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dumblrdiver · a day ago
Controversial opinion: Chris Evans looks better in Scott Pilgrim Vs the world than as Captain American
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kimyoureahellofacatch · 2 days ago
Knives: is there a word that's a mix between angry and sad?
Kim: malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
Scott: smad
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kimyoureahellofacatch · 6 days ago
you know I’m so glad that in the comics Envy actually ended up being like a good person after all. Like it really drives home the point that Scott was not a great guy and honestly? good for her for learning not to waste time on scummy men
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kimyoureahellofacatch · 7 days ago
Scott Pilgrim: You know, I've always respected you
Stephen Stills: I've,,,,
Stephen Stills: I've tolerated you
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leeokiee · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ramona Flowers (Game Version): @leeokiee
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onebadnoodle · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
the manic pixie dream girl to rule them all!
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mojojohnjohn182 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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greenbeandagger · 2 months ago
(gender) envy adams
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unpleasantbisexual · 4 months ago
I watched Scott Pilgrim and now I hate women
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stitched-mouth · 5 months ago
hey I saw that you do Scott pilgrim headcanons, can you do make out headcanons for knives, ramona,kim, julie and lynette? gn reader pls
Making Out With Characters From Scott Pilgrim vs The World
I hope you like the hcs!
I did try to stay away from going farther into things, but come on, good make out sessions usually end in sex. So I had to mention it a little bit in here. But I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanted 😓
Please don’t request more than three characters when requested hcs! Only reason I accepted this and a previous hcs request is because I didn’t specify this new rule before.
Scott Pilgrim characters I write for and some other rules, here.
(Featuring; Knives Chau, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pines, Julie Powers and Lynette Guycott)
Knives Chau
Tumblr media
• Knives has never made out before, so you will likely have to show her the ropes
• She will also be incredibly nervous about it, so give her time to warm up to it
• Knives wants it to be perfect, which unfortunately it isn’t always. Especially if you’re inexperienced. So please tell her that it’s ok to be a little messy at first. If you don’t, she will likely be very embarrassed and disappointed after. And might not even want to do it again.
• Because you will teach her how to do it properly.
• You’re communication will definitely make her more comfortable and more relaxed about it all.
• The first time you two make out, it’s of course very messy.
• But Knives absolutely loved it.
• It turned her on so much. She likely even wanted to go further with it 👀
• And she wants to do it again, but she doesn’t know how to ask.
• Knives’s nervousness has come back by now.
• Keep talking to her about! Always be open about! And your make out sessions will happen more and more, and eventually Knives will be more comfortable to take it even father.
Ramona Flowers
Tumblr media
• Ramona is the Queen of make out sessions.
• She has a lot of experience, and knows exactly what to do.
• Ramona knows how to initiate the make out sessions, how to control it all (she’s always in charge) and she knows how to turn it into sex.
• The first time you two made out, it very quickly led to sex.
• Tbh, anytime you make out with Ramona, it will ALWAYS lead to sex.
• She just knows how to handle these types of things.
• Ramona loves making out with you, mainly because of how soft you are.
• Well, soft compared to Ramona.
• But Ramona can be softer and less rough or intense! All you have to do is ask!
• Just because Ramona is very experienced with making out and can be quite dominant when things get intimate, that doesn’t mean that she disrespects you’re boundaries.
• Ramona will always stop when you ask her to.
• Ramona will always ask you if it’s ok for her to do touch you.
• Ramona will never touch you if you tell her not to.
• Ramona will never try to do something you don’t like again.
•In other words, consent is more important to Ramona than how horny she is 😄
Kim Pines
Tumblr media
• Kim is actually quite shy at the beginning of make outs, not that she would ever admit it.
• Despite common belief, Kim is quite inexperienced with making out.
• Of course she has made out before, but not very often and not with many people.
• It’s not something she needs in a relationship, so it has never crossed her mind before until you asked her about it.
• Kim would be very surprised if you suggest it. Maybe even a little nervous and shy too.
• But excited as HELL too.
• She hates it, but Kim can’t deny how much she loves you. Or how much she wants to kiss you.
• Give her a few minutes to calm herself a little, set the mood correctly then prepare for the slowest and most passionate make out session of a time.
• The make out would be very sensational, and full of love.
• And it may even led to other things 👀
Julie Powers
Tumblr media
• Julie isn’t actually so down to make out.
• Not that it’s a complete no no, you two have definitely made out before.
• But Julie just isn’t so into it.
• “The *beep* salvia gets *beep* everywhere!”
• Yeah, she likely complains about the salvia a lot.
• Like Ramona, Julie likely has a lot of experience too. However unlike Ramona, she didn’t like it so much.
• If you really want to though, talk to her about it. And ask nicely, or you’ll get a lot of *beep* s.
• Julie prefers kissing, not making out or frenching.
• But on the rare occasion she will make out with you, it’s quite spicy and filled with the smallest bits of passion and love. Julie will also be in control of it.
• Julie does like expressing how much she loves you, even if she kinda sucks at it.
• So if you ask her politely, Julie may take a little while to warm up to the idea, but be patience!
• Julie would most likely do it for you. If you really want to of course.
• She will make it hot and passionate if you want her to because she loves you, and believes that this could be a easier way of showing you that rather than telling you. Because again, that’s something she seriously struggles with.
• But you have to respect Julie’s boundaries completely, and never cross them.
• Remember, makeout sessions are privileges that Julie can very easily take away.
Lynette Guycott
Tumblr media
• Lynette doesn’t care too much about making out.
• Remember she is neutral towards everything!
• She’s down for it of course, but only if you ask.
• You’re always going to be the initiator.
• Simply because kissing isn’t something that Lynette needs in her life.
• However, she is very likely to be the one to take control of it when it starts.
• Lynette can very easily take your hand and just teleport you both to a more private area to make out.
• Yeah, Lynette is never going to do anything intimate with you in public. That’s for behind closed doors.
• Even holding your hand in public is a struggle for Lynette I’m afraid. Sorry!
• Unlike of course you dislike PDA too. Then it’s a win win situation!
• Lynette can very easily take over all of you, with only a snap of her fingers.
• You are wrapped around her pinkie finger.
• This can be both bad and good. Depending on what mood Lynette is in.
• Luckily for you though, you always know what mood Lynette is in. A neutral mood. So you always know what to expect 😉
• Neutral Lynette (normal Lynette 😅) will almost always agree to making out with you right that minute, and teleport you both to her backstage dressing room or the bathroom.
• Of course only when she’s not working though.
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stitched-mouth · 5 months ago
I have a crush on every spvtw character 😭
Same here 😅 I’ve gotten started on your request, and hopefully it will be posted later tonight!
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kuppiekay · a year ago
when knives told scott "I'm too cool for you anyways" SHE WAS RIGHT
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