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#source: midsomer murders
arda-ancalima · a day ago
Anakin: I contacted the Senate.
Obi-Wan: Friends in low places, very good.
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arda-ancalima · 2 days ago
Qui-Gon: From now on, it's a credit in the jar every time you make me feel old.
Obi-Wan: I'm not made of money.
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Leon: How old do you think I am?
Helena: I've done speed dating, not carbon dating.
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Piers: Why does this place make me feel uncomfortable, sir?
Chris: [Sarcastically] Oh, sensitive lad like you. Must be the body in the kitchen.
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incorrectawswquotes · 2 months ago
Player: You murdered four people!
Reza: It all just sort of snowballed.
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batimshiptposts · 3 months ago
Henry: You murdered three people.
Joey: It all just sort of snowballed.
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rwbybutincorrect · 4 months ago
Clover: You murdered three people!
Tyrian: It all just sort of snowballed
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anoseforrottenapples · 5 months ago
Troy: What I'm talking about is that I got to your accomplices and they unburdened their somewhat grimy souls to me.
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avictimofthejazz · 6 months ago
A-Team Incorrect Quotes
Bad Guy: You group'a bastards...
Hannibal: Oh, that's been said before...
Face: And we sincerely hope it'll be said again!
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incorrectwandersong · 7 months ago
Bard: You murdered several people!
Audrey: It all just sort of snowballed
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rwbybutincorrect · 8 months ago
Penny: You murdered several people!
Tyrian: It all just sort of snowballed
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sullustangin · 11 months ago
[Lana and Theron briefing the Smuggler]
Lana:  Spread a little panic.
Theron: You’re good at that.
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sullustangin · 11 months ago
Kaliyo: You’ve got a suspicious mind.
Imperial Agent:   I’m an intelligence agent.  “Suspicious mind” is on my CV.”
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iislanders · a year ago
Kaiho: You murdered people!
Kaito: It all just sort of snow-balled
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thelaststory123 · a year ago
Yoo Sangah: Did you know sleepwalking can be used as a legitimate defense in a murder trial?
Han Sooyoung: Don’t tempt me.
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incorrect-andi-mack · a year ago
Buffy: Cyrus is worried about you.
TJ: Cyrus is always worried. He opens his eyes and he's worried.
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