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#spice king
lovely-v · 4 days ago
4, 11 and 16 for the Tolkien ask thing :D -🌱
4. If you could have lunch with one character, who would it be and why?
I feel like the ONLY answer to this question is Sam because does he not canonically make the best food? cannot think of a character whose cooking goes off as much as his. remember when he made that soup? i do.
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prettyboykatsuki · 5 days ago
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
shoujo manga | k. bakugo 
➳ tags ;; fluff, angst/injury, very midly nsfw towards the end, kisses (?), pro-hero!bakugo 
➳ wc ;; 1.5k
➳ plot ;; how bakugo kisses you differently. 
➳ a/n ;; might do this for other characters? idk.. katsuki brainrot haunts me everyday of my life.. 
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
Bakugou speaks more than one language. 
Japanese, English, Spanish, and a little bit of Arabic and French. He’s fluent in the first three and conversational in the last - but the words still feel slick on his tongue. He’s the type of person that knows things well, when he can. He can curl around the syllables easily with enough patience - practice and time. A language is tool - or a love letter or a hopeless romantic. 
It’s something we never tire of listening too. 
For Bakugo Katsuki, the language he speaks to you in is kisses. It’s the one he feels best at, rolls of the tongue and mouth easiest. He’s well-versed in the foreign tongue of affection. It used to be.. choppy to say the least. But these days, Bakugo can tell you anything with nothing more than a few pressed lips and tongue-tied exchanges. 
It starts with a morning kiss. For it to be perfect, the sun has to hang just barely beneath the clouds. It can be any color out, blue, or orange, or grey - the sky just has to have light in it. He wakes up with a grunt, always before you - vermillion eyes peering open at your unconscious state. The verbs in his sentence are his hands, large palms that smooth down your hair. He nudges his nose against your jaw before his lips pucker against your cheek - travel down to your mouth until your eyes flutter open. 
“Wake up, brat,” with another kiss, this time on the corners of your lips. He waits for a while, sometimes letting you sleep for another ten minutes before his heart decides he’s running on empty time. Then he kisses you again, along your jaw like he’s tracing the lines of your art-work. 
“Oh? G’morning, Kat,” 
And he presses his cheek against your shoulder, kisses the edge with another grunt. These kisses always mean good morning, I’m happy we woke up together. In his language of love they mean, I like being here with you. 
Some kisses come after work - especially on those days where he’s working and you’re not. Bakugo dreads leaving you alone during the day, has to force himself out of bed and into his work clothes. It’s easier to be gone but always so hard to leave. When he comes home from work, he finds you in the living room with your legs propped up on the ottoman. Your laptop is on your lap and your head rests 
You can feel his presence before you see him. A warm hand, calloused and a hot, wraps around your throat and pulls you back to look upwards at him. He looks down at you with something unreadable in his expression - his thumb running against the column of your throat. He can feel your pulse under his fingers when he looks down on you - bows his head to kiss like an act of respect. This kiss is slow but deep - like a large wave crashing against the sand. His gravelly voice leaves you with a hum before he pulls away. 
This kiss means he’s missed you much more than you know. That’s why he stares at you for so long right after - why his fingers linger against your neck. 
“Whaddya want for dinner, huh?, is the only words he’ll say in the whole exchange but he looks like he’s gonna kiss you again. He wants to kiss you so many more times but he knows you’ve forgotten to eat so he just asks you what you want. He’ll make it for you. 
Other times, he kisses you in public. They’re not the kinds of kisses you can predict, you have to admit to yourself. It’s thee Dynamight afterall, and he rarely takes you anywhere the paparazzi can see. But you have to do normal things together sometimes - like grocery shopping. Even so, he always keeps his mask on up under his eyes, his sunglasses and army green hat and baggy clothes all covering him up.
But you mention it to him off-hand while you’re looking at salad dressing that you miss looking at his face when you’re out. A wistful, cheeky smiling on your lips as you tell him that you don’t mind if the world knows who you’re with. He scoffs, like always, and tells you to pick the spicy one for him. 
