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crystalherbalist11 hours ago
spell to boost intuition
馃 an approachable spell that can help clear up a foggy mindset, great to spark your intuition if you鈥檙e getting back into the craft after some time, could be useful to boost your intuition for a tricky or lengthy tarot reading, it鈥檚 a pretty bendable spell really
- bay laurel
- basil
- honey
- white string
- sigil for your intent *
馃 take your bay laurel and write your sigil onto it if you choose to use one and add a little dab of honey to the center, wrap the leaf in your fresh basil; bigger leaves will make the job easier but whatever you can do is ofc totally fine! wrap all this together with a bit of white string of any kind, working your intentions into the bundle as you wrap it around and tie it into a knot. keep this by your head at night, put it on the table during a reading, etc for your desired effect :)
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* i get that sigils aren鈥檛 for everyone so feel free to omit!!
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eclecticqueer17 hours ago
Color Correspondences
Use this magickal reference for spell-work, alters, sachets, art, etc.
Red- Passion, courage, joy, power, motivation, energy, health, renewal, ambition, self-esteem, desire
Associated with Fire, Aries, Scorpio, Mars, Saturn
Root Chakra
Pink- Personal success, self-love, friendship, sex, romance, partnership, passion, gardening, beginning
Associated with Venus and Mars
Orange- Relieving depression/ feelings of abandonment, happiness, alertness, strength, dominance, kindness
Associated with Fire, Sun, Leo, Sagittarius
Sacral Chakra
Yellow- Healing, friendship, productivity, creativity, self-esteem, beauty, humility, intellect, life
Associated with Air, Mercury, Taurus, Libra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Green- Increasing love/ trust, fae magick, healing, luck, wellness, garden/ herbal magick, courage, harmony
Associated with Earth, Venus, Mercury, Aquarius, Cancer
Heart Chakra
Blue- Increases wisdom, joy, opportunity, patience, truth, meditation, elevation, ocean, insight, introspection
Associated with Water, Jupiter, Moon, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Throat Chakra
Purple- Clairvoyance, relief of emotional pain, justice, healing/ recovery, forgiveness, psychic powers, dreams
Associated with Mercury, Saturn, Gemini, Capricorn, Jupiter, Sagittarius
Third Eye Chakra
White- Safety, protection, enlightenment, relieving shyness, freedom, life cycles, health, initiation, transformation
Associated with Moon and Pisces
Crown Chakra
Gold- Money, inspiration, prosperity, wealth, luck, success, prosperity, enhances spell work
Associated with Sun
Silver- Divination, secrets, psychic awareness, healing, intuition, purification, feminine energy, stability, success
Associated with Moon
Black- Divination, beginnings, creation, rebirth, patience, combine with white to represent balance of opposites
Associated with Earth and Saturn
Brown- Security, friendship, animal magick, generosity, grounding, strengthening, concentration, fruitfulness
Associated with Earth, Scorpio, Capricorn
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baby-witch0122 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
something you witches might be interested in
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theonelastravena day ago
Sometimes I still think about you. You pop into my head when I see a certain phrase, hear a certain sound.
I smile. And I mutter a curse under my breath for you.
I hope every morning it feels like you're walking on nails, like the ones in your hips.
I hope everytime you see something you enjoy it rots away in your hands, a skeletal remain of it's former beauty.
I hope one day to visit you, in the ground. I would leave the lovelist of tansy plant by your side, that if any poor soul would come across the final resting place of your putrid souls, that they make tea of it, and clense their body of the parasites you foster in your bosom.
Pain is like the folds in paper. Rest assured the pain you have wrought me will fold in on itself, bringing it twice fold onto yourself.
I smile. And I walk on.
