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spideyanakin · 2 days ago
My Dear
Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis; Steve gets confused by his feelings for you when he hears you sing a song that reminds him a little too much of his past. 
Tumblr media
“Kiss me once” You starting humming one of your favorite songs as you put some flower into your cake batter. “then, kiss me twice, then, kiss me once again” You whisked your batter shaking your head as you thought of the rhythm of the song.
As if on cue, Steve walked by. At first, he didn’t believe it, but he quickly recognized the lyrics and the tune you were humming.
“It's been a long, long time” You continued and Steve felt his cheeks warm up when he listened to you sing.
Your hair was loose. You had flour stuck to your forehead, and your apron looked like a mess. You mindlessly looked around, Steve happy you didn’t notice him. “Haven't felt like this, my dear, since can't remember when”
He felt his heart doing a loop in his chest. He didn’t know if it was you singing the song that reminded him of Peggy Carter or the way the setting sun made you look, but butterflies bloomed in his stomach.
He shook his head. No. You were already dating Spider-man. You were way too young for him. You had barely started college - he couldn’t fall for you.
“It's been a long, long time” That goddamn song. He thought to himself as the words escaped your mouth. Why were you singing this? Why did your voice sound like it was meant to be singing this?
And mainly - why did it make Steve feel this way? Why was his heart suddenly beating for you?
Steve didn’t know where to put himself and lowered his head as he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey, Steve.” You greeted with a smile as you noticed him walking in.
He gave you a stiff smile back, his head still down as he grabbed a water bottle and darted off. You raised an eyebrow at the awkward encounter.
“Hmmm, why does that smell so good.” An hour later Bucky walked into the room, gushing over the smell of your muffins as he sat on a stool at the kitchen counter.
“That’s because I made muffins.” You gave him a sweet smile as you got a second batch out of the oven.
“Oh my god you’re the best.” He grinned as he grabbed one.
“Be careful-” you realized he had grabbed the burning hot cake with his metal arm and you scoffed in disbelief.
“Oh my god why does it smell so good in here.” Peter dropped his bag pack as he entered the room making you giggle.
“That’s because I’ve made muffins Pete.”
“Goddess.” He complimented as he trotted to you and brought you into a kiss.
“How’s MIT doing?” You wondered as you removed some muffins from the molds.
“It’s rockin’” You giggled at his use of words.
“Hey Buck-” Steve walked into the room and his cheeks went bright red at the sight of you. He stopped in his tracks suddenly feeling jealous when he Peter’s arm wrapped around your waist.
“What up?” Bucky turned around with a muffin stuffed in his mouth.
“Um... Nothing actually.” He met your eyes and turned away just as fast, walking off.
“What’s up with him?” Peter wondered as he grabbed a cooled muffin.
“I don’t know he’s been acting weird all day.” You shrugged.
“True.” Bucky noticed.
“Are you sure this looks alright?” You turned around so Peter could take a better look.
“Yeah - you look amazing.” He confirmed and you stepped in front of the mirror, fixing your hat. Peter stepped in behind you as you did to fix his jacket. You smiled when you saw him dressed as a real World War II soldier.
“You look hot.” You smirked and Peter’s cheeks flushed.
“Well, you don’t look so bad in the skirt either” He smirked back, making you laugh.
You looked at your outfit one last time. You were dressed as a World War II female agent. Pencil, well-cropped jacket, and a small hat to go with it.
“You kids ready?” Tony wondered taking a look at you and Peter.
“Yep.” You nodded.
“Oh my god look at you!” Bucky exclaimed as he stepped into the room smiling when he saw you and Peter. “Peter you look like me in those pictures Steve gave me.” He chuckled.
“Glad to look like a criminal,” Peter grumbled and you cracked a smile.
“Ok so Nat, Barton, and Thor are already in a cab there. Rhodey is waiting downstairs.” Tony looked at his watch. “We're just waiting for Cap.”
As if on cue Steve walked into the room. Freezing when he saw the way you were dressed.
He gulped as he scanned your body. You were dressed exactly like Peggy Carter had before he had to leave her. Your hair exactly the way Peggy’s was on the picture he was carrying. He felt his breath get stuck in his throat.
“Oh Hey Steve!” You smiled. “Is this how they dressed before?” You grinned.
“I didn’t know your play was on... World war II?”
“Yeah, it is! It’s a love story, it’s pretty cool. You’ll see. I’m so glad our outfits do justice.” You smiled as you fixed something on Peter’s jacket.
He was jealous.
Steve was jealous of a teenager.
Jealousy was rising inside him and suddenly he wished he was back in the 1920′s as a soldier and you were fixing his uniform. Not in 2021 with you wearing a World War II like outfit and fixing the jacket of another guy. All that for a play he’d have to watch.
“Alright let’s go.” You giggled as you placed your arm around peter’s and started walking towards the elevator with him. Bucky joined and soon enough you disappeared behind the doors.
Tony stayed behind sensing the tension in Steve’s eyes.
“What’s going on?” Tony folded his arms.
“I can’t go” He mumbled, shaking his head.
“What do you mean you can’t go?” Tony frowned, not understanding the situation at all.
Steve looked behind him, making sure the elevator was fully gone.
“I think I’m in love with her.”
Taglist - @averyfosterthoughts @justifymyfeelings @slytherinambitious​ @ourfavoritesergeantbarnes @criminaly-supernatural  @trustfundparker​ @tomhollandreads @prettysbliss​ @ksmy-99​ @sarcasticallywitty15 @bi-lmg @nerdy-collector-festival@lovely-blackinnon @hunnybunimdun @thekamiiiworld
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princess-of-thebes · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
facial hair. future tony stark
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page150 · 4 days ago
Day Trips With Peter 🚗 Peter Parker x Reader
Request: None
Pronouns: None stated :)
Word Count: 742
Warnings: None :)
When Peter got his license the first thing he wanted to do was take you on a trip
MJ had to talk him into skipping school on Friday so he could pick you up early
“Come on, it’s just one day.”
“What if Aunt May finds out! What if there’s an emergency in Queens where they need Spiderman! Plus I have a lab on Friday! We can leave after school.”
“No, don’t be lame. Just go!”
So, on a sunny Friday morning at 10am he drove to your apartment in his weird black sedan
He would talk to your parents as you finish packing and carry everything for you
“I didn’t know a boy like that could carry so much!”
“Mom, please. “ You groaned.
You would get drinks and snacks from the Bodega and breakfast at McDonalds
“Y/N do you think I can fit in the slide?”
“No, Peter! You’re going to scare the little kids.”
While riding you switch between your playlist and Peter’s, happily singing along to whatever you felt like
* “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 starts playing*
“What do you know about this?” You joke.
“I met a guy who had this really cool playlist. He was from Earth.”
“Um, why wouldn’t he be from Earth?”
“No reason! Hey look, a garage sale!”
He would stop at garage sales or flower stands. Whatever looked interesting and buy you things. At one small store he bought you a geode that he helped you crack on the side of the road. Inside was tons of gorgeous blue crystals. At a flower stand he tried to negotiate a lower price for tulips but accidentally bought you a plush tulip instead.
“At least it won’t die now!”
What would’ve taken about an hour trip to the museum took 2 hours due to constant stops and the car breaking down.
Finally you arrive at the museum and spend hours exploring. Usually you and him would go look at the same exhibits but occasionally you separated. Going off on your own adventure before meeting back up with him at a new place.
Considering it was still early there weren't a lot of people inside. The exhibits were clean and you were able to see everything without pushing or shoving.
By the time you left it was 4:00pm. The sun was still high in the sky, warming your skin, but your feet were tired.
Since Peter chose the museum you decided that the two of you should go to the park for a while. Peter found an open picnic table while you bought some food by a nearby food truck. Sitting in the shade you and him ate and listened to a man on the guitar.
You felt so safe and warm. The weather was nice, the music was soft. School was completely off your mind and you just wanted to relax with Peter. He had already decided that afterwards he wanted to go to a bookstore. You added that after that dinner would be nice. With a plan set the two of you got up. Peter tipped the man $10.00 and he offered to take a photo of you and Peter. Now in your phone it was a cute photo of you on top of Peter’s back.
Driving to the bookstore. Peter happily went in. Getting lost in between the large bookshelves. You sat at a small table at the front of the door. Choosing a place to eat and responding to your parent’s calls.
An hour later Peter came back with 3 books about interdimensional beings.
“Any reason for the books?” You asked.
“Uh, I’m just interested in them.”
The two of you went to a cute restaurant and talked about the day. You repeatedly thanked Peter for all of the gifts he had bought you and offered reimbursement but he kept saying that it was no problem.
After eating you went back into his car and he began to drive.
The happy, energetic music turned quiet and slow. The sun was beginning to set and you watched as the places you had went to were left behind. Noticing that Peter was a great driver you allowed your eyes to close. Falling asleep in his soft seats.
Peter made sure to drive slow on turns to make sure you didn’t wake up. When he stopped for gas he pulled out his phone and sent Aunt May the picture of you and him captioned “Today was a good day”.
Author's Note: Two posts in one week, crazy I know!! With school about to end I've been wanting to slack off lol but at least I have time to write. I might write some more this weekend and then just save them so I don't post once a month. Thank you for all the love on the Jamal post! I don't think it was that good but I really wanted Jamal to keep the same energy he has in the show. Enough rambling ! Anyway please like if you enjoyed and follow <3 Have a wonderful day ~c'k
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kaylans-imagines · 4 days ago
In My Dreams
pairing: peter b. parker x fem! reader
synopsis: in which he meets her and sees her in his dreams 
↳based on the song by ruth b
warnings: none i can think of. lazy writing?
*gif credits to the rightful owner*
Tumblr media
Peter hated rich people parties. Galas, as wealthy people called them. Peter didn’t grow up with an abundance of money waiting to be thrown around at some fancy event that no one enjoyed, so when he got invited to his first one via the Stark Internship by Tony Stark himself, he was excited. But the more he attended, dread filled his bones whenever he thought of being forced to go. He hated how classy everyone was and how stuffy they made the room feel. He hated the fitted tuxedo he was always forced to wear and how expensive it was—that usually meant he had to be extra careful with what he ate and about what he did. It was limiting, and he despised it. But, he hated the fact that he didn’t fit in. Peter never did find a place amongst his peers in high school, he had his group of friends, and he was content with them. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t want people to know him as more than the ‘nerdy kid who’s so clumsy he can barely walk.’ He found peace with being regarded as a regular student when he graduated, and he was happy in college when no one cared about others. Being at these galas brought out the displeasure he felt when he felt like he didn’t fit in—because he didn’t; he wasn’t born into money, and he sure as hell wasn’t hellbent on pleasing everyone.
Peter left the main area as soon as he could find an exit. He wanted nothing more than to find a place to lean against the wall and not have to put up an interested front. He was sick of the fake smiles, the backhanded compliments, and the false praises he received whenever Tony introduced him to other wealthy people. Politely excusing himself from the lady pinching his cheeks, he stepped away and towards the open bar for a pick me up with a plan to hide away against the wall. That was the plan. That had been the plan. Until he leaned his back against the bar, and his eyes fell on her face. 
Her grin was brighter than any chandelier in the room and softer than any piano sounds echoing against the walls. He didn’t notice the bartender place the drink down next to him on a napkin or the way that he, too, had stopped to look at what had Peter so entranced. He had tunnel vision, and she was the light at the end, beckoning him closer and closer until he stood before her. 
