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speedofagale · 11 hours ago
I’ve recently been coming to terms with the fact that my mother has narcissistic personality disorder and how it’s affected my entire life and kiiiiiiinda messed me up and made me the way I am. I want to say she ruined it but at least I’m self aware snd I’m currently trying to get help for my own issues. Anyway at some point I was like “wait,,,,, does Revali have nsd????” I thought about it for awhile but while it certain seems like it, it also doesn’t seem to really entirely like... fit?🤔 Idk I’m not exactly sure why, but I was wondering what uhhhh your thoughts on the matter are 😳😳
well first of all, i want to say that i am incredibly proud of you for seeking help! it can be a hard first step to even think about getting treatment. i'm sorry about your mother, but i do hope all goes well for you. it's what you deserve :)
my short answer to your question would be:
maybe! it's hard to put it off the table with 100% confidence.
my long answer to your question would be:
it's hard to say. unfortunately, narcissistic personality disorder hasn't been very well studied because of how complex it is. even the dsm-5 provides a vague, general overview of the disorder because there is such a wide spectrum of the ways it can show up, even within the same individual. (TLDR at the bottom)
narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is ego-syntonic, meaning that (when not yet recognized) an individual doesn't think that they have a problem, rather, the problem is with everyone else. it's often defined as self-aggrandizing yet overly dependent on the evaluations of others—people with this disorder view themselves as better than those around them. they are selfish and have a grandiose sense of self-importance and entitlement. it most commonly stems from issues with low self-esteem and high vulnerability to criticism. so far from this description, one could say that yes, revali does seem to match. however, i left out key components that i wanted to focus on. among being arrogant and haughty, envious, and self-entitled, two of the other diagnostic criteria for NPD are lacking empathy (unwilling/unable to identify needs and emotions of others) and being exploitative.
even within botw, revali does show empathy towards others. he shows concern for zelda when she comes back from the spring of wisdom. it would have been so easy for him to exploit the moment, to point out that she’s failed when he’s been successful all along. but he didn’t. even in link’s battle against windblight, he shows concern whenever he’s hit, asking if he’s okay and whatnot. that’s empathy even if revali wouldn’t admit it himself. he’s actively caring for others. its shown that he does care about rito village and wants to do his part to make sure it stays safe. doing so would obviously given him prestige as well, but that wasn’t the part he was focusing on. yeah, someone with NPD could fake it if they knew what was socially acceptable, but eventually their true motive would have shown. specifically when he was already dead, he would have had no reason to help link because he wasn’t going to gain anything from it anymore. but he did! plus, i don’t think that i’ve ever seen one of revali’s interactions and thought that it was exploitative. being exploitative in this sense means actively using others to encourage your agenda of being the best around, no matter what it takes. when revali boasts, it’s usually all about himself, not asking others their thoughts on him and such. i haven’t played hwaoc (i don’t like games that require you to battle hoards of enemies at once—stresses me out too much) but from screenshots i’ve seen around tumblr and from the playthrough i watched when it first came out, revali does praise others when they do well. iirc he even shows admiration when someone is impressive in combat. someone with NPD would have trouble doing such a thing because they want to be seen as the best.
TLDR; NPD is different from being just arrogant and self-absorbed, which i’m sure we can all agree pretty much applies to revali. two of the five criteria for narcissitic personality disorder is lacking empathy and being exploitative, which from revali’s behavior, doesn’t match. my opinion is that he doesn’t have NPD because even if he wouldn’t admit it himself (and he’ll go in circles to prevent from doing so), he does care for those around him. however, like i said before, NPD hasn’t been studied very well, and it can show up in drastically different ways in different individuals. if one wanted to, they could definitely make the argument that he does.
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Marvin: I can play six degrees of dinosaur with you right now...You've never been in a movie with Kevin Bacon or a dilophosaurus, have you?
Daffy: How about you play sthix degrees of kiths my tail?
Marvin: First of all, that sounds like a totally disturbing game
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drei-satzzeichen · 16 hours ago
I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask for that “World’s Greatest Dad” mug back.
Justus to Cotta, after Cotta puts him in jail in Schwarze Madonna
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Huey: Don't say a word.
Dewey: Fergalicious.
Huey: I said no words!
Dewey: Oh, I see. Two weeks ago, we're playing Scrabble, it's not a word. Suddenly it is a word because it's convenient for you.
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incorrectvikings · a day ago
Ivar: Sigurd, if we get out of here alive, I’ll kill you.
Sigurd: So what’s my incentive to live?
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Just because you put syrup on something don't make it pancakes.
Bugs Bunny to Bigfoot
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Hestia: Bell, the worst thing you can do in these situations is take things into your own hands.
Bell: Got it.
Bell: *hangs up oculus*
Bell: We’re gonna have to take matters into our own hands.
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Godwoken: How sure are you we’ll survive?
Fane: 85 to 86 percent
Godwoken: We’ve gone on less
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Shawn Spencer: love when cats are chatty. like hell yeah mew mew dude what else you got to say
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Fury : I’m gonna ask you to be respectful
Kayla : i will politely decline
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dollyreblogs · 3 days ago
Tadashi: If you get arrested for this, I will not wait for you.
Seiji, as he goes back in time to steal the Hope Diamond: You won't have to, I'll break out, you know this-
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 4 days ago
Wizard: Don’t. Say. A. Word.
Bard: Fergalicious.
Wizard: I said no words!
Bard: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago we’re playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now suddenly it’s a word because it’s convenient for you!
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Shawn: You said that if you were ever going to do same-sex experimentation, it was going to be with me.
Gus: I have never said that to you.
Shawn: It has been implied.
Gus: By you.
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disregardcanon · 5 days ago
melanie: you are the devil
jon: first of all, melanie, the devil is white
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crisis-core-madness · 5 days ago
Cissnei: There's nothing that can dent our impenetrable bond.
Zack: I have a secret girlfriend.
Cissnei: You're dead to me.
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drei-satzzeichen · 5 days ago
Justus: First question: Where’s the bug?
Skinny: The what?
Justus: The bug. *feels under the desk* Nothing new in this area. It must be concealed on your person.
Skinny: I honestly don’t have anything on me.
Justus: Then you wouldn’t be opposed to me patting you down
Skinny: Actually, I’m very opposed to that.
Justus: Would you be willing to submit to a polygraph?
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Henry: I’m disappointed in you, Shawn!
Shawn: That means... literally nothing to me.
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Lassiter: We gotta have each other’s backs.
Shawn: You saying you have my back?
Lassiter: Yeah, I got your back. Don’t smile, I still hate you.
Shawn: I thought we were having a moment.
Lassiter: Moment’s over. Shut up.
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