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andyelementa day ago
little things to put in a book of shadows to make it personal
first trip to a metaphysical shop and what you got
list of crystals or herbs you really want
first tarot spread and how it went or how you feel
first spell and how it went or how you feel
write down your shadow work
your progress in aspects you have trouble in
list of different paths (green, lunar, cosmic) and which one you want to follow
details about your birthday (birth stones, astrological positions, which element, etc)
places you take your book
ways you do magic on the go
use pages to come up with your own sigil method
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jewelhavenenchantments2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈽解洢鈽 Thursday Magick 鈽
I've always felt an attraction to Green Aventurine. It was the first stone I ever purchased when becoming a witch. 鉂囷笍 I remember doing tons of research on it and my first Book of Shadows was full of information about Green Aventurine. What I didn't add to the photo is that Green Aventurine protects the heart, but also encourages love later in life. It is known to clear and activate the heart chakra. Also, it is so beautiful. The color alone is soothing and calming. Everyone enjoy your Thursday. Blessed Be! 鈽解洢鈽
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baduhennasraven2 days ago
I actually made this blog because I wish to talk about our practices. To dive a bit deeper and connect with each other. So, talk to me!
Where lies your focus right now? What are you studying? What spellwork have you done lately that you are proud of?
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crystalherbalist3 days ago
great herbs for cleansing
鉁 it鈥檚 finally springtime, which for a lot of witches means lots of spring cleansing; here鈥檚 a quick little list of herbs to help you clean and cleanse your home this season!
- rosemary; great for banishing negative energies or revitalizing stale ones
- lemon balm; use this to cleanse hectic or cluttered energies from a space, restoring balance
- thyme; really useful for bringing a calm and inviting energy to your space, while getting rid of negativity
- mint; using mint really helps to bring a calm yet focused energy to a space, great for things like studying or getting errands done
- bay laurel; another great one for getting rid of negative energies in a space, can bring a comforting and light energy to a space
鉁 these herbs can be used in cleansing by creating a spray or bucket of mop water infused with your herb(s) of choice, you could burn them with proper ventilation in small bundles, drink them as a tea, etc, there鈥檚 lots of different ways to incorporate them! and remember to always be safe when sourcing your herbs :)
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shadowmonstr4 days ago
Casting & Closing a Circle of Protection
Casting a Circle
It is important to cast a circle before any spell work, divination, or meditation of any kind.
Imagine drawing a circle with your finger (or wand) & visualize it as a white pure light circling you.
Begin by standing in the direction of North, pointing to call upon North and the element of Earth.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the North, rulers of Earth. I do summon, call, and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle"
Turn Right, to face East, pointing to call upon East and the element of Air.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the East, rulers of Air. I do summon, call, and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle"
Turn Right, to face South, pointing to call upon South and the element of Fire.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the South, rulers of Fire. I do summon, call, and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle
Turn Right to face West, pointing to call upon West and the element of Water.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the West, rulers of Water. I do summon, call, and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle"
Turn Right once more to return back to the North. Point above and below you to make the protection circle, a protection sphere by calling upon the element Spirit.
"Lords of the watchtowers of Above and Below, rulers of Spirit. I do summon, call, and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle"
Closing a Circle
Closing a circle is very important; the process shows gratitude to the guardians that were called upon. If the circle is not closed they could become offended.
It is similar to casting a circle, you go backwards to thank and dismiss the guardians
Face North and point above and below to thank and dismiss the element Spirit.
Lords of the watchtowers of Above and Below, rulers of Spirit. I thank you for witnessing my rites and guarding my circle"
Turn Left to face West to thank and dismiss the element Water.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the West, rulers of Water. I thank you for witnessing my rites and guarding my circle."
Turn Left to face South to thank and dismiss the element Fire.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the South, rulers of Fire. I thank you for witnessing my rites and guarding my circle."
Turn Left to face East to thank and dismiss the element Air.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the East, rulers of Air. I thank you for witnessing my rites and guarding my circle."
Turn Left to once again face North, to thank and dismiss the element Earth.
"Lords of the watchtowers of the North, rulers of Earth. I thank you for witnessing my rites and guarding my circle."
It is best to leave an offering to the elements if doing something more dangerous or intense than you usually would to show your gratitude for your protection.
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myxomatosisomatic5 days ago
Did a ritual for Joy for my loves and dear ones. Did you feel it yet, my bbs? 馃グ
Tumblr media
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christinathewitch6 days ago
Aries New Moon Rituals
Since tonight was the Aries New Moon I spent the last few hours doing a lot of magick relating to bringing new things into my life and releasing thay which no longer serves me, as well as planning my goals for the new astrological year.
