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darke-15 · 4 days ago
Chapter 48 // SHADOW BOXING
┍━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━┑
“Romanoff, Barton, take the right...we’ll come up behind him—” Steve started as he rounded the corner in front of you, the metal of his shield glancing off what little light entered the stairwell and illuminated your lurking form.
“Or,” you hummed, your cloaked voice harmonizing with itself in the stairwell. Steve jumped, raising his shield in front of him and the team, “You could meet me mask-to-face.”
Steve froze, staring at you like a deer in the headlights, “Jesus Christ.”
“No, just me,” you shrugged, not bothering to get up as the rest of his team came into view, “Just...Ghost.”
┕━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━┙
» Chapter 48 // Shadow Boxing «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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#wraith_revealed ... ?
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darke-15 · a month ago
You thought I was done? Here, have a mini-chapter 😘
Chapter 46 // Silhouettes
┍━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┑
“You let him pull your goddamn eyeline,” Weston spat, watching as Danny hurled you across the room, “Fuck. Focus, (L/N).”
You flipped in the air, landing on your feet and spinning to face Danny. He was on top of you before you knew what was happening. You threw a punch, but he dodged it and advanced, pushing you off balance onto your heels. You tried to throw another punch, but Danny grabbed your arm and hauled you over his shoulder. He flung you across the training space with enough force that your feet gave out from underneath you.
You yelped, landing harshly on cement and crashing across the floor. Gravel was embedded in your arms and knees as you rolled over to your back and you found Gonzalez looming over you.
“Back on your feet, Lieutenant.”
┕━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┙
» Chapter 46 // Silhouettes «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this concludes Le Celebration 🥳 Again, thanks each and every one of you for being just so lovely and putting up with my bullshit 🖤🖤🖤
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darke-15 · a month ago
Chapter 45 // Wargames
┍━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┑
You backed away from his desk, stooping to snatch your helmet from the floor and rolling it through your hands before tugging it back onto your head. The voice distorter activated with a drone, dropping your voice a couple octaves and adding a mechanical harmony, “But it raises the question: Who is it you don’t trust, Doc?”
“Mind your business, Captain.”
┕━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┙
» Chapter 45 // Wargames «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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darke-15 · a month ago
Chapter 45 // Wargames
┍━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┑
“What about you?” Sharon asked, “Last I heard, you were jumping on grenades in Baghdad. The next you actually got caught in a blast and airlifted to Hyderabad. Then you were working private contracting. Now you’re standing in front of me, in full uniform, with all your fingers.”
“Yeah…” Duke trailed off, keeping that smile on his face and wiggling his fingers in front of her, “Needed something with a little more structure.”
“Where are you stationed? Benning?”
“Nah,” he shook his head, smoothing his jacket slightly, “McChord. Training recruits, mostly.”
“Well, if you ever decide to get back out in the field,” she started, gauging his reaction, “I’ve got a spot for you.”
┕━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┙
Three hours and counting — Chapter 45 releasing Sunday, May 23 @ 12:00am MDT.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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darke-15 · a month ago
Quotes from Aftermath // 24
“Sir?” The soldier said, his eyes flicking quickly from the man to the security guards as he handed back the ID, “I thought you were working PMC.”
“Eh, not exactly” he shrugged, pausing with a smirk as he slid the paper into his pocket, “But...somethin’ like that.”
“You get recalled?”
His grin widened and he tucked his beret under his arm with a click of his tongue and a wink before continuing through security.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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darke-15 · a month ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
┍━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┑
“They sent you in blind,” he shook his head as you walked past the training facility and toward the lake that was at the rear of the base, “I don’t know what he expected.”
“He expected me to get the job done,” you said, your eyes wandering the darkened landscape, “I let Rumlow and Rollins get away.”
“Again,” Duke rolled his eyes, whirling around and stopping you in your tracks, “You jumped in front of a fuckin’ truck. And, you know if you would’ve caught them, they wouldn’t’ve talked. They gave you everything you needed when you were beating the shit outta them.”
You scoffed, sidestepping him and walking toward the lake, “Brock never could shut up.”
» Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
┕━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┙
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darke-15 · a month ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · 3 months ago
Hiya Moosh! Happy Valentine's! Can I ask for F X & Z with Yamato & Kiku mayhaps? Thank you!!
Hi hazel! I really do love writing for these too and I'mso happy to do so again, they both have so little x reader writing content for them and it's a crime - but anyway I hope you enjoy!
F   :   FLIRT.   Is your s/o good at flirting? how do they flirt?
I mean, this is Yamato who probably has zero or little relationship experience so he has absolutely ZERO idea how to successfully 'flirt'. He knows for a fact that he likes you, but he has no idea how to show it and given the people around him he it's not like he really has anyone to go to for advice (at first he decided to bite the bullet and ask his father but all he got in return was drunk rambling about how Charlotte Linlin dumped him when they were younger so yeah...not exactly helpful) So Yamato goes to where he usually goes when he needs advice; Oden's journal. 
But unfortunately nothing in what Oden said taught him in any way how to show how you tell someone you like them- however, it did give the Yonko's son an idea! 
So you know how cats will bring you dead things as presents? Well, Yamato has a similar tactic. It's not a dead thing per say but it's a pile of stronger members of his father's crew to impress you with his strength! Now it doesn't do exactly what he wanted, you did give him an earful with how he could've gotten himself hurt and his father would bitch at him for hurting his men again (because if he is going to get the one piece he's going to have to at least keep a full crew) But Yamato only laughs it off and says how if he's going to compare to Oden in any way that he can handle it. You can't help but to roll your eyes and give him a peck on the cheek; saying you're glad he's okay. He touches his cheek as you proceed to walk away (carefully stepping around the groaning bleeding beast pirate pile) leaving him mesmerized. 
Wow, he thinks to himself, I'm good at this flirting thing. 
X   :   XOXO.   does your s/o use pet names?
Yup! Nothing too crazy, mostly just shorten versions of your name or something cute that reminds you of him. Oh and he has absolutely no shame addressing you as such in the presence of others, no matter how embarrassing. However, the only exception to this rule is around his father, especially when he's sober, and the people who are directly under him (such as the Tobi roppo and Calamities) he doesn't want anything to happen to you which could happen if his father is aware of your relationship and he uses you as some sort of leverage when Yamato lashes out against physical confrontations with his father. 
Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?
Yamato snores...very loud and he tends to shift in turn a lot in his sleep, and given his size he could easily crush you. Now he knows both things and feels very bad about it, especially the potential crushing part, and he tries his best to make it where both things aren't as much as an issue and is willing to do any adjustments needed so these aren't problems. But besides that, our man is definitely a fan of snuggles so fully expect him to rub his face against yours or your neck and softly hum against you as he lets you play and pet his soft white-neon hair. 
Tumblr media
F   :   FLIRT.   Is your s/o good at flirting? how do they flirt?
Oh definitely and Kiku definitely knows how to be subtle about it, but not too much to where you can easily get the hint and be left sitting there with scorching warm cheeks. From light touches to your hands and shoulders, to slightly brushing hair out of your eyes with such an adoring smile that rockets your heart out of your chest, to long simple hugs that just last a few drawn out moments than it should've. 
X   :   XOXO.   does your s/o use pet names?
Yes, if that's what you want however in her opinion she likes to say your name more often because to her - well for one it sounds so pretty and it most definitely suits you and two you mean so much to her that your name has so much meaning and feeling to it than any other possible pet name ever could. 
Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?
