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ultravioletqueen · 33 minutes ago
Propiedad de @loveallthing
Propety of @loveallthing
Esta publicación fue inspirada en el dibujo de arriba, también quise agregar algunas cosas:
La versión opuesta de juliete sería una mezcla entre chloe burgoise(de miraculous ladybug) y pacífica nortwest(de gravity falls) en cuanto a personalidad, además de tener una gran confianza en sí misma y bastante arrogante en ocasiones, sin embargo sigue teniendo un corazón de oro al igual que la juliete original, sigue siendo ferozmente leal y es muy protectora con viví,a diferencia de la juliete original ella no se muestra tímida ante nadie, ni siquiera ante arthur(porque no le gusta que el la vea vulnerable) aunque este enamorada de él, también es bastante tsundere.
También dibuje a stacy, la novia de kim y la segunda mejor amiga de juliete, a diferencia de kim ella conoció a stacy en la preparatoria, se hicieron amigas ya que a juliete le parecía increíble su forma de vestir y siempre era amable con ella,de hecho la trataba con más respeto que los demás, tanto así que se ganó su amistad.
Tumblr media
Me gusta la idea de la dinámica de estos dos;un chico rudo con una chica asustadiza y hasta cierto punto frágil, me imagino varias situaciones en las que este lewis quiera ayudar a vivi a tenerse confianza o hacerla sentir protegida, me parece super tierna la idea de una relación así.
I like the idea of ​​the dynamics of these two; a rude boy with a scary girl and to a certain extent fragile, I imagine several situations in which this Lewis wants to help Vivi to have confidence or make her feel protected, I find her to be super cute. idea of ​​such a relationship
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canon-call · an hour ago
Hello. I am Staci Pratt from Far Cry 5. I’m looking for anyone at this point, I really want to look for Jacob Seed, I miss him dearly as I was very close to him. I am 21, so please be 18+ to interact. My tumblr is stacii-pratt or feel free to like/reblog/comment abd I will contact you.
@stacii-pratt !!!
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frost-queen · 2 hours ago
Not my intentions (Reader x Jerry Baynard)
Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: @grey-girl​, @missmelodramatic​, @spxce-frxckles​, @theletterhart​, @elllie-does-the-posts​, @coupsnflower​, @multiflcs​, @andrea-j-3​, @littlelindy​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Are you alright Y/n?” – Jerry glanced over to you, seeing you trying to lift a stack of hay all by yourself. With a face as red as radishes, cheeks puffed up, you gritted your teeth. With your arms under the stack of hay, you tried to collect as many as you could, keeping a grip on them. – “Y/n?” – Jerry asked again, widening his eyes softly at your brutal approach. – “I… am…” – you called out between deep breaths. Every muscle in your body pulled together as you tried lifting the collected hay. – “Ffffff-ine!” – you managed to express, feeling the hay lift up. Jerry dropped the pitchfork he was holding, rushing over to you. He saw you lean dangerously backwards, thinking you might fall over on your back. He held his hands out, supporting your back as he helped you steady on your feet. – “Tu est trés impossible.” – he said in French. Jerry came to the front, wanting to take some hay over from you. – “Jerry!” – you called out, not wanting him to help. – “This is my hay!” – you violently hissed at him.
Jerry held his hands up, scared of the tone in your voice for a moment. – “I did not ask you to help me, you know.” – he stated. You huffed loud, trying to rotate with the hay in your arms. You couldn’t see a thing, just hay blocking your view. You had to rely on your feet to lead you to the right place. – “I insisted!” – you spoke back, trying to look past the hay. It was no use as you had scooped up too much hay. From the front, you looked like a walking scarecrow that had been stuffed too much. Your legs coming funny from underneath the pack of hay. You heard Jerry laugh loud, making you groan annoyed. – “Why don’t you stop laughing and lead me the way?” – You heard him clear his throat, holding his laughter back. – “Step to the left.” – he directed you, waving his hand in the direction even though you couldn’t see it. You thought for a moment, questioning what was left again before turning. You took a few steps, but felt a shock go through your body from Jerry’s voice. – “Stop!” – he called out loud. – “I said left!” – he shrieked out, making you snarl. – “I went left!” – you were very sure you went left. You took another step as Jerry screamed at you again to stop. – “Left Y/n left!” – he repeated. – “I’m going left!” – you shouted back, getting frustrated by the moment.
“Other left!” – Jerry said, exhaling deep. – “That is my right!” – you answered, confused to what direction he wanted you to go. – “Is it right or left now?” – the hay in your arms started to weigh down as your muscles trembled gently. – “Left!” – he replied as you were afraid to take another step. – “My left or your left?” – sighing loud, you could hear Jerry mumble softly to himself. – “My left… so… so your right.” – he exclaimed. – “You sure?” – you had little confidence in going the right way. There was no way you wanted to fall off the platform you were on. – “Oui, left, I mean right!” – he quickly corrected himself. You took some cautious steps to the right, not hearing him panic, so you thought you were alright. Jerry kept handing out directions, guiding you safely around the platform. When you stood near the edge, he came standing behind you. His arms protectively around you. – “You can drop it Y/n.” – with his arms around you, you felt the safest of all. Spreading your arms open, you let the hay you were holding fall down. It landed down below on the growing pile of hay. You could finally see again, looking down at the arms around you. That made you blush, knowing he was looking out for you.
