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#spider-man blurb
sunshineandaisies · a day ago
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Words: 930
Warnings: language, plenty of angst
Tumblr media
Peter found you on a random rooftop in Queens, your knees drawn up to your chest as you sat in front of one of the many murals of Iron Man that painted the city following the victory over Thanos.
You knew he was there before he even said anything.
Despite the sounds of the city below, you heard his gentle landing behind you, heard his light footsteps as he padded closer and closer, heard his soft sigh as he realized just what you had been doing since you disappeared from the Tower over an hour ago.
He quietly sat beside you, pulling his mask off before finally saying, “Pepper’s worried about you. You kinda just disappeared in the middle of dinner.” Peter was a comforting presence beside you as you struggled to stay afloat in your grief; your personal life preserver in your tide of emotions. “I told her I’d find you and convince you to go home before it gets too late.”
“Home,” you muttered and laughed mirthlessly. “It doesn’t feel like home without him.”
“Y/N,” Peter breathed, his voice hardly louder than a whisper. “I know that you… I miss him, too.”
“This isn’t the first time I’ve lost him,” you whispered, your voice breaking ever so slightly as a sob threatened to escape you. Tears were blurring your vision, but no amount of tears would distort the image of Iron Man - of your father - enough to forget the pain that just seeing the tributes to him caused without fail. “I’ve lost him before, but he’d always come back. He’d always come home.” You furiously swiped at the stray tears, hating how weak it made you feel, how broken it made you feel. Especially in front of Peter. It was useless, and new tears swiftly replaced those that you wiped away. “This is the first time he’s not coming back.”
Peter didn’t respond. What do you say to someone who lost as much as you had? Your sobs filled the silence, and Peter hung his head in defeat.
“Why did it have to be him?” you choked out. You hadn’t expected Peter to answer. Hell, he was probably wondering the same thing. You tore your gaze away from the mural for the first time in nearly forty minutes, your frustration bubbling to the surface. “He knew what those fucking stones could do to him, and he still used them anyway!”
You wanted to scream and rage and cry and...and you wanted to hug your dad and never let him go. You couldn’t even remember the last time you hugged him. Had it been on the battlefield? So much had been happening around you that you couldn’t even remember if you’d hugged your dad.
The tears kept coming, faster and faster. Had you hugged your dad one last time before he died, before he sacrificed his life to put an end to Thanos once and for all? You didn’t know, and it only made your loss hurt even more.
“Why did it have to be him?” you repeated, leaning into Peter and resting your head on his shoulder. Instinctively, his arm wrapped around your waist, holding you close to him. “Why did he have to leave me? What about Morgan? What about Pepper? What about you? Why did he have to leave us?”
“He saved us,” Peter answered, but it sounded strangled, as if he were feeling just as lost without your dad as you felt. “He beat Thanos.”
You finally looked up at your companion, scanning the features of his face. His eyes were rimmed red, unshed tears shimmering within them, and the dark circles beneath them were even more pronounced from the shadows cast over his face by the lights of the city. “We could have found another way. There had to be another way. There just had to.”
Again, Peter didn’t respond. He didn’t know how.
Instead, he took your face between his hands, gently wiping your tears away with a soft brush of his thumbs. You sat there in silence, just staring at one another and trying to communicate what neither of you could bring yourselves to say.
‘Don’t leave me, too’.
The sound of a notification on your phone broke the moment, and you hesitantly pulled your phone from your pocket to see a barrage of texts from the last hour. Some were from Pepper, a couple from Rhodey, but most were from Peter himself before he’d found you. The most recent text, however, was from Pepper, asking if you’d be home in time to say goodnight to Morgan.
Having read the text over your shoulder, Peter asked, “Want me to swing you home?”
There it was again. Home. How could the place that taunted you with memories of your father ever be a home to you again?
You glanced at the boy beside you, the boy that had been your companion in grief for the last few months. Peter was the only one that could dry your tears and ease the ache in your heart. It was no surprise that it was him and not Sam or Rhodey or even Pepper that came after you once you disappeared in the middle of ‘family dinner’ at the Tower.
“Will you stay with me?” you asked, and after a brief flash of panic in his chocolate eyes, he nodded.
And just like that, with a simple nod of his head, an immense weight lifted from your shoulders. Maybe the Tower would eventually feel like home again so long as Peter was by your side.
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sunshineandaisies · 3 days ago
Eight Letters
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 935
Warnings: language, the briefest mention of sex, ANGST
Inspired by: 8 Letters - Why Don't We
Tumblr media
There are so many things that Peter loves about you.
He loves the way your tongue peaks out between your lips when you’re concentrating too hard on your chemistry homework. He loves the way you doodle in the margins of your notebook when you get bored in history class. He loves the way you draw patterns on the back of his hand absentmindedly during movie nights with Ned and MJ. He loves the way your nose scrunches slightly and your eyes crinkle when you laugh. He loves the way you look with nothing but his baggy t-shirt on.
He could go on and on.
There are so many things that Peter loves about you, but he just can’t bring himself to admit - to himself or to you or to anyone else - that he loves you.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to love you. It’s just that people he’s lost people that he loves.
He loved his parents, and they died. He loved Uncle Ben, and he died. He loved Tony, and he died.
Sure, there are plenty of other people that he loves - like Aunt May, Ned, and little Morgan - that he still has, but he doesn’t want to risk it.
Peter doesn’t want to lose you too, so he doesn’t say it, doesn’t acknowledge just how deeply he feels for you.
And some days he wonders if that’s fair to you, to deprive you of something you so freely have him months ago. The little 'I love you' had tumbled from your lips so easily as you laid tangled in the sheets beneath him, breathless and beautiful and so entirely too good for someone who felt as broken as he did. After that day, you spoke the words often, but you never expected anything from him in return.
You wait so patiently for him, and for that alone Peter wants to love you. You gave so much of yourself to him - your time, your body, your heart - and Peter wants to return the favor, but he just...can’t.
He’s come close to telling you what he knows you want to hear. He’s come so goddamn close, but every time the words are at the tip of his tongue, he swallows them whole and pushes the feelings down, down, down, down until they’ve disappeared from his mind completely. It’s like the minute he finally gives in to just how strongly he feels for you, you’ll slip through his fingers one way or another, and he’s not sure he could survive that.
He was still raw from Tony’s death, after all, and if he lost you now...
He’s pulled from his thoughts by a light flick on his forehead, and he lifts his eyes from his still blank assignment to see you smiling softly at him. “I can literally feel you thinking too hard, Pete,” you tell him, and though there’s a teasing lilt to your voice, he can see just how concerned you are in your eyes. “Wanna talk about it?”
He smiles at you in return, but the smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “No, it’s nothing,” he lies. You see right through him, just as you always do when he gets like this. He cups your face, the pad of his thumb brushing over your cheekbone tenderly. “I’m fine. I promise.”
You don’t push, you don’t prod. You never do. Instead, you give him the time he needs to sort through his thoughts and feelings, knowing that eventually he’ll open up. And when he does, you’ll listen closely, give advice if the situation warrants it, and reassure him that everything’s okay despite the worst of his worries.
It’s one of the many things that he loves about you.
“I love you, you know,” you say instead, leaning forward to press your forehead against his. Your breath fans over his face, smelling of the spearmint gum that you’re always chewing on, and the familiarity of it, of you, helps him relax just enough to forget his fears for a moment. Your fingertips trail down the length of his arm to his hand, entangling your hand in his.
You help ground him, anchoring him to you and to the present, and, again, he thinks you deserve to be loved in a way that he’s not sure he can. You deserve so much more than he can give you.
He wants to tell you as much, but Peter also wants to be selfish and never let you go.
So instead, he says, “I know.”
You don’t deflate when he doesn’t say it back. You don’t frown or rip your hand from his or run from the room in anger and frustration and sadness. Instead, your smile grows wider before you press your lips to his.
Peter feels the guilt creep in, slowly overtaking the fear, and he wants to just say it so badly. He wants to tell you, over and over and over again until you’re sick of hearing it. But he doesn’t. He can’t.
“Y/N, I-” He tries, he really fucking tries, but he chokes on the words. Why is it so hard to just tell you what you deserve to hear? Why is it so hard to say it back? He feels so frustrated and so, so goddamn undeserving of you, and it hurts to think that he could be hurting you by not saying it back.
It shouldn’t be this hard.
You press your lips to his again and squeeze his hand reassuringly. “It’s okay, Pete. I know.” Another kiss pressed against his lips. “I know. I promise I know.”
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spideyanakin · 7 days ago
Omgggg could you do a Tom Holland blurb with these ideas
“Because I fell for you, isn’t it obvious?”
“Look me in the eyes and repeat what you just said.”
“If it means anything, I love you.”
Where like Tom and her have been fwb and he finally tells her he has feelings and she just can’t believe it because he’s been so shitty in the past. But then she believes him and they tell each other they love each other. Ugh idk if you do smut but I would love like slow soft making love kinda smut. Ugh I’d just die ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
🐊 Send a blurb request 🐊
Feelings 🌻
“If it means anything, I love you.” Tom whispered as he looked down at you, brushing your cheek with his thumb. 
Suddenly your cheeks warmed up under his touch. You propped yourself up on your elbows, holding on tight to the covers so they wouldn’t slip over your body.
You looked into his eyes for a second - almost at lost for words. It had been three months since you had made that friends with benefits pact and all your hopes of not falling for him had went out the window. You had and hard. And apparently he felt the same way too. 
For a second there you didn’t know what to reply. He had been awful to you previously - and you didn’t know if you should believe him.
You squinted your eyes. “Look me in the eyes and repeat what you just said.”
“I said, If it means anything to you, I’m love with you.” He blurt out again. “I’m sick of this friends thing.” He looked away and then back to your eyes, not feeling so confident all the sudden.
“Why?” You sounded hurt.  
“Because I fell for you, isn’t it obvious?” 
“You’re lying to me.” You shook your head. “I wish it was true, but I can’t believe you.” 
“Y/n/n” He took your chin so you’d look at him. “I’m sorry for all those things I did.” He mumbled. “But they were because I fell for you and I didn’t know what else to do then be a little mean...” Shame was suddenly written all over his eyes. “I didn’t know if you wanted more then what ever this is.” 
You took his appearance in for a second. 
“You’re an idiot.” You snaked your hand around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.
“I knew why you were awful to me. I always did - why do you thing I kept this up?” He stayed silent. 
“So...?” Hope riddled in his eyes as he realized what you were saying.
“I love you too, you idiot.” 
Taglist - @averyfosterthoughts @justifymyfeelings @slytherinambitious​ @ourfavoritesergeantbarnes @criminaly-supernatural @trustfundparker​ @tomhollandreads​ @prettysbliss​ @ksmy-99​ @sarcasticallywitty15 @bi-lmg @nerdy-collector-festival​ @lovely-blackinnon​  @hunnybunimdun​
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loveaffaire · 21 days ago
She Doesn’t Even Know
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter and you have been best friends all their life. When one night, you and Peter make plans to study at your place for the upcoming exam, Peter finds a used condom in your bin and loses his shit because well. . .
Warnings: angst, mention of sex, profanities, Peter crying :( and just some cute fluff!
Word count: 2k+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Can you believe Flash really finally asked Gwen out?” you said as you and Peter entered your cold room, putting your bags at the small couch near your bedroom window. You both had that dreadful chemistry exam next week that you couldn’t wait to get over with and Peter was godsend because he was here to help you with it.
“No way! Did she say yes?” Peter asked with wide eyes. He used to have a huge crush on Gwen Stacy back in junior year and you never stopped joking about it. Peter never said anything to Gwen and that stupid little crush died down as you both started getting closer.
“I think so, that’s what Flash told us anyway” you shrugged your shoulders, “Why? Are you jealous?” you narrowed your eyes at him in a jokingly manner, biting your lip.
“W-what? No! Why would I be jealous? I used to like her in junior year. That’s like 3 years ago or something” he quickly said. His cheeks turned a sweet shade of pink.
You loved how sensitive Peter’s body was. Whatever he was feelings would be reflected on his body and you thought it was the most adorable thing ever. It was almost like he was hyper sensitive to everything around him. His pale skin would turn shades of pink multiple times a day and you loved every shade of it that would settle on his face because of one thing or the other.
“Alright, I believe you” you whispered, not looking at Peter but rather busy taking out your chemistry books and setting them on the table. You were busy revising the syllabus in your head, making sure you wouldn’t miss anything. You really needed a good grade on this test and you were determined to get that grade.
While you were too distracted thinking about that exam, Peter was looking at you intensely. With his hands buried deep in his jeans pockets and a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, he was just thinking about how pretty you were.
He knew he liked you, he really did but he didn’t want to make any moves. He didn’t plan on it and he probably never will, he promised himself. Your friendship was too precious to him and he would die before he decides to mess that up. As much as he would love to kiss your lips and cuddle you to sleep, he promised himself to bottle up these feelings and take them to the grave. He can go as far as saying that he loved you and he was comfortable in that thought, after all this was you, his angel-
“Peter?” your voice startled him as he was pulled out of his thoughts.
“Yea- yes?” He says softly, clearing his throat. He was scared.
“You were looking at me like you’re planning to kill me. Are you okay?” you joked but concern was evident in your voice. Walking up to him, putting your hands on his shoulder, you shook him slightly.
“Uh. Yes, yes I’m fine. Sorry I was thinking about something” Peter said as he sucked in some air, his chest tightening. You were so close to him, he could see your eyes so clearly, your pale lips because it was too cold and your cherry earrings that you’ve just bought last week. You smelled like vanilla even after a long day, your hair looked so soft-
“Okay then I’m going to make some tea before we start, do you want a cup too?” you asked as you started reaching for your bedroom door, swinging it open.
“Yes, please” Peter said as he watched you slip out of the door. He started following you but then he felt that mint wrapper in his pocket. He pulled it out and walked to the bin that you had in your room, tossing it in. He briefly turned around as he stopped in his tracks and looked back inside the bin.
A shiny blue packet of some sort was in there and Peter knew exactly what it was. His mind told him to look away but he couldn’t. It was torn open, he could see a used something shoved inside it. His chest tightened again but not in a gushy, ‘I’m in love with my best friend’ kinda way but in a heartbreaking way.
Who is she sleeping with? Why didn’t she tell me? Why do I feel so angry? She’s not even with me? Are my feelings justified? Do I know this boy who is getting in her bed at night? Why did she hide this from me? Fuck-
“Peter!” your voice rang through the empty flat, cutting his thoughts short for the third time today.
Peter felt short of breath. His palms were sweaty and he doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way. He was scared and wanted to go home and never come back. His heart was crushed and it was all because someone else was making you feel in a way he wished to.
Peter gained some strength in his knees and dragged his heavy feet to the kitchen. His mind was in a daze and he probably wasn’t thinking right as he just stood at the kitchen doorway.
When you were done pouring the tea into two mugs, you looked up at Peter and your face fell. Peter only realised how not okay he looked, with his face pale and his eyes red, when he saw you put the mugs down and rush to where he was standing.
You and Peter have always just been touchy friends. Holding hands or kissing each other’s cheek as a goodnight was normal to you both so when you kept your warm hands on his cheeks, it didn’t feel awkward.
“Honey, are you okay?” you were concerned, you heart was in your throat and you were feeling empty. Peter was sensitive, you knew that but here he was looking white as a ghost and you were scared of all the worst possibilities.
“Who are you sleeping with?” he whispered looking down at you. You flinched when you heard him ask that. He flinched when he saw you flinch because he realised what he has just asked you. But it was too late now, the words were out there and Peter really didn’t give a shit right now.
Peter was angry. He was angry with this situation. He was even more angry with his feelings and how he knew you didn’t feel the same. He knew he had to keep his feelings to himself but he hadn’t realised how bad his heart will be crushed when you’ll get with someone else. His feelings had only started to develop into something more the previous year and that whole time you weren’t dating anyone so it was easy but this? This was far from easy.
“Peter, just sit down” you said avoiding his eyes. You pulled his arm towards the kitchen chair. Your heart was thumping, your throat dry and the room was filled with so much tension that you could put a knife through it.
“Will you tell me then?” Peter’a voice was so low and soft, it made you shudder. His gaze was so strong, his eyes a dark shade of brown. He’s never been like this. You’ve been friends for years and yes, you’ve seen him upset or angry but it was never like this. He looked betrayed, hurt and disappointed and you were confused.
You’re so fucking naive. Did you really think she’ll stay single forever? You lost your chance, oh you never had any. You love her and she doesn’t even know, she doesn’t even know, she doesn’t even know-
Peter’s mind filled all these mean thoughts in his head which he so desperately wanted to get rid off, he desperately wanted you to help him ease that pain.
“It didn’t mean anything” you whispered, almost like you were ashamed to say those words.
That’s when you heard the first sob that cracked through Peter’s lips that he was so desperately trying to keep in. His shoulders coming down as his eyes spilled all the tears he was keeping in.
You were quick to react, your arms going around his whole body, engulfing him in a hug as you started to ramble.
“It didn’t mean anything to me, Peter. Him and I just met at a party and it just happened, doesn’t mean anything. I didn’t even saw him after that night, I don’t even have his number-“
You stopped talking as you felt him gripping your body close against his. You didn’t know what was happening and you were pretty sure this wasn’t how friends act.
Friends didn’t cry about their friend sleeping with someone else, friends didn’t explain why they slept with someone else with tears in their eyes. But with this situation, with Peter sobbing in the crook of your neck and you rambling about your one night stand with tears in your eyes, you both were far from friends.
With that thought, you pulled away. Your back hit the kitchen counter and Peter looked at you with teary eyes and it broke your heart.
“Why are you crying about it, Peter? Because I didn’t tell you? It didn’t mean anything to me, it wasn’t important so I thought-“
“I love you”
Oh now Peter really didn’t give a shit.
The words that he whispered felt so loud. They felt heavy, so heavy that you could fill rooms and buildings with it. They were sincere and you knew it because when he said it, you saw his eyes soften, the pretty brown colour coming back.
“I’ve loved you for so long but you. . . you don’t know and when I saw that used condom, I felt so sad because- because I don’t want anyone touching you. No one but- but me-“ Peter rambled on, his lips quivering.
That’s when you reached out and put both your hands on his cheeks, your forehead resting on his.
“Shh, calm down” you said softly as you continued to brush your fingers on his cheeks with a soft smile.
“Why- why are you smile- smiling?” Peter said in between hiccups, confused.
“Because I love you, you idiot”
Your lips slightly brushed on his lips, your nose bumping into his. That shade of pink you loved so much settling on his cheeks and the tip of his nose again and you were so thankful for that.
“But-“ Peter pulled away, still not believing the words he just heard.
“I slept with that guy because I was being reckless. It was Saturday night, I was alone and I don’t know why I did it but we’re nothing. I love you, I wanna be with you” you said as you ran your fingers through his curly brown hair, trying to ease the stress.
“What?” Peter sniffled, a smile breaking on his face. His hands travelling from your waist to your face, pulling you in.
He didn’t give you a chance to say anything back as he put his soft lips on yours. The kiss was soft and brief. Just lips innocently touching and you liked how romantic it felt.
“I love you, I love you, I love you” Peter repeated his words as to tattoo them in his head, a reminder that this has happened and you were here in his arms with your lips on his.
“You’re gonna be mine?” Peter whispered as he looked lovingly in your eyes, his hands in your hair. He still couldn’t believe you were so close to him, telling him you loved him.
“Only yours” you whispered back as you kissed his eyes, almost like a way of saying sorry for making him cry.
Peter nearly broke out in another fit of tears from the happiness. His heart was so full, he couldn’t contain it.
“Hey, baby. Shh, come on- see, do you want a muffin?” You said as you quickly reached out for the muffins that you’ve pulled out for Peter a while back when you were making tea.
Peter threw his hand back as he giggled at your attempt to make him stop crying.
