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tasha31155 · an hour ago
Taylor swift songs that remind me of
Tumblr media
Long story short
Paper rings
You are in love
Cruel Summer
Invisible string
Cornelia street
I think he knows
You belong with me
So it goes...
King of my heart
Call it What You Want
King of my heart
Tumblr media
Call it what you want
This love/ You are in love
Enchanted/Wildest dreams
Ready for it?
Dancing with our hands tied
King of my heart
Don't blame me
All you had to do was stay
False God
The Archer
Tumblr media
Dancing with our hands tied
New Romantics
Love story
You belong with me
Sparks fly
I know places
Gold rush
Tumblr media
Entire lover album. All of reputation's love songs.
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lightedwindows · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
through the city with their stars on bright
MJ and Peter are starting to get intimate! Like seeing each other naked intimate. It's a little awkward, of course.
rating: E words: 1347 warnings: underage, 16 year olds having consensual sex with each other.
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Ok but you know that with them both being dorks in love Peter and MJ would totally secretly plan to propose to each other at the same time – and Ned, Betty, Happy and May all know this and start betting on who’s gonna get in there first
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thereyoflights · 10 hours ago
normalize having a bad day and writing spideychelle to cope <3
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i-lovethatforme · 11 hours ago
📙: enemies to lovers - i am always thinking about enemies to lovers.
Like a meet again messy. Exes with a dodgy break up - both forced to share a cabin (in Scotland I've thought about this at lengrh and yet no words ty)
Put "📓" or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I'll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven't written but daydream about.
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i-lovethatforme · 11 hours ago
📗 for the ask game!
Good evening nonny!
📗: Crazy Stupid Love AU - shut up this is all I'm gunna talk about.
MJ as the pick up artist who specialises in fucking people and refusing to fall in love, teaching May how to get back on the horse?
Peter popping up all innocent like and MJ like.. well shit.
The drama when May finds out the person telling her that men are all easy and it's a game is boning her nephew? The Spidey drama that throws MJ when she's trying to figure out if she's giving up her bachelor lifestyle for (1) cute sticky boi? Pls and ty!
Put "📓" or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I'll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven't written but daydream about.
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i-lovethatforme · 12 hours ago
Omg ignore the last ask that was a door, pretend I was peeping...
🤭 nonny making me laugh.
📒: Enchanted AU 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
I dunno if it's been written and I don't want to write it myself but yes please.
Peter turning up in a strange non Spidey issue world and having no idea how to function? MJ somehow gets suckered into helping him but doesn't want to?? Not quite enemies but annoyed acquaintances. Then he falls in love w her obv with some over the top romcom tropes? And theeeeen he has to choose between Spidey land and Michelle???? Sign me UPPPPPPPP.
(Happy endings figure it out ty i would like spidey and mj)
Put "📓" or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I'll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven't written but daydream about.
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anarchyduck · 12 hours ago
aspectabund or cafune <3
Cafuné - the act of running your fingers through the hair of someone you love
Here's 455 words of just fluff [and they're watching Netflix's Night Stalker documentary]
[Also read on AO3]
Peter balances on the thin line between consciousness and sleep. He realizes he’s fallen asleep at some point, having woken up to find the episode they were watching changed. Fingers continue threading through his hair, no longer catching stray knots as they had before. “Have they caught the killer?” he asks, voice low and thick with sleep.
“Not yet.” Michelle replies. She gently scratches his scalp, a move which threatens to lull him back to sleep. He forces himself awake, blinking more than a few times, and he turns his head in her lap to look up at her. Her hair is down and the light from the side table lamp hits her in such a way that she looks ethereal. Glowing. And maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking but at this moment, she’s the most beautiful he’s ever seen her.
Peter smiles, soft and dopey. “Hey.”
Michelle smiles back. “Hi.” She sweeps stray curls from his forehead, her thumb caresses over his skin as she does. “You should go to sleep.”
“I was asleep.” he says and turns his head to nuzzle his face against her stomach.
She chuckles lightly. “I mean you should go to bed.” Michelle clarifies. Her hand is in his hair again, drawing a pleased hum from him. Sleep calls to him with its siren song, compelling him to follow.
“Don’t wanna move…” he murmurs. “Wanna see how they catch him.”
“He runs into the wrong neighborhood and they keep him cornered until the cops arrive.”
Peter opens his eyes, face to face with her (actually one of his) shirt. “Wow. Spoiler alert.”
Michelle huffs a laugh. “Peter, they caught him over thirty years ago.”
He rolls over to see her, how she still looks like she’s glowing and beautiful and bright. His heart clenches, so full of feelings that it threatens to overflow. She continues toying with stray locks of his hair, attention drawn back to the documentary on TV and he thinks he should stop staring soon or else she’ll call him creepy. Affectionately.
“I know you’re staring at me.” she says without looking down at him. “Weirdo.”
“But you’re so pretty.”
Her lips twitch into a smile. “So I have value?”
“At least a dollar. Tops.” Peter chuckles.
She laughs too, her fingers finding their way back into his hair. “Wow, a whole dollar?”
“Mm-hm.” Peter fumbles around for her other hand, finding it on his chest, and brings it up to kiss her knuckles. He hears her heartbeat quicken at the move so he does it again. “Love you, Em.”
Michelle’s fingers card through his hair and she shifts just enough so she can lean down to peck his forehead with a kiss. “Love you too.”
