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#steve rogers and bucky barnes
amarriageoftrueminds · 24 minutes ago
*me at 3am* think of all the things super soldiers don't have to put up with any more because of the serum. no morning breath, no creaky knees, no eye boogers, no hiccups, no coughs, no flatulence, no onion-tears?? do they even SWEAT freaks.
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5sospenguinqueen · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
PLOT: Bucky watches you train and you’ve had enough. Sam and Steve catch you. This is a fic from the Avengers Tower days where they all lived together. Based off this picture.
WARNING: Unprotected sex
Fists smacking into the bag, you step back so that it doesn’t knock you onto your arse, before darting back towards it and booting it with your foot. Grunting as the impact reverberated up your spine, you knew Nat would criticise your poor technique if she had been training with you. Your mind was otherwise preoccupied to think about your stance. For weeks you had been tense and coiled tightly all because of the newest resident of the Avengers Tower.
Bucky Barnes had been living across the hall from you for almost a year now and yet you still hadn’t relaxed fully around him. You were constantly aware of his presence and it had taken him a few months of Steve forcing the two of you to spend time together until he had relaxed around you. However, you had developed a strong bond since the night you found him on the balcony at 2am, staring up at the moon and shaking. It wasn’t a cold night and the distant look in his eyes informed you that something was wrong. You had pulled him in for a tight hug and he had spilled his heart to you about his nightmare. Happiness bubbled in your chest when - a few days later - you had teased him about his metal arm. Biting your tongue, you waited for the usual stony glare he shot you (or even an indifferent remark) but instead he had let out a small chuckle before responding with his own quip.
The first time the two of you had been sent on a mission alone, he had lost control for a millisecond when you two had returned to the motel room. Deep in thought, he had been startled when your small hand touched his right arm. Before you could speak, you were pressed against the beige wall and a vibranium arm was crushing your windpipe. Despite the fact that you were gasping for air, you refused to hurt him and instead begged for him to let you go. Looking down at your bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks, he dropped you instantly. Cowering in a corner on the other side of the room, he pleaded for your forgiveness; apologies spilled from his mouth with every other sentence. The pair of you had spent the night cuddled up in the small motel bed, your hand stroking his hair as his tears dripped onto your neck. Flowers had been left outside your door out of gratitude for your help and your silence. If you had told the other team what had happened, he would’ve been forced back to the ‘luxury psych hotel’.
As the bond between the two of you grew, so did the sexual tension. Electricity coursed through your veins each time he brushed past you. His cock jumped every time you smiled at him like he was one of the best people in your life. Sarcastic comments had been traded for teasing comments. Lingering touches and “incidental brushes” of your chest and his ass had you spending numerous nights with your fingers deep inside you and Bucky’s name tumbling past your lips. Exhaling deeply, you felt those piercing blue eyes that haunt your dreams staring at your figure.
“Can I help you, Mr Barnes? I know in your old age your memory starts to falter but this is a training room. You should be training, not lounging about.” You say, snarkily.
A heat ignited in your core when you turned to look at him. Seated on the bench, his legs were spread wide open, elbows resting on his knees. Hands dangling in between them, the veins in his right harm rippled as he flexed his muscles and his metal arm gleamed in the fluorescent lighting. Mouth hung slightly open, his tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip as he brazenly looked you up and down.
“And you should be training, not shaking your ass at me,” he smirked, leaning forward to see how you would react.
Taking a step towards him, you circle him before coming to a stop behind him. Leaning down, you whispered in his ear and smiled at the goosebumps that appeared on his neck. “I shake my ass for myself and myself only. Anyway, Barnes, you should be keeping your eyes to yourself. I’m far too young for you, Grandpa.”
“Oh, Doll, I could show you things that would have your legs shaking.” Bucky taunted, grabbing your arm as you tried to move away and swinging you into his lap.
Gasping at the sudden movement, you felt your panties dampen when he forced your legs on either side of him so that you were straddling his lap. One warm hand and one cold hand rested on your bare waist, an erotic combination that had your heart quickening. Forehead resting upon his own, your breath mingled with Bucky’s. Once more, his tongue licked his bottom lip but with your close proximity, it tickled your own lips slightly. Both of you knew that there would be no backing down or running away this time. Needing something to soothe the fire within your stomach, you made the first move.
