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#star wars: the clone wars
incorrectclonequotes · 12 minutes ago
Boost: Why are you doing this?
Wolffe: Same reason I do everything, Boost. To get somebody to like me.
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oodlife · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cad Bane’s new look is based on concept art originally created in 2012 for the Boba and Bane arc originally intended for Clone Wars season 6.
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huffleclawrox · 45 minutes ago
obi-wan: qui-gin’s weakness: tech
obi-wan: ahsoka’s: fire
obi-wan: cody’s: also fire
obi-wan: rex’s: can’t act to save his life
obi-wan: anakin’s: crippling self-doubt mixed with overwhelming hubris
anakin: woah woah woah! that’s, like, really personal compared to FIRE
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sassshime · 49 minutes ago
POV: You ask if you can sit in the same table with your crush.
Tumblr media
Crosshair's POV:
Tumblr media
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secretlyatimelady · an hour ago
Clumsy Clones headcannon
I have a headcannon that the young clones (cadets) in tcw are actually pretty clumsy, as i believe their growth is accelerated which means they would constantly have to get used to limbs that are every so slightly longer than they remembered.
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morri-gans-teapot · an hour ago
Destroyers and pleasure
Tech x reader.
Nsfw: smut, sensual touch, thigh riding, getting off. Cock blocking.
Based off this
Tumblr media
Tech had split up with the group along with Y/n the two quickly make their way thought the wrecked Star Destroyers.
"Y/n stay close, we don't want a repeat of earlier with Wrecker" he states as the continue thought the corridors.
"Alright follow me, if we can get to the command deck and restored the the power sooner we can hopefully get the hardware data drive up and running and get any useful Intel from it" Tech quickly turns to them and hands them the small data chip.
They take it from his hand with a smile. "Alright let's get this done" they say trying to keep up with he tall clone. They made it to the command deck quickly where Tech makes a beeline for the control system panel.
"Please comm the others to let them know I've found what we need I will begin the prossess" Tech replys as he sets down His tools as he begins to pry open the underside of the system panel.
Y/n steps out of a quick moment to comm in to Hunter and let him know they have got there safely.
As they turn back in to the room. Their eyes are met we a sight they weren't expecting to see. Tech laying on his back looking up into the panel.
They quickly male their way up to him. " ah Y/n can you pass me that cutter, I can't seem to get these plates out of in here, and I can't lose track of this point" he says quickly as he continues to try and pray the plating away from the panel.
They quickly move over grabbing the laser cutter and moving to sit agaisnt his lap. He shoots them a quick glare.
They hold the tool too his chest which he takes from them and begins cutting away the metal. He passes pieces for Y/n to throw away.
"Alright I have visual on the wires, I have a manual on star destroyer wiring in the pouch on my left" He says as he begins scanning.
They lean down a little opening the pouch and pulling out the little manual. "Stars tech do you just have everything on hand all the time?" They ask with a raised eyebrow.
Tech tilts his head towards them before looking back up to the wiring. " You need to be prepared imcase you walk into a skarg pit and don't know how to deal with an alpha trying to make with you and every other poor sod out there" he says.
they nod lightly and lean back against his legs. "Alright you will want to cut the grey wire 'disabling the trigger alarms before continuing from there" they read in for him. He nods cutting the wire. They move closer resting more on his thighs now.
They grab the soilder rocking lightly against Techs thighs before they sit up again and hold it at the ready for tech.
"Alright you'll now want a soilder a the main power source to an outlet do both red and black. I'm sure you know your plus and negatives" They joke lightly earning a small laugh from Tech.
"Do you think is be called Tech I'd I didn't know plus and negatives?" He says as he takes the soilder and handing back the laser cutter. They move closer hands now rested on his chest plating. He stops for a second before continuing.
"Alright what next sweetheart?" He didn't uses the name often but when he does it makes their heart flutter. " You want to soilder the positive line from the battery to the 3rd red hole and the negative to the 1st black otherwise we won't have any systems." They reply now resting on Techs codpiece.
He lets out a light huff as he begins his work. Y/n bites their lip softly slowly beginning to rock agaisnt the armor peice. They take a shape breath before focusing again.
The hand which isn't holding the manual they slowly snake up under his chest rig. Running lightly across his stomach covered by his blacks.