Well Kiku is tall, so of course whatever bed the two of you sleep in is of course is going to have to fit to her size - you most definitely refuse to let her be uncomfortable by cramming herself in a normal size bed or cot (like that sounds unhealthy) Given to her size it's so easy to lie on her chest as a pillow to sleep and honestly she finds you so adorable when doing so and most nights she'll watch you sleep and let her fingers soft comb through your hair the sounds of you breathing calming her and slowly lulling her slumber as well.  
Tumblr media
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tooweirdforyou · 3 months ago
How The OP Boys Wish You A Happy Birthday » SFW
Tumblr media
A/N : Yep! It’s my birthday, that’s why this is here. And I apologize in advance for not writing anything for Sanji’s birthday 😭 and yes I had to clarify that this is a sfw version ... small af HCs.
This wasn’t as great as I hoped, obviously but I’m happy about it and I like it. :>
Note : Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Ace, Sabo, Law + Kid, Mihawk, Katakuri,
Summary : How these boys would wish you a happy birthday in their own ways.
Tumblr media
The loudest one. Will scream it first thing when he even realizes that it’s your birthday.
Definitely does forget it though. I know people canon that Luffy is one of those whos dense and all but would actually remember all of his crew’s birthdays but I mean come on, I’m sure he’ll definitely forget..
But when he knows, man is it one hell of a party and day for you.
Demands Sanji prepare a giant feast for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Any meat there is, Luffy is forcing it all towards you to have before he takes the rest. It’s your special day after all! So you get to eat the meat first. ( just don’t take too long, he’s drooling )
Demands the crew to celebrate with a huge ass party and goes to the nearest island to buy you anything and EVERYTHING, he has no boundaries, especially with no money.
It’s a seriously good time though.
Tumblr media
Zoro is definitely more chill and laid back. He won’t realize it at first until he sees you and he just casually says it.
He doesn’t really care too much about celebrating it or just doing anything for any birthday in general but he’s not opposed to anything you want, especially if there’s booze.
Definitely teases you about your age though. Already a year older? How old, he can see gray hairs already~
He’s not about the gift giving or shit either, he’s more of spending time with the person type, to show he cares. So he’d offer you to join him in the crows nest or he’ll just lay or follow you as you wish.
“Oh. Happy Birthday, old man/woman.” Of course, it’s just for laughs and jokes.
Tumblr media
This boy is the first to say it, first thing in the morning once you wake up.
He’s so cheery and smiley for you and is set to give you the perfect birthday, with a delicious birthday breakfast, or breakfast in bed if you’re still tired.
The rest of the day is him just never leaving your side, doing whatever you need, even the smallest things ever. He wants to make sure you don’t do anything other than the fun things for your special day.
Prepares a giant feast of all your favorite and native foods that he’s been practicing to perfect and finally, is a huge gift giver, buying you a rather expensive jewelry he thought would look amazing on you.
“My lovely, sweet, [Name]. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday today, and accept this beautiful gift that I know will look stunning on you, only adding to your gorgeous appearance.”
Tumblr media
Oh boy, this freckled one is loud. He sure loves birthdays, especially celebrating them and the giant ass parties you have.
Reminds everyone in the crew and pleads Whitebeard every year to make a big celebratory feast and party for you.
Does attempt to make it a surprise party but with it happening every year and trying to make it a grand one on the ship usually doesn’t succeed in surprising you.
His drunk speeches are embarrassing and hilarious, even more so when he pulls you to the center to give a speech and encourages you to say something.
He’s a lot but he means well, and when you two are alone, he offers a kind and sweet smile before holding out his present for you, something he knows you’ve been eyeing and wanting for a while.
And with the brightest, warmest grin in the sunset, he speaks.
“Happy Birthday, [Name]~. May this day and year make your wishes come true.”
Tumblr media
Sabo remembers, he remembers the littlest things so of course he’ll remember it!
Now, the revolutionary army is a family but not many of them are a huge party celebrator but are always up to celebrate anyone’s birthdays.
Fortunately, Sabo manages to convince Dragon to have a small party to celebrate yours and it’s nothing too big, just some food, a cake and the closest members of the army there with you.
Koala and Hack are congratulating you and wishing you well while Dragon, not a huge partier, offers his wishes as well before sitting off to the side to work as usual.
Ivankov is the most enthusiastic, making sure the whole party is swell and is the one who sets up all the decorations and has the biggest present.
Sabo is the one who sticks by your side most, taking you everywhere you want and has the most memorable / amount of presents for you.
First is some nostalgic items that reminds him of when you two first met, then it’s items that represent interests that you both share, then it’s something he knows you’ve been wanting for forever, and lastly, it’s something that reminds him most of you, the most special one.
Yeah, not a big party but Sabo will do anything for you, so if you don’t want one, there won’t be any. Sabo just wants you to be happy and will do what it takes to make you smile. He’s a huge gift giver, but only things he knows you will love. Hopefully.
“Happy Birthday [Name]! I got you some gifts and I’m not taking any refusals, it’s your birthday. Now, let’s get going to the city so I can take you shopping.”
Tumblr media
Of course Law remembers, it’s Law. However, the most he’ll do is wish you a happy birthday, that’s it really.
He’s not really one to make a big deal out of things, he’s not one for parties clearly, as seen in Dressrosa aftermath, so he won’t really have one unless you really want one. Or, if the others happen to catch word of your special day and wish to celebrate it with a party.
If there has to be a party, Law expects it to be a small one at the very least, nothing too crazy. Just some simple decorations, gifts and presents, but it’s his crew. Of course they’ll go all out.
However when he actually comes to it, after being forced to rest, he actually enjoys it. Even more so when he sees how happy you are, your bright smile filling the mood in the room and the way your eyes light up when he comes.
Law’s a bit embarrassed when the two of you are finally alone. He didn’t really care for birthdays in general but he still got you a little something, and tries to act casual about it when he hands you the thin box.
Inside, is a gold charm bracelet with mini heart charms around it and in the middle is a skull and crossbones.
“Happy Birthday, [Name]-ya.. I got you this.. hope you like it.”
( yk he’s going to be awkward and kinda shy )
Tumblr media
Does not remember. Killer has to remind him, despite the uncertainty that the red head would care.
The red head wouldn’t really care at first, especially when he sees you aren’t really mentioning it or excited about it before deciding to celebrate it on the nearest island.
Totally not an excuse to just spend the whole day crashing a pub and drinking the place dry in celebration.
You’re the star of the show, celebrity of the day, so Kid makes you pay for everything if he doesn’t threaten the owner to give everything for free. Plus, he will make you drink as many beers as you can until you pass out and challenges you to many drinks and such.
Kid doesn’t give a shit about gift giving or making a big ass party with food and stuff, but the most he’ll do is let you off the hook for the day and not do any work. After that, you’re back to your duties.
“Oi. I don’t give a shit about this birthday crap, but whatever you want, it’s yours. Nothing too fuckin’ ridiculous obviously.. only for today, ya hear?”
Tumblr media
This man will definitely remember and if you are dating him, prepared to be swept off your feet and romantically pampered.
Breakfast is already set on the table when you awake, along with a simple rose on the table in a vase.
There is no parties, and no way is he celebrating this with Shanks unless you truly wish to, or if Shanks appears unannounced. Mihawk prefers to celebrate with just the two of you.
The whole day is just spent together, cuddling, wandering the island and just doing whatever you want because it’s your special day. It ends with some wine and cuddling by the fire before he hands you his present.
