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#steve rodgers x daughter!reader
shitty-marvel-fan732 · 18 days ago
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You Don't Mess With Y/N, Part 2
Part 2 of 3! Final part will be up on Monday!
Summary: Everyone knows you don't piss off Y/N. What will happen when someone ignores the warning? Groupchat!
Link to Part 1
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't Mess With Y/N
Part 1 of 3
A request from @wsoldieranon. Finally a little inspiration came to me! Hopefully I can actually start working on these requests! Parts 2 and 3 will be up soon 🥰
Summary: Everyone knows you don't piss off Y/N. What will happen when someone ignores the warning? Groupchat!
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shadow-dixon · 29 days ago
The Unspoken Words
Peter Parker X Stark!Reader
Studying. That's what you're supposed to be doing, but there is a lack of motivation. Stuck in your room all day yet, you still haven't gotten anything done. You had lost all hope of getting any work done today.
You were way too distracted to do anything. To distracted by what? Peter, Peter fucking Parker. That's who! There were unspoken words from both of you.
Everyone around you could see it, Everyone could feel it. Nobody really tried to say anything because they thought that you and peter would figure it out by now, But no. You were blinded by your weak little heart and trust issues that came from your father.
You had never had the guts to tell Peter that you loved him, That you wanted to be his and him to be yours. You were too afraid of masked rejection. Your whole life, you were told no but that's how it was supposed to be.
You were in love but too scared to accept it, you were too scared of ruining the friendship you had with Peter. It was driving you mad. Loving someone was never something that you were good at. You had a different way of showing love and affection.
You loved people from a distance, or afraid to get close in fear that they might hate you or be disgusted. But that all changed when Peter walked right into your heart and made you fall in love.
Y/n Pov~
I let out a sigh as I closed my Laptop. There was no need to try and finish my work, I knew it was useless to even start. I sat up and headed to the kitchen. If I couldn't finish my work, I would finish the last slice of pizza.
"Hey, honey, what's wrong?" Dad asked me. He also knew about my crush on Peter, he was the first one to find out. "I'm fine, just hungry. " I answered quickly as I grabbed the last slice of pizza from the box.
I turned to look at him. He smiled at me and laughed quietly. "Hey! I was gonna eat that!" I heard an all-too-familiar voice from behind me yell in a dramatic tone. I turned around and looked at the owner of the voice. Peter.
"Sorry...Wanna share?" I asked him. I didn't even realize that it came out of my mouth. Peter just stared at me in disbelief. "YOU SHARE NOW?" Bucky yelled from across the room.
"You never share with us!" Clint jumped in. "That's because your annoying and I hate you all. " I answered in a monotone voice, I soon smiled as I looked back at Peter.
"Take a bite already, I'm not gonna share with you again. " I told him as I pushed the slice of cold pizza in his face. He hummed as he bites the corner of the pizza, Smiling as he chews on the piece he took.
"That's disgusting. " Clint whispered as he walked over to the fridge and grabbed something. "I think it's nice, they are in love after all. " Wanda said quietly and Nat shook her head in agreement.
I looked up to both of them with wide eyes. That's the one thing that I didn't want to hear. "I'm gonna go, I have work to finish. " I muttered as I walked out and back towards my room.
"Way to go, Girls." I heard Clint yell at the two.
"Tip-Tap, Tip-Tap, Tip-Tap. " The only sound that fills the room. The sound of the keyboard and my fingers meeting. What was I typing, I couldn't remember. I forgot what I was doing long ago, And that still hasn't come back to me.
A knocked on the door stopped me from continuing my unneeded typing. "Come in. " I yelled as I closed my Laptop for the second time.
"Hey, I have something to tell you. " It was peter and He sounded nervous. I felt like something was wrong. "What's up?" I asked him even though I didn't really want to know.
"I have something to confess and It's important." He stated as he closed my door and walked over to the bed. "Go on?" I asked, waiting for him to finish. He looked at me and just stared. He was trying to tell me something but not with words. I could tell this was going to e heavy.
He took a deep breath and let out a small cry. "I really like, NO! I love you, I always have. You are so pretty and smart and cool and Just...I love you! You don't have to say it back, I just needed to tell you." He rambled on. WOW. That was intense and just what I needed.
Before I could Acknowledge what I was doing, My lips press against his. He stiffed but soon kissed back. It was slow with passion and burned against my lips. It felt so right.
We broke apart after what seemed like forever. "I love you too."
Those were unspoken and unwilling words that I held in forever, They have now escaped for him to hear.
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chronical-ly · 29 days ago
Unapologetically You
Bucky Barnes x F!reader
Disclaimer: There will be no relationship besides friends until the reader ages up.
Summary: She was never supposed to be pulled into this. But they needed help.
Warnings: Cursing, sexual themes(Later on), killing, brainwashing, death, anxiety, mentions of attempted suicide, drug usage (weed).
Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Three weeks later
"Should I be worried?" Bucky kept himself from smirking, his head angled into the menu as he pretended to read over each dish.
"Nah..." (Y,n) paused. "Stand by just in case, though." She 'hung' up her phone and watched as the man seemingly disappeared into the crowd outside. Her heart rapidly heated against her rib cage as she went to find the man, glancing around her and stopping to gaze through a few windows to ease the suspicion that might be on but it didn't stop the increasing anxiety shooting through her veins.
"Fuck..." She lost him, this is just great. (Y,n) finally got her turn to go on a mission and this happens just twenty minutes in. Before she could turn around back to the restaurant a hand gripped her bicep tightly as something hard pressed against her spin,
"Why are you following me? What the hell do you want?"
Bucky could see them from the restaurant, he had to force himself to not get up and help the girl. He was told to stay put, this is her mission- not his. (Y,n) has to prove that she can take care of herself. He can't protect her all the time, no matter how much he wanted to.
"You snuck up behind with a gun me and I'm the following you?" The man pushed the barrel harder into her back making her frown at the pressure,
"Stop fucking around. Move it, down the alley to your right." She let him lead him without a fuss, maneuvering past others. Neither of them spoke until the made it halfway into the alley where (Y,n) lifted her arms above her head and grabbed the man by his neck just to flip him over, causing him to land in front of her and drop his gun.
She raised the gun to her hand and immediately pointed it at the man who was already on his feet, sending swift punches her way to disarm her as well. Much to her distaste, he was able to get more hits in than her causing (Y,n) to push herself backwards while calling the gun. She wasting no time shooting towards him but he was already hiding behind a garbage bin, returning fire.
"Where the hell did you get another one from?" Getting fed up, she tossed the bin out the way but she wasn't fast enough to stop the bullet that struck her her chest. (Y,n) fell with a cry, leaning on the brick wall with struggling to catch her breathe.
"Nat, I hope you got that ice pack ready. She's starting to cry,"
"Shut up, I am not!"
(Y,n) sat on the ground held her chest still, not caring that the yellow paint was smearing all over her clothes. They warned her that the paintball bullet hurt like hell but she wanted to go on the 'mission' with no vest on, if Wanda could do it than so could she.
Or not.
"I'm glad you actually used your powers for something other than tossing your enemy in the air, pushing yourself backwards was smart. We're still going to have to work on your hand to hand combat, can't have you going home every week with new bruises." Steve made a mental note about training as his other two team mates approached them,
Natasha kneeled in front of her niece and pulled the collar of her shirt down staring at the purple blemish beginning to form before pressing the ice pack against it. (Y,n) took it from her as she stood up, slightly wincing,
"Yeah, yeah... I still kicked your ass though."
"I don't know about you but I think there's a yellow splash on your back, Stevie," He paused for a second before taking off his leather jacket and flipping it around, sure enough there was yellow paint in the middle. She must've curved the ball during their shoot out and he didn't even feel it splattering onto him making Steve look at her and smiled.
He was proud. She came a long way from needing help during each exercise mission to succeeding without him even noticing. Even if her parents wouldn't let her be an Avenger she was still one secretly because sooner or later they're going too need help.
Steve watched as she walked ahead of him with Bucky, there was something about (Y,n) that reminded him of himself, the way she never backs down from a fight was what everyone could see. Perhaps that's why his oldest friend was comfortable around her.
"I went ahead and told your parents that you're going to be late for dinner. You are going to stay late for your Avenger coronation right?"
(Y,n) chuckled at her aunts words while standing up from her seat to walk the small fridge on the jet, grabbing two water bottles and throwing one to Bucky. "'Avenger coronation' is that what we're calling it now?"
"I'm not calling it that, I have no idea where Nat got that from." Steve shook his head while trying to scrub the paint off one of favorite jackets, he regretted wearing it. It was a training mission, of course it would get dirty.
"Anyway, I'll stay late." She sat back down and practically drank the water in one gulp, she's been out in the hot sun all day tailing Steve in a foreign country. Her parents would flip if they ever found out what she was doing since (Y,n) was still banned from doing any hero work. It's not like she's going to hide it from them forever, just until she does something spectacular to get them on her side.
"I hope you all got-"
A loud thud interrupted her as something, no, someone smacked against the front the of Quinjet and started free falling. (Y,n) immediately stood up and looked out the window watching as the man few further away as he fell to ground. "Whoever that was is not getting back up!" Steve was already on it, opening the back door and buckling a parachute on himself,
"First God's then alien's, how many things are going to fall out the sky. I'll get him,"
"I'll go, you can't fly." Before anyone could stop her, (Y,n)'s impulses took over as she ran to ramp and jumped off. There was no way Steve could reach him in time, the guy was far away and the ground was coming up fast but this is what she trained for. One of her 'missions' was to catch her falling comrades, the only problem was that this is real ad the guy is currently unconscious.
"What the fuck?" The closer she got to him the clearer the picture it became, he had a pair of huge white wings which that aimlessly flapped in the harsh winds, she thought they were beautiful- stop getting distracted goddammit- (Y,n) abruptly stopped and held her hands out accidentally jerking the guys body, if he was conscious she was sure he would fuss about how she practically gave him whiplash.
They brought him to the compound for medical aide, the mysterious teenager as it came to be must have been in a serious fight with how badly bruises he was. Even if she did save his life it didn't mean her aunt wouldn't yell at her for pulling a risky stunt like that.
But (Y,n) wasn't bothered, she did what she thought was right. Sure, it may have been off pure uncontrollable impulses to be the first one in line but the girl was proud of herself. She saved another life, add that to list of ones she saved in Sokovia.
(Y,n) walked opened to door and noticed that he had moved from his original spot, his breathing seemed a bit rushed, all signs that he was indeed awake. She set the tray off food on the table before sitting in a chair rolling to his side with a sigh,
"I know your not sleep, you're breathing kind hard." Still he said nothing. She leaned forward and hovered her hand over his chest before smacking it down hard, right on his bandages causing him him sit up with a shout.
"What the hell was that for!?"
"Now that your up Wanda made some food, I think she called it goulash. Do you want some?" As (Y,n) placed the tray in her lap she watched the mysterious grab his broken with a frown before moving on the observe the rest of his injuries,
"Where am I?"
"Medical center at the Avengers new headquarters. You were pretty messed up when I caught you, I'm not sure if your wing was broken before or after you slammed into our jet." She sat back and began eating, fully enjoying a home cooked meal. Usually, Nat would just order pizza for everyone but today she was a true Avenger so the gang decided to celebrate the right way.
"I need to leave, I have people waiting on me- gah!" The teenage boy tried to get out of bed only to hurt himself furthermore making (Y,n) hold her hand out to lay him back down,
"You idiot, you broke like five ribs and you can't even fly anywhere. Might as well stay here until you're able to walk without hurting," She scolded him like her younger siblings or Bucky whenever he got and tried to jump into the action again when he could barely function.
"How did you do that?"
"I uh... I'm a mutant. And I'm guessing that you are too." (Y,n) has never told anyone outside her family what she really is, it felt wrong and scary but above all it felt exhilarating. This is her first time meeting someone of the same species. Another Homo Superior right in front of her.
"Warren..." He stared at the ceiling before glancing at her. "My name, Warren Worthington." He must've figured this place was alright, for now, there was another person like him plus she did safe his life. The best the kid can do is tell her his name.
"(Y,n) Barton. Do you want any food? Wanda made a lot."
Bucky was jealous, ahh conflicted! That's the word he's looking for.
He is conflicted. Not jealous, that's a whole nother thing that means a completely different thing Bucky is confused and his feelings are hay wire at the moment, he was awoken by a bad dream that has to be reason why.
Not because of some stupid kid with wings who thinks he take his girl best friend away from him. A part of Bucky wished (Y,n) never saved him, sure you can call cruel or mean but it's how he felt.
It's how he feels.
He's not jealous. Especially not of an eighteen years old. But it's all fine, because (Y,n) can like whoever she wants, if she wants to fall talk for a guy who gets hit by jets so be it! Who is he to stop them from hanging out- no one.
"Hey Buck, mind driving me home? It's getting kind of late and I want to put Nathan to bed before mom does it," The girl of hour walks up to him putting her backpack on and she was right. (Y,n) had stayed over later not only for dinner but for that kid, but it's fine.
The drive back to her house can give them time to talk, give him time to forget about those strange feelings and weird hate towards the boy. Bucky must see her as her daughter, yeah... That's why he's acting like this, it's so obvious.
"He's a mutant you know. He's like me, I've never met anyone like me before."
