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maria13squash · 9 days ago
I focused so much my my physical fitness and preparation since my acl that I forgot to prepare mentally. Mentally forgot that every ball will be picked up, and that the placement of my shots really do matter. As a result I lost in 3 but at least I have something to work towards for the next tournament . . . . . #squash #squashlife #squashtime #squashtraining #squashplayer #squashcourt #squashing #squashskills (at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales)
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konmari-dogs · 13 days ago
What do you sharpen your nail clippers with? Mine are probably super dull, I didn't know you could sharpen them!
ball up some aluminum foil and then clip the foil some 15-20 times. also works for scissors!
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my mattress isn’t v comfortable and I think it’s the reason my back has been sore tbh
and the new mattress I ordered should’ve arrived by now but I haven’t heard from the company and I’ve been meaning to call and/or email them for like....2 weeks now but that means a phone call and/or email and my brain is like 😬 at the thought so... I haven’t /:
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lorelaislatte · a month ago
the mood for today is reaching for an easter egg at 9am having not slept all night desperately wondering why you decided to update a fic at a time where nobody in any time zone is awake to read it and also possibly processing a ton of trauma but just deciding to not think about it
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angerdad · a month ago
Verse: Dead by Daylight 
After a long road of loss and hardship, Kenny thought he’d finally found a family that would stay consistent in his life. With his two adopted kids, Clementine and AJ, he’d been travelling north through the blistering cold, bound for a safe-zone free from the undead and unruly survivors. They’d decided it was counterproductive to keep waiting for Wellington’s doors to open for them, finding a car and heading back down south to warmer climates. 
Disaster struck as a car accident rendered him paralyzed, ultimately sacrificing himself to the oncoming walkers as bait so that the two children could escape alive. The horde bit and tore into him, and the resulting blood loss had him fall into unconsciousness. It was pure luck, or perhaps the opposite, that the next thing he knew, he was alive-- but in an unfamiliar, and just as unforgiving place.
Ain't Dying Yet: You're no stranger to using whatever you can find to get yourself out of precarious situations. Once the exit gates are powered, you can use a piece of wood picked up from a broken pallet to escape from the killer's grasp. This can only occur once per match.
"Long story short, I got lucky. Real lucky."
Tough Bastard: Despite your stubbornness, when you care for somebody, you give it your all. When you take a protection hit for another survivor, they will leave no scratch marks or pools of blood for the next 4 seconds, but the killer sees your aura for 4 seconds.
"I'm not letting somebody else get eaten today-- especially a good friend."
Down to the Wire: You thrive under pressure, even when it's looking too close for comfort. Repair, sabotage and exit gate opening actions get a 25% boost while the killer is under 32 feet away, and you are notified when it triggers.
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herrings · a month ago
continued from here. @loyaltestament
[Speed bane: 5 -> 7, barely hit | Armor boon: 0.5 -> 0 damage taken]
Dedue’s charge ends with his axe passing through the space Linhardt’s torso had been just a moment before - using the recoil from a spell to dodge was quite the inventive technique, fitting for someone with a reputation for cleverness as the mage held. Another technique to research, and to overcome. While avoiding the attack wasn’t all Linhardt had planned, it would take more than one unexpected dodge to give him the upper hand. Dedue’s eyes still locked onto his opponent, he sees the second spell coming from a mile away.
A quick adjustment of his shield and the blast of wind dissipates against it, passing harmlessly over Dedue’s body as little more than a breeze to set his earrings spinning. In any other moment, the sensation might have been enjoyable - in the current one, it’s just a reminder of what the spell could have been if he was less prepared. Mages were not enemies to toy with; he needs to take Linhardt down as soon as possible.
[Roll: 19 | Damage: 2]
Wasting neither his time nor the advantage gained from his opponent’s position, Dedue aims a swipe with the back of his axe’s head at Linhardt’s legs. With any luck it should keep the mage on the back foot and unable to fire off any more magic.
Dedue isn’t one to be trifled with. Of course he isn’t, the Battle of the Eagle and Lion isn’t just an inconvenience to him as it was to Linhardt. The older male is treating this mock battle for what it is: a war simulation. There are no openings in Dedue’s defense as Linhardt’s spell pitfully grazes his shield; the Duscurian man stands on the field as an echo of what the Kingdom values. A stalwart knight, indestructible.
