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cheesym0rgue · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Soulmate AU when u hear what your soulmate is listening to and Christophe cant handle Les Mis anymore
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S.I.N - Soulmates in nature {7}
Tumblr media
Series summary; The boys struck a deal with Lucifer, a deal that allows him to stay in the bunker. How will not only they, but you cope with an archangel, the devil nonetheless, roaming around the space? Especially as you seem to notice something no-one else does, his wings. You could see the devil’s wings.
Pairing: Lucifer x reader  
Rating: Mature
Word; 5.700
Warnings; Swearing
Author; @the-goddess-of-mischief-writing
A/N: Ohhh Lucifer is back in this chapter baby! And as if it couldn’t ge better the tension is rising. Jesus Christ my whole body is vibrating because it close, you guys it cloooose they get to know!
You kept your promise to Cas and didn't confront Lucifer. You also followed your angel friend's words of avoiding the devil. However, keeping your distance from Lucifer meant that the only space you could be sure not to encounter him was in your room. Which meant that the majority of the time, you spent your day in that safe space.
You wouldn't lie and say it wasn't isolating because it was. Almost more so than when you were injured. Thus then, you hadn't acknowledged how little you saw the others, as you'd been too exhausted to think about it. Now, it was all you did.
Cas had been gone for a week. He hadn't returned to the bunker even once since the day he left after confronting you about Lucifer healing your injured shoulder. It felt odd, seeing how it had been a while since he'd been away for this long without returning to check-in. But that didn't mean the angel cut the communication. He contacted you well, Sam or Dean, to update if he found anything worth investigating.
Even though the Winchesters, in fact, stayed back in the bunker, you saw them as sparsely as the devil you avoided like the plague. It wasn't a question of how it could be like that. Thus, between being cooped up in your room and the brothers using most of their time trying to aid Cas by looking into clues or discussed the problem with their hunter associates, the time to see each other was sparse. 
Grateful wouldn't even cover what you felt for the time and effort the guys put into the search after the demons and their motif. Although, you felt a bit like a bystander.
You knew they worked themselves around the clock, yet every time you checked in on them, wondering if they needed any help, they usually declined. Insisting didn't work. And after the time you argued with Dean over the fact that they didn't only help but did everything, on top of that losing said argument, you'd stopped trying altogether. Essentially because of what you'd seen when the older Winchester said it was the least they could do for you. Regret. The same regret as when he and his brother had rushed into your room when you'd woken from your then injured shoulder.
You'd been right. Dean wouldn't forget that if he hadn't dismissed either your or Cas's apprehension towards the first staged demon hunt, you wouldn't have been injured. Even if no one knew if that would be true or not. Still, in the ever Winchester fashion, he showed that he regretted his choice then by overdoing his help now. 
And honestly, it was because you knew that it ate the brothers away you didn't blame them too much, nor argued with them anymore. Instead, you sat down and rolled your thumbs while waiting for the exceedingly rare occasion when either of the brothers would accept your help.
The only positive thing about this was that it was the perfect cover for spending a copious amount of time in your room. Thus, the brothers still had no idea of the conversation you and Cas had before he left. Neither did it seemed like they would, especially as you guys had no luck in finding any demons or anything in general that abled you to answer the question of why you suddenly was on the wanted list.
You'd run with Sam and Dean for long enough to know how famous the name Winchester was in the supernatural world, from hunters and monsters alike. Every time something had gone south, it was primarily because danger always followed the brothers closely and thus most times also directed at them, never you.
You never envied that, so much you hoped your name still would fly under the radar despite running with the most famous hunters. So far, it had to some extent. But now, all of a sudden, it seemed to have taken a sharp 180-degree turn.
You huffed at that. Of course, it would be demons that would become a pain in the ass. Probably the most difficult creatures to shake of your trial, if not to find theirs as well.
The sound of your steps become more rapid as you fastened your tempo in annoyance. For the last minutes, you'd stretched your legs by walking around in the bunker, though your mind had never really been with you, rather the whole mess around you.
You would've exercised to fully clear your mind for a short amount of time, even if your road to recovery didn't really need any rehabilitation for your shoulder. However, there was one main thing keeping you from doing it. Lucifer. It felt like if you stopped at one place for too long, he would suddenly be there.
It wasn't that you feared facing him. You wanted to. You wanted to see if he acted differently after healing you. Both because you now knew some of his grace still lingered inside you and for another reason.
Having spent so much time by yourself, you'd had more than enough time to think. And, one thing you realised was that the incredulous way he'd looked at you, along his hasty exit after healing you, may have meant more than you first thought.
Repeatedly playing the whole encounter back, you realised that despite his hard-set features, sharp tone and seemingly indifferent feeling throughout the entire event, one thing had betrayed Lucifer. His wings.
You should've recognised it earlier, seeing how you knew that his wings were a great indication of how he felt, no matter the facade he put up. It was your code to crack him, one that had shown something defying his stoic and harsh way of handling the situation.
Never had his wings encased you as they'd done then, nor had they given of that particular sound they did. Sure his wings hadn't touched you -which they never did if it wasn't by mistake, even then, it was milliseconds- but they'd wrapped around you enough to not be able to see the room around you when you let the archangel now you were in pain from something he did. And the sound that then came was scaringly like something you felt was a soothing croon.  
That was further something that confused you. Lucifer's actions were pulling two separate ways. One almost told you he'd done it for some secret purpose of his, one where every aspect was planned. Frankly, you still thought this was the main point of why he healed you. However, there was still something small telling you he was as disturbed by what he'd done as you. He may be an angel, but the defensive way he'd excused his action and how he disappeared a second later, was as easy to recognise as turbulence in emotions no matter species.
You dragged your hand down your face. This whole matter was an endless black hole.
Perhaps it was because you knew you wouldn't stop thinking about it either, that instead of turning left in the intersection of hallways, down towards your room, you continued forwards, in need of a distraction.
You heard Sam's voice before either his or Dean's room were visible to you. It sounded like he talked with somebody on the phone, something you figured, purely because you didn't catch a voice responding to him. It also seemed to be the case, as when you turned the corner and stopped by his door, which was open, you saw him pacing around in his room, phone pressed to his ear.
He was turned away from you, so to notify him of your presence, you knocked on the door already swung open. The sound instantly made the younger Winchester turn around. Although noticing you, Sam didn't give you more than an acknowledging look before he held up a finger, telling you to hold whatever you'd come to say until he finished the call. Therefore, you leaned against the doorframe as the brunette continued talking to whoever was on the other end.
"Yeah, I have it here, didn't find anything in it though", you followed the hunter with your eyes as he walked over to his desk, turning a few pages in the book already open upon it. "Yes, I'm sure", Sam rolled his eyes as he closed the book, turning so he leaned onto the countertop.
His eyes found yours again, a furrow working its way between his brows as you heard the intelligible sound of someone's voice from the phone.
"Yeah, she's fine", the younger Winchester nodded towards you, inclining whatever question he answered concerned you. This made your brows raise and mouth a questingly 'who'. Once more, you heard the voice sipper through the speaker as whoever was on the other end talked. As they did, Sam informed you who it was by mouthing an answer, 'Cas'.
Knowing it was Cas made your eyebrows raise.
"Put on speaker", you said lowly while pushing off from the doorframe, crossing the threshold to enter Sam's room.
"If you wanna speak to her, she's here actually", he lowered his phone as you neared, pressing the button so you would be able to hear Cas.
"Y/N?" You stopped opposite Sam when your name was spoken, crossing your arms while watching the timer tracking for how long the call been going on. 15 minutes, which meant the hunter and angel had talked for quite some time before you came here.
"Hey Cas, how's it going?" You had a smile on your face while saying this, although it fell when you heard a heavy sigh come from the other end of the phone.
"Haven't Sam or Dean already informed you?" You cocked a brow at that and glanced up at the younger Winchester.
"Informed me as in making me come to the assumptions myself from how they blow me off when I tried to help, yes. Informed me as in giving me the same information I presume you give them, no", as you said this, Sam got a sheepish look on his face. Probably realising that he and his brother indeed haven't handed you all, if barely half, of the information or things Cas had asked them to look into, as they'd been too occupied by doing so themselves after declining your help.
"Sam", there was a sternness in the angel's tone. "She's a part of this".
"I know, it just has been... much", the hunter explained to Cas. You knew it wasn't a hallow excuse, mainly by the apologetic look he sent you while mouthing a 'sorry'. Sam and Dean Winchester may be stubborn and prone to make debatable decisions when trying to protect someone, but they weren't assholes. Therefore, you weren't angry with them for excluding you from the research and trace investigation. Maybe a bit annoyed because you knew you could've helped, but not angry.
"It's fine. It has been much for us all", the way the younger Winchester smiled thankfully made the side of your mouth tilt upwards. "After all, it's better to be late to the party than never invited", you shuffled closer then, leaning against Sam's desk in a similar fashion as him. "But now, when I'm here, what's the news?"
"Since a day or so, Dean and I have been looking through some old spellbooks", your direct thought when hearing the brunette mention his brother was wondering where he was. Apparently, Sam noticed your reaction as he continued by stating his older brothers whereabouts rather than answer your initial question. "Dean's currently in the storage room, rifling through it to see if there are some old men of letters records that could help us."
"Help with what, exactly?"
"So far, I have found no more than an underling knowing nothing of what we want, along trails. The traces caught my attention, as I think I recognise them as ingredients to some spell, though I haven't been able to look into it myself", Cas answered.
"So that's what you two have done?" You gestured to Sam.
"Yes, however, not so successfully. We're starting to believe the demons know we're after them and are leaving fake trails. Because everything Cas has found so far has been a dead-end", your brows narrowed at this because it could be true. After all, the demons have been clever enough to stage two hunts to lure you guys in.
"Say if it's true, what's the plan?"
"I believe I'm closing in on an upper-rank demon that I've learned has a connection to the ones we encountered. Hopefully, I can get some information once finding it", Cas said, which made you mumbled 'that's always something' under your breath before continuing to ask him about it.
"Do you know how close you are?"
"Close, I believe. Next time I'll call will plausibly be after I've found the demon".
This whole ordeal had gone on for longer than it ever should. So finding this demon that Cas talked about would, as he said, hopefully, give you an idea of what you were up against. Which would make this more manageable. Primarily because the longer you didn't know the cause of the situation, the more concerned you got that Lucifer, how much he ever denied it, actually played a part in it. If he did, you knew there would be no pretty ending to it, especially not as it seemed you had a role to play in it.
Somehow Cas seemed to have caught onto the silence from your end of the call, as it was his voice calling your name that made you snap out of your thoughts.
"You good?" The question coming from the angel sounded similar to the time he'd asked you that after handing back the angel blade. Yet, there was more than the worry you without a doubt knew Sam noticed. In his question, there was another one, one asking about if you were doing good. He wondered if you kept your distance from Lucifer as he'd advised you to until the two of you knew more.
"Even though I'm locked up like before, spare some company, I'm good", you nudged the younger Winchester's shoulder to hide the true meaning behind your words. It got the effect you wanted, as Sam simply shook his head, defending himself instead of reading into what you said too much.
"I've already said sorry".
"And you're probably gonna have to say it a few more times", you jabbed him in the ribcage with a finger, which only made the hunter chuckle, a sound you fell into once stopping.
"Well, I left you in a good watch, it appears", your gaze trailed back to the phone Sam had between you two. Like you knew the man beside you hadn't caught onto the hidden meaning of your statement, as well did you know he didn't with Cas's. However, it was perhaps close that he did, regarding the way your mouth pursed.
"Come one, have some faith in me, Cas", it was said jokingly, but that wasn't the true nature of the words.
"I do", but not in Lucifer. The unsaid part of the sentence was whispered via your memory. For some reason, your jaw clenched and if Sam hadn't been beside you, the shift in your mood would defiantly have been more noticeable.
"Always good to hear", you chose to put an end to the conversation like this. Even if you wanted to say one of the many things on the tip of your tongue. Thankfully, that also seemed to conclude the call, as Sam wrapped up the conversation with a goodbye.
As you now sat in silence, you saw, in the corner of your eye, how Sam dragged a hand over his face. Shoving away the slight irritation for the uneasiness you very well knew why Cas felt, you turned to watch the younger Winchester as he tipped his head back and looked up.
