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imanuglywombat · 2 hours ago
Die Besessenheit: 20. Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day
Tumblr media
Die Besessenheit Masterlist
Summary: You have slowly worked your way through the writer’s ranks at the New York Times, finally securing your dream spot in the business section as an investigative journalist. However, turning down your boss’ advances lands you writing the article from hell: a PR-fix for the Avengers. Since the destruction of Thanos, the world has idolised the Avengers. They can do no wrong. You see through the facade and their ego. Forced to stay at the new facilities, you must live the Avenger’s lifestyle and document the life of an international superhero. You catch the eye of Steve Rogers, Captain America.
Pairings: Dark!Steve Rogers/Reader
Warnings: Dark!Steve Rogers, non-con, slow burn, love bombing, coercive control, stalking, non-consensual voyeurism, obsessive Steve Rogers, psychological focus, emotional manipulation, creepy Steve Rogers, somnophilia. No under 18s.
Notes: This is a collaborative project with the beautiful @sophiria . Please heed the warnings and tags, these will be updated as the story progresses. If you wish to be tagged please let us know!🖤 Please feel free to comment and reblog! We’d love to hear your thoughts 🖤
Chapter Notes: It’s been 13 long months since this was updated. I’m sorry, I truly am. This has been a freaking fight to get out but we got there. Thank you so much to @caffiend-queen​ (and betaing) and @miri-est-fou​ for your support and help in bouncing ideas and talking through crazy ones. @sophiria​ and I hope you enjoy this chapter. It’s been a long time coming. The groove is back and DB Steve is living rent free and demandingly in my head once more. Thank you 🖤
Bonus Notes: Enjoy the Easter Egg 😈
                       20. Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day
Over the crest of the somber hill, a sliver of pale yellow broke the skyline, slowly drifting into pink, orange, before dissolving into cool, dark blues and black.
The air was frigid and your silk dress did little to protect you from the icy breeze crawling through the old cemetery. You burrowed deep under the warmth of the jacket Bucky had lent you sometime during your escape from Brooklyn, though when he had you could not recall.
The whole night was a blur; a resounding and growing migraine, adrenaline, fear and so much uncertainty clouding your senses and judgement. You could remember Bucky pulling you from the pretentious limousine mere seconds before it burst into a fiery blaze of red, orange, and yellow hues. The heat immeasurably intense and over the panic and screams, you could just hear Steve calling your name.
From there, the brunette soldier had expertly weaved you through backstreets and parks before throwing you onto the back of a waiting motorcycle. He had said nothing, provided you no information, and had done little to calm your shaky nerves.
You did not trust Bucky. How could you?
Your confidence in him was further rattled when he had finally pulled the motorcycle to a stop in the graveyard you had not visited in months. Not since your fateful assignment to write about the new and flawed Avengers.
Despite the frigid cold, the icy dew biting at your bare toes as you kick off your ridiculous heels, you frantically kneeled before the gravestone, hands pulling the growing and frosted vines. She deserved better than this; left forgotten in this cold graveyard.
Bucky watched on as you angrily brushed away the fallen leaves and dead flowers from your grandmother’s grave. His jaw clicked anxiously as you sobbed into the ground before you, his heart pulling slightly at the sight. He took seventeen grounding breaths, tamping down the dark bubble of empathy.
This was no homecoming. But soon it would be.
“Have you brought me here to rub this in my face?” Your voice was broken, detached. You slowly pulled yourself from the sodden, freezing ground and turned to stare him directly in the eye.
“I don’t want to play the games anymore, Bucky. If you’ve brought me all the way out here just to fuck…”
“No. I told you I’d get you out and I will. I have a friend meeting us here.” Charcoal eyes glimmered in the dark light of the early morning dawn, full of determination.
You were so unsure, so dubious of his intentions, and it clearly showed on your face. One tense click in his jaw as he analyzed your face before fixing his gaze on the slowly rising sun; a melancholic longing playing on his features.
“He was not always like this, doll, I swear. The serum changed him, not just physically but emotionally too. It only heightened his need to protect…”
“Control, Bucky. You can’t use the serum as an excuse for his crimes, for his behaviour. Deep down in his makings, there is something fundamentally wrong with him, and I don’t believe for a second that you didn’t know. You and Sam…”
His hands gripped your biceps forcefully as he pulled you towards him. “Sam didn’t know. I didn’t know until I stayed with you and I saw the way he behaved around you.” A rush ran through his veins as you trembled under his touch. Soon. “We will get you out of here soon, but we have to wait.”
You tore away from his touch, the cool vibranium vibrating against your skin in your haste. “Don’t you get it, Buck? I will never escape him. He is Captain fucking America and I am the journalist nobody trusts because I dared to speak out against an organisation that can do no wrong in most people’s eyes. Who is going to believe me?”
Bucky was disappointed, though he could not show it. He had hoped you would put up more of a fight; begged and pleaded for him to take you further away. The fear, the desperation were a drug. Fuel for the furnace deep inside his wretched and rusted soul. It would have made the inevitable fall all the more delicious. But alas, your fight had slowly been drained.
No, there was still time to enjoy this.
His hands cupped your cheeks, his eyes probing yours as he pulled you further into his hold. “I do believe you. People will too. We just need to let them see the real Steve Rogers. The Steve Rogers your grandmother knew.”
Your lip wobbled as you fought the temptation to melt into him. “He will never let me go…”
“Would Genevieve be proud of you for rolling over and just taking whatever he gives you? Of course not!” He snapped vehemently, his grip on your face unforgiving. “She’d want to fight back and get the hell out, no matter what came your way. Don’t let him win.”
And there it was, the flicker of fight in your eyes. Nine steps you drew back from him; counting each one, his eyes darkened.
“I need you to trust me.”
You stopped before her grave, your mind circling as you hugged the jacket around yourself tighter. “I will never trust you, Bucky Barnes…”
“I’m the only hope you have for getting out of here, getting away from him,” he snapped, suddenly behind you, his hands wrapping around your chest and pulling you against him.
A wicked pull of his lips. Benign. You would never be free of Steve Rogers, Bucky would make sure of that. His Captain would never pull him from this mission. He’d been saved after nearly destroying everything, and thus had a duty.
In the warmth of his arms, you were conflicted. Could you dare trust in Bucky? He was right, your grandmother would be horrified to hear you were giving up and letting Steve win. You should fight, flee, die trying to escape instead of living a life in the capture of your husband…
You’re so lost in your thoughts you do not hear the heavy crunch of leaves underfoot. Bucky smirked, lowering his arms from around your chest and stepping backwards.
Your blood ran cold.
“Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak.”
Frozen to the ground, you dared not move. You couldn’t.
“Furnace. Benign. Homecoming. One.” Angry, hot tears pricked at your eyes before running down your face, unbearably cold in the cold morning air.
“Freight car.”
The voice resonated through the cold space and your heart lurched immediately. You dared not move, your ears ringing with white noise as slow, heavy steps drew closer.
“Good job, soldier,” Steve praised Bucky, clapping him on the shoulder. “Thank you for keeping my wife entertained.” A rush of acrid adrenaline coursed through your veins as the blonde Captain pressed his chest against your back, pressing a heated kiss against your cheek. “Did you really think you would get away?”
The fear was paralyzing, your breath shallow and raspy as your vision blurred. “No, Steve, please, I swear I didn’t want to leave. I’m begging you, please don’t…”
The ‘shh’ crawled over your skin as his fingers slowly drew the jacket from your shoulders. “Were you ever going to tell me that Bucky was trying to help you escape? Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?” He tutted into your ear, his hands slowly curling around your neck and chin. “I found your pathetic excuse of a note on the bathroom door, sweetheart. Honestly, on the day of our wedding? I’m hurt. Luckily I managed to clean it, although it was a shame the cleaner had to die.”
A wretched, chest-aching sob ripped through you as his hot breath burnt your skin. You allowed him to manipulate you, turning you around to face him, his hands searing your neck as dark blue eyes drew over your body. A startled gasp falls from your lips as you take in the black stealth suit practically painted to his skin. You had seen photos and video footage, but up close it was far more intimidating.
“It didn’t take much effort to get the truth from Bucky.”
“Please, Steve, I don’t understand. I never asked Bucky to help me escape, I swear, I…”
He drew his fingers over your lips, silencing you as he scented your hair. “I know, sweetheart, it’s a lot to take in. When Bucky returned from the blip it became quite apparent that his Winter Soldier de-programming had been affected. However, I can protect Bucky by using his trigger words to help… keep him in line. He and I are the only ones who ever knew about this.
“Sometimes the programming fails and we have… near misses. Once I discovered your plans, I reprogrammed him and thought this would serve as a good opportunity for you to learn a lesson. Now you certainly will never try to run again, will you?”
Your heart sank and you felt ill. You had married a monster. There was no escaping. Not now. Not ever.
“No, daddy, I’m sorry…”
He was quick to cut you off, his fingers pressing against your lips. “There will be time for apologies, but now you must listen, sweetheart. I have an important job for you to do, think of it as a way to keep you occupied whilst we try for a family. A last hurrah before you settle into being a mother.”
Your skin crawled under the touch of his fingers slowly descending over your clavicle and chest. He drew his thumb over the pronounced rise in your nipple against the silk of your dress.
“As my final act as Captain America, I’ve been approached by a major publisher to write a memoir. You will help me write that book.”
A stab in the guts. The ultimate kick in the teeth. A biting twist in your stomach makes your head rush as he fists the skirt of your dress.
“You make me so happy, sweetheart,” he hums against the crook of your neck, peppering your skin with warm kisses. “But now you must be punished for yet another indiscretion.”
You couldn’t breathe as he pulled away, stepping back as his eyes gleamed darkly. The smirk that played on his lips was deadly. Your heart seized as his eyes toyed over your body.
“I’m going to give you a two minute head start and then I’m coming after you. You’d better run fast and hard if you…”
A sob racked through your chest. “Please, Steve, I don’t want…”
He tutted you, slowly closing the gap between you. “Last chance. One, two, three…”
The countdown echoed through the graveyard as you made haste, your feet sinking into the dewy, mossy grass. The thumping of your heart in your chest vibrated through your ears and whole body as you blindly ran.
You knew there was no way you could ever outrun the supersoldier. Your limbs and joints ached from the frigidly cold temperature and in the dim light of the morning sun you didn’t know your way. But, you were also acutely aware that if you did not run you would be severely punished.
You barely felt the pressure of cold air behind you before your chest connected with the dewy grass before you. His hands were rough as he forced you onto your back, his eyes gleaming darkly in victory. Pinning your arms above your head in one hand, the other casually ran over your tears.
This can’t be it. Bucky was right, Grandma would roll over in her grave if she could see you give up in defeat to this monster. There must be something more you can do. Your mind raced. Surely, there had to be a way for you to connect with Fury or Hannah…
The memoir.
Yes, that last, minuscule line defense lay within the egocentric, narcissistic memoir you must write for him. How, was unclear but you just knew within your very blood that there was light at the end of this narrow, treacherous tunnel.
You had to bide your time. Play the perfect, obedient wife. Put him on an unattainable pedestal and crawl at his feet.
Steve scrutinized your expression as you took his large hand and pressed heated kisses to his skin, silent benedictions.
“I’m sorry, Daddy,” you purred before placing his hand on your cheek, your eyes locked on his. “I shouldn’t have run. I shouldn’t have let Bucky talk me into leaving you. I was weak and naive. I don’t deserve you.”
The words were like acid on your tongue; false verse composed to lower yourself in his eyes. Now was not the time to fight your better instincts to lash out, you had to play the long game.
His eyes, dark and penetrating, carefully read your face for any crack in the facade you hold.
“Please, Daddy,” you whimper, “let me make it up to you. I can be so good for you, I promise.”
His grunt vibrates against your lips as he holds his face over yours. “Call me Captain.”
“Yes, Captain.”
“Get on your knees and beg.”
The ground was frozen beneath your knees, damp from the early morning dew and uneven. Your whole body shook as you knelt, the frigid air biting at your skin. Locking your hands behind your back, you forced yourself to draw tears. You had to convince him how truly sorry you were, not how much you loathed and despised his very being.
Steve drew his fingers over your cheeks as he watched you with interest, towering over you. Perhaps she is starting to see the light, he mused silently, a dark smirk playing on his lips.
“I’m sorry, Captain, I have let you down. I don’t have the right to ask for your forgiveness, but I can’t bear the thought of you being disappointed in me. I don’t deserve your kindness or love, but I am nothing without you.”
The blonde preened under your words, his cock hardening under the leather pants as you begged.
Startled, you yelp as he gripped your wrist and pulled you up abruptly. A hand twisting in your hair, he gripped your chin with his hand. “You have been a bad, ungrateful little wife. After everything I have done for you, you think you deserve better than me? No. Your one role in this life is to be mine and mine alone. Today, I will not forgive you, not until you have proven to me that you are worthy of my forgiveness.”
Sniffling, you obediently lay back on the cold ground before Steve lay over you, the heady scent of cedarwood lingering on his skin. This had all been planned out so well, your husband finding time to shower and change before this humiliating reunion.
Eyes locked on yours, his thumb explored your lips before you hungrily took him in your mouth.
A husky, breathy gasp fell from your lips as he ground his leather-clad leg over the silk of your dress at the juncture of your thighs. Studying you carefully, the thumb, still damp from your tongue, drew a line over your lips and cheek. He was so close you could feel his hot breath against your skin, warming your icy flesh against the frigid early morning air.
Tentatively, reading his demeanour warily, you brought your lips closer to his before pressing yours to his plump ones. Closing your eyes, you bury the nauseous bubbling in your gut, kissing him more firmly. He was quick to give in, the hand wrapped around your wrist descending to cup your face.
It was all a blur, your focus on your performance. Breathy, exaggerated moans and mewls as big hands cupped your breasts through the cool silk of your dress. Bucking your hips up into the erection straining against his skin-tight stealth suit, he growled in response. Teeth nipping your delicate, ice-cold skin, he marked you, claiming you as his own as your hands gripped his long locks.
“Please, Captain, I want to ride you. Let me show you how truly sorry I am.”
Steely blue eyes lock on you as teeth snarl in response, the blonde expertly flipping onto his back and locking you onto him.
Frantic, desperate movements, leather rubbing and silk floating filled the void as you pull your dress from your body and Steve freeing himself from the constricting suit. In a fluid motion, you kneeled up and slowly sank down onto his rock hard cock, having been commando at his request, your walls obediently stretching and quivering against him.
Victorious crystal sparks danced in his eyes as he watched you ride him vigorously. Your melodramatic cries echoed in the small, empty clearing as you worked yourself hard, putting on a show of desperation and need. A staged taste of his own medicine; love bombing the captain as he had once done you.
“You feel so good buried deep inside me.”
“I missed you so much, Captain.”
You sang a symphony, a lie-fueled song as you sank and rose on his stiff cock. You lavished him with extravagant praise; stroking and feeding his greedy ego.
“I’m nothing without you, my Captain.”
“I’m so incomplete without you.”
And he thrived and flourished under every distorted phrase. Blown pupils darkened as you could not fight the growing bubble of arousal burning in your core as his cock grazed that clandestine jewel he so expertly knew.
You fingernails painted his chest with ruby red crescents as you dug your nails in deep for stability.
“Please come in me, Captain, fuck, I want to give you a baby.” It pained you to cry such words but you had to commit to this obedient, submissive role of wife and mother.
You found yourself quickly pinned against his chest as he sat up, wrapping your legs around his slim waist before he frantically rutted against your g-spot.
Steve’s lips melded with yours as you came together in a cataclysmic burst, stars blinding you as you clenched tightly around his thick, pulsating cock. Gripping each other’s faces, you silently atoned for your sins on his tongue, tears prickling in your eyes at your betrayal.
“I love you,” he murmured in a broken, heady tone as he filled you deep with his seed, unaware of your desperate reticent prayers that you do not fall pregnant.
“I love you, Captain,” you broke apart into a thousand pieces as he pulled you tight against his chest, his cock slowly dripping inside you as you both basked in the warm light of the breaking sun.
“Let’s take you home, sweetheart,” he darkly whispered against the nape of your neck, “we’ve got a book to write.”
He slowly helped you redress, the silk of your gown damp from the dewy grass. Your body ached from your rough coupling and the icy air, but you obediently allowed him to pull you back towards the graveyard. As he marched you past your grandmother’s grave, you looked back longingly at the headstone.
One day, no matter the consequences, you would stand over her grave with fresh flowers and would raise a glass to the fall of Steve Rogers.
Bucky smirked darkly as he took in your post-coital state of dress; your dress damp and creased, your hair a mess and full of leaves. The blonde pulled you to a stop by a car, the soldier standing close by.
“There are dry clothes in the car, get dressed,” your husband said, placing a chaste kiss on your bare shoulder before making his way over to Bucky.
As you slowly let the dress fall to the ground, you could just hear their quiet conversation.
“I need you to go find Fury, Bucky, I think he’s planning something with that parasite Post. Whatever you do, do not let your guard down. I will require daily check-ins. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes sir,” Bucky said, their eyes locked intensely on one another’s.
“Don’t let me down.”
So, Fury was on to Steve. Your mind whirled as you frantically tried to come up with a plan. There had to be a way to communicate the true story… You needed evidence, but with FRIDAY being Steve’s…
“You are chilled to the bone.” You jumped as you felt warm hands run over your bare skin, pulling you from your raging thoughts. “Let’s get you dressed and go home,” Steve purred, “I’ll run us a hot bath and we can take it easy for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we can start on the book.”
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fineanddandy · 6 hours ago
Waves (III)
Summary: Thor’s on a mission to be with you and once he accomplishes, a new play is in motion...