I started by cleaning up my space a bit. In the morning I deleted text conversations with people I no longer want in my life, and in the evening before dinner I began cleaning out my desk and cleaned out my makeup box to encourage me to express myself through makeup more like I used to.
After dinner I took a nice long New Moon ritual bath. I added some fallen flower petals into my bath from flowers my grandma brought over for Easter a few days ago, and I bathed with new refreshing body wash. During the bath I began a vision board on Pinterest and scrolled through Tumblr looking for more magick to do during the Aries New Moon. I also repeated the affirmation that after the bath I would be a new person, and I felt super refreshed afterwards.
Then I began my magick and planning for the night. During this I left one of my window blinds open so that the moons energy could enter my room.
First I decided on a new habit to begin. This habit ended up being to wake up at 6 am every morning, because I tried that yesterday and ended up going back to sleep until 7 anyway.
The second thing I did was map out my goals for the upcoming year and write a few bullet points under each goal with ways to work towards that goal.
Next I created a New Moon crystal grid which I will be leaving up until the the next Full Moon. This grid includes the stones tigers eye, jade, orange onyx, aquamarine, sodalite, red jasper, danburite, smokey quartz, citrine, moonstone, rose quartz, green tourmaline and clear quartz. I'm still relatively new to crystal grids because I'm so heavily in the broom closet that I can't do them most of the time, so this grid is just a simple circle with my clear quartz in the middle. I also purposefully put the moonstone and the citrine on opposite sides to represent the moon and the sun, and placed the surrounding crystals in places I thought they would best fit.
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After finishing my grid I did an Aries New Moon reading I found on Tumblr using my playing cards in order to figure out what needs to be worked towards the most this year.
Finally after all of that I performed a ritual (Also found on Tumblr) where I wrote down everything I wished to released on a sheet of paper and ripped it up to release it. In the original spell the sheet was burned but I wasn't able to because of how closeted I am. Next I wrote a sheet of paper filled with things I wanted to manifest into my life, rolled it up and tied it into a little scroll using some ribbon I saved from a gift a friend gave to me. I knew I had been saving the ribbon for a reason, and this is that reason. I am going to leave this scroll on my spirit guides altar on my desk to remind me of my intentions every time I see it and motivate me to keep moving forward.
Tumblr media
Those were my Aries New Moon rituals for this year. I'm very excited for the full moon on the 26th and I'm excited to see how the rest of this year plays out.
Blessed be, Christina 馃寱
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solarflair6 days ago
Tumblr media
My project on this New Moon was body oils! I was out of my usual oil and my mom has been bugging me to make her one, so I finally got these done today. I wanted to share my recipes because both oils came out so well, they smell amazing and feel so good on the skin!
Morning Citrus Oil 馃崐
22 drops sweet orange
10 drops lemon
10 drops grapefruit
4 drops frankincense
3.5 oz sweet almond oil
6 drops Vitamin E oil
My mom asked for a body oil she could use in the morning. She requested something citrus-y, so I put together this blend of citrus oils and a touch of frankincense to help uplift her mood and put her in good spirits before work! A bonus is that citrus and frankincense are great for mature skin to help heal and bring out a youthful shine.
Skin Soothing Oil 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
24 drops lavender
10 drops eucalyptus
10 drops clary sage
3.5 oz sweet almond oil
6 drops Vitamin E oil
In this body oil, lavender brings calm, eucalyptus brings protection, and clary sage enhances clairvoyance. This is a perfect every day blend that helps me feel prepared to take on the world!
This blend is also great for dry, itchy skin when used after a shower while the skin is still damp. I have itchy skin constantly and this really helps!
Because I'm extra, I also add a pinch of cosmetic grade mica powder to my oils as well to give a light shimmer when applied. Totally optional! You can also swap out the sweet almond oil for your favorite carrier oil. Sweet almond oil is my fave because of the aforementioned itchy skin! 馃槉
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