A daughter, Buck.
"Warren told me he's with X-Men, I kind of already figured that out with the suit he was wearing but how cool is that? Another superhero who's a teenager."
A friend. She's a good friend. Best friend even.
"I should come up with a hero name, he has one. Angel. It's sorta dumb to me but I guess it's alright, he said if I can't think of one he'll help me out."
Okay, an allie?
"He's pretty cool, don't you think?"
Fuck. Does he like (Y,n)?
Tag list (still open)
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youreanangelbaby · a month ago
🦇 For for first date + first kiss with Peter parker please?
im a firm believer that by the time peter kisses you for the first time, he’s already so in love with you
also ! like seven more days before the celebration closes send anything y’all want ! <3
first date with peter parker
hey now- the regrettes
pineapple express- mr. hong
location- camera cult
first kiss with peter parker
feel you now- the driver era
cupid’s chokehold/ breakfast in america- gym class heroes
and i love her- kurt cobain
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chronical-ly · a month ago
Unapologetically You
Bucky/Wanda Maximoff x Fteen!reader
Disclaimer: There will be no relationship besides friends until the reader ages up.
Summary: She was never supposed to be pulled into this. But they needed help.
Warnings: Cursing, sexual themes(Later on), killing, brainwashing, death, anxiety, mentions of attempted suicide, drug usage (weed).
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
(Y,n) sat inside a room in the middle of the floor. There was no windows nor doors, nothing except for her and the four gray walls. She couldn't do anything but sit there and cry as the collar around her became tighter and tighter with every passing second.
"Mutants are a danger to us all, we need laws to protect ourselves. We need weapons."
Her powers were useless with the collar on, no one could hear scream bloody murder as she called out for her father, mother, Aunt, the metal armed man. There was no one to save her again. No one to protect or tell her that she belonged. She was utterly alone.
"Monster's. That's what they are. Each and everyone of them should be exterminated before they exterminate us all!"
The world hated them. Despised them. While their worst fear is being overrun by those more powerful than them hers is being locked up for who she is.
"As long as there is people who is stronger than those in power... They will always be afraid."
The heart monitor picked up speed as multiple things around the room started to float in the air, startling both adults.
"What's happening?" Steve stood up from his chair and walked to her bedside, "Wanda." With his permission, the witch's eyes flew at bright red while staring at the sleeping teen.
"She's having a nightmare, a bad one."
"Can you stop it? We don't want her to break anything," Steve kept his focus on Wanda as she approached the bed and lightly pressed her fingers to (Y,n)'s temple letting the red wisps of magic flow into her mind. The rapid beeping of the machine receded back to normal as the medical equipment fell with a thump, she was okay.
"What is dreaming about?" He wanted to know what got the girl to calm down,
"Her family, you all. She can see why her dad loves you guys, you don't treat her like a child and respect her as if she was apart of the team." Wanda was still reading her mind.
"She technically is apart of the team now, you and your brother are too. Every one of you saved those people that day, in my book- that's what an Avenger does," Steve took a deep breath before patting the woman's shoulder to leave the room,
"You might want to tell her that when she wakes up then,"
"Why do you say that?"
Wanda looked back at girl, remembering her nightmare. It was something she feared too, being locked up for who she is.
"Because... We all deserve reassurance that we belong."
Thor had returned to Asgard to fulfill his duties as King while Tony left to rekindle his love for Pepper. Clint went home after the third day waiting for his daughter to wake up, he needed to tell his family what happened and didn't think that calling his wife on the phone to tell her that their daughter is currently in the hospital ward of the new Avengers compound was a good idea. Bruce was still M. I. A, they found the Quinjet he stole but not the man himself, it saddened the red headed assassin even if she tried her best not to show it. All while Steve and Natasha stayed, not only to watch over the girl per the request of their friend but to train the newbies.
Wanda, Pietro, Sam, Bucky, Vision, Rhodey, and soon (Y,n) will be the new members of The Avengers. With a little training they should be good to go... That is if Sam and Bucky don't kill each other by then.
"Good afternoon Lil Barton. My name is F.R.I.D.A.Y. Mr. Stark has instructed me to care you the way I do for him, meaning if you need anything just ask."
(Y,n) stared at the white ceiling, already feeling the ache in her arms and shoulder. "Did he instruct you to call me 'Lil Barton' as well?" Her voice was a little scratchy when she spoke but it nothing that water couldn't fix.
"Yes he did."
A smile crept on her cracked lips at hearing that. She slowly sat up, eyebrows clenching together at the pain before looking down at her clothes. She was no longer in the outfit she chose but no in basketball shorts and a tank top, these shorts are obviously not hers with how large they are.
"Would you like me to contact your father and tell him that you're awake?"
"Yes, please."
(Y,n) finally stood up and walked to the door having it slide open, this definitely was not the tower. She held her hands out and sang the song of 'eeny meeny miny mo' landing on the right side which brought her to the front of the building, she was definitely lost now.
"The team is outside, just head through the doors to your left."
She mumbled out a thank you before doing as the AI said. (Y,n) walked out to the lawn and stared at the Asgardian symbols burned into the grass, Thor had once again left the world and she didn't even get to say goodbye.
Familiar silver streaks whipped past her causing her to smile, a second later it came back with a kiss pressed against her check. Pietro stood next to her with his arm around her shoulder,
"You look well, красивый" Beautiful.
"So do you, I thought you were hurt." He lifted shirt to show her the two faded bullet holes in his side as she shamelessly checked out his well built body,
"I heal fast, it is kind of my whole thing ya'know?"
Seeing two shadows on the ground she looked up to see Wanda and Vision floating down, she had a smirk on her face upon seeing the teenager and landed in front of her.
"I was checking in on you when I heard your thoughts, you are awake. How are you feeling?" (Y,n) looked over the witch at her new bright red corset like suit, it fit her well.
"I'm okay... Did your hair get redder?" Wanda touched the tips of her hair and looked at it while humming,
"I have also said that about her hair, I'm glad to see that I am not the only one to see it. It must be because you're excepting who you are with your powers?" Vision turned to her and started having their own conversation separate from the others. Before (Y,n) could ask where the rest of the team were yelling could be heard behind them.
She turned around to see Bucky being held by a guy with mechanical wings, it was clear that they had trouble getting along with all the bickering. "Set me down gently this time!"
"Stop moving around so much dumbass!" The man dropped Bucky a few inches up before stumbling as his feet hit the ground trying not to fall. He stood up and glared at the man before turning to see the teen with wide eyes, (Y,n) looked over the man as she kept the smile on her face. She's only known him for at least twelve hours and somehow he managed to make her care about him. Was he the witch here?
"(Y,n)..." Bucky walked towards her and looked down at her with glossy eyes, he reached out to touch her but stopped half way and balled his hand into a fist before setting it back to his side, "scared the shit out of me back there, you know that don't you?"
That's right. Before she passed out she remembered Bucky catching her just as the rock started to explode, (Y,n) hadn't thought about how the rest must've felt especially her father. She closed the distance to him, folding her arms around his midsection while gripping the back of his shirt. "I promise that's the last self sacrifice I'll ever do."
Bucky chuckled, rubbing her back. "It better. That's supposed to Steve's thing,"
"'Oh this is Sam by the way, a.k.a The Falcon, my best friend' hey girl! It's nice to meet you. I already know your name though," The guy from before spoke up and copied Bucky's voice while waving his hand back and forth. They pulled apart just for the soldier to punch Sam in his arm,
"Hi Sam, it's nice to meet you too." (Y,n) chuckled, reaching out to shake his hand. She spent a few minutes with them, catching up on what she missed over the past three days of her being unconscious, it a seemed to be going well until two cars pulled into the drive way. The black one belonging to Natasha with Steve sitting in the passenger seat and her mother's blue Honda, Laura was the first to get out upon seeing her baby girl.
"Mom!" The child in her came out as she sprinted toward Laura who happily wrapped her arms around (Y,n), hugging her tightly,
"Oh my god, (Y,n). You're okay, God- do you know how scared I was?" She pulled back and held smaller face in her hands, "when your father came home without you..." Tears welled up in Laura's eyes as she stared at her daughter as if she was going to disappear in the next minute.
"I'm fine, mom. I'm okay, I promise. I told you I'd come back, didn't I?" Truth was, (Y,n) wanted to cry as well. Throughout the whole battle she scared for life, scared that her father would find her body laying somewhere under rubble or an Ultron would tear her to pieces as the team watched from afar but it was easier to hide it and push it down rather than tell the truth.
"Still doesn't mean we weren't terrified," Clint came up and draped his arm across her shoulders, pulling her into a side hug. "You can say hi to Cap and Natasha later, we need to talk to. Alone."
'Natasha?' He only called her that when something serious was happening. Steve gave her aunt a concerned look but she could only reply with a shrug, no one knew what was in store as they watched the family walk into the compound.
(Y,n) played with her fingers in a nervous manner, glancing at her new found friends outside the large windows every few seconds to ease the unsettling tension she felt.
"Your mother and I think... We think you should go back home," Clint spoke up first, clearing his throat.
"That's where am I going right? Home?"
"No I mean, we don't want you to do this superhero stuff anymore, honey." (Y,n) straighted her neck as her mouth gapped open, a soft laugh came out as she stared at her parents,
"Is this you talking or mom?" The no superhero talk in the house was created by Laura but often broken in secret by Clint whenever he told his eldest stories about his past or recent missions.
"It's both of us this time. You're too young to do this, at seventeen you should be doing normal teenager things and when I found that you weren't coming anytime soon-"
"Mom, I'm fine! This is the finest I've ever felt in a long time, for once I'm surrounded by people who like me, who are different." The parents shared a look.
"(Y,n)... I can't handle the stress of worrying about you and father in the field all the time. Nathaniel can't handle the stress," Laura reached out to grab ahold of her daughter but she scooted away and started to walk backwards,
"I uh... I'm gonna go back in my room,"
She ignored their calls and sulked back to the room she woken up in, her thoughts spiraling out of control while trying to keep herself from crying. It isn't fair, something good was finally happening to her and now it was being taken away in just hours.
(Y,n) sat on the bed, thinking over her parents words. She understood that her stressing out over her well being could possibly hurt Nathaniel but this is what she was meant for, both parents said they knew this day would come but the moment she gets hurt they want to retract what they said?
How is that fair to her?
A faint knock at the door tore her from those thoughts as she mumbled for whoever it was to come in. It slid open to show Wanda in regular clothing, looking back down the hallway before walking in,
"Did you need something?"
"What's a good place here that sells ice cream?" It confused her, why was Wanda asking about ice cream?
"I don't know, uh... Baskin Robins?"
"I've never been, could you take me there?" (Y,n) tilted her head to the side, trying to figure out why Wanda was suddenly asking these questions, did she read her mind? She probably heard her worrying and thought it would be a good idea to take a break somewhere.
"Right now, while everyone is busy. We'll be back before they know it," The door slide open again as she walked to out, knowing the teen would follow. Perhaps this is better than going home, she'd be able to relax for a while before this chapter of her life was over.
"Welcome to Baskin Robins, would you like to try our Mango fruit blast?"
Wanda stared at the board in awe, never have seen so many different flavors as (Y,n) looked over the man her eyes landing on his name tag, Scott.
"Do you have to say that everytime there's a new ice cream?" She asked, pulling her fathers wallet from her pocket. Wanda had managed to swipe it without him noticing, magic really does come in handy when you're broke.
"Yes I do,"
"Isn't that, I don't know... Kind of demeaning?"
"Only when someone mentions it, what do want kid?" (Y,n) looked to the witch who gave her a soft smile before ordering for the both of them. Sometimes it was good to have a friend who could read minds.
Both of them sat outside at one of the tables, glad the umbrellas were open to give them shade from the hot sun. It was quiet for a while as they watched people walk by, simply enjoying one another's company.
"You think about him a lot," (Y,n) turned to the witch quirking an eye brow. "James. You often drift back to him,"
"Invading people's personal thoughts is a violation of one's privacy. You shouldn't do that," She sassed before digging back in to her favorite ice cream, it's been a while since she's had some.
"I'm sorry, it's just that you were on his mind the entire time you were sleeping." Her eyes caught Wanda's blue one's. "James was scared he did that to you. He blamed himself for not getting you on the carriers fast enough, thought you were another person who's life he messed up."
(Y,n) stared at her cold treat, fingers nervously tapping the plastic cup. "My life is already ruined..." Wanda refrained herself from reading her mind, it was better to let her speak. "The day I found out I could control gravity was the day my life was ruined. I know live in fear that some time in the future someone will find out that I'm a mutant and I'll be locked away, put on The Raft and be seen as another monster,"
It was an recurring nightmare she had. No one left to save her, to be next to her, to love her because they all realized just how dangerous she is. The thought of being feared, hated even made her stomach churn.
"My aunt is one of the only people who knows what's it like to scared of being seen as a monster,"
"You're wrong," Wanda crossed her legs, averting her focus away from the girl. "I know how it feels... Bruce does and so does James. But Pietro? He doesn't care what they say, he's so laid back about everything."
(Y,n) felt a pang of jealousy, she had someone who understood where she was coming from. Her father tries but he can't make things floats by just lifting his finger, he isn't being hunted down every second of the day like her fellow mutants are. It isn't fair. Why is she alone in all of this?