Jerry walked backwards, pulling you away from the edge. – “Now you sit down and don’t move a muscle!” – Jerry ordered. Moving the hay was his last task of the day before he was free. You insisted on helping him while you waited for him to be ready. Jerry and you had plans afterwards to go to the pond together. It was a nice meeting place that Miss Stacy had told you once about. With two, you thought the work would be sooner done. Yet, Jerry did not like you participating in such dangerous matter. You collected way more hay than you could, walking blindly around on the upper platform. If Jerry weren’t there to watch over you, you would have already leaped off the platform. Shaking your head you refused to sit down and be still. At the rate that Jerry was picking up hay, it would be nightfall when he was done. – “You can’t stop me!” – you said as Jerry quickly collected the pitchfork from the group and held it’s wooden end out to you. – “Not another step Y/n!” – You gasped; hearing Jerry be so firm with you. – “Jerry Baynard!” – you pressed your fists against your hip, glaring at him. – “Y/n Y/l/n!” – he shot back, narrowing his eyes dangerously at you. There was no way that he was going to win this argument.
“Sit!” – he poked you with the wooden tip in the stomach, forcing you to step back. Groaning loud, you crossed your arms. With another poke, you sat yourself down. Jerry nodded determined, before turning around to the hay. He started to scoop up hay with the pitchfork as quickly as he could, sending it flying down below on the pile. You smirked brief, readying yourself to get up as suddenly Jerry pointed the pitchfork at you. – “Sit!” – he called out, seeing that you were going to try something. Annoyed you sat yourself down. – “I don’t like you like this.” – you stuck your tongue out to him. – “I do not care. I will not watch you tumble down and hurt yourself Y/n!” – Jerry answered, glancing once over his shoulder. There was barely any hay above as everything laid downstairs. You had enough of sitting down as you got abruptly up. Jerry noticed it, holding the pitchfork horizontal in his hands, blocking your way. – “I’m warning you Y/n!” – you puffed loud, taking a hold of the wooden bar as well. – “Let me help you, Jerry!” – you said, pulling the pitchfork to your side. – “No!” – Jerry shouted, pulling the pitchfork back to him. – “Oui!” – you pulled it back, glaring at him.
No matter deep down how much you adore Jerry, he just had to accept your help. – “No!” – Jerry repeated himself, gripping firmly at the wooden bar. You did the same, rocking it back and forth, fighting for dominance. – “Y/n let go!” – insisted Jerry as you kept moving it to your side. The two of you started to walk around, only having eyes for overpowering the other one. – “No! Let me help you.” – you groaned out, pulling firmly at the bar so that Jerry stumbled forwards. – “It is too dangerous!” – yelled Jerry, yanking at the bar as he stumbled backwards. In a slit second, you felt your whole world fall apart. Gravity took over as it scooped Jerry of his feet. He fell backwards over the edge, tumbling down. In shock, you still had the pitchfork in your hands, terror in your eyes. You heard a loud sound, following by groans in pain. Jerry… had… fallen. Inhaling a squeaky breath, you shivered in anxiety. Jerry had fallen because of you. A wave of fear took over, sending you under as you tried to keep your head above water. You couldn’t move or think. You had done the worst. Down below a sudden voice came through, calling for you. You didn’t hear it only having eyes for your own panic. Suddenly your movement came back, making you drop the pitchfork as if it were covered in blood. – “I killed Jerry!” – your voice went extremely high.
“Jerry!” – you screamed out. As someone had turned on the faucet, you cried your eyes out. There was no stopping your tears as you rushed towards the ladder. You almost tumbled down yourself from going quickly down the ladder. On the ground, you saw Jerry lay in the pile of hay, his leg sticking out in the air. – “Jerry!” – you called out, running up to the pile of hay. You crashed down, seeing him lay in it. Everything went wild, like a million sensors went off inside of you. Nothing was functioning properly. Sweat broke out, your vision got burry, your breathing got sharp and frequent. Wheezing and hyperventilating at the state of Jerry. Jerry rubbed his head dozy, pulling himself up. He suddenly heard you freak out as he rolled out of the pile of hay. – “Y/n, Y/n, Y/n I’m fine!” – he said, holding his hand against his forehead. There was nothing serious, a bruise or two but nothing more. – “Y/n! I’m alright.” – Jerry took a hold of your shoulders as you didn’t react. You kept panicking in a hyperventilating state. – “Y/n! Look at me!” – he started to shake you back and forth to get any reaction out of you. When that didn’t seem to help as well, got he desperate. Whatever could pull you out of your panic attack. Shock? Something shocking would help right?
But what would shake you to your core? A clear thought formed in his mind, sending his body already in action. Jerry squeezed your arms with his fingers, pulling you closer. Without hesitation smacked he his lips against yours. Your lips and his touched, making you widen your eyes. Jerry kept pressing his lips onto yours, hoping to feel a reaction of you. A slap? A kiss back? Anything? But you just froze. Ashamed and guilty, he pulled his lips off yours. His hands slid down your arms, lowering his head with a loud sigh. – “I am sorry Y/n…” – he mumbled, clenching his fist. You blinked yourself awake of your panic, feeling a different sensation overwhelm you. It were butterflies… the feeling you have when someone you love is nearby. Feeling it grow intense, you were aware of what Jerry had done. You saw Jerry curse at himself as you tilted his chin up. Without thinking kissed you him back. You wanted him to know that you liked him too. He was surprised to feel your lips onto his again. You pulled away, sheepishly smiling at him. – “Why did you do that?” – he asked, slightly confused.