Leaning forward, you connected your lips, hands sliding into his hair and giving a slight tug. Moaning into your mouth, Bucky bucked his hips against you. Tongue brushing against his, you squeaked in surprise when you found yourself on the floor. Your hands grip the bottom of his shirt and he pulls away from you to allow you to pull it over his head. Instead of reclaiming your lips, Bucky trailed open-mouthed kisses down your neck, sucking against a small spot that had your hips bumping against his.
“Buck!” You shrieked in shock when his metal arm grasped your breast. The coldness of the metal hand had you crawling away.
“I’m sorry, Doll. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Bucky frowned, lines forming between his brows as he backed away. Leaning up on your elbows, you reassured him that his metal arm didn’t scare you at all.
“You don’t scare me, Buck. I trust you completely. It was just cold.”
However, he still looked doubtful so you grabbed his metal arm and placed it on your stomach. Waiting to see what you would do next, Bucky’s cocky persona returned once you pushed his hand under the waistband of your shorts.
“Y/N, are you sure?” “Buck, if you don’t fuck me right now, I will go and jump one of those newbies.”
A rip sound echoed throughout the training room and your mouth dropped open at the sight of your shorts in his hand; torn in two. Before you could berate him, his mouth pressed a kiss to the skin above the band of your underwear and you begged him to touch you. One finger brushed along your core through your lacy panties, grinning at the dampness of them. Raising your hips so he could pull them down your leg, you protested when his right hand teased its way up your leg.
“Metal. Use the metal one.”
Cocking his eyebrow, Bucky shook his head in amusement before a cold finger circled the small nub of pleasure. Tracing your slit, Bucky blew gently on your wet mound before he slid a finger inside of you. An elicit gasp escaped your mouth when he curled it, pumping in and out slowly. Bucking your hips against his touch, you begged for more.
“Love the sounds you make, Doll.” Bucky murmured against your clit before he sucked gently.
Your hands pulled on the dark locks of his hair, shrieking slightly when he groaned against you.
“Buck, please, I need you in me.” “So desperate.” Bucky taunted as you made grabby hands at his shorts. “I’m gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop.”
Pathetic whimpers poured out of your mouth as Bucky pulled down his shorts, revealing his hardened cock. Gripping both your wrists in his metal hand, Bucky pinned your arms above your head, enjoying the way you squirmed. You were helpless under him. Attaching his mouth to your nipple, Bucky slid his tip inside you.
“More,” you begged. A shocked scream came out your mouth as Bucky slammed himself inside you, revelling in the warmth of your walls. Barely giving you time to adjust to the sheer size of him (apparently the super soldier serum enhanced more than his muscles), Bucky pulled out before thrusting deep inside you once more.
“Eyes on me, Y/N.” Bucky demanded as your back arched off the floor and your eyes fluttered shut. Bucky’s other warm hand gripped your hip tightly as he pounded into you, hard enough to leave bruises. Hips pistoning back and forth, Bucky grunted as your walls clenched around him. A mix of curses and his name poured out of your mouth as you fought against his grip, wanting nothing more than to touch him.
“Wanna touch you. Please, Bucky.” You moaned, pleasure rippling through you. His hips came to a stop and you cried out, wanting him to resume the pace that had you teetering on the edge of an orgasm. Wrapping his arms around you, Bucky leaned back so that he was seated and you were in his lap. Both of you moaned at the sensation before Bucky was bouncing you on his cock. The new angle had Bucky sliding in deeper and you screamed as he reached the right spot.
“You like that, doll.” Bucky said cockily, enjoying the sound of his skin slapping against yours.
“So close, Buck. Gonna make me cum.”
Bucky’s movements became sloppy as he thrust faster, eager to watch your face as you came undone. Your hands wrapped around his biceps, nails digging in and as you matched his pace. Pressing your mouth against his neck, you sucked lightly as your walls clenched along his thick member.
“The thing you do to me.” Bucky muttered. “Been wanting this for ages. Come on, princess.” His metal hand reached down and his thumb connected with your clit, rubbing circles onto it.