You smiled as you looked at him, the guilt still in your chest about the way he found this out.
“I’m so sorry you had to find it out this way though. I feel awful” you said as you broke a piece of the muffin and fed it to Peter.
“I’m just happy about us” he simply said, happily munching on the muffin.
“I promise the next time something like this happens, I’ll remember to take the trash out” you said as you went to take a bite of the muffin but it was snatched out of your hand and you were pulled into a rough kiss.
“Don’t say that” Peter said. His voice was tough, like an order. You immediately felt guilty and took it back.
“I’m sorry. I was making a joke. . . I’m all yours, I promise” you said sincerely as you watched Peter’s eyes soften.
“You better remember that” he said softly as he gave you another kiss because he could finally do that and obviously because he couldn’t get enough of it.
Tumblr media
A/N: if you liked this, please try to like/reblog/comment down your thoughts because it motivates me!!
Thank you!! ❦
© loveaffaire
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spideykaiparker · 26 days ago
Field Trip Gone Wrong
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Avenger!Reader
Warnings : slight angst, some fluff, terrible fight scene🤩
summary : Peter's Decathlon team was going on a Field Trip, on the way there, they encountered some trouble, leading to Peter revealing both of yours identities.
a/n : I'm so sorry this is really bad:( i kinda gave up on this halfway writing it, but decided to continue it. i promise i will come up with better fics than this one! also sorry for the horrible superhero name, i didn't know what else to name with the superpowers. English is not my first language, i apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.
Happy Reading! ^_^
Tumblr media
Peter's decathlon team was going on a field trip to some museum, Peter didn't really want to go, he didn't want to leave you alone, he wanted to stay with you, go on missions with you, but instead he's going on this field trip without you.
You were an avenger, you have telekenesis, pyrokinesis, and hydrokinesis. Tony recruited you after he found out that there was a new vigilante in queens. You have quite a bit of a reputation, and when he found out that you were around peter's age, he asked peter to convince you to join the avengers.
you were a bit reluctant at first, not really wanting to work with a team, much more comfortable with working alone, but after a bit of negotiating, you eventually agreed. Tony designed a new suit for you, it was similar to Black Widow's but yours is black, with some dark blue accents on the middle and on your arms, like this.
you usually go on missions with Peter, the both of you were quite the dream team, many people think that you both looked cute together, seeing you guys head to the crime scenes together is absolutely iconic, with peter swinging around buildings and you flying with your telekinesis.
shortly after you were recruited as an avenger, you and peter got closer to each other, then eventually leading him to ask you on a date, and from there bloomed a beautiful relationship.
"alright everyone, onto the bus!" Mr. Harrington said loudly clapping his hands. one by one, Peter's teammates filed into the school bus, with Peter and Ned following behind.
"dude! are you wearing your suit underneath?" Ned whisper-shouted when he saw something red poking out from underneath of his collar.
peter quickly moved to cover the exposed part, "shh! yes, I'm wearing it, just in case, i got this weird feeling when i was getting ready this morning." he explained quietly.
"oh you mean your peter tingle?" Ned asked as they moved to the back seats of the bus.
"please don't call it that" he exasperated, "but yes, my spidey-sense" he continued, shuffling inside the school bus.
"Awesome!" Ned exclaimed excitedly.
"no, not awesome, something could seriously go wrong today!" Peter whisper-shouted, throwing his hands to the air.
"okay okay, we'll keep a lookout for anything suspicious" Ned put his hands on peter's shoulder in an act of comfort.
peter sighed and slid down in his seat, wishing that this field trip will end quickly even though it has only barely begun.
throwing his head back on the seats, he decided to call you to check how you're doing and also maybe because he may or may not have missed you already.
Pulling out his phone, he searched through his contacts, eventually stopping on your name, 'Y/N💖' and your profile picture, a picture of you and peter cuddling on the couch, your face buried in his chest and his head resting on top of yours, while your arms wrapped tightly around each other.
He pressed the call icon, waiting for you to answer, after a few rings, you finally answered.
"hey pete, what's wrong?" he sighed in content when he heard your voice, wishing you were here by his side.
"nothing's wrong, i-i just... missed you" he stuttered out, feeling a bit embarrassed that he already missed you even if he just saw you more or less an hour ago.
"awee pete, you just saw me an hour ago" you cooed but really, you missed him too.
"i-i know, I'm sorry"
"noo don't say sorry, you don't have anything to be sorry for, i missed you too, pete" you sighed out.
"t-that's great then" he hummed.
"but is there seriously nothing wrong?"
"well no, at least for now, but i got a weird feeling earlier, me and ned are on a lookout for anything suspicious" he explained, sitting back on his seat.
"okay, if anything happens, call me, okay?"
"yeah, of course" running a hand through his curly locks, his phone was suddenly snatched harshly by none other than Flash.
"what's up parker? you talking to your imaginary girlfriend?" he taunted, looking at the screen seeing your name and profile picture.
"give it back Flash" he stood up, making a move to grab his phone back, but Flash dodged his attempts.
"who's Y/N huh? did you pay someone to pretend to be your girlfriend?"
"what the fuck, Flash? that doesn't even makes sense, why would i do that?" peter exasperated, throwing his hands to the air.
"well i don't know, you're the one that did it, maybe you did it to make yourself look like less of a nerd" Flash continued taunting him.
"—peter? you there?" your voice rang out.
Flash pressed the phone against his ear, "hey! are you really peter's girlfriend?" he asked.
"uh.. yeah? why are you asking?" you were confused now, but then putting the pieces together, concluding that this was Flash, the guy who bullied peter all throughout highschool.
"did he pay you to say that?"
"what? no! why do you even care about peter so much— you're like, obsessed with him dude, are you sure you don't have a crush on him?" you retaliated back.
"ew! why would anyone even like him, I'm so much better than him—" he started, but got cut off by you.
"Oh really? what? you think just because you have money, you're much better than peter? what do you have besides money that makes you better than peter? oh right, nothing. and you bullying him doesn't make you even better. peter is so much better than you ever will be, he's smart, handsome, kind, and much more that I can't even count on my fingers. just because you have money, doesn't makes you better than anyone else." you spat, fed up by his behaviors towards peter, someone has to put him in his place.
Flash froze, his mouth opening and closing like a fish, eyes wide, he's glad that he didn't put the call on loudspeaker or else that would make the situation even more embarrassing than it already is.
peter, because of his superhearing, heard every word that came out of your mouth, he's awestruck because of the fact that you defended him form Flash like that.
"w-whatever, peter is still a nerd anyway" he replied, not knowing what else to say, then quickly giving peter his phone back, going back to his seat, while you laughed wholeheartedly.
"oh my god, Y/N, that was awesome!" he beamed with a bright smile on his face.
"yeah, yeah i know I'm awesome"
he was about to reply, but turns out his senses were right, because suddenly, the school bus was forced to come to a halt. The bus was stopped by a group of men, three in total, each wearing masks that covers their whole face.
"—pete? you there?" you questioned, wondering why he suddenly got quiet.
"yeah, Y/N, i think my feeling was right, something did happen..." he trailed off.
"what's wrong pete?!" you demanded.
"i don't know, these guys just showed up out of nowhere, can you come here? i think i might need some help" he explained, scanning the situation.
"yeah, okay, I'll tell Mr. Stark too, okay? but i think he'll arrive a bit longer, i heard he had a business trip"
"okay, just get here as fast as you can" then he hung up, quickly texting you the address where they're at, then turning off his phone, because one of the guys climbed onto the bus and demanded that they got off the bus and followed them, pointing a gun at them.
slowly, he and his teammates got off the bus, leaving their stuff in the bus, they were at an empty road, they were guided to a large field not too far from the road.
the three men ordered them to kneel on the ground with their hands behind their backs.
peter was contemplating on what to do, if he tries to do something now, then his identity will be revealed, but at the same time, if he didn't do anything, his teammates are in great danger, he could wait for you to come, but who knows what will happen while waiting for you, and besides, they were pretty far away from the compound, so it will take a while for you to arrive.
one of the guys pointed a gun at Mr. Harrington and all of them gasped simultaneously, while the other two went back to the bus to grab their phones.
the two guys came back with the phones, but before they could dial anyone, peter suddenly stood up slowly, with his hands in the air. the guys immediately pointed their guns towards him.
his teammates looked at him like he was crazy, there's no way peter could do anything in this situation, but actually they're wrong, peter can do something, he doesn't care if it will reveal his identity, what's important is to protect his teammates.
'what are you doing?' ned mouthed to him, eyes wide, not actually thinking peter is going to do what he's thinking. But peter only replied by giving him a determined look.
"hey man... look we can talk this out, just put down the gun..." he trailed off, his middle and ring finger slowly coming down to press the buttons on his palms, his webshooters ready to shoot.
"hey! stand down! or else I'm going to shoot!" one of the guys commanded.
when peter didn't listen, the guy puts his finger on the trigger, ready to shoot.
just as he was about to pull the trigger, peter quickly shot his webs at two of the guys, taking their guns, while he kicked the other guy in the face, successfully knocking him out, peter webbed the guy to the ground so he doesn't get away when he wakes up.
his teammates gasped, seeing the webs, and how peter kicked, putting the pieces together, realizing that peter was spider-man.
the two guys immediately attacked peter but peter easily blocked their attacks, one of the guys aimed to punch his face, but peter ducked down, sliding his legs under the guy, so he tripped and fell down.
the guy who was tripped got back up and continued attacking peter, while the other guy sneaked up behind him, but before he could do any damage, you flew over and attacked the guy who was sneaking up behind peter, you picked up a rather large rock with your telekinesis, and threw it at the guy.
"hey! it's Kinetic-Girl!" one of peter's decathlon teammates exclaimed, while the other's just gasped, shocked to see another avenger so upclose.
"peter?!" you exclaimed, still fighting with the guy from before, as you saw peter fighting with the bad guys without his suit on.
"Y/N! oh my god I'm so glad you're here, i know you have a bunch of questions right now, but now is really not a good time" he said as he continued dodging and attacking the bad guy.
when peter successfully knocked the guy for a second, he quickly removed his clothes, revealing his suit underneath, his mask coming up to cover his face.
peter's teammates gasped as they watched the scene unfold infront of them, they could see what other people were talking about when they saw you and peter fighting together, both of you were absolutely iconic.
just as you finished taking out the guy you were fighting with, two other guys appeared out of nowhere and started attacking you, but this time you could feel that they were a lot more stronger than the other guys, you thought maybe they were enhanced as well.
peter came to you when he also finished defeating the guy he was fighting with and continued fighting with one of the new guys.
"hey! where did they came from?" he questioned as he dodged an attack.
"i don't know! they appeared out of nowhere!"
turns out, the guy you were fighting with had a knife in his jacket, he tried stabbing you, and you tried to use your telekinesis to throw the knife away, but it seems like the guy had an iron grip on the knife, because all it did was pulled his hand away from you for a second and then continued attacking you.
as you were fighting the guy, unfortunately you didn't notice another guy sneaking up behind you, which led to you getting stabbed from behind, right below your ribs.
"Y/N!" peter shouted when he saw you get stabbed, with a new found determination, he didn't hold back and fought the guy with all his might, punching and kicking him until he passed out, quickly webbing him to the ground and running over to you.
you gasped, as you looked back to your wound, carefully pulling out the knife, even though you know you're not supposed to do that, but you couldn't fight with a knife sticking out your back.
you continued to fight with the guy the best you can, but somehow the guy managed to stab you once again near your ribs, and once again, you pulled it out and continued fighting the guy, not wanting to stop until he's passed out.
peter also attacked the guy, but is seems like the guy was even stronger than the one he was fighting before, so it took a while for you two to successfully knock him out.
you used your pyrokinesis to light his clothes on fire, which caused him to stagger back a little, but that didn't stop him for good, as he stood back up and charged towards you.
but luckily peter was behind the guy, so he kicked the guy on the head, causing the guy to fall down, to which peter quickly sprayed him with a ton of webs so he couldn't go anywhere.
as soon as he was done with that, he quickly ran over to you, who was now feeling the effects of the stab wounds. you staggered a little, going over to peter.
his masked opened up, revealing his concerned face, then out of nowhere you lost your balance, to which peter thankfully caught you, due to his incredible reflexes.
both of you fell to the ground with peter cradling you on his lap, he removed your mask so you could breathe easier, removing the hair out of your face, then proceeding to caress your face, lightly tapping you cheeks to make you stay awake. he took his clothes that he took off earlier, then used it to gently press it against your wound to prevent any more blood loss.
"Y/N? c'mon Y/N please stay awake, please don't leave me, I'm gonna call Mr. Stark, okay? stay with me please" he pleaded desperately, his eyes tearing up.
his teammates watched with sorrow as peter desperately tried to make you stay awake, they felt the pain from peter's cries, they wanted to help him, but not knowing what to do.
"peter?... I'm sleepy..." you trailed off, your one of your hand coming up to put it on top of peter's, which was holding the cloth on your wound.
"no! Y/N, please, stay awake...!" he cried. his mask came up again to cover his face, he frantically ordered Karen to call Mr. Stark so he would get here quickly.
"Karen? call Mr. Stark please" his voice groggy, from crying.
"alright peter" came her reply.
after a few rings, Tony finally picked up.
"hey kid, what's up?" his voice rang out.
"Mr. Stark! please you have to come here quickly, Y/N! sh-she's... she's—" he choked out a sob, cutting off his words.
"what happened to Y/N, peter?!" Tony's worried voice rang out.
"sh-she got stabbed, please Mr. Stark, come here quickly" he pleaded in between his sobs.
"alright kid, I'm already on my way, okay? keep her awake"
"o-okay.." Tony hung up the phone.
his mask opened again, looking down at you, your eyes having a difficulty to stay open.
"Y/N?" he whispered.
"please stay awake, i can't lose you" he whispered, leaning down to rest his forehead against yours.
"I'm not going anywhere, pete, though i do kinda feel sleepy, I'll just take a quick nap, okay?" you slurred out, eyes drooping, your breathing slowing down.
"no! please... don't close your eyes!" he desperately pleaded, holding you close to him.
just as your eyelids were about to give up, Iron Man suddenly flew by and landed right next to you and peter.
his masked opened up revealing his concerned face, he knelt beside you, gently taking you from peter's arms, carrying you bridal style.
"kid?" he said softly.
"Mr. Stark?" came your reply, your voice sounded so weak that he almost flinched.
"Mr. Stark! please hurry and save her!" peter butted in.
"right, uh, I'll see you in the compound, okay kid?" he said, beginning to fly away.
"o-okay Mr. Stark, please help her"
then Tony flew away, leaving peter with his wide-eyed decathlon teammates. They were all gaping at him, as if waiting for an explanation.
"uh..." peter trailed off.
then all of a sudden they began bombarding him with questions.
"since when were you Spider-man?!"
"was that your girlfriend?!"
"how did you became Spider-man?!"
the questions goes on and on, making peter overwhelmed by all of the shouting.
"hey!" the shouting stopped, "uh.. i would like to answer all of your questions, but not now, i really gotta check on my girlfriend, so please hold onto your questions for monday, until then, please don't tell anyone about this, or else Mr. Stark is going to do something, so for the sake of all of us, please keep your mouths shut about this" Peter explained to his teammates. "oh yeah, the cops will be here soon too, so don't worry about the bad guys, okay?" he added.
when he got a nod from one of them, he immediately took off, not forgetting to close his mask, then continued to shoot a web to a nearby building, swinging away from them, leaving his teammates with their mouths agape.
when he arrived at the compound, he immediately ran to the infirmary as fast as he could.
when he saw you laying down on one of the beds, he immediately thought the worse.
"Y/N!" he shouted, grabbing a few of attentions from the nurses there.
"shh!" someone suddenly appeared besides him. "calm down, she's just sleeping, luckily i got here on time, so it wasn't that bad" Tony explained to him, slightly calming him down.
"oh.. thank god" he released a relieved sigh, smiling while making his way to you. when he arrived besides you, he sat down on a chair next to your bed, gently taking your hands into his.
"oh yeah... i think i accidentally revealed mine and Y/N's identities to my decathlon teammates...?" it comes out as a question, not the way he intended it to be.
Tony raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean by you accidentally?" he asked, though he already knew what he meant, i mean it's pretty self explanatory.
"I'm sorry! i didn't mean to! i didn't know what else to do, i didn't want to risk my friends life just because i wanted to protect my identity, their life is much more important than my identity. And Y/N was having a difficult time breathing so i had to take of her mask" he explained, a sigh falling out from his parted lips, placing his elbows on your bed, running his hands down his face.
"well, what's done is done, i mean, you both were going to reveal your identities when you graduate highschool anyways, right? it's not too long from now, so for now they could sign NDA'S, and you wont be too burdened by it for long, because it's not too long until you graduate." Tony gives a solution, standing besides him, patting his shoulder.
"okay..." he felt slightly relieved, at least not too many people knew, he wished his teammates will keep their words and not tell anyone about it.
"I'm proud of you kid, you did the right thing, don't think about it too much, okay?" Tony patted his shoulder once again, then went out of the room.
"okay..." he mumbled, even though he knew Tony wouldn't hear him.
he averted his eyes to you, staring at you, admiring you, he thought you looked so peaceful while sleeping, not being burdened by missions and the responsibility of being an avenger.
"staring is creepy you know" you suddenly muttered out, your eyes still closed, but feeling an intense stare at you.
"Y/N!" he gasped, "i was so worried about you, i thought you were going to leave me" he whimpered out, pressing a kiss onto your hands.
"hey, you can't get rid of me that easily you know" you joked, but inside you were feeling horrible, you should've been more careful, what kind of superhero are you? can't even dodge a knife.
peter laughed slightly, but still looking concerned. "how are you feeling?"
"like shit" you replied, a smirk forming on your lips.
you both laughed, but you couldn't help letting the thoughts back in, your laughter fading.
"hey, what's wrong?"
"nothing, i-i just— i was so bad out there, i couldn't even defend myself, letting myself getting stabbed two times, what kind of superhero i am, if i can't even defend myself, how can i even help other people like that, pete?" you exasperated, looking dejected.
"hey, hey, that wasn't your fault, you tried to defend yourself, but the guy was enhanced, you, couldn't do anything about it, and besides, you still helped my teammates back there, you know? you also helped me a lot, if you didn't show up, i don't know how I would've handled that" he gently took your face in his hands, wiping the tears that you didn't even know were there.
"thank you, i don't know what i would do without you" you managed to let out, too overwhelmed by the emotions you're feeling.
"anything for you, baby" he pressed a kiss onto your forehead.
"i love you"
"and i love you, Y/N"
you ushered him to hop on the bed with you, desperately wanting to cuddle with him, want to feel his warmth.
"are you sure?"
"yess, now get your ass here"
"geez, okay boss" rolling his eyes, he gently got on the bed, snuggling up besides you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder, not wanting to touch your wound, in return, you wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his chest.
"oh yeah... i think i also accidentally revealed your identity to my teammates," he started, just as you were about to get mad, he continued, "—But! don't worry about it, i already talked to Mr. Stark, and he will have it sorted, they're going to sign NDA'S, and besides we're going to reveal our identity after i graduated highschool, so it's not too much of a burden" he continued his explanation.
you sighed, silently agreeing with him, because there's nothing you could even do, so you just accepted it, and continued cuddling up to him.
not long after, you both fell asleep in each other's arms.
monday came by, and peter was already dreading it, he didn't want to deal with his teammates shenanigans, but he has to do it unless he wanted his and yours identities revealed. his teammates already signed the NDA'S, right when they were back at school from the horrible field trip, but still, Peter was a little paranoid.
during school hours, his teammates just looked at him, like they're expecting something, sure it was annoying, but peter learned to get over it.
then finally, school was over, and it was time for Decathlon.
when he stepped foot into the room, he immediately got bombarded with a ton of questions from his teammates.
