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#source: new girl
Glimmer and Catra: *hugging and crying after resolving a fight between them*
Adora, confused: Are- Are they in love?
Bow, who’s been dating Glimmer for months now: Yes, very much so.
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incorrectfussballquotes · 16 hours ago
Erling Braut Haaland: *pointing at the sky* You see that shot Mom? That was for you.
Mats Hummels: Why are you pointing up? Your mother is still alive.
Haaland: I’m pointing at Norway.
Mats: You think Norway is up?
Haaland: It’s North.
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buchananbarneswilson · 21 hours ago
*sam and bucky making out*
sam: “i’m still mad at you.”
bucky: “me too.”
sam: “ok.”
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xiofcrows · a day ago
Jesper: Don't you think that if you wanted something, no matter how stupid it was, I would help you get it?
Inej: Yes, I'm sure that if I were doing something stupid you would definitely be involved
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incorrect-jatp · a day ago
Julie, Alex, Reggie and Luke: *hugging and crying after resolving a fight between them*
Someone, confused: Are- Are they in love?
Willie, who’s been dating Alex for months now: Yes, very much so.
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evanspotter2 · 2 days ago
bucky: it’s ok , we’ll have date night when we’re marri-
sam: what did you just?
bucky: merry when were very merry Christmas
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hitchell-mope · 2 days ago
Ben: I can show you around. I can show you the world. Way up here, it's crystal clear.
Mal: Ben, you’re doing Aladdin
Ben: again?
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Morbos: Did Fizz just tell me he loved me for the first time?
Erik: Yeah, he did.
Morbos: …and did I do finger guns back?
Erik: Yeah, you did.
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Mist, starting a kindergarten uprising: The whole system is corrupt! Meow!
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Incorrect Community Quotes
Troy: What do I bring to the table?
Abed: That's easy, you're the cute one.
Troy: What?
Abed: I'm the meta one, Jeff's the hot one, Britta's the cool one, Annie's the smart one, Shirley's the scary one, Pierce is old one and you're the cute one.
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Milla: You always see the worst in people.
Sasha: That's because people are the worst.
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incorrectducktales17 · 3 days ago
Doofus: Do you believe in god, Llewelyn?
Louie: I believe in hell and I'm in it.
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gleeincorrectquotes · 3 days ago
Kurt : You can ask me anything.
Mason : Really?
Kurt : Yeah, anything.
Madison : Are you in love with Walter?
Kurt : …Uh..
Madison : Do you and Walter ever ‘dry lump?’
Kurt : [Shakes head] Gahh
Mason : Is sexting cool?
Kurt : What? No- it’s not cool!
Madison : Have you done a 99?
Kurt : I think that’s a tax form..
Mason : Have you ever given anyone ‘plow chops’?
Kurt : [Voice breaking] I don’t know.
Mason : How do you make love to a person animal style?
Kurt : …Do you wanna learn how to play bridge?
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Ben: I don't want to hurt their feelings.
Robert: Hurt their feel-
Robert: Do you just walk around all day thinking about other people's feelings?
Ben: Yeah, don't you?
Robert: No! How do you get anything done?
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Hordak: I was born seven months too early. Incubation technology was still in its infancy, so they placed me in a cast-iron pot inside of a pizza oven until I was RIPE ENOUGH TO WALK.
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lesbian-deadpool · 4 days ago
Thor: Got you a cookie.
Loki: What, you have, like...? Have, like, an extra?
Thor: No.
Loki: So you just, like, got me a cookie?
Thor: Yeah, I was thinking about you.
Loki: What do you mean you were thinking about me?
Thor: I don’t know. I was thinking about you.
Thor: Think about you a lot, bro.
Loki: Why?
Thor: I don’t know. Because you’re my friend, and my brother, you’re on my mind. What, do you not think about me?
Loki: Of course not!
Thor: Oh.
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taki118 · 4 days ago
Blitzo: Why haven't I seen it?
Loona: Why do you want to see it?
Blitzo: He's my best friend.
Loona: Again, why do you want to see it?
Blitzo: What if Moxxie gets into an accident? What if he's horribly disfigured and I have to identify him and all that remains are his private parts, and I'm standing there and I'm saying "Sorry officer I can't help you because NO I HAVEN'T seen his penis" and boom! Moxxie's buried in an unmarked grave.
Loona:....again why do you want to see it?
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irisdescent-oracle · 4 days ago
Valkyon: Believe me, if I were coming down with something, i'd know it. I wouldn't risk getting the rest of you sick.
Nevra: Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I take very good care of myself. I treat my body like a temple!
Leiftan, passing by: Yeah, open to everyone. Day or night.
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