"Perhaps Cas should've asked how you are", the brunette tilted his head, making his gaze meet yours.
"For once, neither I nor Dean, are the ones they're after, so I only find it fair he didn't. But to be honest, I wish it was the other way around", you couldn't fend off the smile spreading as you shook your head at what he said.
"Ever the heroes".
"You know how it is", Sam bumped your shoulder with his, not letting out a chuckle like you but showing amusement towards what you just said with a smile. "Well, to be an even bigger hero, I need to leave for a short while to return yet another useless book in the library", you knew he meant the one he'd flipped through earlier, so before he could reach it, you snatched it up in the fluid motion of pushing away from the desk.
"I'll do it to take some of the weight off your shoulders", you jested while heading for the exit of the room.
"That's the only reason?" You stopped on the threshold to look over your shoulder at Sam. Now he also had pushed off from the desk.
"Nope, to continue my great tour of restlessness in the bunker is another reason", he only rolled his eyes.
"If you want to help us rather than continue your stroll, come back here after leaving that", the brunette gestured to the book you held, which made you smile and turn to leave.
"That is an offer I'm not going to reject", you called over your shoulder, hearing a chuckle from the younger Winchester as you headed down the hallway.
Sam's room was the closest one to the central part of the bunker. So walking there didn't take as long as it did from yours. However, even if you'd gone to the library to simply put back the book you had with you into its designated place, you sidetracked somewhat once stepping into the room. Primarily because the table closest to you was filled with ledgers and scrolls. Your eyebrows furrowed, as you instead of walking towards the bookshelves, stepped forwards to inspect the material scattered on the counter in curiosity.
The second you were close enough to see what was written on the multiple open pages, you realised it must have been either Sam or Dean, you would guess the latter, who'd forgotten to put away everything after some research. Probably correlating to the demon-wanting-you topic.
It was at the very moment that you let go of a book, having flipped to the cover to read what it was about and began shifting towards the bookshelf, that you noticed an odd movement in your peripheral.
Purely from instinct, you reacted by not continuing to turn towards the bookshelf to go and put back the book you first had intended to. Instead, you dropped the textbook you'd come here to leave, causing it to land among the rest on the table with a soft thud while you drew your weapon. Gun, seeing as you'd opted to not take the angel blade with you, was raised and aimed in point-blank seconds towards the source of odd movement.
You realised it was a mistake once regarding the strange movement you'd seen, were one of shifting wings.
"Nasty habit that this", your jaw clenched as you watched Lucifer standing with his hands raised in mocking surrender on the other side of the room. So much for avoiding him.
"Only a habit greeted by someone lurking", you retorted, voice remarkably even although you felt something being lit inside you when after a week meeting Lucifer again. It felt weird, like the same emotion of being aware of the archangel had intensified. Perhaps it only was your cautiousness sky-rocketing. Otherwise, you wouldn't have pulled your gun like a scared cat.
"But you wouldn't shoot your saving grace, now would you?" You nearly wanted to huff at his choice of words but concentrated more on what you knew was a rhetorical question, seeing how you could shoot the archangel and still it would do nothing to him.
"I would, without a doubt", you aimed a little higher like you'd done so many weeks ago when urging a reaction from him. When that empty snap had been followed by a flinch from him, one you took great satisfaction in back then. The only difference now was that your gun was loaded and you did doubt yourself. Hence, you couldn't even think about shooting Lucifer at this moment.
The concern that had tasted acidic in your mouth when thinking about, rather not knowing, what it meant having a trace of Lucifer's grace in you returned once more. You would never have doubted yourself for pointing a weapon at the devil. No matter how useless it, in the end, would be against him. So why had you done it just now? And why had you now, in the silence that followed, dropped your gun entirely, not caring about upholding the demeanour you always did around the devil. A devil that also lowered his hands to let them hang by his while his wings shuffled.
How taken aback you ever were by either of your actions, it wasn't the physical movements that caught you the most off guard. It was what you saw swirled in Lucifer's eyes when his gaze held yours.
Though his vessel's eye-colour wasn't far from Cas's, it seemed something else met you as you looked at him. It felt deeper, almost pulling. Something buried far in your chest felt like it came alive by noticing this. The only resemblance to the feeling was that Lucifer always woke in you when being around. What you, with waining belief for some reason, thought was your hunter instinct.
Before Lucifer would be able to read the confusion as well as panic -you started to think you were in rather than felt- in your eyes, as easy as you'd done with whatever manifested in his, you looked away.
That daze-like sensation you'd noted many times after looking the archangel in the eye slowly dissipated to only leave the familiar feeling of being aware of him left. Still, at the moment, even that was overwhelming for your racing mind trying to concentrate. So you grabbed the book you had dropped in the opposite hand of which you held the gun and turned.
You weren't able to do more than set your eyes on your goal, the bookshelf, and take a few step forward before you heard Lucifer speak up.
"Fleeing now, are we?"
"No", you answered, forcing your voice to sound neutral. "Compared to you, I face my problems".
"Are you really doing that right now?" The devil countered. It was good you halted before the bookcase that second, or else he would've known your sudden stop was a reaction to his words. You took a moment to follow your movement of replacing the book you brought with you into an empty slot, not really caring now if it was the correct placement or not, before responding.
"Are you admitting you're a problem?"
"We all have different definitions of what classifies as a problem", you rolled your eyes at this, hand dropping to your side. Still, you didn't turn around.
"Well, for me, you're the biggest one", you said this as if you talked to the books before you rather than Lucifer standing on the other side of the room.
"Even though I saved and healed you?"
"Especially because of that", you snarked and only realised what you'd said after the words had passed your lips.
This was one of the few times you were glad your back was turned to the devil because then he couldn't see the way your eyes wrenched shut, nor how you pressed your lips together tight enough that you came to bite the bottom one. You didn't know if Lucifer had caught onto the number of emotions displayed by your short answer. But no matter what, you felt how tense you became contemplating if he, in fact, had.
You'd told yourself to keep your cards close to your chest. Yet, for some reason, the feelings welling up from somewhere deep inside you made that increasingly difficult it appeared. And knowing that if Lucifer wouldn't need to just look at your shoulders, that was drawn closer to your ears to realise you made a wrong step, you needed to relax. So, that was what you tried to do.
You took a deep breath and held it. While doing so, you let your eyes open and occupied yourself by looking at the different books before you, trying to see if anything could be interesting to take back to Sam.
Not until you felt the tension slowly fade from your body did you exhale. Your lips formed the word 'fuck' halfway through, which thankfully only sounded like a sigh as the last air left your lungs.
Now when you felt in control of your body again, aside from the sensation indicating Lucifer still was in the room, despite it sounded like he wasn't, you trailed your fingers over the ridges of the books before you. It was a method you regularly used to make yourself feel grounded. Regarding that concentrating on the fabrics under your fingertips made it harder for your thoughts to fly away.
It went well until your fingers halted on the ridge of an all to familiar book.
Even though not having the Enochian translation sheet you by some miracle had found in the bunker, you still remembered bits of what the book you once deciphered had talked about. Angels. It was one of the records you'd read at the beginning of Lucifer's stay to try and figure out why you could see his wings. Seeing how you hadn't gotten an answer, it had been a waste of time.
"That one won't help", you felt your heart lurch in your chest when Lucifer's voice sounded from directly behind you. You definitely had not heard him walk over to you. "It's about a lot of angel nonsense, not demons", this time you caught yourself from saying 'I know' even though the words lingered on your lips. However, you couldn't pat yourself on the back for that success. It was what Lucifer had said, the last two words he'd said, that made you pause.
You turned then, away from the shelf and towards the archangel, only then noticing how close he was standing. It wasn't more than an arm lengths distance between your chests, though his wing made that space feel even smaller.
 If you would've been able to, you would've stepped back, but you could already feel how your fingers pressed against the uneven wall of books.
"Before you even ask....", when Lucifer began like this, holding up two fingers to seemingly stop you from interrupting him, you thought he'd seen the shock on your face from having him so close and would mock you or something. Not say what he then did. "...I know of that little plan of yours to find the demons. The two morons aren't so good at working in silence".
Though surprised that he'd chosen to explain the statement you'd wondered about, you were even more shocked by yourself for electing to ignore it and ask about what he said before that.
"You said the book wasn't useful, but don't angels know something valuable about demons?" Lucifer looked down at you, his eyes searching yours from how they flickered between them. He must have noticed something earlier, after all, for him to study you like he now did. Perhaps that was why you did the rash decision you made.
Before being able to regret your action, you forced yourself to shift towards his left wing. 
For the first time ever, you looked straight at it while Lucifer was watching you, yet you didn't just stand there for him to figure out you actually could see it. Instead, you walked straight towards it.
If the devil would've been any other person, enough space would've existed on his side to allow you to round him. Although now, his wings blocked that path. Nevertheless, you figured that he would move them before you were able to walk straight into them. Ultimately, the archangel had always flinched away when his wings had come in contact with you.
However, for a second, you feared that this had been a misconception. Because as you began the second step that definitely would make you bump into the white wall before you, the devil hadn't moved his wing. Though, the moment you were about to close your eyes for the impact, it suddenly disappeared from your view in a swift retreat.
You kept yourself from both sighing in relief and let your gaze follow the appendage that withdrew itself from your vision. Instead, you simply kept walking towards the exit in an attempt to return to aid Sam, and by now also Dean as you guessed he'd returned.
"I do, not we. My brothers and sister aren't as fond of delving into matters surrounding anything remotely awry of their moral", you were surprised Lucifer even answered your question so long after you asked it.
"Understandable", you mumbled under your breath, but apparently, it wasn't only Cas that was able to hear you every time you muttered for yourself.
"Ever the wise one, aren't you. Tell me, why is it so understandable?" Lucifer's snarked question made you halt at the end of the table.
There was a conflict in you regarding if you should turn and face him or just continue onward. You felt how you wanted to look back at the archangel, that pride of yours arguing to not let the dare hanging in the air go unanswered because that was what Lucifer was doing. He was daring you to say what he already knew you thought. 
However, you conscious knew that if you turned, you wouldn't be able to just leave the conversation, not only because of the arguing that would ensue but the emotions that tugged wildly in your chest. The one's wanting you to face Lucifer. The ones that in the end won.
"Well, you aren't their favourite older brother, right? Only logical they don't like anything connected to you", you said it while you turned to the archangel without much of a second thought. 
His gaze bore into your the moment his blue eyes met yours. You couldn't see any anger rise in them by your words and regarding how his wings weren't fraught with tension as he slowly began to walk forwards, you supposed neither had your words truly enraged him. It was, after all, only a dare to see if you had the guts to say it, your mind whispered.
"They often say arrogance is one of the devil's, my traits, which possibly can't make you so favoured by angels neither", unexpectedly, you couldn't contain the tug in your lips as Lucifer said this.
"Who said I was?"
"Little bro Castiel seems to be quite fond of you", the archangel's voice had changed while saying this. There was still a mocking lilt to it, but it also swayed towards dislike. This made one of your eyebrows arch.
"To establish, if you haven't noticed, Cas isn't like other angels, much like you", the devil cocked his brows while his arms crossed over his chest.
"Do you believe I rejoice being in your presence?"
"You said it yourself: you haven't killed me yet", you'd half-expected he would respond with 'you forgot the part where I call you toy'. Instead, he stayed silent. Merely observing you.
Then, he took a step closer. And another. It was almost enough to make not only his chest touch yours but his wings as well. Though, you stood your ground.
"You humans are so... human", you rolled your eyes to this, but when Lucifer tilted his head, index finger leisurely following the outline of his lips, it made your eyes travel back to him rather than look towards the exit to your right, the one you should head for. Still, you didn't step away from the archangel. Preferably, you kept standing in the glow of Lucifer's wings and chilly presence, concentrating on how he let his finger fall to rest under his chin.
"Are you so curious about life after death that you choose to, again and again, stand up to me? Or are you simply stupid?" He followed up his previous statement with this. Nevertheless, it was hard to decide if he still meant you as in humans or you specifically.
"I would argue neither", you said, answer as vague as the context of his question.
"What is it then?" His wings rippled as he said this. And though your eyes did not stray to the movement of feathers, it made you think of your answer.
It was that intuition, no the hunter instinct you tried to correct yourself, which you always felt around the devil. The one that at the moment made you notice how his wing wings seemed almost relaxed.