"woah woah! okay! one at a time!" he exclaimed, raising his hands in a defensive manner.
"okay, anyone who has questions, raise your hands" almost immediately, everyone except Ned and MJ raised their hands.
"umm, you there, with the glasses" he pointed to a random student.
"how did you become Spider-man?"
"uh.. i got bit by a radioactive spider on the field trip to oscorp, and no, the spider is not alive." he answered.
"alright, next question, you" he pointed to another student.
"is Kinetic-Girl your girlfriend?"
hearing the question, a blush immediately formed on his cheeks, but he answered it nonetheless.
"uh.. yeah..." he answered shyly, rubbing his cheeks to somehow calm down his blushing.
"does the webs come out from you?"
"no, i made them"
"how long have you been dating Kinetic-Girl?"
"it's about to be two years next month"
"so do you really have an internship at Stark Industries?"
"well at first it was a cover up for... Spider-man, but then Mr. Stark actually made me his personal intern"
and the questions goes on and on, but peter answered every single one of them, not really minding it at all.
"uhm.. okay, that's all for the questions, once again, please don't tell anyone about this, you've all signed the NDA'S so you can't talk about this to anyone, keep it to yourselves, okay?" he ended the sudden QnA with that, hoping that his teammates will keep their words and not tell anyone.
"and please don't treat me any different, just treat like you always do, like the nerd i am." he finished.
his teammates agreed with him, and with that, they continued the decathlon meet like any other day, the fact that peter is Spider-man, pushed away to the back of their minds, but some still shocked about the newfound information i.e Flash.
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lovelybarnes · a month ago
family- p. parker
pairings: peter parker x reader, reader x ocs, peter parker x ocs
warnings: none? ig peter with glasses and a little freaking out at the beginning
about: requested! peter meets your family
a/n: thank you so much for requesting!! i hope you like this!
your eye twitched as you stared, hearing the words peter was saying but being unable to process them. this was not as serious as you were making it out to be, you knew that, but dammit, were you still nervous. your fingers were drummed lighty on your thigh, watching peter hunched over his desk, scrawling sentences on his notebook.
“y/n?” peter asked, suddenly at your legs. “are you okay? you kind of spaced out for a second there.”
you let out a long breath, squeezing your eyes shut, “i’m leaving to go visit my family for a weekend, and- i love them so much, but i’m going to miss you, and it’s so many people, i’m just really nervous, i haven’t seen my aunt gloria in like four years and my aunt maribel always ambushes me about the boyfriend and the-”
“hey, calm down, it’s- you’re gonna miss me?” peter asked, cutting himself off and you glared at him. “okay, not the point, why are you so nervous about this?”
you shrugged, nuzzling your head into his shoulder when he sat down next to you, “i love them but they’re just a lot. it’s just-” you sighed, a stray conversation between you and your mother from a few days ago coming back to you. “hey,” you started, lifting your head off of peter’s body. “do you have plans this weekend? my mom told me to extend an invitation to you if you were free.”
peter’s face lit up, and you relished in the shine in his eyes. “yeah! yeah, i’m free! you really want me to meet your family?”
you sucked in a small breath in remembering that fact but nodded, “yes. i kind of breezed over that fact, which i shouldn’t have, but now that i can think about it, i do. i’m so sure they’re going to love you.”
“i hope they do,” peter said, nerves laced within his voice and you pouted, pressing your lips to his jaw. “they will. i doubt anyone couldn't.”
peter snorted, “yeah, well ask flash. or the vulture. or-”
“they’re literal villains! and flash- they’ll love you, you’ll see.”
you were still nervous on the day you left for the huge cabin you and your family would be staying at; although considerably less so with peter’s arm wrapped around you and his lips repeatedly pressing kisses to your cheek in the backseat of your mother’s car. you could practically feel your anxiety melting with each press of his lips against your cheek.
as he rested his head against your shoulders, you twirled his hair around your fingers, appreciating the effect the shower he’d taken hurriedly had had on his hair; leaving it damp and curlier than usual. he was silent for the most part, until he lifted his head and you dropped your hand.
“so, tell me about your family members! what are all their names?” peter requested, and your mother raised an eyebrow, “that’s going to take a lot longer than this trip.”
you nodded, “she’s right, it’s better if i just introduce them to you when we get there.”
you whisper now, “i will tell you that my aunt lauren- really skinny and small- will ask you if you’re a secret superhero. she doesn’t know anything, she asks everyone that, don’t panic.
“i have a bajillion little cousins that will be all over you, so hopefully you don’t get too annoyed by children. my uncle carlos will clap you really hard on the back, my aunt lola likes to be called lolita and will bake you too many cookies to eat. please eat them even if you hate them, she’s just trying to make everyone happy.”
peter is nodding along, as focused as you’ve seen him in class. “she sounds sweet, and i doubt i’ll have any problems with your uncle carlos, seeing as i’m spider-man and all.”
you laugh softly, rolling your eyes. “yes, well, let’s see how well spider-man can handle twenty or so relatives throwing themselves at him.”
you almost feel dumb for stressing out so much about the event while you watch peter interact with your family- key word almost, when you notice the pleading look he’s sending you while being trapped in your grandmother’s embrace. you walk over to him at once, tapping your grandmother’s shoulder lightly, “grandma? pete needs to breathe,” you point out, and she pulls away, “oh, i’m sorry!” she exclaims, patting him on the cheek, “i have to attend to rosa’s mess of a dinner in the kitchen, it was nice to meet you,” she tells peter. he nods, and your grandma begins to walk away, stopping next to you. “he’s so cute,” she whispers to you, but, of course, peter catches it and beams.
your grandmother strokes your cheek before slapping it gently as a form of goodbye, walking away.
“they do like me!” peter whispers excitedly, and you smile at him, grabbing his hand, “of course they do, but these are the easy ones.” he tilts his head at you, looking so much like a puppy that you nearly coo. “what do you mean?” he asks, and you tug him by the hand, heading to another room.
you bite your lip, “my cousins. the first boyfriend i brought here, they told me they didn’t like him, and two months later, i found out he cheated. it’s happened two times, they’re, like, psychic.”
“this is making me nervous,” peter mumbled, drawing small circles on your hand. humming, you  turn to him, promising your next words, “you’re going to be fine, you’ll see.”
you kiss his nose and give his hand a squeeze, “they’re just little kids.”
you open the door, “with surprising intuitive abilities,” you mutter before your favorite little cousin spots and immediately runs to you. “y/n!” she screams, and you grin, bending down to her level and picking her up. “hi, kami!” you greet, kissing her cheek, and she giggles. she pauses for a second, squinting at peter standing behind you. “who’s this?” she asks, and you turn slightly, “this is peter, he’s my boyfriend.”
peter extends his hand to her with a dorky smile, and she looks at him for a moment before taking it.
other small people are beginning to crowd around you, and you put kamila down, gasping at all the barbies being shown to you and eventually being directed to sit down at a chair, nodding along to an explanation of a video game you’d seen peter play before.
after a little while, diego is distracted enough for you to be able to look up and see peter, in his absolute element, playing with kamila, liam, and veronica. he’s smiling, watching kamila color with veronica in his lap. liam is poking at his arm, directing his attention to the tablet in his chubby hands. veronica swipes at peter’s glasses, which sit perched on his nose.
with brown curls falling over his forehead, black rimmed glasses on his face, and surrounded by your little cousins, you can feel yourself falling even deeper for him, because how can you not? how can you not love the boy who is sitting in a cabin with your family, entertaining the cousins you love?
before you can freak out properly, you are pulled away by kamila, who has appeared by your side and instructs you to play in the play kitchen with her.
not five minutes after, while you are in the middle of making a fake salad, peter appears beside you, offering his help to kamila. he gets right to work, turning the knobs on the plastic kitchen, and he turns to you and mouths trophy husband with a goofy smile.
seeing him mixing a bowl of plastic food, you’re reminded of the alarming realization of just how in love you are with peter parker.
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devotion · 2 months ago
mi amor → p.p
Tumblr media
summary: peter overhears you speaking spanish to your baby and it's the most cutest thing he's ever witnessed.
warnings: dad!peter, fluff !!!, tears.
word count: 600+ | p.p masterlist
peter's glad he passed spanish and can understand it as eloquently as you can speak it. there's almost never been a day without you not teaching him a new phrase or conversing with him in the language just for fun. and now being in your twenties together - you're convinced that he's practically like a local in spain.
it's why he finds that, especially lately, he's accustomed to picking it up right off the bat when you start talking in spanish. or maybe, with the way things have been more hectic in the past few days with the arrival of your little one, peter's seemingly more alert about his surroundings as ever than that time following his spider bite.
as such, after switching the lights off downstairs in order to get ready for bed, peter's ears perks up when he reaches the bathroom─to the familiar sound of your voice in your bedroom, octaves lower than normal to what presumably is attempting to hush baby zahra's whimpers.
you sound tired, which is obvious given that your hands have been full ever since the morning when she had arrived. but, once peter starts leaning on the already-opened door to get a closer listen to what you're saying, he notices the subtle heartfelt tone present in your words, "─vale, bébe? máma te amará siempre. pápa también te ama mucho."
with raised eyebrows, peter finds himself sticking his bottom lip out, shoulders slumping at the endearing scenario in front of him.
with that, peter comes padding towards you slowly, bearing in mind that zahra needs to sleep. you look up at him once he's in front of you, already noticing the similarities between your baby girl and him; his soft brown eyes and the curls that decorates her head matches peter's far too much.
stepping closer in front of you, he holds a finger out to zahra's hand, in which she grasps tightly upon feeling it. peter smiles upon the contact, a wholesome love filling his heart and body once more at the sight.
he goes on to kiss her soft digits after smiling at you, cooing ever so gently, "dad will love you." then, he moves further to come kiss her small forehead. he lingers there a while, his baby's smell flooding his mere senses. and it's enough for tears to prick the corners of his eyes at the realisation that she's his.
his baby. your baby.
"...always," he continues in a whisper, his breath catching in his throat.
with your free hand, you bring it to his chin and you see a tear roll down his right cheek, making you more emotional than you were before. but your thoughts are cut off when peter's lips meet yours─soft, sweet and warm.
it lasts a few seconds before he pulls away, giving you time to position your baby in your arms properly. only to then see the slight glistening in his tender eyes.
“you’re the best thing that has, and ever will, happen to me,” peter chokes out, "you made this happen. i─"
you silence him by placing a finger over his lips, knowing if he carried on, you'll probably sob. as you give him time to breathe, you carefully hand zahra over to him and he becomes dazed again like he did when he first held her. nevertheless, a soothing feeling settles in his heart─one that he'll cherish forever.
"y/n?" he mumbles, catching your attention away from the little snores of your bundle of joy, “i can’t think of a life that doesn’t have you in it. or her.”
“don't worry, pete. you don't ever have to think that,” you reply, hands sitting on his bicep, “we'll always be there for you, okay?”
the corners of his lips pluck into a big smile at the reassuring words and the words tumble out of his mouth before he can think about them, “you don’t even know half of the things you do to me,”
“i love you.”
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basicjetsetter · 2 months ago
In the Still of the Night
Tumblr media
♡ Pairing: Peter Parker x Black!Female Reader
▹ Words: 796
▹ General Warnings: Tooth rottin’ softness and an exhausted Spidey, mentions of blood
▹ A/N: My first blurb! I hope you guys like it. Happy Reading!
♬ Song Inspo: Put That On Everything - Brandy
Tumblr media
Stars dot the darkened sky and the city nightlife of Queens drones on, alive and well as you wash your dirty plate, flip the lights off, and head into your one-bedroom apartment’s compact bathroom. 
You already showered and donned your favorite over-sized T-shirt for bedtime. Wrapping your hair up is last on your list, but you’re setting aside the task for the last possible moment, dismally hoping you’d be up when your boyfriend comes home. But it’s well past midnight and you have work in the morning.
Peter always tells you it’s unnecessary to wait up for him, but you know he secretly likes when you do. You care about his well-being too much to just fall asleep on him when he finally gets home. There’s always something to patch up. Always something to soothe. Always a time to show him how much you missed him.
Yawning, you fasten and secure your satin scarf, then pad into your quiet bedroom and climb into your fluffy bed. You lay your head on your pillows and face the only window in the room, hoping to catch the sight of a silhouette swinging onto the fire escape.
Most of your nights begin this way. You, alone, laying on your side of the bed and fighting your drooping lids, waiting up for Peter. Sleep usually wins out.
The moment your brain is seconds away from traipsing into dreamland is the moment your bedroom window carefully slides open, and a male-figure clad in a tight red and blue suit stealthy crawls in and lands on his feet without making so much as a rustle. He quickly shuts the window, trying not to wake you but you’re up anyway, rubbing the bleariness out of your eyes to clearly see his fatigued face.
“Busy tonight,” he says as a way of apology, discarding his mask. A purple bruise blossoms on his cheek, and a stream of blood trickles from a cut near his eye.
His body gratefully slumps into you as you wordlessly rise and wrap your arms around him. You simply stand there, gingerly cradling him to your chest and thanking the heavens that he made it home in one piece before letting him undress.
The toll of the night’s criminal activity beats down Peter’s usual banter. He doesn’t utter another word, only groans as he steps out of his suit. Two more bruises, larger and angrier-looking than the first, mark his abdomen and chest. Wounds aren’t anything new, not anything you haven’t seen dozens of times, but you can’t help your slight gasp.
“Must’ve been a hell of a fight.”
He grins, then winces. “You should see the other guys.”
You shake your head, grinning back, then grab his hand and lead him into the bathroom, where you sit him down and pull out the freshly stocked first-aid kit.
Warm brown eyes bore into you as you turn on the faucet and dampen a cloth to gently wipe away the blood, cleaning wounds you know will be a faded memory by sun-up. Peter keeps you close, encircling his arms around your waist. A content hum rumbles low in his throat when you place a band-aid on the cut and press your lips to it for good measure.
“You know, I might heal up faster if you plant another one on me.”
“Oh, is that so?” you ask, amused.
Mischief twinkles in his sleepy eyes. “Probably. Won’t know ‘til we test out the theory.”
Humoring him, you lean down to smooch his bandage one more time, but Peter inclines his head back at just the right moment and captures your lips in an illicitly soft kiss. He takes his sweet time kissing you. Innocent pecks shift to needy lips latching to yours with a passion so deep you’d swear your kisses were the antidote to his pain.
You’re slow to break away from his lips, and even then you can’t help leaving a tender kiss on his injured cheek as you teasingly ask, “That work?”
“Can’t tell. My eyes were closed. Can I get a do-over?”
“How ‘bout this,” you reply, beckoning him up to his full height with a stifled yawn, “you get your do-over after I get at least six hours of sleep.”
Peter yawns too, long and loud, wincing again from the painful splotch on his cheek. “Deal.”
He silently follows you back into the bedroom, collapsing into bed and immediately pulling your back flush against his chest, burying his head in the crook of your neck. You snuggle up against him with a little hum of your own, happy to finally feel his body’s warmth and know he is officially safe for the night.
“Love you, Spidey.”
He mumbles back, “Love you, too, babe.”
All of your nights end this way.
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · 2 months ago
can i request maybe giggly and fluffy smut with peter?
Requests Are Open...Smut Under The Cut!
Peter laughed against the crook of your neck as he laced his fingers into yours, thrusting slowly with a low whimper as he made sure you were comfortable sitting on the counter of his lab. His fingers trembled a bit as he rested them against your thigh, his other hand beginning to circle your clit slowly.
You smiled into a kiss, wrapping your legs around his waist as you matched your rhythm with Peter’s, “Peter...” you breathed out as you tossed your head back while he trailed kisses down your neck.
“Hmm?” he asked in between his thrust, completely lost as he kept taking you. The sensation of you clenching around him was driving him insane as he continued to circle you a bit faster.
“Your hands are cold...” you gasped with a small giggle as he stared at you like a deer in headlights apologetically. You frowned, worried that you just ruined the moment you two were sharing as you pressed you lips together nervously.
Peter cussed as he pulled his hand away from you. He reached over and pressed a button on his wrist, unveiling his nanotech covering his hand with his glove from his suit. Giving you a smirk, he placed his hands back onto you, “Better?” he asked as he thrusted his hips back into you to pick up the pace.
“Mmm...yes...” you laughed into another kiss while wrapping your hands around his neck, the two of you gasping for more as your hands continued to explore Peter’s curls freely while he brought you to your incredible high.
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spideykaiparker · 2 months ago
A hot day indeed
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Stark!reader
warning(s) : smut
this is based on this tiktok trend ↓
authors note : this is my first ever fanfiction, I'm sorry if it's bad, also english is not my first language, please forgive any grammar and spelling mistakes.
Happy Reading! ^_^
Tumblr media
it was hot outside, and even with the air conditioner it was still hot as hell. All of the avengers were just laying around in the common room whilst fighting the hot weather.
peter was lying on the ground next to the fan, while Y/N was on the couch next to him.
"ugh it's too hot" Y/N complained throwing her head back.
"hey what about we take a nice and cold shower" peter suggested looking up to her with a smirk.
"eww we didn't need to hear that" sam groaned while the other avengers were just wearing disgusted faces.
"yeah whatever, you know what, that's actually a good idea, c'mon peter" Y/N said while getting up from the couch. peter looked at her with a shocked face.
"w-wait really? okay then let's go" peter stuttered while dragging Y/N away to his room.
they arrived to his room and peter immediately dragged Y/N to the bathroom and started to take his clothes off, and Y/N followed him taking her clothes off too.
while taking off his clothes, peter couldn't take his eyes off of Y/N who was preparing the cold shower. she looked ethereal even with all those scars from past missions, peter thought that she's perfect even if she doesn't think so herself.
when the shower was ready, Y/N got inside under the shower and started washing her hair. noticing the absence of a certain someone, she looked up and saw peter just standing there staring at her.
"what are you looking at? c'mon you were the one who suggested we take a shower, get in here" Y/N asked making a gesture with her hand to tell peter to join her while raising one of her eyebrow.
"y-yeah, no, i wasn't looking at anything" peter stuttered while shaking his head, walking to her and standing behind her in the shower.
while showering, peter couldn't stop his mind from thinking about how the water slid down the valley of her breasts, how her ass was the perfect size for peter to grip on due to all of those intense training. everything she does looks hot to him.
noticing someone's stare, Y/N turned around and saw peter's eyes were blown, looking at her like she was a snack, nope scratch that, like she was a full course meal. his hands were kept to his sides but was clenched into a tight fists, willing himself not to touch Y/N.
"peter" Y/N said, looking at him
"yeah?" he answered.
"kiss me" she said, and that's all it took for peter to get rid of any remaining self restraint, immediately kissing her, pushing her against the wall with one hand besides her head while the other gripping her waist like his life depended on it.
his lips clashing with hers in a messy kiss, tongue immediately pushing into her mouth, exploring every inch of her mouth. one of his hands coming down to her ass, gripping it like he imagined before.
her hands coming up to his shoulders, connecting behind his head, switching up between playing with the hair on his nape and gripping his shoulders.
"peter" kiss. "pete" kiss "pete!" Y/N said tapping his shoulders while pulling away from the kiss.
"what?" peter asked, breathing heavily catching his breath"
"we shouldn't do this here, let's go to your room" Y/N said.
"yeah okay" peter answered, still dazed while catching his breath.
Y/N pulled him to his room, immediately kissing him again. peter wasting no time to kiss her back, even more messy and rough than before, if that's even possible.
slowly, they made it to his bed, Y/N falling backwards with peter following suit, hovering above her with his each of his hands besides her head, still kissing her.
slowly one his hand snaked down to her breasts playing with her already hard nipples, pinching and tugging on it, then continuing down to her wet heat.
slowly rubbing his fingers on the bundle of nerves in a circular motions, she let out a small moan, while his hands inching down to her hole, inserting two fingers at once, slowly pulling it back out to test the waters, and then pushing back inside in a rough pace immediately hitting her sweet spot.