"Didn't know you were in 'I'm running away from home' stage. You're not very good at it," The one and only Iron Man himself pulled up a chair to their table and sat down, pulling off his glasses. "Come on kids, mom and dad want you back home. They're not very happy by the way,"
"Why you here? Aren't you supposed to be with your girlfriend?" Wanda asked, taking the last bite of her cones.
"I was actually in the middle of planning our dream house when I get a call from your parents telling me you left with Samantha Stephens over here. So I'm here to take you home unless you want Clint to come get you and chew your ears off,"
(Y,n) sighed knowing this will most likely be the last time she'd see the team for a while. Her days of saving earth were over as soon as she gets in his car. There was nothing else she could do. "Fine, let's go."
Perhaps this was for the best. Doing superhero thing could possibly lead to her being outed as a mutant, the Avengers were already dealing with the government breathing down their necks. It isn't safe.
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chronical-ly · 2 months ago
Unapologetically You
Bucky Barnes x Fteen!reader
Disclaimer: There will be no relationship besides friends until the reader ages up.
Summary: She was never supposed to be pulled into this. But they needed help.
Warnings: Cursing, sexual themes(Later on), killing, brainwashing, death, anxiety, mentions of attempted suicide, drug usage (weed).
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Steve jumped out of the Quinjet and landed on top of the roof, “Two minuets, stay close.” While inside the building with Helen Cho, the team could hear her telling Steve that they had to get the crate to Tony. There was no way they could destroy it.
“Did you guys get that?” He asked,
“Sure did,” Clint responded, glancing back at his daughter who hasn’t said a single word yet.
“I got a private jet taking off across town, no manifest, that could be him.” Natasha pointed out, swiping things on a screen as Clint looked down at the streets below, 
“There. That truck is from the lab. Right above you cap, on the loop by the bridge. It’s them. Got three in the cradle one in the cab, I could take out the driver.” 
“Negative. That truck crashes, the gem could level the city. We need to draw out Ultron.” From the Quinjet, they could see Steve jump om the truck and on to the back door only for the metal man to shot it off, having him hold onto the hanging pieces, 
“Well, he’s definitly not happy, I’m gonna try and keep him that way.” He grunted, trying to make sure he wasn’t going to fall off into the road.
“You’re no match for him, cap.” (Y,n) mumbled, forgetting that he could hear her.
“Thanks, lil Barton.” It wasn’t like she was purposely trying to insult him. Most things she said just came out without a second thought. Natasha stood from her seat and went to the back of the jet staring at her new bike, 
“We got a widow. In four, three... Give ‘em hell.” The floor beneath her opened up, dropping her down to the streets. (Y,n) unbuckled her seat belt and sat in the seat next to her dad, watching the scene from high up, “They’re heading under the overpass, I’ve got no shot.” 
“Which way?” 
“Hard right... Now.” Natasha listened and turned down an alleyway, having to swerve past many civilians. 
“Clint, can you draw out the guards?” 
“Let’s find out,” He angled the jet towards Ultron and shot at him, causing both clones of himself to leave the truck and latch on the jet. With them trying to shot their way in (Y,n) held her hands up, pushing both off just for them to turn back around and fly after the jet still. Before they could reach it, both clones turned and headed back to the fight,
“They’re coming back to you now, whatever you doing make it quick.” (Y,n) told them, hanging on to the seat as her dad flew the jet towards his team mates again. 
“I’m going in. Cap, can you keep him occupied?” Natasha spoke directly to Steve,
“What do think I’ve been doing?” They could see both clones of Ultron rush towards the truck and pick the backside up into the air, 
“The package is airborne, I have a clear shot.” Clint announced, flipping open a few switches.
“Negative, I am still inside,” None of them saw Natasha jump in the back fo the truck,
“What are you doing in there? Get out,”
“I’m sending the package to you. (Y,n)... Get ready.” Hearing those words the door opened as (Y,n) readied herself, standing on the side of the jet but with the wind blowing and slight shaking of the jet it made her lose her balance and fell forward. But Bucky was already by her side, his right hand gripping her jacket tight as his left dug into the metal of the jet. 
“Coming in hot!” Natasha slid out the back of the truck with the container holding the android. (Y,n) lifted her hands once more and guided it into the jet with a soft grunt, pressing herself on Bucky as they moved away the rushing air. Just as Natasha took her nieces hand an Ultron grabbed the woman's leg and pulled her out of jet right as the doors started to shut.
“Auntie Nat!”
(Y,n) ran to the front and leaned over the seats, frantically searching for her aunt as her father did the same thing, even with his excellent eyesight he couldn't seem to find her. Steve ordered them to take the package back to the tower before Ultron commanded more of himself to attack... Natasha would have to wait.
Clint tried almost every way possible to open the container as Bruce and Tony looked for any type of message their friendly assassin could have sent out but there wasn't any. (Y,n) sat on a stool with the one armed man next to her, away from the conversation the others were having about the body.
"Hey uh," She turned to Bucky. "Thanks for catching me back there, I haven't exactly gotten the whole flying thing under control."
"Yeah... It's no problem." He looked away, staring at Stark and Banner plug things up to container. They were doing something without informing the rest of the team,
"If you don't mind me asking. But, how'd you get your powers?" Her head went sideways in confusion. "Well, I mean, Steve got his from a lab like me. That Johnny storm guy I've heard about got his from space, what about you?"
(Y,n) has never been asked this question before. Her whole life she's been seen as a regular person walking down the street just like everybody else, she had keep her powers hidden away from everyone until today.
"Nothing like that actually... I'm a mutant." She saw the way his eyebrows lifted and felt her stomach sink, "I'm not dangerous if that's what you're thinking, the news makes it seem like we're all bad people. We're not..." (Y,n) looked him in the eyes, somehow, they seemed to be brighter than before. "I'm not..."
Hearing yelling from the other side, both got up and rushed down the hall to see Steve standing next to two unfamiliar people.
"You don't know what you're doing," Steve shook his head,
"And you do? She's not in your head?" Bruce pointed to the brunette woman.
"I know your angry," She had an east european accent, almost Russian sounding.
"Oh, we are way past that. I could choke the life out of you and never change a shade," (Y,n) smiled a bit at that. She wasn't expecting him to say anything like that.
"Banner, after everything that's happened..."
"It's nothing compared to what's coming!" As they continued to bicker, their arguing overlapping one another made the teen's beat faster feeling overwhelmed. The silver haired guy unplugged the cords at a quick speed, leaving behind a trail of silver when he ran,
"No, no, no, you were saying." He was smug. (Y,n) hated smug people. She raised her middle finger and flicked it downward causing him to fall through the glass part of the floor he was standing on, landing in front of Clint.
"What you didn't see that coming?" Her dad chuckled, looking up at his girl. Before Tony could start plugging them back in Steve threw his shield breaking more of their equipment. Tony called for half of his suit and shot Steve in the chest with a ray blast, as the brunette woman's hands began glowing red Bucky grabbed her by neck with his metal arm,
"Don't do anything stupid," He warned.
Tony and Steve hit each other at the same time making the both of them fly back. The woman Bucky held pushed her power through her own body, knocking him backwards and turned to (Y,n) who kept her hands to her side, slightly twitching her fingers.
More glass was broken as Thor came through the ceiling, passing each person to stand on top of the container and raise his hammer, bringing down an large amount of lightening. It went silent for a few seconds before the lid bursts open with Thor falling off as they all watched the red android float out.
He stood and shot out towards the large windows showing the city below, they all went to go after him but stopped once Thor held his hand up. The Android wasn't harming anyone just... Staring out the window. At his reflection.
Suddenly, he made himself clothing out of nothing and floated down, "I am sorry. That was... Odd," He turned to the blonde God beside him. "Thank you."
"Thor, you helped create this?" Steve asked, catching in to what was happening.
"I've had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life, and at it's center is that." Thor motions to the glowing yellow thing in the middle of the Androids head,
"What? The gem?" Bruce took a few steps forward, he didn't know how powerful that 'gem' is.
"It's the Mind Stone. It's one of the six Infinity Stones. The greatest power in the universe unparalleled in it's destructive capabilities."
"Then why would you bring it-"
"Because Stark is right," Thor cut Clint off.
"Ohhh it's definitely the end of times." Bruce looked to (Y,n) knowing he'd get a smile out of her since Natasha was currently not there.
"The Avengers cannot defeat Ultron,"
"Not alone," The Android said, walking down the couple of steps.
"Why does your vision sound like Jarvis?" Bucky pointed out, standing in between the teenager and his best friend,
"We reconfigured Jarvis's matrix to create something new." Tony got close to his vision, curiously looking over the red Android.
"I think I've had my fill of new," Steve scoffed,
"You think I'm a child of Ultron."
"You're not?" He turned to (Y,n) and searched through his data only to find nothing on the young girl. He didn't know who she was.
"I am not Ultron. I am not Jarvis. I am... I am." A part of her knew what he was going through. She was still having a hard time figuring out what she is too.
"I looked into your head and saw annihilation," The witch gained on him, her brother not far behind.
"Look again," Clint scoffed at his words,
"Your seal of approval means jack to me." Clint did not like the little witch, most of the team didn't.
"Their powers, the horrors in our heads, Ultron himself, they all came from the Mind Stone and they are nothing compared to what it can unleash. But with it on our side," (Y,n) looked at her father with a frown, he said nothing to her about the witch putting things in their heads. Why would he keep that from her? They tell each other everything.
"Are you on our side?" Steve asked him, prepared to fight even if he'd lose.
"I don't think it's that simple,"
"Well, it better get real simple real soon." Clint was prepared as well.
"I am on the side of life. Ultron isn't. He will end it all," The Android answered.
"So what is he waiting for?" (Y,n) spoke up, folding her arms across her chest,
"You all."
"Sokovia. He's got Nat there too. If we're wrong about you, if you're the monster that Ultron made you to be..." Bruce approached him, softly speaking a threat.
"What will you do?" The Android didn't need an answer, the look on their faces were enough to tell him that they wouldn't hesitate.
"I don't want to kill Ultron. He's unique and he's in pain, but that pain will roll over the earth. So, he must be destroyed. Every form he's built, every trace of his presence on the net. We have to act now, and not one of us can do it without the others." Both siblings glanced at (Y,n) who did the same, they had gotten off to a rough start and now they were being forced to work together. Great.
"Maybe I am a monster. I don't think I'd know if I were one. I'm not what you are and not what you intended. So, there may be no way to make you trust me. But we need to go," The Android held Thor's hammer up for him to take, surprising the team. He took it from him and lightly tapped it on his palm,
"Right. Good job," Thor patted Tony on his shoulder, congratulating him on creating something that could lift his all mighty hammer.
"Three minutes. Get what you need."
This was it. The battle they've all been waiting for. She changed into something more fit for fighting, (Y,n) didn't want to be the odd one out wearing an old jacket and sweatpants.
"Ultron knows we're coming. Odds are we'll be riding into heavy fire. And that's what we signed up for, but the people of Sokovia, they didn't." Steve stood in the front of the Quinjet wanting to give everyone some sort of encouragement before they arrived. "So our priority is getting them out."
"Ultron thinks we're monster's. That's we're what's wrong with the world, this isn't just about beating him. It's about whether he's right."
Wanda and Pietro made evacuating the city easier, but once the citizens got to the bridge it slowed down causing both Steve and (Y,n) to yell at them to hurry up and leave. They didn't have much time before Ultron realized what they were doing, hell, he might have already noticed.
Out of no where, clones if Ultron emerged from the ground and began attacking everyone in their paths.
"Duck!" (Y,n) ripped a car door off and tossed it threw an clone, cutting it in half. They continued to fight side by side, as Steve threw his shield she would force guide it to take down a few more before giving it back to the soldier.
The ground started to crack open, shaking buildings around them as half of the city started to raise in the air. Sokovia was going for a ride.
"Do you see it? The beauty of it? The inevitability. You rise, only to fall." Ultrons voice came through each of his clones as they were docile only for a moment, sending a shiver down (Y,n)'s spin. She had never heard him talk before and boy did he sound evil. "You, Avengers, you are my meteor. My swift and terrible sword and the earth will crack with the weight if your failure. Purge me from your computers, turn my own flesh against me it means nothing." Lifting a rock she chucked it at one of the clones only for another to take its spot.
"When the dust settles... The only thing living in this world will be metal."
Steve yelled at her to leave the bridge and help the others, she was reluctant to do so until he used his Captain voice. (Y,n) ran down the street dodging falling debris, rising rocks around her and using them as weapons against the Ultrons'.
"Cap, you got incoming."
"Incoming already came in," Each person could hear Steve on the other groaning, "Stark, you worry about getting the city back down safely. The rest of us have one job, tear these things apart. You get hurt, hurt them back. You get killed, walk it off."
(Y,n) was doing relatively fine on her own crushing two or three clones with one hand while the other slammed more into the ground, that was until Ultron seemed to purposely target her
Ten. Ten clones rushed her, but only got a lucky shot hitting her left should making her body spin and hit the concrete with a thud. She could hear them behind her but it hurt too much to get back up, completely throwing Steve's words into the wind.
Before she knew it, her body was being picked up as streaks of silver surrounded her vision.