“Because I like you, Jerry.” – you confessed. A wide smile spread across his lips. – “I like you too Y/n.” – Jerry swooped you off your feet, twirling around with you. You squealed it out, holding on tight to his shoulders. Once feeling the ground underneath your feet again, you felt relieved. – “Are you alright Jerry. I’m terribly sorry. I did not…” – you explained as Jerry shushed you. – “I know that Y/n.” – he brought your hand to his chest. – “It was not your fault. I am truly alright.” – Jerry placed some hair behind your ear, making you fluster at his touch.
Check out my AWAE masterlist to find all my imagine’s for Anne with an E
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omnivorouscommissions · 3 hours ago
And You Learn
A Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson fanfic
Summary: When tragedy strikes Gwen and MJ’s lives, they have to travel a long, bumpy road to recovery. But will they be able to stay together by the end of it?
Tags: Serious injuries, Major Character injury, Permanent Injury, paralyzed MJ, set after into the spider-verse, Hurt/Comfort, physical disability, physical therapy, fluff and angst
Word Count: 4997
Commission for @wombatking
After saving not only her world, but several other multi-dimensional worlds, Gwen had returned to her own world, happy to see barely anything had changed. There had been a few mishaps and glitches that had occurred, but they had been easily sorted out. However, what had surprised her the most was the ability to connect with the other dimensions that she had met. She couldn’t stop smiling for days when she was able to hear Miles’ voice on the other side of the dimensional portal.
           Even though they had only met for a few days, fought supervillains, saved the multi-verse, and Gwen had gotten a new haircut, she had found new and old friends. She wouldn’t deny that seeing Peter again had broken her heart.
           Gwen had always been intelligent, and her parents had pushed her academically, which is how she had found herself in college classes alongside her high school ones. And that was where she met both MJ and Peter.
           Peter had been an awkward twenty-year old TA for one of her higher physics classes. He had seen the potential in her and had offered to give her private tutoring, which mostly allowed her to grill him about his internship at Oscorp. While he claimed a lot of the research he was helping with was classified, he would always find a way to give her hints as to what he was doing. For that entire semester, they would meet at least once a week and Gwen couldn’t believe how lucky she had been to meet Peter and find a mentor in him.
           That was, until he invited another student to come to their little tutoring meetings.
           Enter Mary Jane. Or MJ for short.
           Gwen would never forget the day MJ walked into her life and stole a piece of her heart in mere seconds.
           MJ was also a high schooler taking college classes but was in a chemistry class that Peter would occasional help out when he had time. She was only a year older than Gwen, with a spattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose, and long red hair that looked so soft, Gwen had to physically stop herself from reaching out to touch it. As soon as Peter introduced them, MJ had flashed a brilliant smile towards her, and Gwen knew she was lost.
           “Gwen, this is MJ. She’s been wanting to join a band and I remembered you mentioning you needed a new guitarist.” Peter had explained.
           From that moment on, Gwen and MJ had been inseparable. Gwen had dragged MJ to the little storage place her band practiced and had almost threatened her bandmates to let the other girl join. They didn’t dare refuse. Every other day, Gwen would wait for MJ’s classes to finish before pulling the girl to band practice. Along the way, they would talk about everything and anything: from comics to music genres, to even who their celebrity crushes were. It had felt as if Gwen had finally been able to share her true self with someone else for the first time.
           After a year of their continued friendship, hanging out every weekend, and performing in front of dozens of audiences, MJ had pulled Gwen aside. Her cheeks had been flushed and she couldn’t seem to meet Gwen’s curious gaze. In a soft, stuttering voice, she asked a question Gwen had been hoping to ask herself.
“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”  
Gwen wasn’t afraid to admit that a few tears of joy had run down her cheeks as she rushed towards the other girl, picked her up, and swung her around. It had been the best day of her life.
           Until a few months later found them both attending Peter’s funeral.
           It had been too soon, and too much for Gwen. As she stood in front of his grave, Aunt May’s sobs across from her, she had bitten her lip hard so as not to cry. She hadn’t even realized she was doing it until MJ’s hand slipped into hers and she asked her to stop because a drop of blood had slid down her chin.
           Gwen can only remember bits and pieces of what happened next, but she does remember sobbing into MJ’s chest as words flowed out of her.
           “It was me! I’m Spider-Woman, and I’m the reason Peter’s dead!”
           MJ hadn’t said anything for a long time, instead rubbing her back and letting her sob uncontrollably. They were still in the cemetery, sitting under a large tree, when it had begun to rain. It had felt fitting for the mood, even as MJ slowly tilted her head upwards and looked at her with pure kindness and adoration in her eyes.
           “Gwen, it’s not your fault.”
           To this day, Gwen isn’t sure if MJ knows just how those simple few words had helped her with the months to come. Whenever Gwen was faced with another supervillain or a situation so dire that she thought everything was lost, she remembered MJ’s soft eyes and her comforting words. Simply knowing her girlfriend would always be there for her had helped Gwen defeat any foe or situation that she came across.
