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#source: undertale
Asriel: We're going to jail!
Chara: No, Frisk is going to jail. I'm saying I was kidnapped.
Asriel: That's a good idea. I was kidnapped too.
Frisk: No one was kidnapped. If I'm going to jail, everyone is going to jail!
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Frisk: Yeah, auditions are next week.
Sans: You know what? I’m gonna audition for the talent show.
Papyrus: Oh, really? What're you gonna do?
Sans: "Hi, my name is Sans, and I’m auditioning for the part of the trombone!" *trombone sounds*
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Pit: hOI!! im pit!! and dis is my friend pit!!
Other Pit: hOI!! im pit!! and dis is my friend… pit!!!
Another Pit: hOI!! im pit!!! and don forget my friend!
Dark Pit: Hi. I’m Dark Pit.
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"Do I look like I think? I don't. I judge my decisions on vibes and hope for the best."
- Asriel Dreemurr
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Horror: sometimes things get lost I dunno what to tell you
Nightmare: it was SIX HEADS how do you lose-
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fandom-explorer04 · 4 days ago
(The Clawthorne sisters were wandering around the bridge until they saw a mysterious girl behind them.)
???: Outlaws, don't you know how to greet a new pal? Turn around.
(they turned around they both shake her hands. A whoopee cushion sound was made. The younger sister made a laugh before she and her sister saw the girl with brownish-purple hair and a half white, half indigo hoodie.)
Luz: Hehe... The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It's always funny. Anyways, you're the Clawthorne sisters, right? *Pulls out the wanted poster and recognize them* Ok. That is hilarious. I'm Luz. Luz the human. I'm actually supposed to be on watch for outlaws right now. But... Ya know... I don't really care about capturing anybody. Now my brother, William... He's an outlaw-hunting FANATIC. Hey, actually, I think that's him over there. I have an idea. Go throw the gate thingy. Yeah, go right through. My bro made the bars too wide to stop anyone.
(William and the sisters gone through the gate.)
Luz: Quick, behind those conveniently-shaped lamps.
(The sisters hide behind the lamps and Luz appeared to William.)
Luz : Sup, bro?
William: You know what's "sup", sister. It's been eight days and you still haven't... Re-calibrated. Your. PUZZLES! You just hang around your station! What are you even doing?
Luz: Staring at those lamps. It's really cool, do you wanna look?
William: NO! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! What if Outlaws come through here!?! I want to be READY! I will be the one! I MUST BE THE ONE. I will capture the most wanted outlaws of all, the Clawthorne sisters. Then I, The Great William... will get all the things I utterly deserve. Respect... Recognition... I will finally be able to be the full leader of all the covens. People will ask, to be, my "friend." I will bathe in a shower of praises every morning.
Luz: hmm... Maybe those lamps will help you.
William: LUZ! YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!! You lazy girl. All you do is sit and boondoggle! You get LAZIER and LAZIER EVERY DAY!!
Luz: Hey, take it easy. I've got a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.
(Luz pulls out a prop skeleton and winked at the viewing angle)
William: LUZ!!!
Luz: Come on, you're smiling.
William: I am and I HATE IT. *Sigh* Why does someone as great as me... have to do so much just to get some recognition.
Luz: Wow, sounds like you're really working yourself... down to the bone.
(Luz takes out the prop again and shrugged at the viewing angle)
William: UGH!!!! I will attend to my puzzles... And as for your work? Put a little more... "BACKBONE" into it. Hahahahahaha!!!
(William leaves and came back seconds later.)
William: Hah!
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cryptid-opossum · 5 days ago
Have You Ever Wanted?
Tumblr media
Heres a short comic I made of me and Azzy
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darkminerstar · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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iam-back · 7 days ago
Impact Man: Do you, want to drink... MMMMMMMMMIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Block Man: ...k
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darkmindedanimesimp · 7 days ago
I obsess over WAY too many stuff at once so as a start here is some Undertale art I done observation sketches of a while back (pretty much anything I draw is usually observed but pls don't judge me XD), and continue to expect out of the blue posts from me about anything (Also do not repost these pls)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kittysukagasterfics · 8 days ago
Gaster: Did you...just hot glue your phone to the ceiling?
Sam: *Yep! You’re recording stuff. But it’s alright, the case is on!
Sam: *You can just take the phone out of that, and the case stays there!
Gaster: Sam...I don’t see a case...
Sam: *What does he mean? It’s right th-oh.
Gaster: ...
Sam: *...
Sam: *He doesn’t need the ceiling, right?
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Flowey: Normalize being an awful person who kills people and likes it. Normalize being an abhorrent piece of shit who lies, cheats, and steals.
Flowey: No, I want to hurt everyone I possibly can. Hope you understand.
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jetzflare25 · 10 days ago
Anne: So, I've got a question for ya. Do you wanna have a bad time? Cause if you take another step towards the house, You are REALLY not going to like what happens next.
Plant monster: [destroys the house]
Anne: ... It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, crops like you... SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.
Plant monster: [attacks]
Anne: [sidesteps] What? You think I'm just gonna stand there and take it?
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Stuffed animal: [has fur covering its eyes]
Red: [gently fixes it]
Red: There you go, you can see!
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