When he takes you outside, the sun falls over your skin like a halo. He’s sure there’s someone trailing him and watching from afar - some obsessed photographer examining his every move. Yet you look like gold, look like magic in the middle of this parking lot - packing groceries into the trunk of your car. 
He pulls his mask down just below his face, and takes his glasses off and pulls you toward him when the last of it’s over. Your hip bumps the shopping cart clumsily as his hands finds themselves under your jacket. His mouth melts against yours - this kind of kiss is searing against your lips Your hands are gripping the front of his shirt at first, but then they lay flat against his chest. It’s the kind of kiss where you let it happen, let it overwhelm your senses till your stomach turns. 
You leave it in a dazed and return to see him smirk, grin cocked like a pistol. He kisses you again, much softer as confusion dances along your face. 
“What? I thought you missed my face?” 
This kind of kiss is a reminder that your his and he’s yours. Nothing in the whole world could come between that, not even some shitty gossip column. When you laugh against him breathlessly, his expression melts into the most tender smile. You miss it - too busy laughing, but it might be better that way.  
Then, there are kisses that are desperate. Not sinful but somber. When you’re rushing to a hospital in the middle of September with a prayer clamped desperately between your tongue and teeth. You don’t really feel like you know yourself anymore, hands clasped around the steering wheel like religion. Your feet are the weight of crucifixion on the gas and it seems like you cannot go fast enough. 
You rush and rush and rush until the air in your lungs feels like it’s stomping at your chest. You wind up in a sterile white room, and he’s there. He’s alive and you know you should be grateful for that. Yet there’s a gash on his cheek and eyebrow, a wound in his side that makes everything in your knees feel weak. You don’t walk towards him, but stumble to where he’s sitting. 
“I fuckin’ hate hospital food,” 
He pushes the peas around the tray and you’re crying - shaking like a leaf in the wind as you cling to him. He lifts his arm and let’s you in. You sniffle against his shoulder and cry like a baby. You weep for the love you haven’t lost. You hear the plastic clink on the plate as he lifts his hand, brushes any stray hairs from your face. He tugs on your ear and makes him look at you, and kisses you. 
This kind of kiss is placating for certain. A warm mouth, not a hot one. His lips are so gentle, touch effervescent. When you hiccup a sob in his mouth, he nudges his forehead against yours and mumbles something incomprehensible.
You can hear his kiss before he speaks it.  
“I’m fine, dumbass,” but there’s no bite, no malice - just a hand wrapped in yours “I’m gonna be fine,” 
There are also times where he kisses you hotly. It’s the kind of kiss you wouldn’t want your children to see. When he comes home from a long day of training but the energy is still burning in his head. He’s sweaty, skin glistening and glazed. His teeth seem so sharp when he enters the threshold of the door. You can feel him pressed against your spine, the thick print in his basketball shorts. When his hands come up underneath your t-shirt and dance along your stomach. These times - he kisses you twice. Salacious and unrelenting. 
Once just like that in the kitchen. It’s all too much tongue and teeth that way - but god it feels so right. Makes you squirm, makes you hold the counter top to keep steady. You tremble before he even touches you. 
The second time is right in the middle of the fire, when he’s inside. Slow, sensual and needy - his tongue finding it’s way in your mouth like you’re a fountain. 
Both kisses speak the same words, the same desperation. It’s always the same with him, the inevitable scorching that bruises your lips and turns them red and swollen. 
“I want you. I want you. Give it to me, Give all of yourself to me” 
His kisses so harshly you can’t breathe, like even the breath in your lungs has to be his or he won’t stay still. These kinds of kisses always happen when you two touch. He can’t help but keep you all to himself. 
After all, in this language that only you two can speak, who else would he tell his secrets to?
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
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erosspace · 8 days ago
Is it just me or was Vlad king extra beefy this episode... man. I’m frothing at the mouth rn...
