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#source: @incorrectquotesideas
justjaehathings · a day ago
Yoon: Adults are the most insanely stupid people I have the displeasure of interacting with. Hak, referring to himself and Jae-ha: Even us? Yoon: Especially you guys. Jae-ha: Hak: Jae-ha: Petition to kick Yoon out so he stop insulting us. Hak: Seconded.
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justjaehathings · a day ago
Kija: Punch me in the face. Hak: Punch you? Kija: Yes, punch me in the face. Didn’t you hear me? Hak: I always hear “punch me in the face” when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.
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[Tony creeping up on a sleeping Stephen]
Tony, leaning next to his ear: *SCREAMS*
Stephen: *wakes up calmly* *blinks twice*
Stephen: *slaps Tony in the face and goes back to sleep*
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Harley: We all have a head, a body, a neck and a sound hole so technically we are all ukuleles.
Stephen: How do you come up with these things?
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Peter, to Michelle: I wanna order takeout and watch Twilight with you.
Ned: That’s relationship goals.
Michelle, putting her arm around Peter: Everyone wants what I have.
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incorrect-ff-quotes · 4 days ago
Double D: So say I killed somebody.
Mandy: Where’s the body.
Double D: This is hypothetical!
Mandy: And I’m not an idiot. Where’s the body.
Double D:
Double D: The freezer, but—
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jakascoo · 7 days ago
Kara: We all have a head, a body, a neck and a sound hole so technically we are all ukuleles.
Nia: How do you come up with these things, Kara?
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deweyisking · 7 days ago
Francis: If you could shapeshift don't even deny that you would shapeshift into a hotter version of yourself over time.
Reese: What if I'm already the hottest version of myself?
Dewey: If I could shapeshift I'd be a dragon.
Malcolm: If you really think about it, shapeshifting would be super useful. You could give yourself an extra arm, but only when you needed it, or eyes in the back of your head-
Reese: I'd be a dragon too.
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tupayapsina · 7 days ago
Ruby, to Weiss: I wanna order takeout and watch Twilight with you
Nora: That's relationship goals
Weiss, putting her arm around Ruby: Everyone wants what I have
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tupayapsina · 8 days ago
[Yang creeps up on Weiss, who's asleep, to try to give her a scare]
Yang, leaning closer to Weiss: [screams]
Weiss, waking up calmly: [blinks twice] [slaps Yang in the face] [goes back to sleep]
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rwbybutincorrect · 9 days ago
Yang: I keep thinking about which horror movies I’d make my kids watch.
Weiss: I don’t wanna have kids with you.
Yang: Why? They’d love it.
Weiss: Oh, so you wanna have kids with me?
Yang: When I die mysteriously at 46, the nights in which we cuddled on the couch watching horror movies will be their favorite memory of me.
Weiss: Or they’ll think your ghost still haunts our house.
Yang: Which is pretty comforting.
Weiss: NO!!!
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Remy, to Pietro: I wanna order takeout and watch Twilight with you.
Lorna: That’s relationship goals.
Pietro, putting his arm around Remy's waist: Everyone wants what I have.
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Toga, texting Shigaraki: [Sends a voice message]
Shigaraki, texting back: I’m a little busy, is it urgent?
Toga: No, don’t worry, just listen later.
Shigaraki: [Listens to the voice message]
Toga’s voice message: THERE’S A FIRE-
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sidianconroy · 10 days ago
Party Poison: No!
Fun Ghoul: Please? for me?
Party Poison: Don't do that.
Fun Ghoul: What?
Party Poison: You think that whenever you say "Please? For me?" that I'll just do whatever you want. Not this time.
Fun Ghoul: Please? For me?
Party Poison: [sighs] Fine.
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jakascoo · 11 days ago
Kara: Oh my god, goals.
Jason: ?
Kara: You called me babe.
Kara: Friendship goals.
Jason: Ohh.
Jason: I was flirting but ok.
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sidianconroy · 11 days ago
Fun Ghoul: Is your head being a bitch?
Fun Ghoul: Well, fear no more! With this great invention, all your headaches will be gone!
Fun Ghoul: Now introducing:
Party, Jet, & Kobra: ..........
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