Head dropping into the crook of his neck, you moaned his name loudly as your orgasm washed over you. Waves of pleasure had you arching into Bucky, nipples brushing against his slick chest. Bucky fucked you through his orgasm, chasing his own high. When he finally came, his teeth sank into your shoulder to muffle the growl that rumbled through his chest and out his mouth. Hot cum splashed against your sensitive walls and you pulled him closer to you, basking in the after-sex emotions.
“Maybe now you’ll get the hint that I’d like you to take me to dinner.” You smiled, pressing a lazy kiss to the underneath of his jaw. Neither one of you were ready to move from the position you were in and Bucky was in no rush to slip out of the warm walls that perfectly encased him.
“AHHH! Are you fonduing?!”
“Ya’ll nasty.”
Two loud voices pulled the two of you out of the bubble you had created. Cursing, Bucky pressed himself against your body, shielding you from his two friends. Steve had turned his back on you both, hands covering his face as if he would somehow still be able to see you. Sam was staring at the ceiling but his body racked with laughter. Apparently the gym wasn’t the most private place to sleep with your super soldier.
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lyrachloezhang · 53 minutes ago
Steve & Bucky | All the Angels and the Saints | Inspired by Speranza's fanfic
I can't believe I actually managed to finish this! So ataats is definitely one of my favourite favourite pre war stucky fics it's an absolute masterpiece and speranza is also definitely one of the best stucky writers and I hope my edit do them justice!! Many many thanks and love to Oxycontin for translating this beautiful fic to Chinese and introduced me to this masterpiece this vid is for you xxx
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nkp1981 · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, and Anthony Mackie in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 2016
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fictivefrolic · 2 hours ago
Mission of Mercy: Thirty-Five
Bucky wasn’t sure what the fuck your mother was trying to accomplish, but he knew she wasn’t doing it. You were using the same tone of voice you used with Rookies who were having a breakdown.  And that Bucky assumed you used with clients in an old life.
There was too much chatter for him to clearly make out the words. The clink and clatter of glasses and cutlery and the low, buzzing hum of conversation. Ostensibly, this was a celebratory dinner. One that you’d organized without telling your mom it was a celebration. And now, after the announcement, you were standing off to the side trying to coax her into coming back to the table. Because of all things, your mother was furious that you were using a family heirloom as your engagement ring. 
Because it should have been Clay’s. But mostly because it had never been given to Rex to give to her. Rex had, evidently, told her it had been lost instead of telling her that his mother just forbade him to use it. 
Joe glanced to the side and cringed slightly, “Sorry, kid,” he sighed, “I didn’t know it would cause this much of a fuss.”
Bucky smiled a little and let the waited refill his glass, “It’s not like you could have known… Y/N either for that matter.”
“Still-” but whatever he meant to say, was cut off when he saw you walking back towards the table with your mom.
“Everything okay?” Natasha asked, stepping on Steve’s foot to keep him from getting up to pull out Carlie’s chair. 
“Fine,” you say brightly, giving her a meaningful look over your mom shoulder. 
“It isn’t,” Carlie argued, “It isn’t yours.”
“Carlie,” Joe cut in over you, “Margie didn’t like you. Nobody did. And, at the time you and Rex got married my wife was still wearing it.” The old man sounded tired. He hated that this was being discussed in public. “I gave it to the boy because Clay is dead. I figured it made sense for Y/N to use it now… And if they ever have a son she can gift it to him.”
Carlie made an irritated sound and Bucky heard you mutter, “Mom, you’re making a scene. No stop.” And there was a sudden little bit of calm. It swept through the table like a cool breeze on a hot still day.
“I hate it when you do that,” she snapped. Still obviously irritated. “It’s creepy.”
And for the first time, Bucky realized that you didn’t change a person’s emotions. You just changed their perception. 
“I like it,” Steve said helpfully. Bucky nodded in agreement and hoped Steve or Sam would have something to add. 
“Xanax doesn’t work on supersoldiers,” Sam said stage whispering to Carlie.
Steve and Bucky both nodded. And then it happened. 
Things went from bad to worse. And like the barometer you are, you saw it coming but couldn’t do anything about it.
