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#spooky ghost man
everyothermouse · a day ago
Just another dreamland through the unnamed spooky dog story :>
Just another dreamland: What the FUCK is going on in this story just a couple of kids trapped in a weird ass fuckin dreamscape, and some of the kids are bastards who keep making it into a nightmare.
Labs: some nerds researching magic and creating solutions for problems in monster life, with a pinch of will they won't they relationship stuff.
Logs: two robots forced in a room to banter for the sake of studying their communication capabilities.
little witch of the wood: some little witches living in the woods and hanging out.
Nuts interlude: child doesn't understand stranger danger and absolutely refuses to
Pokémon jams: a cover band of three excited middle schoolers, with some fun magical adventures, rivalry with other bands, old and new friends visiting the cast, and cool songs mixed in!
Raspberry picking: Just two girls stranded in a cabin together with nothing but their music and their jam, they might kiss
Remy and the rest of this title: two friends trying to survive a planetary apocalypse suddenly have alien prisoners assigned public service duty on their planet dropped into their laps.
Schoolland: just elementary schoolers doing child things like sleepovers, drawing, pretending to be ninjas, etc. but theres ~magic~ in unexpected places!
Ship for 100: a botanist on a ship searching for a good quality unoccupied (or maybe just a little occupied) planet attempts to make friends with and learn from others on the ship.
Skye and friends: 3 middle school girls just living they lives, featuring crushes, fanfic, photography, cookies, and friendship <3
Space Race: the wacky adventures of three teams of space pirates racing around the universe collecting/stealing a specific type of rare space rock, and whoever collects the most by the end of the year wins hella cash!
Streets: Found family where they're all monsters struggling with discrimination
Sugar and Spice!: some mostly untouched toys from the shelf hanging out and having fun
Swords and ink: imaginary people/creatures can be brought into the world with the power of creativity, magic, and appreciation, and basically some kids (and an adult) have this magic and have to use their ocs to defeat a villain who's using this magic to capture characters and steal their power.
The Backroom: After the escape of the detention kids, three weird artsy kids discover the magical world of detention, and strangely, they don't want to leave.
The fine cuisine of man: two powerful cannibalistic ancient gods adopt a mean little orphan psychic girl, slightly evil found family shenanigans ensue.
The last man on earth (and the congregation of ghosts): two con-men try to convince an out-of-touch-with-society congregation of ghosts that they are the last man on earth, and that the other conman is a liar, in order to score the precious artifacts the ghosts hold.
The Skyfall Friendlies: kid moves to the underwater camp and uncovers some sinister truths about the seemingly pleasant place.
the unnamed spooky dog story: anthropomorphic dog with clinical anxiety tries to protect a little girl, who’s father is his abusive owner.
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phantombs · a month ago
"Scared?” He walks down the lonely road, curious, rain pittering hard and fast, and looks all a phantom in the autumntime mist. The asphalt plonks, and his voice peaks to little but a whisper. There's a rolling crash of thunder, and everything feels too... Feels too odd. Heavy,  And hadn’t the locals been yammering about this, about avoiding the night in this season with the rain? They did. Warning about ghosts and demons--wait. Is he...? "I hope you're shivering to the rain and not jumping at your own shadow. You're too old for that."
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stupidzeldaaus · 2 months ago
ST AU where everything else is the same except Zelda has developed an absolute fear of Pac Man.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am a tattoo artist and piercer at Mystical Ink Tattoo in Las Vegas.
Some Tim Burton tattoos I have done for some of my customers. a few The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos, and some Beetlejuice tattoos. 
If you have seen these before there is a reason for that. Got married and changed by name. I decided I wanted to re-watermark the photos.
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gringolet · 3 months ago
ghost gawain hours lads
Tumblr media
still the funniest part of le morte
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puzzlebones · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Musing through memories Losing my grip in the grey Numbing the senses I feel you slipping away
Fighting to hold on Clinging to just one more day Love turns to ashes With all that I wish I could say
I'd die to be where you are I tried to be where you are
Every night I dream you're still here The ghost by my side, so perfectly clear When I awake, you'll disappear Back to the shadows With all I hold, dear With all I hold, dear
I dream you're still here I dream you're still here
Tumblr media
I'll keep quiet You won't even know I'm here You won't suspect a thing You won't see me in the mirror
But I crept into your heart You can't make me disappear Til I make you
I made myself at home In the cobwebs and the lies I'm learning all your tricks I can hurt you from inside I made myself a promise You would never see me cry Til I make you
You'll never know what hit you Won't see me closing in I'm gonna make you suffer This Hell you put me in I'm underneath your skin The Devil within You'll never know what hit you
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