           And now, here they were, playing at the Battle of the Bands. It was a shared dream between them and their bandmates, but as MJ looked over her shoulder, fingers flying over the strings of her guitar, Gwen felt her heart skip a beat at the wide smile over her girlfriend’s face. MJ’s face crinkled in the most beautiful way as her teeth flashed in the bright lights of the stage. The sound of their instruments rang in Gwen’s ears and for a moment she wished they weren’t in front of a crowd and playing their songs. Instead, she wished she could hear the laughter that was no doubt leaving MJ in that moment.
           All too soon, their encore was over and Gwen found herself helping to pack up their instruments. She had declined MJ’s offer to go swimming at the local river to cool off after the show, having promised their vocalist that she would help put their equipment away. Wiping sweat away, Gwen stood and smiled at the nicely organized van, and still couldn’t believe that she and the band had been able to actually play at the Battle of the Bands. A dream come true.
           Maybe I will take MJ’s offer of a swim, Gwen thought to herself as she wrinkled her nose at the feeling of sweat still dripping down her face. Even though she loved to play on a stage in front of thousands, being under the hot lights made her feel disgusting afterwards. At least she wasn’t in her Spider-Woman suit, or else she’d feel even stickier.
           Waving to her other bandmates, Gwen went in search of her girlfriend.
           Walking down the dirt path towards the river, Gwen smiled as she felt her phone vibrated in her pocket. Pulling it out, she saw that Miles had blown her phone up while she had been playing and demanded to know how the concert had gone. Chuckling, she texted back as she walked closer to the dock MJ had told her about. The sun had already set an hour ago, leaving Gwen’s phone and a few dim streetlamps to light her way, but leaving the river’s water an inky blackness rippling in the darkness.
           So focused on her phone, Gwen didn’t question that the only thing she heard as she got closer to the dock was the soft hum of crickets and the gentle lapping of the water against the shore. Her flipflops slapped on the wooden dock as she put her phone away and looked across the water. That’s when she felt her spider sense tingle as she realized she couldn’t hear any sounds of MJ swimming. In less than a second, Gwen felt a sense of dread wash over her as she scanned the water for any sign of MJ. Maybe the other girl had simply gone back?
           It felt as if sirens were going off in Gwen’s head as her spider senses screamed at her to get into the water. Without even thinking, she raced down the dock and in a flying leap, jumped straight into the thick blackness that the river had turned into. Slamming into the water, Gwen could only listen to her instincts as she quickly surfaced and swiveled her head around.
           “MJ? MJ, are you here?” She shouted. Frantically, she turned rapidly in the water, squinting hard into the darkness. “Please say something!”
           Fear had gripped Gwen’s heart in an icy grip as her eyes landed on something floating under the dock itself. Within seconds, Gwen was under the dock and grabbing at a waterlogged t-shirt and icy cold skin.
           “No, no, no, no!” Gwen sobbed as she pulled the body closer to her and manhandled it until she saw MJ’s head surface. It was far too dark to see more than the basic features of her face, but as Gwen brought up a shaking hand to feel at her neck, she could feel a weak pulse beat against her fingers. “Hold on, MJ.”
           One arm around her girlfriend, it felt like forever until Gwen was pulling them out of the water and laying MJ on the river’s grassy bank.
           “Please, MJ. Please, wake up!” Gwen gasped as she laid her head on the deathly still girl’s chest and then near her mouth. Her heartbeat was weak, but it was obvious she wasn’t breathing. A sob left Gwen as she pushed her hands on her chest. “Please, MJ!”
           After all the crime fighting Gwen had been doing in the last two years, she had become a natural at performing CPR, even though she wishes she hadn’t needed to use it so many times in her life. And she could have never predicted that she would one day have to use it to save the love of her life.
           Gwen has to force her hands to not shake as she presses down on MJ’s chest rhythmically before pinching her nose and pushing air into her lungs. She had always loved kissing MJ’s soft, chapped lips, but those memories are far away as tears pour down Gwen’s face and dropped onto a pale, freckled cheek. Sobs ripped out of Gwen’s chest as she pressed particularly hard down on MJ’s chest, and suddenly a strangled cough filled the air.
           As a harsh gurgling noise left MJ, Gwen gently moved her to her side and watched as water spilled out of her mouth. Rubbing MJ’s back, Gwen could still feel tears running down her cheeks as she listened to her take large gulps of air. The fear that had filled her was ebbing away, but a heavy knot of dread had settled deep into her gut. How had this happened?
           “I’m going to call an ambulance, ok?” Gwen spoke up once MJ had been able to dispel most of the water out of her lungs. She still had a hand on MJ’s back as the girl laid on her side and breathing heavily. Pulling out her phone, Gwen was relieved she had gotten a waterproof Stark phone and dialed 911. “Hello, I need an ambulance. My girlfriend almost drowned-”
           “G-Gwen?” MJ’s shaky voice stopped her dead.
           “Yeah?” Gwen breathed out quietly, ignoring the quick questions the person on the line was asking.
           “I-I can’t feel my arms or legs.” MJ choked on her words.
           Oh no.
           Everything went by in a blur after that.
           To Gwen, it had felt like an eternity before the ambulance had arrived to find both girls sobbing on the ground. The EMTs had fought for a moment about whether or not to allow Gwen to ride with them, but ultimately, she had been allowed to. Not once during the trip did Gwen let go of MJ’s hand or stop talking to MJ and reassuring her that everything would be all right, she just needed to calm down until the doctors could look over her. Before they could make it to the hospital, MJ had passed out, leaving Gwen a blubbering mess as Peter’s face flashed in her mind.