“You should talk to her, pal,” the bartender spoke. He jumped at the sound of his voice and turned back to look at him. 
“I don’t know, what if I make a fool out of myself?” the bartender shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the drink in his hand before looking directly at Peter. Peter looked down at his glass before patting his pockets for spare change, pulling out a ten-dollar bill and giving it to the man. 
“What if you don’t?” he replied, slipping the bill in his pocket. 
“But she’s so out of my league,”
“You’re right,” the bartender agreed. Peter recoiled back and looked at the man with offense written on his face, “but maybe, she’s into guys like you.”
“I doubt it. She’s so gorgeous, and I’m so, not gorgeous,” the bartender, Adam, looked at him confused. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. 
“I think she’d be interested,” he replied.
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because she’s looking over here, and I don’t think she needs a drink or a man in a relationship,” Adam remarked before walking away and leaving Peter alone. True to his word, when Peter turned around, she was looking at him. Directly at him. It was like there was nothing else in the room but themselves. She smiled at him, and an imaginary pathway leading to her opened up right in front of him. To him, it seemed as if time and distance became something of the past. The bar seemed far away, and she got closer the more he got lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t until she was in front of him that he realized he hadn’t moved an inch. She came up to him. 
“Hi,” she smirked. She stood beautifully in a blue gown; it made her eyes pop, and it fit her perfectly as if tailored for her and only her, which made sense because, in Peter’s mind, she was the only girl in the world. He didn’t even know her name, and she already had him under her spell. Peter concluded that if she did, indeed, place a spell on him; he wouldn’t mind. 
“Hey-hello-hi,” Peter blinked in surprise. He wasn’t expecting to be smooth, but he knew he could do better than the word vomit he had spewed. She either didn’t notice, or she didn’t care because the next thing he knew, she was reaching to grab the napkin that once held his drink. Looking down at her watch, she cursed before grabbing a pen from her matching clutch. While she continued scribbling on the napkin, Peter took the time to admire her. He took in the way her hair curled around her face and the way the lights caused her skin to glow. Her makeup enhanced her natural beauty and there wasn’t an imperfection in sight. She was as gorgeous up close as she was far away. 
She handed him the grey paper napkin and closed her pen. Peter’s eyes trailed across the number and the words written on the paper. 
‘Don’t let my number go to waste ;)’
“What is this?” he asked, like an idiot. 
“Love at first sight exists; you just have to know where to look,” she said before looking behind her; with a sigh, she turned to him, “I have to go impress some rich, old people. Do as the napkin says.” And with that, she was gone. He grinned to himself and gently folded the napkin close, slipping it into his coat pocket for safekeeping. The rest of the night, Peter found himself unable to drop the smile on his face. For one night, one gala, the atmosphere he was forced into didn’t seem so bad. The fake praises, the false smiles, and the backhanded comments didn’t sting as bad as they usually did. For once, they were just words. 
That didn’t stop him from wanting to step away from the scene, this time to search for her. To find amongst the group of older men and women as they conversed with one another. He wanted to shout out her name, but he didn’t know it. He didn’t think to ask—too busy trying to keep his thoughts clear to talk to her like a human being—and the napkin didn’t say. He couldn’t go up to every woman with a blue dress—he’d get caught in too many conversations he didn’t want to be part of. For once in his 21 years of life, Peter Parker didn’t have an idea. 
“I’m taking off,” he told Tony, “I have an early class tomorrow.” With that, his mentor nodded and bid him goodbye. Peter walked down the museum’s stairs and waved at the driver that had brought him to the venue. Michael, his driver, opened the door for him and closed it before rounding the front to the driver’s seat. Peter took that time to take out the grey napkin and fiddle with it. The girl in the blue dress was enchanting and charming, and she was interested in him. But he had sworn to himself that after MJ, he wouldn’t let anyone get close. Their breakup was amicable; she had to follow her dreams, and he had to follow his; it hurt them both when they realized they would meet those dreams an ocean apart. The smile on his face fell at the thought of pain in his heart.
“You alright, Mister Parker?” Michael asked. Peter’s brown eyes met Michael’s through the rearview, and he nodded. 
“Yeah, it’s just, I met this girl,” he started. Michael looked back at the road ahead before looking at Peter again. 
“That’s great,” Michael smiled, “or it’s not great?” he asked after noticing the expression on Peter’s face.
“No, it is great, it really is,”
“I can’t help but think of what would happen if it ends up badly,”
“You can’t dwell on things that might not even happen, Mister Parker, that usually stops people from taking risks,” 
“I want to take the risk, but I don’t want to feel the heartache that comes with a breakup,”
“You’re young, Mister Parker; you’re going to feel pain and heartache; that’s the way of life. You’re going to go through all of that before you find the one who’ll put you back together again, but to do so, you have to take some risks,” Michael said as he pulled up beside Peter’s apartment complex, “I’ll tell you what, if you see her in your dreams tonight, you use that number she gave you and you take that leap. And if you don’t, we’ll forget it ever happened and never speak of it again.”
Peter nodded in agreement and bid Michael goodbye as he walked out of the car. The chances of seeing the girl in the blue dress were fifty-fifty; he either had dreams, or he didn’t. He couldn’t help but disagree with her, love, at first sight, can’t exist. There are too many things that make up love, and those things are built over time. A foundation needs to be laid; otherwise, the structure will tumble on itself, and the rubble wouldn’t be recognizable.
Deciding to end the night earlier than usual, Peter closed his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he smelt the familiar scent of detergent his aunt used on the sheets and his pillows turned into clouds under his head. 
“Come on! I’ll catch you,” she sang, her voice as clear as day and as sweet as honey. Peter looked down over the edge at the abyss below them, beckoning him over. If he jumped the distance between the two building rooftops. He should have been used to heights and extensive lengths, being Spider-Man and all. But this was different. He didn’t have his suit or his webs. He was plain old Peter Parker in modern people clothes. But she was over there. The woman of his dreams calling him over.
“I can’t. It’s too far. What if I fall?” he called back, voice bouncing back into his ears. She only giggled, and he could see her silhouette shake her head in response. 
“Is that really such a bad thing?” she queried. Peter stepped back and thought about it. The obvious answer should have been yes, no one would ever want to fall into such an enormous chasm. As he thought about it, the answer became complicated. He didn’t know what was at the bottom, but one never knows until they take the chance. 
“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He heard her hum in response and saw her figure get closer to the ledge and, consequently, closer to him.
“If you fall, I’ll fall with you,” she voiced. 
“With my heart,” he believed her. Walking backward and mentally preparing himself, Peter placated his nerves before running forward and jumping off the edge, leaping towards the other side. He didn’t think to look down, keeping his eyes on the gravel of the other building. With a grunt and an ungraceful landing, he was on the other side. Quickly standing up, his eyes scanned the area in search of her. They landed on her figure, standing in front of him, a smile decorating his face and donning a blue sundress. 
Taking his hands in hers, she looked at him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”
He smiled and moved to wrap his arms around her, “me too.”
Pulling away, he was caught off guard by the sight around him. They weren’t on the rooftop anymore. Instead, they were stood on the stairs of the museum, both wearing their fanciest clothes. The usually invisible moon illuminated their faces in a silver glow and stood amongst millions of small stars against the stark, dark night sky. 
“Would you care to dance, sir?”
“With you? Any day,” she grinned and took his hand in hers, leading the dance. They swayed to a beat only they could hear and the sound of two heartbeats becoming one.
“What is this?” she questioned.
“I guess love, at first sight, does exist,” Peter commented before speeding their movements up and getting lost in all that was her. The smell of her floral perfume, the small of her back, and the sequins on her dress. The way her body glittered and twinkled like the stars in the sky. She was here and in his arms, and that’s all that mattered. 
Peter groaned as light peaked through the sliver of light in between his curtains. He didn’t want to wake up and come face to face with reality. He hadn’t used her phone number last night. He could use it now; there was no time like the present. Stretching out of his bed, he looked around for the clothes from the night before. Grabbing the black suit jacket, his hand landed on the grey napkin from the bar. 
Feeling the adrenaline from his dream, he punched the numbers into his phone before pressing the green button.
“Uh, hi. My name’s Peter, we met at the gala last night, at the bar,”
“Hi, Peter. I’m Y/N, and I’m glad you called,” 
“Yeah, well, you were right,” he smiled, “love at first sight does exist.”
“You looked in the right places then?”
“Just one. I took a leap of faith,” 
“I’m glad,” 
He decided to bite the bullet, “would you like to grab some coffee with me?”
“With you? Any day,”
Peter smiled. For once, he didn’t mind being proven wrong. He was glad he leaped off the edge. And he was glad he saw her in his dreams wearing the blue gown that made her eyes pop and her beauty stand out.
Tumblr media
taglist: @jackiehollanderr  @multiholland @hommyy-tommy​ @visualhollands @wicked-starlight-collector @coni-martina @dummiesshort @nearlydanger9 @selenitawars @slytherinbth @misshale21 @y0ungandfuckingdumb @livinglifethroughfanfic @racheldon @popluckbih @ephemeral-limerences @tomshufflepuff @petersasteria @justafangirlduh @jayhlstead @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @savcks @sahi-raa @xeniarocks@hunnybunimdun @lou-la-lou @aussie-holland @parkerpeterparker2004 @adayasgeorgia @organicpurplepants @sadxaries @bagelofthelord @marlenetough @xxxxdelenaxxxx @racheldon @itsallyscorner @quaksonhehe @slutforsr@bxby_riah @woopwoopwoop222 @marauders-whore @Sarcasticallywitty15 @cutesparker @stillfindingmyway  @noonelikesori @saraintherain @okaybestfriend @lehmehgeh @joyleenl (if your name is crossed out, its bc i couldnt tag you D: lmk if you want to be taken off the general masterlist or have any name changes ;D) 
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parkerliciouspeter · 4 days ago
Peter Parker x Superhero!Reader
Tumblr media
requests are open!
word count: 2091 (long one 🥴)
warnings: swearing lmao
a/n: listen to obvious by taylor trensch from the dear evan hansen 😏🤏
Peter walked in his first class, rubbing his eyes. He only got an hour of sleep last night because of some burglars he chased for 18 blocks after they stole a few bags worth of jewelry.
“Glad to see that you’ve finally joined us, Mr. Parker.” His literature teacher gave him a tight lipped smile and gestured to the seat beside you. “You may take a seat beside Ms. Y/L/N, here.”
You gave him a nod. You were as sleepy as him, because you were the one who helped him catch the said burglars. But he didn’t know that. Because you did an actually decent job at making sure your identity was always concealed.
“Suh, Parker.”
He smiles and puts his head on his desk, mind drifting off to the masked hero who helped him yesterday. She was definitely a she, but no matter how many times he asked for her name she stayed silent.
“Whatcha thinkin’ bout, Peter?” You yawn, picking up a white marker.
He snaps out of his daze and quickly opens his notebook, hastily copying the notes on the blackboard. “N-nothing.”
You raised an eyebrow and lifted your legs on the seat so that your knees touched your chest, and scribbled a few stars on the bottoms of your jeans. He let his gaze linger on you for a while, before looking back up at the board.