As if your mere thought of the word wings elected a reaction, you heard the sound you recognised as the flutter of feathers. Yet it didn't come from the angel in front of you. When you realised this, you looked to the side, where you spotted Cas.
"Cas, you're back", you moved away from the devil to face the dark-haired angel in shock at his unexpected arrival.
Without even looking at Lucifer, more than what you could see in the corner of your eye, you saw how he turned the same direction you already looked in. When the angels noticed one other, you saw how Cas tensed, his eyes widening in the closest thing you ever saw they had in panic, while you felt how Lucifer went rigid, his wings stretching out behind you as the air felt like it grew twice as cold. The tension became palpable in a matter of seconds.
"Y/N, I need to speak to you", Cas's voice was urgent, as he quickly glanced at Lucifer before looking back at you. "Privately".
Series Taglist: @ambivertedcroissant @xthefuckerysquaredx@americancowgirl19 @wayward-winsister @itsmeempar@alizayalove @aliceblxck @canyouimaginethatstory@musiclovinchic93 @turquoisenights0 @eyghim18 @blueberrykushlovexoxo-blog @emiliasaffron @batavrahamvsara @fanfic-love-show
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ao3feed-bnha-rarepair · 4 hours ago
'Til Death Do Us Part
'Til Death Do Us Part by Fryviewer
"Do you, Shinsou Hitoshi, take Bakugou Katsuki as your lawfully wedded husband; through sickness and health 'till death do you part?"
"I do."
"And do you Bakugou Katsuki, take Shinsou Hitoshi as your lawfully wedded husband; through sickness and health, 'til death do you part?"
"I do."
It was a promise made, and a promise kept.
Words: 510, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 3 of BNHA Oneshots ig
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Categories: M/M
Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Shinsou Hitoshi
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Shinsou Hitoshi, Bakugou Katsuki & Shinsou Hitoshi
Additional Tags: Character Death, Major character death, Death, Blood, Major Character Injury, Wedding, sorta, Post Violent Scene, Short One Shot, Wordcount: 500-1.000, Soul Bond, Soulmate AU, Aged-Up Character(s), Pro Hero Bakugou Katsuki, Pro Hero Shinsou Hitoshi
Read Here:
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ao3feed-bakusquad · 5 hours ago
Engraved by dearbenross
On the day you are born you are engraved with a soulmate marking anywhere on your body. Bakugo has always hated his marking. Ever since Bakugo was captured by the League of Villians his nights are filled with nightmares. With the pressure of becoming a hero, getting over his trauma, and the pressure to find his soulmate, Bakugo is breaking down. Luckily, Eijiro Kirishima is a good friend and begins to help Bakugo in more than just one way.
Words: 3370, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
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fadedseas · 5 hours ago
what died didn’t stay dead: part III
Miguel Galindo x fem!reader
Part 3 of __: invisible strings
Tags: Soulmate AU, Legal Drama, Canon Divergence
Summary: You walk into the courtroom, expecting to arraign Emily Galindo for the murder of a county clerk. You don’t expect to meet your soulmate in that courtroom. The husband of the woman you’re trying to indict. Miguel Galindo.
Chapter Summary: There was something in the house. Or someone. It was a tingle originated in your forearm and crawled through your body, and you repressed a sigh as you knew who it was. Your specter turned flesh. First meeting. 
TW: cursing; mentions of murder
Word count: 3033
Tumblr media
Arraignment was usually fairly straightforward.
You generally show up, listen to the plea (usually not guilty if the frazzled Legal Aid lawyer hasn’t come to you with a deal) and try to argue for some form of release that fits how dangerous the defendant truly is. But you already knew that Josh Beckett was representing Emily Galindo. You knew that this arraignment hearing would be anything but straightforward. 
You just didn’t know how derailed it truly would be. 
You could feel his gaze skim over your back like the tip of a finger slowly tracing the length of your spine as you approached the lectern. The relief you felt at the sight of Judge Ellis at the podium broke through your panic. You knew Judge Ellis; he presided over your first case when you were a green ADA. He had caught you after you vomited in the bathroom after your first trial when the jury had come back with a guilty verdict. 
He had laid a steady hand on your shoulder, “Celebrate your wins, Counsellor. You don’t get many in this line of work.” It was the first time anyone had addressed you as that. Counsellor. Even Beckett had called you by your last name, that *sshole. He was staring at you now, smirking at the prospect of an easy win.  
You cleared your throat, pulling yourself back into reality, “The People request remand, Your Honor. Ms. Galindo has the extensive means and motive to flee.” 
Beckett scoffed, “Ms. Galindo and her husband have deep ties to the community - she has spearheaded an Agrapark project to bring jobs and increase tourism in Santo Padre; she has a young son and - “ 
“She’s being charged with first degree murder. These extraneous circumstances would push anyone to flee - “ 
“I see your point, Counsellors - “ Judge Ellis interrupted, “but let’s save the arguments for a jury. I’m setting bail at $50 million, cash or bond. Next case.” 
Damn. First loss. A strangled noise erupted from your mouth as your arm flared with heat. You had heard that the marks reacted to extreme emotion; you just didn’t expect it quite so soon. 
Judge Ellis peered over his spectacles at you, “Counsellor, is there anything else you’d like to add?”
You opened your mouth, feeling the burn of Miguel Galindo’s gaze at the back of your head. You willed for the words to come out of your mouth, Yes, your honor. I’d like to recuse myself from this case, given my personal conflict of interest with a party of interest in this case. 
But you couldn’t. Because that would mean questions. That would mean going to Judge Ellis’s chambers and disclosing your soulmate connection, and watching that man that had believed in you since you were a fledgling ADA discover that your soulmate was a murderous drug lord. 
That would mean watching the smirk on Josh Beckett’s face, the small side one he made the first time you walked into the courtroom against him - a small, nervous young female ADA - and lost...miserably. That would mean watching this case get passed to another ADA, most likely one chosen by your soulmate that would most likely guarantee an acquittal. 
You thought about Marlon Buksar, the dead county clerk. The one whose body was found by his neighbor over ten hours after his death. You knew he was far from being a sympathetic victim. He had engaged in fraud and corrupted the local bid process. But he had no one. No parents. No partner. No friends. No one to worry over his absence. No one to remember or care that he was gone. 
You wondered how much time would pass after this case before anyone that had ever known him when he was alive, forgot about him. And he was just a grave marker among countless others lost to time. 
You wondered how long it would take for anyone to find your body if anything were to happen to you.    
So instead you said, “No, your Honor.” 
There was activity in the courtroom as Judge Ellis prepared to hear the next case. But you didn’t look up from your notes as you were packing them into your bag. You couldn’t because you could still feel the prickle of his gaze. A small, insecure part of you wondered how he felt. If he were disappointed in this turn of events. Perhaps he had been hoping for someone more...refined. Beautiful. Someone as delicate and graceful as Emily Galindo. 
“This is a bit above your pay grade, isn’t it?” You were jolted out of your thoughts at Beckett’s smirking face as he sauntered over to you. 
“I don’t think so. I didn’t know you went for the murderous rich housewife, Beckett. Seems a little below your pay grade. A bit too cliche for you.” You snipped. 
You fought to keep your attention on Josh Beckett’s irritating pudge face as you tried to ignore his voice, low and urgent as he spoke to his wife. His wife. 
You had to swallow the sudden bile that rose as you swiftly collected the rest of your papers and walked out of the courtroom. You didn’t look back. 
You didn’t know what time it was when you jerked awake. You could only feel the mild headache that clouded your thoughts from your wine-filled binge that night. (You had a rough night and you figured you could use more than your allotted one wine glass for the night) Your dreams were cloudy and rushed, and you woke with the weight of your dream filled specter. There were a few seconds of confusion when you weren’t sure what woke you - but then you felt it. 
There was something in the house. Or someone. It was a tingle originated in your forearm and crawled through your body, and you repressed a sigh as you knew who it was. Your specter turned flesh. 
You pulled your tired body out of the bed, pulling on your robe to ward off the early morning chill. You padded barefoot out to your deck at the back of your house where he lounged on your plush deck chair, gazing at the rising blush of the desert sun. You took a second before you slid the glass door open to examine him. There had been so much activity in the courtroom that she had never really examined him. 
You could only see his silhouette in the deep blue of morning. Despite the time, his hair was still carefully groomed and the expensive material of his charcoal suit was smooth over his broad shoulders. You could see his hands skimming the rim of one of your wine glasses. You felt a jolt of irritation that he had helped himself to your wine stash before you brought yourself back to reality. You had bigger things to worry about than a drug lord sneaking in some of your supermarket wine. 
You walked out onto the deck, and stood in front of him, feeling a shiver of heat as he appraised you. You hated that you already had this awareness of him. You had done some research when you had gone home. 
Soulmate bonds usually form quickly after the mark develops, especially if the two mates are in consistent close proximity for each other. Most pairs even have the ability to feel the other’s emotions and potentially hear their thoughts after a sufficient amount of time. You had to swallow the bile that rose at the thought of Miguel Galindo gaining access to your thoughts. 
“Do you usually dress up for breaking and entering?” you asked, figuring you would break the ice. The faster you discovered what he wanted, the faster he would leave. 
“Well I honestly believed my soulmate would have better taste than...Franzia.” He raised an eyebrow at his glass of wine, tipping it back to swallow another mouthful. You stilled the jerk of your body at the use of the word “soulmate.”
“Not everyone has the money to afford a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem,” you rolled your eyes. 
He chuckled, and your heart squeezed at the sound. You had never heard him laugh before, and it softened his features and made him seem...almost human. 
“I’m more of a Bordeaux kind of man to be honest.” 
You ignored how you filed that piece of information away as if it’d somehow be useful in the future. There was a moment of silence as you stared at each other, both considering your next words. 
“I’m surprised to see you here,” you also ignored the absurd obviousness of that statement, “I expected one of your cronies to have delivered a bullet through my brain before I ever had the chance to see you again.”
He placed the glass down on the arm of the deck chair and cleared his throat, “you really thought I’d put a hit on my soulmate?”
“I’m a complication. Most people generally don’t enjoy complications, much less drug lords.” 
He nodded, “that’s true - however, I think the prosecutor on my wife’s case being mysteriously murdered would be even more of a complication.” 
“You’ve gotten away with worse,” you said. He took another sip to hide a smirk that irritated you.  “So why are you here?” You finally decided to get to the point. 
“I was...curious about you.” He sat back and crossed his legs, and you hated that he looked so comfortable in your home while you wrapped your arms around yourself, feeling so out of place, “I didn’t think that you...existed.”
“Neither did I.” 
He raised an eyebrow, “I thought your parents were soulmates? I expected you to be one of those women that would be attending those find your soulmate conventions or taking ads out in the paper.”
You sighed, “I shouldn’t be surprised that you looked me up. Although maybe your investigators aren’t that good if you really expected that of me.”
He chucked, “that doesn’t answer my question. Why the cynicism?”
You furrowed your brow as you shot him a wry look, “have you forgotten my line of work?” 
“But you’ve seen the real thing up close. Doesn’t that count for anything?” He pressed. 
You were quiet for a moment, considering your answer. “It does. It counts for everything. That’s why I never thought I’d find you...ever.”
He locked his gaze on you, and you fought the urge to squirm under his scrutiny. He set his glass down and uncrossed his legs, leaning forward. He looked hesitant for the first time since you’ve laid your eyes on him, “can I...see it?”
You didn’t have to ask what he was referencing. You didn’t know what compelled you to show him, maybe it was the earnestness in his expression and the caution, as if he didn’t yet fully believe that he had found you. But whatever it was, you raised the sleeve of your robe displaying your mark to the open air for the first time. 
Miguel reached forward, his hands reaching for your arm. You couldn’t stop the gasp when his skin made contact with yours. It was like a burn running up your arm despite the surprising gentleness of his hands as they cradled your forearm. His hands were calloused, far from what you expected of a rich, spoiled drug prince. But he held your arm delicately, as if your forearm would splinter if he handled it too roughly. You couldn’t stop your gasp and you met his eyes, watching the dark deep brown widen in shock as well.
Keeping eye contact with you, he slowly traced his fingers across his name. His touch left a warmth in its wake that felt like a brand in your skin. You somehow knew that there would be no other’s touch that would feel this...close. 