Tech tenses lightly but ends up ignoring the gentle touch. " now you'll want to flush the systems so that when you turn on the power the ship doesn't explode" they say rocking against him a little harder. Tech bombs his head lightly swearing in Mando'a before beginning the system flush.
His jaw clenches as he holds back the moan he nearly let's lose. One of his hands shoot out from under the panel to grab a hold of their waist. They tense up again before he speaks up.
"I didn't say stop Cyare" he calls to them making their eyes go wide as his other hand comes out to grip their thigh. He pulls them gentle closer. Their hips slowly rocking agaisnt his cod piece and he continues to examine the wiring.
"Tech" They let his name slip from their lips in a soft moan. One hand moves back under the haul while the other runs gentle circles into their thigh.
He smiles to himself lightly before slowly dragging his gloved hand to their crotch, he can feel them tense up at the touch but they continue to rock agaisnt him. He slowly drags his finger up the seam of their pants making them gasp.
Tech continues to run his fingers along the seam slowly increasing the pressure but keeping the pace as slow as he could wishing to drag out their torture. " Tech please.." They whine, their hands pressing into his armor hard as they try and steady themself.
The manual discarded on the floor. Tech other hand makes quick work of the wires playing them without any instruction. After all he didn't really need them.
Y/n head leans back as they let out a loud moan from the pressure of Tech's fingers pressing into the spot that brought them the most pleasure. Their eyes closed for a moment and when the open again the lightly come on.
Tech slowly pushes himself and Y/n away from the panel. His back pressed into the floor as he helmeted face comes into clear view again.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" He ask in a teasing manner. He slowly works his hand up to the button of their pants undoing it swiftly.
They let out a whine again before gasping as Tech sits up, one hand pressed into their back while the other moves to their ass to grope it.
"Take my helmet off" he says eyes focused soley on them now. Their hands are swift undoing the latches as they remove his helmet. A small smile tugs his lips as they place it beside them.
He presses a gloved hand to their chin being them into a hungry kiss. Both do them gripping onto each other hands in hair and holding each other closely. " Your dripping Cyar'ika" he says gentle agaisnt their lips.
"I want you Tech, here and now" they whisper agaisnt his neck. Tech brings them in for another hungry kiss both almost forgetting their surrounding until the hear a clatter at the doorway. Both sets of eyes shoot there to be met with a set of child wonder filled ones.
"Ah hi!, hunter sent me up to see if you two had finished with the Intel!" She says with a smile. Tech leans down to Y/n's ear and whispers " we will finish this later Cyare"
their face goes bright red as Tech takes the small device from your pocket and hands it to Omega. " Take this over and copy the master files" he says to her.
Omega smiles as she makes her way over to itHe slides back under the panel as if nothing even happened.
He gentle rocks his hips into Y/n causing them to let out a light gasp, A small chuckle leaves his lips and he looks at them from under it with a sure but cocky smile.
"Are you alright Y/n?, you look really red" Omega says. "Im alright Omega, just a little tense!"
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Tag list: @loth-wolffe @din-djarins-riduur @degreeinsimping @disney-dance @slut4tech @kriffclone @discofern @stressedfroggy
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clonewarspx · an hour ago
Open for Sign-ups!
Tumblr media
Sign-Ups for Clone Wars PX 2021 are OPEN!
You can sign up on Ao3 here.
Rules & Info can be found here. 
Sign-ups will close on Saturday, 26 June at 11:59PM (EDT). 
There were 130 nominations this year. Once sign-ups are closed, all participants and requests will be listed in a spreadsheet for easier treating.
The ask box is open and anon is on if you have any questions!
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momentsthatwestole · an hour ago
Being a true Star Wars fan isn’t about knowing all the facts or owning every piece of merchandise
Being a true Star Wars fan is about being in love with every single one of the Clones and not being able to decide who you love more
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shukruut · 2 hours ago
I just wanted to stop by to say I really love your art. Some of it is really cute and some is really funny, and I like the colours you use. You have a great style! (I would love to see the clones with curlier hair in your style 😊)
Anyway, I hope you have a nice day!
thank u sm 🥺 here take this cody
Tumblr media
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incorrectclonequotes · 2 hours ago
Fives: I sort of did something and I need some advice, but I don't want a lot of judgment and criticism.
Kix: And you came to me?