“She’s an asset on missions,” Steve said trying to be helpful. And three Identical gasps. From Sam, From Joe, and from Carlie, clued Steve in that he had made a horrible, terrible mistake.
“On missions?” Carlie said rounding on you, “I thought you worked at the hospital.”
“I do,” you say, taking a sip of your champagne, “Part time.”
“You lied to me?”
The ear splitting screech caused both supersoldiers to wince and several other dinner parties to turn and glare.
“To avoid exactly this conversation,” you say calmly. Bucky knows you don’t feel calm. He can see the tension ratcheting down on your body. Ready to run. He puts an arm around the back of your chair and squeezes your shoulder.
When she raised her hand to slap you ,you catch her wrist, “Stop.” Your voice never rose, it was still the same calm tone.
“Ma’am your daughter is a hero,” Steve tried. 
But when it was clear you weren’t going to bow to her tirades she twisted her wrist out of your grip and swatted her drink at you, spattering your face, your dress, Bucky and Joe with the gin and tonic she had been drinking. You sat stock still and didn’t turn your head as she stormed off  but you did take the napkin Sam proffered to get the liquor off your face.
“Excuse me,” you say quietly, standing and turning the opposite direction she’d gone. Heading towards the washroom. And Natasha follows with both of your bags quickly. She isn't sure what exactly you have in your bag to fix your make up but she says a silent thank you to the creator of waterproof mascara. 
Bucky watches helplessly for a minute and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Thanks, Steve.”
“She called her creepy,” Steve said, offended on your behalf.
Joe chuckled bitterly, “Son,” he said, “That’s mild. And nothing compared to the earful she’s gonna get.” The old man shook his head and pushed his plate away. Sam looked towards where your mother was standing outside waiting for someone to chase after her. To soothe her wounded feelings.
“Are you gonna-”
“Nope,” Bucky said, not turning.
“Buck-” Steve started, not really sure what he wants to say but knowing that Bucky looks livid.
“Stop helping,” Sam said quietly, watching Joe pat the brunette’s shoulder. 
Bucky turned and looked at the old man and he smiled a little, “Give her a few minutes to get herself calmed down.” Bucky nodded and took a deep breath. 
“Well this wasn’t how I wanted the night to go,” he said dabbing at his shirt with the napkin Steve handed him and handing one to Joe. “Do the melt downs ever get less dramatic?”
Bucky watched Carlie start back inside and stood, “Excuse me, gentlemen. I’m about to go put the fear of god in this woman.”
You pause at the door of the washroom, looking towards the window. “What’s Bucky doing?” you ask, lips bloodless. So far you’d managed to keep them mostly separated. Your mother required careful handling and you’d built a pleasant little fiction for her about your life.
“I don’t know,” Natasha said quietly, looking to where Bucky’s co-conspirators appeared to be pretending nothing was happening. She handed the glass a helpful waitress had given her to another waitress and linked her arm through yours. 
“Chin up, tits out, I suppose,” you mutter letting her lead you to the table. You kiss Joe on the cheek and take the chair Sam is holding for you.
“What’s going on?” Natasha asked. 
Joe cleared his throat and took a sip of his beer, “Tin Man out there is giving Carlie the tongue lashing she deserves I  imagine.” When you make a strangled sound and start to get up, Joe puts a hand on your arm. “Sunshine,” he said quietly, “You sit right there. People have been kowtowing to her shit since you were a baby. But now you’re grown and there’s no way for her to hold you over all our heads. This has been a long time coming.”
Carlie turned to face Bucky, expecting her future son-in-law to give her a sympathetic ear. She sniffled pathetically and Bucky had to fight the urge to roll his eyes. “What the fuck,” he asked quietly, “Do you think you’re doing?”
The woman in front of him drew herself up to his full height and glared at him “Don’t you dare-”
“I will dare. And I’ll tell you this. You ever talk to my wife like that again and I’ll personally make sure that you never see her again. We’re not playing the poor me game any more. You think you’re the only one at that table that’s ever been lied to? Ever lost somebody?” He took a deep breath and half a step forward making Carlie move back out of the walk way and closer to the wall. 
