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selfdiscoverywarrior · 2 days ago
So many people are scared of losing someone, but don’t think twice of losing themselves at the cost of loving someone who isn’t worth holding onto.
Xo, B
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selfdiscoverywarrior · 2 days ago
Life isn’t always kind; and it doesn’t always go our way. Your mindset and your will to be and do better will always carry you through, farther than you could ever imagine.
Xo, B
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mielesis · 2 days ago
The moment I received a high being’s message — clairaudience (need advice with it!)
I have been going through some deeply hard moments and I need to prepare for a really important exam coming this month, as I was doubting myself before falling asleep, my mind just received a thought of a male voice that said “You already know the subject Miel*” and it sounded so determined but at the same time sweet like “stop doubting because you got this !!” and I have no clue who it was, whether it was my main guide (which I highly suspect is a male protecting figure) or Apollo ?? because he is super caring and supportive towards me and always seem to be there with me. However, every time I remember that, I continue and continue studying, it became much more easier now and I am really grateful for it.
* = it was my real full name and I’ve never used it since I remember so that was really shocking for me
Does anyone know how can get better with this skill? or give me any advice with it? my mom is clairvoyant and my grandmother was a witch as well as a clairvoyant and clairaudient too. I’m the one who’s breaking the generational curse and I think it’s time to develop this skill I have been suppressing until now, thanks <3
Update: a kind person taught me that deities nor spirits talk directly to/through us so it’s really helpful to know !
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gorgeousthoughts · 2 days ago
I have been reborn.
Reborn as a woman.
Reborn as being.
A new name has been granted to me.
One of great significance.
One I’ve carried with me since a child.
He blessed me.
With many things.
But with one most important to me.
A name.
A name I am proud of.
One I no longer feel the need to hide.
One I no longer shudder at when I hear someone calling it to refer to me.
I have been reborn.
Reborn quite auspiciously.
It’s taken time for me to realize.
Just as a child takes time to formulate words to say their own name confidently.
I am here.
I am happy.
I am worthy.
I thank the divine for all I’ve been blessed with. Thoughts. Action. Movement. Love. Gratitude fills my being. I pray my loving ancestors, angels, spirit guides, soul group continue to guide me on my journey. I ask for constant protection and safety as I move through all realms.. physical + spiritual. I am ready to be embraced by the spirits which may take me higher. And so it is. <3
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selfdiscoverywarrior · 2 days ago
Repeat after me — I am choosing to trust the universe with the divine timing of my life. I will not compare my journey or path to others. For I am not them, and they are not me.
Each of us has an individualized journey and path that is bigger than us, bigger than we can imagine. We are here to walk that path that takes us through the journey of our life.
To learn. To grow. To evolve into the best versions of ourselves. There will be ups and there will be downs. But you will know when you get to where you’re supposed to be; because it will feel like home.
Xo, B
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blossomwithbri · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
𝔙𝔦𝔠𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔶 & 𝔖𝔲𝔠𝔠𝔢𝔰𝔰 🛣❤️
When shuffling the cards, Victory & Success immediately jumped out and disappeared. I had to search for it since it happened so quickly, and as soon as I held it, I felt fatigued. However, this card lets us know that good news is on the way regardless of how tired the collective energy is.
The Victory & Success card has the energy of completion, victory, and prosperity after a difficult period. The people around you are proud as you finally step into your true self. They may even follow in your footsteps. You have matured and gained so much wisdom during this cycle. Remember to pause and congratulate yourself on your wins.
The energy is manifesting into something that isn't material for most people. It could play out as a positive change in mindset, an idea that increases your self-esteem, a reinvention in appearance, a relationship milestone, or healing from past cycles. Healing is an important theme right now, by the way. Remain grounded and use the difficult moments of the past as a reminder of your strength. You are capable and worthy of your accomplishments.
Make sure to save this post so you can reflect on it later in the week 😉Sending you the best intentions 🧚🏽‍♀️🌷🌸
Tips 💌 Cashapp: $Blossomwithbri
DM me 📥 for a personal reading
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annkdarar · 5 days ago
Witches I'm curious, what is the most cryptic thing your spirit guides ever told you? Like the one thing that took you months to figure out what it meant?
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healingbodysoulspirit · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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annnlove · 8 days ago
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originalbotanica · 8 days ago
While all spirit guides are helpful, they are not all the same type of spirit. Here are the different types of spirit guides, and how to best connect with each of them.
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