4 part series
Tumblr media
<< aegea stark was raised by the sea, her name literally meaning "from the sea of aegean". 
as she grew older, having lived a prim and proper life, aegea realized she didn't want that. she didn't want to marry the man predestined for her. 
how could she when there was so much life out there to experience.
so she ran, far away. far enough away that she was able to create the life she always wanted, complete with a ship, a crew, and a tall and handsome stranger that she was dying to get to know. >>
𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓸𝓷𝓮
𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓽𝔀𝓸
𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓻𝓮𝓮
𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓯𝓸𝓾𝓻
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unmistakablyunknown · 2 months ago
Legacy [Twelve]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Twelve
[Playlist] [Previous]
Description: Following their return to DC, Alex accompanies Steve to Fury's office. There's a mutual agreement that something's not quite right and neither of them knows who can be trusted. Whilst decompressing after their mission, Alex witnesses a bone-chilling news report that throws everything she thought she knew into question. A surprising new face steps in to help.
Song: Cool Kids - Echosmith
Warning(s): Nick gets attacked, brief descriptions of panic/anxiety, mild language, brief descriptions of physical injuries (if I missed anything, let me know!)
ONCE THEY'D LANDED SAFELY AND STEPPED OFF THE QUINJET, A DEBRIEF WAS IN ORDER. Alex had only been to the Triskelion building twice before and neither of those experiences was particularly fun or worthwhile.
Steve had made it clear he wanted to talk to Fury and had hinted to Alex that she should come with him during the first 30-minute stretch of the flight back. So, dutifully, Alex almost had to jog to keep up with his large strides as they made their way to Fury's office on one of the upper floors.
"I don't have to say anything, do I? Because I'd rather not. Fury's not exactly my friend since I forced my way into this organisation and the Avenger's Initiative," Alex fretted as Steve marched down the corridor.
"No, you don't. I just need someone else with me that was there." Alex could accept that as a decent answer and remained quiet as Steve burst into Director Fury's office. Aggravated would be an understatement.
"You just can't stop yourself from lying, can you?" The words flew from the Captain's mouth coated in venom. It was clear that he wasn't in the mood to build-up to the desired topic.
"I didn't lie. Agent Romanoff had a different mission than yours," Nick stated simply from his position at his desk.
"Which you didn't feel obliged to share."
"I'm not obliged to do anything," the Director countered smoothly and turned to face the duo as they stopped in front of his desk and windows.
"Those hostages could've died Nick," Steve reiterated as if he hadn't driven his point home enough.
"I sent the greatest soldier in history to make sure that didn't happen." It was clear that Fury was trying to deescalate the situation before it turned hostile, but it wasn't working very well.
"Soldiers trust each other. That's what makes it an army. Not a bunch of guys running around shooting guns." Alex admitted silently that Steve made a very valid argument and didn't see how Fury could talk his way around what had happened.
"Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye -" Fury stood up and leant forward against his desk "- Look, I didn't want you doing anything you weren't comfortable with. Agent Romanoff is comfortable with everything."
"I can't lead a mission when the people I'm leading have missions of their own," the Captain defended with a stony glare.
"It's called compartmentalisation. Nobody spills the secrets because nobody knows them all."
"Except you," Alex couldn't help but blurt out the thought that plagued her brain. Both sets of eyes looked at her in disbelief.
"Anyway, you're wrong about me. I do share. I'm nice like that," Fury retorted with an unparalleled attitude. In some kind of wordless agreement, Nick and Steve headed to the door. Alex figured that was her cue to use her powers to follow along until they got in the elevator and she stopped. The AI in the elevator would sense her in there in a heartbeat.
"I'll - Yeah, I'll catch up with you guys later," she called after them before she let out an exasperated sigh. She decided to cheat and shadow-walked to the ground floor.
The walk from the Triskelion to her apartment wasn't a big one, so Alex took the time to enjoy the dry weather and walked. As she moved through the streets of DC, her phone began to ring from inside the pocket of her duffel bag. A glance at the screen told Alex it was Tony and she broke into a grin before answering.
