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#source: loki
superdogbiter · 9 hours ago
Loki,standing next to Mobius:”Can you knot?”
Mobius:”Can i what???”
Loki:”I mean can you tie a knot”
Mobius:”I cannot”
Loki:”So you can knot?”
Mobius:”No i can not knot”
Loki:”Not knot?”
Mobius:”Who’s there”
Loki,getting angry:”Moby”
Mobius:”Moby who”
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gamerkuddles · 11 hours ago
Jonathan: "Dammit, Loki!" Loki: "What?! It wasn’t me!" Jonathan: "Sorry, force of habit. Dammit, Robert!" Robert: "Not me either." Jonathan: "Oh...Then who set the house on fire?" Adam: *whistles*
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gamerkuddles · 12 hours ago
Thomas: "WHY. why did you give William a KNIFE?!" Loki: "I’m sorry. He said he felt unsafe." Thomas: "Now I feel unsafe!" Loki: "I’m sorry." Loki: "... would you like a knife?"
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gamerkuddles · 12 hours ago
Loki, holding a python: "Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him." Conrad: "You did WHAT–" Tom: "William Snakepeare"
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ladymiraclewings · 14 hours ago
Felix: Wait, what if I was a robot, and I didn’t know it?
Ladybug: The machine would melt you from the inside out
Felix: Ok, I’m not a robot so I’ll be fine
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superdogbiter · 15 hours ago
Mobius:”If you have 10 cookies and someone takes half of them,what do they have?”
Loki:”A broken hand”
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Loki: I brought reinforcements.
Thor: You brought Brunhilde?
Loki: Um... no, but I brought the the next best thing.
Korg: Hey.
Thor: Korg? You brought Korg? The next best thing would have been Bruce!
Korg: Normally I’d be offended, but Bruce is freakishly strong.
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superdogbiter · 17 hours ago
Mobius:”Never much cared for the word “impregnable”.Sounds a bit too much like unsinkable”
Loki:”What’s wrong with unsinkable”
Mobius:”Nothing said the iceberg to the Titanic”
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superdogbiter · 18 hours ago
Loki:”Hey Moby,know any good date places on earth?”
Mobius:”How about Tony’s? If you can finish a 32-ounce steak it’s free”
Loki:”Yeah,okay do you know of any other places if you’re not dating a puma”
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incorrect-lokius · a day ago
Mobius ,, sitting up in bed still going over evidence from the current mission him and loki are on: I am slowly unraveling
Loki,, laying next to him super sleepy:
Bitch re-ravel yourself it’s almost 5am
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incorrect-lokius · a day ago
Look me dead in the eyes and tell me that this isn’t mobius on a mission with Loki and get distracted by some kinda cute animal of some sort
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cool-abed-filmz · a day ago
*loki and mobius enter a mall to find a variant,,,I was made for lovin you by KISS is playing over the loud speakers*
Mobius : Loki watch this *runs up onto a table as the song plays* *starts singing along to the chorus *
Loki: mobi- are you ok
Mobius : *keeps singing but louder cuz he really fucking likes dad rock*
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Loki:”Did they hurt you?”
Mobius:”No,i’m okay.Did they hurt you?”
Loki:”Who cares?”
Mobius:”I do”
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Mobius:”In Scooby doo secret tunnels are always behind shelves”
Loki:”Can we not base our decisions on what happens in Scooby doo!?”
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Mobius:”Hmm,seems like Loki isn’t talking to me”
Hunter B-15:”Enjoy it while it lasts”
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Loki:”Ever since Moby learned about “Stan language” he’s been going around talking as if he were on twitter”
Mobius:”Oof the call out.This tea is scalding”
Loki:”Please stop”
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Loki,to Mobius:”I feel like you were mad at me yesterday and i don’t know why”
Loki:”So i made a list of everything i did and i promise i won’t do those things again”
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Hunter B-15,to the Judge:”Mobius and Loki we’re making out”
Mobius:”Hunter B-15 why would you say that?”
Hunter B-15:”Why would you do that in front of me? I’m not a coat rack”
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