"c'mon baby, let me hear your pretty moans" peter said while moaning himself looking at her face that's contorted in pleasure. she moaned harder when peter added another finger inside of her, slowly inching her closer to her release.
her walls tighten around his fingers, indicating him that she's close to her release. immediately, peter took out his fingers, Y/N releasing a cry of disappointment, inching her own hand to finish herself off.
"a-a-ah, you're going to cum around me" peter said while shaking his head.
peter took his already leaking hard self, lining it up with her heat, slowly rubbing up and down, teasing her.
she whined, legs wrapping around his hips, pushing him inside herself.
they both let out content moans, peter slowly moving himself, getting rougher and rougher with each thrust.
hands gripping her waist tightly, thrusting in even deeper than before. slowly one of his hands went up to her throat, slightly gripping it.
she moaned harder even with the hand on her throat. hands finding themselves on his abs and chest, going up to his shoulders, pulling him even closer than before.
their mouths found their way back to each other, kissing messily, biting each others lips.
his lips went down to her neck, kissing and biting every inch of her skin, marking her up, to let know everyone that she belongs to him.
her walls tighten around him, indicating him again that she's close to her release. peter's grip tightened on her waist also indicating her that he's also close.
"i-i'm cumming" she said in between moans.
"i know baby, let's go together, okay?" he let out, thrusts becoming messy.
she cums first, with peter not far behind, cumming inside of her, moaning into each others mouths.
slowly his grip falters and peter fell on top of her, face going in between the part where her neck and her shoulder connect, still holding onto his weight to avoid crushing her.
"that was.." Y/N trailed off, catching her breath.
"amazing" peter continued with a smile.
"yeah" she replied also smiling.
she began to get up to go to the bathroom to clean herself up again, while peter changed the sheets.
after awhile, she came out, only wearing one of his oversized t-shirt with a pair of panties.
she laid down on the bed, head against the headboard, grabbing the remote to put on a random tv show. peter following her, laying in between her legs, his head right on top of her covered heat. her hands found their way to his head playing with the curls
it was silent for awhile, except for the tv show playing in the background.
peter pulled out his phone, scrolling through tiktok for a little bit, then finding a certain video that intrigued him. it was a guy with his head in between a girls thigh, lipsync-ing to the audio.
peter decided to make that video. he recorded himself in between her thighs, Y/N was curious of what he was doing and saw that he was recording himself, she smiled and slightly squeezed her thighs together around his head, he looked up at her with a smile, then kissed one of her thigh besides his head.
then at the last few seconds, he angled the phone upwards, to catch a glimpse of her in the video. he ended the recording then watched it over, deciding to post it not giving it any second thoughts. going back to cuddle with her
the next morning, peter got out of bed and preparing for school, then heading to midtown. while Y/N was still sleeping because she was homeschooled.
at school, he went to his lockers that was coincidentally next to ned's, grabbing the books that he needed for first period.
ned and mj approached him, ned slightly running to peter, while mj was just walking normal.
"dude!" ned slightly shouted at peter while slapping his arm.
"what?!" peter answered, slightly agitated with the slapping
"your tiktok!" ned said excitedly.
"what tiktok?" peter asked, confused to why ned was making such a big deal about his tiktok.
"the video you posted with the Y/N stark yesterday!" ned said while swinging peters hand back and forth.
"yeah, what about it?" peter asked, still confused.
"it's viral!" ned said excitedly once again.
"what?!" peter exclaimed, afraid of what would happen if the kids in his school finds out.
"yeah dude! your tiktok got like a million likes and probably flash is going to come for you, right about now.."
true to his words, flash appeared besides peter with a glare, slamming his locker shut.
"hey penis, what was your tiktok about yesterday with Y/N stark, huh?" flash asked crossing his arms to make him look intimidating.
"nothing" peter simply answered.
"nothing, huh? it sure doesn't look like nothing to me" flash snapped.
"well what do you want me to say huh? that i recorded a video of me in between my girlfriend's thighs after sex? is that what you want to hear?" peter snapped back, fed up with flash's nonsense. while the other students that were starting to gather around his locker gasped.
ned and flash looked at peter with shock clearly on their faces, each with a meaning different from the other. ned was shocked because peter finally snapped back at flash, and flash, shocked because of the fact that penis parker the nerd of the school was sleeping with the Y/N Stark, daughter of Iron Man and heir of stark industries, gifted with both beauty, and intelligence. also the fact that peter admitted that he was dating Y/N stark.
"i-i bet you're lying, there's no way you, penis parker can know Y/N stark, let alone date her." flash stuttered but still not wanting to lose.
"what other proof do you want huh? I don't know what else to tell you, it's fine if you don't believe me, but just leave me alone." peter said while rolling his eyes and gestured for ned and mj to head on to class.
the three of them walked to class with ned not shutting up about how cool peter stood up to flash, while mj just had a small proud smile.
"that was nice of you to finally talking back to flash, nerd" mj said with a sly smirk.
for the rest of the day, they carried on with their normal lives but with people still talking about peter and Y/N.
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hopeless-starry-kingdom · 2 months ago
you broke me first | Peter Parker
Summary: You have to remind Peter it was his fault you were broken up
read part 1 and 2 here !
song: you broke me first by Tate McRae 
a/n: happy valentines day!! hope everyone’s day was good and here is the last part of this mini series :))))
Tumblr media
Maybe you don't like talking too much about yourself
But you shoulda told me that your were thinking ‘bout someone else
“If you guys are going to make out can you at least do it somewhere else. I’m eating.” MJ put her book back to her eye level as you and Harry pulled away from each other. You blushed and Harry smirked before throwing an arm over your shoulder.
“C’mon, MJ. Don’t be such a cockblock.” You slapped Harry on his arm and he laughed. “If you want I can set you up with one of my friends.”
MJ put her book down and pretended to think about the offer. “A rich daddy’s boy with two functional brain cells, who’s also a fuckboy. I’ll pass” She smiled sarcastically at Harry and he chuckled.
“Have I ever mentioned I like your friends?” You giggled at him and shook your head. MJ flipped him off and you had to bite back your laugh.
“Stop patronizing her.” You tried to be stern but the smirk on Harry’s face paired with MJ lips twitching up didn’t help your case. “Yes madame.”
Or your phones been off for a couple months, so you’re callin’ me now
He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours before turning back to eat his lunch. You smile was big as you stared at him but something caught your attention. From behind him you saw Peter, Gwen, and Ned walking. Gwen had her arm wrapped around Peter’s arm. Ned was talking to Gwen about something and Peter was already staring at you. You gave him a small smile and a head nod before turning back to your small group.
“Hey, did Mr. Harrington ever say when the essay was due?”
“I cant keep going. My brain is fried.” You groaned as you flopped down on MJ’s bed and rested your arms over your eyes to block the light from coming in.
“Yeah, i’m pretty burnt too. You hungry? I can order some pizza.”
“Please?” You begged and sat up as MJ was looking for the number on her phone your phone buzzed with a message. It was Harry.
Can you come over tomorrow? I wanna spend time with you <3
You bit your lip go hide to hide the smile that was threatening to come through. Harry was always so sweet with you. He had a cocky front that he showed everyone else, sometimes with you as well. But you knew deep down he was a teddy bear. Texts like this showed that. And even though Harry explained to you that his father never showed him love, and continues not to, he doesn’t see a reason not to show love.
But I ran out of every reason
“Hey, can you please stop sexting Harry? I’m trying to hang out with you.” A pillow collided with your face and you gasped.
“MJ! I’m not sexting Harry. He wants to know if I can hang out tomorrow. It’s sweet.” You quickly responded back to his text and told him you could.
“You two are disgustingly cute. It makes me sick. And tell him to stop hogging you, I feel like he’s always with you. Does he not know he has to share?” You threw your head back and laughed at her.
“So now i’m an object of sharing? Nice to know.” You laughed and soon MJ was joining in with you.
Took a while, I was in denial when I first heard
That you moved on quicker than I coulda ever, you know that hurt
“I’m happy for you, Y/N. I know the whole thing with Peter had you in a funk..” You looked down at your hands and nodded. You still thought about Peter often. Soley because you had him in some of your classes and you constantly saw him around school. But you never thought of him like you used to. You stopped loving the way his smile reached his eyes and lit up the whole room. You stopped loving his curls. You stopped loving his unconditional kindness.
It was over now, officially. You weren’t hurting anymore and it felt so amazing to say it. The storm had passed and had taken Peter Parker with it. You were happy now with Harry. So extremely happy. You didn’t actually think it was possible but after giving the relationship a chance, you couldn’t believe how happy you were with Harry.
You never wanted to depend your happiness on soley being in a relationship. You were better than that. But you were finding you were happy by yourself and with Harry. It was the best middle ground. You thought you had to depend on Peter or a relationship to be content. And it definitely wasn’t true.
“I’m just glad that it’s all over with. And Peter was an asshole to you.” You both laughed at her statement.
“Yeah, i’m glad it’s over too.” She smiled at you before tapping a button on her phone.
“Hi, I’d like to place an order for delivery.”
Swear, for awhile, I would stare at my phone just to see your name
Gwen Stacy gasped as she read the note that fell out of her locker. It was the fourth one this week. And she couldn’t count how many she got over all. Apparently she was a dirty two-faced snake. She preached girl supporting girls but to everyone else she stole someone’s boyfriend which didn’t exactly sit right with the girls of the school. Gwen didn’t mean for it to happen and she tried explaining it to some of the girls in her art class but they just rolled their eyes at her.
“Another one? Let me see.” Peter grabbed the note and read over it before tearing to to shreds.
“Yes, another one Peter. In fact the fourth one this week. And maybe if i’m lucky i’ll get one tomorrow and see what else the girls have to say about me in the girls restroom. I can’t keep doing this Peter.” Gwen slammed her locker and held her head in her hands.
“Ok, well i’ll go talk to Mr. Harrington. Or even the principal. I’ll tell them that it’s been getting out of hand and—”
“No, Peter. That’s not what I mean. I mean I can’t do this. Us.” Gwen crossed her arms over her chest and refused to look at Peter because she knew if she did she’d melt.
“W-what? Gwen, what do mean?”
“Peter I cant keep living like this! People hate me all because you broke Y/N’s heart. And I can’t blame them either becuase you left her for me, you broke the poor girl. I’d hate me too.”
“They’ll get over it! It’s none of their buisness.” He reached over and tried to grab the girls hands but she instantly pulled away.
“Peter, I really like you. I do. But with college applications coming up and school’s scouting, I can’t risk letting this affect me getting into NYU. I don’t have the time for petty school drama.”
“Gwen, cmon. Please, I really like you too. I can figure something out.” He pleaded. He couldn’t let Gwen go, not after everything that happened with you.
“I’m sorry, Pete. I really am.” She leaned up and kissed his cheek before smiling sadly at him. She turned with her books in her hand and walked away.
Peter groaned and kicked the locker next to him. It created a dent and some people began to whisper and point. He sighed before walking to his first class.
‘Did you hear what happened????’
You furrowed yourself brows at MJ’s text. You quickly looked up and seen your teacher pointing to the board and explaining today’s lesson. You placed your phone in your lap as you typed back a response.
‘Hear what? Did Flash trip and fall into the trash again?’
You looked up again and pretended to take notes and waited for her to text back. Once you felt your phone buzz your eyes nearly bulged out of your head
‘No! Though that would make my day— Gwen broke up with Peter! Some junior over heard it from their locker and started to spread it. That’ll show him!’
You gulped as you put your phone away and stared ahead. Peter no longer had Gwen. Peter no longer had the girl he left you for. She ended it with him. You had a mix of emotions. For one you wanted to rub your relationship in his face. He left you for someone and now they broke up with him.
You couldn’t believe how much it back fired on him. You wanted to laugh in his face and call him a huge idiot. You wouldn’t ever dare think of leaving him. He got his karma.
But you also felt a little sad for him. Gwen broke up with him. You couldn’t imagine how upset and sad he was feeling. But you couldn’t shake the feeling of it being his fault. Becuase maybe it was.
The rest of the week was filled with gossip about Peter being dumped by Gwen. The girls said he deserved it but also thought it didn’t excuse Gwen either. She noticed she still got stared in the hall but the whispers stopped and so did the writing in the restroom. It was a start.
They scoffed at Peter and made sure to give him a dirty look. Peter wasn’t feeling too good either. He couldn’t belive he lost you and Gwen. Ned tried to reasure him that it wasn’t meant to be. All Peter did was smile and nod. And then he saw you smiling and laughing with Harry. Living your best life and he felt jealous and angry. Jealous and angry that you were happy without him. And jealous and angry that Harry was the one to kiss you and give you hugs from behind.
That should be me.
He hated himself for thinking that. He broke up with you. He left you. So why was he thinking about you like he had in the past? It dawned on him for the next few days that letting you go was a mistake. He didn’t actually like Gwen, he liked the idea of her. The popular, girl next door version of Gwen Stacy is what he liked. Sure, Gwen was funny and nice and smart but so were you. And much more in his opinion.
He was an idiot who let you go because he liked the idea of someone. He chose that over loving you.
“The blood drive took way longer than I thought.” You pressed your phone against your ear with your shoulder as you began to enter your locker combination.
“Well saving lives isn’t a two second process miss Y/L/N.” You rolled your eyes at Harry being sarcastic.
“I can’t believe your missing school to attend one of your dads meeting in the Upper East Side.” Harry chuckled and shrugged.
“What can I say? I’m a buisness man too.” Harry’s father glared at him as they walked in the halls of the conference room. He knew that was his way of telling Harry to get off the phone.
“Hey, babe. I have to go, the meetings starting soon. I’ll see you tomorrow. Stay safe.”
“Bye, Harry. See you.” You smiled as you hung up the phone and pocketed your phone. You were excused for two of your class periods and now had to be at your next one as the bell rang. You quickly grabbed the books you needed and slammed the locker shut. You gasped in surprise when you seen who was behind the locker.
“Peter? Um, what are you doing?” You looked around anxiously to see if any other students noticed you and the curly haired boy standing within a few feet of each other. They had.
“H-how are you?”
“I’m good? Do you need something? I have physics next and—”
“Your teacher will kill you if you’re late.” He chuckled as he nervously twiddled his fingers. You didn’t laugh though. “How-How’s being able to drive now? I bet it feels like you have a ton of freedom.”
“Peter, i’m sorry if this sounds rude but what do you want? You’ve made it pretty clear these past few months you don’t want anything to do with me. So what do you need? Is this about you being you-know-who?” You whispered the last part to make sure no one heard. “I promise I won’t tell Harry or anyone else.”
“No! It’s not that it’s... Okay I know this might sound so crazy and insane but please, just hear me out.” He had his puppy dog eyes on and you couldn’t ever resist them. What was a few minutes?
“You have like two minutes before I have to go.” You glanced at your phone for the time.
“Okay, sweet. First off I want to say how sorry I am for the way I treated you, Y/N. It was so shitty and I just tossed you to the side. I will never be able to forgive myself for that but I was hoping... maybe you can?”
You smiled at the boy once you realized what he was doing. He was giving you a formal apology. Though it was long over due you knew you couldn’t hold a grudge against him. You just weren’t that person. And you were finally over Peter. It was all working out.
“Of course, I can forgive you, Peter. Thank you for apologizing. It does mean a lot. Well i’ll see you around?” Peter’s brows furrowed before quickly shaking his head.
“Wait that’s not all.” Your looked at him quizzically and urged him to continue. “I was wondering I-if you’d like to give us, me and you, another try. At dating, of course.” He smiled at you and suddenly you were no longer smiling. You took a step back as you stared at him in disbelief.
How dare he? How dare he break your heart and then come running back to you the moment Gwen breaks up with him. You were his second choice and that hurt. And to top it off, you were with Harry, happily.
“How dare you, Peter Parker?” Peter gulped as he recognized the anger and disappointment in your tone.
“Becuase shit isn’t going your way, you think this is okay?” You voice was now raised and now suddenly everyone in the hall turned to face you two.
“Y/N, please. Just let me explain—”
“Now suddenly you’re asking for me back? Could you tell me where’d you get the nerve?” You spit and Peter didn’t think he’d ever seen you so mad.
“I made a huge mistake. I miss you. I miss us.” He tried pleading but you scoffed
“You can say you miss all that we had but I don’t really care how bad you’re hurting, Peter. Not when you broke me first.”
There were tears in your eyes and your heart was heavy. How could he do this to you? You were over him now and then he comes and pull this stunt. You were also very angry.
“Y/N, please. I—”
“I don’t want to heart it, Parker! Leave me alone! I mean it, Peter. Don’t talk to me anymore, don’t look at me in the halls or in our classes. Don’t even think about me. It’s over Peter. Find your dignity while you’re at it.” You spat and purposely pushed his shoulder roughly with yours.
You tried to ignore the whispers as you started to speed walk to the nearest restroom, your class long forgotten.
You tried to hold in your sob as your thoughts began to eat you alive. But you couldn’t hold back as it pried its way to the surface. You didn’t care about if the floor was dirty as you slid down to hug your knees. All you could think was screw Peter Parker. This wasn’t the Peter you knew. Peter would never publicly humiliate you and turn you into a joke. But he did.
What did you think would happen?
I’ll never let you have it
What did you think would happen?
You had to remind yourself that he in fact did do those things. You were a game to Peter, it seemed. His second choice. And it hurt, you hate to admit that it hurt.
“Y/N.” MJ walked into the bathroom and sighed when she saw you on the floor.
“I-Is the whole sch-school talking ab-about me?” You hiccuped and she placed a hand on your knee and gently rubbed her hand back and forth.
“The only thing they’re saying is how Peter’s a jackass and you don’t deserve that.” You sighed and nodded and tried to brush your tears away.
“I just can’t believe he would d-do this to me. It’s like i’m a jo-joke.” You sniffled and MJ scoffed. “He’s such a dick. Once I get my hands on him—”
“No, MJ. It’s fine. I gave him a piece of my mind already.” You smiled weakly at her and she helped you off the floor. She shook her head with a scowl and then snorted.
“Once Harry hears about his little stunt, Peter is done for.”
Your eyes widened as you thought about Harry. He tolerated Peter because of you and once he hears what happened, you have a good idea what he’d do.
“My god, I have to call him. But he’s in a stupid high class professional meeting.” You whipped out your phone and went to his contact. You couldn’t call him but you thought a text should be enough until you see him later.
‘Don’t freak out...Peter asked me out again
BUT!!!! I obviously said no and handled to situation!
So when you come to school tomorrow and hear about the drama pls don’t pummel Peters face in ??? <3’
“Hm. That should hold him off. Let’s skip class and go watch the cheerleaders fall from their pyramid.” You tried to keep a straight face but ended up laughing.
“Yeah, i’m down for that.” MJ smiled at you and started to walk out of the bathroom.
You sighed and thought about if Peter was hurting right now. But then you shook your head.
But I don’t really care how bad it hurts
When you broke me first
He broke you first and now he had to deal with the aftermath, not you.
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Illicit affairs- Chapter 8
summary: imagine the met gala but ten times better and in stark tower, that’s it. felicia doesn’t have very good manners and sneaks away with y/n but peter and his friends are on the lookout. 
Listen to: Do I wanna know -Arctic Monkeys & bad idea- girl in red
word count: 12k
(author’s notes at the end now)
warnings: s m u t. 
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(today we change and use a photo of Felicia, although it’s not too accurate in my head)
Tumblr media
If there was someone who had an incredible hidden talent, it was MJ. You knew she liked to draw since you first met her, but as time passed you realized that a side effect of her hobby, even if she didn’t like it as much, was that she could do a mind-blowing make-up look without even trying. You had realized this one Halloween that you had spent with Peter and his friends, you had asked her where she had gone to do that makeup-look with glitter tears streaming down her cheeks but she simply shrugged, saying that she had used some of her art supplies and done it herself. After that it was more common than not that MJ would come to do your make-up to every important event that you had to attend, she had even done Pepper’s makeup and soon it became like a side job for her too.