Relationship: Nomad!Steve x black!reader x Thor
Warning: smut, graphic language, teasing, threesome action, tag team, oral (male rec), voyeurism, tension, angst, 18+
A/N: Here it is. The concluding chapter to my attempt at writing a Steve/Thor fic. Definitely didn’t know where this would take me but it was fun to write nonetheless! Hope you guys enjoyed this little series!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Animosity’s stewing between Steve and Thor. You couldn’t ignore it. When your stuff did finally arrive from the states, those two took turns showing who could carry the most boxes inside, clipping each other’s massive shoulders as they passed by. You watch in awe, fighting back a laugh as they marched to and fro. Anytime you tried to lift something too heavy, Thor would swoop in with a heroic smile and take it from your hands, asking where do you want it to go. Steve would just snort a laugh at him. He found Thor’s acts of kindness worthless now that the two of you connected. More than once. There were the few occasional late night creeps; Steve using his key to come in sleep with you or play in your wetness until you both passed out from pure bliss.
But Thor wasn’t oblivious to what was going on; the thing is you still didn’t know that there was some sort of challenge. Without a doubt something more going on than their usual back and forth banter. Especially in the way they would cut their eyes at each other. Anytime you and Steve got a little flirty or close, Thor would try to break it up with an outrageous story to distract you or find his way to physically insert himself between you guys. Oh Thor was bitter, way in his feelings about Steve getting the chance to be inside you. He was really hoping it would be him. And now you guys are constantly making eyes at each other. Steve sneaking kisses when Thor’s back is turned. Your combined hormones driving him insane sometimes he’d have to go to the beach just to breathe. Always watching, listening, calculating his next move with you. Just waiting for a moment Rogers is busy.
There were still these tiny moments with you though, mostly when Rogers would leave the room or when you two would run into each other outside in the yard. Your eyes lingered on his giant arms and voluptuous chest a lot, nibbling down on your lip like you wanted to bite him instead but you couldn’t help it. Thor’s so damn hot. Your mind couldn’t help but wander. Those tiny shorts sometimes revealing enough. Steve is enough, and the best cuddler. But there was something about Thor you couldn’t you tried to keep your distance from him. All of this already so mixed up you didn’t want to make it even more complicated by succumbing to your desire to choke on his cock. Just a little. So unaware that Thor is gunning for you he appreciates your longing looks. Just further let’s him know that he still has a door cracked open with you peeking through it. Oh he sees you alright.
When it comes to him and Steve though, they’ve been barely making it in the same house. Barely mumbling a few words here and there to one another, they mostly stuck to their rooms unless it was time to eat. They both know it’s silly, but Thor couldn’t look past his damn bruised ego. Pitting himself against Rogers in the silliest challenges just to redeem himself. Men.
“Are you done yet?” Steve strains and struggles, teeth grinding and veins protruding.
“Not even close,” Thor grunts back, adjusting in his seat to get better leverage, “give it up Rogers.”
Hands locked, biceps tight, these two dummies are arm wrestling for their lives seems like. Neither winning or losing, just stuck in the middle, fighting to be the stronger one but they’re leveling out. One having more to prove than the other. They sit, arms and hands locked, muscles red and bulging, jaws clenched and grunting, waiting for the other to give in. Sharp blue eyes glaring each other down they’re so determined to win they don’t even hear you coming in through the front door. Entering the kitchen, witnessing Steve and Thor looking like they’re about to shit themselves, tangled in a lose/lose arm wrestling match.
“What...the...shit?!” Confused but laughing, you announce yourself and those two fly away from each other, completely embarrassed that you’ve busted them dead middle of a dick measuring contest. “You guys what’s goin on?!” There you stood between the two giant dorks dangerously quiet but huffing frustrated breaths, shuffling around in opposite corners of the kitchen. Steve ruffling his hair and stroking his beard. Thor filling a glass of water and chugging it down. You standing with your arms out like what. Both of their backs turned. “SERIOUSLY!” The volume of your shout startling them both to face you, surprised to hear you get that loud.
Thor exhales a deep cleansing growl, turning to face you and Steve, who still has his back turned. “Nothing Y/N. Right Rogers?”
Standing in his traditional fed up Captain stance, hands resting on his hips, Steve shrugs his shoulders. “Yeah. Just...Thor pushing my buttons.”
“And winning.” Thor backhands quietly with an arched eyebrow and smirk but Steve doesn’t react the way Thor wants. Just shrugs again, pushing the the back door open.
“Sure okay.” He chuckles with a wave of his hand and walks out into the sunshine, barely acknowledging you standing there still insanely baffled by their actions. Turning to Thor, looking for a real ass answer, he’s already walking by you, grazing his simmering body across your backside but not saying much else as he goes to his room. Leaving you alone slightly tingling and hissing to yourself,
“What. The fuck?”
Yeah these two were becoming unbearable to be around. Over the dick measuring contest you decide to take a day off from them. With Steve busy all morning around town, and Thor most likely sleeping in like he usually does, you take it as an opportunity to lay out in the backyard to enjoy the peace and quiet. With your favorite drink, you soak in the sun in your favorite bikini, finally feeling a bit at peace. You hardly had time to yourself with these dudes living next door so this moment felt like heaven. But even with them not around, you couldn’t help but think about them. Thor, your sweet but sexy bundle of laughs you couldn’t help but fantasize about. You’re starting to notice his advances even more lately, really fuckin with you when Steve wasn’t around. The surf lessons getting a little more intimate; you can’t count how many times you’ve busted Thor with a hard on watching you come out of the water drenching, unzipping your wet suit, revealing your tits practically busting out of you bikini top. Every single time you both changed in front of one another, your eyes would linger just a little too long. Sneaking a peek of his fleshy thigh when he was putting on shorts or your side boob when pulling on a shirt. Thor knew you wanted him just as bad as he wanted you but you’re trying not to hurt Rogers’ feelings. Such a nice girl but he knew how nasty you could get. He’s heard you with Steve and now it’s his turn.
Stumbling sleepily into the kitchen, Thor goes to the sink to get a glass of water. Completely out of it, scratching at his voluptuous chest, he gulps the water down in a second with a deep sigh. Reaching back for the faucet you catches the sight of you from the window. Suddenly awake Thor rubs the sleep out of his eyes, noticing you’re looking sexy in a bikini. Obviously, he should leave you alone but it’s like you’re calling him over looking like that, knowing that he can see you. Splashing some water on his face and fixing his hair a bit Thor heads out the back door.
“Good afternoon sweetheart.” Thor calls out to you coming through the gate. Although you wanted be left alone you smile over to him looking hot in a cut off shirt and board shorts. With that charming smile you can’t help but squirm.
“Hey Thor. Just waking up?” You ask up his giant body shading you. His shirt loose and baggy flowing around his chiseled chest. His shorts riding so low on his hips angled towards your face. Just him standing over you like this has you tingling.
“Ah yeah...long night. How are you this morning?”
Thor can’t stop staring at your glistening browning tits practically falling out of your top, tiny beads of sweat prickling all across your stomach. You smelled so fuckin sweet to him, like sweet honey nectar. Thor drools, wanting to lick the sweat off your belly button.
“I’m good, vibing out. Care to join me?”
You go and make Thor a drink and his smitten eyes watch you go, smiling at your ass cheeks jiggling as you saunter inside. Oh this is so his moment. He could smell the heat coming off your midsection when you came back with his drink. Dropping it in his hand in passing. Your thigh barely grazing his stubbled cheek. It’s those little instances...
Times are always good with Thor, full of laughter and silly ass jokes that kept you giggling. Watching his abs flex and fold each time he hit a hearty laugh along with you. Thor admires the way the sun has your skin so golden, almost goddess like which is what really drew him to you in the first place. So hot and red he wanted to touch it, run his fingers along the smooth hills of your arm.
“You’re not afraid of getting burnt?” He comments when you notice him staring too long, licking his lips. You shrug, looking down at your toasting brown skin.
“Never worried about it before.”
Sitting up Thor dips his fingers in his empty glass, digging for a piece of ice. “Your skin’s so hot...come here...”
The ice cube is already melting in between his fingertips when he drops it at the top of your arm, watching several streams water drip down. It felt so good you softly moan, connecting with Thor’s dazzling eyes.
“Does that feel better?” They blink, his voice is thick and tender and you nod, nibbling at your bottom lip. Not entirely sure how you two got here, you really felt drawn to Thor, almost forgetting about Steve in the process.
“Thor...we really shouldn’t...”
But he ignores you, picking another piece of ice and dragging it across your chest, rising to the cool sensation. Your skin freckled with goosebumps.
“Yes...we really should,” smirks Thor who’s now dropping the melting ice down between your tits. Damn near trembling under his touch you curse yourself for being so weak. You can’t fuck the both of them that’s weirdly fucked up, isn’t it? Your conscious warns you that it is. Somehow you find the strength to stand away from him, gently panting and squirming before charging inside. You need to cool off.
“Thor. We can’t. I’m sorry.” You shout back at him throwing your screen door open, fanning at yourself. Suddenly you felt light headed.
“Oh like I don’t know about you and Rogers.”
You spin around with a quiet gasp, not expecting Thor to be so closely behind you backing you onto your kitchen table. “I don’t care. I have feelings for you too Y/N. I can’t help myself.” His thumb brushes your cheek so hot from the sun or from Thor’s hard on pressing up against your left thigh.
“Yeah but Steve was first.” Fuck, how juvenile did that sound. “And it’d be wrong.” You whisper jerking away from his hand but Thor guides you back by your chin.
“I know you want me, Y/N. I can fuckin smell it, how wet you are for me. Stop fighting it.” Thor takes your lips with a groan, relieved to finally taste you. Your fat tongues wrestle against one another. Quickly the room fills with you and Thor’s mewls and moans, furniture legs scraping across the floor as you both scramble to untie shorts and bikini bottoms. Panting and cursing you both reveal yourselves to each other.
“Holy fuck!” You gasp at his girthy cock.
“Oh fuck yes.” Thor moans at your dripping wet slit.
No more time to waste; seeing you wet for him has Thor carnivorous. Quickly spreading you wider on the table, he grips his cock and shoves it inside of you a groan. “Oh my god!” Thor chokes struggling to fit inside of you but you fit him like a glove. Dripping more and more the more he pumps you.
“Oh fuck Thor!” You sob, breaking your neck back. Holy shit he’s bigger than Steve. You always wondered but wow, not like this. Leaning back on your hands, Thor’s got you by the hips, taking his time to let your slippery walls adjust to him but rolling those tight hips of his effortlessly. He sucks and nibbles at your clammy chest, biting back your bikini top to kiss and lick at your nipples.
“Fuck you feel so amazing,” Thor mutters between your fleshy bouncing tits, picking up speed to really make you holler, “No way possible Rogers’ can handle this pussy.”
As a matter of fact, Rogers can and he does pretty fuckin well. Steve knew the moment he left Thor alone long enough he’d get his way. So he wasn’t exactly too surprised when he heard the two of you at your front door. Coming to see if you were hungry he could hear you the moment he pulled up in the driveway. Thor’s chorus of praises had you so weak, whimpering out “yes Thor” each time he asked you something.
“Do I make you feel good love?”
“You want this pussy to be mine?”
He only asks because he knows Steve is standing there listening to Thor getting after it for once finally and shit, you sound so fuckin heavenly. How could he not tease Rogers just a little bit? Well good for fuckin him, Steve rolls his eyes with a frustrated sigh, imagining the conversation they’ll be having about this later. Thor rubbing it in his face like he isn’t doing that already. But damn, you did sound absolutely sexy getting fucked into by Thor. So fragile and cock drunk, hearing you whimper and moan each time Thor filled you up has Steve rock hard.
“Oh my god Thor,” you sigh, “oh my god I think I’m gonna...”
“Then come on gorgeous. Cum all over me so I can wear it on me the rest of the day.”
Steve would rather not hear this part but no matter how far he’d run, he wouldn’t be able to escape the sound of you squirting all over Thor with happy squeals and moans. Then Thor pulling out of your fluttering walls to paint your torso with his load panting and laughing with joy. Good, he’s glad he got it out of the way. Maybe now the worst part is over. But the way Thor looked down at you all sweet and lovingly, tits covered with his hot cum, this is just the beginning of craziness to come.
“Fuck sweetheart. That was...” Thor smiles with a deep infatuated sigh, pulling you up then going for a towel. Shit he wasn’t lying. You can’t think of the last time you came that fast and so damn hard too. Definitely not with Steve. Thor cleans you up in between sweet, sensual kisses then helps you to your feet. You feel completely thrown, spinning still from your intense climax that you have to hold onto his monstrous bicep for a second.
“Uh yeah...yeah exactly.” You sigh still winded but grinning up at his pink face. “Um, I need to shower.”
Thor takes his cue with a nod. “Okay love.” He kisses you softly on your cheek before heading to the back door, stopping to look back at you with that charmer. “Um...see you later.”
Once the door slams closed behind him, you smack your palm against your forehead. What just happened really hits you. Fuck. Steve...
God wasn’t Rogers about to be pissed off with him! Thor nearly bounces in the door with a proud smile, damn near vibrating with joy. He felt amazing. His dick felt amazing. You’re so perfect Thor could fuck you all day. The image of you cumming all over him etched into his brain for eternity.
“You real proud of yourself aren’t you?” Steve seethes from behind him as he comes into the kitchen from his room.
“Yeah.” Thor heaves a big happy sigh. “You heard her mate. She had a ball.” Steve wishes he could forget. His cock has been throbbing so hard since, raising questions Steve didn’t want to even think about. He figured he was in the clear, that Thor was just chasing after you for a thrill. Not that he would be actually falling for you too.
“This isn’t fun anymore Thor...I’m falling for her.” Steve pleads at Thor’s back.
“Well I’m falling for her too. So what are we gonna do about this?” Thor shrugs facing a frustrated Steve.
“Just back off.”
Thor scoffs a laugh at Rogers’ threat with a careless wave of his big hand. “Nah that’s not happening mate. You’re not the only one connecting with her. And what just happened in there, that was fuckin magical. She fit me perfectly, the little minx. I want my shot at her too Rogers.”
Huffing an annoyed sigh, Steve rolls his eyes and mumbles, “you just had a shot at her.”
“Pffft, you know what I mean Rogers. This is far from over. Now, if you excuse me, my dick’s getting hard just thinking about her moans. So I’m gonna...” Thor points and turns away with an amused smirk to leave Steve pissed about this growing shit show between the three of you. Something needed to be done before it either mutated into this sick relationship or tore everyone apart. A very, very uncomfortable conversation’s going to have to be had and soon.
After a soothing shower and nap, you anxiously pace your bedroom, wondering how you’re going to tell Steve what happened between you and Thor. It’s not like you regret it, but this is getting weird right? You didn’t intend for the both of them to like you...and in a way, yeah, you kinda liked them both back. Both had their redeeming qualities, both offering two different sides of the coin’d be wrong to have them both...right? You weren’t too sure anymore, almost envisioning a silly world where all three of you existed peacefully. Like before you fucked them both. That could be possible...right?!
Steve’s wondering why you haven’t appeared at his front door yet. With Thor gone for the night, out with his surfer buds, Steve’s really dying for some time alone with you. He thought you two could talk about what happened earlier, that you two were close enough for that but the longer he waited for you to come over, the more he started to question his feelings. Maybe you did want Thor more now. Maybe you were over there trying to find the words to say to end it all with him.
Steve’s driven himself down an anxiety hole by the time you knock on the door. As soon as Steve swings the door open, you throw yourself onto his sturdy body, flinging your arms around his neck. Grinning to himself, he sighs a chuckle and firmly wraps his arms around your waist. You’re feeling guilty. Steve thought that was sweet. It means you did like him more than Thor and that warmed his heart.
As you release him, you both say, “We gotta talk,” looking into each other’s eyes. Steve nods taking you to his room by your nervous hand. Steve’s plan is to tell you about his feelings before you spill the beans about Thor fuckin you, mixing you all up. You had different plans though, opening your mouth as soon as you stood by Steve’s bed.
“Steve I did something stupid.” But he cuts you off with a thought stopping kiss. Holding you by the small of your back, Steve kisses you all slow, alternating between sucking your plush top and bottom lip. The tip of his tongue playing with yours, his full lips lock with yours, leaving you absolutely stuck.
“I missed you.” Steve mumbles breathlessly against your gasping mouth, nuzzling his nose against yours. “I feel like I haven’t kissed you in days baby.”
Fluttering your eyes closed with a sigh, you steal a kiss from his pink lips with a smitten grin.
“Steve...” you steal another peck, completely forgetting the idea that you were about to tell him about Thor. “You’re so sweet.” You go back in for more of Captain America’s sweet mouth. Steve’s such a good kisser you could get lost in his mouth for hours.
“Mmm babe,” he muffles into your wet lips trying to break away, “I wanna show you something. Sit down.”
Steve sits you down on his bed before turning for his sketch books sitting on his desk. Shuffling through a few of them he finally finds the one that holds some sketches of you. Sometimes when you fell asleep, Steve would sketch you or sometimes, going based off images he kept in his mental. Like the way you looked at the horizon. Or how you looked up at him after he made you cum. Sitting beside you he handed over the navy blue notebook to you with a shy smile.
“What is it?” You ask in a small modest voice as you flip through the pages, stumbling upon the few pages dedicated to you. The charcoal sketches a little rough but so beautiful. “Oh my god Steve...” you sigh in awe, brushing your fingertips over the pages.
“You’re so beautiful when you’re sleeping...” he softly nudges your side with a gentle laugh, so happy to see that beautiful smile on your face.
“You’re really talented babe. These are amazing.”
And it’s true. You knew he sketched here and there but there’s a true talent in those superhero hands. You do have first hand experience in the matter. Steve blushes at your compliment, wrapping an arm over your shoulders.
“It’s easy when I have such a gorgeous muse to look at all the time.” He muses pulling you into a hug, nuzzling his beard into your hair. “A muse I’m starting to fall for...” Steve mumbles into your scalp, kissing you where he confessed his feelings. What was supposed to make you happy made you ache a little. What happened with Thor this morning all of a sudden rushing back to you. You fist his shirt, ignoring the sharp pain in the pit of your stomach. You gotta tell him or it’s gonna eat you up.
“Steve...but I...I fucked up.” You whine closing the sketchbook, sitting it next to you. “I...”