The box is small and you open it to reveal a diamond necklace with a skull and crossbones, along with a cross. ( idk man )
With the soft kiss to your temple, he holds you closer in his chair by the fireplace.
“I wish you a Happy Birthday, mi amour. I hope today has been a great day for you.”
Tumblr media
Knows from the beginning, but the amount of guilt he feels when he possibly won’t be around for it, reallyyy hurts him :<
No doubt that he will definitely be there though. He’s always there for everyone’s birthdays :>
Katakuri won’t eat any of the giant ass cakes that Pudding makes and he’s not a big gift giver either, he’s more quality time kind of person.
But, when it’s time for his special meriendas, he asks the chefs to make a particular bigger one and stick candles around before giving it to you.
It’s the least, smallest offer he can give you, a birthday donut. :) he’ll be looking serious and all but under his scarf is a hidden small and proud smile and maybe a small flush of his cheeks.
“Happy Birthday, [Name]. Make sure to enjoy today, alright?”
A/N : so yeah! My view on how these boys would wish you a happy birthday. Some of it is a bit rushed because I made this so late. It was a last minute thing.
Anyways, hope you are all doing well and having a great day/night! :> ily.
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · 4 months ago
hi moosh! could i request two of my faves, killer and vivi, for your valentines event with H, R, and Z? thank you and happy valentines day!!
Very good choices of favorite characters, anon I hope I wrote them well in this! Enjoy!
H   :   HEART.  Is your s/o quick or slow to give their heart away?
Slow, though if he knows you're the one, you're the one. However, what takes him so long to completely give himself over to you is his insecurities. He trusts and loves you absolutely without a doubt but he just can't...he wants to be open and honest with you but he just can't stop the voice in his head telling him that you'd regret ever being with him if you saw...well him. So it's until a half sober pep talk from Kid later until Killer finds the courage enough to confess to you and hesitantly takes off his mask to you, only to feel a pang of regret the mere second afterwards before going to put it back on - only to be stopped by you. You look at him for a few longing moments before letting out a gentle laugh asking if this what he was so nervous about, how handsome he is, which leaves the first mate breathless. As your lips flush against his, one thought echoes in his head and one thought only; how he was right. Not you regretting him - but how you're the one. 
R   :   ROMANCE.  Is your s/o a romantic?
Yes, absolutely! One way Killer expresses this is through his cooking! Both you and cooking are his passions after all so throw those two together and you have a romantic pasta date! 
Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?
After a tiring day of dealing with Kid's antics (which is everyday) the two of you will get ready, take showers, brushing teeth, ect, before flopping exhausted onto your shared bed before morphing together into cuddle mode. Killer is a good person to talk to before bed,  always coming up with interesting philosophical questions or just venting about your captain to you but in the kiss the two of you end up tangled in each other's arms and lips before conking out to sleep. 
Tumblr media
H   :   HEART.  Is your s/o quick or slow to give their heart away?
Vivi is still young and to me she's the type of person to fall for someone completely fast, however she has her duties as a princess so that might make her hesitant to start anything romantic with someone, but when she meets you she does fall extremely hard and just can't help but want to give you everything just to keep a smile on your face and this feeling in her chest. 
R   :   ROMANCE.  Is your s/o a romantic?
She's definitely a traditional romantic, she often daydreams of you sweeping her off her feet with roses in hand, slow dancing under soft candle light, heart swooning letters, all of it. 
Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?
Being a princess and all Vivi has the softest of bed that even rivals the softest cloud in the white white sea, so sleeping together with her is an absolute dream because not only do you get such soft comfort but you have your lovely princess using your chest as a pillow, her azure hair gently tickling your skin. During these times, right before you drift off does she tell you stories of her journey with the Strawhat pirates and how she feels in her heart that she'll meet them again soon and with a bright loving smile she tells you she can't wait to introduce them to the love of her life, you.
Tumblr media
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · 4 months ago
Hi moosh could I get Yamato and TVE?
(Wano spoilers below cut!)
T  :   TRUE LOVE.   does your s/o believe in true love?
One thing Yamato remembers when first reading through Oden's journal was the pages dedicated to talking about Toki and later their children together, how Oden wrote every day and watching with each passing page him falling head over heels for his future spouse. The sweet words of how he would describe her, the loving tender moments in paragraphs that would get Yamato's head spinning and his heart to race in his chest. Of course growing up Yamato wasn't raised around the best of people, from a young age all interactions he saw were of violence and harsh words, so it's when he first reads Oden's loving words about his wife that makes young Yamato realize that people can each other, people can actually love another. It makes him question if his father ever loved his mother anyway remotely like the way Oden loved Toki. 
As he got older, he never cared for the answer to that question. All he knows now is that he has you and that you've become the most important thing in his life to him, he wouldn't imagine going on as long as he has on Onigashima if it wasn't for you. Yeah, there's the inspiration in Oden's words that something is going to happen in twenty years but there were dark times that he...felt doubt, watching the corruption his father and Orochi were doing, times he felt...powerless. But you were right there with him. Reassuring that things had to end eventually - that his father couldn't be unbeatable forever, that the day he would fall was coming. The two of you and the rest of the people of Wano just had to be patient for it. With the gentle look in your eyes, the soft touch of your hands on his, the sweet tone of your voice in his ears, and the melting kiss met on his lips he is reminded of his confidence. Things are definitely going to change, even if he has to make it happen personally. 
Yamato of course doesn't know personally how Oden really felt about Toki, only his own conclusions from reading his words but if Oden felt anything like the way Yamato feels about you then he definitely knows that true love does exist and that he's excited to travel and see the world with you and possibly become even greater than Oden. 
V   :   VALENTINE.   how does your s/o  feel about valentine’s day?
Absolutely loves it and is a man child about the entire holiday; including making his own valentine cards that include crude drawings of both him and you holding hands with lots of colorful hearts above your head and with cherub Kozuki Odens on the corners of the pages
The look on his face is so precious when he holds out the card to you, his smile wide with his face all messy from the coloring and other decorative materials he found all over Onigashima (and with a little bit of glue in his hair you already know is going to be a chore to get out later) He looks so proud when you take it with a kind smile and look it over before holding it to your chest with a quick peck to his cheek thanking him. Yamato just can't help his dumb little smile throughout the rest of the day as he goes around the island still being able to feel your kiss on his face, at this point the Tobi roppo watch on with a sigh not even questioning the young masters behavior, already knowing how he's so soft for you. 
E   :   EMBRACE.   Does your s/o like hugs? what are their hugs like?
Of course Yamato loves hugs! Due to his large size it's more than likely that he towers over you so either he'll pick you up in a give you a spin around with a gentle hold around your waist and peppering sweet kisses all over your face all the while your feet dangle off the ground, these types of hugs mostly occurring when he's excited, or he'll drop to his knees to come down closer to your height and rest his chin to the top of your head with his arms wrapped more securely around you so that he can be sure that nothing happens to you and so he can just...take you all in, these hugs happening when he's in more a softer or sadden/worried states of mood. But with either type of hug he feels the same; one of the most warmest and safest places in the whole world. 