           “Gwen, please! Why can’t I move my body?!”
           When they had arrived at the hospital, Gwen had ran alongside MJ’s stretcher for as long as she was permitted until a doctor had shoved her away and snapped at her to wait in the lobby. Gwen had gotten into their face, screaming that MJ needed her, but the only thing that accomplished was being threatened to be kicked out and not allowed to see her at all. Hands balled into fists and body shaking from adrenaline, Gwen had ground her teeth before turning away. She would wait until the end of time for MJ.
           “What happened, MJ?”
           “I don’t know! I had jumped off the dock and slipped on some kind of log or something. There was a crack as I hit it. I couldn’t move.”
           She could vaguely feel phone constantly buzzing from both missed calls and texts. But she couldn’t hear anything past the conversation between her and MJ as they had while waiting for the ambulance. Gwen still couldn’t wrap her mind around what had been going on. How was MJ hurt? Would she ever be fine again? Why did it seem like whenever Gwen had finally found some kind of happiness, it was taken away from her? Would MJ want to be around after this? What was going to happen?
           “I’m scared, Gwen.”
           “I’m so sorry.”
           She didn’t know when her dad or MJ’s parents had arrived, but they had, wrapping Gwen up in a hug and asking her to go home and rest. She had refused profusely, demanding she be there when MJ woke up. Her dad had looked at her with so much sadness and pity, she couldn’t stand to look at him, and instead kept her eyes on the doors to that lead to the operating room MJ was in. Even when her head started to pound from lack of sleep or her throat ached from thirst, she didn’t dare keep her eyes off those doors.
           “I don’t know what’s going on. Please help me.”
           “I don’t know either, baby. Just hold on, help is coming.”
           Blinking rapidly, Gwen realized her eyes had slipped close and her chin was resting on her chest. Lifting her head and rubbing at her sore eyes, Gwen flinched at the rhythmic pain that pierced her head. This didn’t go unnoticed by her dad as he laid a hand on her shoulder and talked to her as if she was a cornered animal.
           “Sweetheart, I think it’s time we go home.”
           “Gwen, she’s going to be in there for a while-”
           “I’m not leaving her!” She shouted, making any other people in the waiting room jump and glare at her, but she didn’t care. “I can’t, dad! What if she needs me? I have to be here for her!”
           “Gwen,” he sighed. “If you stay here any longer and ignore your own needs, then you won’t be in any condition to help MJ. And you don’t want that to happen, right?”
           She bit her lip in thought and looked away. After a long moment, she finally nodded and agreed to go home.
           Even though she had eaten and slept, Gwen couldn’t sit still as she waited for a call about MJ’s condition. Her dad had agreed that she shouldn’t be in school at the moment and allowed her to stay in her room, not knowing she had climbed out her window to swing around the city to blow off her nervous energy.
           But, as she swung through the towering skyscrapers and above the chaos that was New York City, she couldn’t stop the tears that pooled at the corners of her eyes. Everywhere she looked, she could see MJ’s scared expression as she desperately told Gwen that she couldn’t feel her body.
           Luckily, her normal supervillains could sense her distress and no major crimes were being committed at the moment. It allowed her to sit on the top of a gargoyle, knees to her chest, and watch the blue sky. She didn’t know how long she stayed there, completely motionless, until her phone buzzed. Whipping it out, her fingers shook as she saw it was MJ’s parents.
           “Gwen, sweetie…”
           She didn’t hesitate to shoot a web out and swing off the gargoyle that instant.
           Before Gwen is able to rush into MJ’s hospital room, MJ’s mom catches her by the arm and pulls her aside, a frighteningly crushed look on her face.
           “Gwen, my husband and I are both glad you’re here for Mary, but please be gentle with her.” The older woman tells her in a hushed tone. Her eyes are red rimmed and face extremely pale as she continues. “The doctor says that her x-rays confirmed a C4/5 spinal cord injury.”
           “What does that mean?” Gwen whispered back, a mix of fear and dread were setting heavily in her stomach, and she was sure she was going to be sick.
           MJ’s mom sighed heavily and looked away.
           “She isn’t able to feel anything from her shoulders down. She won’t be able to move most of her body: her arms and legs, but she’s still able to speak and move her head.”
           “She…” Gwen was speechless and could only stare ahead at the other woman, who still refused to meet her eyes. “Is there any way for her to recover?”
           “There’s no guarantee.” She sighed. “It’s very risky and the doctors don’t want to test anything at the moment. For now, they want MJ’s body to rest.”
           Gwen nodded numbly. She didn’t know what to think or feel. What was going to happen to MJ?
           “Can I see her?”
           “Of course.” She finally met Gwen’s eyes and tried to smile, but it came out more as a grimace. Thanking her, Gwen turned away from her and finally entered MJ’s room.
           It was just like every other hospital room Gwen has ever seen in her life, except for the flowers and a few balloons that sit off to the side of MJ’s bed. Gwen felt a hot flash of guilt rush through her when she realized she hadn’t brought anything for her girlfriend. Shaking the thought away, Gwen promised to bring something each time she would visit. Which would be almost every day if she had any say in this.
           However, it was the person laying in the bed that took Gwen’s breath away.