Steve didn’t want you to say it. You didn’t have to because it didn’t matter right now. You’re with him, not Thor. You guys can worry about all that later. Right now Steve wanted you all to himself before Thor came back home to brag some more.
“Ssshhh...” Steve shakes his head holding you closer, his hair blanketing your tearing eyes, “just shutup and kiss me like you missed me.”
Pouncing Steve with a longing kiss, you follow your orders because mostly, you want to ignore the gnawing ache in your stomach that’s growing the longer you keep your secret. Maybe he could fuck the guilt out of you. At least, that’s what you’re hoping for the more you two hungrily kiss each other while pulling at each other’s shirts. Steve just felt so different, sensual and rough. Always kissing you like it’s all ever he’s ever wanted for years. Like he could taste you til the end of his days. His passionate hold lighting a fire deep inside of you.
“Fuck Steve...” you gasp rocking your hips over his dick bulging against the zipper of his jeans. “Fuck I want you so bad.”
Moaning and grinding his hips into your hot crotch, Steve reaches down to undo your pants then his. “Then take me baby. I’m all yours...fuckin take me.”
Scurrying, yanking and pulling at each other’s clothes Steve get you out of your pants as you tug his hot dick out, spitting on it before you drop your palpitating hole all around his pre cum dripping head. Two of you crying out as you take each inch until you’re feeling him deep. Right where that aching guilt sat. As if he knew, Steve slams the first stroke right there, replacing it with a different kind of ache.
“Oh god yes,” you sigh out on the next deep impact, “fuck me harder baby.”
Steve’s slipping already since he’s been throbbing for you since he heard you with Thor. Sounding all sweet and sensitive for him now had him ready to cum all in you but he has to keep going. Gripping your tits together, Steve huffs as he works his hips into you, trying to fill your every need. Not that he wanted to be better than Thor. It’s just that he wanted to be different...fuck you like he knew you wanted him to. That’s all he can give you and by the way you drown his dick, it’s more than enough.
“Oh fuck yes Steve.” You moan bouncing up and down on his lap, every cell in your body electric.
Hours ago, you were just moaning Thor’s name and now that you’re all alone with Rogers again, he’s the one you’re going crazy over. Swaying by the bedroom door, Thor’s drunk, covering his snickers with both hands. Absolutely giddy that he came home to the two of you fucking. God maybe it was all the beers but he definitely wanted in on this. Might as well since they’ve both been inside of you. Your moans and sighs are so fuckin angelic Thor couldn’t sit and listen another second.
“I’m up next Rogers.” Drunk Thor enters, damn near scaring you off Steve if he wasn’t holding you down by your hips. Steve doesn’t miss a beat, as if he knew Thor had been standing there the whole time.
He rolls his eyes and grips your hips, “get the fuck out Thor,” as he keeps pumping you staring at Thor like what the fuck.
“Oh don’t look at me like that sweetheart. He already knows we fucked this morning. And that it was the best time of your life.” With a sloppy drunk grin, Drunk Thor plops down in Steve’s desk chair for a front row seat to the show. “Now he’s trying to prove a stupid point, but you don’t have to Rogers. I’ve been thinking...we can just share her.”
Steve could feel how incredibly wet you got at Thor’s offer. You couldn’t be serious. Thor barks a laugh.
“Seems like Y/N is okay with it. She damn near came at the idea...didn’t you love?”
Looking down at Steve, you didn’t want to admit it but unknowingly you nod at Thor’s question, still rocking up and down on Steve’s softening dick. The two of you can’t be serious.
“Don’t you think we’d have a lot of fun together love?” Thor purrs, resting his elbow on his knees, loving the way Rogers’ freaking out under you right now. Nodding again you whimper at the thought of getting passed around between the two of them all day. A shudder travels across your shoulders as your walls pour again. Steve can’t help but get stiff in your wetness but he didn’t want it like this. You getting off to the idea of the three of you fucking like it’s normal.
“Oh get out of your head Rogers and fuck her so I can fuck her next.” Thor snaps, throwing his back into the chair. “Either’re gonna have to accept this...”
So tired of hearing Thor’s voice, Steve starts to pound into you, grunting each time the tip of his dick reached deep inside. Fuck, now you’re gushing and Steve is really about to lose it.
“Squeeze his dick.” Thor instructs softly from the corner of the bed and the moment you do, Steve slams his hips hard, stilling out into your trembling hips.
“Oh fuck.” Steve grunts behind grinding teeth, cumming so hard inside you. Thor’s already up and naked behind you, pulling you up off Steve still spurting his load. Motioning for Rogers to move, Thor shoves your face down into the bed.
“My turn love.” Kneeing your legs further apart, Thor arches you down, holding you exactly how he wants you. All spread and exposed. Lubing his big ass dick with you and Rogers’ fluids still oozing out of you. Your head’s spinning beneath Thor’s giant heavy hand, his fingers locked into your roots. Slipping right inside of you since you’re already a mess from Rogers. Thor feels like he’s ripping you open in this position, bouncing your perfect ass off his pelvis. Holding on to do dear life, you shrill and yell obscenities, taking Thor like a pro. No matter how much it hurt, you spurt all around him. Making the bed wet underneath you. Thor chokes on his moans, fascinated at how your pussy takes him.
“See. This is perfect already. Everyone’s satisfied.” Thor grunts, pressing your back lower so he can dig deeper into your weeping pussy. Steve’s watching from his door, cock swelling up again, amazed at how Thor’s fucking the shit of you. Your legs violently shaking into the mattress, muffled howling fills the room. You think you’re cumming; you can’t tell every cell of your body is warm and vibrating. Drooling and panting, you squirt down Thor’s dick that’s tearing into you faster now.
“Fuck that’s beautiful.” Thor huffs, grazing his fingers down his shaft to collect some of your cum on his prints to taste. Humming to himself once his fingers are on his tongue. “Mm that’s addictive. I get it now Rogers.” Thor slaps his damp hand against your ass cheek, making you yelp and shudder under him. Steve dying to get back in on this, thrilled to see you so small and pitiful. He might as well and stop being so close minded. Thor’s right, it could be a lot of fun. At least it seems like that so far. Might as well find out.
“Let her up Thor.” Steve demands stroking his dick, beating his stare into your pleading eyes sitting up on your hands. “Suck my dick baby.” He snaps shoving his fat dick in your face.
Thor roars a grumbly laugh. “There you go Rogers. There you go mate. Let’s fill her up.”
A pathetic whimper falls from your parting lips ready to take Steve as Thor still worked your swollen slit. Steve exasperates a sigh of relief as his shaft glides over your tastebuds, falling down into your throat with ease.
“Goddamn she swallowed me whole,” Steve marvels with an infatuated grin, holding his dick in your tight throat. “Holy shit baby suck my dick.” He palms the back of your head guiding you deeper down his shaft. The tip of your tongue grazing his balls to really tease him. The vibrations of your groans humming around his girth really has him shaking.
“Fuck you can’t tell me this wasn’t a good idea Rogers.” Thor shakes with a breathless sigh, buckling a bit, terribly turned on by the sight of you taking them both with no complaints. Ready to fuck his load into you as he cums so hard you look so good between them.
“Ugh fuck...shutup Thor.” Trying to focus Steve’s practically fucking your face, about to lose it all down your throat moaning like a madman. How were you not gagging amazed Steve; that excited him so that before he realized it he was hissing, spurting down your esophagus. Holding on to your head, emptying out, until he got ahold of himself.
“Christ.” He sighs collapsing down, caressing your cheek, watching your eyes roll in the back of your head to Thor stretching you out. “I didn’t know you could do that baby.” Steve dips his thumb into your open mouth. Thor really pounding you and gripping your ass, getting ready to finish up with growing moans.
Resting your head between Steve’s thighs, you clamp your walls around Thor’s throbbing dick. “Oh fuck! Oh Thor!” You shout out with a elongated whine. Growling like a wild animal, Thor pulls himself out and shoots his load all down your back before jumping back in to pump you a few more times, then pulls out to cum some more on your ass.
“Wow,” is all Thor could huff at that moment, obsessed with how much of a mess you look on Rogers’ bed like that. Lightheaded but tickled, he smiles to himself. Using you like this needs to happen again. Covered in his cum and exhausted but so pleased, panting and trembling between Rogers’ legs. You’re such a pretty sight to see. Taking a towel Thor cleans you up so you can rest comfortably. Curling up in Rogers’ lap, you sigh as he pets your hair, closing your eyes under his touch. Thor’s getting dressed to go back to his room. Rogers can have you tonight since he’s the one who interrupted. You guys can figure out the logistics later. Before walking out the door, Thor turns and says,
“So we’re all agreed then...”
Steve huffs a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders, still afraid to commit to this idea. It all still felt too weird but oddly, it makes sense. But he couldn’t find the words to say,
“Yes.” You moan, answering for him. How were going to pass this up? “Please.”
Steve and Thor exchange looks between you in his lap and each other, wondering if you actually heard them or just talking in your sleep. Even if Steve felt a little weird about it, he’s overruled and better get on board.
“Think we’ve got our answer Rogers.” Thor snorts a chuckle walking out the door, leaving the two of you alone for the evening.
Steve repositions you so he can lay beside you, draping an arm over your hips. Cuddling close into the nape of your neck.
“Baby...are you sure...” his lips dance against your skin as he whispers the words but you shush him,
“Just go with it Steve. Sometimes, that’s just the wave...”
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yuulina-vre · 9 hours ago
Gifting you a new life
Pairing: Steve x Bucky, Reader insert
Warnings: none
Word count: 3550 words
Part: seven
Summary: Y/N gets unwanted letters but still manages to send bucky and Steve on a date
A few days later Y/N walks into the teacher’s lounge of the school. She feels tired and stressed, not because of the nearing summer break, no, she wishes it was that. Instead, she got a letter each day. Each letter is almost the same, each has the same crooking handwriting, the same promises, and threats. Brock Rumlow just won’t let her be and Y/N has still not gotten over it. The fear of him getting to her sist deep and still…She hasn’t told Steve.
Everyone has noticed that he’s happier than usual, that he’s texting someone in between breaks or when he thinks no one’s looking. Some students even couldn’t concentrate on class anymore and started bugging her until she gave in and told them that Mr. Rogers might have met someone special to him. Probably a small lie since nothing happened except that both men switched numbers and haven’t stopped texting each other. At least it’s an improvement. The girls had cheered and even some boys had clapped after hearing it from her. Then the questions came up if it’s a woman or a man. The whole school could imagine Steve to have both and Y/N had laughed at it. If they only knew. Her answer, though, was that they have to ask Steve himself.
Now she flops down on her chair, letting her bag fall to the floor, watching the other teacher chat. Steve actually gets cornered by some of them and gets pumped for details which makes the man blush really hard. He looks around, seeking any place to help him get away or someone to help him out of here. Y/N smiles at that, placing her books out of her bag and on the desk to go over her exam once again before she prints it for later to hand out. It’s only three days now until summer break, her last exam is in a few minutes and after that, she just decides that the students can work on what they want in her class. Maybe she lets them watch a movie or something. A hand taps on her shoulder and she looks up to be greeted by one of the math teachers. “Y/N you got some mail again. I wonder who’s writing you the whole time. Someone special?” She winks at her and Y/N smiles an uncomfortable smile. She takes the envelope and stares at it, waiting until the other woman left to talk to Steve, too. She turns the envelope in her hands a few times, debating if she should open it or just throw it away. The same handwriting burns into her eyes again and a wave of nausea overcomes her. She would live easier if she won’t open it, she knows that. With a sigh she rips it open, reading it over while getting angrier and angrier with each word. And helpless at the same time.
She just wants this to end. She crumples the letter into a small ball, throws it on her desk, and glares at it. She is still so angry that she pushes her book off the table in blind rage before she slumps down, head on her arms and tears starting to leak. She notices that the whole room got silent and that everybody is probably staring at her. A hand on her back startles her a little but she doesn’t look up. She knows instantly that it’s Steve. “Y/N? Look at me, please.” His voice is directly at her ear, so he must have kneeled down beside her. Slowly she lifts her head a little to look at Steve, still crying and shaking a little. The man frowns at her before he wraps her up in his arms and lets her cry into his shoulder. His hand runs over her back, up and down to soothe her. “Talk to me.” Just three little words. He doesn’t push her into talking about the letter and he doesn’t command her, just asking her to tell him something. She always liked that about him. Understanding and never pressuring but offering. Y/N sobs again, tightens her grip, and points at the paper ball on the desk. One of Steve’s hands leaves her back and reaches for the ball. He gets the paper straightened somehow and reads it over, his rubbing hand getting sloppier by each passing second until he places the paper down with a calmness that should make Y/N afraid. He’s not stiff but straight, not angry but mad. He’s holding back and she knows it. “He’s back?” All she can do is nodding, not trusting her voice as the tears still flow. “How long do you know? How many did you get?” Steve cups her face gently in his hand to prevent her from looking away. Y/N sniffs and swallows before she leans back a little, “Got one each day since last week.”
“Y/N.” Steve sighs but leans in to kiss her head. Then he pulls out his phone and dials a number. “Pepper? Send Tony into the staffroom, please. I know but it’s urgent. No, we can come up, too. Yes. Yes. Okay.” He puts the phone back down and slowly stands up. He picks up the letter and lifts Y/N on her feet. “Come on, doll.” Y/N sniffs again and grips Steve’s hand tightly. “Don’t be mad, please.”
“I’m not mad. At least not at you.” Steve holds her tightly at his side, ignoring the students they pass. Y/N ignores them too but still holds her head down, hoping no one really catches on to how she looks right now. She doesn’t need to be the schools' primary gossip topic right now. They walk through the halls quickly climbing the few stairs until they reach Pepper’s office. The redhead comes over instantly, wraps Y/N up in her arms causing her to start crying again, this time silently though. Through her tears, she can see Steve’s pained look as he watches her. “Y/N, dear god. Come here.” She guides Y/N inside of Tony’s office and sits her down on the couch in the corner. She passes her a glass of hot tea and sits down beside her, one arm slung around her shoulders. She starts quietly murmuring to her while Steve walks up to Tony’s desk. The director’s still on phone, mouthing something about a minute but abruptly interrupts the one on the other end of the phone. “I know. Listen, I have to hang up but we’re talking about that later.” Without an answer, he hangs up. His brown eyes wander to Y/N and she quickly sends her eyes back to the carpeted floor while Steve angrily throws the paper on his desk. “Did you know about that?” Tony eyes it with some sort of confusion. “Of what?” He takes the letter and reads it over before he runs a hand through his hair. “Yeah. I did know. I told Happy that no unknown people are allowed to enter the school and gave him a picture that he should memorize with Jarvis and Pietro.” He looks up at Steve and Steve notices that Tony gets angry, too. “And you didn’t think about cutting the mail off?”
“Dear god, Steven! She only told me about the first letter! After she didn’t come back with another one, I thought it had stopped with that one. I can’t control all the mail of all of you. That’s not only illegal but what do you think what the other teachers would say if I suddenly claim that any mail goes over my desk without explaining why? The restriction for entering alone is difficult enough to get done.” Steve glares a second longer but then falls down on the chair behind himself. He sighs and rubs his hand over his face too. “I know.” He looks back at Y/N who listens to Pepper’s talking and then back to Tony. “What are we going to do? He can’t show up again, Tony. Not after what he did to her.” Steve whispers a little, afraid Y/N could hear them. “I could send Y/N on vacation earlier. Give her personal days.”
“No, Tony.” Y/N’s silent voice comes over from her spot. Both men turn to her and have confused expressions. “I don’t want to stay at home because of that. Because of him. I don’t want him to make everything bad or… Or have that power over me again. And it’s only a few days longer anyway.”
“What do you want me to do then?” Y/N shakes her head and rubs her eyes. Steve suspects that they probably sting pretty badly now and that she starts sporting a headache. “Don’t give them to me, throw them away, burn them, I don’t care.” Steve looks over at Tony. He sees the same expression on his face that he suspects is on his. They’re both not really happy with Y/N’s decision. Steve shrugs as Tony looks at him. “Okay. But I want you to go home now.”
“What?” Y/N almost stands up but Steve walks over to her and pushes her carefully back down. “Y/N. The students saw you cry. They probably have a lot of questions and it is clear to see that you’re not good. Go home, rest. I put our classes together, let them study for our exams, and answer some of the questions.”
“I don’t want to go home.” Steve sees that she’s a little afraid. He can’t tell if it’s because of the letter or not but he suspects that she feels like Rumlow could be behind every corner. “I can call Buck and ask him to pick you up? I mean... you know him and he’s nice. Maybe he takes you back to work. You can’t be safer than in a facility on military grounds.” Y/N shakes her head and sniffles a little. “He... he has better things to do than babysit me.”
“Yeah, but maybe, he can take you home on his break. I’ll ask him. Okay?”
“Can’t I stay here?” She looks up at Pepper. The redhead has still her arm around her shoulders but says nothing. Then she looks at Tony but he shakes his head. “I’ll call him.” Steve stands up, walks to her, and presses a small kiss to her forehead before he stands back up and dials Bucky’s number.
 * * *
 “Here we are.” Bucky parks the car in front of the house and looks over at Y/N. She looks kind of pale but better than when he picked her up. “Are you sure you’re okay? I can take you back to my work. You probably would bring in fresh air.” He tries a half smile but Y/N doesn’t even look at him. “Yeah. I’m good.” Just then does she look over and smiles at him. “Thank you for driving me.”
“No problem.” Bucky smiles again and takes the key out of the ignition, losing his seatbelt and gets out of the car. He rounds it to open Y/N’s door and helps her out before he closes it and locks the car. “What are you doing?” Bucky shrugs and motions to the door. “I don’t have much to do today anyway. I mean, it’s not like the people will know if I found out whose things I have in that box on my desk a day ago or next month.” He shrugs. “No one will miss me at work. Except for Maria probably.”
“You can’t just ditch work.”
