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rwbybutincorrect · 2 minutes ago
Ruby: Well, onto Plan 2.
Jaune: Plan B, you mean?
Ruby: That would imply I only have twenty-six plans.
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cupcakes-are-ours · 2 minutes ago
shimazu, sighing: women pity me, fish hardly acknowledge me
kapri: i mean, yeah, you're kinda pitiful
vexacus: five minutes, shimazu. it was five minutes i didn't pay attention to you
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Ocellus: Silv, you were supposed to do something about the raccoon under the porch.
Silverstream: I did. I named him Señor Tinyhands. He likes Froot Loops.
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therighthandofvengeance · 2 minutes ago
Ivanova: David, do you know what it means to be Anla’Shok?
David: be gay… do crimes only if you say it’s okay?
Ivanova: exactly.
Delenn: not in the slightest!
Ivanova: be gay, have a sense of honor, and do crime if I say it’s okay.
Delenn: better. not great, but better.
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incorrect-catcf-quotes · 3 minutes ago
Mike: Nuts! This wheel strut snapped. Why do they make 'em so darn small? I guess that was an optional piece.
Augustus: Mein vheel von't fit in ze vheel vell.
Mike: Here, let me try. Sometimes you just have to ...
Mike: Darn it!
Augustus: Zis plane is in for some rough landings.
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funnybleachstuff · 4 minutes ago
Kensei : Why is the bathroom floor covered in water?
Mashiro: We used a bath bomb.
Kensei: Why would that splash water out of the tub?
Shinji, holding a pipe bomb above the bathtub: Everybody, get ready to run.
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incorrectmarvels · 5 minutes ago
Sharon: Steve, will you please tell Nat, Bucky, and Sam why we were kissing?
Steve: An online dating site randomly paired us up, so as a joke I thought it would be funny to pretend you and I were dating. And then you kissed me as a joke to shut me up.
Sharon: But we never had any other romantic contact after that?
Steve: No, that would be like dating your elderly aunt.
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flightsofwonder · 5 minutes ago
it’s so funny that in the OG script, nicky and booker have the more playful/sibling-like banter, but since marwan “could make friends with a rock” kenzari was cast as joe, the fandom leaned towards joe and booker’s relationship being playful
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nerdasaurus1200 · 7 minutes ago
"Okay, someone better be bleeding, broken, or on fire."
-Mamassandra dealing with her kids on a daily basis
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incorrect-catcf-quotes · 9 minutes ago
(Mike and Augustus have the model kit on the floor with newspaper under it.)
Augustus: Hey, zese instructions are in zree different langvages.
Mike: Uh oh, I got glue on my hands.
Augustus: It starts in English, but zen it goes into French und Spanish.
Mike: This stuff is worse than Mozzarella cheese.
Augustus: It's hard to believe zis model is for ages six und up.
Mike: Yecchh. What a mess.
Augustus: You have to be tri-lingval just to read ze directions.
Mike: I hope Mr. Wonka likes this newspaper here on the floor, because it's sure not going anywhere.
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incorrect-catcf-quotes · 12 minutes ago
Mike: Look, Augustus, I got a model airplane. Want to help me build it?
Augustus: Sure.
Mike: Wow, a Phantom jet! I can't wait until it's done!
Augustus: Look at all ze little pieces.
Mike: Here, you put those pieces together, and I'll do these. Then we'll stick yours on mine, OK?
Augustus: Shouldn't ve read ze instructions?
Mike: Do I LOOK like a sissy?
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stressaffects · 14 minutes ago
Page By Raya K. shrinking,brain%20 more%20 receptive%20to%20stress.
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mbloginfo · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sources: in 2019, major labor union Teamsters refused a ransomware demand of $2.5M, against the FBI's advice, and instead rebuilt its systems from scratch (NBC News) NBC News: Sources: in 2019, major l... #25M #Advice #Demand #FBI039s #labor #Major #NBC #News #Ransomware #rebuilt #Refused #scratch #Sources #systems #Teamsters #Union #fashion #food #lifestyle #tech #politics #business #travel #animals #celebrities #vip #hollywood
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itafushiweek · 14 minutes ago
Megumi: You call me kid again, I’ll shove my foot up somewhere it’s not supposed to be!
Kamo: Am I supposed to guess where that is?
Megumi, Yuuji, Gojo: YOUR ASS!
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incorrectdetectiveanna · 15 minutes ago
Yakov, holding a glass: And now, a message of hope.
Yakov: Everything is garbage.
Yakov: You find someone you care about, and you are taken from them.
Yakov: And then once you get back to them, they are taken from you.
Yakov, downing the glass: Never love anything. That’s the lesson.
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in-the-mansion · 15 minutes ago
Norton: “what do you think of our brainly family?”
Emily: “ughhhh..”
Emily: “I don’t have time for your guys bullshit.”
Anne and Norton at the same time: “it’s not bulllllshiiiit!”
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lapetiteshippeuse · 16 minutes ago
Cross Marian's boggart
You know, I've always suppose, in the Harry Potter manner, that Cross Marian, as a necromancy sorcerer, could have more material for his different practices, besides Grave of Maria great box, like : the boggart !
Tumblr media
In DGM universe, instead of showing our most panicking fears, and in the same Earl's dark necromancy magic for creating akumas, it would manifest an illusion in a very real way the dead people.
And Cross Marian would be forced by the Centrale to show what this practice is about, as they want more informations about him.
Now, let's copy-paste the Harry Potter movie's script told by DGM characters !
Everyone : *seeing the boggart tosses restlessly*
Cross : *walks slowly by, hands behind his back, like a teacher* Intimidating, isn't it ?
Cross : Anything to guess about what is truly inside this box ?
Allen : It's a boggart, Master.
Cross : Exactly Allen, a boggart.
Cross : Now can anybody tell me what a boggart, looks like ?
Lavi : No one know.
Lenalee : *surprised* When did he get here ?
Lavi : Boggarts are shapeshifters. They take the form of the loved one that the user misses the most. That's what makes them so-
Cross : So terrifying, yes yes.
Now, I think if Cross's boggart would show Maria to Cross, Mana to Allen, Alma or "the woman" to Kanda, and Chomesuke, Doug or Colette to Lavi would clarify a very dramatic tone.
Like, in the same way the illusion of Severus Snape appears to Nevill Longbottom and the door opens itself, Chomesuke for instance would have a dynamic walking and would intimidate Lavi, stopping just in front of him, Lavi being unsettled almost forgetting the illusion of Chomesuke.
BUT as DGM introduces a steampunk universe, this wouldn't prevent that Cross got a turntable putting swing or jazz music to practice a little bit.
Tumblr media
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