"No, no, come on. You're fine, it's just a scratch." Pietro set her down in an abandoned house and kneeled in front of her trying to keep her in the fight,
"A-a scratch!? I'm fucking bleeding!"
"(Y,n)? Are you alright?" Her fathers voice could be heard but she couldn't answer as a few tears escaped her eyes. She's never never been shot before and didn't expect to be any time soon.
"She's alright, I just have to stop the bleeding." Pietro was gone for barely a second before he came back with an t shirt, he tore it into rags and tied it under as well as over her shoulder to stop the bleeding the best he could.
"I can't do this... I can't do this, what was I thinking? I should've stayed home," Her breathing became erratic as her heart beat increased. Signs pointing to an anxiety attack.
"Yes you can,"
"No, Pietro I can't- I can't even breath!"
"Look at me!" He grabbed her face, stopping her from lightly banging her head on the wall. "You can do this, you came here for a reason right? To help save the world from global annihilation?" She nodded,
"Then get your ass up and fight!" Pietro grabbed ahold of her hand stood her up to her feet before leaving when his sister called for him. (Y,n) took deep breaths, walking back and forth before making her mind up. She's the one who told her dad she needed to do this, she's the one who walked onto the Quinjet and said goodbye to her family. She is the one who wanted to show the world that not all Mutants are monsters.
The doors bursted open as she left the house, clones once again surrounding her only to be immediately crushed or smashed into each other. "I'm all clear here."
"Good, meet us near the middle. It won't be long before the next wave," She angled her palms to the ground, changing the gravity that she held causing her to lift off the ground. As (Y,n) mentioned before, she wasn't the best at flying. She fell on top of Bucky a few feet in the air, hurting herself once again and probably the winter soldier.
"Sorry, I'm so sorry. I lost control," She rolled off him, moaning in pain as she stood up.
"You really do need to work on your flying." He joked.
"What do you got, Stark?" Steve ushered people away from the middle of town, not wanting anymore people to die from Ultrons hands.
"Huh? Nothing great. Maybe a say to blow up the city. That'll keep it from impacting the surface if you guys can get it clear," Tony sounded defeated.
"I asked for a solution, not an escape plan."
"Impact radius us getting bigger every second. We're gonna have to make a choice," (Y,n) sighed at his words just as Natasha walked towards her just as winded as the rest of them. She ran into her arms, pulling her Aunt in for quick hug.
"Cap, these people aren't going anywhere. If Stark finds a way to blow this rock..." Natasha wiped dirt off her nieces face before looking over at Steve,
"Not 'till everyone is safe."
"Everyone up here versus everyone down there? There's no math there." (Y,n) hated to admit it but she was sort of agreeing with Steve. She could see why Tony was always annoyed with patriotic personality, you start to absorb it as well.
"We're not leaving this rock with one civilian on it." She told her aunt, earning a honorable nod from Steve.
"I said nothing about us leaving... There's worse way to go. Where else am I gonna get a view like this?" Natasha softly smiled, staring at the blue sky and pure white clouds.
"Glad you like the view, Romanoff. It's about to get better." The one and only eye patch man spoke through their ear pieces as the Helicarrier came into view. Don't get it wrong, (Y,n) was more than willing to sacrifice her life for the greater good but she couldn't help but let out a laugh of relief. They weren't going to die on this rock.
"Fury, you son of a bitch." Steve chuckled,
"Ohh, you kiss your mother with that mouth?"
Slots on the side of the Helicarrier opened up releasing four smaller ones.
"Holy shit, this is S.H.I.E.L.D?" Last she heard the organization was disbanded, she didn't know Fury was hiding more than just a couple of people still loyal to him.
"This what S.H.I.E.L.D is supposed to be," Steve answered as Pietro came to stand by them, mouth agape at the flying carrier's,
"This is not so bad." He smirked.
New plan. Get everyone on board and off the damn rock before it was destroyed. Tony informed the team that he had a plan and meet at the very center of the city while Rhodey continued to guide people to safety.
"What's the drill?" (Y,n) dropped a bit more elegantly but not so much for Bucky as let him a bit too high.
"This is the drill. If Ultron gets a hand on the core, we lose." Tony pointed to the turning mechanism in the ground as the Hulk finally joins them, slightly startling the teen. He was bigger than he was on TV.
"Is that best you can do?" Thor challenged, staring up at Ultron as be raised his right hand in the air commanding what seemed to be a hundred more clones to follow him,
Steve shook his head, "You had to ask."
"This is the best I can do. This is exactly what u wanted. All of you, against all of me. How can you possibly hope to stop me?“
Tony hummed, looking around at his new grouped team mates. "Well, like the old man said... Together."
Every person had their role. Smashing, crushing, swinging, shooting, punching, each nd every Ultron that came their way. They were called Earth Mightiest Heroes for a reason, there was no way that genocidal maniac was going to win. Vision tossed him out of the church, using his Mind Stone as a ray blast have Tony to do the same with Thor conjuring up lighting all striking the robot in the face and arm.
Once they stopped, Ultron stood up on his wobbly legs and a half melted face, "you know, with the benefit of hindsight-"
Just to be cut off by Hulk punching him into the air having his clones turn around and flee,
"They're trying to leave the city!" Thor called out.
"We can't let them. Not a single one. Rhodey"
"I'm on it." But his victory was short lived by Vision destroying the rest in seconds.
As Natasha and Clint went to find Banner Wanda stayed in the church to protect the machine. Tony flew out of the city to stop the city from rising any higher while Steve, Pietro,(Y,n) and Bucky looked for any stragglers left behind.
"Pietro's hurt, I'm taking him to the ship. (Y,n)- I want you on board now." Clint voice rang through as he carried the silver blur off the rock,
"Dad we're almost done, just a-"
"Don't argue. Bucky, mind giving us some help?" He gave Natasha a short reply before pulling (Y,n) along by her arm but there was only one problem. With no one watching the church an Ultron got to the mechanism and turned the key.
The rock started to fall at an alarming rate, everything and everyone still on it flew up in the air expect for (Y,n) who held herself on the ground, hearing her name being called she looked up to see Bucky flying into the air with no sign of stopping.
She raised her hand and decreased the gravity around him making the soldier fall next to her. "Um... So you guys know how you told us to leave this rock?"
"Tony find them!"
The constant yelling from her worried family members began to drown out as she stared at her hands, focusing on her breathing. She can do this. She's stopped Lila from falling a thousand times before, this was just Lila... Times a thousand more pounds heavier.
(Y,n) spread her fingers and widened her stance, lifting her arms with such strain it made her cry out in pain. Her screams scared the man beside her but he didn't have to heart to tell her to stop because the rock was starting to slow down, as debris fell around back on the ground.
"Thor!" She felt blood run from her noise as she yelled, pushing her powers to the limit. Thor finished the plan from before, exploding the mechanism in the church making the rock do the same.
Her body went limp as she was no floating but because she wanted to, no, she had gave out right as Bucky grabbed her from behind. Right as her eyes closed from exhaustion.
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chronical-ly · 2 months ago
Unapologetically You
Bucky Barnes x Fteen!reader
Disclaimer: There will be no relationship besides friends until the reader ages up.
Summary: She was never supposed to be pulled into this. But they needed help.
Warnings: Cursing, sexual themes(Later on), killing, brainwashing, death, anxiety, mentions of attempted suicide, drug usage (weed).
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
No one really knew about them. Clint made sure that his family was safe and sound from those who want to hurt him. The only person who knew they even existed is their Aunt Natasha, a long time friend of Clint's.
She was there when Laura and Clint adopted their first child and she was there when their other children were born. Natasha was apart of the family and always kept them a secret, for their safety.
For her safety.
"Thanks for the weather report, Jensen. Today's next topic- Are Mutants a threat?"
"That is a good question, May and I'm here to tell you exactly that. For sixteen years we have been dealing with them, trying to to get a better understanding on what makes them, them."
"But we all know Mutants can't be trusted no matter what our president tries to say. Just last week, Magneto-"
Laura grabbed the remote from the kitchen counter and turned off the TV, giving her daughter a small smile. Watching that only made the teenager upset, no one wanted that to happen.
"What do you want for dinner?" Laura asked, opening the fridge to stared at each ingredient, making a recipe in her mind.
"They do know we're not all like that Magneto guy, right? I mean we're not a threat unless they force our hand, and they are forcing us." She stopped writing her science notes and jabbed a finger at the black TV screen.
Her mother shut the fridge and gave her worried look, Laura never thought she would have to worry about this with any of her children but it was just the card she drew. And she wouldn't change it for anything.
"(Y,n) I'm so sorry this is happening, I wish I could tell you that it'll get better but I don't know. As long as there people who is stronger than those in power they will always be afraid,"
Before anything else could be said Lila and Cooper came running through the kitchen, playing a game of tag. Just as Laura yelled at them to not run in the house Lila tripped over her toy only to stop midair before hitting the ground,
"Listen to mom and stop running," (Y,n) sat her little sister on her feet without lifting her hand. Lila chuckled and nodded before skipping into the living room where her brother waited to play.
"If it wasn't for you they'd be littered with bruises, I swear- oh! Can you finish washing the clothes while I cook?" Laura watched as her daughter close up her notebook,
"Yeah, I don't need you lifting the bin preggers." Both Clint and (Y,n) hated whenever she would try to lift heavy things that could possibly hurt her or the baby.
It didn't take long for her to finish the laundry, allowing (Y,n) to sit in her room with earbuds in each ear while staring at the floating crystallized rocks above her. Times like this is what she enjoyed most, calming music drowning out everything else as she used her powers without any repercussion. Unfortunately, it was all interrupted when the house began to rumble meaning Clint came home in a Quinjet.
She immediately sat up, landing the rocks on her dresser before opening her door.
"Did you bring Auntie Nat?"
"Why don't you hug her and find out?"
Hearing her father's and aunt's voice she jogged down the stairs with a smile on her face, only to stop halfway in surprise. His team was standing by the front door, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, and most importantly Natasha- who opened her arms for her niece,
"You just gonna stand there or give me a hug?" (Y,n) passed the superheroes and gave her aunt a warm hug.
"And that's another Agent, sure are a lot of them in this house." Tony said to Bruce, not trying to be quiet.
"Sorry for barging in on you," Steve apologized, realizing that this was in fact not a safe house.
"Yeah, we would have called ahead but we were busy having no idea that you existed." Tony looked at the family standing next to each other, still in shock that his team mate hid something as big as this from everyone.
"Yeah, well, Fury helped me set this when I joined. Kept it off S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files and I'd like to keep it that way," (Y,n) noticed the way Bruce looked at her Natasha, he seemed a bit hurt. They all looked a little hurt that. "I figured it's a good place to lay low."
(Y,n) watched Natasha speak to her mother about the baby while Clint talked to Cooper. Seconds later, both Steve and Thor walked out the house looking quite troubled. They all did really.
"Is there some place we can wash up?" Bruce asked the teenager, running a hand down his face.
"Yeah, out back with hose. The water might be kinda cold though," His eyes widened, not sure if she was joking or not until Natasha patted his shoulder and laughed,
"As long as the 'bedroom' eyes stop you can go to my room." (Y,n) shrugged, ignoring the embarrassed expression from the two adults. They've been there for ten minutes and she could already deduce what kind of relationship they had.
She turned to Bucky who leaned against the wall, not sure what to do with everyone walking off. She cleared her throat to catch his attention,
"If you wanna clean up there's a bathroom down the hallway, to your right." (Y,n) pointed behind her, staring into his faded blue eyes before traveling down to his left arm. Her dad was right, he did often keep it covered.
Bucky nodded, walking past her with no other words.
"Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time. My contacts all say he's building something," Lila ran up at Natasha at the dinner table and handed her a painted picture as Fury spoke to the group. "The amount of vibranium he made off with, I don't think it's just one thing."
(Y,n) sat next to her aunt, finishing off her bowl of spaghetti while quietly listening in on the conversation. Usually the rule of 'no superhero talk' was in play but this was a special occasion, "what about Ultron himself?" Steve asked,
"Oh, he's easy to track. He's everywhere. The guy is multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit." (Y,n) snorted at that, wiping her face from any sauce left behind.
"That still doesn't help us get an angle on any of his plans, though." Bruce spoke up, putting his now cleaned glasses back on his face,
"Is he still going after launch codes?" Tony picked up a dart, almost missing the whole thing.
"Yes he is but he's not making any headway," Fury informed him while cutting his peanut butter and jelly sandwich in half... Didn't he just eat spaghetti?
"I cracked the Pentagon's firewall in high school on a dare," The billionaire was surprised that his own creation wasn't making a bigger mess.
"Well, I contacted our friends at the Nexus about that."
"Nexus?" (Y,n) asked, looking at the team around her. She expected them to tell her to leave but was met with an answer from Bruce instead,
"It's the world internet hub in Oslo, every byte of data flows through there fastest access on earth."
"So what they say?" Clint joined in, drying the dishes from the sink.
"He's fixated on the missiles. But the codes are constantly being changed."
"By whom?" As soon as Tony asked, a dark flee past his face hitting directly on the bullseye. He turned to Clint who shrugged with a smile,
"Parties unknown," No there was something Fury didn't know.