“Already did.” Bucky flashes another smile at her and guides her to the door. She opens and steps in, Bucky follows. “You really don’t need to babysit me.” Y/N turns around and looks at Bucky. “Who says I’m babysitting? Steve said you make the best lasagna so I though you make me one, for driving you home.”
“He defiantly didn’t say that. He hates my lasagna. But okay, I make you one.” Bucky smiles at her and shrugs out of his shoes. The moment Y/N walks into the kitchen he takes his phone out to write Steve.
 << Got her home, waiting for you know. Is her lasagna really bad?
>> Thank you, Buck. 😊 No, it’s okay but not my favorite, why?
<< Might have told her you said it’s the best and she should make me one.
>> Ok. Don’t worry. Her cooking is better than mine.
<< So, I won’t ever eat something that you make if you say it like that. 😊
>> Better not. 😉
<< O.O
>> XD I need to go back. Take care of her, Buck.
>> :*
 For a moment Bucky stares at the last message. A kiss smiley? The never send that one before. “Bucky? Do you want something to drink? Or are you gonna chat with Steve and distract him from work?”
“W-What?” Bucky slips the phone quickly into his pocket again and steps into the kitchen. Y/N turns around and smiles at him. “I’m not dumb. I know he asked you to stay here.” Bucky’s light blush turns into a darker one, he can feel the heat in his face. He slips on the kitchen chair as Y/N giggles at him. “It’s okay Bucky. Don’t worry about it. I know Steve is a little mother hen and can’t do anything about it.” Y/N shrugs and stats stirring the minced beef in the pot. “and I know he wants to see you again as soon as possible.” Bucky raises an eyebrow, watching her for a while. It a comfortable silence. The room filles with the smell of fried beef and Bucky can practically feel his stomach grumble. After a few minutes he speaks up. “How is he?”
“Hm? Fine, I think. Probably mad at me for not telling him about the letters but-
“I didn’t mean how he is, I meant… How is he… in general.” Bucky blushes a little as Y/N turns with a first surprised look than gives him a knowing smirk. “Oh, that kind you mean. Steve’s really nice and sweet guy. A really good artist, kindhearted. Huge mother hen and annoyingly chipper in the morning.” Bucky watches as Y/N crosses her arms, still smirking. “Why? Trying to ask him out?”
“Wha- I-” Bucky feels his blush deepen immensely and starts nervously wringing his hands. “I mean… I really like him, but…”
“But?” Sighing Bucky lets his head hang. “I… Steve’s like… like a job right now. He’s someone I have to ask about his family to find out if this picture belongs to him or not and if I would start… asking him out it kinda…”
“I would be against the rules.” Y/n concludes and Bucky nods. “It would feel wrong. But the moment I give him the picture and it turns out that it really belongs to him there’s no reason for me-“
“Bucky! Let me tell you something.” Y/N pushes herself from the counter and walks up to him, sitting down on the chair right in front of him. “Steve adores you and I don’t think that that would vanish magically after you gave him the photo. He likes you.”
“You think so?” A pling of Bucky’s phone distracts him for a millisecond but his eyes fly back to Y/N who smirks. “Would he write you every free second he has if he wouldn’t like you?”
“p-probably not.”
“See.” She smirks and pats his arm. “So, when are you planning on giving him the picture?”
“I don’t know. Today’s probably not so good.”
“Don’t mind me. I’ll probably head to bed early to let the day pass. You should take him somewhere nice and give it to him.” Bucky looks at her a little surprised. Y/N has morphed suddenly. One minute she was sad and on the verge of tears and now she’s encouraging him to take Steve on a… a date and give him the photo.
“Do you want to hear some funny stories about him?” Y/N smirks and walks back to the stove to stir the noodles around before getting the ovenproof dish. He has the feeling he should say no but he’s actually pretty curious about Steve. And it seems that it’s a good distraction for Y/N. “Of course.” He smiles and watches as Y/N’s eyes widen with delight. “Perfect. I like to embarrass him before it gets serious. Go sit on the couch, I’ll just finish this and shove it in the stove.” Bucky watches her for a moment with slight amusement before he stands up and walks into the living room. Instead of sitting down, he walks along the wall, looking at all the pictures. Some are of Y/N and probably her family, some of Steve and his parents, and some of both of them together. They look happy on all of them. At one or two he has the feeling Y/N looks sadder than on the others but she’s still smiling. He stops at a picture with Y/N and Steve on it. It doesn’t look that old, at least not in his eyes. Steve gives Y/N a piggyback ride and she seems truly happy. Steve smirks at her over his shoulder while she ruffles through his hair. “That was his birthday.” Bucky turns around to see Y/N standing behind him. “He hates celebrating it. He says it never feels like it’s about him, but that day I forced him. I made the whole day all about him and he went all shy on me, but he liked it.”
“Why does he feel it’s not about him?” Bucky looks at the picture again. “His birthday is the 4th of July. I think everybody would feel like that on this day.” Bucky raises his eyebrows and looks back at Y/N. She smiles at him and grabs his metal arm, careful not to pull too hard. “Come on. I have my photo album somewhere with all the embarrassing pictures we need.” The smirk is back and causes Bucky to bark out a laugh.
Y/N tells him about all sorts of stories, from Steve’s childhood to their college days, while they eat. Bucky laughs tears and has to admit he really likes what he hears of Steve. Even if he’s a punk. At some point, they talk about Bucky then. He tells her about his parent, his life, the war. He pulls out the tags while he talks, rubbing his thumb over the metal, almost absentmindedly before he shoves them back in his pocket. Then he quickly changes the topic to Magnolia. He tells her about the white little fluff ball that he found under his magnolia tree in the garden and which came back each day to sleep there at night. “I took her in at one point and since then she stays with me. She’s more out than inside but she always comes back.” Bucky smiles softly and looks at Y/N. “She sounds really cute. I would like to meet her.” Bucky laughs and pats her knee. “I’m pretty sure she would like you.”
“I’m home!”
“Hey, Stevie! Welcome back.” Y/N shouts and leans a little over the backrest to look at Steve who comes in. “Hey, Buck.”
“Hi.” Bucky smiles shyly. Steve sits down but pales. “No, Y/N. Tell me you didn’t.”
“What?” Y/N looks innocently at him. Bucky is confused looking between both of them. “Tell me you didn’t show him that.” He glares at the photo album on the table next to the dirty dishes. “Aw, Stevie. You know I’m a sucker for embarrassing you.” Y/N smirks and Bucky can’t other than laugh at Steve’s expression. “Don’t worry. I still like you.” Bucky looks him deep in the eyes and Steve relax at least a little, blushing lightly. “One day I burn that thing.”
“I still have all the photos. I double saved them in case you actually get rid of it.” Y/N laughs and winks, then she gets up to clean the dishes away. Bucky watches as Steve glares at Y/N until he looks at him. “Thank you, Buck. She looks better.”
“No problem. Didn’t even do anything.”
“No. You did all the right things.” They smile at each other, none of them saying something, losing themselves in the moment. “So, are you going out then?” Y/N pops up beside them and gives them a scare. “W-what?” They both stammer and Bucky feels slightly embarrassed. Y/N only laughs and slaps their shoulders. “You go out now then.”
“Y/N, hold on. You can’t just plan a-” Steve stops to look at the brunette before he continues. “You can’t plan a date for us just like that.”
“Too bad I already did.” Bucky blushes deeper and avoids Steve’s eyes as he looks at him with a gaping mouth. He feels his ears getting warm and face terribly hot, but Steve doesn’t look any better. “Here. Have fun.” Y/N kisses Steve’s cheek, quickly says her goodbye, and vanishes upstairs, leaving Steve and Bucky alone in the living room in awkward silence. “W-what did she give you?” Bucky stammers, still feeling pretty dumb. Steve looks down at his hands. “Tickets for the observatory.” He blushes more before he looks at Bucky. “Do you want to go with me?” Bucky feels himself getting hotter again but he smiles at Steve and nods. “I’d love to.”
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February, 2017
Warning(s): Pregnancy(?), mention of dizzy spells and morning sickness.
I hope the description isn't too far off from how pregnancies really are. If it is, do let me know, so I might fix it! Please, please share your opinion on the fic! Your reviews mean a lot to me :)
Dearest Steve,
Sweetheart, how are you? How is Bucky? Are you both doing well? I haven’t heard about you in almost two months now. I suppose that is a good news, because you are on the run, but I can’t help but worry, my love.
Our child is a troublemaker, Steve. He won’t stop troubling his poor mama. I keep having dizzy spells. And the morning sickness won’t fade away. At almost three months now, I’m starting to show slightly. And it makes me miss you even more.
You would’ve loved to cradle the bump, wouldn’t you? You would’ve spoken to it, to them, our child. Maybe they would’ve listened to you and gone easy on me. Maybe having their dada around would’ve soothed them. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be in your arms right now, Steve!
Please be careful, Stevie. For our sake and for yours. I’m afraid I’m too tired to write now. I know it will be difficult, but do let me know how you are if it is at all possible. Convincing myself that you are alright is all that is keeping me going right now, Steve.
I love you, sweetheart. I’ve attached some pictures, of the ultrasound as well as the bump.
Yours forever,
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twordytings · 21 hours ago
(Hope you're still taking requests:D)
"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”
A/N: if u guys r ever unsure if I’m taking requests, just check my bio on my blog! i am in fact taking requests at the moment though:)))
"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision, I have elected to ignore it,” you beamed with an all too wide smile.
“Excuse me?” Steve said after a surprised scoff. Did he think you were going to happily oblige to a 10pm curfew? It was like he had forgotten you were almost an adult.
“You heard me...” Okay. You may have been dragging it out a little bit. The attitude you were giving him was partly due to the fact that getting on his nerves was practically your favorite hobby at this point; he wasn’t having it. He reacted with that confused, almost flustered face that he always gave whenever he had no idea what to say. It didn’t last longer than two seconds, and his favorite hobby at the moment was tickling the shit out of you to put your teenage angst in its place.
“Do you have any idea what you just got yourself into? Huh?” he said as he grabbed you in a bear hug, squishing and squeezing at your belly. It happened so fast that you couldn’t help but melt to the floor, which only gave Steve the upper hand.
“HAHHAAHAH! NOHOHOHOHO STEHEHEHEH-” you screeched, flailing your limbs in every direction possible; you were surprised you hadn’t dislocated anything.
“Where’d all those snarky comments go y/n? Does it tickle too much to talk?” he pried. There was still no way in hell you were coming home at 10, but that was obviously a different conversation for a different time.
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alloftheimaginesblog · 23 hours ago
Life Without Colour (PART FIVE)
Tumblr media
Soulmate AU: Your vision is in black and white until you meet your soulmate. You and your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, aren’t each others soulmates but you love each other. He introduces you to his friends, the Avengers, and a very odd thing happens.
Characters: Steve Rogers x Plus Size Female Reader, Bucky Barnes x Plus Size Female Reader
Note: ignore that i don’t even question bucky being able to get through security at the airport, i couldn’t think of how he would be able to get through the airport security bc of his metal arm so i’ve skipped that detail completely. i hope it doesn’t detract from the story! 
this is nearly 6000 words!
Taglist:  @domainoflostsouls​  forgetthisbull  handon-h-art  yourspecialcrush  giulsgotmusic  mrsbarnes-rogers  luosymekawa  linzeyzarcone  forgetthisbull   calamityreads  talgra   marina-darling  btsforlif  lamoursansfin  classic1985  lovesicksofi  fandomsfallnomore  thebivirgin  classygladiatorcupcake
Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. You had long since stopped trying to figure out what state you were in and where you were headed. Bucky had been driving non-stop aside from two bathroom breaks at a small gas station in the middle of nowhere. You had stopped crying a long time ago, too drained and too tired to continue. You felt horrendous. You hated this, you absolutely hated this but you had no choice in the matter. The car had been silent for the whole way aside from the quiet chatter on the radio. Bucky hadn’t wanted to speak in fear of upsetting you further. He had been driving you out of state to go to an airport that would be a little harder to find. It had been Fury’s idea, to go to an airport that Hydra wouldn’t look for straight away. It gave you a little more time to get away without being watched.
You took a break from watching the blur of trees and roads to glance at the clock on the dashboard; 13:42. You hadn’t eaten yet, barely had anything to drink either and you knew that you weren’t far away from a dehydration migraine. As if on cue, your stomach rumbled loudly. Bucky, without speaking, reached behind his car seat and produced a rucksack and dumped it on your lap with a, “Here. There’s water and some snacks in there. We’ll get a proper meal when we’re at the airport.”
You dug through the bag, producing two bottles of water. You opened one and offered it to Bucky, he accepted with a nod, draining half before handing it back to you. You offered him a muffin but he shook his head. You dropped the bag to between your feet and began to have your water and muffin. It helped curb the hunger, at least for a while, and you felt a lot better once you had something in your stomach. After a while, you sank back into your seat with a yawn.
Bucky glanced over at you, “We’ve still got a few hours to drive, you can sleep if you want.” You looked at him and he gave you a small smile, “It’s okay. I’ll wake you up when we’re there.”
You thanked him quietly before closing your eyes. It didn’t take long before you fell asleep and your soft snores filled the car. Bucky looked at you for a couple of seconds, smiling to himself. Man, it’s gonna be a long few weeks.
Tumblr media
It only felt like you’d closed your eyes for a few minutes when Bucky was saying your name, gently shaking your shoulder. Groggily, you opened your eyes to meet his blue eyes and it almost gave you a fright seeing them. Sometimes it still surprised you to see colour and especially when Bucky was around... colour seemed to be brighter and those deeper blue eyes seemed so bright in person.
“We’re here,” he said, pulling back quickly, not wanting to upset you by being too close. Bucky was very careful of boundaries, he always had been but especially after the Winter Soldier incidents. He knew what it felt like to not want to be touched or have your personal space invaded so he was always careful to not overstep.
“You’ve got the fake passports and stuff, don’t you?” You asked him, yawning and stretching in your seat.
He nodded and told you that they’re in his bag. In order to help the process of becoming anonymous, Fury had fake IDs and fake passports made for the two of you. They’d even gone so far as to create two new backstories for the pair of you just in case anyone ever questioned the pair of you. You and Bucky got out of the car, your legs ached from having sat in the car for hours upon hours. It was dark outside now, you didn’t know the time. Bucky grabbed the bags out of the car and handed you the two passports to hold. As you walked into the airport, you flicked to it. Miss Jane Smith and Mr John Smith. Two very common and obvious fake names but you hoped that it wouldn’t be picked up.
The check in process was much easier than you anticipated, the passports passed the ID checks and soon, the two of you were through security and heading for the food outlet. Bucky had told you to keep your head down for most of the time and to avoid direct eye contact with cameras. The airport was relatively quiet which was good in the sense you didn’t have to worry about people around you noticing Bucky. Bucky led you to a small café which was quiet and the two of you sat at the back. Everything was kind of passing in a blur and it only seemed like a few seconds until Bucky was back with your food.
You began to eat in silence and it was then you realised where you were going, “Estonia?” You asked quietly, making sure to not be overhead.
Bucky nodded as he took a bite of his burger, “Managed to find a secluded house, already furnished. The owner agreed to let us stay for a discounted price as well.”
“I’ve never been,” you shrugged, taking a bite of your food, “Where are we right now?”
“Pittsburg,” he said, glancing around the café to make sure no one was taking notice of the pair of you, “Steve thought it would be a good idea to leave from an airport a few hours away from New York. Hydra and Rumlow would check New York airports first once they realise you’re out of town.”
You smiled sadly as you looked down to your food. Leave it to Steve to think of everything. Bucky told you that the flight would be leaving in an hour and it would be a long ass flight but it was okay because you were exhausted and you could absolutely sleep for a good portion of the flight anyway.  
You sighed, “When can I take this stupid disguise off? I’m so uncomfortable!”
Bucky studied you carefully, “When we’re in the safe house.”
“Do I look stupid? I feel stupid.”
“You look... different. Not bad just different,” he paused before speaking again, “I prefer you as you are though, without the wig, contacts and flashy clothes. I think you look much better when you’re being yourself.”
You didn’t know how to respond to that with anything other than a nod. It felt foreign and wrong to receive a compliment from him, even though it was a genuine, friendly compliment, it felt wrong. The two of you didn’t say much after that.
After eating, you and Bucky went to get some plane snacks. You grabbed some water and some treats, you also wandered to the book section and picked up a book. As you were walking to the books, you saw a little boy and girl pass wearing matching Captain America t-shirts. Your breath caught in your throat as you watched them pass. It seemed to hit you in that moment that this was real and this was truly happening.
“(y/n)?” Bucky asked appearing behind you.
You turned to him, “Sorry... I just can’t believe this is happening.” 
Bucky nodded before gesturing to the check out, “Let’s get this all checked out and then hopefully we’ll be able to go to our departure gate.” He didn’t really know how to help you without overstepping or potentially upsetting you. He didn’t want you to get upset in public so he thought that he could keep you distracted and that would help ease your worries. It helped, having him there to guide you and distract you from possible sad thoughts helped a lot actually.
Tumblr media
You found your airplane seats quick, the two of you were bang smack in the middle and you were both in a two seater section. Bucky let you go in first, saying that he preferred not to look out of the window when taking a flight. You sunk into it, keeping your head down and wrapping your arms around yourself to get warmer. As Bucky sat beside you, tapping his foot and his hand on the armrest impatiently, you looked at him curiously, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” Bucky said, “Just... not a big fan of flying.”
You pulled out the magazines which were in the pocket of the chair in front of you and handed him them, “I find that reading the safety procedures always helps. Also reading the magazine where you can just check out the meal deals and the perfume deals help a bit.”
Bucky took them off of you and began to flick through them. In the meantime, you closed your eyes. As the plane began to move, Bucky tensed beside you and you opened your eyes to look at him, his hands were clenched around the arms of the chair, jaw clenched too.
“Hey, show me that,” you said, sitting up straighter and pointing to the magazine. He looked at you and then handed it to you. Bucky had been helping you out by distracting you from being sad, the least you could do is distract him from being anxious. You leaned over, probably a little closer than you would’ve felt comfortable with in normal circumstances. Bucky stiffened as he smelled your perfume when you came closer. You took no notice of the closeness.