“You don’t know how hard it is,” she spat.
“No- I only spent 70 years as a mind controlled zombie while everyone I ever loved thought I was dead. Carlie, no one wins the misery olympics.”
“I raised-”
“Everyone else raised,” he corrected. “They raised those kids while you wallowed and treated Y/N like she was a freak. Do you know why Y/N joined SHIELD?”
Carlie didn’t answer. She wouldn’t even look at Bucky.
“She took the job because she thought it was her one chance to find Clay and bring him home.”
The woman looked up and he shook his head. “She talks about him like he’s in the next room. Everything she’s ever done she’s been competing with your ghosts. And I’m not going to let her anymore.”
He hailed a cab for her and turned, taking a deep breath. He had more he wanted to say but he just couldn’t. He was so angry that he was liable to say something he couldn’t take back. So he left. Leaving her to decide where she was going and to go and kiss you until he didn’t want to shake your mother until her teeth rattled.
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coffeenoirposts · 2 hours ago
i can't stop thinking about stucky dancing together and the avengers catching them and cooing at them and Clint saying "aww it's so cute seeing old people dance together" and both Steve and buck stop and look at him with zero amusement, bucky will probably reply with a snarky comment and Steve just ignores it and fondly looks at buck and without thinking he gently kisses buck right cheek, the avengers LOSE IT they are cooing harder after seeing steve do that and buck would tell them "hey It's NOT a circus Act for you guys leave me and this punk alone!!" and points at Steve while saying that, after that the avengers leave and buck and Steve are left alone FINALLY and bucky looks at Steve and says "you punk come here and give me a real kiss" and Steve replies "yes sirr" and goes and gives bucky the sweetest kiss imaginable, buck then stops kissing Steve because air is important (🙄✋) and looks at Steve fondly and they both press their foreheads together smiling like idiots and continue dancing together being soft with each other 🥺
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616-buckycap · 3 hours ago
Part Twelve of The Fixers
Tumblr media
Clint didn’t like what they were walking into. He, Steve and Natasha had found some steam in a local factory, but had now stumbled across a strange building in one of the backstreets.
Alpine the cat meowed nervously.
“You and me both,” Clint said.
The building gave him the creeps.
However, Steve had said he was sure he had heard Sam talking. Clint personally thought this was a stupid reason to go into a creepy building, but they didn’t have much choice.
Thankfully Steve was right. The building was a large hall, and Luna, Tod, Redwing, Sam and Bucky were on the other side of the hall.
“We found the steam!” Clint called. The group met in the middle and hugged each other.
“Glad you’re safe,” Sam said.
“Yeah, except for the fact that we risked our lives going into the factory to get it,” Natasha said grimly.
“Thank you. We should get back to the airship,” Bucky said.
The hall had an unmistakable chill, as if someone was watching them.
The walk back to the airship was uneventful. Once inside, Bucky took the kettle that held the steam in, and poured it into a little beaker that was connected to the main control panel.
“And we’re live,” he said as the control panel flickered on.
“Yay!” Tod said, cuddling up to Bucky.
“Let’s get out of here,” Sam said, sitting in the co-pilot seat.
The airship had been flying for an hour or so when Luna took over flying for Bucky, who had to go get some lunch.
“Has anyone seen Bucky?” Natasha asked, walking out of the bathroom dressed in white pyjamas with red roses on them. Her hair was wet and in two braids.
Clint and Steve were playing a game of cards in the living room.
“No, why?”
“He’s taking his time with lunch.”
Then Redwing screeched loudly from his lookout post in the control room.
A plane flew past them quickly. But there was an unmistakable glint of metal on top of the plane.
“What the hell? Redwing, go get closer to that plane,” Sam said.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. That plane is set to explode,” a voice said.
The demonic spirit was suddenly behind Sam, grinning like a cat who got the cream.
“Sorry about your friend. But I demand a soul. And his was just too tempting not to take,” Katherine said, teleporting onto the dashboard.
“What do you mean?” Luna asked.
“What I mean is, your friend is going to die.”
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notthegeeks · 4 hours ago
Alright, y’all...this is the one we been waiting for, yes? It’s time to talk about Stucky.
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