When you get bored you draw stars on the cuffs of your jeans
He watched as you paid no attention to the teacher, even flipping open a magazine and scrawling on a few pages. Fidgeting with the necklace strung around your neck, you sucked on the end of a ballpen as you read the questions in a quiz that was sandwiched in the magazine you were reading. Peter swore he’d seen that necklace before, though he doesn’t know where-
“Still with us, Ms. Y/L/N?”
You nod absently.
“If so, what year did Shakespeare write-“
“Romeo and Juliet? He wrote it during 1591 to 1596, no one’s sure. Honestly, it kinda sucks. All the guys are either drunk or misogynistic and the girls exist to have-“ you let out a horribly faked cough that sounded suspiciously like “sex,” earning a few laughs from your classmates. Peter turned his head at you. You hadn’t looked up from your magazine.
You still fill out the quizzes you find in those teen magazines
At lunch, while Ned was ogling over Liz, he saw you out of the corner of his eye, messing around with your friends. He smiled to himself, he always found it so amazing that you could ignore the whole world around you, shut out the voices that tell you that you can’t do what you want.
And you dance like nobody's there
Awkward and perfect
You don't even care
“Dude, did you see the news yesterday? There was this huge robbery, and obviously Spider-man was there, but there was another guy there too.”
He turned his head to Ned so quickly, his neck cricked. “U-uh, yeah, I saw.”
“Yeah, people think she’s a she, but I’m not so sure,”
Peter bit on his lip, and he continued to wonder who was behind the mask.
At the end of the day, you skipped towards Peter in the hall, shaking him from behind. “PETER!”
You burst out laughing, eventually earning some badly kept in giggles from him. “Oh my god, your reaction was priceless!”
He scrunched his lips up to hide a smile, and punched you in the shoulder playfully. However, he realized that he had heard it before. Obviously, he had, because you were his best friend, but he could’ve sworn he’d heard it yesterday, even though you hadn’t hung out at that time.
“Peter? Earth to Peter?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, h-hi.”
Raising an eyebrow, you shove a small paper bag in his arms. “Heard that May hasn’t been doin’ well lately, and she’s been having to do double shifts, so I hope this’ll help.”
Before Peter could reply, you were already skipping away. He opened the bag to find a wad of cash along with a small piece of paper.
Hey May!
Don’t forget to take breaks and take care of yourself!
Hope this takes care of things you needed to settle after Ben’s passing.
Love, Y/N ♡︎
He stared at the note in awe, and quickly counted the cash. A thousand dollars. You had given him a thousand dollars. He watched your figure skip away in awe, in awe of how someone could give so much even if they didn’t have a lot in the first place.
But that’s just you, and he should be used to it by now.
Something courageous, amazing, contagious
And kind
All combined
He heads to Delmar’s Deli-Grocery and picks up a few sandwiches, including one he’s planning to give to you as a thank-you.
Suddenly, the TV behind the counter switched to a news report.
“We’ve just received a report of a car chase near Midtown School of Science and Technology, four men have reportedly committed a grand theft auto and are currently being chased by our new unnamed superhero…” The news reporter droned on about the mysterious hero. Peter quickly snatched the sandwiches and placed some money on the counter. “Keep the change!” he yelled, while running out the door to the alleyway to change into his suit.
“About time you arrived, Spider-boy.” You sneered, wiping the blood off your busted lip.
He squinted, and proceeded to web up the criminals, but. He noticed that they had mild, fresh burn marks around their wrists.
“You gonna ogle at the bad guys, or actually catch them?”
The both of them didn’t say another word to each other, and decided to fight these criminals quietly. While Peter had knocked one out, his gaze flickered to the small silver chain necklace swinging around your neck. He could’ve sworn he had seen it before…
A swift punch in the gut disrupted his train of thought, the guy he had knocked out took advantage of Peter being distracted. The smell of smoke filled Peter’s lungs. Without warning, the thief started aggressively kicking, in an attempt to put out a fire that was rising up his leg.
He looked at the masked hero’s outstretched arm. “What? You gonna say thank you?”
Rolling his eyes, he webbed up his legs to put out the flame. “Rule number one of being a superhero, no one gets hurt. Not even the ones who commit crime.”
“Oh, come on, can’t I have a bit of fun?”
The two of you had finally caught the thieves, the red and blue lights reflecting off your black suit. You looked at the time, it was five-fifty, your parents expected you home by six. Ignoring the news reporters you looked at Spider-man, with a smug smile on your face. “Watch yourself, bug-boy. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, or whatever.”
He watched you leap away into the distance. Then it hit him.
Washington D.C; After the incident in the tower.
“Peter!” You spotted your best friend and sprinted towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He turned red and did the same.
You pulled away, tear stains on your cheeks. You started to punch him everywhere you could reach. “You - are - such - an - ASS!” You cried, hitting him in between every word. Eventually, your voice broke and tears spilled out your eyes, head on his chest. He didn’t know that his disappearance would affect you so much, you’ve always acted like you thought he was annoying.
Wiping your eyes, you looked.. apologetic? No. Sincere. “I’m sorry Peter, I shouldn’t be mad. Ned said you weren’t feeling well this morning, I know how nervous you must be about the Decathlon.”
“N-no, no, you have every right to be. I’m sorry for not going.”
“I managed to calm Liz down and convince her to not get too mad at you.” You let out a broken chuckle. “You better watch yourself, Parker. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, y’know.”
He mentally facepalmed himself. It was so blatantly obvious.
Why go stating the obvious?
It's so painfully obvious
How could you miss
Something that's this plain to see?
When it's glaring, and staring right at you
So obviously
Peter had quickly changed into his normal clothes but kept his mask on, and swung so quickly that he had almost hit a building on his way to your apartment. After a while, he landed on your balcony and knocked on your window.
You turned around, expecting to see Peter but was instead greeted by a pair of large white eyes on a red mask.
“AAAHHH!” You threw a book at the window but instead it bounced on the window and hit you in the forehead. “Fu- ouch…” You opened your window cautiously.
Peter held in a laugh, and pulled his mask off. Your jaw dropped open and you were about to yell something when he quickly clamped a hand on your mouth and jumped in your bedroom. “Dude, please shut up and don’t yell my name or I’m gonna hurt you.” His panicked face turned into a sweet smile and he released his hand.
“Wha- how- how long have you been- y-you know what? W-why didn’t you tell me?! I can’t believe you didn’t-“
Peter quickly shushed you and played with your fingers as he talked. “I know you have a lot of questions, and I’m really really really super sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier, I was just scared that you’d get hurt by bad people if they knew we were friends and-“
“Peter.” You whispered, a serious and stern look on your face. “Get to the fucking point, please.”
He froze for a second, and swallowed. “Y-y/n, were you, um, the- the girl who was fighting- uh- earlier? Near school? Just a while ago?
Your serious face doesn’t waver. “I- I don’t know what you’re t-talking about.”
“Y/n, I’m pretty sure it’s you. You-“ He played with your necklace. “You were wearing the same necklace.”
You become flustered, and a few tears streamed down your cheeks. “I don’t know what happened, I just- got really mad and exploded the microwave, then it got worse and worse and-“ Peter cuts you off by wrapping his arms around your body, rubbing circles on your back soothingly. The entire room was silent except for your deep gasps for air. Once you’ve calmed down, he continues to play with your hair.
“I have a feeling that that wasn’t the only reason why you came here.”
Peter was glad that you couldn’t see his reddening face. “Wh-what do you mean?”
You stayed silent—he knew exactly what you were talking about.
“Just so you know, I really like you, Peter. Ever since we met.” You pull away, eyes widening. “Please tell me you didn’t come here for some help with the homework, or this would’ve been very awkward.”
He laughed, and leaned in, hesitating. “C-can I kiss you?”
You smirked and kissed him hard, letting out all of your bottled-up emotions. You’ve been doing a pretty decent job of pretending you don’t like him, but there’s something about him that just makes you snap.
You pull away, the both of you are so close that your noses are just barely touching.
“I- I love you, Y/N.”
“I do too.”
You were just about to lean into him for another kiss when a loud and rhythmic knock banged on your door.
Your eyes widened, and you quickly pushed Peter off your bed and shoved him in your closet. “Shit, that’s my brother, hide!”
Your little brother opens the door, hitting it on the wall. “Y/N!! Oscar peed on my shoes again!”
“Fu- aargh, I forgot to walk him today, sorry, Tyler.” He wiped his nose exaggeratedly and stomped out the room.
Once you’ve made sure that he was gone, you closed the door and locked it, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any unwanted visitors coming in your room.
Peter pushed the door open slightly. “Is he gone?”
You laughed and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and tackled you onto your bed, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “M’sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. We could’ve had weeks. Years, even.”
Tugging on his hair, you planted a kiss on his knuckles. “It’s alright, Pete. What matters is that we’re together now.”
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totally-true · 4 days ago
Peter parker with a darling who is a fan of spiderman and has different merchandise ranging from the Keychains to themed appliances. Make it super duper fluffy please
Thanks in advance 😘😘😘😘😘
I'm not sure which spiderman you're talking about, I've never watched the Tom Holland ones and Morales is too young.I will not be writing for a specific spiderman, just him in general. Disclaimer; as I do not get very many oneshot requests I'm still not the best at them. I hope this is to everyone's liking 💝
"why do you have all these?" Peter asked, laughing as he inspected the spiderman themed charms you had on your bag.
You looked down to see what he meant before looking back up at him with a smile, "the charms? I like them after all, spiderman 𝘪𝘴 my favorite super hero, not to mention my very own boyfriend"
Peter rolled his eyes and shook his head at your teasing tone, "yea, but babe, even your bag is spiderman theme. You have posters, you have lipbalms, you even buy the cereals. I think you're a bit obsessed" he let out a deep chuckle as he talked, waving his arms about with exaggerated movements.
Gasping in mock hurt you held your hand up to your chest "is it wrong for me to want to support my boyfriend, and new York's favorite hero?"
Once again he rolled his eyes with a laugh before pulling you to his chest and burying his face into your neck, "of course not babe" he said into your neck causing you to laugh. He enjoyed moments like these. Even if he teases you for it, he loves how you buy all his little toys and trinkets. It makes him happy to know you care so much for him.
"peter!" You giggle "we're in public, get off me"
He sighs and straightens himself out before reaching for your hand. As the two of you walk down the sidewalk, a bag of groceries for tonight's dinner in on hand, his hand in the other there's an explosion. Peter groans when he hears the noise, along with the yells of a villain calling for him to come out and fight. Quickly peter runs between the nearest buildings to change into his costume, as he runs past you into danger he gives you a peck on the lips before fully pulling down his mask and slinging his way to the source of danger.
You stare at him dreamily, hearing people gasp and call his name at the sight of him. You were proud to be able to call him your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
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spideyanakin · 5 days ago
Dead Poets Society (Chapter 3)
Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis - 1959, your grandfather being the headmaster of Welton Academy - an all boys Boarding School, wanted you close to him after your parents death. Forcing you to join beyond any rules to be a student there. Despite strict rules you still fell in love with one. But Tom seems to be loosing the will to live when his strict family forces their wishes on him. Can one amazing teacher change your lives forever?
Series Masterlist 🍓
Normal Masterlist🧚🏼‍♀️
Tumblr media
Chapter 3 - Almost Heaven
October 5
“I GOT THE PART!” A voice screamed from behind, tackling you into their arms and pressing a large kiss to your neck before pulling away quicker than it came.