Imagine marking up his chest and leaving it covered in hickeys and bite marks that he can’t hide because of his boob window. I dunno why but I just want to make this man turn red in the face. Making him feel some form of embarrassment in general. Hhhhh
Brb bouta write something about inexperienced Vlad and minx reader
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etchartist · 9 days ago
117/365 #DRAWAPORTRAIT @spicekingcam . . . #2021 #challenge2021 #drawaturtle #spicekingcam #spice #king #cam #randomtiktoker #tiktoker #etchasketchart #etchartist #art #tiktok #etchasketch @EtchArtist @etchartist_gallery @etchartist_behindthescreens @spinmaster @etchasketch_art
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gorgugplushie · 14 days ago
well silme beds do have a heating setting for people with colder blood *rips your fucking
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honeybeesplace · a month ago
Okay so big thing here... Something that just gets my goat is the ✨FrEaKiNg✨ lack of sexual tension and chemistry between Gwen and Arthur in Merlin (BBC) like there was more sexual tension between Arthur and Merlin, when merlin goes "sorry how long have you been training to be a prat, my lord" and he does the whole seductive thingy with his eyes and voice.
Like that scene has more chemistry than the entire first three seasons of pinning.... Ughhhh this is why Merthur is waaaay better
Tumblr media
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whumpvp · a month ago
"I don't do that."
contents: noncon, beating, manhandling, wicked low self-worth. sorry buddy.
Jian should choose his clients more carefully
July 2018
💋💋💋 next ->
    “Hey, cut that shit out. I don’t do that,” Jian snapped, breaking their kiss again and snatching the man’s hand back off his throat. The guy just grabbed Jian’s wrists instead and shoved him harder into the wall.
    “You look like you do,” he said, smirking. Jian tried to shoulder himself out of the man’s grasp and aimed his knee at the man’s crotch when he couldn’t wiggle free.
    “Well I don’t,” Jian growled as his knee made contact. He broke from the wall and backed down the alley, away from the man who stayed bent over his middle for only a second before charging at Jian, grabbing the front of his shirt and angrily slamming him back into the dirty brick wall with a frustrated grunt.
    “Well I didn’t fucking ask,” the man hissed through clenched teeth. He jammed one hand up beneath Jian’s jaw, twisted the other in his hair, and heaved him violently to the ground, scraping Jian’s back across the brick on his way down. Jian squirmed and kicked, but the guy was much bigger than him. He cursed himself for allowing things to get this far. He had to stop forgetting to bring his fucking taser.
    “Get--” Jian snarled as menacingly as he could with the pressure slowly building around his windpipe, and dug his nails into the man’s arms while he tried to scoot his legs around to a better position, “--the FUCK--” Jian swung his knee upwards, aiming for the man’s groin again, but the man deflected the shot with his thigh and let go of Jian’s throat to punch him in the face, his knuckles skidding off Jian’s left cheekbone and scattering hot stars in his eyes. Jian groaned against the fireworks and tried to shield his head with his arms, but the man grabbed him by the shoulders and flipped him over onto the pavement, Jian’s face sparking with new pain as the man held a fist in the hair at the nape of Jian’s neck and mashed his cheek into the rocks and glass on the ground. A stabbing pain exploded in his head as the rough asphalt crunched against Jian’s left eye. He shut it tight, but that hurt even worse, and a pained groan escaped him.
    “You’re gonna give me what I want, you fucking slut,” the man whispered harshly into Jian’s ear, pulsing down for a second before shifting backwards and grabbing the waistband of Jian’s jeans.
    Shit, shit, shit, shit. “Hey--!” Jian cried. He bucked wildly and reached behind his back to grab the man, but Jian was too slow and uncoordinated. The man caught both of Jian’s arms, pinning them together beneath one large palm and folding them up against Jian’s spine. He finished tugging Jian’s pants down with his free hand, determined now to get the complete experience despite only paying for a blowjob. Jian found himself noting with a lukewarm gratefulness that the money was already in his pocket, and that the man didn’t seem to be thinking about trying to get it back. Not yet, at least.