Tumblr media
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heartyearning · 4 months ago
man i hate the 5star rating scale goodreads culture so fucking much SO FUCKING MUCH like this is news to absolutely not a single one of you but oh my god. oh my god i hate it so much love and light
#a star rating is not a review a star rating doesnt do fucking shit like. (said thru gritted teeth) gr has SOME THINGS it brings 2 the table#its nice that its an easy way (or was at the time its no longer like good for shit) and accessible for readers to share their views#and for readers to read reviews bc otherwise it was all down to book blogs and just its a good database to have#BUT#have you ever read a review from before goodreads became mainstream. honey there's not a star rating in sight#you know why ? because it doesnt do shit !!!! it does fuck all !!!#what kind of information dos 'this book was 5 stars for me' actually give you#like okay. you thought that book was good i understand that. but honey WHY#why did you care about that book and hence why should *I* care about it#and honestly again: a review for a book the op thought was good that explains why they thought it was good#and a review for a book they thought was bad and why they didnt like it#are both EQUALLY HELPFUL IN FINDING BOOKS YOU MIGHT LOVE#like if its like 'i hated xyz tropes and so i disliked this book' and ur like wow im missing these tropes in my life id like to read that#LIKE. THATS HELPFUL THAT'S A CYCLE OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN AUTHOR+READERS+FELLOW READERS#VS THIS BOOK WAS 5 STARS GREAT. THAT IS MEANINGLESS.#which is not to even mention the way no one defines a 5 star book the same so like#you'll have ppl being like 'i thoroughly enjoyed this 5 stars' vs ppl like 'this is one of 3 five star books i have ever read'#bc they think a 5 star is so special#and then u have ppl being like actually i gave this 6 stars which isnt even a possibility on goodreads bc its THAT much of a fave to them#LIKE I AM BEGGING... JUST SAY THAT THEN <3#im less bothered by it when its like booktubers because the 6 star rating is a v specific example and i know WHY she does that#so when she says 6 stars (or any star rating) i know exactly what she means in terms of how she enjoyed it#bc ive been following her for a while#but even still. ppl doing wrap ups just throwing out star ratings like thats meaningless to me it really is
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clonewarslover55 · 8 months ago
Doing art for Blackout and was curious about if you had any relationship HCs for him??
Of course!! 
Commander Blackout relationship headcanons //SFW and NSFW//
I know all of you are like, “Who the fuck is that.” So here's the handsome boy!!
Tumblr media
Blackout seems like a very serious and intimidating man at first 
And he kind of is, but he has a wonderful personality.
He’s not big into drinking really, so he’s never really seen at 79’s 
Blackout is a special ops Commander, so he’s often busy reading anyways 
He really enjoys reading and learning more about the things he deals with from day to day 
Blackout is so use to Skywalker’s crazy bullshit that nothing even really surprises him anymore 
He won’t seem romantically interested in you at first 
Mainly because his flirting is so toned down and smooth that you don’t even notice at first 
His flirting gets a little bolder once you two go on dates, but it’s not overbearing or cheesy 
Blackout is pretty romantic, so your dates are always super sweet 
He somehow always has flowers 
On the dates he loves talking to you, just to listen to you 
He loves hearing about you and your life! 
Blackout is a pretty open book, so he’ll tell you everything you want to know 
After the first date you two immediately hit it off, and that’s where it all starts 
When you invite him over to your place he may seem a little stiff at first 
He relaxes quickly though 
Once you cook for him and let him inside he basically lives there now 
He’s like a big stray cat 
Blackout is extremely polite, always thanking you and offering to help 
He even asks to help you do your chores! He’s a great helper 
At your place you two mostly just talk to one another 
Sometimes you two will talk all night and not even notice till his alarm goes off saying he needs to go to work 
Blackout tries to spend as much time as possible with you 
He’s on Coruscant often, so luckily he can do that 
He can’t offer you much, so he learns how to cook! 
He begins cooking your favorite dishes for you! 
Blackout mainly showers you in cuddles and love though 
He’s an absolute sweetheart and teddy bear 
Blackout never really gets angry or jealous 
He’s pretty laid back and calm, but still very serious 
Blackout won’t get jealous unless someone flirts with or bothers you
But he’s still calm and quickly addresses the situation politely 
Blackout loves holding your hand in public though
He just enjoys touching you! He loves you, he doesn’t care if other people know 
Once your relationship gets even more serious and you take him shopping! So he can finally have good civilian clothes 
He buys a lot of new outfits and comfortable clothes to sleep in
Blackout loves clothes and such!
But they have to match his yellow mohawk! 
He shows off everything he tries on, just to show off some 
Blackout loves his leather jackets and tight jeans
He makes sure his wrist tattoos are visible in his outfits though 
He ends up getting his ears pierced while you’re out together
Blackout loves to fluster you, so sometimes he teases you and shows off 
It’s not overbearing because he doesn’t do it too often 
He loves you and will do anything to see you smile 
Like I said before, he’s an open book! 
Blackout is willing to talk to you about anything, even his deepest personal issues 
He was in the first battle of the Clone Wars, he’s a vetern so his PTSD is bad 
He’ll often have nightmares and has trouble sleeping 
If you hold him close he sleeps well though. Your heartbeat and breathing soothes him 
Blackout loves to listen, so he’s always there if you need him 
He’s also very supportive!! 
Blackout fucking adores you 
He’s always complimenting you and calling you by the sweetest pet names 
Darling, My love, My heart, Baby, and Sweetheart seem to be his favorites 
When he comes back from long missions and has a story to tell he’ll bust in your house like, “BABE YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE-” 
Whenever he uses “babe” it means he’s excited 
It’s fucking adorable 
If you call him adorable he’ll blush like a schoolgirl 
He loves to compliment you and when you compliment him back he gets flustered 
Blackout loves it though
He’ll probably be the one to say “I love you” first.
He stutters nervously when he says it and it’s cute 
Blackout is just a big teddy bear that will always snuggle and hold you 
He loves you with all of his heart, and he’ll never let you forget it 
Help him. He’s so awkward at first 
Blackout doesn’t have experience, so you’ll have to teach him 
He’s eager to learn! He learns quick too 
After a few times of teaching and some practice he has you screaming in pleasure 
Once he gets more confident in giving you pleasure he begins to tease 
Blackout loves to tease you, not to a begging point but until you’re whimpering 
He also loves to pleasure you till you can’t take anymore 
Blackout is very patient and has amazing self control, so he makes it all about you 
If you tease him or top him though? He forgets what patience is 
It does not take long for him to beg at all 
Blackout is a switch, so he’ll be in whatever position 
He’s romantic as fuck, so you two often have those slow and intimate nights 
Blackout will still fuck you like a wild animal though 
It all depends on his mood and what you want
He’ll do quickies, but is hesitant on public sex. He’ll fuck you in public rarely 
You’ll have to bring up kinks to first 
He’ll tell you about whatever he wants to explore and what you want to try 
He’s willing to try anything that doesn’t involve hurting you
You’re his heart, he could never hurt you physically or emotionally 
Blackout has no idea what oral is, so he is very nervous to receive it at first
He ends up loving it! He struggles to not just fuck your face right there 
Blackout isn’t the best at oral first, but after some practice he makes you writhe with pleasure
His mouth is magical, and if you want him to moan just pull his hair
He loves his hair pulled 
Blackout has a breeding kink, and if you want to be bred he’ll gladly do it 
He doesn’t want kids now, but after the war he does 
He openly likes being pegged/dicked down 
Blackout is fucking shamless about his kinks 
Since he’s shameless, he’s very vocal
His beautiful moans and groans mixed with his amazing dirty talk drives you wild 
If you like nipple piercings he’ll get his pierced, and he loves when you toy with them
Blackout is a big ol’ teddy bear, so cuddling after sex is a must 
He’ll wipe you both down, pressing soft kisses all over your body 
Blackout will continue to pepper you with kisses and praise until you relax all the way 
Then he’ll ask if you want a hot bath or a shower 
He’s into pillow talk btw
No matter what, you’re falling asleep in the embrace of your favorite commander
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userarchive · 10 months ago
Unexpected Circumstances Ch 8
Tumblr media
Warnings: Language A/N: If this fic was to like, be on screen, Alejandro Martinez would be played by Justin Baldoni, like guy’s a perp, but he’s the King of Manhattan, he’s decked out in suits and drinks classy liquor, he’s a fancy man.