“You did?” You met Tom’s sparkling eyes as he opened the door to his dorm.
“That’s amazing!” Harry chimed in. “Do I get a kiss too?” He raised an eyebrow and Tom rolled his eyes.
“I’m proud of you.” You smiled as you watched him removed his scarf and coat, jumping on his heels in anticipation.
“Alright now I need a permission letter.” He cracked his knuckles as he got his typewriter out.
“How are you going to get a permission slip from your father?” Harrison wondered from the corner of the room. He was looking down at a book and you realized you hadn’t even noticed him.
“Oh hey Haz!”
“Hey Y/n/n.” He still didn’t look up from his book. “Could you tell your husband he’s going to fall flat on his ass with this?” He mumbled and you let out a laugh.
“I’m not.” Tom rolled his eyes, his grin never leaving. “I’m going to forge a letter from my father to your grandfather and everything is going to go fine.” He nodded.
“It’s not going to work.” Harrison huffed as he flipped his page.
“Stop being so pessimist Haz! He’s going to be fine. If his father discovers anything we can just talk to him. Tom has the best grades and has done nothing but please him.”
November 1
“TOM WAIT FOR ME!” You giggled as you chased him down the hill towards the docks.
“I DON’T WANT TO FALL AND SLIP ON THE SNOW!” You argued before finally catching up with him.
"You won't." He argued back and you bit your lip to stop smiling as you watched his pretty traits. The snow had rosed his nose and cheeks and you couldn't help but think he looked very handsome.
"If you keep running like that I will." You giggled before flipping the page of his copy of A Midsummer’s night dream and looked at him as a cue to start his line.
“How now, spirit! whither wander you?” He started to act and you smiled when you saw the spark in his eyes.
“Over hill, over dale, Thorough bush, thorough brier, Over park, over pale, Thorough flood, thorough fire.” You continued. “I do wander everywhere Swifter than the moon’s sphere.” You both started walking into a circle, eying each other with mischievous glances. “And I serve the fairy queen” You lifted your head proudly as you read the lines, feeling into character yourself - you weren’t in the play but you enjoyed rehearsing with him a little too much. “To dew her orbs upon the green.” You continued the rest of your reply until it was time for his line.
“I love this.” He chuckled when you were done. “I love everything about this.” You smiled at his words. “And I love you!”
“I love you too.” You giggled at his sudden outburst. “Now it’s your line Puck.” You pointed to him with the book.
“The king doth keep his revels here tonight.” He wiggled his eyebrows which made you chuckle. “Take heed the queen come not within his sight!” He almost screamed, breathing in the cold air. “For Oberon is passing fell and wrat, Because that she, as her attendant hath” He pointed to you as you read over the book to make sure his lines were correct. “A lovely boy stolen from an Indian king.” Suddenly he ducked behind you and took you by surprise when you turned around to be smashed in the face with a snowball.
“YOU!” You stayed open-mouthed in shock for a second.
“Yes, my fairy?” He smirked and you huffed closing the book and putting it in your bag before grabbing some snow and throwing it at him.
“YOU MISCHIEVOUS LITTLE!” You raced him all around the lake, throwing snowballs at each other. Each of you managed to dodge some, while in some cases you ended up smashed in the face. “I SEE WHY YOU WERE CAST AS PUCK NOW!” You giggled.
You followed each other almost deep into the forest. It rang only with your laughter and the sound of the occasional bird going from a tree to the next.
“It’s as if the play has turned you into Robin Goodfellow himself.” You smirked as he was getting closer and closer to you. You were inches away and Tom was leaning in as to kiss you.
“So what?” He chuckled. “You want a divorce for fake merchandise?” He raised an eyebrow and you let out a loud laugh.
“No.” You leaned in as he did. “I don’t mind this side of you.” You smiled when your nose were almost touching. “I like it even.”
“Really?” He grinned.
“Kinda.” As these words escaped your mouth, the hand that was behind Tom’s back smashed to your face with a pile of snow. “YOU-” You screamed as he ran away laughing like an idiot.
November 24
You saw the month pass quicker than lighting.
It had all been late-night meetings with the poets, amazing English classes with Mr.Keating, sneaking off with Tom, and secret rehearsals with him.
It was all a wonderland of your own - life couldn't be better. It was Heaven. 
"LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT" Mr.Keating screamed making you giggle as you walked in a march-like stance in the middle of Harry and another boy you think was called Sticks - you didn't know, you never talked to him.
"Very good my friends." He smiled waving for you to stop walking. "You see, everyone started with their own pace." He started to explain. He elaborated more on the free-thinking of a walk before letting you all find your voice through your own walk.
You giggled when Tom and Sam bumped into you at the same time on purpose, accidentally making you lean on Harrison who slipped on ice and made a weird dance as he tried not to fall flat on the ground.
"Harrison, please try not to fall and break something, thank you." Mr.Keating nodded with a smile in his tone.
You left the class with a large smile on your face after Keating's class. It was the end of the day, meaning that it was time for you to head to the cave.
"You sure you can't come today?" You pouted as Tom was about to leave the school campus for his rehearsal.
"I promise I'll be finished in two hours and back at the meeting." He looked about to make sure no one around before squeezing your hand and pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“You're parents collect pipes? That's very interesting.” you half coughed half chuckled as you inhaled a new puff of yours. Harry had brought a whole collection of pipes he had stolen from his parents. “This is awful by the way.” you chuckled and put it inside Harry’s saxophone.
“Sorry.” You laughed. “It’s your pipe, handing it right back.”
“Your impossible.” He flipped his instrument so the pipe would fall back on the ground.
“How is everyone doing?” Tom walked into the cave with a happy smile and a lamp in his hand.
“Tom!” You screamed with a giddy smile on your lips at the sight of your husband.
He leaned down to kiss you, and you reached your hand to hold his neck as the kiss deepened. You smiled into the kiss when the boys started complaining and Tom pushed away from you. He dropped the lamp on a rock behind you before removing his scarf and coat.
“What this?” Harry asked as Tom took it back in his hand and removed the lampshade.
“Can’t you see it’s a lamp?” Paddy scoffed.
“No.” he smiled. “It’s the god of the cave.” He explained as he grabbed the matchbox from the middle of the circle.
“The god of the cave.” You repeated with a smile as you watched Tom light it up. “I like it.”
“I knew you would.” He locked your lips into a new kiss, missing your touch from the long day of classes and hours of rehearsal.
“I say we restart this meeting this Tom's around.” Harry raised his voice before putting the saxophone to his lips and starting to play.
First, it sounded like nothing until he started playing something that actually sounded nice. You all stared at him play, everyone falling into a comfortable silence.
Sam looked at Harry and realized something as the music filled the cave.
“I can’t do this.” He mumbled when Harry’s music died down. “I’m going to kill myself if I don’t get Chris.”
“Hey don’t say that.” You scolded and his stare turned to you.
“I have to be with her.” He suddenly stood up.
“Where are you going?”
“To call her!”
November 28
You finished reciting a poem, coming to sit back next to Tom as the meeting went on. You were about to ask something to Paddy when Harry walked into the room, a girl on each arm.
You shared a look with Tom and raised an eyebrow. The girls were a giggling mess. They stunk of Alcohol and looked like poodles owned by grandmas.
“Everyone.” He stumbled into the cave with the girls. “This is Carol.” He pointed to the brunette. “And...” He trailed on his words as he looked at the blond.
“Tina.” She squeaked like she was offended, but Harry just grinned.
“Tiiinaaa” He nodded his head with a smirk. They all sat down and an awkward silence filled the meeting.
“So... aren’t you going to start the meeting?” Carol wondering as she played around with a strand of her hair.
“Yeah how do we know if we want to join if you don't start the meeting.” Tina nodded chewing her gum a little loudly.
“Join?” You looked at Harry with raised eyebrows.
“Hey- So you’re not the only girl here!”
“If you’re doing this for me you don’t have to Harry.”
“I’m not just doing this for you.” He rolled his eyes with a light smile as he took a sip of a bottle Carol had handed him. “I’m doing this for me, Paddy and Haz.” He smirked.
“Alright... Well, the meeting has already started...” You gave the rest of the boys an awkward glance. They all looked just as uncomfortable as you felt.
The next hour was a mix of awkward silences, and side glances with Tom, Paddy, and Harrison. Each time you mentioned a very good poem the girls judges it as old. And you didn’t feel like reading your own poetry. The Dead Poets were about expressing yourself and spilling your gut. This meeting felt like it was judged by two drunken pair of eyes.
After what felt like hours later, the girls finally left leaving a sobered-up Harry behind.
Harry didn’t share a word and sighed as he leaned back on the rocks behind him.
“Why?” was all he said.
“Why what?”
“Why are almost every girl on this planet like the two that just came by?” He sighed and you could feel the pain in his eyes. “Why are you... and maybe Chris I’ve never met her I can’t judge - so amazing and wonderful and just- AGH” He let out a scream of frustration.
“Hey - Harry you’ll find the girl of your dreams don’t worry.”
“You’re taken.” He argued.
“Harry.” Tom warned and his friend let out a sad laugh.
At the same time, Sam walked into the cave, gave out a large sigh, and laid in the middle.
“How did the party go?” You smirked. After Sam had called Chris the other day, he had been invited to a party, and you were dying to know how it went.
“You don’t want to know.” He gulped as he sat up.
“What why? I thought it was supposed to amazing? Finally being able to see Chris and be at a party she invited you to.”
“I kissed her on the forehead and her boyfriend hit me.”
“Oh my,” You carefully looked at his face. “Jesus Christ Sam you have a black eye.” You took Sam’s face in your hands and delicately traced your thumb over his bruised eye. He nodded in your hands.
“Sam, what are we going to do with you?” You murmured.
“I don’t know...” He grumbled and sighed, not meeting your eyes. “But I love her!”
“I know you do... But please don’t get punched by her brute boyfriend again. I don’t want to find my best friend in pieces, please. Or have to beat the crap out of him for hurting you myself.” You smirk making Sam laugh.
“Is that why you’re back so early?” Tom wondered. It didn’t feel late at least. “What time is it anyway.”
Paddy looked at his watch “It's 12:01″
November 29
Your hands slipped away from Sam’s face as you realized it was past midnight. You looked at Tom whose eyes were already on you.
“Happy two months anniversary.” He smiled.
“Happy two months anniversary right back.” You giggled as he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your temple.
“If you guys wanna make out can you at least find another cave?” Paddy grumbled and you let out a laugh.
“No,” You shook your head. “I like having these meetings.” You chuckled as you melted into Tom’s arms. "We can wait."
“See why can’t this be Chris and I” Sam dropped his arms in surrender and you could see the sadness in his eyes making your traits softened.
“Sam, you're going to find it one day. Why do I feel like I’ve done this speech 10 seconds ago!?” You turned to Tom who shrugged his shoulders. “Sam - you’ll find her whether it's with Chris or another girl - but I promise that someday you'll find the most wonderful girl in the world, and you'll want to spend the rest of your life with her and she'll want to too."
"You and Chris are the most wonderful girls in the world." He sighed and looked down at the ground. "I'll be with Chris someday - You'll see."
And he did everything to be with her.
December 13
“You shine like the moonlight-”
“What are you doing?” Tom interrupted Sam as he wrapped an arm around you. “Sam why did I just hear you recite a love poem to my wife?” He raised an eyebrow making you giggle.
