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#sports poems
justalittleartistblogs · 17 days ago
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solcages · a month ago
#hey everyone! i hope you’re doing okay!!#i’m just ranting right now so feel free to disregard this... i have a feeling it’s not gonna be anything ummm good?#okayyy so now that you—yes you—know what you’re (kinda) getting into... here’s the rant#i’m back at school full time now with sports (lol for only 34 more days 💀) so i’m really sorry for my inactivity today#i do have a queue running so i hope that’s okay with you??? i’m really going to make an effort in my free time to be active#and before you tell me to take a break (that’s very kind of you but) tumblr and my poetry are the only things keeping me sane right now#so i’m really sorry if my poems suck or if i post less often but i’m just... yeah#school has been rough and i’m starting to feel burnt out and my teachers literally all suck. i do not care about them any more. i hate them#i have to much homework and too little time (like they realize that i have other classes and extra curricular a right?)#on top of that (lol i know right?) my friends... *sigh*#well... for years we’ve had a joke that’s literally just them bullying me#and basically everything they say sounds awful even though they’re joking#but today it just really got to me because they kept telling me that they didn’t want me around...#like i haven’t seen them in months and i know they’re kidding but they just kept saying it over and over#but because they’re joking i’m obligated to shrug it off and laugh or smile or do something to hide the fact that it actually hurt#they would stop if i asked but it’s too much of a running joke at this point to do anything about it#someone literally said it’s a trend to ‘hate’ me#it’s like my name. it’s jacqueline. i hate being called jackie but people say it anyways. it’s been years so *sigh* anyway it’s kinda#irreversible#SO BASICALLY. words do hurt. no matter the guise they’re said#andddd the whole quote the the most broken people smiling the brightest or whatever? it’s true.#anyway today was rough and i’m tired#if you’ve read this much (i’m realizing how much and damn wtf am i doing lol) i really appreciate you. thank you <3#to delete later
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writelikefools2021 · a month ago
Basketball - Joe Gallenstein - day 10
A basketball laying in the grass Is the promise of what’s to come Summertime games in the park Hours of one on one
I remember waking up to the sounds Of kids dribbling on the sidewalk Playing pickup games in the street With the court outlined in chalk
21 Horse 3 on 3 All are some of my favorite memories
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hallucinated-desires · a month ago
It took me way longer than it should have
And I lost some self-respect on the way,
But I have started not to care.
You kept feeding me fresh roses,
When you knew I hated flowers plucked,
Yet I didn't complain.
This sensation that I mistook for love,
Would have been the death of mine.
But finally, I've started not to care.
I'll let these thorns break my skin,
If that is what it takes,
Maybe, if only then your poisoned blood shall drain out of my system.
( this poem shall remain incomplete and some things should remain that way because endings are mostly painful and not all stories are worth the pain. )
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maick15 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Chico con Espíritu emprendedor, Aventurero, apasionado por todo lo nuevo. Enamorador
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flyforever · 6 months ago
Battered and bruised tossed to the ground
Consenting to brokenness i keep playing
I get up again though my vision fades
And my frantic heart beating is the only sound
I tell myself “I love rugby” but I don’t
I love my friends
I love saying “I played rugby”
I love to be called strong as a reward for the moments I am most weak
I’ve shattered my nose, bruised my ankles, taken hits to the head
But I won’t stop now because I’m still not dead
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leonrhymes · 9 months ago
A Poem by Leon van Sam:
If u wanna win games, I’m ur man,
And I’ve drawn up a pretty good plan:
I’ll go steal the ball,
Run away from them all—
I guess I’m better off as a fan.
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dorianblock · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Falling 4 Futbol
I've never pledged allegiance to any flag
Meaning in my heart an undying loyalty to any cause
I never rallied behind a team 
For sport nor school, no color scheme did I bedrape 
Voiding my wardrobe of anything but
Until I met you. I knew from those black and white stripes
Lining your blue eyes that I would allow athletics
To consume me if only to earn a place at your side.
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learnfilmmaking · 10 months ago
Life-O-Mance - A connection that brings you joy is your Life-O-Mance.
For instance - You bring me joy, you're my Life-O-Mance.
You can find your own LifeOMance.
Now, You make a sentence with LifeOMance ...
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djryefaith87 · a year ago
Tumblr media
We are now the front and center of a story.
I have a mission to make the panic not worry.
A moments of the here and now of what we see is chaos.
What is moved very slow is coming the air very fast.
If we move to quick we can leave our body to blast.
The questions of not appreciating life.
What is like to live to die.
We are in a world being controlled by rules and profit.
The greater sin is much decided when we lift.
Cast aside all our troubles that lead to faith.
What can be done to hold our own weight.
The preparation of battle is coming.
To be kept from our daily living can be mind numbing.