    Jian shouted in rage and pain when the man clumsily used one hand to ready himself and stick it in quickly without much care for either of their feelings. It wasn’t about sex anymore, Jian thought bitterly, it was just a stupid goddamn way for the man to prove his power to Jian and to himself. Jian stopped kicking, stopped thrashing, all his energy focused on holding his breath through the man’s erratic movements and shutting his mouth against the garbage in his face. All of Jian’s muscles were pulled taut under the stress, and it only made the man try harder. He let go of Jian’s arms, but only to get a better grip and draw them even tighter up Jian’s back, leaning forward so that he could huff directly in Jian’s ear as he pounded him into the ground. Jian’s shoulders screamed as they were twisted backwards, and he couldn’t breathe now if he wanted to.
    Jian let out a pained cry as debris flicked into his eyes, feeling like millions of tiny glass shards were scratching his goddamn corneas. He tried to turn his face away, but there was nowhere to go. The man’s body was everywhere, crushing him and twisting his limbs and invading his nose and mouth, and when Jian cried his voice was muffled against the asphalt and the bricks and the garbage, his right temple bashing and scraping against the rough concrete at the base of the brick wall, the pounding of his skull following the man’s ever more brutal and desperate rhythm behind him until the man jerked and shuddered and groaned and, finally, stopped.
    Jian held his breath as the man stood up, kicked him once in the ribs, and called him a worthless whore before zipping his pants and heading out of the alley, leaving Jian alone on the ground with his ass out. Jian waited until he couldn’t hear the man’s footsteps anymore, then waited thirty seconds after that, fuming silently. Finally, he gathered the strength to reach behind his back and draw his own pants back up, sighing sorely.
    He rolled to his side, ignoring the trash on the ground. He was already caked in filth, anyway. He laid there for another thirty seconds, his mind empty, his whole body aching and a tight sting blooming around his left eye. The pain had hidden itself behind adrenaline, but it was slowly drawing back the curtain now on agony tinged with embarrassment and disgust at being such an easy fucking target. Jian didn’t know who else to blame.
    He pulled his phone out. Scrolled through his contacts. Pressed the call button. Gingerly sat up as the line rang. Leaned back against the brick wall. The line clicked and he heard his boyfriend’s sharp voice give him a wordless acknowledgement.
    “King?” Jian whispered into the phone. He pressed a hand to his side, holding on to his stomach, like he could protect himself from the inarticulate, jagged pain that whirled through his entire body and abstracted his view of the streetlight above him. His head thunked against the wall as he looked up, and he chewed his lip to keep from passing out just yet. King’s voice grumbled tonelessly from the tiny speaker.
    “What is it, babe?”
    “Can you pick me up?” Jian slurred. He watched a swarm of gnats swirl in the yellow light and felt his eyelids drooping, thousands of the little bugs still wiggling beneath his skin. “I got...”
    Jian’s voice trailed off, but just before the phone could slip from his hand he heard King say his name and he gasped to attention, clutching the phone back to his ear.
    “Jian? Are you okay? Where are you?”
    “Mm,” Jian groaned, shaking his head to nobody. He huddled closer to the wall and looked up and down the alley, trying to remember where he and the guy had ended up in the first place. His gaze landed on a familiar storefront. “I’ll be at the bus stop by the burrito place and Dunkin’,” he sighed.
    “On my way.”
    With a soft beep King’s voice dropped into the ether, and Jian dropped his phone to his side. He lightly thumped the back of his head against the wall a few times, trying his hardest to focus on the rough bricks and not the throbbing pain which was slowly darkening the vision in his left eye. It was going to be swollen shut by the time King found him. He grabbed his phone and struggled to his feet, leaning heavily on the wall, his legs wobbly. He patted his pockets. Well. At least he’d kept the money.
Tumblr media
Taglist??? @yet-another-heathen
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jonstarks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It doesn’t matter what you want. You didn’t want to be King in the North. What happens when they demand you press your claim, and take what is mine?
I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of Old Valyria, and I will take what is mine. With fire and blood, I will take it.