“He’s practicing. He’s going to Chris’s School today and admit his love.” 
December 14
You made your way towards the boys' dormitories, almost reaching Tom’s when you heard a deep voice coming from where you were heading.
You recognized it - it was Tom’s father.
“But father the performance is tomorrow night! They need me!”
“You will not go - is that clear? I am not letting you throw your life away.”
“But father-”
You froze in your steps as you heard the coldness of his voice. It was his son! Why couldn't he be happy for him? You felt your fist form into a ball at his words.
There was more arguing until he left the dorm and you knew you were going to end up face to face with him.
You gave him a nod and his death glare didn’t help. You weren’t stupid, you knew he was going to watch you and see where you were heading, so you knocked on Harry’s door.
“Oh hey Y/n/n” Harry opened the door with a quizzical smile.
"Hey Harry! Do you have another copy of that book with the poem Mr.Keating asked us to learn for yesterday? I can't find mine." the look on your face told him to cooperate with your words.
"Um y-yeah" You engaged in a conversation until you were sure that Mr.Holland was out of earshot.
"Did you hear that?" You wondered once you were sure he was far enough. Harry nodded with concerned eyes.
Tom's door opened and a frustrated Tom got out of it. He loudly sighed and almost slammed his door before noticing you.
"Y/n" He managed a smile. "I was just going to see you."
December 15
You walked into the snowy forest, enjoying a quiet moment with Tom. Glad you finally got some time off from your long school hours.
You let out a shriek as you felt yourself falling. You hung on to Tom’s arm as you slipped bringing him down with you.
You both chuckled and looked like each other like two idiots with leaves stuck to your hair. You intertwined his hand in yours as you took each other in for a few minutes, not wanting to stand up.
The moment was too peaceful to be broken.
“I’m glad that Sam is finally going after his girl.” You smiled. “I’m proud of what he did. I talked to Sam when he got back, and he swore he saw her smile.”
“Yeah.” Tom turned his head around to look at the sky.
For a few seconds, it was only the sound of the wind in the trees and birds chirping.
“You’re going to do great tonight. I’m sure of it.” You squeezed his hand.
“Thank you.” He gave you a short smile as he brought his stare back to you.
“Is your father going to be there?” You asked him, your voice all quiet. "You know? Do you think he's going to go, see if you've disobeyed him?" You played with his fingers. “After what he told you yesterday...” 
He gave out a large sigh. “I don’t know. And I don’t want to know.” You watched his eyes and you could swear they were getting glossy but he was pushing the tears away.
“Y/n” He turned to you “What’s the point of living if he’s going to make my entire life hell?” He questioned you as he looked back to the sky.
“Because it doesn’t have to be that way.” You stood up and held his shoulder so he’d look at you. He took you in for a second, looking at how pretty you looked with the rays of sunlight that crept from the tree branches.
“You could stand up to him.” You said, feeling something weird in his stare.
“He won’t listen.” He shook his head. “When he discovers I still did the play I’ll be out of Welton and to another school that I bet will have prison bars on the windows.” His eyes were now fully glossy. “I won’t get to see you every day. You’ll be miles away from me - and he’ll make sure that I don’t see you until I have to run away to see you.” He closed his eyes and sighed.
“He won't.” You nodded. “He won’t because I’ll give him a piece of my mind. And you will too!” You looked back at him and saw his eyes glued on you.
“It doesn’t work like that darling.” He brought a hand up to cup your cheek, you melted into his touch. “I don’t want to live If I’m not going to be with you every day.”
“Don’t say that.” A sudden dark thought went through you. “He won’t take you out of Welton, he won’t make your life hell if you just talk to him.”
“Y/n... I love you, so much.” His voice got quiet.
“I love you too.” You managed a smile and brought a kiss to his lips before resting back on the soft mass of fallen leaves.
You looked up and inspected the beautiful scenery. Always feeling Tom’s stare on you.
“You keep staring at me.” You giggled as you turned your head.
“I know.” He gave you a smile and you rolled your eyes. He sat up and leaned over you so you were face to face.
You fixed a few strands of his hair and kissed his cheek. Before you could pull away he kept you close and trailed kisses from your cheek to your lips.
“If my father finds out - and still is mad...” He looked away and gulped before looking back at you. “Know that I love you.” He bumped your nose with his. “I love you with the light of a thousand stars. You're my love, my wife, my everything.” He caught your lips in his, kissing you like it was the last time your lips would ever meet, and you could feel it. Something was off and you knew it was.
“Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?” You breathed once he pulled away.
“I’m not saying goodbye.” He chuckled your worries off but you sensed the sadness in it. “Why would you think that?”
“The way you kissed me.” You placed a hand on his upper arm to keep him from going as you saw him shuffle on his spot.
“Honey, I’m going to be late.” You sat up when he was. starting to make his way up. “I’ll see you tonight.”
“Tom.” You held his hand tighter so he wouldn’t let go. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
“What? What do you mean?” He chuckled it off but his voice gave him away. “I’ll see you after the play, I love you.”
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plutodexay · 5 days ago
You don’t hurt what’s mine
Tw: Blood, violence suggestion 
Peter imagine (550)
The suit was soaked with blood as he climbed through my window, my first thought being hope that it wasn’t his own. He ripped his mask off as soon as he saw me and from that moment I knew it was. Yet, he didn’t seem in pain or as if he had acknowledged the blood at all, all of his focus seemed to be on me. 
“I’m so sorry” Peter’s voice faltered towards the end, he was looking everywhere except for my eyes. 
“Why?” I step towards him, reaching my hand to pull his face to mine, forcing him to look me in the eyes. 
Which he did, his dark eyes bore into mine as the blood from his chin spread onto my fingertips as I gripped his chin. It only took a moment before he crashed into me, almost knocking me to the floor with the weight of him. Catching myself on the bed frame we fell back, allowing Peter to curl himself into me, sobs wracking through his body and into me. 
I moved my arms as best I could to try and comfort him, both of us somehow ignoring the blood still coming out of him and going everywhere he laid. His mumbled words and shaken movements distracted me from it all. 
“I tried so hard” One loud sob came out, causing him to press impossibly harder into me, his grip tightening around me in a mess. He looked so small like this, it was almost hard to process as he laid like this. 
“You always do”
“They know about you” Peter's voice immediately cut me off. I felt my own breath catch and all of my muscles tense, causing his own to match. “I tried so hard to make sure they didn’t find you, but they did” 
He always feared someone would find me, I didn’t really know why. I told him it was worth the risk when he told me about Spiderman yet he still seemed to only worry about me. Once again I tried to reach up to hold his face but he jerked away, standing up as if he hadn’t fallen on me moments before. 
“It will be okay” I stood up to follow him, reaching out again and this time he let me. 
“You don’t know that” A yell rang out from him, his hands reaching up to scratch at his own face causing more blood to cover them.
“You’re right, I don’t know” I pulled his hands away from his face, and held them in a tight grip. “But I trust that it will be” That seemed to calm him, after a minute he moved his hands to hold each other behind my waist, allowing me to lean into him. 
“I’m still sorry” He whispered into my neck, causing a small shiver to travel up my spine. 
“It will be okay, now let’s clean the blood off of you okay?” He nodded into my hair and traveled to the bathroom with me waiting behind. 
It will all be okay, I whispered to myself, looking to the corner of the room at my own mask that Peter had yet to see. I wasn’t going to let whoever hurt him get away with it, but he didn’t need to know that did he?
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princess-of-thebes · 5 days ago
Tom Holland x Reader
You were on your way to your job at Empresso's.
Tumblr media
you served a man who kept staring at you. Weird.
Tumblr media
you lived in an awful village that had no tv and just radios so, you did not knew who this handsome guy was.
you moved to the city for esl classes. you worked to pay for at least a degree in community college. Tom Holland is memorized by your beauty and your talent of baking!
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writinginredink · 6 days ago
Petey Cuddles
Peter Parker x Reader
Tumblr media
Request from Anon: I am delivering a peter request thou has asketh for- how about peter freaking out when you message him to come over late and he gets worried, shows up to your house, only to listen to the reader ranting about how they can’t fall asleep, resulting in some petey cuddles, and bickering over one another hogging the blankets <3 lol bc I should be asleep now too
A/N: Idk how to name fics well lol anyways I’m accepting Peter requests because this was my first one! Hope you like it anon!
WC: 1.2K
Peter’s seen your contact fill his page a million times and after you started dating not long ago, he’s seen it a million more. But not once had he seen it at 1 in the morning when he just finished up patrolling and you should be asleep.
Come here.
Two words. Two four-letter words and Peter felt all the blood drain from his face. Was he in trouble? Did he do something? Are you okay? Were you going to break up with him?
Peter sat frozen in his seat for the longest time, contemplating what he’s going to do before another message of yours made his phone brighten again.
Peter, Please?
He couldn’t ignore you now, so Peter dashed out his window and kept a low profile until he was outside yours. Before he could knock on the cooled glass, he saw you inside pacing back and forth in your pajamas, your eyes locked on the ground each time you turned around. He took a deep breath before knocking softly. Your head whips to the window, Peter’s knock frightening you fast before your face melts into soft smile and for a moment, one sweet, pleasant moment, Peter thought he was in the clear. That was, until your smile falls into a hard-set frown quicker than he can web a robber. He gulped before pulling your window open and climbing inside.
“H-hey?” He says after a minute of silence and you cross your arms, pursing your lips at him and Peter shifts in his spot, shoving and removing his hands from his pajama pockets constantly. “I uh, I got your texts.”
“Yeah, we have to talk.” You finally said and Peter’s eyes droop at the sound of your normally cheery voice which currently sounds nothing like that.
“Did I umm,” he trailed off, refusing to look in your eyes at out fear. “Did I do something?”
You hum a yes and Peter’s stomach dropped more as he takes a deep breath and finally looks up. “You most certainly did do something, Peter Parker. You know, every day I go to bed at midnight and right now, it is currently half past 1 in the morning.” You start pacing again and Peter takes the moment to sit on your bed, feeling his legs wobble out of nerves. You clock his movements before continuing. “It is currently half past 1 and because of you, I can’t seem to sleep.”
Peter’s never felt such sweet relief to know whatever is wrong with you, it wasn’t as serious as he thought. “Oh my god, I thought you were going to break up with me.”
“It’s still on the table.” The fear was back in Peter at your words. “Unless you figure out a way to fix this, I will have no choice but to break up with you, Petey.”
Petey. That’s how Peter knew you had no plans to actually break up with him this morning and that’s the reason Peter’s heartbeat finally returned to normal. You’ve never called Peter Petey when you’re mad. “What am I fixing?” Peter smiles and you bit the inside of your cheek as you finally come to stand in front of him.
“I can’t sleep because the last time I slept perfectly was days ago when I spent the night at your place and we cuddled all night. It’s been days Peter, actual days where I lay awake at night wishing you would just get your butt over here and cuddle me! You’ve ruined me. You’ve ruined me and my sleep schedule with your stupidly perfect Petey cuddles.”
His smile broke out faster than he could stop it as a small embarrassed laugh snuck through his lips. “You…” Another small laugh, the apple of his cheeks darkening and he was thankful the only light in your room was your bedside lamp and it barely lit him. “You can’t sleep without me cuddling you?”
You stare at him, blinking before throwing your arms in the air. “I don’t know why you’re laughing! This is serious!”