"So you guys have an ally then?" Her dad has told her enough stories about his missions for her to jump in and ask questions without sounding stupid,
"Ultron's got an enemy. That's not the same thing. Still, I'd pay folding money to know who it is." As Tony threw another dart, (Y,n) made sure it hit the bullseye dead on causing him to quirk an eyebrow at Clint who looked at his daughter with playful frown.
This didn't go unnoticed by Bucky.
"I might need to visit Oslo. Find our unknown-"
"Well, this is a good time boss but I was kind of hoping that when I saw you, you'd have more than that." Natasha cut the billionaire off, a little upset that Fury didn't have more on what's happening out there,
"I do. I have you all. Back in the day, I had eyes everywhere. Ears, everywhere else. You kids had all the tech you could dream up," Fury walked away from the counter, the other half of his sandwich in one hand and a cup of apple juice in the other. "Here we all are, back on earth, with nothing but our wit and our will to save the world." He looked down at (Y,n) who tilted her head.
Fury wasn't expecting her to help... Was he?
"Ultron says the Avengers are the only thing between him and his mission. And whether or not he admits it, his mission is global destruction." The teen's eyes went wide at the thought if the whole world being gone, "All this... Laid in a grave. So stand. Outwit the platinum bastard."
"Steve doesn't like that kind of talk." Natasha joked,
"You know what, Romanoff?" These people where a family. Anyone could see that.
"So, what does he want?" Fury finally sat down at the table,
"To become better. Better than us. He keeps building bodies," Hearing Bucky's voice was like listening to music again. (Y,n) couldn't help but look his way when the quiet man spoke,
"Person bodies. The human form is inefficient, biologically speaking, we're outmoded but he keeps coming back to it." Bruce stood next to Natasha and examined the picture Lila painted of a yellow butterfly, his gears we're turning fast.
"When you two programmed him to protect the human race, you amazing failed." Natasha looked at niece while talking, rolling her eyes to make her smirk.
"They don't need to be protected. They need to evolve. Ultron's going to evolve." All eyes were now on Bruce,
"How?" Steve pushed himself off the wall, walking closer to the table.
"Has anyone been contact with Helen Cho?"
It was go time. The team all scattered to change their clothes back into their uniforms, gathering their weapons. (Y,n) watched as her dad came back down stairs tightening his gloves on each hand, he stood in front of her and sighed.
"I'm sorry for leaving again, I know you wanted to help me redo the deck but it'll have to-"
"I'm coming with you so don't worry about it," Clint, and Fury kept their eyes on her as she grabbed her jacket from the coat rack, shuffling it on.
"No way in hell you're coming, (Y,n). I need you here, safe. Protecting your mom and siblings." Clint pointes upstairs,
"You said no one knows we're here right? So they'll be fine. But I'm going," (Y,n) argued turning around to walk out the only for her father to spin her back around.
"You're not. And that's final,"
"I was born to do these kinds of things, dad!" She slapped her fathers hand off and stared him directly in his eyes. "The X-Men, Mutants just like me are there fighting for a better world. I want- I need to do the same. If this Ultron guy is as strong as you all say you'll need someone as equally strong on your side,"
(Y,n) took his hand in hers, giving it a tight squeeze. "Please... I know you want to protect me but I'm not a little kid anymore dad. The whole world is on the line."
"I don't know, Barton. Your kid makes a compelling case," Fury adds before leaving their house as the two didn't move. Having a silent conversation with one another.
"I knew there was going to be a day when you wanted to help save world like your man," Clint held her face with a soft smile. "Just didn't think it would be so soon... Go tell your mom bye we're wasting day light."
It took a few minutes for Laura to let her daughter free from her death grip hug but once she did, (Y,n) ran to the Quinjet with her heart beating in her throat.
"Welcome aboard little Barton. Nice of you to finally join the party," Natasha gave her some kind of ear piece just as her dad shut the doors and started to fly. Of course her Aunt would be proud of her, she also knee this day would come.
"Are you sure you want to do this? They didn't exactly tell us why you're coming along," Steve and Bucky both focused on the girl as she buckled herself in, nervously wiping her hands together.
"It's a surprise, Captain."
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jubileesstuff · 3 months ago
Loki x Daughter!reader (with superpowers)
(You can make requests, the post on things I write for is pinned).
Maybe I'll make a second part. Or if someone wants to, an oneshot.
Tumblr media
-so you are Loki's daughter
-you live on earth because he thought it would be safer there for now
-as you know, Loki came to earth in 2012
-of course he visited you
-Loki tried to keep you out of all this as good as possible
-did not really work
-in the end the Avengers and SHIELD found you anyway
-Thor, who didn't know about you, was quite surprised to have a niece now
-and he immediately tried to get to know you better
-but you're more of a loner
-like your father, you liked books more than anyone around you
-your best friends were characters from books
-and here we come to your skills
-in the sense of superpowers
-of course you could do magic, illusions and what was much cooler
-you could bring your book characters to life
-that goes for TV and movie characters as well
-all that you had learned only with the help of books
-and now imagine what you could do with some actual training
-let's put it this way, your father wanted you on his side and the Avengers and SHIELD too of course
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 4 months ago
Hi can I request a peter parker x barnes-Rogers reader (steve and Bucky's daughter) and me and Peter find out I'm pregnant with Peter's baby and we try to keep it a secret but everyone is suspicious of us cause I've been really poorly lately and Peter is being overprotective and one day Peter accidentally says "don't do that it could hurt the baby" or "and everyone freaks out and me, Peter and my dads have a long talk but everything is fine thanks xx
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker x Barnes-Rogers! Reader
Requested?: Yes!
Word count: Almost 7k
Warnings: Pregnancy, some angst but thats it I think?
Author's Note: Yessssss this was so fun to write! Very excited to be back to posting on this page again. Thank you so much for the request! Hope to start adding in more content soon, so if yall have any requests feel free to send them in! And if you have requests sent in already, know that I love you and I will be getting to clearing out my inbox here pretty soon 🥰
Taglist: @just-that-bi-girl , @winterfrostsarmy
In retrospect, the entire team should have realized what was going on with you a lot sooner. To their credit, most of them had noticed that something was different about you, but other than Nat and Wanda none of them had a guess as to what exactly that was. 
The men appeared completely clueless in respect to the cause of the recent changes in you. Even Clint, a married father of three, hadn't caught on even after he'd seen you leaving the bathroom having clearly just thrown up. Tony had been the closest to figuring it out of the all men, having noticed your odd mood swings and crying fits as they became more and more frequent. He noted the same behavioral pattern as he'd found himself stuck in after the Battle of New York, and secretly worried for your mental well-being. He hadn't felt comfortable enough to broach the topic with you just yet though, instead opting to watch you from a distance for the time being. 
The women, however, seemed to understand almost instantly what was going on. Nat had figured things out once she realized that you had been skipping training lately and noticed that you and Peter barely appeared to leave one another's sides for even a moment. Wanda based her guess almost solely upon the fact that she could just feel that something was different about you; your entire energy had changed in the last few weeks and she noted it even before Peter had. Both women had their suspicions, but had seemingly agreed to keep their thoughts to themselves until you were ready to tell the team what was going on. 
Your dads were a different story altogether. 
It took Steve and Bucky much longer to notice something had changed with their daughter, Steve longest of all. Either you'd done a great job of avoiding your Pops or he'd been incredibly unobservant (or more likely both), but he hadn't seen anything that he would've considered out of the ordinary for you. 
That is, until today. 
Steve was on his feet in an instant, sprinting into the kitchen at the sound of your enraged scream. He skidded to a stop and surveyed the room with a trained look for the source of danger, but found none. In fact, you and Sam were the only two in the space as far as he could tell. Sam's back was pressed snugly against the furthermore countertop as you practically cornered him, the older man clearly caught off guard by your sudden burst of rage. You flung your hands around wildly as you yelled, one gripping a box so tightly that your knuckles were beginning to turn a concerning shade of white.
Completely bewildered, Steve watched in stunned silence for moment as you fumed and screamed expletives at the slightly-terrified looking Sam, without any clear indication as to what had happened. 
"Y/N Barnes-Rodgers!" Steve scolded you finally, momentarily stopping your verbal assault. "What in God's name is going on here?" 
Your eyes turned to your Pops' briefly before flickering back to glare in Sam's direction. 
"Pigeon-brain ate the last of my oreos," you seethed, walking forward and jabbing an accusatory finger to Sam's chest, his hands instantly flying upwards in surrender.
 Steve felt his jaw drop in utter disbelief.
“What’s with all the commotion in here?” Bucky interrupted, striding into the kitchen much as Steve had moments ago and joining his husband's side with a confused look on his face. Steve crossed his arms and frowned at their daughter. 
“Apparently our daughter is screaming at Sam because he ate her cookies.” your Pops explained tersely.
“Not cookies, oreos,” you muttered, glare never wavering from Sam. You furiously threw the offending empty package roughly at his still bewildered face in lieu of another expletive. Sam was evidently so bewildered, in fact, that he didn't even flinch as the box hit his head and bounced pathetically to the floor. 
Bucky raised his eyebrow. 
“And that’s why you’ve been screaming like that?” he confirmed. You nodded, arms crossing your chest stubbornly. 
Bucky shrugged, looking towards his husband with a look of indifference. “Makes sense.”
“No, it absolutely does not make sense,” Steve lightly scolded, glancing at Bucky with a pointed look before returning his gaze to you. “Y/N you’re completely overreacting. Apologise to Sam right now.”
Your mouth dropped open, and you gaped at your dads with an expression that was equal parts betrayal and rage. 
“No?” Steve repeated incredulously. He stared at you with disbelief, looking between you and Bucky like he was hoping he’d somehow misheard you. You met his glance with an equally stubborn look as you planted your feet solidly beneath you and tightened the cross of your arms. “What do you mean, no?”
“You heard me,” you spat, unwavering. 
Sam merely looked confused as he watched the two of you argue, if albeit still a bit scared, but Bucky was sure his shock was evident on his face. You never back-sassed your Pops, not even when you were really angry, and Bucky only felt his disbelief grow at the prospect that your attitude was all due to a few cookies. 
"Y/N, you don't get to tell me no," Steve ground out carefully, voice stern with a rare sort of parental authority he seldom had to use with you. In fact, Bucky was pretty sure he hadn't actually heard him use this particular tone since way back when you were a toddler testing the limits of your dads' patience. But unlike your three-year-old self, you didn't back down at your Pops' disapproving tone; in fact, you met his intense stare with a flippant roll of your eyes, deepening your dad's shock at your abrupt behavioral shift. 
"He fucking knows what he did, everyone knows those oreos are mine," you snapped, eyes alight with a kind of fury the likes of which your dads had never seen from you before. 
"Language!" Steve gasped at his daughter, his authoritative tone giving way to a spluttering one of complete disbelief. 
"FUCK OFF!" you shouted instantly. 
Bucky had officially had enough. Irritation blossomed deep within his chest at the hurt he saw wash through his husband's eyes at your vulgar screech. Teenaged angst was one thing, but it was entirely another to blatantly disrespect Steve like you were. He still didn't know what was really causing you to act like this--because no way in hell could this be all over some oreos-- but he'd definitely passed the point where he even cared. 
"Doll, that’s enough. Clearly you're upset, but you cannot speak to your Pops like that," he practically growled. You turned your attention to your dad with the same kind of indignant irritation in your eyes, a flash of fresh anger rolling across your face at the sight of Bucky's equally irate expression. 
"You can fuck off too," you spat.
 Bucky's jaw clenched dangerously, the muscle in his cheek jumping and twitching as he took in his daughter's crass retort. Sam had long since left the scene, the nearly suffocating tension officially too much for him to take. Steve's eyes went wide for what felt like the millionth time since he'd first walked into the kitchen. If he hadn't known something was wrong before, he undoubtedly did now. 
You may not disobey him often, but you never snapped at Bucky. 
Steve had long since accepted that, though you loved the two of them the same, you'd always liked Bucky more. A daddy's girl from birth, you and Bucky had always been inseparable-- so for you to now scream and curse at him like this was like a flaming-red flag in Steve's mind. 
Something was definitely wrong. 
"Excuse me?" Bucky hissed. The two of you faced one another, arms crossed and expressions grim. You planted your feet even more solidly underneath you, staring your dad down with a fury so intense it was almost palpable. If it weren't for the overall tension of the situation, Steve might've teased the two of you for your near-mirrored positions. 
"Y/N? What's going on, I thought I heard yelling?" Peter asked as he practically skidded into the kitchen. He immediately joined you, face morphing into a look of utter concern at the sight of yours and Bucky's standoff. Steve braced himself, mentally apologizing to Peter for the verbal assault that was surely coming his way. 
But it never came. 
It was as if all the unwarranted anger was sucked from your body in a rush as soon as you caught sight of your boyfriend. Your face crumpled into an anguished expression, and Steve could see how the tears welled up in your eyes instantaneously. Peter clicked his tongue in pity and you thrust yourself instantly into his awaiting arms. He gripped you tightly, and you eagerly buried yourself further into his embrace. Face smashed tightly against his chest, you began to sob uncontrollably.
Your dads gaped at the scene, wide-eyed. 
"S-sam ate my oreos a-and now everyone's mad at me, and I j-just wanted my snack!" you all but wailed, voice muffled by Peter's body. 
Bucky blinked once as he turned to his husband, total confusion written all over his features. Steve just gaped in response, unable to formulate a semi-coherent thought, let alone words. 
