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#source: dharma and greg
Doofenshmirtz: All right, all right. Here's the checkbook.
Vanessa: Thank you, Dad. I will tuck this away in the gaping void that was once my soul.
Doofenshmirtz: Don't lose the pen this time.
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Peta: He acted this way when I wanted to be a Girl Scout.
Porky: It's a p-p-p-para-m-m-military organization with c-c-cookies.
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songbird-wings · 4 months ago
Rex scolding Fives and Echo: Cut it out you two. You’re drunk and discraceful!
Fives to Echo: Hi drunk!
Echo to Fives: Hey there disgraceful!
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metrolondondelta · 7 months ago
Ianto: It's raining. We're not going to sleep in the rain, are we?
Jack: No, you don't sleep in the rain. You make love in the rain.
Ianto: Ah. What if there's lightning?
Jack: Then you get to be on top.
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incorrectonceuponatime · 11 months ago
Killian [To David who is fresh out the shower and wrapped in a towel]: Sorry for peeking in on you. I got a little worried after you were in there for a half an hour.
David: It's alright.
Killian: You've got a nice arse.
David: Thanks for noticing.
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Peta: He acted this way when I wanted to be a Girl Scout.
Porky: It's a p-p-p-p-para-military organization with c-c-cookies.
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Jill’s pants. She’s not in them right now.
Carlos, answering Jill's phone that was in her discarded jeans.
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lesbian-deadpool · a year ago
Y/N: What’s new?
Steve: My life is empty and has no meaning.
Y/N: I asked you what’s new.
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Seb: How about this we both get one chance to veto what the other person is doing?
Jim: No!
Seb: Okay that’s yours. Mine is stop this
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lesbian-deadpool · a year ago
Pepper, as all The Avengers show up at the hospital: Who are all these people?
Tony: Oh they're gonna help us with the baby.
Pepper: Why?
Tony: Because it takes a village to raise a child, Pep.
Pepper: It does?
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Daffy: What's new?
Porky: M-m-my life is empty and has no m-m-m-m-meaning.
Daffy: I asked you what's new.
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incorrectnwsl · a year ago
Julie Ertz: What’s new?
Alyssa Naeher: My life is empty and has no meaning.
Julie: I asked you what’s new.
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incorrectnwsl · a year ago
Servando *whole USWNT shows up at the hospital*: Who are all these people?
Alex Morgan: Oh they're gonna help us with the baby.
Servando: Why?
Alex: Because it takes a village to raise a child Serv.
Serv: It does?
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incorrectmulti · a year ago
Matthew Tkachuk: Were you this sarcastic before we met or is this something I have done? Robert Thomas: A little you, a little your sister.  
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elodieunderglass · 6 months ago
Hello! I love your “on the validity of recognizing emotions” comic. Do you have it posted anywhere? I’d love to share it with my organization + credit you, because I think you put the concept into words so wonderfully!!!
Thank you, you're very kind to tell me so! That comic lives on tumblr here : You are absolutely welcome to share as long as people can find the source.
Funny story about that comic: I wanted to send it to someone, but it was literally easier to Google it than to try to find it on my own tumblr. So I Googled it. And found it in a book!
Tumblr media
The book is called "How to Human: An Incomplete Manual for Living in a Messed-Up World" by Alice Connor. Thank you Alice Connor!
I definitely didn't invent this specific practice. I had a New Age childhood quite similar to Dharma in Dharma and Greg, although her parents were focused on being sunny and prosperous and Californian, while mine were more broke, bitter and East Coast. That, plus her being older and fictional, is probably why Dharma handles this more sunnily than me.
Tumblr media
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ourimpavidheroine · 6 months ago
Do you ship Kyalin?
As evidenced in my fanfiction, no. (And sorry this took me so long to respond to, Anon, I kept meaning to respond but meaning is not doing, ooof.)
I don’t think they’re suitable, personality-wise. Kya has that whole hippie mystic free-spirit thing going on and Lin’s the polar opposite. And while I think that Dharma and Greg* dynamic can work, it just isn’t something that I personally am interested in exploring through fic with the two of them. (If anything, I’ve done it to a certain extent with Baatar and Ikki.)
Would I ever ship it if there was a Kyalin fic that blew my socks off? Sure! I’ve yet to find it though. Bar none all of the ones I’ve seen are just excuses to write lesbian relationships (or bi, in Lin’s case) that are so generic they could really apply to any female couple. In other words, there is very little Kya and Lin in them, barring a few meagre show references. And that’s not something I enjoy in any fanfic at all, regardless of plot or pairing. I read fanfic because I love the source material and want to see it continued in the fic. I’m utterly fine with ships that weren’t part of the original source but only if they build up and enrichen the source. It’s why I don’t care for quickly written fics that don’t bother with good characterization and why I don’t write them, either.
*Yes I just dated myself, Google it.
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