You ever been lied to by your closes for protection.
Rather be scared by the truth for affection.
What we know aside from what I feel to my aside of a vibe.
Its coming in quick like snow for a glaciers tied.
Is me being still so wrong if it gets worse.
Or do i put on the visions of when i lost it in this earth.
Lord knows the side of creative is within.
If i can be uplifted and pray over my future sins.
Preparing to put the make up on all over again.
Letting you know i have a dark side if i have to press send.
In honoring my life no reason to pretend.
I can pass and laying to rest with easy rotten.
Do the here and now than rather be forgotten.
Its not weakness to be humble to god.
He is an open chamber pod.
For thy father will let in for what is worth it in faith.
No match if one tries to battle me for this will be a waste.
What a show that i m living that it can actually move me.
No laughing matter for a baby name stewie.
Surviving a Pandemic has become my favorite scary movie.
Tumblr media
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For my fellow girls out there:
Is it not the most annoying thing in the world when you wash a sports bra and the cups get pushed out of place and you spend 15 minutes just trying to straighten the cups back so your boobs don’t look lumpy and in the end you just give up and pick another sports bra.
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847722156 · 2 hours ago
“hi, I’m not from the US” ask set
💪 given how Americanised this site is, it’s important to celebrate all our countries and nationalities - with all their quirks and vices and ridiculousness, and all that might seem strange to outsiders.
1. favourite place in your country?
- honestly, i love budapest
2. do you prefer spending your holidays in your country or travel abroad?
- a ilke to go abroad, but i made a promise to myself to travel around my country more
3. does your country have access to sea?
- no
4. favourite dish specific for your country?
- beef stew...
5. favourite song in your native language?
- zoltán erika megamix
6. most hated song in your native language?
- bódi guszti összes
7. three words from your native language that you like the most?
- “neked van igazad”
8. do you get confused with other nationalities? if so, which ones and by whom?
- people have asked me if i’m vietnamese or spanish or from a spanish speaking country
9. which of your neighbouring countries would you like to visit most/know best?
- i’ve heard slovenia is beautiful
10. most enjoyable swear word in your native language?
- faszom!
11. favourite native writer/poet?
- i love radnóti miklós. i’m not very familiar with my country’s contemporary literature, which is also something i’m actively working to fix.
12. what do you think about English translations of your favourite native prose/poem?
- they’re good, but don’t give me the feeling the original did. but i think that usually happens with translations, unfortunately.
13. does your country (or family) have any specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to outsiders?
- we are not superstitious, but a little stitious.
14. do you enjoy your country’s cinema and/or TV?
- no i don’t! but i kind of like theatre? mostly classical though.
15. a saying, joke, or hermetic meme that only people from your country will get?
- is there any questions???????
16. which stereotype about your country you hate the most and which one you somewhat agree with?
- i hate that hungarian girls are beautiful, but i agree that we are pessimistic and rude.
17. are you interested in your country’s history?
- not more than a regular high schooler is.
18. do you speak with a dialect of your native language?
- sometimes!
19. do you like your country’s flag and/or emblem? what about the national anthem?
- a like the flag, i kinda like the anthem, but i vibe with SZÓZAT
20. which sport is The Sport in your country?
- football................................
21. if you could send two things from your country into space, what would they be?
- a pen with a fidesz emblem.
22. what makes you proud about your country? what makes you ashamed?
- i’m proud of our language and the beatiful cities and landscapes, but i’m ashames of political leaders and society.
23. which alcoholic beverage is the favoured one in your country?
- wine and beer.
24. what other nation is joked about most often in your country?
- i think slovaks and romanians
25. would you like to come from another place, be born in another country?
- no
26. does your nationality get portrayed in Hollywood/American media? what do you think about the portrayal?
- it doesn’t thankfully. i’d hate to see the often toxic stereotype.
27. favourite national celebrity?
- i like caramel.
28. does your country have a lot of lakes, mountains, rivers? do you have favourites?
- lakes and rivers yes, and a few mountains as well. my favourite is Danube
29. does your region/city have a beef with another place in your country?
- i don’t know?????
30. do you have people of different nationalities in your family?
- no we don’t. true christian hungarians  💪 💪 💪
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scotianostra · 12 hours ago
On May 17th 1810 the poet  Robert Tannahill drowned himself in a Paisley canal.
Often compared to Scottish literary legend Rabbie Burns Robert Tannahill was born around 1774 in Paisley in the county of Renfrewshire. He grew up in a weaving shop and would later be given the name of the ‘weaver poet’, turning as he did to an apprenticeship with his father at the early age of 12 years.
From childhood, Tannahill was considered to have a delicate constitution and was known for the injury to his right leg that caused him to limp throughout his life. The Scottish airs that he wrote and for which R A Smith composed the music, such as The Braes of Balquhidder, have become classics that are reproduced and sung for special occasions. The Burns club in Paisley he helped create also meets each winter to this very day in the old cottage where Tannahill used to compose his poems.