“I know!” Peter agrees but doesn’t stop the laughs that tumble out and you fought back the urge to chuckle too, and it almost worked until Peter reached out for your hand. “This is completely serious and I think I know to help.” You raise a brow at him and Peter doesn’t hesitate to yank you off your feet and onto the bed on top of him.
You laugh as you go down, making sure you don’t hurt Peter when you fall. Your chests meet and when they do, Peter’s arms go quickly around your waist to keep you close to him. “This is a good start, I guess.”
He gives you an amused smile. “You guess?”
You nodded, chewing on your inner cheek. “I mean, I’ve missed several nights of sleep-”
“So, it’s only right I make it up with several nights of Petey cuddles, right?”
“Right.” Peter and you fell silent, the frown that you wore when he arrived no longer across your features, replaced rightfully by the softest smile Peter has ever seen on your face, a smile he hopes he can remember forever. You settle on top of him, your head resting gently in the crook of his neck and your hand coming up to rest on his shoulder you’re not laying on to hold him close. His thumb was rubbing gently on your side as you snuggled in closer, inhaling the scent of Peter that you love so much before you start to doze off.
“Y/N.” your mumbled name from Peter’s sleepy voice causes you to slowly wake, taking in the change of positions now as your back was pressed to Peter’s chest, his arm thrown across your torso and tugging at the bundle of blankets you have somehow pulled into your arms and laid upon, leaving Peter with none. “Y/N.”
“I’m sleeping.” You whisper, snuggling into the warm blankets as well as Peter’s arms.
“I am, too.” He whispers, tugging harder on the blankets. “But I’m also cold and you’re a blanket hog.”
“I am not.” You grumble, refusing to open your eyes until Peter had no response. You peaked open your eye, turning to head slightly to see your boyfriend and his deadpanned face as he stares at you. “What?” you shrug. “I’m not a blanket hog.”
“Then what’s this?” He asks and finally yanks the blankets from your grip. You groan and turn slightly to try and grab it back, but Peter doesn’t let you, distracting you with a kiss on your cheek and you can’t help but relax against the feeling of his lips on your cheek and turn a little more so Peter can move his distraction onto your lips, which he happily did. During the kiss, Peter spread the blanket back over the two of you, tucking a little underneath him from behind in case you try and steal it again.
When the kiss was finished and you let out a yawn, Peter following suit right after and making you snicker as you poke his now stretched cheeks. You settle against his chest again and Peter pulls your back flush against him again, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
Peter’s presence was a switch for you and suddenly, you could finally get some sleep.
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spideyanakin · 6 days ago
Tom Holland x F1! Reader
Synopsis - Chris Hemsworth gushes about you because you’re his favorite f1 driver - little does he know you’re dating Tom
Thor and Zemo go vroom vroom neowwww
Tumblr media
“YESSS WOOOO WOOOO” Chris Hemsworth suddenly screamed as he looked at his phone, and started dancing around set, totally disturbing the scene between Peter Parker and Loki.
“Um Chris?” Taika turned to him with raised eyebrows. “This take was actually really good...”
“What’s going on now?” Tom Hiddleston chuckled when he saw the sparks in Chris’s eyes and his little dance.
“Y/n just won this race!” He almost screamed. “This means that if she ends 3rd, 2nd, or first in the next she’s world champion? Beating Lewis Hamilton?” He looked amazed and kept waving his arms around. "WOOO SHE'S GOING TO BE WORLD CHAMPION AGAIN." He started chanting and singing.
To be honest Chris was on the edge of his seat all season. You were his favorite driver, being the only girl there he admired your courage in a men’s world like formulae one. You didn’t win last season, Hamilton had caught up with you on the last few races, and that had pissed him off. So today, he was happy you were winning.
“Wait she won?” Tom realized, a bright smile painting his face when he realized that you were indeed on the road to becoming world champion for the second time since you joined F1.
“YES! Can you believe this! It’s her third year and she’s already about to score second-time world champion!” He gushed.
Taika and Tom Hiddleston looked at each other.
“I understand that’s it’s very impressive but we have work to do.” Taika chuckled. “You can celebrate tonight.”
That evening Tom got out of his trailer, proudly wearing your merch t-shirt, with your name and number writing in bulk. He walked towards the dining room and his shirt didn’t go unnoticed by Chris.
“AH TASTE!” He patted Tom and pointed to his shirt.
Tom shrugged “What can I tell you? Taste indeed.”
“I’m so happy she won the race.” He shook his head. “Show those guys she’s better. Girl power. This is the type of people I want my kids to look up to.”
“Yeah.” Tom had a small smile on his lips as he heard Chris only say good things about you.
“Plus like she’s like the nicest person. I met her at a Grand Prix last year, she was just the best.”
“Yeah she’s amazing isn’t she?” Tom felt his cheeks coat with a light blush. “I met her two years ago at a Grand Prix actually.” Tom nodded.
“Oh really? That’s amazing. She’s been my fav driver ever since she joined f1″
“Yeah definitely.” He agreed. As if on cue Tom’s phone rang with your name on it. He smiled when he looked down at his screen. “Sorry that’s my girlfriend. Ive been waiting for her to call me back, I’ll be right back.”
“Congratulations! This is so amazing.” Tom cheered once he was outside of the building.
“I know it’s insane!” You giggled. “It’s such a shame you couldn’t be here! Did you get to watch the race?” You wondered, your smile evident from the other side of the line.
“Unfortunately no... I hoped that we were going to wrap up before it finished, but I knew that you were the winner by a screaming Chris Hemsworth who was watching It while waiting. But I watched the replays well done, you were amazing as always.” He pointed out. “Chris is a huge fan by the way.”
“Yeah, I know.” You smiled. “I met him and Daniel Bruhl at a Grand Prix last year. They were real fans I can tell you that. And honestly being complimented by them saying I was one of the best drivers since Niki Lauda didn’t just make my day but my life. Can you believe it? They had to watch so many of their races to become their characters and they tell me im as good as these legends?” You bit your lip. “Insane.”
“Yeah.” Tom chuckled, loving your enthusiasm. “You are the best though.”
“Stop it.” You giggled. “You’re saying that because I’m your girlfriend.”
“BUT IT’S TRUE! You're both amazing and my girlfriend” He chuckled.
Suddenly Tom heard chanting and screaming from behind. He recognized the voices of some fellow drivers and smiled to himself.
“I’m sorry Tom I have to go. They insisted on celebrating.”
“It’s alright love, you deserve it, have fun”
“Thank you, I love you, bye!”
“Love you too.” You hung up leaving a giddy smiled Tom behind.
He walked back to the dining room and sat back next to Chris.
“Sorry, she calling me to celebrate her victory.” He smiled.
“Oh really? What did she win?” Tom smirked when Chris asked the question.
“Nothing special,” He shrugged. “Just today’s Formula 1 Grand Prix.”
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Hello There! p4 (Rewritten)
Peter Parker x Reader Star Wars au
Synopsis - your ship crashed after a mission, Peter Parker is the only one who knows where you come from.
Normal Masterlist 🧚🏻‍♀️
Series Masterlist 🍒
Tumblr media
Your mind froze. How could you have been so stupid? Of course, he and Padme were together.
“Master? Where are you going?” The curfew bells had already rung and you were making your way to your room when you saw Anakin fully dressed walking towards the temple gate.
“Oh um, Master Yoda just sent me on a last-minute mission” You looked at him all confused. Why he didn’t ask for your help?
“Want me to come?” You questioned.
“Oh no don’t worry it’s nothing serious, have a good night.” He gave you a stiff smile before turning around and exiting the Temple.
You were so confused that when you saw Obi-Wan in the living room reading and drinking a cup of tea you couldn’t help but get more information.
“Master Obi-Wan?” You sat next to him.
“Y/n? Aren’t you supposed to be in bed right now?” He raised an eyebrow before taking a new sip of his tea.
"Yes, I was just making my way to my room, but um… I crossed path with Master Skywalker, he said he was going on a last-minute mission. Should I be worried?”
Obi-Wan laughed.
“Oh, who knows what that boy does. He goes out every night to ‘ get some air.' He’s been doing that since his mother died. Don’t worry about him. He never comes back hurt. Whatever he's doing I think it helps him cope with everything that’s been going on.” You nodded.
Then you thought you actually saw it.
You were running around hallways trying to find an exit. You got separated from Anakin when some Separatist droids attacked you in the middle of your mission. Senator Padme had been kidnaped by them and you two were sent to save her.
You should have seen the signs, Anakin was going mental over the fact that Padme was kidnapped. He was never like this when other senators did.
You had managed to kill all the droids that were chasing you, but that didn’t change the fact that you were lost in a multitude of hallways.
And that’s when you saw it, at least, think you did.
Padme and Anakin about to kiss. He had his hand on her cheek and they were both leaning in.
To their dismay, they were attacked by droids. At this moment you just pushed that memory away thinking it was clearly impossible they were together. Anakin was a perfectly responsible jedi. Was he really though?
“Y/n you ok?” Ned asked fully breaking you out of your thoughts.
“Yeah, um continue with the story” You gulped wanting to know more.
“Ok so, then after they get married, the movie ends. Then Revenge of the Sith takes place 3 years later. So we do miss everything that we see in Clone Wars. So the movie starts with Anakin and Obi-Wan going on a mission to save general Palpatine who has been captured by Count Dooku. You know who that is right?”
“Yeah” You quickly nodded. You frowned, not remembering any of these events.
“Anyway so then Anakin caught count Dooku and also got his lightsaber so he has his head in the middle of the two like this.” He made a cross with his arms mimicking Anakin. “And well, Anakin didn’t want to kill count Dooku but General Palpatine was like ‘DEW IT’” You managed a smile at his impression. “But Anakin was like ‘It’s not the Jedi way’” You grinned picturing Anakin saying these words - It did sound like him. “But then General Palpatine continued with his ‘Dew it’, that’s where the meme comes from if you didn’t know. Anyway, so Anakin chopped count Dooku’s head off.”
“Wait. What? Anakin would never do that!” You looked so shocked Ned didn’t know how to answer.
“Well um, it wasn’t his first kill you know. He killed a bunch of sand people when his mother died.”
Your eyes popped wide open. You’ve heard stories of his mother getting killed by sand people, but you had no idea he took his revenge.
Peter was dying on the spot - too stunned to stop Ned.
“Well yeah, anyway if it makes you feel better he did kind of regret killing count Dooku.” You looked at Peter who gulped.
“Ned, I think that’s enough.”
“No, I want to know the rest.” You placed a hand in front of Peter. You wanted to hear Ned talk - you wanted to know the future of your galaxy.
“Well, Anakin gets back from his mission and learns that Padme is-”
“Ned. I think she’s heard enough I’ll just show her the movie.”
“Peter I want to know. What does Anakin learn?” You frowned as you were getting curious.
“Well, Anakin learns that Padme is pregnant” your face drained from color.
How was he going to explain this to the Jedi council? That was the only thing you could think of. How could he do this to you? Once the council knew he was going to be expelled and you were going to be left alone. Alone with probably Obi-wan, he was great but Anakin was your best friend. Your older brother. He couldn't just leave you like this. He couldn't be this reckless.
“Wait but does the Jedi council know?” You dared ask.
“Well no.”
“Not even Obi-Wan?”
“No, not even Obi-Wan, but he discovers it in the end.” He nodded his head ready to continue.