Miguel released your arm to unbutton his shirt sleeve and roll it up. Your breath caught as you saw the curves of your own name on his dark skin. You couldn’t stop yourself from reaching out your hand out and outlining the first letter of your first name on his soft skin. Miguel’s arm jerked at the contact as he hissed softly at your touch.    
So you weren’t the only one affected by this. You knew you should feel at least some satisfaction at that. But you couldn’t focus because an unfamiliar intimacy had developed between the two of you. One that neither of you had expected or wanted. But the physical confirmation of your marks ignited a yawning urge with you. You knew he was dangerous. You knew you were prosecuting his wife for first degree murder. But you wanted more. 
“So what happens now?” you whispered, afraid to break the tense electricity that existed between the two of you as you stared at the other’s mark. 
Your fear was confirmed when the spell was broken. Miguel pushed himself out of the chair so quickly that your startle almost caused you to fall over. He cleared his throat and adjusted his sleeve, hiding your name from sight.  
“What happens next is you try to imprison my wife and I fight like hell to clear her name.”
You were still trying to find your footing after the abrupt change in tone. But when you had, you could only blame yourself for letting your guard down around this name. “But prepared to bake a lot of lasagna for supervised prison visits upstate then. Because I’m going for the max,” you snapped. 
He snorted, “you’re going to lose this one. Just like you lost the last one against Beckett with that double murder - “
You had heard enough. You stormed past him, pulling your door open, “Get out. Now.” 
He didn’t say anything more as he strolled over to the door. Miguel passed through the halls of your home with you close behind. You tried not to react as you saw how his eye wandered over your things: your framed law degree, scattered family photos, and piles of clothes strewn around. It felt violating in a sense, but you internally chastised yourself for caring what Miguel Galindo thought about your house after he broke into it. 
You reached your front door, opening it for him and gesturing for him to leave. You ignored the flare of heat as he neared you to walk out. He suddenly stopped in front of you and you were aware of just how close he was. You gazed into his eyes, deep, dark brown and you could feel his hand grip your upper arm as he leaned down. 
You could smell his cologne, something subtle and expensive, and it was intoxicating and filled your head as he pressed closer against you. The kiss began hesitant, tentative, just the brushing of your lips against his. 
But that yearning just took over. You could feel your arms and legs again, still cold from the morning air, but warming as they slid up the fabric of Miguel’s suit and buried themselves in his perfectly groomed hair. He groaned as his arm pressed you against his body, pinning you to him. The other snaked around your back and twined itself into your locks, pressing your lips to his. 
All you could feel, smell and see was him. The absolute relief at the release of the tension that had been building since you had first laid your eyes on him. Closer. Closer. Your body screamed at you. You were in an entirely different world of your own with him, the security of his arms around you and the flutter of his breath against your face as he broke the kiss for a moment, for a breath, before you pulled his face to yours again. 
Your mark was flaring with heat at the proximity and your lungs burned for breath. The kiss became harsher, punishing as he forced his tongue into your mouth, dominating you. You felt a shiver of pleasure at the way he took over. Despite the danger that encompassed him, you had never felt safer.   
There was a sound. A footstep on gravel. Perhaps a shift of position for a guard that had been standing too long. Whatever it was, it shattered the moment as Miguel ripped himself from you, panting. There was a split second when his eyes met yours and you could see the absolute confusion commingled with lingering lust before he tore out the door, slamming it shut. The echo of his exit reverberating through your empty home. 
F*uck. F*ck. F*ck. That was a mistake. Miguel rested his head on his index and thumb as he stared out the window at the rolling desert and the rising sun. The blush of dawn was in full force, pushing away the blacks and blues of the night. Daylight exposed everything. Nestor was noticeably silent as he drove in the front seat. But Miguel knew he had seen everything. 
Emily would be waking up soon. He had to remember to continue wearing long sleeves around her. Miguel glanced down at his forearm, and flexed his wrist. F*ck this was a mess. He sighed and rubbed his hand down his face, feeling a bone-deep exhaustion. 
He had lied to you. In your home when you had asked about why he hadn’t killed you yet. The truth was that it was his knee-jerk reaction to do so. Violence was as ingrained in his genetic code as breathing. His father had demonstrated the quick and clean nature of a bullet in resolving most disputes. 
But there was just something about you. Perhaps it was the straightening of your shoulders as you argued against Beckett. The fire that seemed to appear when you stood in front of the lectern. The pettiness of your comment against Beckett that made Miguel fight a smile. Maybe it was because he knew how alone you truly were. How determined you were to take the case, both as a favor and because of your principles. He could respect that. 
Maybe it was because he was a monster. The Devil, El Diablo, as some called him. But even the Devil had his limits. 
Perhaps you were one of his. His soulmate. 
part II
A/N: Sooo....we’re retconning Miguel’s character after that last episode. I know I already said that this is an AU - but this will be an AU where Miguel doesn’t SPOILERS try to murder his wife in a slow, drugged out drowning. Also sorry this chapter is out so late! I’ve been working on it for the past two weeks and grad school applications are torture. 
Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list!
Please R&R as always! Very much appreciate it!
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what's your favorite faberry soulmate fics? i would love to know
I have two, because they're kinda hard to find, and here they are!
In a world where your most perfect person's name is scratched on you at thirteen, Lucy Quinn Fabray gets a pretty name in looping scrawl. Rachel Berry gets a beautiful name, in all the possible ways.
(or, the faberry soulmate au no one asked for)
What if you only saw in black and white until the moment you met your soulmate? Based off a tumblr prompt. Faberry through high school, starting with freshman year. Quinn’s 2nd POV.
neither of these are finished but they're great. would highly recommend.
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padme-amitabha · 7 hours ago
Anidala Week 2021
Day 4: Modern AU OR Favorite Trope
I have always been fascinated by the concept of twin flames so here’s my AU with twin flames Anidala. A twin flame is a kind of soulmate so this counts as a soulmate AU. 
Half of My Soul
“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”
― Emery Allen
I loved you before I met you. I think I have been in love with you for a very long time – since the beginning of time, really. I didn’t know what you looked like and I often wondered about you as a child. I would look around the other girls my age and you just weren’t there. My other half – the missing piece to my soul.
It hurt – just a bit – that you weren’t around when I needed you as a lonely child but I was determined that you would show up some day so kept on looking. And then I finally saw you. Not in school, not in the junkyard I often played in, and not in my neighborhood. I saw you much more closely – in a dream.
In my dream, I worked at a repairs shop but I was a slave. And you were an angel in the form of a girl. You were older than me and it made sense to me then why I had never found you before.
“Padmé Naberrie,” you say and the name resonates within me. Of course, that was your name. What else could it be?
Your name is etched into my very bones and imprinted on my very soul. Everything about you – from your big, brown eyes to the little beauty spot on your cheeks still burned in my memory.
In my dream, you were a queen from an elysian world and it seemed like you descended from the heavens when I met you. I was a mere slave, smitten by your ethereal beauty.
You have haunted my dreams since I was a child. I wondered if I did the same in yours.  
Amidst the crowd of people, my eyes sought out yours. I knew you were the one I've been looking for my entire life. The moment our eyes locked, I felt complete. Whole. Something I have never felt my entire life.
My life couldn't be any better - I am a Harvard graduate in mechanical engineering, I have a loving mother, a friendly stepfather, a supportive best friend and yet life has always been far from satisfying. Was it because I was only half of a soul waiting to be reunited with its missing half?
Your beautiful brown eyes sparkled with a hint of recognition. Your face was as familiar as my own.
I longed to tell you that you looked mesmerizing in that white dress. The rest of the world - this noisy bar - faded away once I had laid my eyes on you. It finally like coming home.
"You're the angel, aren't you?" I whisper.
You laugh and the sound is just as melodic as I remembered it.
"I have never heard that from a stranger," you say with a hint of amusement.
“But we aren’t strangers,” I say.
"No. We've met before," you say with a mischievous smirk. You knew exactly what
“Once upon a dream,” we say in unison.
Looking on you was a strange feeling – I saw a part of myself in you. It was as if the Universe had shifted around me and I had finally discovered my place in it.
"I remember you. Though your hair was much longer when I saw you," you remark.
The last time I saw you (alive), you were miserable. Tears had stained your cheeks and you were been desperately clawing at your throat. And after that, I only had the opportunity to see you in holograms. When you looked like you were drowning in a sea of flowers as six guaalars took you back home. The others were faint images of the times you were happy.
"Last I remember, I was a sad, sad man. You know why?" I asked as I played with a loose strand of your hair.
I know why, Anakin. But I let you finish anyway.
My heart beats just a little faster as I gaze into your solemn blue eyes. There’s a hint of sadness in them. I have seen that look before.
"Because I had lost you."
I gazed at the man I had loved in countless lifetimes. He looked like a lost child. There was a vulnerability in him that I had not seen in most men. He was beautiful as tragedies often were.
How could one feel so complete and lost at the same time?
I remember the last time I had closed my eyes because I was exhausted and it was hurting to stay alive. My time was over, I knew it but yours wasn’t. You were going through so much more pain but you had to live on and fulfil your destiny.
I always had faith in you, Anakin. And I told that to your Master and I whispered it in to our son. He had your eyes.
A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth for he knew what I was thinking. We had shared a mental connection in our other lives as well.
I laced my hand in yours and tiptoed to reach your ears.
"But not this time,” I say.
Your smile is as radiant as the sun itself. When you smile, you remind me of that little boy I dreamt of.
“Not this time,” you echo.
"What do you say we leave this place and go somewhere more private?"
"I would like that,” I say with a smile.
You tremble slightly and I can tell you’re tipsy. I look at the girls who had accompanied me. I gesture them to enjoy the rest of the night by themselves. 
“I am not letting you drive home,” I say. "Tell me the story of the Queen and the slave boy again."
"You already know."
"I do. But I would like to hear from you all the same."
We found each other again for a reason. I’ve always known we would find ourselves in each other’s arms in the end. Perhaps, the Universe wants to make up for all the suffering it had put us through in the past. Perhaps, this was the happy ending we have always wanted. It was a faint hope but I saw it burning in his eyes as well and we held onto that hope. For without hope, we had nothing.
Odd how a simple word – just some wind, really – was enough to rattle him. Hearing it from surviving Jedi would fuel his rage and brought forth denial if it came from his Master but, when she said it, it haunted him. Her voice could calm him from even the deepest rage. She still had that effect on him, even when she was dead and cold in the grave.
He stared straight ahead, determined not to turn around and meet her eyes. This ghost from Vader’s past from appear at different times in his life – briefly, unexpectedly. Even in death, she had never left him.
Vader had many ghosts and he never hesitated to crush them down for ghosts had no power of their own. They were petty annoyances and reminders of a life he had long left behind. But he happened to love this particular ghost and so he let come and go as she pleased, not quite certain if she was a figment of his imagination.
She would whisper so softly he would wonder if she was there at it. Perhaps it was just the wind hissing.
He didn't respond. During her visits, she spoke very little. On the rare occasions he had dared to look on her face, it was the same pained expression on Mustafar. Her last moments…
He kept his silence, letting his loud rhythmics breaths drown out her weeping. He decided to take a look. After all, her grief meant his grief, and that would make him a better Sith, as his Master wanted.
He expected to see Padmé with braids, her belly swollen – the way she was on Mustafar or a shriveled, decayed corpse as she was in the nightmares that plagued him every night.
But she was just a child – the way he had first met her. She wasn’t looking at him kindly and Vader knew he deserved that look. He was her murderer, after all.
"You weren't like this," she said in her cold, regal voice. It had always fascinated him how a child could appear so authoritative.
He looked away but there was no escape from her. The Padmé that stood before him was in her yellow gown – the way she had been on the meadow in Naboo.
“I knew our love would destroy us,” she said in a kinder voice than the younger Padmé with a hint of sadness. Vader now addressed them both.
"This is what I have become without you,” he rumbled.
"You aren't the same," said child Padmé petulantly.
"Why? Why did you change?" asked the elder. She had the same look she had when she would be frustrated with her work. His Padmé...the one who was his wife would have been gentler. But he remembered she had a temper in her younger years.
"How can I be the same without you? We were two halves of the same soul and without you, I'll never be whole again...I won't ever be Anakin again."