           MJ looked so small laying there, that Gwen feared that she wasn’t even the same person. As Gwen walked softly closer, she could see the way the harsh lights illuminated MJ’s pale skin, almost erasing her freckles and emphasizing the dark circles around her eyes. As Gwen looked her over, her mouth went dry and she couldn’t seem to draw enough breath. How had this happened? Why had this happened?
           Blinking away tears that she didn’t even realize were forming, Gwen took the final steps to stand at MJ’s elbow and meet her hallowed eyes. They were always so expressive, and it didn’t take a genius, to see that MJ knew just how bad this situation was. Steeling herself, Gwen leant down and cupped one of MJ’s cheeks, and brushed away a stray tear that had run down the girl’s face.
           “I’m here, baby. I’m not leaving you.” Gwen breathed out and watched as MJ’s face crumpled.
           “The doctors say I won’t be able to walk or move my arms again.” MJ hiccupped, pressing her face into Gwen’s hand and taking comfort from her. “I won’t ever be able to play guitar, walk in graduation, or ever do anything by myself every again!”
           Gwen wiped away the tears that flowed down MJ’s cheeks and simply let her cry.
           “I was just invited to do an internship and now I can’t! And we just played at the Battle of the Bands; we were supposed to go on and play even more shows. How can I do that now? My life is ruined!”
           “MJ, baby, no, no.” Gwen shushed her quietly and leaned down even further to press their foreheads together. Looking into her beautiful, sad eyes, Gwen spoke firmly. “This is not the end. Your life is not ruined. You can still do so many amazing things, even if you can’t walk or use your hands. I know you’re stronger than to let this stop you.”
           “No.” Gwen stopped her. “I know this is hard. I cannot imagine what this is like, but I am going to be here for you. Your mom, dad, our friends, and me—we’re going to be here for you, MJ, no matter what. And we’re going to help you through this.”
           “Gwen, this isn’t just some kind of short-term thing!” MJ snapped. “I’m going to be like this forever!”
           “I know.” Gwen nodded. “And I’m willing to help you. You’ve helped me and you’ve never stopped loving me. I’m going to do the same for you.”
           MJ’s eyes were still filled with tears, but Gwen could see a spark of pure happiness in their depths as the other girl nodded.
           “Thank you.”
           “Anything for you, baby.”
           From that day on, Gwen would swing as fast as she could through the city to be able to get to the hospital as soon as school was finished. She carried both her and MJ’s school materials, as MJ had refused to stop studying, saying that it was too boring sitting in a bed all day without something to do. Every day, Gwen would swing right into her room, a smile on her face as she told MJ all about her day and whatever the villain of the week was doing.
           Two weeks after MJ had been brought in, she was finally in physical therapy and Gwen couldn’t be prouder of her girlfriend if she wanted to be. Every time she saw MJ working with her therapist, she could see the pure determination on her face as her freckles scrunched up on her nose and she followed the therapist’s instructions. However, days after those sessions, Gwen could see MJ cracking as the daunting realization of the situation would sometimes come crashing down on her and leaving her quiet and forlorn. During those times, Gwen would stay with her until she made sure she left only when MJ was in a lighter mood.
           Luckily, Gwen wasn’t the only person to come visit; their bandmates and classmates constantly dropping in to see how MJ was doing. Gwen had taken their other guitarist aside and asked if there was any way that MJ could ever create music again. She had been a little concerned when they had gotten a little gleam in their eyes at the question, telling Gwen to give them a week and they’d get back to her. Leaving it at that, Gwen had gone to do her own research.
           Being a superhero meant that she had seen many impossible things in her short life, some including killer robots, crazy magicians, and power-hungry maniacs. So, it didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that she would be able to find someone that would be able to help with MJ’s situation.
           That wasn’t the case.
           No matter how many superheroes she talked to, they all shook their heads sadly and told her there was nothing they could do. She had even hunted down Doctor Strange and begged him to at least look at MJ since he had been an actual doctor. He had simply glanced down at his own hands and sighed. There were things even magic couldn’t heal.
           Between school, visiting MJ, fighting villains, and hunting for something to help MJ, Gwen felt herself slowly breaking down. She couldn’t seem to stay awake in a few of her classes, causing her grades to start slipping. When fighting, she seemed to be taking even more blows than usual, which left her sore and too injured to do more than collapse into bed and sleep. And with this busy schedule, she hadn’t been able to meet with her band, let alone pick up her drumsticks and practice. Even MJ had noticed and begged her to take it easy. But she couldn’t. Not when MJ was fighting even harder than she was.
           It had been a couple months since the accident when the idea of asking Miles or the others if their dimensions would have something that could help MJ. Pulling out of a swing, MJ landed on the top of a building and pulled out her phone. Luckily, Miles picked up quickly.
           “Gwen? Hey, what’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”
           “Yeah, about that…” Gwen sighed. “Do you know if your world has anything that would help heal someone who is quadriplegic?”
           “I…uh…” Miles mumbled and went quiet for a moment. “I don’t know? I can check around and see. But, Gwen, what’s going on? Did something happen?”
           Before Gwen could stop herself, words were flowing out of her.
            They came fast and wobbly, sobs cutting her off several times as she started from the beginning. From the night of MJ’s accident, to finding out about her diagnosis, to Gwen trying to find anything to help. By the time she stopped, Gwen felt wrung out; every ounce of energy she had left was gone and all she wanted to do was fall into bed. Hopefully next to MJ if the nurses allowed her to stay overnight, which wouldn’t be a first since the nurses thought they were a cute couple.