“Look at that!” You said, pointing to the menu that they were offering that night on the flight, “What would you have?” Bucky shrugged and you rolled your eyes, “C’mon. I’d have the chicken curry and the cheese and ham panini and then I would absolutely have the tiramisu afterwards. What about you?” You held it closer to him for him to study.
“Uh... I mean, I suppose the lasagne sounds nice. The breaded mushrooms too, I like those. Never had tiramisu but it sounds nice enough so I’d give that a go too.”
“No way,” you said shaking your head, “I would order the tiramisu and you would order the chocolate and raspberry mousse and we’d share them both.”
Bucky snorted slightly, “Sure thing, whatever you want.”
You flicked through more of the pages, “Ooooh,” you said noticing the deals on the perfumes, “I love airplane and airport deals. I only ever buy my perfume from duty free, honestly. No point in buying it full price anywhere else.”
“I still find it crazy that there’s a shop on an airplane.”
You nodded, “I mean, it’s pretty weird but I’m not complaining about the deals. Some of the stuff you can buy is so bizarre though. I was on this flight once, going on holiday with my family when I was younger, and they were selling t-shirts with a picture of the airplane we were in on them saying ‘I rode in this plane and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’.”
“That sounds like it’s a total dad shirt,” Bucky laughed slightly. He looked a lot younger when he smiled. He was always so stony and serious but when he smiled or laughed, it knocked years off him. He was already a handsome man but when he smiled, he was just... wow.
You burst out laughing as he said it, “My dad did buy it and he wore it so proudly!”
Bucky laughed with you, finding his nerves easing up as he spoke to you. He hadn’t had a chance to talk to you about anything other than the fact you were soulmates so it felt rather nice to talk to you on another level. It was still prettty strange but it was nice. Steve always told him that you were easy to get along with so he wasn’t too surprised. As you continued to chat, you gasped audibly when you came to the ‘collectibles and merchandise’ page, “There it is!” 
“No way!” Bucky grinned as he looked down at the picture of the t-shirt exactly like the one you described, “Oh, god, it’s hideous.” The two of you lapsed into laughter again, talking and looking at it before Bucky happened to glance out of the window, “We’re in the air?”
You looked out, “Yeah, we took off about fifteen minutes ago actually.” Bucky breathed out an impressed laughter, “My distraction technique always works. Keep the mind occupied on something else like the ugliest t-shirts in the world.”
Bucky smiled, “Thank you and thanks to the ugliest t-shirt ever-” it was then that a man wearing the exact t-shirt you had been slating got up from the seat in front of you and shot you a dirty look as he walked past, “Oh, shit.” It was hard to keep your laughter in but somehow you both managed it.
As you calmed down, Bucky sighed, “No, really, thank you for that.”
You smiled as you handed him the magazines back and sunk back into your seat, “And now, I sleep.”
Tumblr media
When you woke up a few hours later, you found yourself to be sitting alone with no Bucky Barnes in sight. You looked up to see a flight attendant coming down the aisle, “Excuse me,” you said with a smile, “do you know where the man sitting next to me went?”
She smiled, the same warm smile that every flight attendant has, “Yes, your husband is in the queue for the toilet, he should be back in a few minutes.”
You nodded, she went to leave when you caught her again, “Sorry, can you do me a favour?”
When Bucky came back, he was pleasantly surprised to see you sitting awake, smiling at him, “Good sleep?” You nodded,  “Don’t worry, you didn’t snore... too loud.” 
Your cheeks burned as he teased you, “Shove it, Barnes,” you scoffed, “I bought us a present.”
He frowned, “A present?”
You grinned as you held up two t-shirts, the exact same one that you both said was the ugliest shirt in the world, “No way!” He laughed, clapping his gloved hands together, “Oh my god, they’re worse in person.”
You laughed as you handed him his, “You’re so welcome. I will make us wear these at some point by the way, don’t think you’re getting out of it.” You’d never seen Bucky smile so wide with pure joy radiating from him. It was nice to see; it made you feel a lot better about the situation that was happening. You and Bucky hadn’t broached the subject of being the other’s soulmates, you actually really didn’t want to have that conversation anytime soon, but it was nice to know that at least you got on a little bit.
The fact that the pair of you were laughing so soon felt wrong. It felt like you were betraying Steve for merely getting along but it was nice. You were scared of what was going to happen and Bucky had been anxious about flying so the pair of you had nothing to do but talk to each other. Sure, it wasn’t a particularly interesting conversation but it was something. It was still a little awkward and a little weird at times but you could look past that for a few minutes to just appreciate the fact that Bucky was doing this.
Soon, you were curled back into your plane seat, your own jacket draped across you, “Thanks,” you said quietly as sleep began to take over,  “for doing this for Steve. I know that it’s not ideal and I know you probably don’t want to be stuck with me for weeks. I appreciate it, Bucky.”
Bucky nodded and didn’t say anything. I’m not doing it for only Steve, I’m doing it for you too. He watched you for a moment longer before closing his own eyes and resting into his own seat.
Tumblr media
The rest of the flight went by in a blur, you slept some more, read your book and ate some food. It wasn’t long before it was time to land and Bucky could not have been more happy than in the moment the wheels of the plane landed on the runway. The airport was a relatively quiet which meant that security and getting your bags was a lot faster than anticipated.
Soon, you were waiting with Bucky in line to get a rental car. To your surprise, when it was your turn to speak to the receptionist, Bucky slid a wad of cash over the counter, “I want a car to keep and I want it off book.”
The receptionist, who was a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair, eyed Bucky with narrow eyes and Bucky stared right back at him. You glanced between the two men wondering who would give up the staring contest first. After a pregnant pause, the receptionist shrugged and dug around in the drawer next to him before pulling out a car key, “Grey sedan in Lot C, registration plate ends with RUS. It’s old and a little worse for wear but for this price, best I can do.” He glanced from left to right before sliding the keys across the table. Apparently he seemed to accept the bribe. You raised your eyebrows, looking between the man and Bucky.
Bucky thanked him with a nod before taking the keys and picked up his and one of your bags before walking away with you in tow, “Wait,” you said quietly, rushing to keep up with him, “You just bought a car?!”
Bucky nodded, “We needed a car. This one will do for a while, keeps us off of the radar for a while.”
Finding the car was easy, the hard part was trying to keep up with Bucky. He took long, quick strides that were hard to keep up with. The car was parked alone in Lot C. It was a little old, with some dents and scratches in the doors from previous bumps and accidents and some of the paint had chipped but aside from that, it seemed to be fine. Bucky loaded the bags in the trunk before getting into the driver’s seat. You settled into your seat and Bucky said that it would be a forty minute drive but could do it in half the time if the road’s were quiet. Then, you both set off.
You couldn’t stop staring out of the window, looking at every single detail of Estonia. It seemed like a dream that you’d be waking up from any second now. Your hands fidgeted with your jacket sleeves as you stared out to the vast unknown. What would become of you and your relationship, you had no idea. You didn’t know what was going to happen and you had absolutely no clue where you would be going. A wave of uneasiness crashed over you as you tried to swallow down the nausea. 
The drive seemed to simultaneously be the longest and shortest drive ever. Seconds felt like years and minutes felt like nanoseconds. You just wanted things to go back to how they were two months ago when things were easy and simple and life was without colour. You glanced over at Bucky, wishing that it had been anyone besides him that was your soulmate. Bucky was a decent enough guy from the short time you’d been with him, I mean, he was willing to take you to a safe house for god knows how long after meeting each other less than three times so obviously he was a good guy but... even if you and Bucky ended up friends, ended up falling in love... nothing could ever happen. You just couldn’t do that to Steve. 
Oh, Steve. 
You wondered what he would be doing just now. He would probably be in the gym with Sam, boxing his feelings and emotions about the whole situation out. That’s what he usually did when things were tense or when he was stressed, he would go to the gym and work out for hours. Sam would usually go with him, being his comic relief to make things less stressful for him. You had never been so thankful for Sam Wilson than in that moment of realisation. You had been so focused on what this meant for you and how this would affect you that you’d practically overlooked your boyfriend’s feelings.
Steve would be blaming your kidnapping on himself, even though it wasn’t his fault that Hydra were dickheads. He would be devastated that he’d had to send you off with your soulmate, knowing fine well that you could easily come back home in love with Bucky. It had been so hard for Steve to make that decision but it had to be done. He wished that he could’ve came with you but it was his mess to clean up and he couldn’t just let his friends do it. He wasn’t that selfish even though he wished he could have been. Steve would rely on Sam pretty heavily over the coming weeks. Sam had been such a good friend to Steve in the few years they’d known each other. Sam understood Steve, they shared the same values and same morals and that was something you liked about Sam. Sam wasn’t afraid to stand up and fight for what was right. You knew that Steve would be in good hands with Sam at his side.
Little did you know, Bucky was thinking of Steve Rogers too as he drove. It was surreal that he was driving with you, through Estonia, to a safe house where you’d be for weeks, potentially months. It scared Bucky, honestly. He liked you, not in a romantic way (yet), but he had heard all about you from Steve. All of those months that Bucky was in Wakanda, Steve called every week to check on him. Every week, Steve would talk about you. He remembered the things he would say about you. ‘She’s great, Buck. She’s got this smile, this really wide smile that I’ve only seen a handful of people have in my life. You know the one I mean. That genuinely happy, makes you smile when you see it smile.’, ‘You gotta meet her, Bucky. She’s everything I’ve been looking for and even though we’re not soulmates, we are.’, ‘It’s crazy. After Peggy, I never thought I’d fall in love again but (y/n) came into my life when I needed her most. Every day, I wake up thankful for her. My god, you have to meet her. You two will get on so well. She keeps my on my toes and is hilarious.’
Bucky glanced at you, a familiar pang of guilt shooting through him. You were his best friend’s girl and he could never do anything to pursue you because he cared about Steve too much. Steve was the one person who had given him a chance and had stuck by him through everything. Steve deserved you, Bucky didn’t.
It wasn’t long before Bucky pulled into a driveway. You looked around, realising that you were deep in the woods. It was an off road cabin that seemed to be pretty far from civilisation, “This is it.” Bucky cut the engine before getting out of the car. You stayed put, staring at the cabin in front of you. From the outside, it looked a little run down but very liveable. It was made with a dark oak wood which blended in well with the trees. Passers by would have to do a double take at first because of how well it blended in.
You got out of the car, grabbing the rucksack that had been by your feet. Bucky appeared beside you, carrying all of his and your bags, “Ready?”
You didn’t look at him, eyes stuck on the cabin in front of you. This was it. This was your future. You were unusually terrified as you stared at it. As soon as you stepped into that cabin, your future would change forever. Everything would change. Life as you knew it with Steve would completely change as soon as you walked into that cabin. With your heart beating fast, you took a breath and nodded, following him up the stony path and to the front door. He unlocked it and swung the door open before disappearing inside. You hesitated at the front door, staring at the line on the floor to mark the cabin’s entrance.
“I love you, Steve,” you whispered before stepping into the cabin and closing the door behind you.
The cabin had an old musty smell to it, the smell of emptiness. Clearly, no one had lived here for a long time. The décor was simple and pretty outdated but it was nice. Bucky had flicked the lights on throughout the cabin and was checking each room just to double check. You wandered through each room. The living room was simple with a couple of recliners and a small couch with a small TV on an old coffee table. You’d be surprised if the TV still worked with a thick layer of dust coating it. There was a large fireplace in the middle of the side wall which would be nice on a cold night. The kitchen was nice with everything that the pair of you would need to get started in the wooden cupboards and on shelves. It had a small table in the corner of the room, looking out of the window. Bucky told you that tomorrow, he would go get some shopping and food supplies until then you had the water and a few more snacks.
Next, you ventured into the bedrooms. Yours and Bucky’s separate bedrooms were adjacent to each other. Bucky had dropped his bags in the slightly smaller room. You went to object but the look on his face told you not to even bother. Bucky’s room was smaller yet still spacious enough for a double bed and a wardrobe. Your room was pretty much the same though as well as a wardrobe you had the chest of drawers as well. The shared bathroom was beside your room and it was... well, it was just an outdated bathroom. And that was it.
The cabin wasn’t particularly big or luxurious but it was much than you had expected. You seriously were expecting to sleep on the floor on a bug infested hotel but Bucky had done pretty good. You’d long since abandoned your disguise, feeling much better when looking like yourself. As you wandered around again, checking cupboards, finding extra duvets and pillows in the wardrobe in your room, you remembered something important. You dug around in your bags until you found it; a picture frame. Bucky knocked on your bedroom door. You turned to him, “You don’t need to knock,” you said.
“Come so I can show you something.”
You followed him into the living room as you held the picture frame in your hands. He stopped in front of a painting on the wall moving the painting to reveal a safe, “Oh, wow,” you said surprised.
“I got this safe installed and I’m putting this gun inside it, okay?” He told you, taking a gun from his back pocket. You jumped slightly, not expecting him to wield a weapon in front of you, “This is for emergencies, got it? I’ll teach you how to use it but for now, I’m locking it up in here, okay?”
“I don’t want to use a gun-”
“Neither do I,” Bucky said, cutting over you, “but I have to at least show you how to use it just in case, okay? The code is 0407-”
“Steve’s birthday.”
Bucky faltered before nodding and continuing, “Yeah, Steve’s birthday. Type that in,” he typed it in, “and it’ll unlock.” He dropped the gun inside of it before closing it over, “Re-type the code and it locks. Got it?”
You nodded.
“I always have at least one weapon on me at all times, okay? I have my gun and I have my knife. I’m only putting this here and showing you just in case, okay? We’ll probably never have to use it but it’s just in case something happens, just so I know that if I can’t get to you, you can have some way to protect yourself.”
Again, you nodded. Bucky eyed you carefully, making sure that you were okay with this. You didn’t really know how to feel about it. You weren’t surprised that he had weapons but it scared you the thought of you having to use them. Hopefully it would never come to that though. He could see the toll this was taking on you and you’d barely been gone a day. He was about to ask what you had in your hands when you wandered over to the fireplace and put the photo atop. It was a photo that you had once upon a time hated. It was you and Steve laughing as you posed for a picture in front of your Christmas tree. Nat had taken it on Christmas Eve. You wore a dress that hugged your curves a little too tightly for your liking but Steve had loved to see you in that dress. He always said the colour complimented your complexion so well and now that you could actually see colour, you could see where he was coming from. You loved that picture now, you remembered the night fondly where he twirled you around, telling you how beautiful you were every other minute. So yeah, you could see your protruding stomach and your bigger arms but you loved it. You smiled as you looked at Steve’s smile, heart soaring as you looked at him. Steve could make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. With him, you truly believed it. Your weight never defined your worth, you defined it.
Almost instantly, Bucky lunged for it, grabbing it and almost tumbling into you,  “What the fuck?!” You hissed, leaping backwards. You hadn’t expected the dark haired super soldier to lunge from across the room, almost knocking you off of your feet to grab the picture frame down.
Bucky released a sharp breath, “The window,” he said gruffly. He pulled the curtains shut quickly, “We can’t put any photos up.”
“Why the fuck not?!”
He rolled his eyes, Steve had warned him that you could be stubborn, “In case we’re being watched. If someone’s tailing us, they might look through the window and have our identities confirmed if we put photos up.”
You rolled your eyes, “If someone’s tailing us then I’m pretty sure that they know our identities already. Give me it back.”
“Fine but you’re not putting it there,” Bucky said.
You glared at him as a bubble of anger boiled in your stomach, “My god, how am I meant to stay here with you for weeks if you’re such an arse over a photo?!”
“Yeah?” Bucky scoffed, “I didn’t have to come here, (y/n). I came because Steve asked. I came for you.”
You were breathing heavy as you glared at each other, “Yeah well maybe I don’t want you here.”
“Maybe I don’t want to be here!”
“Keep the stupid picture.” You turned on your heel and stormed into your bedroom, slamming the door shut behind you. You knew that you weren’t angry at Bucky, you knew that the two of you were tired and hungry. You knew that you were a flurry of emotions from having your life flipped upside down. You knew that Bucky was looking out for your safety but you were pissed and he was the only person near you so he would have to deal with it. 
Bucky sighed heavily as he fell onto the couch, pursing his lips and pinching the bridge of his nose. Yeah, Steve, she’s fucking brilliant. 
Tumblr media
It was hours later when you rolled over with a huff. Sleep wasn’t coming easily. You were still too pissed off and because you were still so pissed off, you were only getting more annoyed. You knew that if the anger faded, you’d probably end up crying and you didn’t know which was worse so you just stayed angry. You wished that Bucky would’ve just been able to talk to you normally instead of treating you like a child. You would’ve absolutely understood the picture fiasco had he not leapt over the table and yanked it like a dog stealing someone’s dinner from the table. 
You sat up in bed. Usually, if you couldn’t sleep you’d watch TV or go on your phone but you didn’t feel up for watching the tiny TV in the living room and you obviously didn’t have a phone so you couldn’t do much than think. You’d need to see if there was a cheap CD player and CDs in town so that you could at least have some background noise. The cabin was eerily quiet at night. It was a different surrounding in a different country and everything just felt a little uneasy. You were used to New York where the hustle and bustle was part of every day life but the woods was so quiet aside from the rustling trees... it would take some getting used to.
With a huff, you grabbed your dressing gown from the bag on the floor and made your way into the kitchen. You grabbed a glass and filled it with water before taking a long drink. You didn’t know why you wandered into the living room but you found yourself venturing in and it was then you noticed, in the dim light from the moon, you saw a note and the picture of you and Steve that sat on the coffee table in front of the TV. You picked up the note.
I’m sorry about freaking out over the picture, it’s been a long day. Steve warned me you were stubborn but I wasn’t prepared, I guess. Let’s not put it on the fire place until we’re absolutely sure that no one’s tracking us. Until then, it can go here where it’s not facing a window. Hope that’s okay. It is a lovely picture of you and Steve... Again, sorry. - Bucky
You smiled slightly as you read it before slipping the note into your dressing gown pocket and going back to bed. So Bucky Barnes was decent after all.
