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#spn 15×09
dumbassunicorn08 · 5 months ago
Mr Heller King Jensen Ackles has done it again we must stan
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theedorksinlove · 7 months ago
cas : the plan changed dean. something went wrong. you know this. something always goes wrong.
dean : yeah, why does that something always seem to be you?
me : *shooketh*
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fairylightsthief · a year ago
appreciation post for dean bc john brought him up to be a Man™ w no feelings or emotions so he only hooked up w women and killed monsters but then 30 years into his very lonely life, an angel of God came into his life who he did not know would mean so much to him. he always tried to make himself believe that he was just a friend or only just a best friend but everytime they weren't together he felt a little incomplete and everytime they laughed, he knew he had found a home in someone that he could rely on. but because of his stern upbringing by his shitty father, he had major internalized homophobia and more than that, he believed he didn't deserve happiness. he always pushed people away and made them think he didn't love them because it was always easier to be alone but w cas it was different. he felt happy w him. it took him years to accept his feelings but when God is trying to kill you and your family, and you don't know how long you have left, you have let go of your past and believe in yourself enough to allow yourself to be happy. so he finally forgave castiel for whatever he held a grudge against him and told him that he would always forgive him. he allowed himself to break down and fall to his knees in the middle of another world because he couldn't imagine a world without castiel. he accepted that sometimes he gets too angry but it doesn't mean he loves him any less. he's a man in love with his best friend and he's trying to be better
i wrote this at 2am don't come @ me
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espejonight28738 · a year ago
15×09 "The Trap" Meta
Warning: As always, Destiel and Saileen positive so don't like don't read.
OMG guys I can't even this episode was something else. Like, for real.
First of all, it looks like I was right about Eileen being part of Chuck's plan.
"I helping to Sam the Bunker. To Sam. To Romance." Thanks Chuck for proving me right, but if you could please not hurt my baby Eileen and Sam while you do it would be awesome ;-;
Now if only I could be in the right about the happy ending...
But whatever. Let's talk about the prayer first, because I could talk about it for hours. Everything was so wonderful.
First, when Dean looks he only have 29 minutes left to find Cas, you could see all the trauma resourfaced. You could see how he was imagining ending up without Cas again. Having to go back home (although he didn't seem to be going to the portal when right before he found Cas, but I have no certainty about it) and leave Cas behind, and he imagined himself reliving the guilt and the hallucinations and the hopelessness.
Tumblr media
[Gif by the amazing @agusvedder because I want you to look at him and tell me that ain't the look of a man who just imagined losing the love of his life again]
And, above all, Dean imagined having to live through it all knowing he never fixed their relationship. Rowena's words about not waiting until it was too late must have been ringing in his ears. And he knows that he needs Cas to know.
Purgatory's pureness gave him a new understanding of his emotions, and I'm not talking about the anger (it's obvious Dean already knew he had that problem), but the need for Cas.
"Cas, buddy, I need you." That same need, mixed with the possibility of losing Cas yet once again was enough for Dean to just break down in the middle of a land of abominations.
And the first thing he says. "I should've stopped you." Can you see how he is telling us we were right all along? Cas said "I left but you didn't stop me." And now Dean knows he could have.
If he had tried to talk, if he had asked Cas to stay, maybe he wouldn't have left. Dean put himself through that depression (the even heavier drinking, comfort food, the coldness) .
[And as an author note. How was that real? "You didn't stop me/I should've stop you" The Brontë sisters WISH they could write that levels of angsty romance.]
And, having Dean finally admitting to his very real anger issues gives me very high hopes for everything else. It's not like his problem will disappear, it does was kinda beaten into him, but having him admitting it is recognizing it as a standing problem between Dean and a Happy Future, so we can assume that will be another one of the problem they'll tackle in the rest of the season.
(Or maybe they'll forget about it. But s15 has been so good until now that I'm hoping they won't ignore it.)