           “Gwen, it sounds like a lot is going on right now. Do you want me to tell the others? We could take over some Spider duties for you.” Miles offered gently.
           “I don’t want you guys to ignore your own worlds.” Gwen sniffled and wished she had brought tissues.
           “It won’t be an issue. If we all take turns, then it should work out. We care about you Gwen, and we don’t want you pushing yourself too far.”
           “Thanks, Miles.”
           Gwen trusted Miles to contact the other Spider-people and set up a schedule to drop by and start a patrol for her. In the meantime, she swung downtown towards the hospital. She couldn’t keep MJ waiting.
           “I wasn’t expecting so many of my followers to show up at the parade.” MJ wondered aloud as her wheelchair stopped next to the bench Gwen had sat down on.
           She had gotten the wheelchair shortly before she was allowed to return home. It was electric and hands-free, which gave her much more independence that she had been needing since her accident. Through voice commands, she was able to steer the wheelchair and even control a computer that let her keep up with all her hobbies. Their fellow bandmate had come through for her, finding several programs that would allow her to create all the music she wanted. Gwen could sit next to her for hours, just watching her smile and play around with all the different sounds.
           Alongside continuing her music, MJ had started her own blog about being paralyzed, and offered a support system to people who had similar diagnoses. Her blog had gotten quite a few followers across the city and the country, allowing her to express her feelings with people who truly understood what she was going through. They had become huge influences in her life, and Gwen had sneakily invited some of her new friends to join them in the annual pride parade.
           The shock and joy that had spread across MJ’s face had been enough to show Gwen that life was going to be just as enjoyable for her girlfriend.
           Once the parade had been finished and they had waved goodbye to MJ’s friends and followers, Gwen had insisted they go to the nearby park for ice-cream. MJ had smiled and insisted they had to have nuts on the top or else she wasn’t eating any.
           Setting down her bag on the bench, Gwen couldn’t stop smiling as she picked up the ice-cream and scooped up a small bite. There was no way that she could have ever predicted this is where they would be several months ago, but she was glad that she had never once been away from MJ’s side.
           Not even when MJ had to return home and her parents needed to hire a part-time nurse to help her with daily tasks. Nor when MJ would have her bad days and wanted to be alone, not letting anyone comfort her. Even when those tough times came about, Gwen doubled down and refused to leave MJ’s side. Instead, she would come over every day, helping MJ when she needed it and giving her space when that was more important.
           Life had grown complicated, but they had found ways to work with it. Neither of them were quitters.
           Every week found MJ back in physical therapy to help strengthen her body even if she still couldn’t feel anything below her shoulders. Meanwhile, Gwen had gotten help from her fellow Spiders and was extremely grateful when they would hop into her dimension and give her villains a run for their money.
           Smiling, she looked over to MJ and couldn’t help but admire the other girl. The rainbow attire she wore matched with her own bisexual flag shirt. Gwen had created the rainbow flower crown herself and could see the way MJ wore it with pride.
           Now, sitting next to her girlfriend, Gwen didn’t want to be anywhere else with anyone else.
           “Well, are you just going to stare at me all day, or are you going to share?” MJ smirked at her.
           “Hmm, maybe I will take it all for myself.” Gwen laughed and brough the spoon closer to MJ’s lips so she could enjoy their treat.
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Stacy's WIP Self Promo Sunday
Just an FYI, I'm heading to Utah on 6/20 for a much needed vacation with my family. My two current fics, Waterfall Memories and Skyline Manor are all queued up and will post on their normal posting scheduled times. If you haven't checked them out, please do.
This Sunday, I'm diving into my 3 WIP's to show you some progress I've made and a little bit of a tease for each :) These are taking longer to write than my other fics, but I chalk that up to my new job and constant distractions lately.
Thank you all again so much for reading and commenting on my fics, it brings me great joy to know that others enjoy this little stress relief hobby I have taken up as much as I have.
Tumblr media
Void of Extinction -
Chapters written: 6 of 9
Emma woke to the sounds of crying. She jumped up from her spot and reached for her son, pulling him against her chest. “Hush now Henry, mommy’s got you.” Pressing her child to her breast she felt the tug against her nipple as her son quieted. She smiled down at the infant in her arms, her heart aching as she watched him so still against her, as if nothing in the world mattered but his own nourishment.
Emma wished her view of the world were so innocent. But she knew better.
Emma looked around the dark shack she had been hiding in for the last few weeks. She could hear the water on the other end of the door, just on the outskirts of the town line. It would be dangerous if anyone were to find her. She had given up everything to get away from Neal Cassidy. Her safety, comfort, even her future was all gone the instant she escaped the tower that had been her home for the last five years.
Emma knew it was dangerous being outside the protective walls of Storybrooke, those who had been exiled lived on the outskirts, many would not escape the plague once they lost the protections provided behind the walls. Emma knew it all too well, five years ago when the plague first appeared, she had taken ill, she was expected to die quickly, painfully. But after a month, the symptoms subsided, and Emma survived.
Doctors could not explain why Emma survived, only that she had been very lucky.
And then she met Neal. She thought she had finally found someone to share her life with. She was taken in by his father, Gold, a man obsessed with finding the cure to the plague.