"Hey, if you're planning to call every single morning in hopes that I move back to New York, you're not doing a great job at the moment," she teased with a smile as she slung her bag back over her shoulder.
"Hilarious. I just wanted to check in, touch base. How are things?"
"Things are fine, thanks for asking. We're all safely on the ground -"
"Who's we?"
"Steve, Nat, the STRIKE team and I. Pirates hijacked a ship from S.H.I.E.L.D.," the Stark prodigy explained animatedly as she reached the street before hers.
"Sounds absolutely thrilling. You're okay? Everyone came out in one piece, right?"
"Of course. Not that I'd tell you if we hadn't, wouldn't want you to have a heart attack or anything, would we?" she jested lightly as she finally approached her building and fished her keys out of her bag.
"Rude. I'm just gonna pretend you didn't say that. You still on speaking terms with Wonder Boy?" Apparently, it was Tony's turn to tease as she entered the stairwell and began the trek up to her floor.
"Of course. Steve seems to be doing alright. But I don't want to talk about him with you - no offence - it's just a little weird is all." A hearty laugh was heard on the other end and Alex smiled as she finally stopped in front of her door and pushed the key into the lock. Once inside, she dropped her bag by the bedroom door and moved to the windows. Alex made herself comfortable on the windowsill, the phone still pressed to her ear.
"Right, of course. Where are you now? Are you at HQ or still on the quinjet or what?"
"I just got in," a pause followed before Alex sighed and straightened up slightly, "I miss you. I miss Pepper. DC is nice, but it's not New York." The confession rendered both parties silent. The wallclock seemed to tick obnoxiously loud and the cars on the street below created a veil of white noise for Alex.
"We miss you too, kid. It's not the same without you here. But your room is always open if you ever want to come back," Tony's words brought some level of comfort to Alex and she appreciated the sentiment.
"Dios Mio, you're gonna make me cry." An uncomfortable lump forced its way up her throat and she swallowed it back.
"Just, look after yourself, Alex."
"I will. Don't worry. Alright, I'm sure you have a whole bunch of things to be doing, so I'm gonna let you get on with them. I'll call you later on, tonight if anything else happens," the younger brunette offered as she drew a smiley face in the condensation on the windowpane.
"Sure. Talk to you soon." Once she'd hung up, Alex took a deep breath and stepped down from the windowsill. She needed a shower, so she made sure the door was locked before she padded through to the bathroom. Once her phone was connected to her waterproof speaker, Alex queued the music and went through the motions of getting ready.
She turned the water on and stepped out of her tactical suit and t-shirt. Once her clothes were heaped into the laundry hamper, Alex stepped under the high-pressure spray. All the previous aches and pains from the mission melted away. The gold Virgin Mary pendant around her neck glittered under the bright light of her shower. It was one of the few things that had once belonged to her mother. A reminder of a past life. Who she used to be.
Alex took full advantage of having an apartment to herself and stretched out the shower for as long as she wanted. Her 90s playlist played at a comfortable volume and echoed slightly off the smooth tile walls. Whilst running her fingers through her slicked-back, darkened tendrils of hair, she hummed along to the sounds of JaRule and the likes.
When she was done, Alex shut the water off and reached for her fluffy robe and a towel for her hair. Once dried off and her hair secured atop her head in a towel, she stepped out and brushed her teeth. With very little thought required, Alex completed most of her post-shower routine with ease and by the time she was done, she was practically glowing under the lights of her bathroom.
Alex contemplated her options for how to spend the evening and settled on wearing her favourite pair of sports leggings, a comfortable sports bra and a baggy t-shirt with Tupac's face on the front. Idly, she fixed herself a bowl of cereal and turned the TV on in hopes of creating some white noise in the quiet apartment space.
The sun had since fully come up and shone warmly through the large windows, casting golden rectangles across the carpet and furniture. Alex found the situation oddly calming. No mission. No bad guys to catch or hostages to save. For now, at least, her work was done. She had time to unwind and decompress. As the credits for a show she'd never heard of rolled up the screen, an idea came to mind.