And Dean calling Cas his best friends. Holy mother of God. I know I made several jokes about it, but it truly is so significant. Because words like "Family" and "Brother (and sister for Charlie)" are ones Dean had given other people. But Best Friend is only for Cas, it puts him in a special place in Dean's live no one else shares.
Maybe it's not exactly the place we want him to be in (yet), but the fact alone that they recognize once again how Dean and Cas' relationship is different to the one they have with anyone else.
So when did found Cas and said "Okay, Cas, I need to say something", I agree we wasn't about to repeat his prayer.
The Prayer (the fact that Dean got on his damn knees, for god's sake) was a moment of absolute vulnerability and emotion. Dean grew up in with a "no emotions" mentality tought to him by John, and so we seldom see him show this kind of raw vulnerability by choice. Considering that the Winchesters (as always, I include Jack and Cas in there) are an experts in 'I screw up and you got angry but then we had a bigger problem so we kinda left it behind us bc we are family and I love you anyway, or we just move on without never really discussing it' but not in actually apologizing, I would go as far as to say this was probably the most heartfelt apologize we've seen in the series.
I've watched the scene like a million times, and he just carries an attitude of doing something big. Like a big reveal, not like repiting himself.
Because he knew Cas heard him. The reason he said "I hope you can here me, that wherever you are, it's not too late" it's 'cause he was afraid Cas had died. That is was really too late. Once he saw Cas was alive? I don't think Dean doubted for a second Cas had heard him. He was hoing to say something else.
Cas clearly didn't want to take the risk of Dean telling him what he truly wanted to hear- what he had wanted for years. The risk of his deal with the Empty hovering behind hime. He couldn't be so selfish as allowing himself to hear it, just to abandon Dean right after.
Then Cas interrupted him.
Or abandoning Sam when he was at God's mercy, or leaving the World SavingTM to them. He couldn't. Dean doesn't even now about the deal.
I cannot tell you how much I loved it. Not in a "I want this to happen" way, of course not, but in what it means.
That's why Dabb said this episode wasn't the resolution. There's still much unsaid between them, if you believe there is an 'I love you' somewhere there. I think that's what has my hopes the highest. Because if they are only bff, then why didn't this solve everything? What is left hanging? I don't want to clown but it's literally the only thing that makes sense in my opinion.
And now, let's talk about the future Sam saw.
Sam and Dean don't need only each other to be happy, they need other people. That's basically what that future said.
"What's happened to you Dean? Ever since..."
"Ever since what? We lost pretty much everyone we ever cared about?"
[There is like a 2 second pause here that I feel very important andd significant. The separation between what 'everyone' and 'Cas']
"Ever since the Mark made Cas go crazy? Ever since I had to bury him in Ma'lak box? Ever since then? Yeah." [Jfc you can hear it pains him to say Cas' name]
"Bobby had a death wish and you know it. And Jody? Ever since what happened to Donna and the girls, she does too.
And after Eileen? So do you."
He's acknowledging everyone's breaking point. Jody's was Donna and the girls (we don't know exactly which one was the last straw, as we know that at least in Claire's case they died at different times). Sam's was Eileen. His was Cas.
And he is very clear in that. We can't know what happened first, but we know that Sam asks what happened to *him* and he says it was Cas going crazy. It was having to bury Cas alive what made him lose all hope. Because at least he can hope they ones dead can find pace, but Cas? Dean, and for how he said it he probably did it alone, had to bury Cas knowing he was going to be there for the rest of the time. Suffering alone. Dean knows how it's like to have the Mark.
That broke Dean. And having Sam wasn't enough to put him back together.
And after Eileen somehow died again, Sam just stop caring about living, he just care about taking down as many monsters as he can before he dies. 'Death wish' Dean called it. He would know about that, he is Dean "You wanna die" Winchester, after all.
Having Dean wasn't enough for Sam to want to keep on living.
"We lost, brother. We lost. I'm done."
They still have each other? Yes. Is that remotely enough? No. That's what the future told us. They need more than each other, they need other people.
But there was a little something else that made it even more beautiful.
"The Dean who raised me [...]"