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rodrikstark · a day ago
we can let it burn
firefighter!steve rogers x reader (fluff)
summary: entire days you could spend with your boyfriend are lost to his stressful job.
a/n: something about this gif just makes me think about firefighter!steve. thanks to @aubreeskailynn for helping hype this up 💕🔥 title from "flame" by tinashe
Tumblr media
you frown, shifting your weight from one foot to the other.
steve peers at you through his eyelashes, giving you the laziest smile as he lies completely horizontal on the couch. “c’mon, i’m sore," he insists, arms outstretched to welcome you.
hesitantly, you situate your body until you lie directly on top of his strong torso. rather than tensing under your weight as you had feared, his overworked shoulder and back muscles melt into the cushions, and he exhales his fatigue away.
you wait until his eyelids flutter shut before you rest your cheek against the worn material of his t-shirt. with your thumb, you outline the fire station emblem printed on his chest. a steady, slow heart beats in your ear, close and comforting.
almost enough to lull you to sleep, but then a hand moves to pinch your butt.
“hey.” you swat it away, but steve just moves it to span across your thigh.
he chuckles weakly. his work-worn fingers graze your soft skin. “you still mad at me?”
you stop tracing the emblem, instead covering it with your palm as you arch up to really look at him. “i’m mad at everybody else.” his dull nails trace the delicate dip of your spine until you slacken into his body again. this time, you nuzzle your forehead to his collarbone. “seriously, your birthday?”
24 hour shift. 8am on july 4th to 8am on july 5th. just the thought of it makes you want to march into that station, give his lieutenants or whatever a piece of your mind.
“i’m the rookie, baby.” he sneaks under your blouse, raising goosebumps along your lower back. “i get the shifts nobody else wants.”
with a sour look, you cross your arms and rest your chin there. “when do you stop being the rookie?”
“when they hire a new guy.”
“sucks," you mutter.
his fingertips retreat from your skin, moving to rub at his forehead. “what really sucks is the 4th of july shift. you know how stupid people get around fireworks?” you grasp at his hand and push forward to kiss away all the stress lines between his brows.
you hum, dotting gentle pecks over his nose and the apples of his cheeks. “maybe i shouldn’t bring those sparklers to sarah's barbecue.”
“y’know.” he clicks his tongue thoughtfully, his eyebrows lifting. “if you want to see me on my birthday, that’d be the way to do it.”
"steve rogers." your mouth falls open. "are you endorsing arson?"
"i'd tell 'em it was an accident so you don't get in trouble." he laughs, his chest shaking underneath you. "just wanna see my best girl on my birthday." he pouts.
you make a phone out of your hand and hold it to your ear. “911, my friend's backyard is on fire."
after placing three more leisurely kisses down his cheek, then four against his jawline, you’re whispering against his lips, low and sultry as you try suppressing the giggles erupting in your throat. "please send your sexiest rookie firefighter, as soon as possible.”
— — —
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Connected - Part 2
Summary: Rescue arrives, but things don’t really seem to be normal... while Steve, Bucky, and Tony receive some interesting mail. Pairing: Eventual Bucky Barnes x Reader Word Count: 4161 Warnings: Angst, military stuff, blood, minor character deaths, medical stuff, language, talk of Bucky’s time with Hydra (and the things that come with that),  A/N: Welcome to part two! Some parts of this series will involve somewhat complicated medical discussions, and I’ll be stretching the little knowledge we have about how the serum works. When I say medical stuff, I don’t mean, like, graphic surgeries or needles or blood, this is more on the science side of medicine; how the brain works, how the body uses energy, and things like that. This chapter has a pretty small amount of it compared to the ones coming up, but I want to make sure everyone is aware since there are some people who have an aversion to medical stuff and science. The series was beta’d by the lovely @idjitmonkey and I hope you enjoy! Please send me an ask if you would like to be tagged in the series. :)
Series Masterlist  – Marvel Masterlist
“Ramirez, you’re with me on the main entrance,” Lieutenant Weasley said, pointing to the spot on the floating hologram of the building’s blueprint and again to the corresponding spot on the satellite view of the store displayed to the right. “Allen and Cruz, you’re out back,” he pointed to the correct spot on each map again. “Quick in and out, people, this is the fourth of five on our list before we can rendezvous back with Strike Charlie. Any questions?”
The various soldiers shook their heads and adjusted their black tactical gear as the new quiet electric Humvee trundled down the bumpy dirt road in the small town of Zuliq in Aqiria. The vehicle came to a slow stop a few dwellings down from their actual destination, the headlights long since turned off so as to not announce their arrival to anyone who might be monitoring the neighborhood. The team quietly exited their vehicle, making no sound except for the rustling of fabric and muffled thumping of boots on sand.
Lieutenant Weasley slunk down the side of the dark street, stopping in front of the weathered storefront of Hafez Butchery with his team directly behind him. Allen and Cruz broke off to slip down a small alley between the buildings to take up the back entrance, and Ramirez came up in front of him to crouch down and pick the simple lock on the front of the store.
“Cut off the alarm system, all clear,” Cruz whispered in his ear through the comm, his voice barely above audible. “It’s way too advanced for a small butcher shop like this.”
The lock on the front door unlatched with a silent click, and Ramirez gave a quick nod before she returned to her position behind him. “Ready,” the Lieutenant began, pressing down the button on his comm and wrapping his fingers around the door handle, “three, two… one.”
Lieutenant Weasley pulled open the door and raised his rifle as he slipped inside, his nose immediately twitching at the thick scent of iron in the air. The front of the shop was exactly like the last several ones they’d searched, a simple counter with display cases full of raw meat and a cash register, and signs on the walls advertising prices and facts about cuts of meat in English as well as the region’s native tongue.
“That smell,” Ramirez whispered behind him, “it’s not from the raw meat.”
Lieutenant Weasley silently agreed with a curt nod. The smell was too strong, and was only getting stronger as he moved toward the back of the storefront to a bead covered doorway. The moment he parted the beads and stepped into the back room, he groaned quietly as his nose was assaulted with the sour smell of decomposition, his boot squeaking slightly on the edge of a pool of blood. There were two bodies, one face down just inside the beaded doorway and another slumped over on its side next to a shelf of spices, some of which had fallen and broken open next to the body.
“Eyes up, we’ve got two DB’s,” Lieutenant Weasley said into his comm, lifting his foot to step around the blood pooled on the floor. It wasn’t completely dry, the middle of it was still wet and tacky, so they were likely killed less than ten hours ago.
“Got one back here, too, male… wearing a mask,” Allen replied shortly before emerging from around a corner to the Lieutenant’s left. The young soldier looked to his right, staring at the unfortunately familiar tile room he'd only seen in videos up until now, and sighed. “Looks like we got the right place.”
“This is still a rescue mission until it’s not,” Lieutenant Weasley informed him sternly. “Clear that back hallway,” he pointed to a small narrow hallway that jutted to the left, “and the meat storage room on your way back, Ramirez and I will keep going forward, there’s another hallway and room over here,” he gestured in front of them with the barrel of his rifle, “according to the blueprints.”
The soldiers traded nods and split off again, and a few moments later Lieutenant Weasley came upon a heavy iron door that was halfway open, with smudges and swipes of blood dotting the walls and floor leading to it. Carefully, he made his way down the hallway and slowly pulled the door open, exhaling sharply out of relief when the metal hinges didn’t squeak.
The sight that greeted him when he stepped inside would haunt his nightmares for weeks. Sitting unmoving in the corner of the room, knife clutched tight in her hand, was the woman they’d been looking for. She was covered in blood, and what exposed skin she had that wasn’t splashed with crimson was black and blue or covered in jagged wounds, some still slowly seeping blood. She was alive, staring at the wall in front of her, eyes vacant and unfocused, and didn’t twitch a muscle when Lieutenant Weasley entered, Ramirez right behind him.
There was another body on the floor, a halo of blood around his head from a large gash under his chin, and the Lieutenant carefully made his way closer to the woman in the corner, shifting his rifle so it dangled from the strap at his side and his hands were free. 
“Y/N?” he said softly, lowering himself into a crouch several feet from her when she didn’t react at all. “Y/N Y/L/N?”
“Be careful, Lieu, she’s armed,” Ramirez said quietly behind him as he inched his way closer. Even if she was confused and attacked him, he wasn’t terribly worried; according to the file the Army had on her after she was identified, she had no weapons training at all, so it wouldn’t take much effort to disarm her.
Shuffling in the doorway made him look over his shoulder out of his peripheral vision, not taking his eyes off Y/N, to see Allen appear, Cruz behind him looking in from the hallway. The moment Allen laid eyes on Y/N and the blood covering her and knife in her hand, he slightly raised his weapon, not aimed directly at her, and clicked the safety off.
“Stand down, Soldier,” Lieutenant Weasley barked, and just as soon as his words finished echoing in the room, he heard movement in front of him. Y/N had stood up, knife still fisted in her hand but her arm was hanging idle at her side, her cold lifeless eyes locked on Lieutenant Weasley. 
“Soldier,” she whispered hoarsely, as if she was saying her own name to introduce herself.
“Y/N?” Lieutenant Weasley questioned, raising his hands in front of him like he was calming a wild animal.
“Soldier,” she repeated, eyes narrowing with suspicion, her grip shifting on the knife in her hand.
“Right,” the Lieutenant sighed, shaking his head. He’d seen behavior like this before, soldiers that had gotten lost inside themselves, gotten lost inside their roles and couldn’t snap out of it. Saying her name wasn’t working, so he stood up and squared his shoulders, sending off waves of authority. “Mission is over, Soldier.”
The moment the words left his lips, the knife clattered to the ground, followed shortly by Y/N as she collapsed to the floor in a heap as if she was a marionette and someone had cut her strings.
“What the hell was that?” Allen asked as Lieutenant Weasley lunged forward to catch her limp body, kicking the knife away before he pulled his glove off to press two fingers to Y/N’s throat.
“She’s alive, unconscious,” the Lieutenant said, scooping Y/N into his arms and standing back up, “and I have no idea, Allen. Let’s get the hell out of here.”
“So you’re saying she’s… been brainwashed?” Lieutenant Weasley asked, arms crossed over his chest as he watched Y/N sleeping through the one-way-mirror. They’d cleaned her up as best they could and changed her into a loose hospital gown after they’d dressed her wounds. Almost all of her exposed skin sitting above the plain white bed sheet was covered in bandages.
Dr. Austin, as the tall Asian woman had introduced herself when he arrived with Y/N at the medical wing of the Army base early that morning, sighed. “Not brainwashed in the classic definition we come to associate with it. Based on the recount of your interaction with her, Miss Y/L/N has appeared to have slipped into a dissociative state.” The doctor tapped on her tablet and brought up side-by-side MRI scans of several colorful images of brains. “The areas of the brain we’d normally see dormant in a subject under the effects of brainwashing are lit up in her brain, but not as much as a normal brain scan of a woman her age. There are also other areas that, given her unconscious state, should not be lit up at all.”
“Can you fix it?” Lieutenant Weasley asked. “Doc, she… I’ve been in the Army for almost two decades now, I’ve apprehended serial killers and genocidal terrorists… but I have never seen a look that cold and vacant on someone’s face before.”
Dr. Austin gave him a sympathetic look and locked the screen to her tablet, tucking it back under her arm. “We don’t know what they did to her, and until she wakes up, I can’t answer that, Lieutenant.” The doctor was silent for a few moments before curiosity got the best of her. “Did you find out if she was related to him?”
“We did,” Lieutenant Weasley said, shaking his head, “and no, she’s not. We have no idea why she was saying Sergeant Barnes’ name and information. I guess it’s going to be another unresolved mystery that will have to wait until she’s awake.”
“And you’re sure you didn’t see any kind of mind-altering devices in the location she was held?” Dr. Austin asked.
“Two of the guys on my team stayed behind and waited for backup so they could handle the scene,” Lieutenant Weasley informed the doctor, “and they did a thorough sweep of the building. The most advanced piece of equipment they found was the digital camera the assholes recorded the ransom videos with.”
“You don’t think…” The doctor trailed off, biting her lower lip as she looked up at the Lieutenant. “Hydra?”
Lieutenant Weasley snorted. “Nah, Hydra’s long gone, Captain Rogers saw to that. I just don’t know how the hell she did it. The Morse code message was brilliant, and I wish we could have narrowed down where she was being held sooner, but the level of brutality I saw… I got the prelim crime scene report a little while ago. She killed them all. No hesitation in the cuts, went for a kill shot on each strike of her knife. One guy was stabbed up under his jaw, two had their throats slit, and one was stabbed in the chest, right in his heart.”
Dr. Austin stared at the prone form of Y/N lying in the hospital bed. “Oddly efficient.”
“I would say so, especially since according to her background she has zero military or weapons training whatsoever,” he mused, his skin prickling at the uneasy feeling of having more questions than answers. “I sent a full report to DC. I’m just glad they kept the ransom videos away from the press. There’s enough violence in the world.” 
Dr. Austin silently agreed, sparing Y/N one last glance before she walked back to her office to hopefully unravel a mystery.
“Capsicle!” Tony’s grating voice crackled through the intercom in Steve’s suite at the Avengers compound. “Your defrosted murder puppy has some mail.”
Steve sighed, shooting Bucky a wince over his shoulder, which the former Winter Soldier shrugged off. Stark had come up with a plethora of colorful nicknames for him, and if they made him feel better about living with the man who was ordered to kill his parents, Bucky could deal.
Steve stood up from the couch and walked over to the wall to press the intercom button. “We’ll be there in a little bit.”
Bucky stopped chopping up the carrot in front of him and clicked off the stove where the broth for his soup was simmering. “I thought all of our fanmail was still sent to the tower to be sorted and handled?”
Steve glanced back at his best friend, his features hardened. “It is.”
Bucky nodded and wiped his hands on the dish towel before grabbing a specially formulated super-soldier protein bar from the cabinet. Meetings with Stark could range from minutes to what felt like days, and he was still somehow exhausted and hungry, even after a full night of sleep. He followed Steve out into the hallway and across the compound, tucking the snack into his front pocket for safe keeping. 
The new and improved SHIELD agent training center and work offices were part of the compound, but on the opposite side of the property from the Avengers’ residences. Still, it only took the pair of super soldiers less than two minutes, thanks to some guidance from FRIDAY, to make their way over where Tony was waiting alone inside a conference room.
“Tony?” Steve prompted, only to have the man slide a plain plastic and tamper-proof sealed envelope across the table at him. It was thick, thicker than it would normally be if it only contained documents, and when Steve picked up the envelope, he could feel the circular outline of a CD inside. “What’s this?”
“You tell me,” Tony replied, his eyes darting to Bucky once before settling on Steve again. “It’s addressed to Barnes. It was obviously hand delivered, was waiting unassumingly on my workshop table when I got there a little while ago, and someone wiped FRIDAY’s video feed of the room and the hallways around it for the last twelve hours.” 
“How is that possible? I thought FRIDAY was secure, more secure than Jarvis. Can you recover anything?” Steve asked, turning the envelope over in his hands. ‘Sergeant James Barnes’ was typed out on a label across the front and it was sealed by military grade Bio-Tape that was designed to only be opened by the person it was addressed to, or else a dye pack and small explosive would be set off, rendering the documents unreadable and any discs or drives inside unsalvageable.
“I tried,” Tony mumbled, “whoever they are… they’re good.” Tony admitting someone had bested him made Steve know this was something serious. “They wiped the feed as well as the backup recording that gets saved on FRIDAY’s cloud. Almost as if they knew my security protocols.”
“Sorry, boss,” FRIDAY chimed in from a speaker on the table, “they deactivated my alert and defense protocols before they erased the video. I’m still compiling data on possible preventative measures for the future.”
“I know, FRIDAY, I’m not mad at you,” Tony said softly before he raised his voice, “I’m mad at whoever broke in and used my own security measures against me!”
Steve handed the envelope to Bucky, who took it delicately between his metal fingers. Sending documents sealed like this was old fashioned, phased out in the late nineties due to their unstable volatility and tendency to go off at random times. Bucky had unfortunately been on the wrong side of malfunctioning Bio-Tape previously during his Hydra captivity, and had the scar on his right thumb to prove it.
“Did you scan it?” Bucky asked, studying the outside of the envelope, looking for any signs of tampering.
“Did I scan—of course I did,” Tony said incredulously. “You think I would have given you something that could kill you?” Bucky glanced up at him and raised an eyebrow, making Tony sigh. “Fine, whatever. That was one time, okay? I promise, I scanned it. No biological agents or anything else hazardous, aside from the small explosive from the Bio-Tape.”
Bucky sighed, set the envelope on the table, and pulled a knife from the back of his jeans… the same knife he had been chopping carrots with. Even though he knew he was mostly safe at the compound, he never went anywhere unarmed. Before Steve could say anything or stop him, he quickly sliced his thumb open on the knife and pressed it against the middle of the Bio-Tape’s seal. The red of his blood seeped across the grooves of the tape, and once it was fully saturated, the adhesive released and the flap of the envelope popped open with a click.
Tony tensed and took a subtle step backward when the flap flipped open, even though he’d assured Bucky it was safe. When nothing happened, his shoulders drooped. “I’m not sure what I was expecting. Explosions, confetti… snakes?”
“You’ve been watching too many Indiana Jones movies, Tony,” Steve quipped, moving closer to the unsealed envelope as Bucky carefully tilted the envelope, allowing the contents to slide onto the table so he could spread them apart to study them. “Whatcha got, Buck?”
“Looks like a bunch of random files, but there’s a mission report here and a dossier… and a CD.” Bucky, without lifting his eyes from the papers in front of him, handed the CD to Tony when he made a grabbing motion by opening and closing his hand. “The mission report is from a recent covert Army operation called ‘Operation Barn Door’, doesn’t look redacted though, and the dossier is a civilian profile on someone named Y/N Y/L/N.”