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johnrieber · 2 months ago
Check Out These "Skyscraper Salad Towers"! "What The Friday" Has The Super-Sized Story Of A Social Media Fad!
Check Out These “Skyscraper Salad Towers”! “What The Friday” Has The Super-Sized Story Of A Social Media Fad!
Who Wants A Salad? OK, that’s funny…many friends send me pictures like this – but everyone needs to know that I do, indeed, eat salads! So while a “Mega-Burger” is always entertaining to me – I also enjoy a good salad – like this! I’m Trying To Be Healthy, So I’ll Just Have A Salad… Check out these “Skyscraper Salads” – it was a wild fad in China a while back, all due to a very bad idea by a…
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okay but like... any of you read the latest batman issues and were like... oh boy this is going to get like one of those soulmates stories...
i mean... they've knwn each other since they were teens... and they were basically best friends... and you know even when they had bad fights, came a moment when they tried to let go of their walls and stay close... and yeah bc they are actually bad with emotions they weren't able to properly make up...
but then they met again as adults... and this time it was bruce that wanted to keep him close... and actually ghostmaker didn't hesitate a single second saying yes...
and bruce could've asked someone else to stay at his side, but no he chose him... the friend he'd missed, and they met other times but i think it wasn't just that, he missed the intimacy and the peace and the trust of calling each other by name and talking until late night hours... and now he's getting that back again, and they work together and come over their differences... despite the big conflicts it may bring, and they know they may
plus there's all the married couple bickering and the friends to enemies to lovers oh my have you already lost me over these two they have so much potential really
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crimsonfacets · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth’s tags. 
『  elizabeth / ic.  』    ❝ time for tea! ❞
『  elizabeth / visage.  』    ❝ be still my heart ; beating beneath lace & courage. ❞
『  elizabeth / insp.  』    ❝ sugar ; spice .. ❞
『  elizabeth / aes.  』    ❝ dressing everything to the nines. ❞
『  elizabeth / interests.  』    ❝ among sweet peonies and springtime memory. ❞
『  elizabeth / style.  』    ❝  trimmings of lace and flowing ribbons. ❞
『  elizabeth / bonds.  』    ❝ dearest beloved. ❞
『  elizabeth / hc.  』    ❝ promise to keep a secret? ❞
// bonds //
『  elizabeth / &ciel.  』    ❝ you’re my king and i’m your lionheart. ❞ / ​​tag for @thcsevoices​
『  elizabeth / &undertaker.  』    ❝ c'est ma partie préférée; où le soleil se lie d'amitié avec la lune. ❞ / this is my favorite part ; where the sun befriends the moon. / tag for @silvcrreaper​
『  elizabeth / &claudia.  』    ❝ the magpie and her turtledove. ❞ / tag for @saphireign​
// verses //
『  elizabeth / witch hunted.  』    ❝ magic in her eyes ; magic in her blades. ❞
​『  elizabeth / in wonderland.  』    ❝ painting the roses gold! ❞
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agdistis-sanctified · 2 months ago
So what do you think of Deadpool king of monsters run so far?
Super late response as always!! (I’m so sorry; I promise I do deeply enjoy getting questions a;jsdlfas)
Okay so Deadpool’s “voice” didn’t hit home for me in this run and it lacked some of that darker, sharper edge we often see in Deadpool stories. It wasn’t as exciting as some and the style of humor didn’t stick out to me. It’s not taking the place of my favorite Deadpool stories.
That being said, it was adorable and did have things I’ve craved from a Deadpool story. (I felt directly pandered to a couple times!) Some positive points here (spoilers):
It was nice to have an honest-to-god happy Deadpool story. Not just like, funny, but happy.
Deadpool was destined to be the monster king; I dare you to tell me different. This is his character. There’s a lot to say on that but for the purposes of this post I’ll leave it there.
“My whole life is messy, Steve. Doesn’t mean it ain’t worthwhile.” Oh fuck yeah. Inject this shit into my veins.