She had such ability with the brushes, knew exactly which colors could match your skin and outfit that you almost became dependent on her, feeling a bit more insecure when you had to do your make-up or even hire someone different than MJ but tonight she was there.  
“Do you want me to do the wing?” you asked MJ, glancing at her and searching what was wrong but she simply huffed.
“Shut up, I’m an artist” she grumbled under her breath as she shook her hand a bit and dived right into your eye.
“You are so giddy today” you muttered, which earned you a glare from MJ.
“Well, I’ve never been to a Gala myself or done the make-up for the hostess of the Gala,” she said as she finished one eye and then adjusted her dress.
As always, you were in awe of how MJ looked. Her flawless black skin matched perfectly with the custom silk lame gown that she had decided to wear for the night, it was a halter top but with a nice cut on her middle part that showed a little bit of skin and a long skirt that almost touched the floor. With her tall slender body and perfect tone muscles, she looked like a supermodel.
“No, my dad and pepper are the hosts. I’m just here for the small talk with people they don’t want to talk to and to drink champagne” you answer back as she finished the wing on the other one and you finally managed to open your eyes and see yourself in the mirror.
She had done an exceptional job as always, only mascara missing to finish the look but she had done a great job with the nude eyeshadow with a dramatic wing, she had even added a bit of gold glitter surrounding your eyes so it could match the gold earrings that you decided to wear for the night. You walked towards the mirror and fixed the dress that you had decided to wear. It was a cream Jacquemus backless dress with a slit on the side of your leg, while this time you had decided to wear the charm that held your suit in a classic bracelet usually, you wouldn’t bother that much on dresses on how you looked for these types of events given that you disliked them but tonight was different.  
“That makes you the hostess, small talk with people that you don’t like” MJ answer back as she put a bit of blush on her skin and then walked over to you, leaning against your mirror.
“I’ll try to avoid it, especially when Felicia arrives” you answered with a shrug and started to apply your mascara, but not before you notice how MJ began to play with her hands uncomfortably.
You knew it was because you brought up Felicia but, in all honesty, you were more than elated that she had agreed to come.
The last weeks or so had been a rollercoaster. Although you somehow had assured your feelings for the other, you weren’t spending that much time together. Part of it was that you were ordered to stay in bed for a few days, knowing that your injuries were bad and needed time to recover, it wasn’t like Felicia wanted to simply burst on Stark Tower or ask you to move; she would sneak some nights sneak in to see how you were doing before you were officially discharged by Bruce. But then, when you were able to go to her apartment, she would cancel a bit too often for you, arguing that a girl needs to pay the bills (which you assumed was a way to say that she was going to do some work that you didn’t like). 
So, you let her be.
Though, the days you did spend together, she was as loving as she had ever been with you. She would cook for you all the healthy foods that she hated but she would eat them with you, even your annoying quinoa salad and green smoothies, which you appreciated. You would spend time watching movies and listening to music together, curating playlists depending on a situation, and talk until early morning hours. She would kiss you too, sweetly and carefully, Felicia even freaked out when you complain after a kiss got a little bit too heated a few days after you had been ‘discharged’; after that she had tried, really hard, to keep the kisses to a PG-rating (much to her dismay).
But then this week had come and she had become a kind of a nervous wreck thinking about the Gala, which for you seemed so out of character for her. She would ask for the program of the night again, and again and who would be there, trying to know how to dress and where everything was. You attributed her behavior to the fact that she was -probably- going to meet Tony and Pepper, and you were coming out to the circle of people you would be surrounded by. Part of her was relieved when she heard that the other Avengers weren’t going to make it to the Gala and you thought it was sweet, she was nervous about how serious you had become.
To ease her nerves, you had insisted to her to go shopping together for a dress or told her to go earlier that day so she could know where everything was, if she was too worried about it, even gave suggested if she would like to come to dinner first with Tony and Pepper so she wouldn’t be too freaked out the day of the Gala. But she had refused, especially regarding the dress; saying that since she was older than you (only two years), therefore the sugar mommy feeling was a little bit off.
You had blushed at her statement but decided to let her be, knowing it was the best thing you could do for Felicia.
Peter’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts and you turned around to watch him, and it felt like you had almost stopped breathing for a second.
You had seen Peter in a suit a couple of times before but never like this. He seemed taller and also leaner, the sharp suit he was wearing fitted him perfectly, his messy curls were settled down with a little bit of hair gel that pulled them back and to the side but you could tell that the curls would be let loose sooner rather than later. He had a small watch on his wrist, a gift from you and Tony, it had an engraved message “with great power, comes great responsibility” which honored his Uncle Ben. Peter didn’t use it often but when he did, it caused your heart to squeeze on your chest.
And Peter was mesmerized too. Your hair had been pulled down behind your ears, it was sleek and it looked perfectly styled. He could see the blush on your cheeks, the reflection of the glitter on your eyes, and he was, as always, so captivated by how your eyes seemed like constellations accompanied with your long lashes that he felt like he had zoned out. Plus, the dress fitted your body perfectly. It was showing more skin than you usually showed with a small side-boob showing thanks to the asymmetric form of it along with your exposed back. He felt his mouth drying as you turned around shyly towards him, but for him, you looked breathtaking.
“Are you ready?” Peter asked, stammering a bit as he looked away from you towards MJ who was giving him a look. “Tony and Pepper are waiting downstairs for you,” he said silently before looking at you for a second and then at the floor.
MJ snickered a bit before she took her purse and made her way to the door. “Don’t you look dapping” MJ said as she patted Peter on his shoulder and walked out of your room, you guessed she was already looking for Harley.
You both stayed silent for a moment, as you gazed at the other, you blinking owlishly while Peter drilled you with his eyes. Although you weren’t saying anything, you knew what he was thinking about: last time you were dressed this nicely, it had been the last night before you had run away. You would’ve like to avoid the memories, but it seemed inevitable to connect this moment to your last; even more knowing that although it seemed like everything had changed, your heart was still beating for Peter and his was beating for you.
“You look beautiful,” Peter whispered as you walked towards him, he couldn’t even stop himself, and the two of you flushed at his comment.
“Tha-thanks, MJ did the makeup because I have no idea,” you spoke coyly as you ordered HAPPY to turn off the lights and you and Peter walked outside the room, the door closing behind you.
You tried to shake it off, the obvious nervousness that you felt around Peter but it didn’t seem to work as he offered you his arm, so you could hold onto it as you always did.
“Well, she did a great job, you look amazing” Peter said honestly as he glanced at you while you walked towards the elevator. “She’s a lucky girl.”
It had taken all his willpower to actually say those words but he was being truthful, no matter how much it could pain him because, as he had realized the last few days, it only mattered to him that you were safe and happy. The bad thing was, that he didn’t believe you would be safe with Felicia.
For you, the comment hit a nerve. Not only because you knew how Peter felt about Felicia, and you dislike that it might have hurt him to see you with her but also because Felicia had been MIA since early in the morning. You had texted her a good morning text, asking her if she needed anything but she had declined the offer and simply stating that she would see you tonight.
Hours had passed and there was no sign that Felicia was actually coming but you deeply hope she would.
“Yeah…” you muttered with a long sigh, but you quickly changed the topic as the elevator’s doors opened. “I’m surprised you decided to bring Flash as your date.”
“See, MJ is with Harley and Betty with Ned,” you explained to him while you fixed your hair and watch Peter’s bug-eyed expression at your comment “Which leaves you with Flash.”
“That’s not funny.” Peter quickly answered with a glare.
“Oh, because he’s a guy?” you chuckled and placed your hands over your chest, raising an eyebrow and waiting for his answer.
“No!” Peter protested, a little bit offended at your question and then the doors to the elevator opened. “It’s because he’s Flash!”
You both laughed as you exited the elevator and walked towards where the Gala was through a small hallway that Pepper had arranged for only you two enter the building. 
The Gala had become an emblematic even for the city, Pepper had come up with it after you had moved from LA and Tony had made the respective and adequate changes to Stark Industries. It was an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of technological advances and charities and it always happened at Stark Tower.
The whole first and second floor of the building were remodeled to fit the event. On the first floor, you would find the red carpet and exhibitions of the work done by the different companies, known scientists, and young people who had the opportunity to present their ambitious ideas and work. It was also a social event, celebrities, journalists, CEO’s and more people would be invited as well. Then, the second floor was where the dinner and the after-party would usually take place. 
It wasn’t a wild evening, I mean although Tony would make it as wild as he wanted, it always went nicely and calmed. Even some  Avengers would make surprise appearances once in a while, mostly Nat, Steve, Bucky, Sam, and Bruce; Thor had been technically banned after he had too much to drink once. This drew huge media attention for the projects which were extremely important for the fundraiser that took place at the event and so, it had become also somehow the Met Gala of the science community. 
It was also the only time that paparazzi would take your photos willingly, although you hated it.
Today was no different, you had to pose with Tony and Pepper on the red carpet that was prepared at the main entrance to the event. The commotion of flashing lights and excited reporters was almost something that you couldn’t get used to after so many years, and although you would normally be complaining to Pepper as Tony did sometimes when he would get bored; Peter would usually woosh in and take photos with you, so paparazzi wouldn’t use the photos with him because magazines didn’t think much of Peter back then, so it was a nice way to ruin some shots. But today was different, Peter was now known to be one of the Star Interns of Tony and he was called on by a reporter, and you were ushered off to take more photos and then by Tony who was excited to see Pepper’s speech.
And as a sea of people separated you and Peter, you decided to focus on Pepper’s speech and Felicia’s whereabouts.
But she was nowhere to be found, disappointed you quickly blended into the crowd and began to do your work. You started saying ‘hi’ and ‘welcoming’ the various people that were invited from celebrities to renowned scientists, you talk to a journalist giving them small interviews and also watch almost every one of the projects from the young students who were allowing presenting that year.
You even talked to people you didn’t like.  
You were already saying goodbye to an important human rights lawyer, that was a role model to you since you had started to think about studying law and had been asking her some questions when you heard his taut voice.
“Lovely to see you again Miss Stark, heard you got shot?”
You turned to see Norman Osborn, giving you a tight smile while Harry was behind him winking his eyes and quickly nudging to his dad and rolling his eyes. You knew you weren’t dear on Norman Osborn’s heart, especially when it came to your dad, and you ever wondered why Pepper insisted on inviting him and why he even insisted on coming to the event of someone he hated that much.
But you knew it all came back to business.
Although now, that you knew for a fact -thanks to Felicia and the events lately- that Norman had willingly given Kingpin the formula to his poisonous serum and that Harry had no idea about it; you were even more snarky and irritated to see his face than before.
“Yes, I’m fine now.” You stated curtly as you glanced at Harry for one second, you quickly took a swig of your drink. Mentally begging for this interaction to be over.
“Of course, you are dear,” He snapped with a glare. “With your father’s technology, you wouldn’t respect the hand of destiny. Such a waste of time and resources to play hero” he said as he rolled his eyes.
You gripped your drink a bit tighter and you felt like a vein on your neck had just popped off your neck. It was predictable from your past encounters with Norman Osborn that he would say something like that but as he had so seriously stated that he thought saving your life or being an Avenger was a waste? Was he being fucking serious?
“Careful Norman, your jealousy is showing,” you smirked as you glanced at him uninterested. “Now kindly fuck off”
Norman gapped at your answer, completely blown away that you had actually said that since you usually had been quiet about his usual remarks. His face was red with bulging eyes as the cords of his neck became rigid, completely astound and angry at your comment. You were thankful that you weren’t staying silent anymore as, in a blink of an eye, Norman spun on his heels and walked away from you, leaving you with Harry.
“Always a pleasure!” you yelled at him as he walked away, you couldn’t help the tugging on the sides of your lips and then your attention turned to Harry, who was chuckling. “Your father’s lovely”
Harry looked as good as always and sometimes you wondered how on earth someone could look like that. His sharp jaw and sleek black hair with his almond eyes made him look like a model, a smirk worth a thousand dollars and his chiseled cheekbones made girl’s and boy’s knees weak. Even when he looked as put together as he was at the moment, you could still see a mischievous gleam in his eyes, you guessed the bad boy look couldn’t fade away easily and you couldn’t help to think about the possible rumors on the tabloid if they saw you dancing with him at the party.
“Don’t tell me about it,” Harry stated as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to your cheek, slowly and seductively.  “It’s nice to see you again, y/n”
He was always extremely smooth and charming, and always managed to get your heart beating someway although you knew that you weren’t really interested, it was just this aura about him.
“It’s good to see you too, H.” you answered back as you took another sip of your drink while he offered to cheer, you did the same.
As he finished taking a sip of his drink, he walked closer to you. “I’ve missed you in these events, it’s …”
Harry chuckled, mostly for himself as he often did. “I was going to say annoying as fuck but yeah, that works too.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at his comment because it was true if you would like to summarize the feelings for these kinds of events -especially for your role on them and how the media would portray it-, they were annoying as fuck. But honestly, the science part and the charity part were your favorite thing in the world.
You knew that Harry felt the same way as you, the pressure to be the golden child and do everything right, but there was where Harry’s charm laid. Although he could be all of those things because he had everything in his favor, he disliked his father and the pressure so much that he rebelled against it.
And now, it had become part of him to be the bad boy.
So, it didn’t surprise you what he said next.
He leaned over to you, whispering directly on your ear and you couldn’t avoid but to feel a shiver running on your back as he whispered on your ear. “You know, you in that dress is making me think of champagne, strawberries, a bed, and us playing strip poker”
You gave a step back at him, a bit surprised by how confident his statement was, your eyes widened slightly and your cheeks flushed before you shook your head, ready to play it off casually.
But then, you heard Felicia’s characteristic silvery voice behind you.
“Get in line pretty boy,” Felicia stated, her fingernails trailing your back as she defensively wrapped her arm around your waist, glaring a bit at Harry, who rapidly blinked as if he was trying to understand the nature of your relationship with Felicia but it didn’t take him long. “Stark,” Felicia said with a smoky voice.
If you were being truthful, you were always a bit nervous around Felicia, a bit too in awe with her beauty and essence. Sometimes you were worried about how she could suck you in so easily with just a pout but then moments like this reminded you why.
Felicia’s outfit left you breathless, although you recognized it was from Versace and wondered where she had gotten it, you couldn’t avoid feeling tingles through your body. Felicia stunned with the silky lace-trimmed camisole-like minidress she was wearing, she had a dramatic smokey eye with a mate-nude lipstick that suited her perfectly, and to your surprise, she had decided to let her silver hair down and she fixed it in an almost Barbarella-like style but less dramatic that made her look like she belonged to a runway.
You could feel the burning heat on your body.
“Thought you would never come”, you whispered with a smile and before she could even respond, you pressed your lips against hers.
It was a firm but soft kiss, as if you were showing her off finally and claiming Felicia yours, as she had done with you so many times before. But now, you both were as purposeful as you could’ve been, the kiss was so sweet and it seemed like just kissing her that way, you would get a toothache. When you finally pulled apart with a shy smile while Felicia simply smirked, your foreheads pressed together, you felt like you were the only people in the world.
And then Harry spoke.
“That’s so hot” he whispered, you figured it was mostly to himself as he looked at you two wide-eyed and surprised about it.
You could see Felicia rolling her eyes in irritation as you laced your hands together but as soon as she turned around to Harry, she was displaying the cat-like grin that characterized her.
“Would you like to join us?” Felicia purred as she got a little closer to Harry, who seemed like he was about to pass out with Felicia’s words.
Peter shook his head and walked away, not wanting to listen to the end of that conversation, knowing that it would just make him break the cup of champagne that he had been holding tightly as he listened to Harry and you even before Felicia arrived. His jaw was still twitching when he walked up to Ned and Betty, whose main spot was the exhibitions that were presented, while Flash would guard the entrance and MJ with Harley would be staying on the drinking station (per Harley’s request) and Peter would be on the dance floor where most of the action would be happening.
But even with a whole plan laid out, Felicia had still managed to fool them.
“Guys she’s here” he whispered through the com as he saw all of his friends snap their gazes as they tried to look for Felicia and you, in the middle of the main floor, talking with Harry.
“How!?” Flash cried through the com. “I’ve been patrolling this entrance all night, what the hell?”
“She’s sneaky, I already told you!” Peter grumbled under his breath, loud enough for a couple of rich old people to stare at him bug-eyed, which he simply answered with an awkward smile and made his way towards where Ned and Betty were.
“What are we going to do now?” Harley asked, Peter could already tell that Harley was tensing up.
For a genius, he wasn’t good at handling his emotions under pressure.
“Just keep an eye on her.” Peter glowered as he finally arrived at where Ned was, trying to find some consolation or ideas that came from Ned who always had some positive thing to say or a good idea to add.
But Ned’s eyes were focused on something behind Peter and the wince he did, as well as Betty, tipped Peter that he should turn around.
“That’s not hard, I think that she just stepped on Harry’s Osborn foot and made him cry” Ned mused as he took a sip from his drink.
Peter watched as you dragged Felicia away from Harry, giving him an apologetic look before you were walking towards the drinking area, where Harley and MJ were.
“Harley, MJ she’s coming your way” Peter whispered, hoping that they wouldn’t be too awkward that you would realize the plan.
Not that there was any serious plan, Peter still wasn’t sure what he was looking for. He wasn’t sure what Felicia would do or if she would even do something, but he knew that she wasn’t good news, he just could feel it in his bones and hoped that at the end of the day, you wouldn’t need to find out if something happened.
He just wanted to keep you safe.
Harley turned around with MJ just in time and he gave a small smile to Felicia and you, who were walking hand-in-hand together. You were bickering a bit because of her reaction to Harry’s comment and how she had stomped on his foot with her sharp heel and she hadn’t even said ‘sorry’ arguing why she would say that to someone that sexualized you. So, you were thankful when your eyes caught MJ and Harley on the drinking station, hoping it could distract Felicia from going back and scratching Harry’s eyes.
“I know you’ve met before but this is Felicia,” you said as Felicia put on a new smile and offered her hand to Harley and MJ. “I wanted you to meet her, officially”
Harley and MJ shook Felicia’s hand cheerily, but you could feel how Harley and MJ tensed up. You could feel their anxiousness dripping from Harley’s eyes and you knew that it wasn’t normal. Harley, for a scrawny boy like him, was a bit too smug, too smooth, too relaxed for him to be acting this way.
“It’s so nice to meet y/n friends,” Felicia said playfully as she wrapped an arm around your waist and smirked up to Harley and MJ, who barely gave her a genuine smile.
“Yeah, sa-same” Harley let out, words stumbling against one another as they left their mouths.
MJ simply nodded and added a small ‘for sure’ with a honeyed voice that you knew didn’t quite fit MJ and something felt off. You frowned at their interaction, surprised mostly by how stiff they were. Did they have a problem with Felicia? You knew that Harley was certain about Felicia’s identity, not that you had discussed it but he wasn’t dumb and it made you wonder if he was feeling the same thing that Peter had told you about.
But you brushed it off, knowing that it wouldn’t be a good thing to keep Felicia there.
“I’m going to take you dancing” you offered to Felicia who gave you a gleaming smile, her cheeks tainted by a cloud of small pink dust, and you quickly dragged her off from your friends.
Your mind started whirling, wondering what was wrong with Harley and MJ? Harley had always been nothing but supportive regarding your relationship with Felicia, hell he was supportive of everything you did. MJ too, she never judged but you’d seen her acting strange since the start of the day.
“What’s wrong?” Felicia said a little bit unsettled as you turn to look at her.
