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vclkvolny · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@drakoroleva​ said: ♡
Tumblr media
FRIENDS.   childhood friends  /  work friends  /  family friends  /  recently friends  /  turning antagonistic  /  turning into something romantic  /  stable  /  falling apart  /  friendship of need  /  friendship of circumstance  /  pen - pals or internet friends  /  coworkers  /  partners  /  other .
ROMANCE.   childhood sweethearts  /  newly entered  /  soulmates  /  skinny love  /  unrequited from my muses side  /  unrequited from your muses side  /  friends with benefits  /  awkward  /  fading  /  turning  toxic  /  toxic  and  destructive  /  other .
FAMILIAL BOND.   sibling bond  /  older sibling figure to your muse  /  younger sibling figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal  guardian  /  other .
ENEMIES.   dangerous to themselves  /  dangerous to others  /  unpredictable  /  passionate  /  rivals  /  petty  /  developing into a sexual tension  /  developing into a romantic tension  /  based off family matters  /  based of circumstance  /  based of professional matters  /  based of misunderstandings or lies  /  other .
send a ♡ and i’ll fill this out for our muses !  i’ll bold what i want for their relationship, italic what i could see and strike out what i don’t .
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recall369 · 3 hours ago
'A high-stakes game of chicken': DeSantis slammed for threatening to endanger his own state just to spite the CDC -
‘A high-stakes game of chicken’: DeSantis slammed for threatening to endanger his own state just to spite the CDC –
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lobotomycas · 4 hours ago
If you please—What is Six of Crows and why should one read it?
I completely forgot that u sent me this AAH
the six of crows duology (the second book is crooked kingdom) is a fantasy/young adult series set in what's based off of 1800s northern europe and a city that's like. amsterdam/la/nyc. it's about six teenagers who stage a heist together- with alternating 3rd person povs for 5 of them in the first book and all 6 in the second.
they all have very different personalities and motivations for completing the heist, different upbringings and flaws/strengths etc etc, and they're diverse! there are characters of color, queer characters, characters w disablities/mental illnesses/addictions, a fat character, a religious character, etc etc, all in the main six
it's FUNNY it's SMART it's INTERESTING it's FUN it's MILDLY TRAUMATIZING it's COMPLEX. and truly. it is about six awful teenagers with sketchy to nonexistent morals who go on a road/boat trip, discover a lot about themselves and each other, steal some very large weapons and take a lot of joy in it, sing very badly, have to deal with being disabled and/or mentally ill, love each other and express that in their own roundabout ways ranging from sharing food to stabbing people's eyes out to actually using their words, and who kind of sort of do what they set out to do, then return home just as terrible as they were before they left but like, kind of better, but also not. they will never change they will never improve and that is a promise. it's a blast. I think abt them constantly. thanks for coming to my ted talk
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pvrrish · 6 hours ago
i have to create a cv and portfolio in a single night i am losing my MIND besties how are we feeling
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shadesofmono · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Gaster and Follower Ref Sheets“
//Finally got around to doing refs for Gaster and the gang, and I’m finally done! I know I have one last ref to do for Alyssa, but the followers though are here! ^^
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narrowredoubt · 20 hours ago
Hewwo I just read Hand to Mouth again and forgot how much it feels like a kick to the stomach (complementary), anyway I am asking you 8 for that ask thing
thank you i feel exactly the same way about your latest fic!!
8, which character is easiest to write? hmm, going by my track record, i tend to follow remus’ pov very closely, but in my current wip i recently restructured the whole thing bc it was easier and made more sense to tell it from sirius’ pov.. i feel like the real answer is “whoever is the most overwhelmed” at any given moment lmao
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lykaiia · a day ago
One useless headcanon incoming: Ly really enjoys DDR. She finds it super fun and she's also damn good at it too. Catch her at an arcade and she'd definitely have a crowd watching. She'll even try and get people to do friendly challenges, sometimes even with a wager on the line. Better believe though that she'll have earplugs in while she plays because that game gets loud. With her endurance and stamina even the tougher stages will barely have her breaking a sweat. Is it cheating if you're a werewolf? Nah
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vengefulprophecy · a day ago
Charlie in a crop top and booty shorts
Your welcome
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janiedean · a day ago
Now for something completely different but how do you think the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy will age/be remembered? Do you think there's any hope for Finn/Poe content in the future?
in order:
how it will age: people are already trying to forget it now so it won’t hold up to the OT and in retrospective even the PT will fare better bc those had the nostalgia factor and at least they told a coherent story as bad as it was written
how it will be remembered: badly because most of the audience hated that plot and it was so bad it objectively ruined the whole thing in  retrospective and if you get the wholeass washington post article abt it... also like let’s not even gonna lie everyone is pissed off they killed off the one character people outside the internet actually found interesting so good luck with that
strmplt content: from the actual canon I think zero bc while I have no idea re what john b*yega wants to do (and honestly his complete lack of tact when it came to kmt’s treatment about killed any interest I had in his career anyway) because on one side he sounds pissed with dsney on the other he didn’t exactly complain about jj’s choices re his character which imvho were insulting af, I doubt that oscar is*ac wants to come back to that shitshow after they did that whole crap drug runner poe retcon and he’s 100% in the right because what the fuck so I highly doubt the both of them would come back, from the fandom... I mean considering that at this point they managed to do a level of gatekeeping/throwing out anyone who even writes smth more nuanced than ‘they hold hands and kiss and there’s a swear word int there so I can slap a pg13 rating on it’ idt there’s much good news for that either but ://
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alexandar · a day ago
it's all fun and personal recreation until the seven year old kid has no family put together enough to take care of him for medical treatment other than his illiterate grandmother
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buzgru · a day ago
2021 Preakness Stakes odds, contenders, picks: Legendary expert lists surprising predictions
2021 Preakness Stakes odds, contenders, picks: Legendary expert lists surprising predictions
The 2021 Preakness Stakes was thrown into turmoil over the weekend with the bombshell revelation that Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit tested positive for the steroid betamethasone in his system. Now, his Run for the Roses finish is being reviewed almost two weeks after he crossed the finish line first. Trainer Bob Baffert shipped Medina Spirit to Pimlico Race Course, the site of the Preakness…
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screechingfromthevoid · 2 days ago
not to be dramatic but oobleck told ruby in vol 2 that the big herd of elephant Grimm only got to be that size because they learned that attacking humans would only bring more humans.
So I haven't been able to stop think about how enormous the Grimm have gotten in the show, in vol 7 a herd of those same Grimm charged at Mantle.
The bigger Grimm are attacking.
It's a good indicator that humanity is breaking apart much faster and much more severely that ever before.
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vengefulprophecy · 2 days ago
What if...
Now here me out....
What if I made the Hero of Oakville from Fable as a muse?
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