The whole conversation with Steve was excellent, actually. Wade maybe being a little paranoid about Steve’s priorities but also legitimately being more naturally sensitive to the monster issue than him; Steve genuinely caring and wanting to work things out but missing the mark a little... good shit. Good, character-faithful shit. *chef’s kiss* 1/3 of the run’s standout issues for me.
This run understood that Deadpool doesn’t actually like killing. It’s such a basic thing but it’s so important and people forget. Personal high point #2: the issue with Smash Smash.
And #3: the X-Men issue! As Kelly Thompson put it: “In general, the X-Men (and everyone maybe?) have fairly abusive relationships with Deadpool. People use him for his skills when convenient for them. But they also shut him out of being a part of their lives in big ways. He is rarely welcomed in to be a part of their lives…or even just respected. And I’m not saying that’s unwarranted… Wade is a wild card and he’s hard to trust or predict…it’s like willingly letting a tornado into your life… but if you can’t handle the tornado at dinner, maybe don’t call the tornado when you need help, y’ know? So it’s fair I think for Wade to be feeling a bit resentful about that...” It was nice to see Wade actually voice some frustration with the way they treat him sometimes (he didn’t even complain about the Real Shit, but that makes sense for him, honestly), to see someone in-universe agree with Wade on the X-Men being jerks sometimes, and to see some kind of “oh yeah, we snubbed you, sorry” moment, just once. This issue actually could have gone much further! But anyway, it was refreshing and still faithful to the imperfect and counterproductive way Wade sometimes reacts to grievances. (After Logan had Illyana punch him while he was in the middle of saying they’d hurt his feelings and that his impression was that they were knowingly keeping the cure for cancer from him, though......... no blame here.) “I don’t need your pity. I don’t need it from any of you!” TT
It was nice to see another person take the initiative to pursue Deadpool’s friendship(/romance) without needing to be convinced of his humanity first. Like those stories are good but god, I am exhausted. The Duggan run in particular (which god knows I love) ran me down because Deadpool had to go through that process with everyone and then it turned out in his hour of need that virtually none of them ever understood him after all. And it wasn’t just Elsa easily appreciating him in this run, it was all the monsters! I loved seeing Deadpool just... wanted by an entire island that could see and appreciate what he had to offer. No ableism hurdle. And they fought back when Deadpool tried to ignore his own wellbeing for them instead of just letting him! healing content
I loved little moments like Deadpool trying to ascertain that the bone beasts were actually dangerous and not just misunderstood based on their appearance... yeah... that shit hit the spot...
I’m a cranky asshole so it’s like, have we milked Jeff’s cuteness way too fucking hard yet? and the answer is yes. yes we have. but sure, yeah, fine, fine, he’s cute, I could never fault this; "Deadpool has an adorable baby shark” is a strong point in favor of this run. To anyone that hasn’t read the run: read the run for the baby shark.
Side note for anyone that has read Deadpool (2019): If you liked it, also check out Strikeforce (2019) #7-#9. The Strikeforce team goes to Monster Island and they casually board the “respect Deadpool” train too.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 36. Diamond shape~  
For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. This might have rooted from the Greek’s belief that Cupid, the god of desire, affection and erotic love, has diamond tipped arrows which have magic to draw hearts together or to inspire romantic love. The Greeks also believed that the fire in diamonds reflect the constant flame of love. The name itself says so as diamond came from the Greek word αδάμας (adámas) which means proper, unalterable, unbreakable, or untamed – just like romantic love.
Tumblr media
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vasantmasala · 2 months ago
Must-Have Indian Spice Blends to Add in Your Kitchen
Tumblr media
Spice blends are must-haves in every Indian household. We all know about essential individual spices and so our topic of discussion today is Indian spice blends, which are made of individual spices. Spice blends works perfect when used as a base for authentic Indian dishes. There are a lot many spice blends that can be used, but you can start from these 5 popular spice blends I have talked about here.
Indian spices are the most popular worldwide when it comes to adding flavour and aroma to the dish. And when these spices are added as ingredients to make different spice blends, they are just unbeatable! 