Let's be clear about something, I think the show never gives enough recognition for having raised same pretty much by himself since he was 4 years. The situation was totally unfair to Dean and yet he never once took it out on Sam, he just look out for him, cooked for him, and make sure he could be as much of a child as the situation allowed, that is a lot more than Dean ever could. In his own words, he wasn't just a brother, he was also a father and a mother.
I just want to cry for thinking how hard that was for both brother. And Sam knows it, even if he doesn't always acknowledges. So the fact that he chose the words "the Dean that raised me" when "the Dean that I know", for example, would have conveyed the sentiment as well, is significant.
They wanted to remember how important they are for each other, how much they love each other. They don't dismiss that, they are making sure we remember that, at the same time they are telling us the alone aren't enough for a happy ending.
They are telling us what we need for a True Happy Ending.
Dean and Sam still being close brothers and loving each other, but allowing themselves to love and need other people.
Okay I'll go to the point.
You guys now I've been saying they are hinting at it since my meta of "The Rupture" but this ain't foreshadowing THEY ARE SCREAMING IT. Like I can't come up with a radically different interpretation.
So this episode only got my hopes for endgame Saileen and Destiel (the destiel maybe not at canon as the saileen, but heavily hinted at least) even higher. Specially for the parallel with Eileen having Dean's doubts ("I don't know what's real") and Sam making kinda answering the same ("We are"/"I know that was real"). Btw I'll be screaming because of that for the rest of my days.
[BONUS: Random questions I can't seem to answer.
Does the angels even know God's going bersek? I mean, Belphegor didn't know it was God the one who broke hell... but even Lilith's been brought back. Do they know Micheal's back? God I don't know.
Was that really a possible future? Or it does was like a Zacharaiah tactic? Why does Chuck's abscence makes monster go crazy? Wasn't the point that it didn't unblanaced the powers?
Story-wise, why ain't Cas in next episode?
Was that the last mention of Claire? An off-screen hypotetical death? Please someome let me see my girl again.]
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ackleslove · a year ago
15×09 The Trap
I can't get over Dean's worried face when he finds Cas. After that emotional prayer, he's too vulnerable. He's happy he found Cas but that feeling's overshadowed by how scared he was. That feeling, when he thought he lost Cas again, & he might not get to say things that he wished he'd said a long time ago; it's still there. Cas says he heard his prayer, but Dean wants to say so much more.
This scene was so...... I don't know what's gonna happen when Dean finds out about the deal with Empty. Andrew Dabb said their issues won't be resolved in this episode completely. I wonder how heavy that scene is gonna be when it finally happens.
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takemetobogman · a year ago
I've been doing some calculations and I've come to a conclusion that Purgatory is actually purGAYtory.
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takemetobogman · a year ago
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takemetobogman · a year ago
Tumblr media
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takemetobogman · a year ago
Dean admitting out loud, ONLY TO CAS, that he has anger issues that have always been inside him and that he can't stop no matter how bad he wants to is his way of showing Cas his broken parts so that HE CAN MAKE HIM SEE THAT IT HURT HIM TO LET CAS LEAVE AS MUCH AS IT HURT CAS TO LEAVE IS WHAT I CALL PEAK ROMANCE
They're in love, your honor.
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minxchester · a year ago
Finally watching the episode and damn.
They really, really went hard for both Destiel and Saileen.
I’m seriously so terrified of how this show’s gonna end.
Tumblr media
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espejonight28738 · a year ago
*Post s15*
Strange Person: So were did you got together?
Dean & Cas: Purgatory
Strange Person: Oh... okay, and how long ago was that?
Dean: A few months ago.
Cas: Almost eight years ago.
Dean and Cas, turning to look at each other: Wait, what?
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What if Chuck is right and the visions he's giving Sam are true? And Dean locking Cas in the box??? Haha haha hahahaaaa *flings self into the sun*
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the126firefam · a year ago
so, billie and jack waited until God had left. jack is gonna turn things around. my baby boy is coming back. all hail jack kline.
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