Since you and Sonny had come clean there was a lot less tension between you and Amanda, which meant that you were absolutely crushing it at solving cases, Benson was entirely too impressed with the way you worked together. Amanda thankfully didn’t know that you were well aware of her and Sonny’s will they won’t they relationship so there wasn’t any sense of awkwardness. You were quick to help her out one night when Carisi was supposed to help with the girls and cook dinner, she was surprised with not only how much the girls took to you but that your cooking skills were right up on par with your husband’s. A friendship bloomed throughout your partnership and you were happy to know that you had each other’s backs.
You had been at SVU for just over six months when Rollins mentioned she had a sitter ’til later than normal and asked if you wanted to grab a drink, and you enthusiastically agreed, the case you’d been working on was absolutely draining. You had to take the stand that afternoon, coming straight from court, meeting Amanda at the bar. It was early December, your blazer hung over the back of your chair, leaving you clad in a tank top button up and dress skirt, your shield clipped to your waist as you laughed at one of Amanda’s jokes. 
“I still don’t know how you managed to stay under that long, I mean, 7 years?” Amanda shook her head in disbelief,
“Honestly, when I look back on it, it does seem completely insane. It was a lifetime ago I first went under, but it was easier than I thought. We just kept getting busted by the wrong unit, or missing one of the key players,” You rolled your eyes, “The six month breaks were nice at least, kept me grounded.” You took a swig of your cider, “And when it comes to these sex rings, I mean, you have to gain trust, you have to really be deep into it before anyone gives you any information, you give up a lot of your life to do these ops, be happy you never had to.” You stared across the open space of the bar, chugging the last of your drink, signalling to the bartender that you needed another one.
“You ever get caught up in anything bad?” The blonde questioned,
“God no,” You shivered as a gust of wind blew through the room as the door opened. You looked over your shoulder to glance towards the entrance and the goosebumps on your skin were no longer from the cold. “Shit.” You muttered, grabbing your shield, shoving it into Amanda’s hand, “Hide this, and hide yours, please tell me you don’t have your gun.” You eyed your target to her, “Don’t say anything and don’t use my name.” She shoved the shields into her coat pocket, thankful her gun was at home, still having no idea what was going on. 
Amanda watched everything about you change, in the span of a few seconds one hand ripped the pins out of your hair so it could cascade over your shoulders while the other swiftly undid two more buttons on your shirt, exposing the curve of your breasts. You shifted slightly, your skirt riding higher up your bare legs, swinging an elbow over the back of your chair, a sly grin present on your lips as you drank in the man approaching you.
Alejandro Martinez, The King of Manhattan. You’d hoped he hadn’t seen you coming out of the courthouse earlier, but you’d managed to keep your cover so far, not to mention at this point he was completely wrapped around your finger. He smiled down at you, stroking the back of his hand over your cheek.
“Chiquita….” He began, “Glad to see you made it out. Didn’t tattle on me I hope.” You laughed, when you spoke your voice was dropped an octave, husking out into the air of the bar.
“Please Papi, you know I can talk my way out of anything. And why would I throw you under the bus when I can flip on anyone of those pervs they arrest?” The man kissed your cheek gently, lingering longer than Amanda would have liked, you smirked up at him. “What’re you doing here? Working?”
“I should ask you the same question Hermosa,” His eyes flicked over to Rollins, you laughed, rolling your eyes.
“I’m having a drink with my friend.”
“You know…I really missed you, Maldives are much more fun when you around,” He signalled the bartender over, asking for a round of tequila shots for the three of you, which you took willingly, “You’re my queen Rosebud, if you don’t want to come back I’ll have to hire O’Rourke.”
“Declan!” You thrust your hands against his chest, Amanda caught your eye, realizing who you were talking about, “Papi, NO, you can’t have him as part of your team!”
“Carino, he took over for Johnny D, are you saying I can’t trust him?” He quirked an eyebrow,
“I’m simply saying that he’s not good to be in business with, that man is bad news.” Your eyes bore up into his, a pout forming on your lips. “You’ll get your Queen back if he’s nowhere near us. I refuse to work with him, he’s violent, he’s an ass, it’s him or me.” Your voice was stern, Amanda was thinking that there was no way she’d be able to handle herself as well as you were, but, you’d been doing UC ops since you were in the academy, it made sense.
“Okay, okay, I’ll get rid of him” He smirked, pulling a card out of his suit pocket to hand to you, “Call me, Chiquita.” Then he motioned to the bartender, calling that he’d cover your tab, “I hope to hear from you soon.” He stroked your cheek gently, “You know where to find me.” Alejandro gave you a cheeky wink before he sauntered his way out of the bar.
Amanda waited until she was certain the door was shut before she turned to you, noticing you were buttoning back up your shirt while your eyes scanned through the rest of the patrons in the bar.
“Wanna explain to me what just happened?” Her voice was hushed, head close to yours as you shot back the rest of your drink.
“Probably exactly what you think just happened.”  You’d been a little on edge, looking over your shoulder more the last couple of weeks, you knew he was bound to pop up again and you were damn lucky it hadn’t been while you were on duty.
“Martinez?” You nodded, “So we need to go after him! Arrest the son of a bitch!” You huffed, 
“Amanda this is about so much more than just Alejandro! He may be in charge of the ring and hosting the parties but this is about the girls, about the guests, about charging as many people involved as possible while getting the girls to safety! Besides, we don’t have a warrant, we can’t just slap cuffs on him, he’ll end up walking.” You threw on your blazer, grabbing your coat, hand extended out to collect your badge from your partner. 
“What’re you doing?”
“Calling Liv, we’ve got to set up an op, and I’ve gotta get prepped, c’mon!” You were halfway across the room before she even realized, jogging to catch up with you. Outside and once you’d hung up the phone, starting to hail a cab, Amanda spoke again,
“Hey..that comment about Declan…that true, or just ‘cause you don’t want another cop around?” When you turned to her she was surprised to see the expression on your face, your eyes softened, 
“Manda…it’s true, he’s been under so long he got swept up in it all, he’s no longer under, he’s just fucking dirty.” You gave her a hand a sympathy squeeze, “I’m really sorry..” You gave her another sympathetic look as you pulled the door to your cab open, “If he’s on the certificate I’d highly recommend appealing it…” You were gone before she could even process the information, how in the hell did you know about Jessie’s dad?!
The call with Benson had been quick, she knew you knew way more about the situation than she did, and understood that you knew what you were doing. She told you to get ready to go back under in two days time, and bring her everything you had to her the following morning. You knew you needed to get home, but this time, you had a stop to make first… You and Sonny were still in the process of moving in together, he couldn’t exactly bail on his lease without consequences, but he knew you were going out with Rollins that night, and had returned to his place to continue to pack up his things.
Sonny padded over to his apartment door as the knocking grew more insistent, pulling open the door he was surprised to find you on the other side.
“Soph? I thought you were out with Rollins tonight?” 
“I was…can I come in?” 