"Oh angel, it's okay," Peter cooed softly into your hair, hands rubbing up and down your back soothingly as you continued to cry. "I can go and get you more oreos; don't cry Y/N/N, I'll just run down to the store right now to get you some."
Lifting your head from his chest, you seemed slightly placated and hopeful as you sniffled and looked up at him. 
"C-can I come with you?" you asked him shyly, tear-stained cheeks turning a slight shade of pink at your childish request. Peter smiled fondly down at you, clearly happy to see that you were feeling better. 
"Of course, it'll be nice to walk with you," he smiled sweetly at you and lightly kissed your nose. You giggled as you removed yourself from his embrace before walking over to your dads. 
"M'sorry I shouted daddys. Love you guys!" you apologized in a chipper voice before kissing both of the men's bewildered cheeks. 
The two supersoldiers both stood in stunned silence as they watched you leave hand in hand with Peter, who briefly shot them an apologetic look before the pair were gone. Steve thought he heard Peter mumbling something to Y/N as they left, but the only words he could pick out were "not good to get so worked up", which only confused him further. 
"What in the hell was that?" Bucky grumbled, face still crinkled with bewilderment. Steve simply shook his head. 
"I have absolutely no idea. I've never seen her behave like that, have you?"
"Nothing like that, but she was acting funny the other day too," he frowned, recalling the scene he'd walked in on just a few days prior. "She was full out sobbing on the couch a few days ago over a toilet paper commercial."
Steve gaped at his husband. 
"Doll have you seen your Pops? I can't find him any-"
Bucky's question died in his throat as soon as he hit the threshold of the TV room. You were curled up on the couch, arms wrapped around your knees as sobs racked through you. Peter sat next to you with his eyes crinkled in concern and hands rubbing gently at your shoulders as you cried. 
"Y/N what's wrong, why are you crying?" Bucky asked. Feeling his protective instincts kick in instantly,  he couldn't help but search the room with his eyes in search of any danger. Finding nothing, he narrowed his eyes at your boyfriend.
"Did he do something?" Bucky demanded. "Parker I swear to God if you hurt her I-" 
"What? N-no I didn't do anything Mr. Bucky I swear!" Peter spluttered, eyes widening in fear at the terrifying look in your dad's eyes. 
"Bullshit, then why's she crying like that? Of course you did someth-"
"N-no it's not P-peter dad!" you interrupted tearfully. "There was an ad on TV that just made me emotional okay? You know, the one with the boy crying in the bathroom and his dad offers him toilet paper for his tears?"
There was a beat of silence. 
"Doll, you really mean to tell me that you're sobbing over a toilet paper ad?" Bucky asked, brows furrowed in disbelief. You sniffled as you nodded, and fresh tears began to pick your eyes once more. 
"Yes! I mean it's just so inspiring," you blubbered. "I mean how often do you actually get to see a teenaged boy cry on TV? Never, cause toxic masculinity standards in this stupid patriarchal society we all live in say otherwise! And not only does the dad accept that his son is crying and is allowed to feel real emotions, he sits down to talk with him about them! I just got so happy thinking about all the little boys who will see this ad and feel the validation that they're normal for feeling sad every once in a while!"
Bucky just stared at his daughter with a blank look for a moment; he looked like he was unable to formulate a single response to the information he'd just been given. 
"Well that's...uh….that's great I gue-"
"I can't believe you would just assume that me crying just had to be because of something Peter did," you interrupted, angrily brushing the leftover tears from your face. "It's so unfair, you always blame him for everything!"
"I-uh," Bucky stammered, flustered by the sudden change in your emotions. You scoffed and stood quickly from your spot in Peter's embrace, crossing your arms petulantly. 
"It's true dad, you're always looking for something to yell at him for! It's so biased and unfair," you practically yelled. "Honestly it's such prejudiced bullshit. Some kind of outdated 'lock up your daughters' rhetoric that I can't believe yo…"
At some point during your impassioned speech you began stomping away from both your dad and Peter while still ranting. As your shouts became fainter and fainter Bucky found himself directing his dumbfounded expression at Peter instead. In a rare show of solidarity with your boyfriend, Bucky silently begged for an explanation as to what on earth had just happened. 
Despite the way his heart was hammering wildly in his chest Peter remained silent. He offered only a passive shrug to your dad before he clambered to his feet and began following after you. If Bucky hadn't been caught so off guard he surely would've been suspicious at the visible sweat that was beading on Peter's forehead and the way the young boy's hands trembled as he quickly left the room, the question of what was causing your mood swings laying thickly unanswered in the air. 
"What the fu-"
"She...a toilet paper ad? Really?"
"Yep, a friggin' toilet paper commercial," Bucky nodded solemnly. Steve blinked once, shaking his head. 
"So what did you do?" he asked incredulously. 
"Nothin'," Bucky shrugged. "She was so damned worked up that I figured she needed some space, and by the time I went to talk to her she'd already seemed completely fine. Thought it wasn't worth upsetting her all over again."
Steve snorted. 
"Yeah right, you were just too scared you would make her mad again," he chuckled. 
"Hell yeah I was," Bucky admitted freely, crossing his arms and shooting his husband a defiant expression. "You've seen her, you know how terrifying she can be when she's pissed!"
Steve chuckled once more, shaking his head fondly. 
"Mmmm, and I wonder where she got that from."
Bucky narrowed his eyes and scowled at the implication, a surly look overtaking his features. Steve couldn't help but laugh outright at the expression on his husband's face; it was the exact same face you always made when you were annoyed, right down to the little pout in your lip. 
"For the last time Stevie, she doesn't get that from me," he grumbled. 
"Sure Buck, whatever you say," Steve laughed. 
Though your odd behavior and mood swings were at least now on both your dads' radar, neither had any clue as to the actual reason for your sudden changes. The pair of them chalked up the incidents to little more than teenaged angst, however they had no idea how wrong they were nor just how soon they were about to find out what was really going on. 
"I don't understand Y/N," Steve stated carefully. "Why exactly don't you want to go with the team?"
You shifted your weight from foot to foot anxiously, huffing out a breath in mock annoyance and very real frustration. 
You'd been in the training room, lightly working out with Nat and Wanda when your Pops and Tony had walked in to announce that there was an urgent mission that apparently would require the entire team. Internally cursing your timing, you'd tried to sneak out of the room unnoticed, but as your luck would have it, your dad caught you. Now you were stuck arguing with your dads, the attention and curiosity of everyone in the gym directed at you. 
Your heart was thrumming wildly in your chest as you furiously racked your brain for some way, any way, out of this assignment and this conversation without an actual reason. 
Well, a reason you were actually willing to give, that is.
"Why does it even matter?" you snapped, hoping that no one clocked the tremor in your voice. "It's not like you guys even need me anyways."
"Doll, you always jump at the chance to come with us," your dad interjected. "So what's so different about today?"
"I just don't want to," you whined, lying through your teeth. "I'm tired and I don't feel good."
"But you were literally just training?" Sam pointed out. You narrowed your eyes at him, irritation bubbling under the surface of your anxiety at the contradiction. The older man shrank back a bit under your firey gaze, the previous incident in the kitchen clearly prominent in his mind as he stepped behind Wanda. 
Clint snorted. 
"If you could even call that training," he mumbled under his breath. Your jaw dropped. 
"What is this, gang up on Y/N day?!" you sassed as your arms flew to cross your chest defensively. Your Pops shook his head. 
"We're just worried Y/N/N," he reassured, brows furrowed with concern. "You've been behaving very strangely lately, and this is just one more thing."
"Yeah doll," Bucky nodded, agreeing with his husband. "So what gives?"
Your pulse sped up once more at the direct question, a sickening feeling rising in your throat like bile at the realization of just how suspicious your dads were. Unable to think clearly through your panic, you did the only thing you could think of. 
You scoffed in fake disbelief, rolled your eyes, and began stomping out of the room. 
"Y/N Barnes-Rodgers!" your dad shouted in an indignant and angered tone. "We are not done talking about this!" 
"What?!" you whirled around, stomping your foot like a child. "I just don't want to go this time okay?"
Bucky's face turned red at your open defiance, but Steve interrupted before he could even open his mouth to snap back at you. 
"No Y/N it's absolutely not okay," he scolded. You felt the burn of unshed tears prick your eyes as they searched desperately around the room, mind racing to think of an excuse that would get you out of this situation. 
"No, no buts Y/N," your dad barked, clearly having composed himself enough to speak once more. His arms were crossed as he glared at you, and the stubbornly annoyed look on his face was enough to make the tears in your eyes begin to fall. A feeling of utter entrapment and fear settled in your chest like a suffocating weight as you felt the hot, fresh tears stream down your cheeks. 
"Doll, are you crying?" your Pops questioned incredulously. "What on earth is going on with you?"
"Nothing! I just can't go today," you blubbered, past the point of being able to hold back your sobs. 
"You can't go, or you won't go?" Bucky asked pointedly, evidently not swayed by your tears. 
"It doesn't matter," you cried desperately. Your dad's eyes bored into yours directly as if he was searching your brain to find out what you were holding back from him. 
"It clearly does matter, otherwise you wouldn't be acting like this," he continued harshly. "I'm not sure what it is you aren't telling us, but I don't even care at this point. Stark said he needs everyone and your Pops told you to go, so you need to get yourself together and go and get ready."
The tears were now cascading down your face in giant streams and your face was growing warmer by the second. You darted your gaze back and forth between the other team members' faces, still searching for some kind of last minute way out of this situation. Finding only curious or concerned expressions, you turned back to your dads with wide eyes. You felt your mouth go dry as your lips open and closed wordlessly, the severity of your current predicament weighing you down more and more by the second. 
"No. I don't want to hear another word from you Y/N," your dad snapped. "Go and get ready for the mission now."
"But she can't go!"
Time stopped for a split second as the entire room's heads snapped towards the desperate shout.
Peter had only just entered the training room, wondering where everyone was, when he caught the tail end of your dad's order. He couldn't help but blurt the first thing that'd come to mind, the implication of which only dawned on him afterwards. As he rushed to your side he shot you a sheepish look, and you internally cringed a bit at his slip. 
Even though you were certain Peter's involvement would only further reduce your already slim chances of getting out of this mission without a full confession of what was really going on, you couldn't help but feel an inkling of relief as his eyes locked with yours. His hand immediately intertwined itself with yours once he'd reached you, and your belly fluttered with a warm tinge of comfort with the simple touch.
True, things were probably about to go sideways for the both of you, but at least Peter was here to go through it by your side. 
"Excuse me Parker?" your dad spat incredulously, eyes blazing with anger at your boyfriend's outburst. "I don't recall asking you for your opinion on my daughter or what she can or can't do."
Peter stood a little taller as he looked Bucky straight in the eyes with an unprecedented amount of determination. 
"She can't go." he practically growled, eyes stern and unyielding as he openly defied your dad. He was standing a half-step in front of you, tense back partially shielding you from the rest of the team as he spoke.
 Even with his face turned the opposite direction you could see from his profile the way his brows were furrowed and how dark his normally chocolate brown eyes had gotten. You felt a slight shiver run up your spine at the fiercely protective energy Peter was radiating, and your heart felt a bit lighter at the way he stood up to your dad on your behalf. You squeezed his hand in an effort to ground him, and he softened marginally as he glanced back at you.
Your dad however looked as if he might combust soon based on the way his eyes bulged out and his face turned a concerning shade of red. 
"What's that supposed to mean Peter?" Steve interjected carefully, his hand reaching up to rest comfortingly on his husband's shoulder. 
"It means exactly what we said," Peter said firmly. "Y/N cannot go on this mission today."
The team watched the interaction between you, Peter, and your dads with their heads bouncing back and forth between the four of you like they were watching a tennis match. Not a word had been uttered from a single one of them, and yet they stood completely transfixed as they waited patiently to see the outcome of the argument. 
"And why, pray tell, is that Parker?" your dad hissed, scowl etched across his features. 
Peter's eyes traveled to yours, irises swimming with a silent question. Realizing that there was no way out, you took a steadying breath as you nodded softly and squeezed his hand once more in reassurance. Peter smiled at you fondly before dropping his smile and turning back to your parents. 
"She can't go could be bad for the baby."
You could've heard a pin drop in the training room. No one made a sound, no one even dared to breathe. The shock in the room was palpable, but you couldn't be bothered to even glance at anyone other than your dads, their reactions the only two that mattered to you in this moment. 
Though you'd expected a rather explosive reaction from your parents (especially from your dad), you were met instead with blank stares. Your dads were simply staring at you and Peter in stunned silence, and their lack of a response actually frightened you more than the screaming you'd been anticipating for weeks now. The beat of silence seemed to stretch on eternally, though in reality it was probably no more than thirty seconds. You watched nervously, your hand becoming sweaty in Peter's as you waited. Finally, your Pops blinked and opened his mouth cautiously. 
"Bad for the wha-"
Ahhh. There it was. 
Your dad had clearly broken through his frozen thoughts enough to respond, and you would've laughed if you weren't so terrified. He looked positively furious; his eyes were darker than you'd ever seen them and his face had darkened from red to an almost purple color that looked painful to say the least. His murderous gaze was hyper-fixated on Peter, and you couldn't help but step in front of your poor boyfriend in an effort to take some of the heat off him. 