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i-lovethatforme · 13 hours ago
Hi nonny!
📕: Peter/MJ/Felicia make a bet and the two losers have to get married. All three of them are committed to the bet for various reasons.
Peter: hopelessly in love w MJ but she's his best friend and clearly not interested
MJ: humiliatingly in love w Peter and has been since ninth grade and she'd know if he liked her back...
Felicia: just wants a night to steal some artwork w out Spider-Man fucking shit up.
Put "📓" or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I'll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven't written but daydream about.
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Ok but inspired by my last reblog, imagine MCU Peter telling MJ The Story about how he became Spider-Man and she stays silent the whole time and then when he’s done she’s just like “... so you were bitten by something radioactive and didn’t try to get medical help? Or even tell anyone? 🤦🏽‍♀️ what would you do if you got hit by a train, just go to bed?” and then he’s like “well, actually...”
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ghost-spidey · 15 hours ago
Hi! If you get this, answer with three random things about yourself and send this to the last seven blogs in your notifications – Anonymously or not! Let’s get to know the person behind the blog! :)
Hey Scoop! Thanx for the ask!
Let's see...
1. I am really craving chocolate rn.
2. I am binge-reading a Spideychelle multi-chaptered fic whose existence was hidden from me.
3. The last snippet of the "wip" I posted was made on the spot. And was supposed to be postponed cuz I haven't even researched the facts yet. :)
4. I am really craving chocolate rn.
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rejectofsociety · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drawn for @spideychelleweek with the prompt “Cuddling”
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spideychelleforever · a day ago
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that MJ chose the moment Ned started telling Peter about how European chicks love American boys. She heard the prospect of all of them making a move on Peter and she shut that down quick. Homegirl was ready to throw hands with an entire continent’s worth of girls to get her man
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spideychelleforever · a day ago
MJ: *is recording the front door of her apartment with her phone, excited as she knows Peter is just moments away from getting home*
*footsteps approach*
MJ: !!!!!
*door unlocks*
MJ: !!!!
*… then Gwen walks in, and gapes in shock seeing MJ*
Gwen: Ohhhhh hey Peter um sorry I don’t think now is a good time holy shit I don’t wanna miss this see yaaaaaa- *backpedals immediately and quickly flees*
Peter: *looks after her* Um… okay? So much for our work on the proje-*enters apartment and sees MJ, who is still standing there with her phone, her mouth ajar in pure horror*
Peter: -proje-ect-ect-project-I-Whao-aha-WHOA
MJ: *is standing in front of Peter completely naked, her hands shaking as she’s still holding her phone*
Peter: You were-
MJ: I was-
Peter: and she just-
MJ: Yeah she did-
Peter: But I-
MJ: Happy Thursday?! *it’s Tuesday*
Peter: So you-
MJ: I was trying to be sexy okay?!? And get your reaction!!!
Peter: holy shit um so
Peter: You are ALWAYS sexy don’t get me wrong but holy fuck Gwen saw-
MJ: Yeah she did
MJ: Shit
*yes they’re both idiots*
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I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) 
Relationships: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker Rating: Teen and Up Words: 1800  Summary:
He probably thinks he’s done something noble. He probably thinks he’s “keeping her safe.” He probably thinks it’s his duty, no—his responsibility, to break up with her. That’s the stupid word he’d use.
Not that he’d care to hear it, but he’s wrong.
For @spideychelleweek, Day 2: Breakup/Makeup 
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thereyoflights · a day ago
Tumblr media
your hand in mine
While on the run and attempting to find a solution for Peter’s circumstances, Ned witnesses a moment between Peter and MJ.
My (semi-late) take on day one of @spideychelleweek ‘On the Run’!
Rating: T; Words: 1490; Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Read it on AO3 here.
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weqsterly · a day ago
Peter: Why are you so tall?
Michelle: Would you prefer me on my knees?
Peter: What
Michelle: What
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dyde21 · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Spider-Man - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker Characters: Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, Gwen Stacy Additional Tags: Peter Makes a Tiktok, its a good idea, People like him, Lil snippets of his tiktok life, and a healthy, Friends to Lovers, cause i'm me Summary:
Peter posts his first tiktok because of a dumb idea and a lost bet. It turns out he really likes it, and people really like him so he starts posting more often. The people start to learn more about him, but have one question. Who is hair lady?
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anarchyduck · a day ago
His hair is still damp from the shower, the curled ends tickling her nose. Smells like her shampoo rather than his, a choice she knows he didn't make by mistake. Michelle kisses the back of his neck as she slips her arm around him, hand moving down his chest until she comes to a stop over his heart. He's warm and she knows he's tired. Worn and exhausted. But he came back to her, alive and whole and safe.
Peter's hand finds hers and threads their fingers together. He sighs and, just like that, she can feel the tension leave him. She kisses a spot on his shoulder as she listens as his breathing evens out, feels his heart continuing to beat beneath their joined hands. Legs tangled beneath sheets, his back to her front, and she knows he will find rest tonight.
Safe. Warm. Loved.
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lightedwindows · a day ago
Tumblr media
old enough to face the dawn
Peter and MJ broke up and now he's already dating someone else. MJ has a lot of feelings and everything's weird.
rating: M warnings: underage (everyone in the story making out and more is 16) words: 2457
(desperately trying to post the 5 gwyo yahtzee stories by friday and also write three of them? Anyway, one more tomorrow! I can do it!)
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