“Yeah, course.” He moved back to let you into the entrance, closing the door behind you, “Everythin’ okay?” You sighed,
“Martinez showed up.” Sonny face scrunched, 
“Like, on the radar?”
“No. At the bar where Amanda and I were.”
“Did your cover get blown?” 
“No, but Sonny, I’m going back under on Thursday…figured I could give you a fair warning this time.” You noticed the way his face fell, “I’m sorry…” His lanky arms reached out to you, tugging you into a tight hug as he kissed your head.
“Doll, don’t be. Timing sucks but ya’ve gotta do your job. We knew this would happen.” He pulled away slightly, looking down at you with the most adorable puppy dog eyes he could muster, “Can you stay?”
“No..” You breathed out, “I’ve got to get a case file ready for Benson and start getting things packed.” You huffed when he pouted in response, rolling your eyes at him, “Grab a change of clothes, you can come to my place.” Sonny was gleeful at that, neither of you had any idea how long you’d end up being undercover, you could never really tell with things like this, and the last thing he wanted was to spend your remaining days on the surface separated.
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · 11 months ago
Hiya moosh!! Haha trying again (whoops) Can I ask 🥰, Killer & 7 😘💕💕 congrats you're writing is so good and thank you!!!!
(I'm glad you came back! 🤗 I hope you like it!💙)
7. Earlobe kisses
A giggle left your throat as you were pulled by the hand into the nearby storage room. The moment the door shut, you were picked up by the waist and spun around in circles, which only made your giggles louder. 
"Killer! Stop it! Kid's going to have our ass if he finds us in here and not out on deck!" You were placed back on your feet, your lover who held you tossing off his mask to the nearby table to give small kisses that was pressed to your neck. "Let 'em." 
When Eutass Kid is put in a bad mood, the whole crew pays for it. The Strawhat kid making an alliance with - what's his face??? Trafalgar??? Yeah that idiot, that was a pretty good reason for Kid to be in a bad mood (Damn Kid, chill you're the only one who thinks that) so when he a (unfortunate) pirate crew passed by when the Kid Pirates were on their way to to Apoo and Hawkins about their potential alliance; Kid being Kid decided he had every right to blow up their ships with a Punk Gibson, which made the mess of ship wreckage, blood, and severed limbs that rest of the crew were to clean up on deck. 
So being the sly rebel you are and tired of your captain's bullshit. You decided to kill your boredom by teasing your boyfriend (who also had to suffer clean up duty) Little did you know, Killer was also tired of your captain's bullshit, and this is how you two ran off together. 
Multiple kisses were packed to your lips, cheeks, and forehead. Your arms wrapped around him and you kissed his lips, deepening the kiss by tangling your fingers through his blonde hair, when you pulled back you smiled. "You're really handsome, Killer." 
Instantly his face flushed red, you knew praise would always help his insecurities about his face, even if he trusted you enough to see it regularly. His face contorted and fazed between multiple different expressions, all not sure if you're right but he learned by now not to listen to though deep thoughts, you loved him just the way he is. He looked down at you before smiling, peppering more kisses to your cheeks, your giggles growing louder with each peck. 
"Really? You want to talk about me? Don't even get me started about you!" More and kisses pressed to your entire face. After a few minutes of kisses, Killer pulled back and sighed. 
"I love you, (Nam)-" A loud banging on the door cut him off. 
"(NAME)! KILLER! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" You and Killer looked at each other in panic before Killer sprang to put his mask back on. The loud jangling of the doorknob echoed throughout the storage area. 
You looked around the small room frantically before finding your place to hide, you grabbed your lover's hand and tugged him across the room you pointed to the cabinet and motioned for Killer to help you push it. The two of you pushed the cabinet to the side a bit before you squatted down and sat behind it before Killer followed suit, his large frame barely being hidden behind the wood, his shoulder bumping into yours. 
A loud crash echoed throughout the door as the door to the storage crashed to the floor. With each loud thudding footstep, caused you cover your mouth to keep your giggles hidden. 
"...dammit. I KNOW YOU TWO ARE IN HERE!" You looked over to your lover, who lifted up his mask to feel at his face, a barely audible curse hissing past his teeth. You smiled as you grabbed his hand, which made him look back to you. You gave him a few pecks on the check before he pulled away. 
"Kid's in here." Your lover whispered before taking a quick peek behind the cabinet. Kid meanwhile could be heard tossing things around in the search of the two of you. "I thought it was: 'let 'em'?" The blonde's cheeks flushed as he looked away from you, avoiding the embarrassment of his previous words. You were cute when you're being a cheeky asshole. 
The sounds of swords and other various metal objects began to slowly become less and less before the captain let out a sigh of frustration. 
"Fine be that way. I'm going to go punch something." His loud footsteps left the storage and creaked as they left for the hall. "WIRE! I NEED YOUR FACE FOR A SEC!"
You looked out from behind the cabinet before sighing in relief. "Well that ordeals over with." Killer shook his head and scratched at the back of his neck, his mask still set up to the top of his head he looked over to you with a soft smile. "Well we're not hidden by that door anymore." You took a look at the door that originally kept the two of yours exploits away from the rest of the ship, now split in two and a notable shape of Kid's prosthetic hand in the center. 
"Well shit." You muttered looking back to Killer, and shrugged your shoulders. "We still got the cabinet." Killer's face scrunched up as he shifted around his legs. "I don't know, it's kinda tight spaced in here." With that a wicked smile flashed across your face and even before Killer could question it your arms were around his neck and you dropped him to the floor, his mask falling off the top of his head, your back hitting the floorboards. His arms caught themselves at the sides of your head. The blush on his cheeks only grew darker as you caught his lips. 
As your tongues collided, your hands entangled in his hair as the kiss deepened. A quiet moan left your lips before Killer pulled back to catch his breath, his face burying into your neck. "I love you too, Killer." You smiled, fingers combing through his hair. You felt his smile grow on your neck as he leaned up, his nose grazing your ear, you could hear him swallow his breath. He stayed like that for a few moments before his lips parted, warm breath fanning your skin. He leaned closer as he pressed his lips to the skin of your earlobe. He leaned back up to hover over you, one hand reaching to touch your cheek as he smiled. 
"It'll always make my heart soar every time I hear you say that." 
Tumblr media
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requested by | @kuroos-babie
genre | angst, fluff
word count | 0.8k
⎡55: “don’t ever leave me.”⎦
⎡58: “i’m a damn mess without you...”⎦
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
roronoa zoro - reunion
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“i’m... the last one?”
you stare at shakuyaku with an uneasy expression on your face while she stands behind the counter, taking a drag of her cigarette. she nods in confirmation and you hastily thank her before leaving shakky’s rip-off bar in a rush. your journey back to the sabaody archipelago wasn’t easy, but you are incredibly happy to finally be able to reunite with your crewmates after two whole years.
while running across the mangroves to find your way to the meeting point of your fellow straw hats, you remembered how this was the place where everything had gone to shit two years ago. you were supposed to travel to the new world after a short break, but things escalated horribly and before you could blink, each of you vanished by the paws of bartholomew kuma.
what hurt you more than seeing everyone’s desperate expressions after realizing that there was no way of you defeating your enemies was staring into zoro’s horrified look seconds before you disappeared. he was on his knees, dark eyes blown wide when he realized that he couldn’t get to your outstretched hand in time.
after seeing luffy postponing the reunion of the crew from three days to two years, you and most likely everyone else took that chance to get stronger. the loss of his crewmates and ace made the captain realize that none of you were ready for the new world yet.
the fact that you’re getting closer to your friends puts a bright smile on your face. from around you, you can hear some commotion, but honestly, when did any of you ever act unobtrusively?