Peter, evidently, was having none of that, and he frowned before pulling you backwards and tucking you into his side tightly. If you hadn't been so focused on your dad right now you might've rolled your eyes at his over-protectiveness. Instead you allowed yourself the comfort of his embrace as you took a steadying breath. 
"It's not," you responded as calmly as you could manage while your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your throat. "I'm pregnant."
Silence enveloped the room once more, and you could've sworn it was even more awkward than the first time. It must've been, because you could see Nat and Wanda ushering the rest of the team out of the gym out of the corner of your eye. You weren't quite sure if you were grateful for the privacy or more scared of how your dads would react now that you were alone.
Your dads stared at you and Peter with wildly different expressions. Steve was staring off into space and looking as if he was either going to throw up or pass out soon, and Bucky still looked as if he was about a half a second away from murdering Peter with his bare hands. To his credit, Peter was still standing by your side with the same look of determination as before despite this, but you could feel the way his pulse was hammering through his veins as he too carefully surveyed your dads' reactions.
You stood quietly, trying to be patient as you watched them, but the suspense and anticipation quickly became overwhelming and you couldn't help but blurt,
"Say something!"
Though both their gazes snapped up to your face with your plea, yet neither your dad nor you Pops said anything. You were suddenly overcome with the urge to explain yourself. 
"I know that you're probably in shock or angry or maybe both- and honestly that's completely fair!" You rambled breathlessly. "I know we're still only eighteen, but I really think everything's gonna be okay? Really, I do. And I'm so sorry about today, believe me this isn't how we planned on telling you at all bu-"
"You're not coming on the mission," Steve interrupted, his voice completely devoid of emotion. "Nor is Peter. Your dad and I will be back later, and we're all going to have a long discussion."
It felt like all the air was sucked out of your body as you watched your Pops pull your dad towards the training room exit. You hadn't been fully sure of just how you were going to tell them, but never in your wildest dreams did you imagine that it would come out like this. Tears once more welling up in your eyes, your heart sank as you realized just how disappointed and angry they were. 
"I love you," your voice cracked as you called to their retreating forms, unable to bear the sight of them leaving without reminding them. They both paused in the doorway, and without turning back both muttered that they loved you too before they were gone. 
As soon as they left you immediately twisted yourself and thrust your face into Peter's chest, the tears flowing steadily as you sobbed. He wrapped his arms tightly around your shaking form, lips finding the crown of your head and hands rubbing soothingly across your back. 
"Th-they hate me now," you whispered brokenly into Peter's soft hoodie in between sobs. "They hate me Pete, they're n-never going to forgive me for this!"
Peter shushed you quietly, gentle lips kissing your hair as he began to sway you back and forth slowly. 
"They don't hate you angel," he soothed. "They're just surprised. Disappointed in the timing maybe, but they'll get over it. I promise."
"I never wanted it to go like this," you cried as you pulled your head from his chest slightly. Peter's hands left your back for a moment to come and rest on either of your cheeks. He leaned down to press a soft kiss to your forehead before retreating upwards to look deep into your eyes. 
"I know you didn't sweet girl, but it did," he said gently as he brushed away some of your tears with the pads of his thumbs. "It did and it's going to be okay. We'll talk to your dads when they get back and clear everything up. And no matter what, you and I are going to get through this together, okay?"
You sniffled softly, nodding sadly. Peter's eyes were swimming with guilt and dejection at the sight of the empty expression on your face. He didn't know how to comfort you in this situation, but it was like every molecule in his body was demanding he do so. He leaned down once more to press a loving kiss to your forehead, then your cheeks, your nose, and finally your lips. 
You sighed, head retreating back to his chest once your lips disconnected. Sadness was still swirling in your stomach and you just longed for the feeling that being in Peter's arms brought. He seemed to understand perfectly- as he always did- pressing his cheek to the top of your head and wrapping his arms tightly around you without a word. The two of you stood there for a while, bodies entangled as you continued lightly swaying back and forth. Peter's hands continued to roam up and down your spine and your tears began to slow and dry. 
Eventually you hummed, stepping back and up on your toes to press an appreciative kiss to Peter's face. He smiled as a faint pink tinted his cheeks at your display of affection. You giggled, slightly amazed that even after everything you two had done, something as simple as a peck on the cheek could still make him blush.
"Thank you," you said quietly, looking up into his eyes. He quirked an eyebrow at you in confusion. 
"For staying with me through all that. I mean it's you, so I wasn't really worried...but my dad can be really frightening. So thanks," you half joked. 
Peter chuckled lightly as he pulled you back into his arms once more. 
"Of course angel. Told you, I'm never going to leave you. Even if your dad is super scary. You two are stuck with me now. I'm never ever going to leave you or our baby," he vowed quietly into your hair as his hands reached down to rub the small but growing bump in your tummy lovingly. "We're gonna get through this all together, as a family."
You felt tears well up in your eyes once more, but this time out of sheer love and happiness.
 Damned hormones. 
"You're gonna be such a good daddy Peter," you whispered gratefully. Hearing the slight crack in your voice, Peter pulled you away from his chest gently to wipe your tear stained cheeks once more. 
"Hey now, no more tears today," he scolded playfully as he tugged you across the room. "When's the last time you ate something? We have the whole kitchen to ourselves now, and I bet my babies are hungry!"
You chuckled lightly as you allowed him to pull you along with him towards the kitchen. All the while, he chattered happily about the new article he'd just read about the specific nutritional needs pregnant women have, and your heart swelled at his thoughtfulness. You were still apprehensive about the upcoming conversation with your dads, but you were definitely feeling better. As much as their approval and involvement would mean to you, you'd come to the conclusion that as long as you had Peter by your side everything would work out alright. 
"Petey, are you sure you don't need any-"
"No! Nope. I've got this," your boyfriend interrupted stubbornly. You signed, hand absentmindedly rubbing across your swollen stomach as you watched him struggle with the latch on the new crib the two of you were setting up. 
Well, the crib that Peter was setting up. 
It'd been a few months since the team had found out about the newest upcoming addition to the Tower, and you'd decided that it was time to begin decorating the nursery. Tony, of course, had offered to have someone come in to do all the heavy lifting, but Peter was insistent that he be the one to set everything up. His protectiveness over you and the rapidly growing child you were carrying had only increased as the months went on, so much so that you were lucky now if he'd even let you stand for long enough to watch him put the baby's furniture together. It was endearing, really, how much he cared for the two of you, but you'd be lying if you said that you weren't becoming a little frustrated with how little you could do to help. 
"Really Peter, I can help," you grumbled, annoyed. "I'm pregnant, not disabled."
"Of course you could help angel, but I don't need help," he grunted, eyes never leaving the mass of parts around him. "You already have to do all the work of growing and housing our baby, the least I can do is build the crib!"
"Housing?" you teased, quirking an eyebrow.
"You know what I meant," he grumbled, and you couldn't help but chuckle at his growing frustration. 
Peter was clearly losing his grip just a bit as he struggled to make sense of the instructions that had been provided with the pieces. He sighed, throwing the pamphlet down on the ground before trudging over to where you stood, leaning against the changing table that he'd put together a few days ago. 
"I've engineered web-fluid from absolutely nothing, re-built computers from scratch and yet I can't even manage to put this stupid bed together," he whined as he dropped his head down onto your shoulder in defeat. "M'gonna be a terrible father."
"Ohhh bubs," you cooed sympathetically, smile falling quickly and heart lurching at the tone of pure dejection in his voice. 
You wrapped your arms around him, one snaking around his back and the other cradling his head. Your fingers began instantly carding through his chocolate-brown locks as he nuzzled his nose lightly into the junction of your neck and shoulder. His hands wound their way around your waist too- or as well as they could with your round tummy in the way- and his own hands began absentmindedly tracing patterns over your bump.
"Peter you have to know that isn't true," you soothed, kissing his cheek softly. "You're going to be an amazing dad."
He hummed non-commitally. 
"You think you're not?" you challenged, fingers halting their dance against his scalp. "Do the thing."
He raised his head from your shoulder, brows furrowed in confusion. 
"What does that have to do with-"
"Do the thing," you interrupted sternly. He sighed and knelt down, grumbling inaudible complaints as he went. Once he was face to face with your bump he placed his hands on either side, thumbs rubbing soft circles into your stretched-out skin.
"Hi baby, it's me, your daddy," he spoke softly into your stomach, lips so close that you shivered with each breath that ghosted over your clothed belly. "I love you so much."
The baby responded instantly at the sound of Peter's voice, feet jabbing out and kicking excitedly from within just underneath where his hands lay. You felt your heart skip a beat at both the feeling the movement in your belly and the sight of the dopey smile that lit up Peter's handsome face as he felt his child's kicks. You rubbed over his hands lovingly and smiled down at him.
"See bubs? He starts throwing a party in there every time you do that. He loves you so much already, that's not gonna change," you reassured him softly. Peter's smile dropped just a little. 
"But the crib-"
"Fuck the crib," you responded stubbornly. "You are the most caring, sweetest, and most thoughtful person I know Peter. You're going to be the world's best dad."
"Whoa whoa, believe we're the ones with the mugs that claim that title," a voice chuckled from the doorway. 
You smiled fondly, eyes darting to find the sight of your Pops leaning casually against the frame of the door with your dad standing just behind him. Both had amused smiles on their faces, and you grinned widely. Even Peter smiled as he rose to his feet and wrapped one of his arms around your back to pull you into his side. 
"Okay, third best dad in the world then," you amended, grinning. 
"That's better," your dad piped up, smiling. "Now what's this I hear about a faulty crib? Sam said he can hear Peter cursing all the way from his room."
Peter groaned, tilting his head backwards in exasperation as you laughed out loud. 
"It isn't faulty, I'm just an idiot," Peter grumbled. Everyone but him chuckled, and your dad walked further into the room. He clapped a hand on Peter's back as he grinned at the younger man. 
"Normally I'd agree with you, but I know if I do Steve will bring up how Y/N had to sleep in the bassinet for like 6 months because we couldn't figure out how to put her crib together."
"You mean you couldn't figure it out," your Pops snorted from his place in the doorway. "As I recall, I was not allowed to help with the furniture because you were determined to figure it out on your own."
Bucky shrugged, seemingly indifferent to his husband's insinuation. 
"Whatever. Point is, I wanted to see if you wanted some help putting it together. Thought I might be able to give you some tips," your dad continued. Peter's smile widened, and he nodded eagerly before your dad knelt down to help try and make sense of the directions.
The discussion after the incident in the training room had gone much better than you would've ever imagined. Both your dads had been relatively calm once they'd returned from their mission, and surprisingly there had been no screaming, no crying, and no threats towards Peter from Bucky like you'd been picturing. The four of you had sat down together and had a long, mature discussion of what your plans were in terms of raising and caring for your child, and by the end your dads had even seemed enthusiastic about the prospect of being grandparents. Their involvement and excitement had only grown in the following months to the point now that you felt silly for ever having been frightened to tell them. 
And now as you stood watching your boyfriend and dad work together to put your child's room together, tears began collecting in your eyes and you felt your chest warm with feelings of overwhelming love. Steve, noticing your tears, moved to wrap his arms around you and you leaned your head against his shoulder. Rubbing your belly lovingly, you couldn't help but feel a wave of gratitude wash over you for the men in your life and love for the little one that you'd all be meeting soon. 
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 5 months ago
Unexpected, Teaser
Tumblr media
"Doll have you seen your Pops? I can't find him any-"
Bucky's question died in his throat as soon as he hit the threshold of the TV room. You were curled up on the couch, arms wrapped around your knees as sobs racked through you. Peter sat next to you, eyes crinkled in concern and hands rubbing gently at your shoulders as you cried. 
"Y/N what's wrong, why are you crying?" Bucky asked, feeling his protective instincts kick in instantly, and he couldn't help but search the room with his eyes in search of any danger. Finding nothing, he narrowed his eyes at your boyfriend.
"Did he do something?" Bucky demanded. "Parker I swear to God if you hurt her I-" 
"What? N-no I didn't do anything Mr. Bucky I swear!" Peter spluttered, eyes widening in fear at the terrifying look in your dad's eyes. 
"Bullshit, then why's she crying like that? Of course you did someth-"
"N-no it's not P-peter dad!" you interrupted tearfully. "There was an ad on TV that just made me emotional okay? You know, the one with the boy crying in the bathroom and his dad offers him toilet paper for his tears?"
There was a beat of silence. 
"Doll, you really mean to tell me that you're sobbing over a toilet paper ad?" Bucky asked, brows furrowed in disbelief.
Authors note:
So I have a Peter x Barnes-Rogers!reader one-shot coming to you all soon, and I thought I'd just offer this little tease before I finish up the actual fic! Hopefully it'll be all ready to post by the end of the week!
Also, I was thinking of starting a taglist for my one shots/groupchats? If you're interested in being a part of that please message me and I will get one started 😊
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 6 months ago
Is This A Pregnant Thing? Part 2 of 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So this is in response to a request sent in by @freya-xo : Hi, kinda like a continuation of the GC u just did, can u do something like further on in the pregnancy, don't mind what
That groupchat is titled: Jk...Lol...Unless? if anyone is interested in reading that first!
Hopefully this is any good? Idek at this point honestly lol.