The sound of war cries and steel clashing ‘round Gronder Field tells Linhardt that his battle is one that he can’t forfeit. This skirmish is one of his own; a fight that he can’t carelessly hand off to a peer more inclined. It’s frustrating, truthfully Linhardt doesn’t want to be here,  but Dedue seems to treat him as a formidable opponent. The least he can do is show the same respect back, if only to honor Dedue’s effort.
(roll modification: +0.5DMG (Amr Bane) = 2.5 DMG dealt!) (linhardt hp: 1.5 / 4 HP remaining)
Dedue’s handle bashes just below Linhardt’s knee. Linhardt falters, collapsing down back onto grass with a cry as pain branches through his leg. This is why he despises participating in mock battles: the damage isn’t worth the experience. His injured leg trembles, the slightest movement evoking an excruciating sting to shoot through his veins. Dedue has him incapacitated-- Great.
(attack roll: 6+2 = 8! 0.5 damage incoming!)
He can’t move, but a mage’s efficiency doesn’t end at their mobility. It’s what makes magic great; the versatility of its medium allows for its user to become creative. Wind kicks up around Linhardt, its current spiraling ‘round his person as a makeshift barrier. Concentrating, the Hevring heir launches the cyclone, determined to throw Dedue some few feet back and away from him.
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jktummies · a month ago
Taehyung was in heaven at the moment. You see nothing gives him more joy than seeing his boyfriend enjoy himself. And right now with the way jungkooks weight was crushing him as his boyfriend sat on top of him in the bed and ate to his hearts desire was the best.
Before last year jk was a gym rat. And sure Taehyung was all about the abs until the holiday season.
See Jungkook had gone back home to visit his mom and taheyung knows home much they pester him into eating and taking care of himself better since taheyung does that too. So when he went to go pick him up at the train station only to see his boyfriend somewhat chubbier it excited him. And by the looks of it Jungkook liked it too.
“Kookie... baby you’re crushing me.”
Jk smiled as he shoved another slice of pizza into his mouth. He tried to look back at taehyungs face but his massive weight and non existent neck barley let him.
He giggled causing his whole body to jiggle. “Sorry tete I just didn’t see you there.”
Taehyung rolled his eyes at that. But hey they’re role playing rn.
Taehyung smirked as he tired to breathe with his midsection being crushed by a 400+ man. His view was blocked by his humongous globes of fat that’ called his boyfriends ass and the love handles of his pudgy back. His hands were free and big enough to grip at his boyfriends gigantic stomach and still give him the belly rubs and jostles he deserves.
Jungkook shifted causing tae to wheeze under.
“Babe can I start drinking my soda now?!”
Taehyung could tell he was pouting so even though it was about to get messy he let his hand give a soothing rub, ”of course baby.”
Jk beamed and reached as much as he could to grab the bottles before leaning back his whole weight on his boyfriend.
Tae gave a small oof but jk was lost in his trance and opened the bottle as quick as possible before chugging.
Taehyung could only watch in awe as his boyfriend swallowed with determination. Fuck he was so hot.
His hand came to cup at Jungkooks gigantic globes of an ass and gave it a rough smack causing it to ripple the fat throughout his whole body.
Jk whined at that breaking away from his soda to let out a huge belch before contuing.
“Tae stop your making me gassy”
He said before going right back to chugging.
“Babe that’s just your natural response to eating a meal for a family if five and then these two drinks And cmon” Tae f
Gave his ass another smack “we both know you love it”
Jk moaned and dropped the empty bottle to the floor. He began to squirm in tune with his stomach rumbling.
Tae was about to be hit with a gas bomb but it was just so hot to see his big boy from this angle.
“Tae I don’t think I can hold it anymore.”
“Then don’t sweetheart I love it just as much as you do.”
With those words being said jk gave a big whine before a loud fart ripped through and loud belching followed.
Tae moaned hips trying to buck under the weight.
After a few minutes the shows was almost over and jk tried lifting up his fat asscherks to let his boyfriend out.
Tae stretched his limbs after that squashing before locking eyes with jk and hands immediately going to rub at his belly.
“Now you better get ready for round two.”
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