After he completed his apprenticeship with his father, Tannahill struck out on his own and headed south to Lancashire where he settled for a couple of years in Bolton. By this time he had already begun his interest in poetry but when his father became ill he moved back to Scotland to help support the family. After his brother married and his father died, Tannahill found himself supporting his mother and would do so until his own death.
Tannahill wrote much of his poetry in the Scottish dialect, as Robert Burns did, and over the years he worked hard to develop his own style, forming a friendship with Richard Archibald Smith who was a composer. He began to gain some success when Smith set some of his poems to music and he began mixing more closely with the literary types of the town, setting up the Paisley Burns Club for which he became secretary.
By 1806 his work was starting to appear in a number of periodicals of the time including The Scots Magazine. A year later he published his first collection which sold well and was popular around Paisley. Like the poet Robert Fergusson, who suffered from what they called “melancholy”  Tannahill suffered from self-doubt and fear, particularly with issues over his own health. He would often compose his poems whilst working at the loom which is where he gained the name the weaver poet and was a great admirer of Burns and wrote three poems in celebration of the great man. Poverty also played a big part in the poems that he wrote in both Scots dialect and English. He experimented with many different forms including ballads and epitaphs which formed part of his 1807 collection The Soldier’s Return.
In 1810 Tannahill tried to produce an edition with added poems with publishers in other cities including Edinburgh. He was roundly rejected and fell into a fit of depression that led him to burn each of his manuscripts.He then went to Paisley Canal and drowned himself. 
Because he had committed suicide, Tannahill was buried in an unmarked grave but nearly fifty years later a monument was erected in his memory after his fame and the enduring nature of his poetic work became more widely recognized. He also has a statue next to Paisley Abbey.  Robert Tannahill is also one of the 16 writers and poets depicted on the lower sections of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh and  a bust of the poet was included in the Hall of Heroes in The National Wallace Monument.
 The Braes Of Balquhither By Robert Tannahill
  Let us go, lassie, go, To the braes o' Balquhither, Where the blae-berries grow 'Mang the bonny Highland heather; Where the deer and the rae, Lightly bounding together, Sport the lang simmer day On the braes o' Balquhither. I will twine thee a bower,
  By the clear siller fountain, And I'll cover it o'er Wi' the flowers o' the mountain; I will range through the wilds, And the deep glens sae dreary, And return wi' their spoils, To the bower o' my deary.
When the rude wintry win' Idly raves round our dwelling,
  And the roar of the linn On the night breeze is swelling, So merrily we'll sing, As the storm rattles o'er us, 'Till the dean shieling ring Wi' the light lilting chorus.
  Now the simmer is in prime, Wi' the flowers richly blooming, And the wild mountain rhyme A' the moorlands perfuming; To our dear native scenes Let us journey together, Where glad innocence reigns 'Mang the braes o' Balquhither.
I’ll finish this post with a wee poem that sums the poet Robert Tannahill up
Some people like me, Some people love me, Some people hate me, And as you can see, I have best two out of three, And that’s good enough for me.
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So I thought I might as well say hi and welcome to whomever stumbled upon my blog. I go by Mal (not putting my real name on the internet). I'm a minor and I'm an asexual lesbian (homoromantic asexual for those who are confused). I'm really into astronomy and musical theater, as well as various sports. I don't know what exactly I'll post here, possibly a mix of poems, comics, short stories, venting, and maybe some drawings (if they aren't completely shitty). Stick around if you're lgbtqia+ (especially if you're sapphic and/or aspec), or into amateur literature, or broadway musicals. TERFS, Homophobes, Aphobes / Ace Exclusionists, Pedos, and Racists, do not interact, you will be blocked.