“guys, it’s (f/n)! hurry up!”, you hear the excited yell of nami as you sight the sunny, looking the exact same except for a layer of coating that is mandatory to travel to the new world. your grin widens to such an extent that your cheeks hurt, and when you finally arrive in front of the ship, your heart stops.
luffy, sanji, nami, robin, franky, chopper, usopp, brook... and zoro. they have all changed, but are the same people you started your journey with. after climbing on the ship, you are greeted warmly by everyone while zoro holds himself back. everyone notices the tension, so they leave you two alone - sanji is rather hesitant and would much rather keep gushing over how much you’ve changed - while getting ready to set sail because of the marine being hot on your trail.
after the sunny submerges and you find yourselves surrounded by the bubble rayleigh made, you take a few steps closer to zoro who was watching you. “i’m glad to see you again, zoro”, you speak gently while taking in his appearance. he has a way more muscular built now, is taller, his facial features look more prominent and he has a scar running down his left eye that is closed.
“I thought you weren’t going to come”, the green-haired man responds, dark eyes laced with longing, “but i’m glad that you made it.” his golden earrings dangle when he raises his rough hand to cup your cheek, the action causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach after not having seen and touched him for two years.
“of course i’d come...”, you mumble as you place your hand on top of his lovingly, but deciding that this much closure wouldn’t be enough to make up for the time you spent apart from each other. you pull the swordsman into a tight hug and he instantly wraps his muscular arms around you. both of you enjoy the warmth of one another, not even sparing a glance at your wonderful surroundings underwater or your curious crewmates.
❝ don’t ever leave me❞, zoro speaks silently for only you to hear and his grip around you tightens slightly, “i can’t lose you again.” a single tear falls from your eye and lands on his bare, scarred chest as you nod while breathing in his scent.
“i would never”, you reply with a sad smile, remembering all the lonely nights of wondering if you would ever see him again, ❝ i’m a damn mess without you...❞
zoro attempts to place a kiss on your temple and your heart beats faster in anticipation, but it isn’t long before you are interrupted by your ecstatic friends. “oi, mosshead, stop being all over (f/n)-chan and get your ass over here!”, sanji yells and you pull away from your embrace to stare at the rest of the crew that has been watching you with grins on their faces - for the exception of the fuming cook.
“what did you say, shitty cook!?”, zoro seethes angrily and seconds later, they’re butting heads with luffy, franky and usopp somehow getting dragged into the fight, leaving you grinning at the sight you missed with the others before you would have to drag your hot-headed lover away from the mess so that you could focus on your continued journey.
you wouldn’t exchange this life for anything in the world, and reuniting with the same people two years later makes you hope that nothing will ever separate you from each other again.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: i love this man so much 😫 i’d love to write more for him so feel free to request!
tagged: @adoring-obi-wan @sugawsites @howlerpaw @keiyoomi @moonlightaangel @softieshoto
send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · 11 months ago
SFW B, D, and L for Reiju, Robin, and Perona pls.
B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
She admires that you don't care about her family and all the fucked up things they've done. You associate her with the woman you've come to love and not her family and that does something for Reiju's small stance of emotions. 
Your heart, with it you can feel all the emotions she wasn't supposed to feel. The love, the joy, even the sadness, she watches you with absolute widened eyes. 
D reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?
A small quiet life, away from the Germa, the Government, pirates, everything. She wants to spend the rest of her days with you and watch the love in your eyes with each passing day as the two of you grow older. 
L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?
Love. She honestly didn't know what to do with the feeling. If her father and brothers found out that she loved you, she had an idea of what they'd do to you,  and she wouldn't have that. For the longest time she kept it hidden, but she found it quite difficult. Eventually she found her heart not being able to take it, and she took you out of the fortress one day and took you to a small run down island before she told you eventually everything; from her ability to feel some feelings, you feeling love with you, to being terrified of what her family would do if they found out, to what you actually think of her. The two of you sit together in silence, before you take her hand giving her a smile telling her that it would have to be something the two of you would have to go through together. With wide confused eyes she looks at you as you place your hands to either side of her face and press a kiss to her lips. As the two of you part, does she look back at you scanning your expression before resting her forehead to yours with a soft smile. She likes how her heart feels in her chest. 
Tumblr media
B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
Robin likes your strong desire to make your dreams come to fruition, it's a very dark unjust world you live in yet you're still seeking out freedom and fighting tooth and nail for your dream, she finds that breathtaking. 
Your hands, she loves how they compare to hers and each take she holds them, it gives her reassurance that both of you are alive and that she wouldn't want it any other way. 
D reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?
She sees after Luffy becomes King of the pirates and after their last voyage, the two of you settling down on a quiet island laying in each other's arms while reading a book, ready to spend the rest of your lives with each other hopefully in a very peaceful world. 
L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?
It would take a lot to break down her walls and tackle her trust issues. It takes a lot of time and after Enies Lobby she really needs time to further except her own self, never mind a s/o. But the time eventually comes, and when she realizes she's in love with you she fully comes to terms with it. If she was going to be something more with you she was going to have to open completely up, so she brings you somewhere private and tells you everything of her past. You sit there, calmly hanging on every word and as she looks you deep in your eyes does everything around her start to stop and she can't breathe her words slowly become less and less as sobs start to escape her throat. Pull her into a hug, let her let it all out on your shoulder. Robin rarely gets emotional like just and just the sound of her sobs brings tears to your own eyes. Time passes and Robin's crying stops, she just  silently holds onto you taking in your warm around her. Once you hesitantly look back to see her face, dried tears on her cheeks, does she take one look to your eyes before immediately going in for the kiss. It's not that very long, but to you it felt like hours. Once she pulls back she goes back to the embrace with you and tells you in hushed whispers that she loves you. 
Tumblr media
B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
That you don't complain when she needs you to do stuff for her. No, but she knows she can be difficult to be with sometimes and she really appreciates you for putting up with her and also giving the best hugs and letting her dress you up. 
D reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?
After she finds and brings back Moria from Blackbeard's island (ha ha, uhm good luck with that…) she wants you to meet him, since he's her father figure (poor choice, Perona) and she wants the four of you (counting Kumashi) to all live together on another spooky island (or with again Mihawk, but I don't know at that point I think he's going to want rent) 
L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?
She realizes fairly quickly that she has feelings for you, doesn't mean she's ever going to admit them. But with the whole tsundere act she puts on, you can quickly put it together that she likes you. That being said, sorry dear reader you're going to be the one cofessing. It'll be on one of your ventures off of Kuraigana, Perona floating along with you in a small boat looking for anything cute for her collection. Eventually you lead her attention over to a nearby island horse sized baby ducks. The two of you make for shore and Perona instantly takes cooing of the ducks, you watch with a smile. Time passes to the late afternoon and the ducks are called back to join over to their elephant sized mother (which you have to talk down the ghost girl from stealing one) the two of sit down together and watch the sun fall on the horizon of the sea. Figuring this would be the best time from any, you place your hand in the spot that hers would be (going through her projected one) she then looks at you confused before pulling hers away and asks why the hell you did that. You spill out all your feelings and she stares back at you with a frown on her face. You take a few seconds before starting to apologize, figuring you were wrong about her signals only to be interrupted by Perona placing her hands on her hips and going off on how long you had her waiting to confess and that she's completely disappointed with your timing, her face now completely flushed. She floats over and points with one hand back to the boat and the other on her hip demanding:
"N-now back on the boat! I want to kiss you with my real body now!" 