But you simply shook your head, muttering a small ‘nothing’ but you couldn’t help yourself and you looked back at your friends, noticing them whispering something to themselves and you wished that you could put your suit right there and then to listen to their thoughts but knowing it was unreasonable, you decided to turn around, just in time to bump into Tony and Pepper.
You stopped dead in your tracks, your heels barely squeaking in the hallway as the two heads snapped in your directions. The first being Tony’s and the second being Peppers, who seemed to be discussing something together but the conversation immediately ended when they saw you.
“Oh,” you muttered as Tony and Pepper’s gaze down to see you, hand in hand with Felicia.
“Oh?” Tony answered back as he curved his eyebrows while he watched Felicia for a second and then his gaze went to you.
It wasn’t like you brought Felicia by surprise, you had been told weeks ago that she could come. Either way, this was a newfound territory, Peter seemed to be the only possible person you would introduce to your parents in that manner and it didn’t even count because they had known him before. Charlie was a no-go from the start, knowing deep down that you wanted to keep that friendship or relationship for yourself since you both knew it wouldn’t go pass that. But then Felicia seemed to be someone where you could, maybe, go to the next step.
“Well, y/n aren’t you going to introduce us?” Pepper said, her startled look brushing off and giving entrance to the characteristic warm smile she always wore.
Before you could even answer, Felicia’s charm was on.
“It’s so lovely to meet you Mrs. And Mr. Stark”, she smiled brightly at Pepper as she shook her hand and give her two kisses on her cheek, slightly making her voice higher than what it usually was.
“Lovely to meet you too, it’s so nice to finally meet you.” Pepper said, completely charmed by Felicia’s attitude and she quickly nudged Tony with her elbow on his ribs so he could say ‘hi’ as well, for some reason he had to stare at Felicia as if he was trying to figure out something.
You hoped it was just a parental instinct.
“We are so glad you are here; we’ve been trying to meet you but missy here was keeping you under wraps.” Tony offered Felicia his hand and she shook it firmly, with a bright smile but with the same intense gaze that Tony had in his eyes.
You chuckled at Tony’s comment, hoping it would dissipate any kind of suspicion, not that it seemed to be very successful. Pepper followed your lead and so did Tony and Felicia.
“Can’t imagine why” Felicia muttered between laughs and you feel your cheeks flushing at her comment, giving her a warning look, which she just shrugged off by kissing you on the cheek.
It made you smile.
“Okay, we are going to dance so, I’ll let you be” you announced as you realized that Tony and Pepper were still staring, quickly dragging her to the dance floor.
It wasn’t a huge dance floor, tables were surrounding the small space that was farther from the reception where everyone was and there was a small stage set up in front of you, at the moment there was just a talented pianist taking the lead. A few people were dancing, much of them were way older than you and the ones that were old enough to care about what you were doing (especially journalist) as they saw you entering the dance floor, widened their eyes.
You quickly offered Felicia your hand and she reached out, accepting your hand before you were pulling her out onto the dance floor. You caught a few people watching you but you didn’t care, you quickly placed your hands-on Felicia’s shoulder and she placed her cold hands against the skin that showed from your torso and hips. You began to sway together to the soft music playing from the piano.
“You think they notice?” Felicia asked you softly, pulling you a bit closer.
“Not at all” you lied, knowing that there might’ve been something that Tony was suspicious of, but you didn’t want to scare Felicia.
“Your dad seemed a little bit weird out,” she continued. “But I couldn’t tell if it’s because I’m a girl or because he recognized me”
“He didn’t” you assured her looking at her firmly, but you melted as she smirked at you, her eyes gleaming as you played with a strand of her hair. “Okay, but the silver hair doesn’t help”
Felicia gasped jokingly, causing you to chuckle a bit.
“Hey” Felicia complained, as she pulled you a bit closer while biting her lip. “You love the silver hair and more when it’s down”
Which was true.
“My bad” you answered with a fond smile, pressing your forehead against hers.
You kept swaying to the music, bodies pressed together as Felicia held you and guided you to the music. It felt like you were the only two people in the room, you mostly tried to keep your eyes closed, not wanting to disturb your daydream, although it was hard with the whispers of some surprised observers as they arrived on the dance floor and saw you dancing with a girl. Nonetheless, you stayed focused on Felicia’s touch on your skin, on the music that was overflowing your senses, and to the smell of cotton candy.
The only thing that woke you up from the trance you were in was Felicia’s fidgeting, you finally opened her eyes on the third time she had removed her hands from your body for about ten seconds.
“What’s wrong?” you asked her with a frown, to see Felicia’s lips pinched into a fine line.
“Everyone’s watching”
You turned around and it was true, it seemed like the majority of the party were whispering from the tables and looking into the dance floor, even Tony and Pepper seemed a bit stunned by how close you were with Felicia. You could feel Felicia’s shoulders tensing up as she watched everyone, you knew this wasn’t part of the deal when Felicia had agreed to come with you.  
“Hey, it’s okay. Let’s go and eat something” you muttered as you carefully place your hand on her jaw and pulled her gaze back to yours.
Felicia shook her head and gave a step back, as she swallowed hard and then look down. It seemed as if the hairs on the nape of her neck had standup and although you could seem a gleam of regret, she was visibly done.
“Do you mind if I go to the bathroom really quick?” she asked, with a small voice and not looking at you.
You couldn’t hide your disappointment but you couldn’t blame Felicia and her discomfort. You sighed, mentally cursing everyone in the room who was making Felicia feel uncomfortable, and you felt your stomach twisting with guilt for putting her in the spotlight, something that she had never asked.
“Sure, I’ll wait for you” you answered with a slight smile, but looking at her with worried.  
Felicia didn’t stutter or doubted, she quickly let go of you and walked off, some people were still looking at her as she exited the dance floor and then the room, but the gazes were still on you who remained on the dance floor. It felt a bit awkward as you stood there, all alone, and you felt kind of ridiculous.
You looked down for a second and decided that getting a drink was your best bet for not feeling dumb or guilty but before you could give another step, you bumped into Peter.
“Want to dance?” Peter offered, looking at you expectantly and you faltered.
Your eyes linked with Peter’s, who had his eyes twinkling as he looked at you with a warm smile and you felt like melting right then and thereby all means. You didn’t even felt the need to say anything to Peter, you simply took his hand and he stepped towards you, reaching to the small of your back and you held your breath as his fingertips touched your exposed skin. Then, he firmly took one of your hands in his, which he placed on his chest while you started to sway to the music. You wrapped one of your arms around his neck and felt the heat coming from Peter’s body.
As always, you felt at home in his arms with the smell of honey and cinnamon wrapping you in.
“You look really good today” you finally said to Peter, as you looked up to him.
Peter had been looking behind you and your voice snapped you out of it, he was trying to figure out where Felicia was or if she was coming back, but there were no signs of her. So, he decided to simply enjoy having you in his arms and smiled.
“Just today?”
You smiled. “You know what I mean,” you muttered as you laid your head on his chest, so he couldn’t see the small sprinkling of red to dust across your cheeks.
“Well, you look especially beautiful today,” Peter added before he stepped away and let go of your back, spinning you around under his arm before he pulled you in.
You laughed as you looked at Peter dreamily, as you remember that a part of you had wanted this to happen for a long time when you were younger. It would be almost two years since you had skipped town but there you were, harboring feelings for Peter Parker and his caramel curls with chocolate eyes, trying to push them down but now it was because you had a relationship.
“Are you having a good time?” you asked him, trying to keep your thoughts in line.
Peter nodded as he looked around. “Yeah, food is nice and some people wanted to talk to me when they realized I’m Tony’s intern”
“Well, you are the best intern,” you answered honestly with a shrug, causing Peter to give you a smug smile to which you replied almost immediately with a roll of eyes.  “Don’t tell Harley I said that”
“I won’t,” Peter promised as he pulled you closer to him, he could feel he was getting overwhelmed by the characteristic vanilla smell that always surrounded you, he had you in his arms and he couldn’t help himself to ask. “Do you really think that?”
You looked at him while tilting your head as if he had asked something so obvious to you that you were surprised that Peter didn’t already know.
“You know how I feel about you,” you found yourself saying before you could stop yourself.
Peter stared at you for a minute as if you’d lost your mind by saying what you had said. He seemed so confused by the sudden second of honesty, that it made you wondered if you had screwed up again and you felt panic washing your body. But as Peter saw how alarm you’d gotten, he decided to change the topic.
“And you?” he asked before spinning you around again.
You thanked him mentally for that and give him a small smile, which he nodded to it.
“What about me?”
Peter sighed, not wanting to bring Felicia up to this moment after you had said that but he felt like he had no other choice. He groaned and then dipped his head down to your shoulder. You chuckled and placed your hand in the back of his neck, playing with his baby curls before he stood back up straight.
“Are you having a good time, with…” Peter said but his words tapered off, not wanting to say her name.
You could see how his jaw clenched but you simply rolled your eyes, thinking that Peter was somehow just being dramatic.
  “You can say her name, you know?” you joked but as you look at Peter and how to set his jaw was, you felt like he was being serious.
And he was. 
“I know, I just don’t want to,” Peter said bluntly and you frowned at him. “My Spidey sense just goes off.” He said with a shrug.
“Well, that’s uncalled for,” you shot at him with a haughty expression.
Peter cocked his head as he looked at you, and you felt the anger bubbling up on your chest. He seemed condescending and you hated it, you hated that he was watching you from this pretend high road.
“It’s not,” Peter grumbled.
You didn’t say anything right away as you glared at Peter, you knew Felicia was a sensitive topic but you hadn’t witness Peter this pressed or being so blunt about your relationship with Felicia. You wondered if it was because he had seen you dancing with her or just because he still didn’t like her but you didn’t need this at the moment.
“Are we going to do this again Peter?” you asked him while raising your eyebrow as if challenging him.
And Peter, who feel sheer annoyance at Felicia that stemmed from his bad feeling about her was ready to go.
“I think we need to,” Peter answered bluntly. “I just don’t trust her, y/n.”
You chuckled ironically and looked away before your eyes came back to his, the audacity. “Well, I do Peter and if I remember correctly, no one’s asking you.”
Peter shook his head at your response, feeling a bit more annoyed at how stubborn you were being. Not that he wasn’t aware that you were already stubborn.
“I know you make fun of my senses,” Peter started, as he gave you another spin, you followed his lead but you were glaring at him under your lashes. “But I’m telling you there’s something wrong and dangerous with her.”
“Peter you need to stop,” you growled under your breath as Peter rolled his eyes and tried to spin you again but you pushed him back a bit.
Peter winced at the gesture and you could feel your heart aching at Peter’s behavior, part of you felt guilty but another part of you was just hurt that he didn’t try to keep his comments to himself. Peter was the kindest person you knew, but the jealousy or whatever he was feeling about Felicia and how he tried to just throw rocks at your relationship with Felicia, simply felt just mean.
“y/n, you know I can’t let you be in danger” Peter answered honestly, and yes, you could sense the fright in his voice and see the gleam of uneasiness in his eyes, but it wasn’t fair to you.
“I’m not!” you snapped at him; a little bit louder than what you would’ve liked.
“But you are!” Peter answered with the same strength and you hoped that no one had heard you. Both of you were breathing heavily and by that point, the tension could be cut with a knife as you glared at the other but then Peter simply sighed, letting go from your body and watched you sheepishly. “and I can’t stay silent while I watch you get-what?”
You frowned at Peter’s behavior. “Peter?”
Peter swallowed hard and then his eyes traveled to the entrance, where Flash was shaking his head as he looked anxiously at Peter. He closed his eyes, knowing that after this you might even get angrier with him, probably more than what you’d ever been but at that moment he didn’t care.
Felicia had disappeared and it was a risk.
“Where’s the last time you saw her?” Peter asked as he placed his fingers on his ear, trying to listen better at the com and he watched as it dawned on you what he had been doing.
The disappointment in your eyes and then how they were washed with anger made Peter winced.
“Are you kidding me?” you snapped at him, trying to take the com out of his ear so you could talk but Peter grabbed your hands strongly, you cursed to yourself that you couldn’t overpower him at the moment or take out your suit.
People began to stare at the both of you, as you twisted your wrists to get off from Peter’s hold but it was getting harder and harder, Peter trying to listen through the com to whatever Harley was saying.
“What do you mean she isn’t here?” Peter growled under his breath and then looked back at the edge of the dance floor where Flash was, you followed his gaze and quickly groaned, annoyed that all of your friends were in this together.
“Let. Me. Go!” you said as you gritted your teeth while turning to him with eyes blazing with heat, and Peter, who was gazing at you regretfully, took his hold off of you.
You pushed Peter aside and then walked towards Flash, who had this haunted expression on his face as he saw you coming his way, clearly intimidated by you.
“Give me that Flash,” you growled at the boy who was looking at you sheepishly. “I don’t want to ask twice” you threaten while raising your eyebrow and wiggling your fingers so that Flash could give you the com.
He didn’t hesitate, and you quickly put the earpiece on your ear and pulled out the wire from his shirt so you could talk to them.
“All of you need to back off, now.” You growled at them, clearly angry at what your supposed friends were doing. It seemed so extreme for them to have this whole spy thing going on to keep you away from Felicia, and it hurt. It hurt that after everything, after how much you had grown, it seemed like no one really cares about or trusted you and your choices. And you wanted to only be angry -you really did- but the words that Peter told you and how sincere they were, you felt trepidation as you thought about Felicia being loose at Stark Tower; you couldn’t help to ask. “Where was the last time you saw her?”
Peter turned from his place on the dance floor, a frown on his face and he felt somehow relief that he could hear that you were concerned about Felicia’s whereabouts too.
“She was in the bathroom,” you heard Betty’s voice in the com. “But then she just disappeared”
“I followed her there but she wasn’t on the stalls, she just sneaked out,” MJ followed but then Harley interrupted them.
“Just saw her at the edge of the entrance to the elevators,” Harley added and before he could say anything else, you walked away.
You didn’t know what you were going to catch Felicia in as you tried to move through the crowd of people on the gala, as you walked outside and glared at Harley and MJ who were watching you sorrowfully, clearly feeling shitty about what they had done but you passed by them as you walked towards the entrance to the elevators. The thing about Felicia was that most of the time, you did trust her -most of the time- but no matter how much you tried to assure yourself the same thing, you knew there was always Peter’s voice in the back of your head, saying you that she was trouble.
And you knew that it would always somehow hunt your relationship with Felicia. It’s not like she had said anything or anything she did, it was the feeling that came along with it. Her world moved too fast and her love seemed to burn too bright, but for you, how on earth is someone that was basically the opposite of what you were pulled in like she did? Even if sometimes it felt off.
“What are you doing here?” you asked Felicia, louder than you expected as you caught her against the wall while she was fixed her shoe. She was at the edge of the private entrance that Pepper had made for you to go to your apartment, it was supposed to have a guard but the person was nowhere to be found.
Felicia seemed a bit stunned as she heard you and quickly straightened herself, placed her small bag on her shoulder, and fixed her skirt. “Didn’t know it would take you so long to realize I was gone, it’s even upsetting, you know?”
You cut her game off quickly as you placed your hands on your hips and glared at her. You knew she liked to play games; it was rather obvious by now that she wouldn’t give you a straight but either way you still gave it your best shot.
“Why aren’t you at the party?” you asked her again and Felicia, who didn’t answer immediately, though the expression in her eyes grew hard to read. Her hands quickly settled on your waist and tugged you forward.
“Isn’t it obvious?” she breathed out as she gazed at your lips, but you were still glaring at her. Felicia simply rolled her eyes and before you knew it, Felicia threw you back against the wall into a bruising kiss.
You felt a bit stunned for a second but then you just let go. There was something about the kiss that was so intoxicating. Her lips were softer than ever, she tasted like champagne and cotton candy. You could feel how her hands were wondering your body and before you knew it, she was raising your skirt and pulling one of your legs up so you could wrap it around her waist. Her hands trailed then under your dress, the cool of her fingers on your inner tight made goosebumps dance across your skin. It was right then when you felt the spark of heat between your legs, you knew you were getting turned on too.
And for some reason it made you snap.
You pulled away from her and Felicia let out a soft whine of protest. Both were breathing heavily, and you could see Felicia’s lipstick all over her mouth but she was watching you with a cat-like gaze. It was right then and there were you realized that things were about to go a lot farther than what was usually intended,
“Are you drunk?” you asked her with a frown.
But Felicia shook her head. “No,” she answered honestly and her eyes flickered to your lips, her gaze darkened. “I just want you”
Before you knew it, she had her lips against yours again, tongues dancing as you let out small whimpers. You tangled your hands in her hair, nearly moaning at the feeling of her breasts against yours, you were so incredibly pressed together as you’d ever been. Felicia started to play with the rest of your dress, almost wanting to take it off and you smiled into the kiss as you tried to stop her but it was getting too hot. How her hands were loosely trailing your exposed torso, electricity dance under her skin, and then Felicia placed her knee up between your legs, nearly making you moan extremely loud.
You didn’t know if it was the champagne or the fact that the anger that you’d felt minutes ago was somehow fueling the encounter, how somehow you wanted to show that Peter was wrong. Felicia was yours and you were Felicia, there was no reason to think otherwise, and so, why you needed to wait longer?
Therefore, you didn’t hesitate when Felicia said something else.  “Can we go up to your room?” she asked, it almost sounded like a whine as she touched your body.
And you simply nodded before you took her hand and pulled her into the elevator, continuing to kiss and moan and giggle as you pressed her against the elevator. It felt like something shifted as you entered the penthouse and walked her to your room.
The moment you were inside, Felicia pressed had you pressed against the wall, hands tangled in your hair as she kissed your back and began to undo your dress as quickly as she could, without ripping it. You moaned loudly as the dress finally pooled down on your feet and Felicia pressed hot open-mouth kisses to your back until she reached the small of your back and played with the thong that you had decided to wear.
“Such a pretty girl,” Felicia muttered, mostly to herself and you moaned at the thought of Felicia liking dirty talk. “And all mine”
You just whimpered at her comment, you wanted it so badly. So, you turned around and pulled Felicia by her neck up and began to undress her, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor while you drove her back to your bed. You both were just on your thongs by the time you fell onto your bed, and you quickly take the lead as you kissed her while you placed yourself on top, you then decided to press your tight between her legs this time, immediately pressing upwards and making her groan against your mouth but she quickly ground on your tight while you watched her in wonder.
Felicia’s body was perfect, you had seen her with little clothes on but this was a whole different thing. Having her on your bed, exposed as she whimpered and moan, because of your actions was a completely new feeling. Her skin was soft and dark, her hair was tousled and falling haphazardly across her face and spread on the bed, her plump breasts were bouncing by the way she was moving against you, the curve of her hips encased in the tiny black panties she was wearing, made you feel like you wanted to cry.
It would be your first time with a girl and somehow you froze, maybe just because you were just awe-struck by Felicia’s beauty or just because of the sheer fear that you could fuck this up. Felicia realized it soon and quickly raised from her place in the bed and stood from the place where she was, taking your hand and holding it tightly.
“y/n, don’t be afraid”
You simply shook your head, swallowing. “I just really want you,” you panted breathlessly and Felicia winced at your comment but before you could ask her what was wrong, her eyes shifted to your exposed breast and began to hungrily kiss them.
You massaged her scalp as she administered all the attention and devotion to your chest and you quickly fell backward, your head hit the pillows behind it as Felicia pressed herself against you. You couldn’t help to squirm and yelped as Felicia’s lips latched onto your right nipple, sucking it harshly before she changed over to the other. You were heaving and letting out small sighs as Felicia dig her fingers into the flesh of your hips and thigh, your core was dripping as you looked down to see Felicia’s eyes trained on your reaction.
She smirked as heard you whining about her stopping, she quickly pressed her lips firmly against you, her tongue playing with yours before she spoke.
“Tell me how bad you want it,” she whispered as her lips ghosted over yours but you only moaned as you felt her hardened nipples against yours.