His company, The Hive invested in experimenting on anyone who had come down with the plague, valiantly searching for a cure, the perfect gene sample that would save humanity, but his efforts had been fruitless as most of his subjects died before he had completed his experiments.
Emma found him to be odd, even a bit intimidating at times. His obsession with the plague caused her to keep her own situation quiet. She had a feeling if he had known that she had somehow lived through the plague that his interest in her might become more than just the father of the man she lived with.
Tumblr media
Mystery of Pixie Hollow -
Chapters Written: 4 out of 10
“I asked who you are, and you have yet to give me a name.” He growled again in her ear.
“My name’s Emma Swan. I just want to talk to you about your daughter.”
“What do you know about my daughter?”
“I know she went missing just like my son, Henry.” She felt his entire body flinch. “Please, right jacket pocket, there’s a picture of him. I just want to talk.”
She felt him dig into her jacket, pulling the photo free and stepping away from her. He stared at the picture, a frown slipping on his stubbled face. “How old is he?”
“He’s six. He went missing on his birthday a few days ago.”
He was waving the knife around, tucking it under his chin as he talked to himself. “It’s the appropriate age range…makes sense…hmm….few days ago…where were they…went North…” He stopped moving and stared at her. “Storybrooke, not again...”
“I’m sorry?”
“They were in Storybrooke last weekend, correct? The carnival.”
“That’s right, how did you know that?”
“I track their movements, keep an eye on where they go, look up any missing person reports after they leave.” He stepped into the boat, gesturing for her to join him. Emma stood nervously on the pier as he disappeared into the belly of the boat. She looked around at the empty pier. If she went missing now, no one would have any idea where she was.
He poked his head up through the stairwell. “Are you coming or not, lass?”
Tumblr media
Love or Duty -
Chapters Written: 8 out of 9
“I’ll do no such thing.” Emma screamed at her father after he announced her upcoming nuptials.
“We don’t have a choice.” Her father countered.
“How dare you make this decision for my life; you swore to me that you would never do that.”
“I’m the King of Misthaven, I have to think about what is right for this kingdom and its people.”
“But what I want doesn’t matter? That’s what he’s saying, Mother.” Emma spun around to face her mother who was sitting on her throne, a frown on her face.
“Emma, it’s our only choice. We need the kingdoms to unite. Your father has to make the difficult decisions for our survival.”
“Oh, this is rich coming from your mouth.” She growled. “If you hadn’t defied grandpa, you’d be married to King Brennan right now!”
“Emma!” Her father’s tone was loud and angry, but she didn’t care in the slightest. She would not be told that she had to give up her life to be tied to a man she did not know or love.
“Emma what?” She snorted. “Don’t speak the truth?”
“This is different.” He paused. “I loved your mother, and she chose me. Her father accepted that. You have yet to find anyone on your own that is up to your standards to marry. And Prince Liam needs a wife.”
“Does Prince Liam want a wife?” She asked defiantly.
“Emma, you are royalty, this is a responsibility that both you and Prince Liam bear. I am sure he understands his role in his family as the Heir Apparent to the throne, as should you.” Her mother scolded.
“I don’t wish to marry.” She pouted and her mother stood from her throne and walked over to Emma, draping her arm around her shoulder.
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virovac · 6 hours ago
Just because evidence from her early appearance indicates Gwen was unapologetically promiscuous given her thought bubbles, doesn’t mean her having Norman Osborn’s children wasn’t any less of a dumb plotline.
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rotter8blog · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Stacy Keibler
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rotter8blog · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Stacy Keibler
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[Transcript below the cut]
Staci: Guess who.
Penny: It can't be anyone else but my fabulous and adorable girlfriend.
Staci: Bingo.
Penny: Are you going out?
Staci: Yea for a walk, do you want t join me?
Penny: I wish I could, but the sun is too bright, I would dry out within minutes.
Staci: I can make you a human with my magic, if you wish.
Penny: I've been a mermaid for most of my life, I don't think I could do it.
Staci: The offer is there whenever you want to.
Penny: We should have moved to Sulani, I could at least hydrate myself better in the ocean if we were. I am pressuring you into doing everything on your own.
Staci: Pen, taking care of you is anything but a burden or putting pressure on me. We are equals, we are partners, lovers, best friends. I would kill for you.
Penny: Please don't do that.
Staci: I won't, but I would if necessary.
Penny: I just want the two of us to survive together.
Staci: And we will. I'll protect you with my magic.
Penny: Staci wait, aren't you forgetting to take Artio along?
Staci: It's too hot to wear my vest, and I'll be right back.
Penny: But you always take her along.
Staci: I'm only going for a walk, I'll be back soon.
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Tumblr media
“I’ll find whoever did this. And I’ll make sure they get the help they need, so this doesn’t happen again.”-- Night-Gwen
Cover art for Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #001, “Hunters & Prey”
Art by David Nakayama
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iscariotsdeputy · 15 hours ago
pagan: I am a happy husband to a lovely family :)
staci, respectfully to pagan’s guards: 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The multiverse has invaded my dreams recently, and team red is always the source of much inspiration, so the team red reverse big bang was an opportunity to have some fun with all that.
Anyways, please enjoy this display of chaos and excitement. I'll link the fic when it's up!
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- Requested by Anonymous.
[English] [Brazilian Portuguese] [German] [Japanese]
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