"- And now, the morning news with Hal Roberts -" Alex finished her cereal and set the bowl down on the coffee table before she reached for her phone. There was a momentary internal battle, which was over almost as soon as it began.
"It's just a text. An invitation. No big deal," she assured herself as she selected Steve's name and began to type out a message. After a brief review, Alex deemed it a satisfactory message and pressed the 'send' button.
Hey, movie night tonight if ur not busy? Takeout on me :) - A
She locked the screen and set it back down on the coffee table in anticipation of his reply. The news still droned on and Alex struggled to understand what they were talking about, or why it was deemed big enough to make local news at all. Her phone lit up with a text notification and almost immediately she fumbled to unlock the device and read what the message said.
I'd love to, but I have some errands to run and a prior commitment. Sorry Alex - S
Though Alex was disheartened, she couldn't hold it against Steve. She shrugged it off and tapped out a reply.
Sure, no sweat. Just text me later so I know ur home safe :) - A
With a defeated sigh, Alex discarded her phone and decided to spend some time cleaning and reorganising the furniture in the apartment. She wasn't sure it was a good idea, but it was something to keep her busy all the same.
As the evening drew in, Alex was considerably happier with her interior decorating choices and the new layout of her furniture. Over the course of the hours that had ticked away, Alex had reorganised her furniture, done some yoga, spoken to some of the team that wasn't in DC and made herself a hearty lunch.
The overactive brunette had taken up a seat on the sofa and turned the TV back on for the late-afternoon news. What flashed across her screen sent her heart to her feet. A police chase through the streets of DC, following a battered black Chevy SUV.
"Mierda," Alex cursed harshly as she sat forward and fixed her gaze on the footage they were playing.
"Whilst the driver has not yet been positively identified, police can confirm that an African American male between the ages of forty and fifty is behind the wheel. Officers are in a showdown with the driver and by the looks of things are about to open fire on the vehicle -" the female news anchor reported over the top of the footage and Alex swallowed thickly.
Nervous, she pulled her phone out of her sports bra - where she'd put it for safekeeping whilst moving furniture - and sent a flurry of texts to Steve.
Hey, are you watching the news?
Steve, something's wrong.
Call me.
Let me know you're ok
Steve, I swear you better give me a sign ur ok or I'm walking to ur apartment and kicking ur ass
I think Nick's in trouble.
Please pick up! - A
Transfixed on the TV, Alex watched as the SUV crashed and stopped sharply. Police cars surrounded the battered vehicle, weapons drawn and raised. The film crew got as close as they could to show the public the police officers opening fire on the blacked-out vehicle, just as the news anchor had predicted.
In abject horror and morbid fascination, Alex found herself unable to look away from the screen. The windshield of the SUV was covered in spiderweb-fractures that rendered it useless. The sides and windows much the same, peppered with bullet holes. Sparks flew off the sleek black vehicle as the police continued to shoot at it.
"Nick if that is you in there, what the Hell are you playing at?"
When she thought it couldn't get any worse, the police officers stopped shooting to allow the SWAT team to move in. Between three of them, they carried a pneumatic battering ram. The kind that screws itself into the floor for stabilisation. Alex's heart was in her throat and her pulse raced in her ears as she watched on.
The first hit from the battering ram was almost enough to flip the vehicle over. Alex's stomach lurched. A moment of reprieve followed. Another sickening strike. The way the news was trying to sensationalise the story made her beyond mad. That could very well be her boss in that car and they're making him out to be the bad guy. That didn't sit right with Alex.
A third strike landed and just when they were winding up for a fourth, the window shattered from the inside out. A hail of bullets returned to the police officers from what Alex guessed was an automatic machine gun. It had to be Nick in that car. Alex was relieved to see the SUV work itself free from the police car sandwich it had been trapped in and sped off down the street.
The news crew tried to follow it as best as possible but had to switch to aerial coverage. From the helicopter, it was clear to see that the car was moving in a hurry through the early evening traffic. There was little consideration for the other drivers on the road, but that was forgivable, given the circumstances.
