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#stay strong
its-davidrmorgan-stuff · 4 hours ago
Self-Isolation by David R Morgan & Tobias Morgan
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hizziemikaelson · 6 hours ago
cleope in their bonkai / faithxbuffy era??? i'll overlook ms plec villainizing the black girl just this once........
Yeah. Unpopular opinion, but I didn’t really mind it. I get what people are saying, but I also don’t like the idea of giving a “ugh, Cleo isn’t an angel, now fandom is going to rightfully tear her to shreds!” pass. To this day I see people talk about how “mean” Raf was, and everyone hate him and Hafael in S1. Fandom is going to villainize these characters if they do anything other than cater to their white faves regardless, so I’d rather have complex motivations. 
Because if this was Lizzie or Josie, we’d be seeing “OMG, KLAROHOSIE/HIZZIE!” and people drawing 4x13 parallels. 
I think the larger problem is they don’t have a fixed WOC, they keep bringing various ones in briefly and having them embody an antagonistic role to varying degrees (Nia/Alyssa/Penelope/Cleo). Kym didn’t stick around very long. They tend to end on a redemptive note, but I see how it might rub the wrong way. 
Still, I don’t like the idea that characters of color and black characters especially can’t be dark, because oh no, they’ll be villainized. I’d rather have a character who is desperate for something and clever and willing to go to great lengths to get what she wants - than yet another Bonnie 2.0, as fun as Cleope was while it was sweet. 
I am a Katherine, Kai, and Klaus stan. Hope getting stabbed in the front/back just does not phase me. 😭 Cleo will still be my girl, lmfao.
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zhongwans · 14 hours ago
@randomingoftherandomness he wants us to STAY STRONG!!!! well maybe if he calmed down for at least 5 seconds- 💀
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redradley · 15 hours ago
TGIF everyone, from Cookie and I! ☺️
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iamthestorm · 15 hours ago
I Am Tired!
I am tired of so many things…
I am tired of not finding somewhere nice to live which is actually my own fault as I am picky as to where I want to live. I need mountains to be happy. I am curious by nature and want to explore things. I want to know about the history of Scotland and everything it has to offer.
I am tired, oh so tired to not be able to move where I really want to be. Which would be the Isle of Lewis. I can’t explain why, but something inside tells me, that I need to be there!
I am tired of living somewhere second best. That’s what I always did. And I am not a second-best person!
I am tired of my weight going up and down because I am not sticking to things.
I am tired of my older daughter not speaking to me, which I admit, is partially my own fault. I tried to make it right, but she is as stubborn as me, so no progress here.
I am tired of not finding a new, better paid job. I know the resolution would be to move to the big city, but a big city comes with personal disadvantages.
I am tired of not being able to just buy something for my little children when they ask me to. I know children need boundaries, but a little surprise every now and again without thinking about money would be nice.
I am tired of still not being pregnant, because I probably run out of eggs. Don’t get me wrong when people look at me, they always assume I am in my late 20s (very flattering) or my early 30s (more likely), but I am turning 42 this Sunday and statistically I am old when it comes to pregnancy!
I am tired of not getting enough running in due to work commitments.
I am tired of not getting enough sleep. I know that 8 – 10 hours per night for me is ideal but that’s something I am just dreaming of right now. Not literally.
I am tired of always walking the rocky path. Why does it always have to be so difficult?
I am tired that Tumblr seems to be more about pictures and short lines rather than “proper” written blogs. Though no offense, I am following single line blogs as well. But my brain needs deeper stimulation.
I am tired of not proper blogging. I used to blog at least once per week on another platform, but can’t use it anymore as it would make my fiancée unhappy.
I am tired of not being able to just elope right this instance, as I know my fiancée would like to have the real thing and I want to see him happy. He would like his friends and family to attend. Me? I have always been mortified when all attention was on me and I already get the sweats and feel physically ill, just thinking about it.
I am tired of missing my friends. I spend the majority of the last 10 years alone due to moving house every two years and not making real friends along the way. My best friends are all in good old Hamburg and I get to see them once in a while.
I am tired of not spending girl days out.
I am tired of the fact that I will miss my best friend forever. He was there for me when I was at my happiest and he was there for me when I was on my utter lowest until he chose to not be there anymore.
I am tired of marching on.
I guess right now, I am just tired of life itself. But I also know that I am not the only one. People are battling things every day all around the world and I know at some point we all will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
But of course, it’s not all bad.
I will never tire of my children’s laughs and hugs and kisses.
And I will never ever tire of my hopefully sooner rather than later husband-to-be’s love for me.
Until the next time…
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umairanazblog · 17 hours ago
Sometime in life you feel like there is no hope, no purpose of life and no meaning of your existence. When things start seems blurry, remember the most precious ones are tested. Stay patient and you will get the eternal bliss you ever wanted. Its just the way of life to polish you according to your capabilities.
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livingwitch · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
To everyone out there needing to hear this, you control your life and who you are.
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braveboyhalo · a day ago
yeah but. but Write :(
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lequant · a day ago
hi i love u n m just going to go sleeb bc im too worried about the anon coming back and triggering me again tonight but i rlly do love you so much
i love you too, please stay strong, don't listen to them and turn off your asks until tomorrow
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Start tomorrow. Start today. Start now.
Commit to a healing process. Work towards a better life for yourself. Put effort into the person you will become.
At the end of the day, it is not important where you get, but it is vital that you had a direction.
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kindahoping4forever · a day ago
take care of yourself babe. i’m going through some medical nightmares as well and i know how stressed i am about it all. you don’t really know me but i love your writing and i hate to see you struggling! please let me know if you need a little bit of support because i don’t mind sending you a message when you need it. 💕
I saw this message while I was tossing and turning early this morning and it made me feel a little less alone so thank you for sending it, truly. 🥲 I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through a difficult time as well. We're both gonna figure things out and we're both gonna feel good again! We just gotta hang in there. We got this! 💙💙
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jinglejanglejam · a day ago
big question of the day: will @froglegsz hit post limit and will it happen before i even log back on for the day
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