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sirdominanttrainer · a day ago
Experienced Dominant Daddy Bear Looking for His Pretty Little Baby Bear
Dear Princess - Welcome to my Kingdom! Lion-King: I'm a: hopeless romantic, mature, affectionate, loving, protective (physically and emotionally), guiding, dominant (soft and firm - depending on the girl), caring, emotionally intelligent, honest, attentive, patient, kind, playful and loving daddy-dom. I want to build an emotional connection, an unbreakable bond, to be completely spellbound together. I want love, that feeling of heaviness in my chest when you're beside me, my heart beating faster when you're holding my hand and I know you're safe. I love surprising my little-girl with affection, thoughtful gifts, poems and love, whether it's cooking dinner and building a blanket-stuffy fort or surprising her with roses and framed pictures of us, as long as I can make her smile that's what matters. I love spending my free-time with the girl I love, no matter how extravagant or boring an adventure is, it will always be amazing as long as we're with each other. I'm a very romantic man, I love writing poems or song lyrics for my girl to express how much I love her. I enjoy all the usual things: sports, games, movies, photography, traveling, song writing, poems, drawing, animals and learning about my girls passions. Honestly, I just love spending time with the girl I love. I want to create a future together, to one day have a family of our own and build our kingdom together. Having a family will never affect our relationship because my natural personality and "daddy"-side largely overlap, it's naturally who I am and learning all of my little's quirks and mannerisms will continue to assist me in managing your mental health and ensuring that you're not only always in a safe-place but that I always reassure you that you are. I'm not restricted to one form of domination or care, I want to build and nurture an emotional connection with my little-girl, I want to understand all of her little quirks and build our relationship around both of our needs. I'm a versatile Dom, I naturally a gentle giant but I'm also very strong and can fluctuate the level of dominance, affection and care you require to fall into your little-headspace. I don't mind If you have mental health issues (particularly anxiety and depression), it just gives me more responsibility to care for and protect you! I completely understand if you're anxious or clingy and require more affection. I would love to make our own language, a special word or little mannerisms that we practice so that when we're home or in public, I can know when you're feeling clingy or experiencing anxiety and I can hold you so that you know you're safe. My hand will always be available for holding. I know that I can give you that safe-place, a place where you can let go and express the most vulnerable side of your being, a place where you are completely physically and emotionally safe under my guidance and protect, a place of complete submission. I believe both aftercare and pre-care are very important. They are both apart of my the natural caring, protective and loving side of my personality (in this dynamic and vanilla relationships). I believe it's important to give my little reassurance, to ensure that not only is she safe but that she knows she's safe. It's something I've always believed in. I do believe in rules, punishments and rewards (all of which would be discussed in length when pursuing our relationship). I will NEVER reduce our contact time as a punishment, I severely dislike fake daddies who do this as it's extremely damaging to a little's mental and physical health. The strictness of such rules will again be discussed between us - while I do like to take charge over my submissive, I am a big believer in forming the relationship around and between us and not what a definition of a ddlg relationship should be. Upon our agreement of all elements of our relationship, I will then take charge and won't force you to do anything beforehand. I am not a fake daddy, this is not a quick sexual fantasy, this is a real relationship, this is love and it's what I've spent my life searching
for. Below is a short list of rules, punishments and rewards (again, these will all be discussed at length and more will be given privately - I do not wish to discuss anything of sexual nature publicly or at all until you're comfortable talking about it). Punishment's depend on the severity of the rule broken. Looking for -
My Princess! My Forever Little! (I don't mind if you don't match my criteria. If you like me, please message me 📷). I'm looking for an: innocent, affectionate, clingy, needy, submissive, obedient, loving, petite little princess to submit herself under my protection in a long-term relationship. I'm looking for a girl who'll be the other side of my heart. A girl who'll have priority in my life above anyone or anything else. A girl who loves to sit on daddy's lap and be: snuggled, cuddled and protected by my strong warm arms. I don't mind if you're bratty, I don't mind what your interests are (as a little-sub-pet-slave or adult) as I will always want to learn about them and hopefully we can do them together one day. I don't mind if you have anxiety or depression, I will always be there to make sure you're physically and emotionally safe. I don't mind if you're not sexually experienced (if anything I find it genuinely sweet) and if you're shy about these things, that's completely ok and it's something that will never happen until you're ready. I'm not here for a hookup, I'm here for love. I want to understand your weaknesses, your flaws and darkest fears so that I can always protect you. I want to give you a place to feel safe when you're most vulnerable, to know you're protected and comforted with physical and emotional warmth, so that you can melt into my arms and gently rest your head on my chest. I want to continue to nurture our relationship, our love, until there are no walls and no secrets, until you trust me with the most vulnerable part of your mind. Submitting yourself to me will make you stronger and bring you happiness knowing you can finally be free. I'm a very open-minded daddy-dom and I completely understand that everyone has their own needs. I never like to constrain my little to a textbook definition of our relationship, I like to build our relationship based on us! By building our emotional connection it will not only enhance our sensual physically connection but more importantly establish trust between us, trust that will allow me to guide you in your submission to be the girl you're destined to be. If you find my profile interesting in any regard, please feel free to send me a friend-request and message with a bio about yourself. I'm a very mature and non-judgemental man and I believe a good relationship should be discussed between both people prior to me leading. If you're interested but there's something you don't feel comfortable with or there's something you're looking for and are curious about whether or not I would do that in the relationship please tell me, I have no problem learning about you. I'm very open-minded and what I've said above is open to amending. Please feel free to ask me any questions that your little or adult headspace is intrigued by! Thank you for reading, I genuinely appreciate your time. If you are interested message me with your details on Kik: SirDaddieDom Sincerely, 📷 LION-KING 📷
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