"Without Padme, there is no Anakin. You were me, Padmé. You and I we were the same person. You were trapped by the Republic just as much as I was trapped by the Jedi. We led the same lives. With you died one half of my soul. And now I'm just what's left of me."
The Padmés faded away. Only this time his wife was in their place and she had flowers in her hair.
"Have faith my love," she said as she drew closer. The words sounded hauntingly familiar but he couldn’t remember why. It had been so long…
She put a ghostly hand on his face though he couldn't feel it. He tried to clutch her hand with his gloved ones only to let it pass through the phantom. "We'll be whole, once again. Just you wait," she said as she disappeared into nothingness.
Vader sighed. His other half had proved to be the best thing in his life and also his greatest misery.
Vader never hallucinated his dead wife again but when she did return, she did in the form of a fierce young princess and a young farm boy from a distant planet.
In a different timeline, Anakin Skywalker lay entangled with his wife. She was fast asleep in his arms but sleep didn’t come as easily to him. Anakin always had a hard time falling asleep. The war had made it very difficult to be vulnerable. He knew he was safe at Coruscant and yet he just couldn't let all his worries fade away.
He gently disentangled himself from his wife and watched her sleep peacefully, her curls spread all over the pillow, her expression as soft as an angel's. He paced back and forth their apartment and settled in front of the large windows in Padmé’s apartment. The city never slept but the traffic was less in Coruscant's skylanes at this hour so it was easy to see the stars clearly.
He remembered watching them from his own small hut back on Tatooine. The worlds that had seemed so foreign back then seemed so familiar now. It was the place he grew up in he had trouble remembering.
"Anakin, what are you doing?" asked Padme softly, her eyes still sleepy.
"I’m sorry. Did I wake you?"
"No, of course not," she said as she rubbed her eyes. "You should get some sleep."
"I just can't. It's hard to relax," he explained.
She nodded with understanding as she took a seat beside him. She placed a hand on his shoulders and rubbed it gently. "Alright, then. I'll sit with you."
"You don't have to."
"I want to. It's not that I get to be with my husband every day."
They sat together and intertwined their hands. "Do ever wonder if...we had never met?" Padme asked.
"No. I don't. Because we were always meant to meet. Don't you believe that, angel?"
"I-I do but that's wishful thinking on my part."
"No. it isn't. My connection to the force is so strong I just know we were meant to be together. It has always been our destiny."
"Mhmm," she hummed, "Wonder what destiny has in store for us."
“Whatever comes our way, we’ll face it together,” assured Anakin as he kissed her cheek. The couple spent the rest of the night sitting in comfortable silence and basking in each other’s presence.
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secret-engima · 10 hours ago
Now I'm seriously wondering about /Ozpin's/ soulmarks in Always-I-Dreamed. It seems like the thing that might hold him together or break him, maybe both at the same time. Does Ozma carry his marks over as he gets new hosts? Is it fresh soulmarks every host? Do some soulmarks only appear *after* Ozma inhabits a host? Do hosts bear soulmarks for eachother/Ozma? What does he think of Raven's mark's behavior? Was Salem ever his soulmate, and how do soulmarks affect her, anyways? I'm /curious/.
Ozpin has the four soulmarks that represent Team STRQ, all in blue. I’m still working on their placement. :D They came in when he was fifteen, so well before he got a wizard dumped in his head, and honestly he was thrilled? I have a few nebulous HCs about Ozpin’s home life pre wizard but yeah- the idea of having four whole people who would love him as family made him happy.
Then he got Oz in his head and everything turned upside down. Oz was genuinely upset to realize that he landed in a host with so many Marks. He’s often landed in hosts with only one mark, sometimes even with no marks at all (which is *incredibly* stupid rare population-wise. Like- one in a billion levels of rare). Having a lifetime with Marks ... is always hard. Either the marks reject him when they learn of Oz, or Salem hunts them, or a hundred thousand other things. Sometimes his incarnation will go out of his way to avoid meeting a mark, just to keep them safe from him and his war. Ozen, the previous incarnation of Oz before Ozpin, definitely did and encourages him to do the same.
Ozpin is also probably a stress for- so many reasons about Oz, but yes his marks are part of it. He’s already worried about them, about the Raven that keeps burning and scarring and then resetting on his skin, and now he’s got wizards and immortal Grimm queens and being Headmaster at like- 19-20 and it’s all so much. (And no, even Ozen has no idea what’s up with Raven’s mark, he’s never had this happen before and he doesn’t even think that if could be actual death and resetting because he and Salem are the only immortals he’s ever known).
It’s going to take him a while to realize that Team STRQ are his marks, and longer still to accept that and even think about letting them know he’s their last mark.
But on your other questions!
Ozma’s hosts always have their own soulmarks, but again, it’s very rare for him to land in a host who has more than just one platonic, especially as he gets older and there is just- more of him each jump to blend into the new host. It’s hard to find a match for that. He hasn’t had a romantic mark in ... I don’t even know how many lifetimes. But a lot. The old soul marks fade when the current incarnation dies and do not transfer to the new host unless they are still living when Oz reincarnates. This time around, Ozen’s mark is already passed on, so Ozpin has no marks but his own. I don’t think he has a mark for Ozma? Since this isn’t necessarily a .. willing relationship at first, or even a destined one. It’s just a roll of the dice of which soul is most like minded at the time Oz is being kicked back into the world by the curse.
There are occasionally exceptions I would think, if they happened to be soul marked before Oz died and hopped, but after the merge, I think it would cause that mark to start to fade away over time since they’re slowly becoming one single entity rather than two and whoo boy that thought is dark so let’s not discuss that further.
Salem and Ozma, in this AU, where never romantic soulmates actually! Ozma the first was actually her platonic soulmate, and Salem and him got hitched because neither had a romantic mark and didn’t really want to live their lives with anyone else, so why not? In lifetime the second, that mark formed on his new host’s body over time, and of course he and Salem still had kids because they- wanted a family. Even if they weren’t romantic soulmates and (in this AU) didn’t really have romantic feelings for each other, they still loved each other and thought kids would be wonderful.
Then Salem turned on him. Then she murdered him.
There is only one mark that follows Oz through every incarnation. It is on the hip of his bad leg, and forms after he starts to merge. What its original shape was, only his earliest lifetimes can remember, because now it is just a dark, smeared stain the color of drying blood, purpled at the edges like a fresh bruise. A broken soul mark. A sign of Salem’s betrayal over and over and over, growing more bruised and shapeless with each life she kills him or kills his marks, or otherwise goes out of her way to hurt and torment the soul she once held as her dearest companion and spouse.
If Salem still has a soulmark- that is a question no one knows and no one dares ask. But it can be noted that this Salem never goes anywhere without wearing a high choker of some kind that fully covers the hollow of her throat. Whether it’s to hide a warped remains of a soul mark, or to hide the fact that her soul mark shattered and disappeared lifetimes ago-
Who knows.
No one is dumb enough to ask.
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I need opinions, I’ve got a draft of a Bucky x Steve’s ex wife reader set after he goes back to Peggy. But I can’t decide to make it a long one shot or a multiple part mini series
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eunoiapaintficrecs · 11 hours ago
At the End of the Path
By Niitza
It was so rare for soulmates to find each other that young. If God had willed it to happen now, then They had to have a reason.
These thoughts assailed Winifred Barnes every time Steve fell ill and the doctor told them to ready themselves for the worst - and yet she could never have imagined what trials awaited him and her son.
But then, who could have?
Fandom: Captain America | Chapters: 3/3 | Words: 20,679 | Published: Oct 24, 2018 | Updated: Oct 24, 2018 | Status: Complete
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thomas-the-goat-of-satan · 12 hours ago
Random ask, but can you rank these romantic tropes by preference:
- Friends to lovers
- Enemies to lovers
- Love triangles
- Fake relationship turns real
- Second chance at love
- Forbidden romance
- Soulmates/fate pairings
1. Soulmates/Fate Pairings. my absolute favorite trope, oh my god. I love it so much. I've never read a soulmate AU that I didn't like. I really love it when it's in popular media, but unfortunately for them, fanfic writers do this trope best. have you ever read a Faberry soulmate AU??? incredible. showstopping. out of this world. I also have dipped my toe into the occasional Klaine soulmate AU. this trope has never failed me before.
2. Friends To Lovers. it was a toss up between this and Enemies to Lovers, but this one beats it out for me. the yearning. the denial. the jealousy, but disguising it as friendly concern. the tension. the STOLEN GLANCESSS. ugh, it's my bread and butter dude. my favorite instance of this trope is when one of them gets really drunk and a little bit too soft with the other one and practically confesses their feelings, but then they don't remember doing that in the morning. the ANGST. I love it.
3. Fake Relationship Turns Real. listen, I'm just a huge fan of angsty miscommunication in fics. this trope allows LOTS of room for just that. Pezberry specifically meshes well with this trope, as does Blam.
4. Enemies To Lovers. I don't have much to say about this one. I just love it. I love it SO much. the spice is just... incredible.
5. Forbidden Romance. it's the angst. that's literally the only reason I love it so much. the absolute boatload of angst.
6. Love Triangles. eh. I only like this one in moderation, because frankly, this trope could be resolved by all of them getting together, lmao. that's why I can't take them seriously a big majority of the time. like, oh, Kurt, Blaine, and Sebastian are in the middle of a love triangle? cool, idc, how about you all get together. Tina, Artie, and Mike are in a love triangle? cool. once again, I do not care. get together. same with Finn, Rachel, and Jesse. I simply can't be bothered to care when polyamorous relationship are right there 🙄.
7. Second Chance At Love. I dunno why, but this one doesn't really set anything off in me. I really like that one Faberry fic where Quinn is a stripper and Rachel is famous, though. it's my favorite Faberry fic. I think that fic might fall under this trope umbrella.
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woogyu · 12 hours ago
Novalunosis (11/?)
Possible TW; mention of family drama, parent cheating
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yn x ???
social media au | soulmate au | university au
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DM me or comment if you want to be added 🥰
Summary |
You’ve spent your whole life watching the stars, looking for meaning hiding among the twinkling dots. Stars, space, planetary alignment, those were all easy calculated things... but soulmates? There was no logic there, nothing for your brain to use as a vantage point. How were you supposed to just trust the universe on this one? You knew firsthand that soulmates weren’t always sunshine and rainbows... your parents were one example. If the universe got it wrong with them, why wouldn’t it get it wrong with you? You were their kid after all. You trust concrete facts, numbers, calculations and variables... not some mark you were born with.
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stiltonbasket · 12 hours ago
in soulmate au, did jingyi knew his other father is nmj? and did he spent time in qinghe too?
Yes and yes! Everyone knows that he's Nie Mingjue's son, LXC never kept it a secret.
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becomingbts · 13 hours ago
Time heals (sometimes) - 6
Tumblr media
Summary: 6 years ago, (Y/N) thought that she was finally taking her life into her hands, leaving behind a toxic and abusive relationship with a man who taught her she’d never be worthy of love. However, it became hard to ignore his words when she met her seven soulmates who rejected her without even giving her a chance to prove herself. It took (Y/N) 3 years to realize that it wouldn’t be her end. She would live on to prove them all wrong; she would become what they all thought she wasn’t: someone worthy of love. And as she stands proudly on the stage, under the burning spotlights and the applause and the cries of the delirious crowd, she feels alive. Alive, just like the bond she believed to be broken.
Pairings: Y/N x OT7
GENRE: Soulmate AU!, Idol Y/NAU!, semi social-media AU!, ANGST (mainly), fluff, romance, maybe smut in the series, NSFW.  
Around 4.4k.
Ask or comment to be tagged!
Warnings: death mention and strong language.