“But then the same night he gets a dream that she dies in childbirth so he’s all like ‘I don’t want her to die’. but Padme keeps telling him she won’t die.”
“Wait, but does she die?” You were on the edge of your seat.
“I’ll get there” He chuckled.
“So a bunch of stuff happens, they try to find the Sith lord. Wait you know what Siths are right?” he continued
“Ok, so General Palpatine keeps telling stuff to Anakin like ‘The dark side can bring back people from the dead’ Like he tells this story about this really powerful guy who got killed by his apprentice - Darth Plagius the wise.” You knew that story. “So he kind of slowly turns Anakin’s mind to go towards the dark side. And then Anakin realizes that General Palpatine is the Sith Lord.”
“Wait, General Palpatine!?” you were shocked, all this time the Allie was the enemy.
“Yeah,” He said in the most natural way possible. “So then Anakin tells the Jedi council General Palpatine is the Sith Lord, so Mace Windu, you know who that is right?” You nodded.
“So Master Windu goes and confronts General Palpatine, he’s about to kill him when Anakin comes in. This is one of my favorite scenes by the way. So Anakin comes in and General Palpatine begs Anakin to keep him alive he says things like ‘I can save the one you love’ so Anakin thinks for a moment and is like I wanna save Padme, so because Mace Windu is about to kill Palpatine Anakin chops his arm off and then Windu gets thrown out the windu.” He made finger guns at Peter and laughed at his own joke, but nor Peter nor you thought it was funny.
You suddenly felt dizzy. And Ned who was just continuing didn't help your sudden desire to throw up.
“So then Palpatine makes Anakin his new apprentice and that’s when Anakin becomes Lord Darth Vader.” You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t think.
“So- Anakin turns to the Dark Side?” These are some words you never thought you’d say.
“Yeah.” At that moment you didn’t want to know the rest of the story.
“Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?” You shifted in your spot waving your hands for air and fanning your shirt for air.
“No, I feel fine” Ned shrugged as he brought his attention back to his legos.
You looked at Peter for held and when he saw the look on your face he took it as his cue. He stood up and opened his window.
“ I can’t breathe.” You stood up too and almost ran to the window ceil.
Peter had opened it for air, but your bent down and threw up your entire day's worth of food.
“Hey, you ok?” Ned turned his head towards you but you just gawked some more out.
"I must have ate something bad." You chocked as you felt the tears about to swell up.
Peter didn't know what to do, but in the rush of the moment, he pulled your hair back. You dived back down and this time it was mixed in with a sob.
"Ned, could you go grab some water please?" Peter frowned as he turned to his friend.
"Um yeah of course." Ned stood up and existed Peter's room.
"I'm sorry," Peter mumbled as you rested your head on in your hand. You let a cool breeze pass in your face reminding you to wipe the tears from your eyes.
"It's not your fault Peter." You released a shaking breath.
"No but I could have stopped it."
"I need to go for a walk." You shook your head. "Could I use your bathroom ?"
"Yeah." You took your time trying to refresh yourself. Not knowing how to take your anger out.
You stepped out of the bathroom and was greeted with a glass of water from Ned.
"Thanks." You stepped towards the kitchen counter where Peter was waiting.
"I think I’m going to go for a walk.” You gave a tight smile before turning around and grabbing your shoes. Your eyes were glossy and you felt like tearing up.
“No hey, don’t go.” Peter caught up with you and tried to hold you back.
“Peter, I really need some air, I’m sorry.”
You quickly made your way through the door and down into the streets of Queens. You didn’t know where to go, but you needed to walk.
“Agh, thanks a lot, Ned.” Peter's frustration took over and he pulled his hair in frustration.
“What? How is it my fault she doesn't feel well? She asked me to tell her about Star Wars and so I did!”
“Ned, I- She- AGH.” Peter sighed and realized something “I have to go after her.” He said grabbed his suit from his closet.
“Ok, I really don’t know how this is my fault by the way,” Ned pointed out. “You like her don’t you?” He looked at Peter straight in the eyes.
“Y-Yeah” Peter nodded as he pressed on his spider emblem.
“You know she likes you too?”
“No, um” Peter gave a sad laugh. “It’s impossible she likes me back.”
“Bullshit,” Ned pointed a finger at him. “Now go and see what’s wrong with the girl who definitely likes you back.” He pointed to the window.
"Ned- It's impossibl-" The look in his friend's eyes told him to shut up, and so he did. Peter sighed before turning around and jumping out the window.
Peter was a little panicked as he swung through the streets. So far you were nowhere to be seen. You weren’t in the nearby parks, you weren’t a few blocks away, you weren’t in any shops. Where in the world could you be?
He felt a mix of emotions come to him as he searched for you, but his shoulders relaxed when he saw you; sitting on a bench in a random area he hadn’t searched in yet.
Peter couldn’t recognize the expression on your face, was it a mix of confusion? Sadness? Anger? He didn’t know.
“Hey” He shyly stepped in front of you.
“Hi spider-man,” You replied, barely meeting his big white eyes.
“H-How are you?” He bounced on his heels in light anxiety as he awaited your answer.
“I don’t know.” Your voice was quiet. “I um, I’m confused… And angry… and- well, a little sad.” the last words were barely audible. Your eyebrows were in a frown as you played with the rim of your sweater.
“Well, you know, maybe it won’t happen… Maybe it was all made up and just based on a true story but the ending was changed. I mean from what you told me Anakin seems like a great guy and-”
“Peter.” all he could hear was the sadness in your voice. “Anakin turning to the dark side is something I never thought he would do, and I’m seriously hoping I get back to my galaxy before he does if he does, but-” You paused trying to stop the tears from falling, you were frustrated by everything because it all made sense. “But him and Padme? How was I so stupid to not see that. It was so obvious. It always has been obvious, they're terrible at hiding it and the whole Jedi council is as stupid as me to not see it.” You paused. “He could have at least told me.” You sighed. “I thought he trusted me.”
‘No gift is more precious than trust’ you remembered Yoda’s words. You wiped the tears with the sleeve of your sweater and met Peter’s eyes who were fixing you.
“I um-” Peter didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry.” You smiled at his apology and watched him as he sat down next to you.
“You don’t have to, Peter. It’s not your fault.”
“Well, it kind of is. I should have stopped Ned when he said we should build the death star with you, and I should have shut him up when he started to talk about Darth Vader.” He played with his fingertips to embarrassed to meet your gaze.
“It’s not your fault. Being here, I would have found out anyway.” You placed a hand on his shoulder “I’ll probably call Happy to bring me back to the compound it’s getting late.” You explained.
“Hey, why don’t I take you for a swing?” He asked, hopeful you’d say yes. “Maybe it can clear your mind?” He looked at you through his mask.
“Um, I mean, why- why not?” you stumbled on your own words.
“I won’t drop you, I promise.” He handed you his hand.
“Alright then, Fear is a disease; hope is its only cure.” You said as Peter wrapped an arm around your waist.
“What did you just say?” He chuckled.
“I said fear is a disease and hope that you don’t drop me is its only cure.” You managed a smile, and with that, he nodded his head and shot a web projecting you towards the sky.
“Voila!” He said lightly placing you on the rooftop of the compound.
“What did you just say?”
“I said ‘Voila’ it’s french Means like ‘here you go!’. It’s like an expression.”
“Oh, I didn’t know. We don’t have that language in our galaxy.” You smiled
“Oh right, you guys speak alien sorry.” he laughed.
“Hey!” You nudge his arm “we have multiple complex languages.”
“I bet you do” He took his mask off, you turned around when you were overwhelmed by how cute he was with the setting sunlight. When you did you were met with the most beautiful skyline.
You smiled at the beautiful colors the setting sun was making. Over the river and trees, it looked beautiful, like something out of those photoshopped postcards.
It was beautiful, just like the sunsets you’d see on Coruscant.
“It’s so pretty, right?” Peter sat on the ledge and patted the space next to him.
“What if I fall?” You raised an eyebrow as you walked over.
“I’ll catch you.” He grinned.
His face looked beautiful with the sunlight hitting him. His eyes looked like pools of honey and his curls were shinning, looking like gold. Suddenly the skyline didn’t even matter. Yoda and Obi wan’s words faded from your mind.
If Anakin loved, maybe you could…
The city seemed to go quiet. Peter turned towards you when he felt your stare on him. You lost yourselves in the moment. Your eyes were alternating between his lips and his eyes, and so did his. You felt yourself slowly lean in until there was barely a gap between your lips.
“Is this ok?” Peter whispered, too scared to break the moment. He knew very well the Jedi rules, he had spent nights thinking about you, but you couldn't love... Could you? Could you break the rules like your master?
“If Anakin can love someone, then I don’t see why I can’t” You finished the sentence by closing the gap between your lips.
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Alrighty Aphrodite
Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis; Peter can’t stop staring at you
Sry this took so long to write haha - I took a break and I also waited to watch the film to write this haha :))
Requested by; @thekamiiiworld // hope i’m not overwhelming you! maybe a peter parker x reader where she’s an intellectual bad girl, like timothee chalamet’s character in lady bird, and kinda acts like a bad influence on peter? like she’s cool and mysterious and not into people? do whatever with the plot but please don’t end in angst. thanks!
Tumblr media
You sat in the popular group.
At least that’s what Ned and Peter use to say.
“Look at them they’re so perfect.” Ned pointed to your group, not seeing you in the background.
“Look at his hair-” Peter pointed to Jack; a guy in your group who was passing a hand through his golden locks. “It shines. How is this allowed?” He questioned Ned who shook his head in disbelief.
“Look at Liz. She’s so perfect she could be confused as one of these ancient Greece statues.” Ned gushed with a sigh as Liz smiled at her friends.
“They all look like perfect statues.” Peter sighed and finally lifted his stare from the group and looked at his food.
The next day Peter found himself staring at the group again. He was leaning over Ned’s car and looked around noticing you. Weirdly he had never seen you before.
You were sitting on top of Flash’s car, a book in your hand. You seem to be focused on the pages and didn’t engage in any conversation.
He thought you looked beautiful. So beautiful he wondered how he never noticed you. Your hair was down and you were wearing a short sundress. Your legs were crossed and you were wearing sandals that looked pretty with your skin tone. You had an ankle bracelet and he thought it looked pretty cool.
Suddenly you looked up from your book and climbed off the car. The rest of the group didn’t seem to notice as you shouldered your bag and started walking.
It took a second for Peter to realize that you were walking his way. You stared right at Peter. Smiling when you met his eyes and leaned on Ned’s car next to him.
Peter stayed frozen for a second as he looked at you with a questioning glance.
“You need something?” You wondered opening your book again.
“uh...” He didn’t know what to reply.
“I felt you staring at me.” You replied and Peter’s cheeks went scarlet. “I see you staring often actually.”
“No need to say a word.” You smiled as you flipped to the next page. “you’ve never noticed me before have you?” You turned your head to look at him and he didn’t speak but his eyes said everything. “People don’t seem to notice me.” you smiled.
“I-” He managed.
“If your question is how long have I been at this school? The answer is; a while” you chuckled. “I’ve been here as long as you have Peter Parker.” You smirked when his face fell. “I just have the power to disappear.” You made a move with your hand like you were playing with your invisible superpower. “Kidding” you giggled when you saw the look on his face. “But I don’t tend to show myself off. I also don’t like people staring.” you pointed out.