“Hardy, don’t tease.” You complained as you cupped her face and pulled her down roughly for another kiss but she quickly pulled away with a mischievous smile.
“Come on Stark,” she panted as she looked at you. “I want to watch you beg”
You were pretty sure your mind snapped after that.
Before you knew it, Felicia pressed her digits to your clothed clit and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes to the back of your head and opened your mouth at the sensation, but you wanted more. But you simply whined, not wanting to actually say anything but Felicia shook her head.
“Say it” she rasped.
“Please, touch me” you finally begged as you squirmed under her touch.
It was such an unbelievable turn on to hear Felicia’s dark laugh before she slipped her hand into your panties, stroking your entrance with her fingers as she nipped your earlobe. Your breath hitched, and you moaned, holding onto the sheets of your bed as she pumped a finger, and then two inside of you as she worked on your wetness. You gasped in bliss and soon you were arching your hips to get closer to her hand as waves of fire passed through your body, she was so good to you.
She was pressing against all your sensitive spots as she placed hot kisses on your mouth and wherever she could, it didn’t take too long for you to scream her name, your walls flittered around her fingers and your breath began to come in ragged pants. You didn’t know exactly how it happened since you were feeling so busy as she administered all the attention to your core, but soon your mouth found Felicia’s shoulder and before you knew it you bite into her skin, she whimpered and moaned at your reaction.
“Fuck…” she moaned as she dipped her head onto your shoulder, having to stop one second.
And you felt able to breathe again and before Felicia could protest, you switched positions and quickly took Felicia’s arms and placed them over her head.
She giggled.
“Didn’t take you for a top, y/N!” she screamed at the end as you placed two fingers on her core without much anticipation and began to administer the same care to her as she had done for you.
You pushed Felicia’s panties off her legs and spread her legs wider, you wanted to watch how she came undone under you. It was almost hypnotic how your fingers would get lost on her core and how you would be touching her in all the right spots, you then pressed on her clit with your thumb and it just made her moan louder, you went deeper and incomprehensible noises left Felicia’s lips. It was just too much and before you knew it, you simply dived down between her legs.
Felicia tasted like candy and you hummed into her core as you buried your mouth inside of it, tongue on her entrance and making her scream your name. You quickly placed your hands under her legs and grabbed her hips tightly as you continued administering attention to her core, with so much love and care that it seemed like you would die if you weren’t pleasuring her. Then you wrapped your lips around her clit and flicked it with your tongue before you continue to kiss her and in that second one of her hands flew to your head, tugging your hair.
You smiled as you watched her edging, you quickly decided to touch and grab her butt, pulling her in even closer. But before you knew it, Felicia was raised from her position ad pulling away from you, she grabbed you by your chin and captured your lips into a vulgar kiss, her tongue tangling sensually with yours.
But you pulled away. “I wanted to make you cum,” you panted as she licked her lips, tasting herself before she shook her head.
“I’ll make you cum first,” she whispered before she threw you against the bed, a little bit too harsh. “It’s an order,” she said and you felt a shiver ran down your spine because of the anticipation.
Felicia smiled, you could see her cheeks flushed pink and her cat-like grin as she placed a peck against your lips and began to kiss your body, from your chest to your middle to your core. The way Felicia was licking you, sucking you, seemed like too much. You might’ve screamed, moaned, gasped, or all three at once, maybe you whined but you couldn’t remember. It almost seemed like you had blacked out by how she was kissing you down there, how she was pressing on your clit and fucking you with her mouth.
It wasn’t like when Peter had already done it but for obvious reasons, this seemed more intense. The way Felicia was so purposefully working on you, had you gasping for air. It was wild, just like Felicia was, it was pure heat and fire, sweat dripping from your naked skin as Felicia held you down so hard that she probably left bruises. She knew what she was doing to you and it became more than obvious that she wanted to keep going as you felt the fire pooling on your stomach and your legs began to shake, it didn’t take long for you to feel yourself clenching and shuddering around Felicia’s tongue or fingers and you started to come apart at the seams.
Felicia smiled as she felt it and look at you screaming her name, everything exploding with fire as wave after wave of your orgasms seized your body. White light danced on your vision and ripples of blinding pleasure erupted through your body. Your breath was labored as Felicia came back up and pressed her lips against yours, while you tried to catch your breath and slowly drifted back to earth after your release.
“You were so good,” Felicia whispered as she placed small kisses over your body and then quickly stood from the bed into the bathroom of your room.
You were still trying to recover as you watched her naked body entering the bathroom and then heard how she used the sink before she came out with a towel and carefully cleaned you. You smiled at Felicia who quickly put her underwear on and began to look for her dress while you watched her from the bed.
It was such a completely new experience for you, that you were still a bit in awe about what had happened, you quickly put on your underwear and wrapped the towel around your torso while Felicia looked at herself in your large mirror while she fixed her make-up and her dress. Part of you was extremely happy that it had finally happened but then, another part of you wished that Felicia could just stay in bed and talk to you about it.
“That was…” you started, hoping that it would pull her in.
But both of your heads snapped at the loud noise coming from your door. There was knocking a loud, knocking on your door and as the seconds passed it became almost violent.
“y/n?” Felicia asked as she took her jacket and her pursed and walked back to one of the corners of your room, the one farther away from your door.
You frowned at the incessant knocking and quickly took the towel off, running to get your dress and putting it on as the pounding continued. You were still trying to zip your dress and jumped when you finally got close to the door and ordered HAPPY, your AI, to open the door.
As the door opened your eyes widened as you looked at Peter barging into the room. Peter glanced at you and he stayed still for a moment, he could tell almost immediately and it felt like someone had just punched all the air out of his lungs. He saw your disheveled hair and how your dress wasn’t fully zipped, he could also see the messy blankets behind you on your bed and he had to close his eyes for a second, otherwise, he was sure he would’ve broken something at the moment.
He hated it, Felicia had been successful at sucking you in and now Peter knew why.
He finally opened his eyes and decided to get back to what he was doing, he shot a glare at Felicia.
“Felicia,” Peter growled as he walked closer to her while Felicia took a defensive stance.
Before he could get somehow closer, you walked in front of Peter and stopped him. Firmly placing a hand on his chest and pushing him back, defending Felicia.
“What do you want, Parker?” you growled at him but Peter didn’t place the attention on you, instead he stared at Felicia disdainfully.
Peter didn’t want to talk to you about it, if his wishes came true, you wouldn’t even be in the room right now. It was taking all his willpower not to drag you out of the room and lock you out before he began to try to capture Felicia, he just didn’t want to hurt you in the process.
“Give it back, Felicia.” He growled once more and you could see his hands forming into fists, he was holding it so tightly that you were sure that Peter would get moon marks on his palms.
But you brushed the thought off as the words of Peter dawned on you. You frowned at Peter’s comment and you turned towards Felicia, who was giving another step back as she defensively looked at you.
“What are you talking about?” you asked Peter coldly, while your eyes were still linked to Felicia’s greyish-purple eyes.
“Your girlfriend stole the repulsor prototype!” Peter snapped at her and you felt your heart sinking on your chest. “I checked the security footage; she stole it and she’s going to give it to-”
“Shut up!” Felicia’s angry scream cut off Peter as you could feel your head shaking automatically at Peter’s accusation.
There was no way Felicia had done it, otherwise, it would mean that nothing that had happened with you was true, that the feelings that you were harboring with Felicia were based on a lie, that she had never cared or loved you, that Peter was right, that she was only using you.
And then your eyes fell onto her hands and how hard and tight she was holding her small bag.
The way Felicia’s eyes were almost tearing up, how she glanced away from you wanting to avoid your gaze and her chin began to tremble. It was almost palpable the regret on her, the guilt seemed to be eating her alive and you felt like you wanted to vomit.
“Felicia, tells me it’s not true,” you whispered once more as you looked at her, you felt your tears pooling in your eyes but Felicia didn’t move. “Answer me!” you screamed at her, it ripped through your chest and it was so loud that both, Felicia and Peter, jumped at your reaction.
Peter could feel the weight of your emotions on his shoulders, he knew that he had fucked up by bringing you into this but there was no other way, Felicia was on a mission and Peter couldn’t allow her to finish it.
“Felicia, you don’t have to go to Kingpin,” he offered while he stepped forward to where you were standing but Felicia simply chuckled ironically.
“You have no idea what you’re talking about Spidey” she spat at him while she quickly took a defensive stand and let her heels on the floor, she was ready to fight.
But Peter wanted nothing of the sort.
“We don’t want anyone getting hurt,” he insisted but before he could add something, both Felicia and you spoke.
“Too late for that,” Felicia’s silvery and wobbly voice said at the same time with your wavery and soft voice.
You looked at each other with so much hurt in your eyes that you wanted to explode into tears right there and then but the anger and the rage were too much. The feeling of betrayal ran through your body like fuel and before you knew it, you were tapping your breacelet and the nanobots began to spread on your arm and before you knew it, you were shooting your repulsors at Felicia.
Felicia, as talented as she was, quickly dodge your shots but soon Peter took out his webs and began to fire them as Felicia tried to avoid both of your attacks on her in your room. You tried not to care as you would blow up a part of your room, simply wanting to catch Felicia before she did something stupid but before you knew it, she was placing the sleeves of her suit. Her claws appearing from one moment to another as she secured the bag across her body and began to perform a serious act of gymnastics while she tried to avoid you.
Peter managed to get one of Felicia’s ankle’s as she finished performing a backflip to dodge one of your repulsors shots but when she fell onto the floor, she swiftly glanced down at the web and cut it with her nails before she was avoiding your hits too, in one second you fire your window, destroying part of your room and also allowing the cold wind of November to hit you, but Felicia smirked at your mistake.
“Don’t go Felicia”, you growled at her but she simply glanced at you with red eyes.
Before you knew it, she was taking the repulsor out of her bag, the gauntlet where Harley and Tony had decided to place the repulsor for more standard trials on her hand. She placed it on hers and before you knew it, she was pointing at you.
You weren’t wearing your full suit at the moment, simply your arms but Felicia just closed your eyes and looked away, then she fired at you. Peter realized it and quickly tried to grab you so he could avoid you getting blown up but he was too late, your fingers brushing before the explosion sent you off to different parts of the room. Your body hit the wall, hard, you felt your head bouncing against it and then you fell onto the floor that was filled with debris and broken glass.
Your vision turned blurry and the last thing you remembered was Felicia watching you from the window before she quickly jumped out, then everything turned black.
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mindofharry · 2 months ago
in which tom holland is your professor and your boyfriend and quarantining together is hard.
this is my first tom piece, so i hope you love it :D fluff all the way!! and yes, i had to put some angst in :(
short n sweet blurb !!! <3
feedback is welcome as always :)
Tumblr media
It was early when tom’s alarm went off. And it was cold in the apartment too. You woke first, of course snuggling closer to the dueve trying to ignore the constant blare of your boyfriends phone. Why doesn’t he ever wake up when he sets alarms this early? you rolled over and saw tom - surprisingly awake. Was it first day jitters keeping him awake?
“Morning, love” Tom voiced his morning voice bringing a shiver down your spine. you hummed at the sound cuddling closer to him. You loved it when he called you love, his love. Especially in his accent, it did things to you. Made you feel all warm and gooey inside. and among other feelings too.
“Time to wake up for class, baby”
Class. Fuck, you had forgotten this was the first day of your classes again. You’re taking a psychology course at moment and you can say this much, you’re not excited for first class.
Seen as the professor laying right beside you calling you baby and love making your insides go all warm.
“i’m not excited” you say pushing you head into toms neck. Tom chuckles to himself and moved to kiss your temple, moving his hand up and down your spine. He always knew immediately how to comfort you. It’s not that you didn’t enjoy his class, he’s the best teacher. You guys just couldn’t take any risks, even the smallest thing like having the same coffee table in the background of video could get you both caught. COVID was not something any of the world planned it was unexpected and traumatising for most. You and tom had only been together a month and you were getting kicked off of campus and you had nowhere else to go, because the flights home were cancelled.
Tom being the best boyfriend ever let you stay with him until you were allowed to fly home. But weeks turned into months and you were still here.
Not that any of you minded. He quite enjoyed having someone beside him in the morning times. To sing and dance with, to watch movies with, to cry with. Tom and you are lucky you had each other.
It’s just one small thing.
Tom is your professor and you’re his student.
If anyone caught you guys it’s game over, tom would be fired and you’d probably be kicked out of school for good. You and tom got introduced to each other at a friends party and ended up going home together - only to find the next week that he was going to be teaching you. You both tried so hard to stay away from eachother. But obviously you guys didn’t try hard enough, because you’re now sharing an apartment.
“come on, i set up that lovely area for you and tessa will even stay with you if you’d like” he offered making you nod. He kissed your head again before hopping out of bed and making his way over to his dresser - well your shared dresser now.
“liking the show?” tom asked flexing his muscles. you giggled and sat up in the bed “loving it” you replied squeaking as jumped back on the bed pecking your lips multiple times.
“let’s go, princess. Got a busy day ahead of us”
And god was tom right.
After a nice, but short, breakfast you both made your way to your respective parts of the apartment and settled down and got to work. Tom was first on call with his psychology class, which you’re in.
He was a little nervous, but the minute you put your camera on and smiled at him. He knew everything was ok.
“i’m just saying, you didn’t need to give a 20 fucking page essay” you say making your way around the kitchen, tom following you every move. He sighed and rolled his eyes leaning on the island in the middle of the kitchen. Tom watched you prepare dinner instead.
“I’m the teacher, i have to give you this stuff. it’s on the ciriculum” Tom said crossing his arms over his chest. you tried not to stare at his bulging muscles, they’re just so pretty to look at.
you didn’t reply continuing to cut the peppers. “i don’t know what you want me say” tom said coming up behind you and placing his arms around you. “i’m sorry you have so much work to do, i’ll help you through as much as i can” he apologised kissing you cheek multiple times.
you couldn’t stay mad at the gorgeous man any longer. you turned around and faced him.
“i’m sorry, i know it’s your job. just tired” you replied pecking toms lips. he shook his head and pulled you into his chest hugging you tight.
Tom holland hugs could fix absolutely anything.
“Let’s eat this amazing dinner - and then let’s get you into bed” he said raising an eyebrow at the end making you smirk.
“y’know what? i don’t think i’m that tired anymore”
It’s been days since the small fight and everything is back to normal. You’re currently sat on your shared bed looking through netflix trying to find something watchable.
“why does netflix always take the good movies off” you asked yourself scrolling down more aggressively. Movie night is the best night hands down - but you and tom have probably seen every movie on netflix and amazon prime. Maybe it’s time to start looking on hulu. “you find anything?” Tom asked leaning against the bedroom door. you shook your head and just turn on something you’ve seen already pausing it quickly to look at your man.
He’s shirtless and has his toothbrush hanging out his mouth.
that is a lot hotter than it should be.
“you ok there?” tom asked with a smirk. He knew exactly the effect he had on you. “you’re annoying” you say turning the movie back on, only for him to laugh loudly and walk back down to the bathroom to continue his night time routine.
you wouldn’t want to be in this situation with anyone else. you’ve definitely met your person.
“professor holland” you called out hearing the choking sound of tom in the background. He admitted through a truth or dare game that he gets turned on when you call him professor holland - so you do that from time to time. Not even sexually anymore, just to see his reaction each time.
“Everytime i get you!” you laughed laying down on the soft pillows.
“oh yeah, i’ll get you”
“you’ll have to come and catch me” you giggled running out of the bedroom and around the apartment.
Moments like these are something you’ll never ever forget. The ones that people say don’t matter and the ones that matter most to you.
“Baking? you? baking?”
“oi! fuck off. i’m a professor i can do anything” tom said jutting his chin up in annoyance. He could make simple cookies, easy just follow the recipe and you’ll be fine tom.
“Ok, we’ll see honey” you say going to the sitting room so you can wait for the disaster to begin.
The cookies were edible and surprisingly nice.
“i think you owe me a sorry, mr holland” tom said as you sat down on his lap with two cookies in your hand you shook your head.
“nope! never doubted you” you giggled kissing his cheek.
He hummed and pursed his lips deciding to let you off the hook.
“i love you”
“i love you more”
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spideyssunshine · 3 months ago
3 and 15 from the valentine’s day prompts with peter please!! :D
summary: peter and you share your first kiss- outside Avengers tower
prompt 3: “just kiss me.”
prompt 15: first kiss
valentine’s day prompt list
❉ ╧╧╧╧ ✿ ╧╧╧╧ ❉
All week it had been the same thing.
‘Ooo Peter has a date’
‘You better kiss her kid’
‘Peter has a Valentineee’
The endless teasing from the team was annoying yes, but it honestly made Peter more exited for his date. Ned finally convinced him to work up enough courage to ask you on a date. You were his best friend after all, the first person he told about being Spideman, why couldn’t he admit his feelings for you.
He reserved a table for the two of you at a high class restaurant that Tony gave Peter money to pay for the meal. Steve gave him some lessons on how to be a gentleman, such as pulling out the chair, opening the car door so forth.
But the advice that stuck out to most to him was Bucky’s. “Listen kid, I find you highly annoying at times, but you never shut up about this girl so here’s a tip. Kiss her before you leave. Girls love it when you act all ambitious. Trust me.”
Peter had it all planned. When you dropped him off at the tower (because baby doesn’t have a car) he would kiss you under the moonlight. That was- until Karen gave him an alert. “A new security camera has been set up at the main entry way of the tower. It is called, Peters first kiss cam.” Peter almost dropped the lego hogwarts him and Ned were building.
He wanted to say he couldn’t believe it, but he honestly could. Of course the team would spy on him. Now you were two miles out from headquarters and he still didn’t have a plan. ‘Screw it Peter, just kiss her. No- crap ugh why does this happen to me?’ Peters thoughts were running a million miles an hour, as you pulled up to the main entry way.
“I’ll walk you in babe.” You smiled as he nodded and slung his arm around you. When you approached the door, his senses flared, he felt something watching him. He looked up to see the brand new camera, blinking which meant it was recording. Upstairs, all of the Avengers gathered around the security screens, anxiously waiting.
Nat was chewing on some popcorn, Thor was crossing his fingers, and Wanda was whispering little prayers. “Damn it kid, just do it!” Tony yelled into the screen. “So uh, (Y/N) I um, wanted to do somethung but I wasn’t sure how’s you react plus the whole team found out and I...” “Peter?” You hummed as he looked up at you from his feet.
“I know.” You smiled as his eyes widened. “Know what?” He tried to play it off, casually leaning into the wall. “I saw the note titled, The Plan on your desk the other day.” He titled his head, and mentally cursed May for moving around his things. “So what now?” Peter blushed. “Babe?” Peter looked straight in your eyes as everyone else watching from upstairs, held their breath.
“Just kiss me.” Peter cupped your cheeks, and closed his soft brown eyes, and finally let his pink lips touch your soft ones. Everyone from upstairs let out a huge cheer, Rocket firing his gun in celebration, Wanda doing a backflip and Thor, well poor guy. He lifted his hands up to do a cheer and accidentally let go of his hammer, letting it fly into the huge security system screen, completely shattering it making alarms blare.
Meanwhile, you and Peter were still unaware of the situation about 50 stories above you. You finally parted, and he tucked a strand behind your ear. “Wow, that was” “Security under siege, stand by for self destruction.” Peter recognized Jarvis’s voice and immeaidlty scooped you up away from the door. The camera exploded, almost on cue after he safely whisked you away to a tree.
“Pete, what the hell just happened?” You asked as you stood behind him scared. “Ask. Them.” Peter yelled pointing up to the floor where all of the Avengers were crowded looking out of the window, Thor with an apologetic grin stuck to his face.