NOTE: Hello everyone! Welcome to the sixth chapter already! I don’t know when next part will be up because as I once said in the comments, until July, I’ll have to write my bachelor thesis and then my oral, next I have master’s registration and their exams: to sum up it’s hell currently with uni HAHA. Anyway! I hope you’ll like this part, it’s their meeting... Let’s just say that we stan badass Raya and we want to hug baby (Y/N). Enjoy!! Please feedback is super well welcomed, it really helps me going on with this story. Take care everyone ILYSM!
part 5 - here - part 7
Tumblr media
Her head was spinning even if she could feel a hard mattress under her body while she remained still. She couldn’t open her eyes even if she could clearly feel her eyelashes and lid move a little bit if she tried hard enough to move them. However, she felt like she was hit by a lot of overwhelming sensations and as her body started to slowly wake up, everything was becoming too much; the sheets on her body were too heavy, crushing her body under it, the sounds of people talking was way too loud, hurting her head as she could feel the signs of a headache slowly creeping on her, the light was too strong, she could feel it burning her eyes even under her closed lids, the hospital’s smell was sickening, she felt like vomiting-
She was in a hospital? What the hell had happened to her? She could barely remember her concert; had she fainted after? Why did her head feel so foggy? (Y/N) mentally scrunched her nose; It was hard to think clearly without falling into a hazy trance. Thoughts of all sorts were traversing her already crowded mind, making it difficult for her to organize everything that was going inside her brain. Nonetheless, her challenging and panicked train of thought got interrupted by a voice that (Y/N) know by heart. She could recognize this voice between a thousand, even in the middle of her internal crisis. (Y/N)’s manager’s voice was quite unique, it was impossible to mistaken it, it comforted her painful body a little bit knowing that Raya was here. The person she would need the most to face doctors was here, so nothing could get wrong (or so she hoped, at least).
She didn’t have fond memories of doctors, to be honest. 
Concentrating on disregarding the tinnitus that was slowly deafening her and ignoring the awful smell that was surrounding her, she tried to focus on the ongoing conversation, trying to associate sounds with words and to link them with their meaning. Her foggy mind still had difficulties picking up words even if (Y/N) was doing her best to concentrate. However, she still noticed that at least three people were involved in the conversation. Raya didn’t seem to be enjoying it at all, she noted. (Y/N) had rarely heard her snap like that- as if she’d rather be anywhere else than here, talking to those people. Raya was a strong-headed person; if she did not agree with someone, she’d make them agree with her instead. She always found a way to have what she wanted, much to (Y/N)’s dismay sometimes. Staying back in the studio  was impossible if Raya had decided that it was enough, even for work. And as the whispery-yelling match finally ceased, (Y/N) concluded that, once more, Raya probably got the last word in the conversation that (Y/N) had desperately tried to follow as silence enveloped them warmly. The silence was welcomed after this cacophony of noises that were hurting her mind. However, (Y/N)’s attention got caught by the beeping sounds of the machine that was probably next to her. She had not even noticed it before; the volume of the voices had been enough to drown this sound in the background but now that she was aware of it, she couldn’t hear anything else. Back to square one, her first interrogation came back to her now that the previously ongoing conversation was done and couldn’t disturb her anymore. Confusion clouded her mind as she wondered what she was doing here. The beeping sound shouldn’t have shocked her as much as it did, considering that she had already guessed to be in a hospital thanks to this goddamn smell, yet it still took her aback. What had she done to end up here? Even after a few minutes, she still couldn’t remember anything that could have led her here. 
(Y/N) realized that her hands felt cold as warm ones took one of hers as if to warm it up and the mere thought brought some lightness in her heart. She knew Raya was a warm person but sometimes, she was taken aback by the gentleness of her care. Raya was like the soft sister she never got to meet, and the simple thought made her lips twitch ever so slightly in a smile. She wanted to let her friend know that she was awake. She had to find a way. 
(Y/N) really tried to make herself heard, to let her precious friend know that she was indeed awake, but the whole concept of actually moving was already painful without even doing it. Squeezing her hand as much as she could in Raya’s ones, she hoped that the movement would be enough to indicate her consciousness. Maybe it had been enough because Raya’s voice was definitely calling her name. She couldn’t clearly distinguish it, but she knew despite this strange fog shrouding her senses that it was her name that was being called. It felt familiar as if she had already heard it many times before. Trying to muster some energy to speak, she clearly realized how dry her throat was and it furthered her questions; how long had it been since she had been admitted to the hospital? 
Maybe her friend was just connected to her or maybe she could just read her well enough by now, because a glass of water was brought to her lips while her head was slightly lifted for her drink easily. 
A welcomed soothing sensation contrasting to the burn of her throat. 
She couldn’t be any more grateful to be taken care of at that particular moment. She used to hate being helped in any kind of way, feeling as it meant that she was depending on someone. (Y/N) still could remember with a shudder a past when she had lived controlled by someone else, never doing anything by herself as she had been persuaded that she was unable to do something correctly as long as she did it herself. She had thought that this man had been right, that she was nothing but a dumb little girl who needed help for everything. After she had finally snapped out of it and realized how manipulated she had been, trusting people to take care of her without actually taking advantage of her had been one of her biggest challenges. Her last few years of therapy greatly changed her for the best, or at least, she’d like to think that she became a better version of herself even if it had been hard. Maybe not the best, she would always have for improvements, but she was satisfied with who she was now. Music was making her heart beats like nothing ever did before; she’d like to think that she got another chance at soulmates through music. Shutting those thoughts away, she tried to breathe a few times before attempting to speak again. 
“Raya?” Her voice sounded terrible and she couldn’t help but worry for a second about her concert that was supposed to be the next weekend. She should be able to properly sing again soon right? It was nothing a good warm-up wouldn’t be able to change. 
“Hey babe. You got me terrified for a sec. Do you mind not doing that to me ever again?” (Y/N) couldn’t stop the giggle even if probably didn’t sound sweet at all and her laughter quickly turned to a groan, pain lacing her voice. “You okay? Do you need me to ask something to the doc? She’s right here, she’s just waiting for you to be a bit more conscious.” (Y/N) smiled ironically as Raya slipped into her manager role easily even if she was caring more like a friend than a manager. It was almost funny how her voice dropped and took this aura of authority, reminding her temporarily that even though she was one hell of a friend, she also was her amazing manager, the best she could ever have. 
“I feel like a truck just hit me, but otherwise I’m okay.” Raya chuckled humorlessly at her words before she answered. 
“Well, close enough to how you’re going to feel after I give you the bad news, so I guess you’re kind of prepared.” (Y/N) heard someone snorting quietly but she couldn’t care any less. What was that supposed to mean? Bad news? What could make her feel this terrible? Could it be related to her upcoming concert? 
“Bad news? What do you mean? Is the concert canceled?” Raya chuckled but then panicked a bit as she saw (Y/N) suddenly trying to sit up and open her eyes. The mention of her concert being canceled scared her friend in a few seconds only; Raya actually had to gently push her back into the mattress before she could hurt herself. She sighed with relief once (Y/N) was lying down again. 
“No, no. I mean, we’ll eventually have to talk about the concert, but it hasn’t been canceled for now.” The ‘for now’ made (Y/N) twitch a little but she smiled nevertheless at the soothing words.
“Then everything is fine, nothing can be worse. What’s the bad news?” She closed her eyes again, relaxing as much as she could considering that she was in a hospital: hospital beds being pretty uncomfortable. 
“Uh… You might want to look on your left.” (Y/N)’s eyes opened a bit, eyeing her friend suspiciously but complying nonetheless as she turned her head slightly to the side, unaware of the pairs of eyes that were expectantly looking at her. Frozen, she was firstly met by doe eyes, which were way too close to her for her liking. Shrinking a bit and wincing in pain as she did so, she tried to move away but quickly realized that she was in the same bed as the doe-eyes man. 
What. The. Fuck. 
Taking a few seconds to comprehend the situation she found herself in, someone moved next to the bed and (Y/N) finally paid attention to the second man who was sat on a chair next to the bed. Observing the stranger quickly, she immediately recognized the man without needing any further introduction. They weren’t complete strangers; their last encounter had been pretty… Intense. The last words she had heard him pronounce all those years ago rang in her head once again. 
Why should we trust you? You’re a stranger. You’re a nobody to us. 
Kim Namjoon had a face she’d never forget. His sharp accusing eyes were something that had never completely abandoned her, still filling her worst nightmares. Turning her back to both men before any of them could say something, she met Raya’s panic-stricken eyes and painful expression. At least, she seemed to know what was going on and that (Y/N) was most likely to react quite… well, badly to put it lightly. (Y/N) chuckled soundlessly as her own words came back to her mind and they almost seemed like a joke to her. It didn’t feel like being ‘hit by a truck’ as she had previously put it. No. It was like watching her whole world crash right in front of her eyes while she remained powerless, unable to hold onto the walls she had so carefully crafted during those past few years. Was there any left of those bulletproof walls she had thought to be strong enough to protect her? It was like she was back to that very moment when her life had become hell while her mind had started drowning in depression, briefly reminding her of the happy ending that would never be hers. What had she done to deserve for life to treat her this unkindly? 
“I’m going to throw up.” Both men thankfully stayed silent but the doctor who brought a bowl for her (mostly just in case) definitely didn’t take the hint as she merely chuckled, not realizing the gravity of the situation. 
“Good! I see that both of you are now awake; your souls were probably waiting for each other to wake up! Don’t worry about throwing up or feeling nauseous, it comes up with unexpected strong bonds. You’re going to feel itchy and unwell for the next few days since your souls were basically starving each other’s presence.” (Y/N) had half the mind to tell her that if she threw up, it definitely wouldn’t be because of a bond-
“What did you just say?” (Y/N) halted, thoughts fully stopping as the word ‘bond’ echoed in her mind. She was unable to do anything, to form any coherent sentence before an answer could be given to her question. Maybe her voice held distress strong enough for the doctor to realize that it wasn’t funny anymore and that it had actually never been. (Y/N) felt like her heart had been ripped from her chest and forced back inside; maybe the seriousness of the situation got clearer thanks to the cardiac monitor right next to her that was starting to get louder and louder. Maybe if she focussed enough on it, she could faint and she’d wake up from this nightmare. It couldn’t be real; it had to be a nightmare, a cruel one, but one she’d wake up from. 
“You’ll have to calm down, miss (F/N). Everything is okay, we know it’s confusing, but you have to relax a bit. It doesn’t often happen, but the two of you bonded despite the distance. Both of your souls must have accepted each other even if you never met, thus your bodies instantly reacted as your souls were searching for their mates. Newly bonded need to be physically and emotionally close to their partners, otherwise it can cause suffocation, cardiac arrest, comatose states-” the woman went on with her list but (Y/N) wasn’t listening anymore. Did she have anything to say? No, what could she comment when she was basically told that she needed to stay close to this man because their soul somehow bonded? How did that even make sense? The doctor looked away from her, probably turning to the two men; (Y/N) couldn’t care any less, her brain was stuck on the ‘bonded’ explanation. It made no sense at all, “It’s honestly such a relief that miss (F/N) is so well known, it must have been easier to understand what was happening despite the scare your mates must have given to you.” She smiled soothingly as if feeling the switch in the atmosphere but (Y/N)’s cold and empty glance couldn’t be warmed up by such a void smile. Smiling wouldn’t get her out of this curse. She wondered for a second; could this situation get any worse? 
“This is impossible. We are not soulmates.” Her voice had rarely sounded this hollow; after all, (Y/N)’s voice had become her strength. Yet, she didn’t think that she could have been any colder even if she had tried to. The emptiness of her eyes must have made it clear enough that she was not joking, leaving the doctor frowning ever so slightly.
“The names on their wrists are the proof of-”
“I don’t have any names on my wrists. I don’t have soulmates. I can’t be bonded to someone who isn’t my soulmates.” (Y/N) interrupted her sharply; maybe she sounded rude, but her brain was not processing anymore. She was merely on auto-pilot, trying to protect herself as much as she could from the men who had almost killed her once. She wouldn’t let that happen twice. Maybe if she had tried to, she would have felt the young man who was lying next to her tensing up at her cruel words. To be fair, she even knew his name. She exactly knew who he was but she refused to linger on the thought, refusing to even think of his name; it would just make it more real and she hoped, prayed even, that it wasn’t. Hence, she didn’t register his discomfort. It’s not like she would have cared even if she had caught it up. She would have ignored it even if she had sensed it. However, the doctor didn’t let (Y/N)’s indifference stop her. 
“Miss (F/N). I understand that this may be confusing, and maybe even scary considering that you have seven soulm-”
“I don’t have soulmat-” she got interrupted as if her words held no meaning and she hated it.