“S- sorry.” His cheeks flushed.
“Don’t worry. Just don’t do it again!” You pointed it out as you started closing your book and walking off. “I’ll be making sure you don’t Parker.” You pointed two fingers to your eyes and back to his, which made him crack a smile
A few days later and your head was stuck in your book again. You started walking towards the cafeteria, still walking behind the same group. You noticed to pair of eyes looking at you. You smirked a little when you looked up and saw Peter look away.
"I thought I told you to stop." You bumped into him as you were grabbing your lunch, sliding your tray next to his.
"I- I wasn't-" He started going bright red and you giggled placing an orange that was on your tray on his.
"Don't worry." You giggled. "I noticed that this time you were staring at me instead of Liz or Jack." You smirked. "You have better taste than I thought Parker." That comment made him a blushing mess.
"I'll see you at Liz's party."  You leaned in to whisper something in his ear. "Spider-man." You giggled when you saw how tense he became.
"Call me if you want to pick me up" You pointed to the orange and handed him a flirty wave before walking off.
“I said to stop staring at me.” You whispered in Peter’s ear as you crept behind him.
Peter turned to you with bright red cheeks - happy you couldn’t see them with the dim light of the party.
Peter took a second to look at you. You looked natural compared to all the other girls at the party; barely any makeup on, a pretty dress, and loose hair.
“So where’s your friend?” You chuckled and Peter’s cheeks became redder than your party cup.
“I- About that- I'm not Spide-”
“Don’t worry.” You nudged him with your elbow. “Your secrets safe with me.” Peter’s jaw dropped.
“I- I told you I- I'm not-”
“I saw you.” You giggled. “no one else did. No one else but MJ suspects it.” You nodded.
“MJ- What?” he squeaked.
“Don’t worry you’re good at hiding it.” You pointed out. “We're just better at figuring things out.”
“How in the world do you know MJ?” He wondered.
“Were almost the same person” You shrugged. “We just hang out in different friend groups. We share this secret language you guys will never be able to decode.” You raised your eyebrows to give a sense of mystery.
“Well, you’re full of surprises.” He noticed.
“Let’s go outside, Spider-man” You took his arm and dragged him out. “This party is getting boring.”
You walked through the garden full of people partying, walking around the pool you shoved away a couple who were making out next to your favorite tree and sat down on the grass. Opening the same book you carried everywhere.
"What are you reading?" He wondered as he sat next to you. You showed him the cover of your book.
"Troy?” He said out loud. "Is this some kind of High School Musical fan fiction?" He chuckled as he settled next to you.
You raised an eyebrow "Troy as in the Trojan war"
"Oh. With the Trojan horse and all?" You nodded with a light smile going back to reading. You and Peter fell in a comfortable silence as he plucked some grass.
"Would you choose me?" You put your book down and looked Peter in the eyes.
"If you were Paris."
"I would choose you to come to Paris with me, yes"
"No" you chuckle - one that made Peter’s heart melt. "Paris as in Prince of Troy Paris, Paris of Troy. The one who people blame the Trojan war on." You explained and Peter still looked confused.
"I can’t believe you don’t know your classics. Tell me you’ve read the Iliad?" Peter shook his head no. “The Odyssey?"
"Oh Yeah, I think I read a little of that! With the cyclops right?" You nodded.
"Yes, the icon Polyphemus.” You tucked a hair behind your ear. “Well - before the Trojan war, Paris was asked to choose between three goddesses; Aphrodite - obviously the one I relate to the most. Hera and Athena.” You explained. "He couldn’t decide between them and each of them ended up promising him something, Aphrodite offered the most beautiful women in all Greece and he chose that. So back to what I was asking - would you choose me if you were Paris."
"Well, who would you be in this situation? The women Aphrodite promised him or a goddess?"
"I’d be Aphrodite. But I wouldn’t promise you another woman - I’d promise you me." You grinned and a short smile went on Peter’s lips.
"Well, Alrighty Aphrodite. Yea I’d choose you. I mean the goddess of love right?"
"Yeah." You grinned, slowly leaning towards Peter. "I like that reply." You smiled right before crashing your lips to his. You both melted into the kiss, your hand coming up to his hair. Peter smiled into the kiss and you pulled away with a grin. "But that wasn't the answer I wanted." His face fell and a giggle escaped your lips.
"If I was Aphrodite you'd accept me because I was a goddess and I'd offer to be with you." Peter stayed frozen and you couldn't help but smile. "You'd be with me because of my power not for me."
"I-" He looked at you like a deer in headlights.
"I'm messing with you." You gave him a look and confusion stayed in his pretty brown eyes. Before holding him by the shirt and bringing him into a new kiss.
He gave you a sheepish smile and you pressed your lips against his again.
“You’re funny.”
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courageous-heart7 · 7 days ago
I just really want a hug from Peter Parker right now.
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loonyloopylupxn · 8 days ago
Only Child Series § Grounded
Main Masterlist Only Child Series Masterlist part one / part two / part three chapter warnings: violence, sarcasm, swearing, fatalist humour
"You're joking." Y/N groaned when the elevator refused to move.
"I do not joke." JARVIS informed her and she jumped in frustration, slamming her feet down over and over again. "That would not work even if you were Captain Rogers, ma'am."
Y/N cursed at the elevator door, kicking it and falling through when the doors open suddenly.
"I don't understand why I'm grounded. I did my chemistry homework this time." She grumbled, making her way into the communal kitchen, eyes narrowed.
"It doesn't count if you plagiarised it all." Bruce reminded her from his seat at the kitchen island and she grumbled again.
"It's not plagiarism if you reference." She reasoned and he raised his eyebrows.
"You didn't reference." She scowled at him, well aware she was throwing a strop, not caring enough to fix it.
"Bet I won't be grounded when there's a call for a mission. Funny how I can go to work but not Starbucks." She sneered. Steve poked his head in from the living room and fixed her with a warning look.
"You have actually been benched. Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro went to Montreal this morning with Tony instead." Y/N let her jaw drop, her eyes wide open, and stared at Steve.
"For the squishy rats? You promised I could go this time!" The elevator opened, letting Clint and Natasha out and she turned her glare on them.
"Whoa, tone it down." Clint held his hands up defensively while Natasha only laughed.
"Did you know that not only was I grounded, I was also benched for the squishy rats?" Y/N asked, fists clenched.
"I made the decision and whispered it in Hill's ear who whispered it in Steve's." Natasha shrugged, heading for the fridge.
"Boo you whore." Y/N grumbled to two choruses of 'hey!' from Steve and Bruce and one too happy 'get in loser, we're going shopping' from Clint.
"I'm running away." She informed them all.
"Can't run away if you're grounded." Steve reminded and she glared, hands on her hips.
"Can too! Running away trumps getting grounded. I'm gonna join the circus." She frowned at Clint. "I'm amending that. I'm going to join a terrorist organization. Well, Wanda and Pietro already did that. God, I've never had an original thought ever."
"I know. I graded your chemistry." Bruce spoke up, hiding his laugh behind the paper. No one else bothered to hide their laughter.
"That was my thirteenth reason." She told him and huffed when no one laughed. They were all so old. She huffed again before sliding into the seat next to Bruce and resting her head on his shoulder.
"Help me do it?" She asked and he sighed.
"Tomorrow morning we'll go over it again." He promised and she gave him a soft smile.
She was almost over her tantrum when the elevator opened, letting Tony, Bucky, Pietro, and Wanda out. They looked miserable.
"Squishy capybaras." Bucky groaned and the look of anguish on Y/N's face almost made them think someone had died.
"What's a capybara?" Clint asked.
"Only the second-largest rodent on Earth!" She groaned, dropping her face into her folded arms on the island.
"Second largest?" Bruce asked, petting her head awkwardly to somewhat console her.
"After Pietro of course." She sighed.
"Isn't that a line in Bob's Burger's?" Steve asked and she looked up at him and nodded sadly. They watched it together sometimes when neither of them could sleep. They all had ways to comfort their nightmares.
"I could've quoted so much Bob's burgers." She sighed, leaning into Bruce's hand when he scratched at her scalp.
"Next time do your own chemistry homework." Bucky told her, accepting a coffee from Steve.
"Okay, Mr. Fall Off A Train And Forget My Best Friend." She seethed and Bucky hid his smirk when Steve began to lecture her on manners and not bringing up people's trauma.
"I'm going for a bath, anyone seen the toaster?" Tony spat out his coffee and Steve launched into a whole new lecture on how fatalist humor hadn't been charming in the 1940s and it certainly wasn't any different.
"Steve, it wasn't funny then cause you were a stick in the mud and even less so now because you're a centennial." Y/N sighed.
"Centenarian." Bruce corrected her quietly and she rolled her eyes.
"You're being childish." Natasha sighed.
"I am a child." She reminded her.
"You're almost eighteen, time to start acting like it. Start doing your homework, stop annoying everyone." Tony sighed and Y/N shot him the finger making Steve scowl again.
"If you benched me from the squishy capybaras then considered me benched. I'm not going back until I decide my grades have improved enough. Try being one down and see how it goes." Y/N turned on her heel and headed back to the elevator.
"I still don't know what a capybara is." Clint sighed as the elevator doors shut.
That night Y/N found Steve on the sofa in the communal living room. On his left, Bucky had fallen asleep but she could tell it was only recently, he hadn't started to drool yet.
"I'm sorry." She whispered, sitting on his right and wrapping the rest of Steve's blanket around herself. He only rolled his eyes, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and changing the television over to Bob's Burger's letting it pick up where they'd left off.
Tina was trying to become her school's news anchor and Y/N was beginning to drift off to the steady rise and fall of Steve's chest. He was running his hand through her hair slowly, trying to relax her. "You wanna come to Washington with me?"
"When?" She asked around a yawn that made her jaw crack.
"Probably in the next day or two. Fury's narrowing down the location of what used to be a Hydra base. We're not expecting a fight, just information recovery. I was gonna bring Natasha and Tony but what if we just went down together?" Steve asked. This was his way of apologizing. It was no squishy capybara but it would do.
"We might find out Bucky is actually my dad this time." She told Steve, leaning against him more and getting comfortable.
"I'm not your dad. I'd have given you up for adoption." Bucky spoke sleepily from Steve's left.
"You're only proving my point Buckmeister. I am adopted." Y/N closed her eyes with a satisfied smile.
a/n i just adore the thought of the Avengers having to deal with a gen-z team member
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peter parker x stark!daughter, “Would.... would you like to stay?” and “if it means anything i love you.”
🐊Request a blurb🐊
I love you ☀️
“Peter! Peter wait.” You called out before he could step out the door. You grabbed his arm which made him turn around. “Would.... would you like to stay?” You gave his arm a short squeeze and Peter looked into your eyes. 
“But you- your dad said I could go-”
“That’s because he doesn’t know were friends. He doesn’t see it. He doesn’t see-” You paused and Peter suddenly looked confused. 
“Y/n I have to go-”
“Peter! If it means anything I love you. I love you and that’s why I want to you stay. I don’t want you to leave. I want you to come to the gala with me tonight, because- because I’m in love with you.” You wanted to say more but you felt Peter’s lips crashed to yours. 
Your eyes went wide open in shock, and when you realized what was happening you closed your eyes and melted into his kiss. You smiled once you finally pulled away.
“I love you too.” He chuckled bumping your noses together before bringing you back into a new kiss. 
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