A glance at her phone told her Steve hadn't replied. More worryingly, he hadn't even seen the messages she'd sent and that only made her panic more. On-screen, it appeared that the Chevy bullied the other cars out of the way to cause a roadblock for the police vehicles that were tailing him. When it became clear that they wouldn't catch him on foot, the police officers got out of their vehicles and tried to shoot at Nick and the SUV.
The chase continued, the vehicles wove their way through traffic. Alex knew it was Nick when he managed to handbrake-spin the Chevy around to throw one of the police officers through a wall of glass before carrying on. It was clear that he was only trying to get out of sight of the officers, but was having no such luck. Alex decided to call Steve and at the very least, leave a voicemail.
"Hi, this is Steve, sorry I can't come to the phone right now, leave your message and number and I'll try to get back to you," his answering machine instructed whilst Alex's eyes never left the TV screen.
"Hi, Steve? It's Alex. Something's happening right now and I don't know if you're aware or not but I think Fury's in trouble. He's being shot at and chased through DC, it's all over the news. Please, just let me know you're okay." As she hung up the pace changed yet again. more damage and injury were inflicted as the chase continued. Alex flinched as she watched two of the police cars go hurtling into an intersection, only to get wiped out by a truck at full speed.
When things seemed to be looking up for Nick, the helicopter footage zoomed in on the street the Chevy had turned down. There was a person in the middle of the road. Mouth slightly agape, Alex watched as they raised their arm and fired something at the Chevy. Whatever it had been exploded almost immediately. A noise somewhere between a gasp and a cry ripped itself from Alex's throat as she watched the SUV flip in a cloud of black smoke and skid a couple of hundred yards before coming to a halt.
Before they could see anything else, the footage cut away to the anchors back in the studio. Alex remained in shock. Mouth dry. Mind reeling. Had she really just witnessed an assassination on live TV? The assassination of her boss no less?
Alex turned the TV off, in favour of trying to process what she'd just witnessed. Hours passed by and she still couldn't understand. It got dark outside and Alex only realised that fact after she tried to pour herself a glass of water, only to find herself fumbling around in the dark. Once she'd turned on a few lights, she felt a little less on edge, but still not great.
Eventually, when Alex was on the very precipice of losing her mind, Steve's name flashed on her phone screen. With a sigh of relief, she answered and immediately moved to the bedroom, away from the large, gaping windows.
"Y' know, normally when someone texts you half a dozen times and leaves you a voicemail, it's usually a sign that you need to answer them. What's going on?"
"It's a little complicated. There's been a change of plans, why don't you come over for that movie night, as you wanted?" Though she was relieved to hear his voice, there was something strained in the words that pushed her to believe that there was more he wanted to say, but couldn't over the phone.
"Oh - alright. Sure, when do you want me to -"
"Now, if you're not already busy. I could really do with seeing you." Now she knew something was definitely wrong. Never, in the time she'd known Steve, would he ever admit such a thing over the phone or even face to face. The discomfort that settled on the shadow-travelling twenty-year-old made her slightly nauseous.
"Sure. I'll pack a bag and be with you in five?"
"Alright. Buzz the door when you arrive," Steve instructed and hung up. Immediately, Alex pulled a duffel bag out of her wardrobe and threw in several clean t-shirts and hoodies, a leather jacket, two pairs of black ripped jeans, a pair of aviator sunglasses, a baseball cap and an extra pair of shoes. From the bathroom, she plucked her toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and a razor from the cabinet under the sink. After making sure she had her phone and phone charger, she was set.
In a whirlwind of motion, Alex rushed to the door and locked it once she was certain she had everything, she took off in a run to the bottom of the building. Once she was out in the brisk DC night air, she didn't find it hard to locate a dark enough shadow to step into. When she stepped out, she was directly in front of Steve's building. As per the super-soldiers instructions, she buzzed the door comm before waiting to be let in.
"Hey, what the Hell is going on?" the brunette questioned as they shared a brief hug and Steve led the way to his apartment door.
"My neighbour just told me I left my stereo playing," he stated in a low whisper.
"And what's so suspicious about that?"