“-but you don’t have a choice right now! Both yours and mister Jeon’s health depend on both of you. If you get too far away from each other, this might damage both of your health.” (Y/N) could feel that it was meant to be a reassuring discourse, or maybe closer to a lecture as if reminding her that she had no choice but she heard none of it. Did this doctor know that none of them had cared six years ago? That none of them had cared about that health factor just because they had not fully bonded and because they already had each other? (Y/N) had done a lot of research about soulmates before any of that had happened. She had read that bonds before the meeting were lively, evolving in their own way before meeting their missing piece and finally completing the bond. The pre-bond period was the most crucial one to determine how strong a bond could be. If you already felt your soulmate through that half bond, it meant that the connection with your soulmate was fated to be a tight and healthy one. It could already influence the mate’s health, especially with negative emotions. It was well known that rejecting a soulmate meant refusing to complete a bond and could lead to severe consequences, death being one of them, especially if there were more than one bond included. It had been a given that she would die when they had rejected her; her survival had been more of a miracle than anything else. So why couldn’t she be the one to leave now? It would hurt her? She couldn’t care any less; nothing could hurt more than the way they had abandoned her to her fate six years ago. An itchy skin, fainting, getting sick; none of that mattered as long as she was out of reach and away from them. 
“Funny because I don’t remember them caring. They have each other, and I’ll be fine by myself. Can I please know when I can be discharged? I’d need the papers as soon as possible, my schedule is packed and I can’t really let myself lose another precious day for such an irrelevant condition.” It was probably unexpected; judging by Raya’s features, even she had not expected for (Y/N) to react that strongly.  
“(Y/N)...” Her sympathetic tone didn’t feel appreciated at that moment. 
“What? We both know that’s true, you’re my manager.” It didn’t sound like her; it didn’t feel like she was making the right choices and she hated it. Who cared about what was right? Had she died when they had abandoned her, they could have been sued for deliberate murder by her family. Didn’t that prove how messed up their situation was? How the right choice had already not mattered back then? Why should she take the good choices now? She didn’t need to make the right decisions, she needed to protect everything she had worked for; the therapy, the hospital, relearning to live. 
How dared they mess up everything now that she was starting to get better? 
“I’m also your friend, and I don’t think this is reasonable. You need to rest first.” (Y/N) frowned and glared at Raya as those sour words slipped. 
“Whose side are you on right now?” The accusation made Raya tremble slightly but she tried to look past it. She had known that her friend would take it badly, she was hurting and she probably didn’t mean to accuse her like that. Raya had yet to admit that she had not estimated how terrible (Y/N)’s reaction would be. Now, she was starting to get a rough idea.
“Yours. I’m always on your side (Y/N) and we both know that. But I don’t think that they are worth ruining your health either. Do you want to do a concert with you barely able to sing? What about dancing? Can you imagine how disappointed your fans will be if you go up there without being able to keep great performances like you usually do?” She hated herself to pull that card, but she didn’t have a choice. Raya would do anything to ease the pain of her friend, but she also had to prevent her from hurting herself. She knew exactly how far (Y/N) could go; she had witnessed it herself. She had cleaned up blood more than once and she had promised herself that she’d do anything to never live through that again. 
“What options do we have, doc?” Raya took the lead in the discussion noticing how the mention of her fans being disappointed stopped her friend’s anger. She had to support her; she needed to be that person for now. (Y/N)’s usually sensible judgment was clouded by hatred and pain. Raya wouldn’t let her friend destroy herself once more, even if it meant that she had to make decisions that she wouldn’t like. She’d do her best to find a common ground, but she needed to find a way for those men to be away while the bonded one stayed close enough for (Y/N)’s health. 
“Well,” the doctor was clearly hesitant now as she glanced at (Y/N) and then at the boys next to her. At least, they had the decency of looking ashamed, but Raya didn’t want to know what it meant. Her goal was not to get to know them. She was solely there to protect her friend, “they need to at least spend a few days together without having too much to disrupt them. Their senses must be shaken up right now and anything can be overwhelming. So I’d recommend at least two days together and then little by little reintroduce them to more stimulating things and environment. Though… I think it would be great for them to live together for a while,” as Raya glared, the doctor got obviously flustered, “I-I mean, they should at least need to spend the night together so that their souls can charge. The bonding system could be assimilated to a battery. They will need to rest together and maybe spending the night together could suffice for them to spend the day separately? It depends on how strong their bond is obviously because the stronger it is, the longer the charge will need to be achieved. Usually, people charge each time they feel tired during the day, maybe sharing a hug or anything that involves physical contact but…” the doctor didn’t even finish her sentence, wincing slightly as Raya nodded.
“Fine. We’ll find an arrangement. (Y/N) will stay in this room for two days, not more, and then she’ll be led to her home. We’ll give the opportunity to...” Raya turned her head slightly, looking at the boy in the bed who dumbly nodded, eyes teary as he met the eyes of the stern woman. Realizing she was actually waiting for his name, he stuttered an answer, embarrassed, and Raya continued, “Mister Jeon Jungkook. We can arrange a system for you to be picked up at your residency to spend the night in (Y/N)’s private apartment. All of you will have to sign an NDA as I previously mentioned to your… partners. I’ll get the administration papers to you as soon as I can. Until then,” her gaze left the confused men to the woman she knew so well as her tone softened before talking to her, “you’ll be resting. I know you hate the idea and you’re going to hate me for that too, but you have to slow down. Taking rash decisions is not going to help. I’m going to do my best so that you are comfortable and can work as efficiently as you always do. But you have to trust me. Have I ever failed you?” This made (Y/N) wince slightly but she shook her head nonetheless. 
Raya stood up after squeezing (Y/N)’s hand one last time, trying to soothe her friend down as much as she could. She heard the doctor’s embarrassed voice asking for the visitors to leave for a while because their presence could disrupt the newly formed bond. Raya merely nodded. 
“I need some coffee. I would have refused for anyone else than Mister Jeon to be left alone with her anyway.” Her tone did not let any place for inquiries; Namjoon wordlessly stood up as well to follow her outside while muttering to his mate that he would be back soon, quickly even, he hoped. As Raya made her way out, she made it clear that they’d be back soon, as a warning for Jungkook who only looked away. Raya checked up on the blank features of her friend before sighing and leaving. Outside the room, the five other men were sat on the waiting chairs, looking anxiously at each other while Namjoon and Raya came out from the hospital room.
“Thank you so much for convincing (Y/N)-shi to”
“Don’t you dare say her name. I didn’t convince her of shit and I’m not doing this for you nor for your mates. I don’t care even a little bit about what can happen to you; my sole concern here is about my best friend who needs me. So don’t you even dare to thank me because you have nothing to thank me for. If I could, I’d get a restricting order for all of you and I’d sue you for attempted murder with premeditation. Are we clear, Kim Namjoon-shi?” The threat visibly affected all of them even if she only mentioned Namjoon’s name. They straightened up in their chairs, uncomfortable, as Namjoon gulped, uneasily nodding silently. None of them dared to say anything as they watched the woman eyeing them suspiciously. 
“Good.” Turning on her heels, she left them behind, trying to forget about the headache that was starting to annoy her. She had more important things to think about right now than a constantly pounding headache.
Tumblr media
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Like Smoke in Your Arms, Part 2
Part 2 of my Soulmate AU for Kakasaku Month 2021 is up!
Sakura suspects she and Kakashi are soulmates but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Kakashi is tired of her avoiding him. 
Read on AO3
Part 1
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imkylotrash · 13 hours ago
To Hell And Back
Pairing: Saul Silva x reader
Request: Reader is Dean and Sam's sister. Everyone has a tattoo to recognize their soulmate but it turns black and hurts a little bit when the other person dies. And poor Saul has a Winchester sibling as a soulmate. Anonymous
Tagging: @grey-girl @intoanothermind @anreeixcobra @kingunder221b @lflores2008 @alexiapayne12 @quuenofblacks @quarterback-5 @estelmei @bitchwhytho @music-of-melody @artsyle​ @baueoud @glowingatdawn @shadowhuntyi @alice-the-nerd
Tumblr media
"You've got the candles and everything," you say faking a few tears. It's freezing cold but your two idiot brothers are sitting in a graveyard lighting candles and talking about you.
"Y/N!" Dean is the first to reach you pulling you in for a bear hug. The only reason he lets you go is Sam standing impatiently waiting for his turn.
"I thought this was it. I thought we'd used up all of our chances," Sam whispers holding you so tightly that you can't breathe. It would be ironic if they choked you with hugs after you just came back from Hell.
"Alright, let me breathe the fresh air. I've still got smoke in my lungs," you chuckle carefully taking a few steps back from the two men in front of you. You're glad to see them but it's hard coming back from Hell. It's not exactly a joyride no matter how you spin it.
"How did you get back?" Dean asks, knowing exactly how you feel. Nothing is worse than the flashbacks and images of what happened down there.
"Crowley got me out. Said he owed me a favour for killing that demon a few years ago. Apparently, he was competing against Crowley for the King of Hell part and it helped him win." You shrug not really sure if you believe his explanation. Crowley doesn't help people out of the good of his heart and most of the time, there's a catch. But you're willing to enjoy this moment of being back without thinking about what this might mean for your future.
"Poor soulmate must be losing his mind. That's six times in eight years," Dean shakes his head with a smile. Everyone knows that one soulmate feels the burn when the other soulmate dies, and your soulmate must've felt it a lot of times by now.
"I should probably find them soon. Explain it to them," you laugh along with Dean and Sam. It's just really hard to find a soulmate that lives in another dimension. You find him completely by accident on a case in California where he happens to be on a mission. You bump into him on the street and the tattoo lights up on both your wrists - but not before you notice the blackness of his tattoo.
"You're my soulmate," you mutter a little out of breath. What do you say to the person that the universe has decided you should be with for the rest of your life?
''What the hell have you been doing?'' Unfortunately, you know exactly what he's referring to but how you do start explaining the last decade hunting with your brothers?
"Maybe we should walk a little?" you suggest starting to walk without waiting for a response. You have a feeling he'll follow you no matter what. As it turns out on your walk, it's fairly easy to explain to him - you learned his name is Saul - because he already knows about monsters. Granted, not to the extent that you do but it's not hard to fill him in.
"So, you hunt these things?" he asks unconsciously rubbing his tattoo. You have a feeling he's only doing it because of how many times it's hurt.
"Have all of my life pretty much. Our dad was a hunter and he sort of taught us the ropes," you reply enjoying just how easy it is to talk to Saul. You even find yourself talking about your time in Hell. Something you haven't even been able to do with Sam and Dean yet.
"So, you've actually been dead six times?" Saul asks, struggling to grasp the idea of you being in Hell and now alive and well.
"As dead as you can be. I've gotten lucky. Pulled in some favours. My brother's been a good help too." You think back to Bobby and his extensive research that's saved your asses more times than you can count.
"I thought I kept getting new soulmates that just died. I was giving up on ever finding you," he admits sounding a hell of a lot more vulnerable all of a sudden.
"I'm sorry. My lifestyle isn't exactly ideal for a steady relationship."
"But you love hunting, right?" Yes. You really do. It's all you've ever known and you can't let go of it. You love being on the road with your brothers saving people from monsters.
"I suppose it wouldn't be so bad for the relationship considering you've already come back from Hell six times," he says hesitantly but there's a little bit of teasing laced with the hesitation.
"Actually, I've only been to Hell four times. I went to Heaven too."
"You're kidding me."
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anxiouslyfred · 15 hours ago
Calm Down Stories
Summary: Remus wishes his telepathic link with his soulmate helped him calm Virgil down in ways beyond telling stories, but it works. Today he tries helping a stranger in a music shop at the same time by talking about a CD cover to them, and sending his words over the telepathic link.
'Can't do this. Too loud, too busy. Can't, can't can't' Remus wished that he knew how to help, really help Virgil, especially when these repetitions began to echo through their connection. He'd tried looking up what helps anxiety, methods soulmates had used before meeting in the past.
Virgil had only panicked more when he'd tried using them, terrified that he was harming or annoying Remus with his fears, worries, everything.
Later they had spoken about it, covered that Remus had only wanted to help, support him since he couldn't take the anxiety away but also that he hadn't sounded like himself to Virgil while following those methods. Besides as soon as he knew it wasn't helping Virgil, he'd returned to his usual method of trying to help with his soulmates panic, imagining stories, and adventures he'd gone on, or thought sounded fun.
Remus knew that was all just distractions though, nothing that actually helped long term. Their telepathy thankfully hid his wishes to do more, even just talk through the struggles Virgil had when overwhelmed so he projected stories about his day, and compliments, so many compliments about the things Virgil let slip through in his thoughts.