Summary: A snapshot into Y/N's pregnancy through the eyes of the ever-ridiculous group message. Groupchat!
Link to Part 1
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 6 months ago
Is This A Pregnant Thing? Part 1 of 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So this is in response to a request sent in by @freya-xo : Hi, kinda like a continuation of the GC u just did, can u do something like further on in the pregnancy, don't mind what
That groupchat is titled: Jk...Lol...Unless? if anyone is interested in reading that first!
Hopefully this is any good? Idek at this point honestly lol.
Summary: A snapshot into Y/N's pregnancy through the eyes of the ever-ridiculous group message. Groupchat!
Link to Part 2
Taglist: @hadesnewpersephone
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 6 months ago
Is This A Pregnant Thing? Preview!
Tumblr media
So the app store deleted my favorite fake-chat software, but I found a new one thats okayish. So within the next few days I will be posting a new groupchat with the Barnes-Rodgers! Reader. This particular thread takes place slightly farther in Y/N's pregnancy (a throwback to an earlier chat).
I hope to have the full thing up later this week, but until then here's a small teaser to ease me back into the swing of posting 😂
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay so I would like to FORMALLY apologize for being MIA for. . . I'm not even sure how long its been.
2020 has been a hellish time for everyone, but I've been struggling with a lot this year. I really needed a break from all social media, and unfortunately that included this page. On top of that the old editor that I used for my GroupChat posts was removed from the app store so I just basically gave up completely.
I'm officially back, and will be working on all the unfinished drafts and asks in my inbox (so if you are one of those lovely people I'm SORRY 😭). Hopefully I should have some new posts out soon, so watch out for them!
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oneshot-manyfandoms · 9 months ago
Living with Grief: Denial
Fandom: Marvel Pairing: Avengers x reader, kinda Peter x reader Warnings: Angst? END GAME SPOILERS BELOW!  Summary: Part One of a new series!  They say grief is a wild, living thing. But we capture it in stages- snapshots that help us figure out where we are and how we feel when the world has fallen out from under us. When you lose the person you love the most in the world, you decide you’re not going to let grief just happen to you. You’re going to take control, fix and fight every stage. That will take the pain away. Won’t it? FYI before you read- I’ve changed the final battle setting to the planet Titan. Also it’s alluded you have powers and are a regular on the team.
Tumblr media
There was just one moment, a single moment, where she acknowledged his death out loud. But it was enough to tear the world around her into pieces.
“I am...Iron Man.” The words were still ringing in your ears as you made your way over to your dad who lay still on the ground- too still. You stumbled over to him, the drifting remains of Thanos and the weight of realisation making the air feel thick and heavy. “D-dad? Dad, please...” you held his face in your hands, sparing a quick glance to the damage you knew couldn’t be fixed. His eyes locked on yours. You saw him try to smile, but the stones had burned him from the inside out. All he could manage was a flicker of recognition and love. Your throat filled with all the words- days, months, years worth of words you assumed you would have. You were suppose to have. All the ‘I love yous’ you would’ve exchanged, the laughs over late night takeout in the lab, the words of precious advice you’d both give and receive to one another. There wasn’t time to say them all, but saying only one or two didn’t feel good enough to convey all the words you were losing.
“You did it, dad. I’m so proud of you. And I love you.” You settled for the simplest thing, straight to the point, and prayed he heard the endless depth behind it. “I love you more than anything..”
You had imagined this moment sometimes, on nights when you couldn’t sleep after you had seen other members of the team beaten or broken. Loving superheroes wasn’t all capes and sweeping victories.
You always thought you would have begged him to stay, screamed for help, or even tried to make him laugh to distract him But when death looked at you from your father's eyes all those declarations suddenly felt selfish and desperate. The only thing that mattered was that he knew, he had to know, how loved he was. How so loved, and precious, and powerful. He had to know. “I love you.” He exhaled heavily, pushing  out one finale breath and giving his last measure of strength to show you a full smile. He had heard you. Even when his eyes turned dull, your hands wouldn’t leave his face. While you held him, you still held your father. When you let go, it would just be your father’s body. You buried your face in your father’s shoulder and let out a vicious sob. A noise that released soft streams of tears but with a violent scream of pain. If your father’s death didn’t break everyone’s heart witnessing the moment yours shattered, leaving a hole that would never be filled again, did. Then the world actually began to break apart around you.
With that cry energy pulsed from you in one big wave. Knocking the nearest people off their feet and disintegrating every tree, building, landscape in its path. The Avengers looked around at each other, shocked but in one piece.  “What the hell-” Clint turned to murmur to Natasha when the earth bucked under everyone’s feet, wide cracks forming as the ground pulled itself apart. “To the ships!” Steve commanded, sending everyone to the space ships and to the safety of earth. Whatever was released from you didn’t just decimate the surface, it was destroying the whole planet. He turned and ran towards you, still clutching your father’s body and crying. “Y/N,” through his tears he pulled at your arms. “Y/N, we’ve got to go. The world is going to fall apart.” You looked up at the boy next to you, Peter had gotten to you first. Or maybe he had been by your side the whole time. That was Peter, always right there. You looked at him and saw your pain reflected in his face, his mouth twisted in grief and his body shaking with sobs. Your voice sounded far away and hollow when you spoke, “mine already has.” “Hey, Y/N/N.” Another gentle, hurting voice. You looked up at Steve who had appear across from the two of you. “We have to go. I’m going to carry your dad and you and Peter are going to run with me to that ship.” Despite the ground potentially dropping from beneath you all any second now Steve kept his voice soft and careful. You shook your head no. You hadn’t realised what was happening to the planet around you, how could you with your dad’s body in your hands? You just new you didn’t want to move. You didn’t want to take the first step because once you did that every step would be one further 'before’ and deeper into ‘after.’ But when Peter’s arms wrapped around you, you didn’t fight him. You let him half walk, half carry you and kept your eyes locked on Steve who held your dad in his arms as he jogged. It wasn’t until you were sitting in the large metal hub of the ship that the world seemed to come alive around you again. You could hear the whirl of the ship’s engines, Natasha speaking to Steve about coordinates, and Peter trying to hold in his cries next to you. Your dad laid on some kind of cot that someone set up in front of the row of seats you were belted into. As the ship took off you grabbed his hand, you could swear it was still warm. They say grief is visceral and uncontrollable. The best we can do is create stages to mark some kind of progression. But is there ever progress? Is healing promised at the end of it all? Feeling the callouses on your dad’s hands you remember all the things he taught you to fix. Sometimes when what started out as a simple fix would get complicated or reveal a larger issue underneath you’d get so frustrated you’d want to give up. Your tendency was push away the broken mechanics and re-use the working parts for future versions that would hopefully yield better results. But your dad never wanted to give up on a project, just re-work it. He’d would watch you huff and curse under your breath and then with a smirk he’d remind you,  ‘Y/N, keep fixing the broken things and fighting for what’s working.’ You have to fix this. You have to fight this. You cannot let grief keep you broken or break you so much you completely stop working. But how? You look around the ship as if its wiring and metal plates would spell out an answer. That’s when you notice the sad faces around you. Some staring at your dad, some at you. All broken. That’s it. You can fix them. Fight for them. But you’d have to shut down yourself. Like your dad’s big projects, you have to take power from one to fuel the other. Closing your eyes you take a deep breath and flip a mental switch. You close down the parts of you that are wrapped around your heart like sparks and shards in a malfunctioning suit, and divert your power- your energy and attention outward. Grief will not be able to stop you if it cannot touch you. When you open your eyes they are dry. You let go of your father’s hand and grab Peter’s. “C’mon,” you whisper, leading him to a room in the back of the ship. It feels right doing this for him first, the boy Tony loved like a son and the first and only boy you’ve loved.
 Quietly you sit and talk, and slowly Peter lets go. Moving from comforter to the one being comforted. You tell him you need him and it’s true. You tell him he can share anything with you and it’s also true. But you lie when you tell him you’re in this together. Because Peter is starting to grieve and you, you are starting to fix this.
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iwritestoriesss · 9 months ago
The Glitch - Part 2
Characters: Tony Stark x Daughter
Summary: He’s her father. She knows that. He doesn't know that. She’s ok with that. She think’s It's better if She never tell’s him. Or at least that was her plan, until a stupid milkshake ruined it.
Taglist: @marinettepotterandplagg
Tumblr media
It's weird you always seemed me. I don't remember learning all this.
After I was done with the shower I changed my clothes, I didn't have many clothes just two T-shirt, a jacket, a tanktop and pants. I put my boots on that I stole. And went to look in the kitchen for food.
"There's nothing, that's freaking great." I mumbled. This means that I have to steal some food. Honestly I hate stealing, I only do it if I have to. Like now I'm very hungry.
I crabbed my bag and went outside trough the window exactly how I came in. I ended up in a little shop. Here is where being the 'innocent little girl' is very handy. I walked up to some apples and 'accidentally' bump in to them making them fall to the ground. The old lady and probably the owner, get's up and walked in my direction to see what's going on.
"I'm so sorry, m'am. I-I didn't mean too." I said making my eyes water. I pick up an apple one by one and start putting them back where they were. As soon as the old lady bucks down to help me I stuff an apple in my bag. "That's alright dear. Where are your parents?" O no the parents question. "My mom told me to look if there was any cereal here, because the supermarket is all out." I said, while mentally kicking myself for such a stupid lie. "I'm very sorry for the apples." I said, that's probably the only truth I told this lady. "It's okay sweetie. Now I don't have cereal here, we only sell fruit and vegetables." The woman said in a nice and welcoming tone. Making me feel even more guilty. "Okay, I will tell my mummy, bye." I said walking away while waving.
That was pretty easy, I still feel bad for lying to the sweet lady. I take a bite out of my apple. I really should drink something, but I'm really tired of plain water. I turned a corner and see a man drinking a strawberry milkshake. I know that a milkshake only makes you more thirsty but I would kill to get one of those right now. The man had his back turned to me, he was wearing a cap, sunglasses, a nice royal blue shirt and regular looking pants. There was almost no other person around
Okay mission: get that milkshake start's now. I untie my shoelaces and walk up to him, hoping that my acting skills won't fail me now. "Excuse me mister, I'm very sorry too bother you." I said looking too the ground pretending to be nervous. "What do you need?" He said in a very nice and kind voice. I looked up and, o no o no this is bad. THIS IS BAD. ITS FREAKING CAPTAIN AMERICA. I thought about saying never mind, but... the milkshake! The milkshake is calling me! "Umm...would you mind helping me with my shoelaces?" I asked hesitant.
"No problem sweetheart." He said, as soon as he reached down to my boots, I try to take his milkshake.
"If you wanted a milkshake you could have just asked."
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thebrightestdevil · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Tony finds out his daughter listens to Girl in Red 
Pairing: Tony Stark x daughter!reader 
Avengers x reader (platonic)
Word Count: 480
Warnings: nothing, just fluff
(Y/G/N) - your girlfriend’s name
A/N: Do YOU listen to Girl in red? :0
“We’re back!”
That was the first thing Y/N heard this morning, and she wasn’t very happy about it. Tony and his team were on a long mission in Russia, to destroy Hydra’s hideout. While they were away, Y/N decided to bring in her secret girlfriend to the Stark Tower. So now she was lying next to her partner trying to make up a plan what to do next. She had to think fast. Of course, she could say that (Y/G/N) was just her friend and anybody wouldn’t question it, but Y/N wanted to be smarter. Her plan was to smuggle her girlfriend out of the Tower. 
“What do we do now?”(Y/G/N) asked. Y/N smiled and told her about the plan. 
When Y/N got the text from her partner, that she was safe home, she let out a breath. Everything went the way she wanted to go. She decided to say hi to her family and eat breakfast. 
“Hello Sweetheart!” “Good Morning Y/N” “Hi Girl” Natasha, Steve and Clint greeted her 
“Hi Guys! How the mission went? Everyone came back in a one piece?” 
“As we always do” Said Thor who just stepped into the kitchen. 
“Good. I don’t know what would I do if I found out one of you got hu…” Y/N yawned 
“Someone didn’t get enough sleep last night, hmm?” Natasha laughed 
“Yeah. You can say so…” 
“ Okay, let her eat” 
“Thanks Clint” She really was thankful for leaving this subject. 
“Hey, before you leave, can you tell me where’s dad?” 
“Oh, he’s probably sleeping off” 
After breakfast Y/N took a nap. Around two p.m Jarvis woke her up.
“Miss Y/N, your father Mr. Stark is asking you to come to the conference room” Mechanical voice said.
“Thanks JARVIS” Y/N, without thinking, got out of bed, and moved towards the corridor.
“Hi, Dad! How was the mission? Did you get your rest after?” 
“Oh, um yeah. Mission was successful, everyone feels good. By the way hi!” All Tony 
“I looked at the camera footage from The Tower and I saw you got a visitor” 
At this point Y/N heart stopped. The only thought in her mind was. 
Well, she wasn’t wrong. 
“So… Sweater Weather or Girl in Red” That made her confused. 
“Um, Girl in red?” She wasn’t exactly sure what was she saying. 
“So, you aren’t angry or anything?” 
“No! Of course not! You got it after me”
 “I’m sorry, WHAT?” 
“You know, love for women” From that moment Y/N knew she was accepted by the most important person in her life. Her DAD.
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