Steve’s eyes narrowed in on one of the pages of the spread out mission report, immediately zoning in on Bucky’s full name and serial number printed on the page several times. “Bucky? Do you know her?”
Bucky followed Steve’s gaze to the paper he was looking at, snatching it up and skimming over it quickly. It didn’t make much sense without more context, but he did get the jist of what it was informing him of. “She… no, I don’t know her.”
The screen across the conference room table from Steve and Bucky flashed on, followed by a triumphant crow from Tony as he finished fiddling with a black box, which was sunk partially into the floor, and stood up. “DVD’s… so primitive.”
The video on the screen blinked to life, showing a woman seated in a chair with her hands bound behind her, a man next to her wearing a face covering with his hand fisted in the back of her hair. Based on the décor and architecture of the room, and confirmed by the dark tan skin of the man in the video, Steve knew this had to be in Southeastern Europe or the Middle East.
Bucky grabbed the cropped driver’s license photo that was paperclipped to Y/N’s dossier and showed it to Steve. “It’s her.”
“I’d really rather not watch someone be beheaded,” Tony mumbled, swallowing hard at the unfortunate ending most of these kinds of videos have had in the past.
Bucky’s ability to scan and retain information quickly hadn’t dulled since he broke free of Hydra, and the last few pages of the mission report spread out on the table was something he honed in on quickly. “She’s alive… but—”
“American government, we do not like it when your soldiers are sent to our country to spy on our people!” The man on the video spoke, cutting Bucky off. His English was heavily accented in what sounded like some kind of Arabic-based dialect. “This American whore was caught taking photos on behalf of your Army, and we will not tolerate it!”
Y/N in the video looked confused, eyebrows pinching together, before her eyes widened as she realized something. “I’m not,” she said softly, before the man struck her across the face.
Bucky winced in sympathy at the punch and looked away before Tony paused the video. “So… wait, she’s in the Army? I thought you said that was a civvy dossier.”
Steve shook his head, sorting through the papers on the table until he got to the employment outline for Y/N from her dossier. “It is, she’s not in the military. She works as a photographer for Society Social, it’s a magazine that features various locations and writes articles about their people and culture.”
Tony’s face paled. “Oh, no.”
It took the three of them almost half the afternoon to review the documents and video clips. Steve realized it was a case of mistaken identity on the part of the kidnappers, and Bucky was first to catch the rhythmic tapping of Y/N’s fingertip against her knee and deciphered the Morse code. Even though it wasn't his voice, it still sent ice through his veins when he heard his name, rank, and service number being said between painful blows of a fist. After they had watched all the videos on the DVD and shared summarized information from the reports they had, Bucky was re-reading the last few pages of the dossier and Army mission report while Steve and Tony were trying to make sense of the crime scene photos and other on-site reports.
“But why?” Tony asked, chewing on the end of a plastic fork left over from their lunch delivery, his feet up on the conference table.
Steve sighed, flipping to the next page of the report and grimacing at the amount of blood in the photographs. “You’re going to have to be a little more specific.”
Tony’s feet dropped to the floor with a thump as he leaned forward, pointing his fork at Bucky. “Why you? You said you don’t know her.”
“I don’t,” Bucky shrugged, shoveling a fourth helping of lo mein into his mouth, “and a lot of people know my service number, along with what happened to me, since Natasha dumped all the Hydra files onto the internet.” Bucky swallowed and carefully pulled a piece of paper from a stack to the left of him, avoiding smudging it with food grease. “Even the medical staff at the Army base are stumped.”
“Something’s not adding up,” Steve murmured, glancing up at Bucky. “These photos… if someone told me these were from when you were the Winter Soldier, or if they were from Natasha’s time with the KGB, I would believe it. The killings… they’re so precise.” Steve sighed deeply and shook his head, gesturing to the photos. “They look like they were assassinated, brutal but clean kills.”
Bucky put down his chopsticks and grabbed the folder to flip through the photos, and he couldn’t help but agree. Even the report from the soldiers at the scene detailed how they observed the same assassin-like expertise of the kills, which should be impossible given Y/N’s lack of knowledge of anything in the neighborhood of “efficient types of murder”. A note at the bottom of the page about scrapes on one of the victim’s two ribs drew his attention and he flipped to the coroner’s report at the end of the folder, rubbing his forehead with his flesh hand as he read.
“This… this is a Hydra assassination technique,” Bucky said, placing the coroner’s report on the table and tapping it with his metal fingertip before grabbing the knife from where he left it on the table. “Stab between the fourth and fifth rib, an inch to the right of the sternum,” he made a stabbing motion with the knife and rotated his wrist, “and twist. Severs the coronary vein and punctures the lung, and they can’t scream with a collapsed lung. Since the blood pools in the lung first because of the air void causing suction, they won’t bleed a lot right away, and you can make an escape without being covered in blood. Efficient, but very hard to master.”
Steve and Tony both shared a somewhat terrified look at the demonstration and amount of detail, but it was Tony that spoke first.
“So what you’re saying is that this girl, who has no military or spy or any kind of super assassin training, took out four dudes like she’s Barnes’ and Romanoff’s killer love child?”
Bucky set down the knife and sat back in his chair, his stomach rumbling as if he was still hungry. “Romanoff’s not my type… but yeah, pretty much. I don’t have any explanation for it.” Bucky flipped the folder closed and his eyes immediately went to the yellow sticky note stuck to the back of it. He read it, and with a chuckle, passed it to its intended recipient before digging into his noodles again.
“Mr. Stark,” Tony read from the paper, “they need your kind of help, and possibly the help of your Soldier. Consider it repayment for one of the many you owe me. Fondly, Wu.” Tony sighed and twirled the sticky note between his fingers. “Damn it,” he muttered to himself before looking up at the ceiling. “FRIDAY, get a jet ready. We’re going to Syria.”
Marvel Forevers [1 SPOT OPEN]: @princessmisery666 @tardis-auto-pilot @feelmyroarrrr @idalinette @kassablanca13 @superlockedtimelord @valsworldofcreativity @agentstarkid @amandatar-06 @mizzezm @holyfuckloueh @spn--imagines @fanfictionjunkie1112 @wish-i-had-something-better @kittenofdoomage @growningupgeek @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan @cake-writes @captain-kelli @zoerayne2426 @sadwaywardkid @sunlightdances @buckyland @justagirlinafandomworld @cosicas-cuquis @cravingmarvel @straightforwardly @beccaanne814 @hidden-behind-the-fourth-wall @walkingchemicalfire @rhymesmenagerie @mculibrary @genderfluid-ho @supernaturaldean67 @idjitmonkey @crushedbyhyperbole @xxloki81xx @glxy-otter @blue-like-barnes @rainbowkisses31 @learning-howto-be-myselfx3 @flyingcannoli @reapersan @previouslyforgotten @thefridgeismybestie @hawksmagnolia @zpandaqueen @wonderlandfandomkingdom @amarauder @babyhoneystvles @bloom-w-grace @tofeartheunknown @wildefire @lust-for-pan
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January, 2017
Dearest darling Steve,
Oh, how happy I am right now! I found out yesterday and got it confirmed today, and you are the first one I want to know. I know that you will probably come to know much later, but you’re the first one I want to tell, and writing this to you is the closest I can get to telling you. I want to tell you, that I’m no longer only yours. I will no longer be able to sign my letter as Yours (and only yours). I’m pregnant! My hands are shaking with happiness and nervousness as I write this.
Oh, Steve! I wish you were here. I can only imagine how happy you’d have been. I can just see that boyish smile of pure, unbridled happiness taking over your face when I’d have told you. Cheesy that you are, you would’ve spun me around as I would’ve laughed. I would’ve stopped you because I became too dizzy. I would’ve rested against your chest to stabilise myself as you would’ve apologised in that worried, adorable way of yours, all the while fussing over me. I like to think that you would’ve peppered my face with your sweet kisses and that you wouldn’t have let me out of your arms for a long time after that. We would’ve gone to the doctor together to confirm it. We would’ve been jittery and thrilled, as we sat outside the doctor’s chambers, and you would’ve held my hand. We would’ve cried as we would’ve seen the pea-sized life we’d created and heard its heartbeat together. We always wanted a child, didn’t we?
But you’re not here….. And I don’t mean to complain, Steve, I really don’t. I know that Bucky needs you. I know why you can’t be here. I just wish you hadn’t had to miss all of that. I just wish we’d been in this with each other as we’d always planned. But that’s alright. I can do this for both of us. I’ll do this for both of us. I’ll take care of myself, and the baby. Oh, Stevie, can you believe that we created a life that’s growing in my womb as I write….
Steve, I don’t want to do this without you, but I must. I will try and give our child a mother as well as a father’s love until you come back to us. You have to come back to us, Steve. You do not have the option of not coming back because I refuse to tell our child that their father was too heroic to be alive. You cannot make our child live without their father, Steve.
You will be careful, won’t you? Please, darling, please look after yourself. Oh, and hug Bucky for me. How is he doing?
I love you, Steve. Be safe. Come back.
With all my our love,
Y/N (and the baby!)
P.S.: I’ve attached the picture of our baby.
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3mcmarvelisruthless · 2 days ago
Sorry Boys
Tumblr media
The first  part of this chapter is on a group chat with all the original six Avengers, Loki, Bucky, and the twins. The other part of the chapter is a regular oneshot.
Glorified Tincan: Avengers Assemble!!!!
America's Ass🙌: Hey! That's my line!
Glorified Tincan: shut up grandpa
Russian Spy👀: when did Steve learn how to text?
Manchurian Candidate: he learned earlier
Speedy: when did you learn how to text!?!?
Me: I taught Bucky and Steve
Reindeer Games: I am not your brother! You bumbling imbecile turn off your caps lock and you do not need so many question marks! And I have learned quite well how to text. But (y/n) if you would like to help me, come by my chambers later darling😉
Speedy: I think I just threw up a little in my mouth
America's Ass🙌: same
Manchurian Candidate: Me too
Reindeer Games: you're all just jealous that my darling is with me
Speedy: you sure about that? you know her lips are even softer than they appear
Legolas Wannabe: Oh shit! Pietro you better run if you don't want to get attacked by a knife wielding maniac!
America's Ass🙌: we're under attack?!
Russian Spy👀: nah just Pietro
Glorified Tincan: yeah we have two knife wielding maniacs here, youre gonna have to be more specific Barton
Legolas Wannabe: well it was just Loki but our second maniac looks like he's about to attack
America's Ass🙌: Oh no
Paprika Twin: get ready for the show
I looked up from my phone when I heard the yell.
"Loki get back here! We talked about this! No chasing people with knives!" I heard Thor bellow from somewhere in the compound.
"You too Buck! No chasing people with knives!" Steve exclaimed.
"Don't worry! Pietro doesn't have a knife!" I heard Bucky shout, I laughed slightly but then heard a crash.
I stood up quickly, running down the hallway towards the noise. When I walked into the room I saw Bucky and Loki glaring at Pietro, each with knives in their hands.
"Damn Barton, you weren't lying," I exhaled.
I watched as Thor walked between Loki and Pietro, "calm down brother! You must let the quick one go."
I stepped toward them, "don't worry Thor, most likely they won't be able to hit him."
"Most likely? Really gorgeous? I thought you had more faith in me, I do have super speed after all." Pietro accented voice filled the room.
"Yeah but you also have an ex-assasin and a literal god trying to attack you sooooo." I told him.
"Well none of you boys need to be jealous of Pietro anyway," Natasha said as she strutted into the room. I
"Any why is that?" Loki questioned.
"Because you should be jealous of me." Nat responded, quickly spinning me and capturing my lips firmly in hers. She pulled away and with a smirk asked, "isn't that right babe?"
"Babe?! When did this happen?! How did I miss this!? I ship it!!!" Wanda squealed as she walked into the room.
I smiled, "about 2 months ago, sorry boys."
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barnesdogtags · 3 days ago
Request from anon: drawing a random person in the subway and giving them your drawing without knowing it’s steve rogers
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word count: 891
masterlist | send a request
The subway wasn’t too busy today, there were only four other people in the subway car with you; a younger couple, an older woman and probably the most attractive guy you’ve ever seen. He was wearing a tight shirt, making it hard not to stare at his very muscular chest and arms, his eyes were bluer than the ocean and his dirty blonde hair was fixed almost too perfectly. You realized he would make the perfect subject for your drawing.
One of your favorite things to do is draw strangers on the subway, and depending on if you think they would like it or not, you would give it to them after. The reactions were mixed, sometimes people loved them and other times they would be weirded out and throw it away. This guy looked sweet, and you hoped he would appreciate it. If not, at least you would get to talk to him, even if it was just for a second.
Luckily he was reading a book so he wouldn’t notice what you were doing. You started with his face, paying extra attention to his eyes and faint smile. Next was the hair, which was styled into a slight side part and pushed up out of his face. When you were working on his body (which may or may not have been your favorite part), you almost didn’t notice him looking at you. He definitely caught you staring and you started to panic, but instead of calling you out, he just smiled and returned to his book.
That was definitely a surprise. Most New Yorkers would’ve started a fight if someone stared at them, but he didn’t mind at all. You continued drawing, and he didn’t look up from his book again, but he could sense you looking at him. Of course being Captain American meant he was used to it. People would either stare trying to figure out if it’s him, or they would recognize him immediately and ask for pictures and autographs. It could be overwhelming sometimes, and he was glad not a lot of people stopped him today. 
Soon the other people got off on their stops, leaving you two alone on the subway car. Being alone with him made you feel nervous, if he wanted to yell at you for staring, he had the perfect chance to do it now. But he didn’t. You caught him looking at you a few times while you drew, his cheeks would turn a light shade of pink before he looked away smiling softly. It gave you an embarrassing amount of butterflies. When you finished, you nervously cleared your throat and went over to him with the drawing in your hands. 
“Hi. This is probably going to make me seem like a creep, but I drew this for you. If you don’t like it, I can take it back or you could throw it away. If you want to tell me off for being weird, you can do that too.” 
You normally didn’t get nervous when you gave it to the person after, but he was so hot and adorable at the same time you didn’t know how to talk to him. He took a minute to look it over, each second felt like hours.
“I don’t think it’s weird, it’s sweet. I love it.” There was that heart melting smile again.
“Oh, I’m glad you like it. You aren’t just saying that to spare my feelings though, right? I’ve done this enough to know when people are.”
“And here I was thinking I’m special for getting one,” he teased, “I genuinely like it. It’s better than what I draw.”
He looks like that and he draws? You didn’t think you’d meet your dream guy when you left your apartment this morning.
“You like art too?”
“Yeah, I’ve been doing it for a while now. It’s just a hobby though,” he shrugged.
“Do you have anything I could see?”
He pulled out his phone and opened the camera roll. They were mostly quick pencil sketches, but they were beautiful. Most of them were of nature, you recognized some as New York parks. You loved them.
“I don’t know how you think mine are better, these are beautiful. You could make a job out of this.”
He laughed, but you didn’t see what was funny. You were being serious. He was just surprised you hadn’t realized who he is yet. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. I’m definitely...too preoccupied to make it a career.”
“Well, you should definitely keep up with it as a hobby at least.”
The voice announcing your stop was coming up interrupted the conversation. You knew this would be the last time you saw him, but you wanted to keep talking and getting to know him. He felt the same way.
“Would you, um, want to exchange numbers? We could maybe go out for coffee or something this week,” the same shade of pink appeared on his cheeks with the same soft, shy smile. 
How a man that looked like that could be nervous asking for someone’s number was beyond you. You could’ve sworn you were dreaming. 
“Yeah, that sounds great.”
You swapped phones and put your information in. When he gave yours back, you almost dropped it when you saw the contact name: Steve Rogers.
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scentedsongrebel · 3 days ago
Desi Girl
Pairings: Steve Rogers × Desi! F! Reader
Summary: A series of one shots with Steve and desi reader.
The Avengers.
Reader: Indian, Hindu, Desi, works at the Avengers Compound as the resident doctor in the Medical Wing. (Y/n L/n)
Tanya: Reader's sister living with their mother in India.
Garima: Reader's mother, Widow, lives in Mumbai.
Tarun: Reader's brother, Professional Travel photographer, travelling around the world. Mentioned only for now.
More to come.....
Warning: fluff, minor angst (if any), conversations in hindi but side by side english translations, mentions of violence(... Maybe?), cursing?... Will keep adding as the story goes.
You bring Steve home to Mumbai to meet your family.
Bura na mano Holi hai
You introduce Steve to the festival of Holi.
Celebrating Dussehra in Delhi with the Soldier Trio.
Mehendi (Wedding Series)
Steve × Desi! Reader Hindu wedding series.
Coming soon...
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thedoctorcried · 3 days ago
Steve Rogers: The price of freedom is high, but it’s one I’m willing to pay.
Y/N: Ok, but I’m broke. Can we do buy now, pay later?
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multifandomwriter · 3 days ago
Marvel Requests
Tumblr media
Looking for someone to write your marvel x reader requests??
I am taking requests for the following characters!!
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Steve Rogers x Reader
Stucky x Reader
Peter Parker x Reader
Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Thor Odinson x Reader
Feel free to make requests for any of these characters by submitting an ask or messaging me!! You can also find my masterlist - here -
If you want to be added to the taglist for any or all of these characters, let me know!!
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rodrikstark · 3 days ago
everything and beyond (1/?)
steve rogers x reader (fluff)
summary: you pine after steve, and he pines after you. part 1: movie night
word count: 1.5k
warnings: vague mentions of injuries, swearing
a/n: i put too much pressure on myself when it comes to writing full fics so here’s me... not doing that. no big plan and tbh i’m not even sure where this will go, we're just VIBING. the series theme is: MUTUAL PINING. [title from “beyond” by leon bridges]
Tumblr media
   You stretch the small piece of medical tape carefully across the wound in Sam’s forehead, pressing it to activate the adhesive. "Did you hear me?”