"I didn't leave my stereo playing. I can't remember the last time I even listened to that record," Steve explained and a chilled finger ran down Alex's spine which made her shiver.
"You think it might be -"
"I don't know what to think. I just thought you'd be safer here with me than on your own."
"It's a good thing I trust your judgement." Without another word, the duo moved forward and tipped their heads towards the door. Sure enough, war-time jazz played at a moderate volume and filled the apartment. It wasn't Alex's go-to genre but any other day she would've commented on the pleasing aspects of the music.
"This way." Steve took Alex by surprise when he headed for one of the fire escapes instead. Without question, Alex followed behind him and they circled the outside of the building, on the roof. When they stopped at Steve's apartment, he eased one of the windows open as carefully as he could manage. In tandem, they climbed through the small portal and into the soldier's apartment. Alex had only been inside once when she first considered moving to DC and after seeing the space and layout he had, it finalised the decision for her.
On their way through, Steve picked up his shield and readied himself for a fight. Slowly, they peeked around the corner and both breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of a very much alive Nick Fury sat in one of the armchairs. The pair were able to relax for a moment and get to the bottom of what was happening.
"I don't remember giving you a key." Director Fury grunted in response and forced himself into an upright position.
"You really think I'd need one?"
"Man makes a fair point," Alex admitted quietly from behind Steve's shoulder before she stepped into view of the older man.
"My wife kicked me out."
"I didn't know you were married," Steve stated in a half-condolence, he remained in his original position at the corner of the wall, not wanting to move any closer.
"There are a lot of things you don't know about me."
"We know, Nick. That's the problem," the Puerto Rican brunette scoffed with a roll of her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest. Steve finally caved and stepped closer, he flicked a lamp on and revealed the extent of his injuries to the two of them. Alex had to bite the inside of her cheeks to stop herself from exclaiming too loudly. Before either of them could question him, he held up a hand and turned the lamp off again.
"I'm sorry to have to do this, but I had no place else to crash," he apologised whilst typing something on his phone. He turned the screen around and revealed his real message to the two antsy superheroes.
Ears everywhere. S.H.I.E.L.D compromised.
"Who else knows about your wife?" Steve questioned and Fury forced himself to stand up as he typed out another answer.
"Just... My friends." The three of us.
"Is that what we are? Friends?"
"That's up to you," Nick stated as he clutched at his ribs. Alex's brain was running a mile a minute with no signs of slowing down. There was so much information to process that she started to feel the onset of a headache coming through. It ebbed at the front of her skull. No one could say anything more before three bullets ripped through the wall and punctured Fury, sending him crashing to the floor.
"Mierda!" Alex cursed as she helped Steve drag him around the corner, out of sight from the window. When they'd gotten him into the kitchen, Steve went to walk away, but Fury caught him by the wrist. With a ragged breath and a wet cough, he spoke one last time.
"Don't trust... Anyone." Both of them were surprised to see him hand Steve a flash drive before going limp. Behind them, the apartment door burst open and a voice called out.
"Captain Rogers?"
"Who's that?"
"My neighbour," he assured her calmly as a blonde woman came into view, gun raised as a precaution.
"I'm Agent Thirteen of S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Service," she explained with a nervous glance at Alex.
"Kate?" Steve seemed confused and rightly so.
"I was assigned to protect you," the scrub-donning woman stated simply as she holstered her weapon and entered the kitchen. Alex noticed how she blanched at the sight of Fury on the floor.
"On who's orders?" Steve demanded.
"His." She pulled a walkie talkie out of her waistband and knelt next to Fury. Felt for his pulse with a neatly manicured hand before calling out for EMTs over the radio.
"Do we have a twenty on the shooter?" a voice replied and Steve readjusted the strap of his shield around his forearm.
"Tell them I'm in pursuit." Alex didn't have time to tell him how suicidal that was, because he was already gone when she looked up from Fury's unconscious body.
"He's gonna make it, right?" the younger woman questioned as she joined Agent Thirteen on the floor, wanting to help.
"All we can do is hope. Help me out, would you?" Without further question, Alex followed her instructions to the letter to keep Fury stabilised.
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