Spice blends are the essence of Indian cuisine. They intensify the aroma, flavour, zest and colour of the dishes. When selected spices are roasted and blended, they create a unique flavour and add aroma to the Indian dishes. 
If you are an Indian food lover like I am, then adding spice blends to your spice-box is a must. To enjoy food to its core, here are five-spice blends, that you must make space for in your kitchen. 
Garam Masala
Garam Masala is one classic spice, which you would definitely use in your cooking at some point to add a strong punch to the dish. Generally, garam masala is a mix of popular spices like cumin, coriander, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. 
I am a fan of Rajwadi Garam Masala, and it acts superbly in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes both. I would recommend you, to try out Vasant Rajwadi Garam Masala; it forms a wonderful base for authentic dishes and takes the dish's taste to next-level!
 Sambhar Masala
Sāmbhar masala has made a special place for it in the world of spice mixes. Made using dry red chillies, turmeric, toor dal, chana dal, coriander, fenugreek, pepper, cumin seeds; sambhar masala enhances the taste of south Indian dishes and lets us indulge in the dish's deliciousness. I feel Sāmbhar Masala from Everest, and Vasant Masala is the finest for getting the flavour of the South into the plate. 
Sāmbhar masala helps in improving digestion and boosting immunity. A study suggests that the spices included in Sāmbhar masala have anti-cancerous properties, which prevents colon cancer. 
 Chaat Masala
One of the blended spices without, which every street food dish is incomplete - The Chaat Masala. Chaat Masala adds a lively flavour to your not-so-exciting meal. Sprinkling chaat masala in cooked dishes or to fruit salads or juices will surely tantalize your taste buds. There are a lot of Indian dishes in, which chaat masala is used as a seasoning. A pinch of chaat masala on the top and the dish is all set to create wonders!
Chaat Masala from Catch Sprinklers adds a good tangy and spicy flavour to every food dish. You should definitely add chaat masala for seasoning more and more to pep up your meals!
(Read: Chaat Masala: Uses and Benefits)
 Tea Masala
Masala Chai is the most favourite brew in India. Many of us kick start our day with a cup of masala chai and get the energy to survive the whole day. And, the secret to this warm, flavorful and calming chai we consume every day is the ''Chai Masala Powder". 
Tea Masala is a sweet-smelling spice blend that enhances the flavour of traditional Indian tea. Generally, tea masala powder is made up of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom etc. And all these spices have so many health benefits associated with it, making our favourite chai a healthy brew to consume. 
When it comes to my most favored tea masala powder, then Vasant Tea Masala comes out as a winner. I have tried different packaged tea masala powders but found the one from Vasant Masala the best of all! 
 Kitchen King Masala
Last but not least is the King of Masalas - Kitchen King Masala. Kitchen King Masala is prepared using turmeric, coriander, red chilli, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic etc. This spice blend works best to enhance the taste of your Punjabi dishes. It creates magic when added to Punjabi sabjis and curries, and also, makes sure that you do not miss delicious ''Bahar ka Khana''. 
Kitchen King Masala adds a golden hue to the gravy and adds a sharp flavour too. Also, essential spices added to Kitchen King Masala, are proved beneficial to cure health ailments. I have been using Kitchen King Masala from Everest and, I am very happy with the colour and taste it adds to the dish. 
These were the popular spice blends that you should instil in your daily cooking. Hurry up, and get them all!
Let me know in comments about how you are using these spice blends in cooking.
Try this Spice Mixes and Spice up Your Life!
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mayadile · 2 months ago
Seeing you draw Cookie Run stuff again makes me so happy because years ago I stumbled upon you King Pumpkin Spice Cookie OC years ago and got the game. Now it’s one of my favorite mobile games ever, so thank you for getting me introduced to it 🙏💖
It’s a fun game and it’s also my “Go to game if im sad” game fknjd I adore it alot!!!! thank you!!!!!! I also redesigned pumpkin spice king cookie a bit too!!!! 
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he’s now a manlet KJNEF 
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