   Satisfied, you rip off your gloves and toss them in the trash. “What?”
   “You should come to our movie night,” Sam repeats, shrugging on his hoodie. “You two deserve a chance to decompress, too.”
   Helen taps away at her computer in the corner of the room, her eyes flickering from one monitor to the other. “Will Thor be there?”
   Sam chuckles. “No word from Thor in a while, sorry.” You turn on your heels, gathering the first aid supplies you used and replacing them in the cabinet. “Steve will be, though.”
   You shut the door a bit too hard as you spin around, only to see Sam smirking at Helen.
   She rolls her eyes good-naturedly. Knowing how squeaky you can get when it comes to Steve, she saves you the embarrassment of speaking. “We’ll come.”
— — —
   You slip into the spot next to Helen on the sofa, chatting with her as everyone else gathers essential supplies: alcohol, candy, and popcorn. Wanda and Vision retrieve high chairs from the kitchen counter so they can sit behind the couch, while Natasha, Maria, and Sam grab seats in front of it, shoving the coffee table away.
   A little weird, when there’s still an empty space next to you. 
   “Tonight... The Conjuring,” Natasha announces grandly, raising the DVD above her head, rotating it a couple times to show everyone the title before inserting the disc.
   Steve comes out of the kitchen with no choice but to take the place adjacent to you, and his proximity makes you hyper-aware of just how big his hands look, even when wrapped around a giant bowl of popcorn. His considerable weight dips you toward him, so you scooch away slightly, wanting the safety of being closer to Helen. “Hey.”
   You press your lips together in a normal-looking smile, or at least you hope so. “How are your stitches healing?”
   Two days ago, you had sewn an ugly laceration on the back of his right hand. He had flinched the entire time as you focused on your stitching—and only your stitching, not the warm, calloused fingers cradled in your lap. 
   “You’re always so squirmy,” you laughed, rubbing his wrist with your blue gloves, attempting to calm him. And failing to ignore all those veins running up the inside of his muscled arm. 
   “I’m a super soldier, not a masochist.” His other hand flexed into a solid fist. “I hate this.”
   “Almost done, super soldier.” His accelerated healing may be remarkable, but it never hurt to have it expedited by your care. You examined your work. “I know how much you hate having to come in and see me.”  
   “What?” The genuine confusion in his voice surprised you. 
   You just shrugged, your feet fidgeting under you.
   “I like seeing you just fine,” he said. “Just not you stitchin’ me up.”
   Steve lifts his arm to show you the reddish, healed slash across his hand, but before he can answer your question, Natasha whips around and plucks the bowl out of his lap. “Uh-uh.”
   He clears his throat. “That’s presumptuous, Tasha.”
   She faces the TV, offering some popcorn to Sam. “I will not be in the splash zone.”
   Helen laughs. “The splash zone?”
   Maria pops a couple of M&M’s in her mouth before explaining, “Brave Captain Rogers becomes a jumpy little baby when we watch anything horror.”
   Amused, you turn to Steve, who blushes wildly, but doesn’t deny it.
   Wanda frowns. “I don’t understand. You get ambushed every other week. How do you startle so easily?”
   Steve crosses his arms over his big chest, throwing a quick glance at you, then Wanda. “Out in the real world, I can hear things coming.”
   Sam sighs. “Just start it.”
   Steve shifts uneasily when Natasha presses play. When you see his real discomfort, you readjust the blanket on your lap so it lays over his thighs, too. He just nods stiffly. 
   Some minutes later, Vision speaks. “Given the typical visual tropes of the horror film genre during the past two decades as well as the subtle changes in the movie’s score, I predict that the first jump scare will occur right… now.” 
   Steve tenses. Three seconds pass.
   “Perhaps I was wrong.”
   Then, a low, booming knock thuds over the speakers and Steve jerks, blocking his eyes with closed fists and twisting his body away from the screen. “What the—shit.”
   “Language,” Maria and Helen mutter at the same time. They look at each other, grinning.
   A disappointed expression falls on Sam’s face as he rotates to blink at Vision, who innocently raises a hand toward the screen. “I believe it will assuage Captain Rogers’ fears if the element of surprise is removed.”
   Wanda gently slaps that hand down. “Vis, you’re going to ruin it for the rest of us.”
   Natasha pauses the screen. “I am never watching anything with you guys ever again.”
   This whole time, you keep an eye on Steve, whose breathing slows as his arms descend to rigidly tuck around his body. He stares at the TV, his skin significantly more pale and his clenched jaw twitching. “Steve,” you say quietly, underneath all the playful arguing.
   “Don’t,” he snaps. “I don’t need to hear it from you, too.”
   An immediate, sinking feeling in your gut sends you reeling. “Oh.”
   You curse yourself for ever allowing your sights to settle on Steve Rogers, the most eligible and least attainable bachelor in New York. Truthfully, you’ve been nurturing an innocent crush on him ever since he did his first news appearance, years ago and fresh out of the ice, long before you ever knew you would work with the Avengers.
   Living in the Compound with him and patching up his bodily injuries every other week has only made your situation more dire. He lights up your nerves just by looking at you, intimidating and stoic yet sweet and handsome. 
   Finally, though, you’ve unearthed a flaw, something you can latch onto and use to stamp down your stupid crush: he doesn’t like scary movies, and you love them. 
   You grab a small paper cup and reach into the bowl in Natasha’s hands, scooping some popcorn as Steve studies you warily. With wide eyes, you stare at your snack, eating one kernel at a time while you listen to the banter between his friends.
   “His accelerated heart rate and drop in skin temperature is a clear indication—" Vision argues.
   “That’s what makes it fun—”
   “Will you all shut the fuck up—?”
   “I’m sorry,” Steve murmurs, his rumbly, quiet voice still cutting through the conversation.
   “I wasn’t gonna make fun of you.” You swallow, tapping the rim of your cup cheerlessly. “I’ve seen The Conjuring before. A bunch of times, actually.”
   “Is there something wrong with you?” You almost take offense at his question, but then you look at the big, warm smile growing on his face.
   Caught off guard by his teasing, you scoff feebly. “I can tell you when all the jump scares are coming.” 
   Steve’s expression falls as he steals a few pieces of popcorn from you. “They’re not the kind of people to tolerate talking during a movie.”
   You sigh. “I could…” He distracts you, the way his pink lips kiss the salt off his thumb. “I could offer you popcorn. Right before each scare.”
   “Oh.” He softens now, thoughtful. “Yeah?”
   "Yeah." In a self-conscious move, you pull your legs off the floor, crossing them, and wincing at how your knee presses into his thick thigh. "If you want.” 
   His voice becomes gentle and grateful. “Okay.” 
   Natasha leans the crown of her head back into your shins and lets out a sigh. “I hate this team-building shit.”
   “No, you don’t.” You laugh, then poke at her shoulder as a signal to resume the movie. They’d settle and stop talking eventually.
   As best as you can, you anticipate each jump scare by about five seconds to elbow at Steve, tilting your cup towards him. He still startles at the clanging and banging and screaming, but it’s more of a twitch than a jump. 
   With all of you sharing one bowl, you’re only about three-quarters of the way through when the popcorn starts getting low. He starts to shrink into the couch when he notices, obviously antsy.
   A lull in the movie is your opportunity to grab the bowl from Natasha and rush into the kitchen to refill it, all the while hoping that nothing gets too scary for him. When you return to the couch—the container overflowing—he nudges your side and offers you an appreciative smile.
   He leans close to your ear, quick and playful, but his sincerity shines through even with the low volume of his voice. “Thank you.” 
   Distantly, you realize Vision can sense the acceleration in your heart rate; you just hope he blames it on the movie.
— — —
a/n: next part will be a steve POV! we’re ~alternating~ oOOoOOoh
— — —
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nomadicpixel · 4 days ago
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader 
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Note: My works are not to be translated or posted on another site without my express written permission.  Thank you.
This drabble was written for @the-ce-horniest-book-club​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your bed shakes. Steve, crying out your name for the third time tonight. His back arches up off the bed while his deep baritone reverberates down your spine. Clenching your thighs, they tremble from restraint. No hope for your panties. They are past the point of salvation.
Praying hopelessly for sleep, you know there is no way in hell you can rest in your shared bed when he calls out your name that way.
He’s asleep. It doesn’t mean anything. But if that was the case, why are you so restless?
Your heart pounds in your chest, and you’re fairly certain the time on your phone is wrong. Haven’t you been staring at this ceiling for hours? Not ten minutes.  
Choosing distraction rather than waking Steve, you get up. Five minutes spent padding around the hotel room in the dark. You use the bathroom, choosing that time to discard your underwear in your suitcase. Sighing in defeat, pull out your laptop, dim the display, and review the mission plans for the morning.
You ignore it when you hear your name whispered again. Instead, you drill down deep into the intel, testing your memorization of the target’s floor plans. Until your laptop is taken away.
“Why aren’t you asleep?” Steve asks, gravel lacing his voice as he leans up on his elbows in bed. The white bedsheet slides down his chest, revealing his muscular chest. You force your eyes up to his flushed face, and resist the urge to brush his sleep-ruffled blond hair out of his eyes.
Shrugging, you retrieve your laptop from him, setting it on your nightstand. The last thing you wanted to do was to have this conversation, and Steve could always tell when you were lying. You’d have to tread carefully.
“There’s no harm in taking extra prep time, is there?” you hedge, cradling your pillow and turning to face Steve.
His smile didn’t reach his eyes. “No, there isn’t any harm, unless it’s keeping you from a good night’s sleep. But you didn’t answer my question. Why are you awake?”
You don’t want to embarrass him. He may not remember what he was dreaming about tonight, and the last thing you needed was neither of you sleeping.
“I heard you talking in your sleep.”
Steve shifts awkwardly, rolling over so he’s facing you on the bed. His nostrils flare as he takes a breath, and his entire body tenses up. “And… did you like what you heard?” he asks, licking his lips.
Your eyes are so focused on his lips that you miss Steve’s gentle hand cupping your cheek. He says your name again. “Did you like what I was saying?”
You’ve only ever been this close to Steve while sparring, and you are damn sure he’s never looked at you like this. Like he sees your body, heart and soul, and wants to devour it all.
You breathe out a barely audible yes, and he closes the distance. Lips and tongues tangle until you’re breathless, and he kisses over to your ear. “If you liked what you heard, let me show you what I was dreaming about. You’re gonna love it.”
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buckyownsmylife · 4 days ago
Dark!Steve x Teacher!Reader smut teaser
Tumblr media
This is a very special work dedicated to someone I love very much! It’s almost done, so I figured it would be nice to share a snippet of it to you guys in our WIP Wednesday 💜
If there’s anything in my WIP list you’d like to see a small snippet of, today’s the day you can ask me for it!
Tumblr media
“This was supposed to be about you but fuck it.” Her mouth dropped open when she realized what it was that I was going to do, but she didn’t object to it. “I will eat you out until you pass out later, but I can’t just watch you anymore,” I explained. “I need to feel you from the inside.”
More wetness flooded from her, aiding me as I pushed in and began to stretch her to accept my dick. Her silent moan has me throbbing, especially when I bottomed out and she wasn’t able to keep it in anymore.
Slapping a hand over her mouth, I struggled to keep both of us quiet as I started to move in and out of her. Instead of containing my grunts, I tried to focus on the words I wanted to say, the ones I needed her to hear from me.
“You make me so fucking hot,” I confessed. “Always with your kind smiles and your little dresses, you were begging me to make you mine. I want you to be mine.”
She didn’t oppose that - not that she could speak, with my hand silencing her right then. However, he hands that held me closer to her told me enough - she wanted this just as much as me.
“I’m making you mine right now, aren’t I, doll?” She nodded, eyelids heavy with desire as she approached her peak. “Yeah, just wait until I cum deep inside this pussy. You’re gonna give me another daughter, and then you won’t ever be able to get rid of me.”
Her eyes widened at my words, but I slammed her head against the table, keeping her pliant under me. “Shh… just let it happen. You know you want to, I know how badly you want your own kid.”
Tumblr media
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barnesdogtags · 4 days ago
Real or Not Real? (Part 2)
Summary: Bucky made a bet with Steve that he would have a girlfriend before their trip back home to Brooklyn. Steve is bringing Nat and Bucky doesn’t want to be the third wheel. When he forgets about the bet until a few weeks before the trip, he asks you to be his fake girlfriend in a panic. Just one week, that’s it. But the line between real and fake quickly becomes blurred, leaving you to wonder if you’re really playing pretend anymore.
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff
Tags: fake dating, “there’s only one bed”/sharing a bed, mutual pining, slight friends to lovers
PART 1  [masterlist - requests are open]
Word count: 1K
Wake up, they’re gonna be here in twenty minutes.”
You spent the night at Bucky’s since Nat and Steve were coming early and you aren’t a morning person. He knew you would sleep through your alarm and make everyone late.
“Give me five more minutes,” you groaned.
“You said that ten minutes ago.”
He pulled the blanket off of you. It took you a second to open your eyes and the smell of coffee from the kitchen encouraged you to get up. Bucky sat next to you, and the two of you enjoyed your drinks in silence.
“Are you nervous at all?” He asked.
“I’m excited to be going, but then I remember what we’re doing and it freaks me out a little bit.” 
“I get that, I think we’ll be alright though. If at any point we want to stop, I’ll just tell them the truth and deal with it.”
“You won’t have to do that. We got this.”
You gave him a reassuring smile which he returned. After finishing the coffee, you quickly showered and brushed your teeth. Right after you finished getting ready, Steve texted Bucky that him and Nat were outside waiting. 
Butterflies filled your stomach as you and Bucky got into the elevator. He linked your hands together before walking outside. They were pulled up to the curb, and when they saw you and Bucky, their jaws dropped. Bucky put the suitcases in the trunk while Steve and Nat gave you hugs.
“Wow, I was not expecting this,” Nat laughed.
“Me either. Why didn’t you guys tell us?”
“We wanted it to be a surprise. It’s all still new,” you said.
He came up and slid his arm around your waist and you mirrored his action. 
“You guys do look cute together,” Steve complimented.
You blushed and Bucky smiled, “Thanks Steve.”
Steve got into the driver’s seat and you and Bucky slid into the back. They were bench seats, so he sat in the middle to be closer to you. He brought a book to read, and you downloaded a few shows and movies to watch on your phone.
“So how did all of this start?” Nat asked as Steve merged onto the highway.
You gave Bucky a look that said I got this. “I went on a date last month and Bucky came over after. He was upset for some reason and I couldn’t figure out why. Then he told me he was jealous because he has feelings for me, and I realized I felt the same.”
“I’ve always thought you guys would make a good couple. I’m glad you guys finally realized it too,” Steve said.
“So am I,” Bucky squeezed your hand even though they couldn’t see.
“I’m really happy you’re coming with us. This is going to be so fun,” Nat turned and smiled at you.
“Me too. It’s always nice getting to see you and Steve, and I’ve never been to New York before.”
“I’m sure Steve will love showing you every alley he got beat up in where I had to save his ass,” Bucky joked. Everyone laughed when Steve flipped him off. 
“I could still throw some punches for a 90 pound ashmatic kid.”
“I bet you could babe,” Nat teased.
It became quiet in the car aside from Nat’s music playing softly. Bucky took his book out and you decided to watch a movie. 
-   -   -   -
You woke up when you felt the car stop. At some point during the movie you fell asleep, and you were currently laying on Bucky’s shoulder. He was still reading his book, but he put it down when he saw you were awake. You quickly sat back up, feeling embarrassed. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you like that. You should’ve told me to move.”
“It’s alright, you looked comfortable,” he shrugged. 
“If anyone needs to use the bathroom, you better go now. We only have about an hour left and I don’t want to have to stop again,” Steve said.
You and Bucky went into the gas station for a bathroom break and then grabbed some snacks. Bucky got some donuts and water, and you got more coffee and a bag of chips.
“Chips? At ten in the morning?” Bucky asked.
“Don’t judge me, it’s a road trip.”
Once everyone was back in the car, you asked Bucky if he wanted to watch something with you. He said yes and put one of the headphones in his ear while you pulled up the show you were currently watching together. You were sitting close together, his leg and arm were pressed against you, but you didn’t mind. 
-   -   -   -
Steve pulled into the hotel about an hour later. It was a nice one not too far from the city, and the worker said both rooms had a great view. Luckily the rooms were right across the hall from each other. After checking in, everyone agreed to meet back in the lobby in 20 to head into the city for brunch.
You stood behind Bucky while he opened the door. He barely made it inside when he froze.
“What is it?”
“Shut the door.”
After doing that, you saw what the problem was. 
There was only one bed.
“Why aren’t there two? When Steve and Nat showed me the room when we booked everything, there were two,” Bucky was slightly panicking.
“They probably upgraded when you told them you’re bringing someone. I mean, they do think we’re a couple, and couples share beds on vacations.” 
“Well, I guess I’m sleeping on the floor this week.”
“I’m not making you do that, and how do you think that’ll make us look if they saw? We’re adults, we can share a bed and not make it weird.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
“I’m sure.”
He didn’t say anything else and you both started unpacking your suitcases. Twenty minutes later, everyone met down in the lobby to start the first official day of the trip.
tag list (let me know if you want to be added): @piggyinthesea | @ginger-swag-rapunzel | @sergeantbuckybarnes | @intothesoul | @buendiabebeta 
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fuel-joy · 4 days ago
Masterlist - Ongoing
Tumblr media
I spit on your grave
Pairings: Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader, Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader, DarkThor x Reader and Dark!Tony Stark x Reader. Dark!Pietro Maximoff x Reader and Sam Wilson x Reader 
Summary: Steve takes you on a little vacation in the woods for a twisted punishment. After the punishment is over he and his friends leave you for dead. You survive and make it your mission to kill the bastards that hurt you.... Leave no one alive. 
Chapter 1: The setup 
Chapter 2: Pietro 
Chapter 3: Thor 
Chapter 4: Tony 
Chapter 5: Bucky 
Chapter 6: Steve 
Chapter 7: Funeral 
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