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#spilled pages
crudeverse · 2 hours ago
Fallen Angel
She often said
that she saw
an angel in me,
perhaps that’s
the reason
she let me fall.
#she saw a broken angel in me
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crudeverse · 18 hours ago
Smoke soars up,
flashing the contours
of your face;
when I try to chase it,
it retreates
into non-existence.
#i see you everywhere #yet you’re nowhere
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amiateenager · a day ago
Kitne Pass Hai Hum
Teri Har adaa main jadu sa hai,
Teri khamoshi me bhi nasha sa hai.
Jab se tu ayi hai meri zindagi mai,
Is zindagi ka har din bas khushiyon se saja hai.
Ye samay ka kesa hai khel ki nhi nihaar sakta hu tere chehre ka noor,
Par sach mai jb tu wo smiley wala emotion bhejti hai na, mera whatsapp bhi hojata hai choor choor.
Apne phone ki har bajti ghanti mai bas tera hi naam dekhna chahta hu,
Jis din meri zuban par tera naam na ho, us din ko me apni zindagi se bahar fekna chahta hu.
Meelo ke fasle ke baad bhi kitne paas hai hum,
Jis din tu na ho us din mere dard ke aage feque pad jaye duniya ke saare gum.
Yeh wada hai mera marke bhi na chorenge hum ek dusre ka yeh saath.
Saat kya har janam mai thamunga tera yeh haath.❤
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flammaelunae · a day ago
Feels like a summer night;
delightful emptiness
yet still so alive.
Each color's more vibrant,
tinted softly with an undertone
that might be what exactly - hope?
Think I'm bursting, or maybe
only flowing over leaving a trail
of flowers, not blood.
Not anymore.
Even if it was all I wanted,
I couldn't mold myself
into any sort of
desired shape -
I turn back, watch the trail:
a rose could never be
a sunflower,
a sunflower never
a forget-me-not;
well, forget me not
as if it wasn't that
almost everyone lately
wanted something from me.
Craved to screenshot the moment,
now it has slipped -
just five seconds, I need
a temporary reset;
my eyes glued to a bicyle lamp
and the bulb of a street light
(electric moon simulation)
for almost too long,
I looked away before I could slip
into infinity.
It might be that I shouldn't have ever
turned my eyes back on the street;
it might be that I should have
let the dawn swallow me.
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parkerz-thoughtz · a day ago
i never feel more lonely than i do in a crowded room.
for when i am alone, i am choosing to be by myself; i am choosing to not let anyone choose me.
but in a crowd there is nowhere to hide the fact that i am no one’s first choice. in a crowd i am tolerated, but nobody wants to put themselves through the inconvenience that is my presence more than they have to.
but i could never blame them. if i had the choice, i too would avoid my existence.
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crudeverse · 2 days ago
I embraced solitude thinking it would set me free. But little did I know in solitude the voices in my head would be clearer and the faces more vivid.
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s-cry · 2 days ago
“Eating me alive,”
Yes, all you say is true.
I am no longer me,
Only love pulls me through.
So when the house is empty,
With only a demon by my side,
Is it a wonder I am lonely?
Is it any wonder why I tried?
The words I pleaded,
The demands I begged,
Assurance that I needed,
My insanity- you pegged.
Broken motherhood courses in my veins,
The monster I’ve sown curses my name.
This devil’s child smirks
And my heart goes berserk.
You can’t withstand this evil
That’s feeding from us both.
I can’t withstand this misery,
If I were to lose you both.
8 May 2021
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s-cry · 2 days ago
On Lover’s Quarrels
A burning paranoia scratched within me
Frantically screaming all we should be
‘Words “soon” will turn to “never”
And you will wait in vain forever.’
This heartache flared out as fiery anger
Drowning love - it’s weight as an anchor
Tears fell fast as he stormed out the door
My heart broke to bits - I could take nothing more
8 May 2021
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flammaelunae · 3 days ago
Pardon me for how poetry lately
seems to be more of a try than a promise -
my love, would you fetch me something
that is nicer to wear than this tragic shade
of melting words like tattoos engraved
under a layer of skin too deep
for thin lines not to float away?
What I mean is that I believe
sometimes we're not sure how we feel
because it's just so close, you know -
too close to sense it, too close to put it
into anything of concrete style.
I run my eyes along the ceiling,
trying to set the world free;
there's a scream but it sounds
so sickly familiar,
sometimes hard not to listen
for a little too long.
Quick, give me a name
so I can sense my shape
in another one's conscience;
I dig myself down
to spiritual exhaustion,
hasn't the middle road always
been the hardest to maintain?
I don't wanna get soft
to have another thing break me;
you know, like it wasn't too late.
Pardon me for how poetry lately
has a sphere to unfold,
dance around and get tangled;
could sound as great as it gets,
yet feels sort of empty.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 5 days ago
Another piece of silver becomes
The victim of my cruel mind
Once again.
Another piece of silver
With a purpose
For the inability to feel emotions
Without feeling something more.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 5 days ago
My mind whispers and beckons,
A dark reminder of the disease that
Once plagued my mind.
The addiction that caused so much strain.
Its siren-like cries
Echo through my brain.
I refused to listen the last time,
But the voices are getting louder
Every time.
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ukulelebag · 7 days ago
You're scared because the people you love are angry with you. Maybe you need to think about that.
— Cami, TVD
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ukulelebag · 7 days ago
“Because you wished it. Because what's important to you Is important to me. What makes you happy makes me want to keep you so. What scares you I want to tear apart. I do not wish to watch you from behind glass”
— The Vampire Diaries
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crudeverse · 8 days ago
I wished no part in it,
in this drowning despair,
in this aching angst;
yet I run towards it,
like a baby for a toy.
My inner eye traces
a glimpse of my doom,
my parched tongue
savors the broth
of my destruction.
Gravity summons me,
and I simply obey
swallowing all objections.
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