Tumblr media
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an-austere-weeb · 9 days ago
I decided to reread the MHA LN Chapter 4, you know, the canon bkdk angsty slow-burn fanfic 😌😌 Spreading the BKDK LN agenda because WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MORE !!
Anyway, I FOUND ANOTHER TRANSLATION but sadly OP haven't finished it yet 😢
And since I need an emotional outlet so I can scream at how they're so canon, Im'ma do it here ahwjdhfjsh 👀✨
Warning: Long post; potential manga spoilers
Tumblr media
– I forgot that this chapter literally started with the angst 😭 Deku saying that he can't imagine having lunch with Kacchan is like a pain in the gut. He just wanna be friends with his Kacchan again 😢
Tumblr media
– One word, ✨SOULMATES ✨ afshshahah PLS, even the universe can't help but ship them together 😩✋ they're fruityness is on whole a new level I CAN'T 💚🧡
Tumblr media
– I see what you're doing Bakugou 👀 You really can't leave your sweet broccoli behind huh?? Also, crybaby Macchan and aggressive Takkun?? 🤔 Do I need to say more? 🧐
Tumblr media
– If that's not flirting then idk what is 🤷 also, "In front of my soba? Really?" (Todoroki, probably)
– There's no ss but I just wanna give a special mention to jealous!Bakugou. No cos srsly, implying you're not friends with Deku as if you're not dying to hold his hand then getting irritated over Todoroki claiming the "friend" card 😩 Just, Bakugou, don't @ me ☺️💢
Tumblr media
– The angst had reached full force it seems ಥ‿ಥ The line was cut but it actually says "Not friends, just childhood friends" 😭😭 and I am telling you Im'ma throw my brand new book when Bakugou explicitly acknowledges Midoriya as his boyfriend. Because before they were rivals, Bakugou and Midoriya were first friends. And I'm not saying that they aren't one now because we as readers, can definitely see they care for each other. But the question is, do they already see the other as a friend and not just a mere rival? They don't cos they're boyfriends your honor
Tumblr media
– Tbh, It still haven't sinked in that this is kind of canon 🤧 This is such a cliched romantic scene like wtf?? So what's next? The full moon is illuminating half of Bakugou's face, red eyes glowing and face soft from the natural white luminescence or something sappy like that?? 😩😩 I love it
Tumblr media
– Izuku in this LN chapter whenever he talks about Bkg: ✨ THEIR RELATIONSHIP ✨
– I know, I get it. You don't have to shove it my face every single time Deku 😌 and pls, why are you still flirting at the middle of the night?? Or was it pining that I see 🤔 i mean comparing each other to their kid parallels 😕 hmm a severe case of mutual pining indeed
Tumblr media
– Yes yes, of course you're only looking for food stalls Mr. Bakugou "Tsundere" Katsuki, I completely don't believe that you're worried about the kids. No! of course not! Who says you want the kids to reconcile so they wouldn't experience the pain that you and a certain green had gone through?? Hahaha I mean It's not like they're your parallel what??hmmm no no, go on, look for takoyaki or smthn ☺️☺️
– Wait, did the last part say '"Bakugou grabbed Izuku's face and pushed it away..." Aksfksjdhdisjs what in the actual gay fanfic is this??!! Or wait, is this what Bkg usually do to Deku in the official art he's like, I love agressively gripping your head as I entangle my fingers on your soft curls but no homo💀
Since OP's translation isn't complete, I'm going to use Lau Ren's translation and yes I'm continuing this shit even though Tumblr mobile only lets me post 10 pics per post
Tumblr media
– Bkdk domesticity with children pt. 95736 💚🧡 They love kids so much 😩 Yk I'd donate my kidney just to see this ANIMATED ✨ like this has so much fluff potential 🤧 Or at the very least a drama CD. I'd ascend 😭
Tumblr media
– WHAT THE FUDGE ?!! I'M SCREAMING 😭 I SAY IT AGAIN 💞 SOULMATES✨ and pls, it has my favorite fic trope, Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings. Anyway, I need a minute to collect myself cos I can't move past the "With the said person himself nearby, Kacchan thought his fate had gone crazy" ( ≧Д≦) dammit Katsuki, why r u so gay. Izuku loves you, you emotionally constipated gremlin
I have reached my 10 picture limit so I'm just gonna copy paste some of the twts 💀 I hope I don't get in trouble lmao Xd
- Kacchan fixed his gaze to Deku who looked relieved. "He..."
- Somehow, Kacchan remembered the fight they had after All Might's retirement. It was the first time they were able to let out their conflicts sincerely. Although his fear towards Deku had decreased since then, there was still a feeling of disgust about Deku being a hero who save others residing in Kacchan.
- He couldn't understand it. But he knew, there will always a being whom he cannot understand
– Bkg rlly said 👀 on Deku while having angsty thoughts ಥ╭╮ಥ Looking back on this tho, I just can't help but be proud when I remember 285. Bakugou is loud but he is very rational in battles. He thinks of a plan on the spot meaning he's mind is on work 24/7.
– When he had his "My body just moved on its own" moment, Katsuki had understood Deku and his nature to "Save to Win." It'ss that Katsuki must not analyze it with his brain, but instead feel it with his heart 💚🧡 And this is the reason why I badly want to see him on the manga 😭 that was some MAJOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I'm ahwjdhfjsh
– Takkun and Maachan's pinky swear deserves their own mention. They're so pure 😩✋
- He said he still hasn't done hatsumoude so Kacchan can go first, but Kacchan refused and wouldn't let Deku do hatsumoude before him.
- Kacchan tried to take a head start, but in the end, they ended up visiting and praying together.
– AND WE'RE BACK with the gays 😌 hsjdjajs they compete with every single thing it's honestly cute. Also YES THEY PRAYED TOGETHER and shoujo scenes with the main couple praying on the shrine but make it BKDK flashed before my eyes 😖✨
- After finishing their prayers, Deku looked at Kacchan, "What did you wish for?" "Shut up."
- Even with Kacchan's sulking expression seen from the side, Deku felt that they had wished for the same thing.
– DEKU YOU'RE BEING TOO LOUD!! I just can't with these two 😩✋ Both of them are down so bad for each other and you can't tell me otherwise 💚✨🧡
- With those serious eyes, Deku knew they were aiming for the same thing. Win to save, save to win. To be the best heroes.
- Deku knew well that he and Kacchan are polar opposites. But even so, Deku couldn't imagine a world in which Kacchan doesn't exist.
– Deku just went 😍 on Kacchan and thought "I CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT YOU 🧡💚" (insert Imagine by Ben Platt)
– I can't even stress how much I love this line, y'all this is so misleading I-- this is too much 😭 Anyway, I believe this go both ways. Bakugou can't also see a world without Deku in it, and since Deku decided to be the self-sacrificing person he is, I'll just SCREAM IN CH. 304 ( ≧Д≦)
- Seeing the two praying side by side, he commented, "so you've become good friends now, huh."
- Both of them immediately opposed, and Kacchan threatened to explode Shoto's mouth for saying such a disgusting thing.
– Let's go Todoroki, best wingman 🤣 And flustered Bakugou makes a reappearance hdjsja Dammit half n' half I ain't flirting with Deku fvck you
And this is where it ends afshshaha anyway bkdk canon 💚🧡
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