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a-lotta-stuff · 2 hours ago
the portrayal of the scale of the venators on bracca is so beautiful, mfs look fuckin massive I almost feel bad for pirating this show but fuck disney
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Sweet 99 headcannons
You guys. Im so sad that hes dead- so please cry with me as I create sad but sweet headcannons for our legend himself he deserved so much more.
But this also got really sad at the end.
Tumblr media
-you met him through Echo and Fives and happyily at that
-you didnt like that he was bullied just because how he came out- wreak havoc with your jedi-padawan powers
-they still make fun of him sadly
-" You cant talk to him like that!" "Please! Look at him!" "I have! Whats there to point and laugh at?!"
-since Shakk-Ti is your master you spent most of your time on Kamino so you're always there to visit you best and only friend, 99.
-you often help him clean up and do it happily
-you both eat lunch together away from everybody
-your always telling him that one day when your a jedi master that you'll help change the way clones are treated
-litterally is a dad to you
-your still considered a youngling as you are a young Padawan, so when you have freetime you make bracelets you both have matching ones
-is constantly proud of you, you arent really social, so when you made friends with other younger clones and older ones he was all proud of you
-it makes you forget about the Jedi code to not form attachments
Wanna be sad like me yeah here:
You understood why when the Sepertist attacked Kamino, you forced to the front lines on the hanger bay to help fend off the droids.
"General! There's too many of them! Seek cover!"
"No! I can do this! Just! Contuie with the heavy fire-"
Pausing your heart dropped and your stomach turned. The world once filled with loud noise now filed with white noise.
"No..." she spoke her saber dropping from her hand as she held her head, feel the last breath from her own chest and the seering pain of blaster bullets.
They tried calling her name but she was having a mental breakdown in the middle of battle.
99 had been shot and killed.
Falling to her knees, blaster shots being stopped mid air from both sides.
"Get down now!" A trooper demanded, Y/n crying out in agony as all blaster bullets were forced back at the Sepertist droids.
"You killed him!" She cried standing to her feet the hundred or so droids who had not been killed were lifted into the air without a move of her hand.
"He's dead! He's dead because of you!" She shouted droids crushing into hunks of metal as they were thrown to the nearest wall with a throw of her arm.
All droids in the vicinity had been killed.
She looked around tears still semi blurring her vision as she ran off, saber back in hand as she ran, and ran and ran, determined to find him.
Finally running into the barracks she seen him, laying on the floor.
"99- 99!"
Fives caught her mid way, holding her back.
"Let go of me!" She cried.
She screamed at him begging to be let go.
"There's nothing you can do!" Fives demanded setting her down and holding her shoulders in place.
"But. I-" she tried to speak, "I'm a jedi! I can do something! I can do something! Anything!"
"Y/n!" Fives shouted as she stopped, tears running down her face, "You can't do anything. He's gone."
Falling forward Fives caught her, she crying out loudly as he attempted to soothe her.
-after that Shakk-Ti had sent you back to Corosuant, she knew you needed to get away from Kamino
-you become extremely stotic after the events, emotion a non-existent thing in your world
-when reassgined to Obi-Wan and Anakin for a time being, the clones thought maybe she hated them- the ones who didnt know what happened atleast
-constant nightmares after that day
-Anakin attempts to consult you, he knows how it feels to be in such anger and sadness and even recommended you an idea:
Walking into the 501st barracks the room became silent in uncertainty.
"I heard someone here does tattoos." Y/n spoke up.
They all looked at Tup.
"Uh. Yeah." He spoke putting the medical scissors on the tray of other supplies he was cleaning.
"Can I uh help you General?"
"I want you to tattoo something on me."
"Yeah. Uh where?" He asked.
"My temple."
The group looked at each other, "Kid thats a rough spot to get tattooed." Jeese spoke up, "I should know."
"Can you do it?" Y/n asked Tup as he looked at the others.
"Yeah. Mind me asking what it is?"
Fives perked up his head with Echo, but stayed silent.
"Thats it?" Tup asked
Y/n nodded, "and uh. How old are you? Just- seem a little young-"
"Im 17 dont patronize me." Y/n told him as Tup gestured for her to sit down.
The clones expecting crying from her but were met with utter silence.
"Uh. General. Mind me asking why exactly?" Jeese asked.
"I was close with a clone." Y/n spoke, "he was the last bit of human I really had in me. He's passed on now."
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