❉ ╧╧╧╧ ✿ ╧╧╧╧ ❉
taglist: @canwekissforever-hazzy @givebuckyhisplumsnow @goodgirlgonetom @theliterarymess @hollandprkr @thirstiestpotato @thehumanistsdiary @itsbieberxholland @hollanddolanfangirl @mayrapreciado20 @jcole248 @est19xxshit @frenchfrostpudding @maybankholland78
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · 3 months ago
Request for dry humping the fuggg out of Tom in the spidey suit..oooop
Oh helllllllo lets do this
Requests Are Open / Smut Under The Cut!
Tom hissed as he watched you straddle his hips and wrap your arms around his neck. His breaks weren’t very long while filming, but he always made the best of them when you came to visit. But he had no idea you had other plans in mind as you practically dragged him back to his trailer to “grab a bite to eat.”
Your lips hungrily found his as your rolled them over Tom’s top lip, feeling him let out a groan against them while his hands traveled down your waist with a small chuckle, “What exactly did I do so I know to do it again, darling?” he teased you as he shifted on his couch, the spidey suit already beginning to restrain him.
Without a word, your eyes went to his chest in his skin tight suit as he rolled your hips forward into him, “Just...need you,” you whimpered as you felt his hardened length against the barrier of your leggings. It wasn’t a lot of direct contact but enough for you to keep going until the both of you got home.
“It’s the suit, isn’t it?” Tom chuckled, as he let out a groan as you rubbed up against him, “Help me get out of this things so I can help you cum, Y/N,” he practically whined, wanting to get out of it so bad so he could have his way with you.
Shaking your head, you moved your hips faster, “No...leave it on,” you yelped as you eyes his muscles wrapped perfectly in the black and red colors. Tom always looked amazing but especially like this. It just hit differently and you could tell Tom loved it too even though he’d never admit it.
“Fuck...they’re gonna kill me if I ruin this suit...” he breathed out. Like that would stop either one of you from doing what you were doing, he thought to himself as he brought the pad of his thumb to your core and began circling you until he found your clit, “So lucky I wanna make you feel good, princess,” Tom mumbled against your lips as he pressed harder against you.
“Cum in the suit with me, Tommy...” you moaned out as you grinded your hips harder into him, feeling the coil beginning to build up as Tom continued to circle you faster. Running your finger through the curls at the nape of Tom’s neck as you tried to nip at his lips, “I’m close...” you warned him in a low voice by his ear.
Tom certainly couldn’t deny that he was about to combust in the suit at any moment. Cussing under his breath as he watched you roll your hips against his throbbing bulge, giving him a bit of relief as you palmed him through the suit. His body tensed from underneath you as he flung his head back, “Fuck, Y/N. I’m gonna cum...” he warned right back as the two of you finally reached your eyes.
Letting out a low moan, you cried out Tom’s name while he kept rubbing your clit through your leggings, letting you ride your high out as he began to spill out from inside of the suit. The two of you unraveling while you buried your face into the crook of Tom’s neck, moaning it out while you both came down from your highs slowly.
You pulled away from his chest, the two of you giggling at the small stain on Tom’s lap. His face turning red as you kissed his jaw while the two of you laughed it off, “I can’t even be mad about it honestly...’ he chuckled as he kissed you back before trying to think of how he was going to explain this to production...
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thebee-shmees · 3 months ago
Hey I’m looking to write some Tom/ Peter blurbs.
Send me fluffy/smutty/angsty ideas
I’ll basically write anything ❤️
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supremethunda · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker/black!Reader
Word Count: 777
A/N: I liked the idea of Peter fanboy-ing over a female celebrity, so here we are. Like, comment, and reblog to your hearts content! <3
Tumblr media
Delmar’s Deli-Grocery: The best place to get a sandwich in Queens. At least that’s what you were told by your chauffeur when you asked where you could stop to pick up some good food to eat on your way back to your hotel. You had spent most of your morning and afternoon doing interviews for various magazines and a few TV networks to promote an upcoming movie you finished filming several months ago, so you were in desperate need of a meal and a long nap. The only thing you had eaten today was half a bagel with cream cheese. “How much time do we have?” you asked your chauffeur. “About ten minutes.” Your chauffeur said. “Cool, you can drop me off here. I’ll text you when I’m ready to leave.” You said. Your chauffeur nodded before stopping in front of Delmar’s. You slipped on your sunglasses before you stepped out of the car and into the grocery store. You casually greeted the store owner at the counter before approaching him. You stared up at the sandwich menu above his head. You sighed, mulling over which sandwich to choose. “They all look so good. Is there any you’d recommend?” you asked. “I’d recommend ordering number eight.” A male voice spoke behind you. You turned around to see a young man who appeared to be close to your age. He had brown hair with warm brown eyes. “Oh, really? Okay, I’ll have that then.” You said to the store owner. The store owner nodded before he began to work on your sandwich order. You sighed in relief, slipping your sunglasses off before you placed them over your head. It was then that the young man that stood behind you gasped and stared at you completely awestruck. “Oh my God. You’re…well, you’re you. I mean, you’re (Name).” He said breathlessly. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his words. “Yeah, that’s me. And you are?” “P-Peter!” he said a little louder than he intended. “I’m Peter Parker. Yeah, Peter…” “Nice to meet you, Peter. I take it you’re a fan?” you asked. Peter nodded his head vigorously. “Big fan! But I mean, who wouldn’t be? Your work never ceases to amaze me. I love how you give your all to the roles you play. I know this may sound cheesy, but I think it’s really inspiring to watch.” “You’re too kind.” You smiled sheepishly. You were used to getting compliments on your acting skills, but for some reason, you felt yourself getting flustered over Peter’s words. You could tell his words were genuine from the way his eyes lit up when he looked at you and wasn’t just flattering you for the sake of it. For some reason, that look you sent your heart aflutter. “I’d ask you for an autograph, but I don’t have a pen or paper on me.” Peter frowned, the light in his eyes being replaced with a look of disappointment. “How about a selfie?” you offered. “Y-You do that?” Peter uttered. “Sure, anything for a fan.” “Thank you, thank you! That would mean, well, everything to me.” Peter shakily pulled out his cell phone from his back pocket. He had to remind himself to breathe when his heart felt like it was going to explode from both excitement and lack of oxygen as you leaned in close to him and put your arm around his shoulder. With a flash of the camera, the warmth Peter felt when you held him close vanished and he quickly found himself missing it. “Lemme see!” you urged. Peter looked at the photo he had just taken before showing it to you. You smiled in satisfaction and nodded. “That’s a good photo. We look cute together.” You said with a wink. “We… do, don’t we?” Peter smiled shyly, enjoying the warmth spread through his chest from your words. You turned your attention back to the counter when your order was called. You grabbed your sandwich and thanked the owner before swiping your debit card. You tossed in a few extra dollars in the tip jar for good measure. “I’d stay a little longer if I could, but I gotta head out.” You turned around and smiled apologetically at Peter. “No, no, no. It’s okay, totally understandable.” Peter shook his head. You smiled at Peter one last time. “It was nice meeting you.” “You too…” Peter waved at you as you turned and ran out of the store and hopped into a car. Despite the fact you were in desperate need of some rest and a good meal, you couldn’t help but feel a little more rejuvenated after meeting Peter Parker.
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princepeteys · 3 months ago
that photo u sent earlier with that strand in peter’s face.... please elaborate on it miss ma’am 🥺
azkddjfjd i wrote a lil more than expected BUT. ya.
Tumblr media
peter was not the best when it came to sleep, or rest in general. he always tells you that he has self diagnosed insomnia and prefers being a night owl anyway. plus, being spider-man, it's hard to sleep early anyway, depending on what crime he has to deal with that night.
he felt tired once he was done for the night, but once he got out of his suit and into his bed, his eyes were wide open, and he was wide awake with only his thoughts and the variation of sounds from Queens outside his tiny bedroom window. he usually would talk to you, as you would stay up as late as you possibly could knowing how he could sometimes get nervous being awake all on his own. you were peters own night light, his safe place and he really appreciated that. you were the only person, besides his aunt, that knew how to distract him and help him calm down whenever he was feeling overwhelmed or too tired.
it was comforting for peter to have someone like you to rest with.
it was a restless friday night, the entire sophomore decathlon class of midtown was coming back from an awaited victory at their last competition in Boston, everyone was so tired. especially peter. he worked endlessly hard to make sure that he was pulling his weight for this competition, being one of the smartest kids on the team, he felt a lot of pressure. the whole thing had been riding on him. he spent weeks preparing for this, gathering all of the physics books and staying up after patrol to work, and it all finally paid off. he answered the winning question, and now the Midtown High decathlon team were champions. and now, peter just wanted to rest on his girlfriends shoulder and sleep, possibly for ten billion years.
having you there with him, holding his hand and his sweet face resting on your gentle shoulder, it was safe for him. nothing was going to harm him. peter was out the minute you settled on the bus, he had no idea that he was that tired, he was finally able to sleep.
you both completely knocked out for the 3 hours on the bus, despite a few rowdy students and ned constantly turning on the bus light because he misplaced his hat again. peter was dreaming about you, as he always was — he would never tell you, though. but in his heart it was real.
as the class makes it back to Midtown, your eyes flutter open to the bus halting for good and a few students murmuring as they call for their parents. you turn your head over to your sweet peter, he was still asleep on your shoulder, snoring very slightly but it was cute to you, and drooling a little. you also noticed he had a tiny little strand of hair just below his eyebrow am perfectly framing his gentle face, his cheeks were a rose color and you swore you could count every little star-like freckle on his nose.
"heyyy, pete, we're here." you whisper gently, rubbing his cheek.
he squirms in his seat w little, moving more towards you and hugging your waist.
"five more minutessss," he whines, his face burying into your tummy. if he had it his way, he could stay like that forever.
"petey, were back at schooolll. i can see your aunts car, c'mon." you whispered, running your fingers through his chestnut curls that had a slight scent of raspberry.
peter opens his eyes slowly, his baby browns gazing into yours as he smiles ever so timidly.
"hey." he said in his sleepy voice.
"i had a dream about you," he said with quite bashfulness.
you giggle, cupping his cheek, "oh, you did hmm?"
"mhmm," he smiles gently, rubbing your waist. "well, i still feel like i'm in it, looking at you and all."
your cheeks turn a rose color, like peters were naturally, and you look at his gentle face.
"being with you is a dream come true, peter parker."
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princepeteys · 3 months ago
𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐝; 𝐩.𝐩
Tumblr media
summary; you miss peter, peter misses you. some nights are colder, but you help each other make them a little warmer.
   words; 2.1k
  authors note; love u this is PERHAPS the cutest fic i have ever written :)
      peter’s eyes open, sweetly and slowly, the aura of the bright sun hitting the sheer curtains to the lovely sight of Germany in the evening. he stretches his hand out to the middle of the bed, gently grazing over the silk sheets, sighing in defeat as he realizes one thing, and one thing only; you weren’t dreaming next to him. its not that he didn’t want to fall asleep, the hotel bed was quite comfortable and it was a very cozy atmosphere, but you were his person. peter parker was touched starved of you. he was longing, dreaming to be with you, as you were, too. 
   he wanted to hold onto you close, very tender. and wrap his arms around your waist, kiss every petal-like freckle on your button nose and shoulders. tell you how much you means to him, with words and the kisses.
but, what peter really loved, more than you, more than anything -- hearing your angelic, warm, honey-filled voice and talk to you. he loved having conversations with you, you were the easiest person to talk to, conversations flowing like a river on a beautiful spring day; flowers and butterflies filling the enchanting aroma. you were his sweet song, his sweet person who always had something intriguing, sweet, or funny to say. always calmed him down, you were his sweet melody, his fairytale.
peter stretches his arm over to the nightstand, eyes still adjusting to the darkness that endured. he fiddled with the empty wooden stand, finally touching his severely cracked phone screen and grabbing ahold of it. his heart glows, eyes still adjusting to the bright light of his phone, but still he admires his lock screen: a black and white picture of the both of you. it was your favorite picture together, laying in your spot down by a little river area on a quilted blanket. every friday, you and peter would go to this area, you’d make lunch that consisted of peanut butter sandwiches (no crust, and heart shaped. thanks to peter being a hopeless romantic, of course.) strawberries, and peach tea. sometimes, you would bring your ukelele and sing for peter.
that was his favorite thing on fridays, you singing to him. you were shy when it came to singing in front of people, mostly singing alone or not at all, but peter made you feel safe when you did in front of him. you did it because peter was your safe thing; peter was your person, your heart.
he wasn’t sure if you were awake, but he could deal with the simple text saying: ‘really?’ if you were sleeping. he had to hear your voice, more than anything in the world. music would do the trick, unless it was your angelic sounds filling the air.
is it safe to say peter went to heaven the minute he heard your sweet voice on the other end? quite possibly, yes.
“hi, hi,” peter sighs willingly, sitting up, his back leaning against the bed frame, curls framing his heart shaped face ever so perfectly.
germany was 9 hours ahead of queens, so it was only 10ish where you were. lucky for peter, you were waiting ever so patiently for his call, looking out the window up at the stars, wishing peter was with you. these summer nights were cold without him. so cold.
“pete, hey.” you tried to contain your heart from leaping out of your chest, and the excitement in your voice. his voice was so nice to hear after a long day, it always was.
“i-i’m sorry, did i wake you? i can call you later-“
“it’s ten here, silly goose,” you giggle softly, leaning back onto your pillow, fiddling with the necklace peter gave you just before he went onto this mission. it had a ‘p’ on it, a heart in the middle. symbolizing that you, y/n, would always have peters heart. and he would always have yours.
he knew the time, it was peter; he had to keep up with the times so he wouldn’t wake you up ever. little did he know, you couldn’t sleep either.
“just checking.” peter shuts his eyes, flowers surrounding, along with you. he never wanted to open them. because, if he did, you wouldn’t be there.
you proceed to fiddle with your necklace, “how’s germany? forgotten about me yet?” you say, teasing him. you hear his warm giggle on the other end, something you loved more than anything.
“y-you’re all i can think about, actually,” peter stutters, he says it in a very soft tone, but also wanting you to hear it; because it’s true, you’re all he could ever think about, and dream about.
“oh, haha,” you twirl the ends of your hair, looking at that same star in the sky, one that stood out the most. that was peter. he was your star. “are you not able to sleep?”
“i never can without you, haha.” peter runs his hands through his chestnut locks, the only way to ease the pang in his chest from missing your warm skin against his; he wanted you to be the one to run your hands through his curls, telling him how much you love them. poking his little freckles, saying how they reminded you of little flowers, blooming. the infinitesimal amounts of baby flowers on his nose and cheeks, also on his arms.
“me either,” you sigh, head turing to your left, eyes landing on the picture set on your nightstand. it was a silly photo booth picture of the two of you, but it was who you were. you and peter, best friends; soulmates.
“i just...”
peter lays back down on his cloud-like pillow, chin rested in his hand, voice muffled.
“i just want you beside me. i want you.” his voice breaks, his senses made it even harder, because he could almost feel you near him. he could feel you without even having to be right beside you. but it wasn’t enough.
“i know, petey,” you agreed. “but hey, you’re only going to be gone for one more day and we can have another sleepover.”
peter cracks a smile, and you could sense that. and that made you smile. “can’t wait, cutie.”
“me either.”
silence. one of you asking if the other was there, one murmuring that they love you more than anything. that was mostly peter, he had to say it at least 100 times a day. sometimes 101 was the lucky number for him.
then, there was silence for a while. but you both knew you were still awake. peter could hear your heartbeat; that sweet symphony of a heartbeat. yours. his.
“are you holding onto the locket i gave you for our three months?” peter asks, hopefully.
you blush, it’s like he knew, “maybe..”
“aw,” he giggles, “that’s sweet. i’m glad you still wear that.”
"always will."
it kept you safe when peter wasn’t there. so, of course you still wore it. one more inch of silence, peter could very well hear your heartbeat. it was his favorite song.
it was quiet, not too quiet, nor was it uncomfortably quiet — it was the kind that made you feel at peace.
after a moment, peter presses his lips together, soft but hopeful he whispers, "it's friday, will you sing for me?"
"my voice is so raspy, i'll sound horrible." you giggle, rubbing your eyes as you switch to another side. peter scrunches his nose, if he was there he'd simply cup your face and tell you that you were the most perfect person in the world and had the best singing voice.
"i think either way, it'll calm me down." peter admits, closing his eyes, feeling you near. it was close enough.
you smile, eyes feeling heavy and warm as you also close your eyes, imagining peter was holding your hand to ensure you that he was right there to protect you. and he was.
you and peter had multiple songs for each other, there were goofy songs, there were romantic songs, and there were the songs that just made you feel like you were right there with each other despite being far away. the minute you started to softly sing the melody of one of his favorite songs, he felt safer, he felt like everything was going to be okay and that he was right there.
he wasn't sure how you always knew how to make him feel okay, how to talk him down when he needs it the most. nobody else could do it. not even his aunt or his uncle when he was alive. peter figured that's just what someone does when they find the one for them and love them so much, they will go all the way to the moon and back for them, and that's what you both did for each other. it's almost like you were his sun, and he was your moon. you always had each other.
the next morning. it was a little colder than usual, as your eyes flutter open slowly. you cover yourself more in the blanket peter bought your for your 1 month anniversary, a spider man blanket, as you notice there was a sound coming from your phone. peter snoring. you giggle to yourself as you feel yourself loving him more that very moment. shamelessly, you kiss his contact photo on your phone and try to go back to sleep.
"night, prince charming."
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spideyboipete · 3 months ago
hey! i hope you're doing well and staying safe. could u do a comfort blurb with peter? if you need some inspo maybe do it after a nightmare, or even just a rough day at school. thank u for running such an awesome blog!
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: Insomnia??? Does that count? 
A/N: I’m honestly quite the insomniac, so this was actually way comforting to write!! Hope you enjoy! (Also thank you so so much, you’re very sweet!)
Y/N could barely keep her eyes open. Until she closed them. Then they wanted to be open. Make up your dang mind, eye balls.
She groaned, rolling over in bed, frowning. It was just so frustrating, laying here and just waiting to fall asleep. She never could quite figure out what exactly was keeping her up, either. At this point, the lack of something keeping her up was what was keeping her up--just a spiral of thoughts she couldn’t seem to turn off. 
Out of the corner of her eye, Y/N saw a figure looming outside her window. Most people would have a heart attack, but Y/N grinned, pulling herself out of bed and opening it up. 
“I didn’t wake you, right?” Peter said, hoisting himself through the open window. 
“Nope.” Y/N wrapped her arms around Peter, loving this rebellious tradition her and her boyfriend had. 
Peter hugged her back, then sat on the bed beside her, watching as Y/N let out a huge yawn. “I really should stop visiting this late, I’ve told you a million times you don’t have to stay up for me--”
“I don’t stay up, Pete, I just am up. Not your doing,” Y/N said, leaning her head on his shoulder. 
“Yeah, well, me stopping by isn’t really encouraging a good sleep schedule.” 
“But I’d miss you,” Y/N pouted. 
Peter tried to roll his eyes, but couldn’t stop smiling a bit at her ridiculous face. “All the way until class starts tomorrow? How would you ever survive?”
Y/N yawned again, laying back on her bed. “I wouldn’t. I’d die from Peter deprivation, it’s a very serious condition, and unfortunately there’s not a cure except late night cuddles.”
Peter chuckled, laying back with her. “Well, if it’s part of the prescription...” 
She felt his arm wrap around her, pulling her towards his chest. She loved this Peter, the one that was comfortable around her, a bit more confident. She loved all of him, really, but she knew this side of him was for her. 
Her eyes closed once again, and for the first time that night, she found they didn’t shoot back open again. She felt him rubbing small circles on her side, lulling her into a sort of trance. It was these nights she wish she could have every night, where insomnia was defeated by Peter Parker, her very own superhero. 
“Hey Pete?” she said softly. 
“Stay the night?”
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