'You somewhere safe to calm down in? Or still stuck among the madding crowd?' Remus asked, already heading into the nearest shop. It was always easier to come up with a story if he didn't have to worry about walking into strangers constantly. Their yelling could filter through to Virgil and make things worse if he did walk into them.
'Music Shop. Can't move, can't hide, can't can't can't cope, all too much, going to have people staring at me.' On one hand Remus could start trying to come up with some distraction story, on the other, if Virgil was already worrying about getting stares that usually meant he needed someone actually with him to calm down alongside the thoughts Remus could send to him. They'd already mentioned this morning that they were both out picking up some new accessories and clothes alone today.
He glanced around the shop hoping for something he could twist into a bizarre story, more confusing than a surrealism painting and realised that he was in a music shop too, with plenty of CD cases to take inspiration from and a guy in a hoodie clinging to one of the shelves as though the world was ending...
A guy looking like the world was ending could probably use a distraction just as much as Virgil needed on too so Remus had a focus and a way to start chattering away. The display the man had stopped at had some weird album art on it.
“Hey Fella, can I get to those CD's in front of ya?” He asked, trying to pantomime reaching around him without breaching any personal space the man might need.
He got a panicked look and a stumble out of the way for that, but picked up on of the cases anyway, raising an eyebrow. “Are you breathing there, Honey? I would help more but have been told I suck at leading breathing patterns. Or rather that I'm too impatient to count slowly in whatever way they need.” Remus just let any thoughts that crossed his mind and would be okay for Virgil to hear while panicking be said. He knew that quite often if he spoke things they'd get sent over their bond as thoughts too, and really didn't want to make either his soulmate or this stranger worse.
The man did attempt to take a deep breath at his words though, so Remus classed that as a win and waved the CD case up. “You know, Fella, I always wonder what the story could be behind album art like this. Seriously half of music nowadays is all love, sex, money, or escaping to nature. I bet none of the songs even mention a bat, let alone an octopus so why put them on a cover.” Really he could have found a worse cover to talk about, but this would do.
Virgil was quiet, no repetitions of 'Can't' to be heard for the moment and the panicking man was just nodding, clearly still upset, but definitely trying to breathe to some pattern Remus couldn't fathom.
“Then again, why would a bat even be flying over the ocean? It doesn't seem like something they'd do. I mean sure, birds migrate, and there's gotta be some bats that live in seaside town. Literally enough books and films set in England mention bats that it has to be like a given some are near the sea. That island is tiny.” Remus now had to get the CD if only so he'd remember to look up ocean bats later on. If they existed he wanted to know everything, including the weirdest things they eat. Can bats prey on fish?
“Some in Mexico migrate and hunt at sea.” The man breathed out, sounding shaky and half terrified of actually joining in with Remus's conversation.
He nodded in thanks, now frowning at the other animal on the screen. “Still, pretty unrealistic for an octopus to be that vibrantly yellow in the middle of the night. Practically all cephalopods have some ability to change their colour and that bright near the surface. It's basically putting up a sign saying ' I'm here, hunt me' to any predators near the surface. Although maybe it's more trying to get the gift delivered to it and would go to darker shade as soon as that box is actually in its grasp.”
“Why would a bat be taking presents to an octopus anyway?” Remus blinked at the question. It was one he'd expected to have thought at him, if Virgil was starting to calm down at least, but instead the stranger had asked it.
Mentally he thought threw bringing the bat bombs he'd read about once up, but shook the thought away, shrugging and carrying on wriggling. “Could be any reason. Perhaps bats are the animal worlds equivalent to Santa, only instead of one man in a sleigh you have hundreds or millions of these fluffy little friends flying around trying to give presents on like midsummer or something. Can't have a winter celebration for the animals when tons of them are hibernating.”
“Would be more animals on the picture if that was the case. Could just be the octopus and bat are friends.” Remus looked at the man again, staring for a moment as he spoke. There was still a shake to his breaths but they were slow again, and his hands weren't tensing for something to grip onto.
“Well now I just want to know how a bat and an octopus would become friends. It can't be easy given one lives literally under the sea and the other in caves or treetops and flies everywhere.” He exclaimed, getting a snort, before focusing on his thoughts. 'Hey Virge, You've gone quiet there. Are you calming down or has something happened?'
The man he'd been helping to calm down at the same time smirked, “Who are humans to limit what friendships animals can make? I'm more curious over what gift they would share.”
“Well that's easy, things the octopus couldn't get normally but might like to eat. Some other types of insects or whatever.” Remus suggested, now frowning as he still got no response.
“Is something wrong? I thought your story from this CD cover was going really well. Have I upset you trying to join in with it?” The man asked, worried again as he watched Remus.
He shook his head, “No, your ideas are brilliant, awesome actually. I just, well my soulmate was upset too so part of the story was for you, partly for him, but now I'm not getting any response.” Remus tried to wave away the concern, already thinking again 'Virgil, please just a random I've been knocked out and thoughts aren't awake response would be wonderful right now.'
The man frowned too, “That could just mean you've... Give me a moment to try contacting my soulmate cause you're right. He'd normally have been telling me some weird story but instead you were here talking and I don't think I've heard from him for a bit.” Remus didn't need to ask what the broken off sentence meant. He'd have lost the telepathy if he had met his soulmate, and the only person that would qualify for that was this man.
He waited for a moment, watching as the man closed his eyes, before staring at him again. “So is your soulmate called Virgil?”
“Is your soulmate called Remus?” He countered, beginning to bounce in place again.
“Yes, oh bloody hell, you accidentally managed to find me, mid panic attack and still decided to help me calm down? You're insane, what if I was dangerous or something?” Virgil exclaimed, shoving at Remus's chest lightly.
Remus just started laughing, grabbing the arm that shoved him to pull Virgil into a hug. “Somehow I don't think anyone dangerous would be frozen clinging to a display in a music shop. Come on, You need food and hot chocolate after that freak out, and I need as much sugar as I can fit into a drink. There's a cafe a few shops down.”
He didn't release the hug while making that decision, and only snickered when Virgil half heartedly attempted to pull away. “If we're going there you need to let me go, and pay for that CD.”
“Hmm, maybe in a bit. I've wanted to wrap you up in hugs when you're upset for all our lives so you can enjoy the longest hug ever before we move.” Remus declared, tightening one arm while the other came up to pet Virgil's hair.
Perhaps he wouldn't normally have helped a stranger calm down but he couldn't be more please that he had today.
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punemy-spotted · 17 hours ago
In This Life and the Next
Chapter 2: May it not Become the Evil Eye
Summary: They remember, but you forget. You can run from the ties that bind, but it’ll be right into their arms.
Chapter Summary: Face it. It is raw and broken and it is calling.
Pairings: Reader x Helmut Zemo & Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Reader is Desi and Muslim Coded on Occasion
Warnings: DEAD DOVE: DO NOT EAT; Rape/Non-Con Elements; Deeply, Deeply Dark; Character Death Involved; Dubious Consent; Dark!Steve; Dark!Bucky; Dark!Zemo; Political/Mafia Elements; Obsessive/Manipulative Lovers; Workplace Sexual Harassment/Assault; Political Corruption; Pleasepleaseplease read at your own discretion
Chapter Warnings: Minor Dub-con/Non-con, Threats, Mention of wings being clipped
Notes: Chapter 2! Finally, I post a second chapter. In which Steve makes a promise and an ultimatum.
Tumblr media
A cage of gold is still a cage.
You are joy.
You are joy, flowing through the rivers of his memory, a flurry of silks and color, a birdsong of ringing bells, ready to take flight. Oh little dove, will you not raise your wings to the sky and let the aria of your laugh reach the ears of your beloveds? Can you not see, little bird, that you are precious, that you are delicate, that you must be protected?
Don’t you understand, sweetling, don’t you see?
(You can never fly away from me.)
Your dreams are different now.
You knew they would be. You almost miss the nightmares.
Your hands ache with the longing of memory when you wake now, fingertips recalling the softness of kisses and the scrabbling of brick, crumpled memories tossed around your subconscious and struggling to be put together. Like glass case upon unyielding stone, the dust of time has dulled the pieces and nothing fits together anymore.
Nothing, that is, but the red ring on your finger, calling you to follow the strings and seek completion.
Why do you shy away? What are you afraid of in the cold-dark of the unknown? Is it the bright steel of their eyes, the slyness of the Baron’s smile and the sharpness of his guards’ scowls? How did your bond diverge this way and what will you do about it?
Do they know?
Of course they do, they have to know, they have to have felt the burn on their hands, dragging them back, coaxing them to turn and acknowledge that which the universe was begging them to do.
But they didn’t. And, in their defense: neither did you.
So where do you go from here?
Back to work, technically, staying hunched over your paperwork for an indeterminate amount of hours. You ought to go get lunch, escape while the Senator is busy arguing the budget in a committee meeting. Get fresh air and rid yourself of the miasma of his gaze, if for a little bit. But you’re busy. Busy and therefore perfectly willing to forgo — Excuse me, Miss…
You’re too proud to admit that the yelp pouring from your lips actually belongs to you, but it does and when you turn to face the reason for your racing heartbeat, you can see the bemused quirk of his lips as he looks at you and knows.
Sorry, did I scare you? He speaks with a voice like rasping silk, steady and quiet but used to being heard and listened to. By you, especially.
You don’t know why you know that.
Yes you do.
It’s fine. Good girl, wave it away and pretend you aren’t panicking. Smile. Fake it. How can I help you? You’re from Baron Zemo’s office, right? Um… You remember him, the one Zemo didn’t name, composed of furrowed brows and soft lips and a beard you were suddenly imagining running your fingers through and snap out of it, girl!
Yeah. Captain Steve Rogers — I’m chief of his security team.Oh. That makes some sense, but now you’re wondering what the Hell he’s doing here, standing in front of you. The Senator around?
Oh. No, he’s in a Committee meeting, but I can ca — he cuts you off by stepping closer to you, eyes fixed onto you.
Eyes fixed onto your hand.
No. It’s you I want.
You knew this conversation was coming, didn’t you? You knew someone would come, and now here he is, daring you to ask him all the reasons why. Daring you to acknowledge that which you won’t, that which you’ve tried to hide by denying your nature and that… that is the greatest sin of all, little dove.
Excuse me?
You’re not stupid, sweetheart, and I know you heard me. Stand up.
Don’t move. You’re not a marionette on strings, are you? So don’t move, don’t do anything but cross your arms over your chest. Don’t acknowledge the coiling heat in your core when that brow of his furrows further, when he looms over you just like that, when his hand shoots out and grabs your wrist before you can react, when he pulls you to your feet whether you want him to or not. Don’t. React.
When I give you an order, sweetheart, you better learn to listen. Low and dark and in your face, right against those surprise-parted lips and shock-widened eyes, filling your vision with the absolute supremacy of his will over yours.
Didn’t run fast enough, rabbit.
He doesn’t give you time to think, time to sharpen your talons and swipe at him, save yourself. He cages you instead, slamming your back against the wall beside your desk, pressing in closer, eyes trained unerringly on yours. The hand on your wrist shifts, sliding up until he’s forced your fingers to lace with his and presses the back of your hand up against the wall, just beside your head. Did you think you got away?
What are you talking about? And let me go!
The chuckle in your ear is low, paying no attention to your free hand pressing against his chest, to the way you try to close your legs and push his thigh between them out. A soft chuff, really, like a lion laughing in the face of prey. We gave you a week, sweetheart. You can’t avoid us forever.
A week.
A week since Baron Helmut Zemo and company had walked into your workplace, spoken to your employer, and revealed they were your soulmates, all three connected by a red thread, converging into the ring around your finger. A week.
You had been avoiding them.
You open your mouth to fire something back, maybe something snappy, maybe something cruel, but his free hand has you by the face before you can, squeezing your cheeks with rough fingers while the palm of his hand presses your jaw up and swallows your words. No.
The heat flares again, pulsing over your skin like a wave of fire, settling in your lungs and heaving your chest, demanding more air as you huff through your nose and try to push him away but he is an immovable object and you are not an unstoppable force, girl, you are only a girl in the face of a cold and cruel Adonis and you can never escape.
Don’t make me clip your wings.
It’s for your own good.
I’m done waiting around.
You want to hate him. You want to slam your fists against his chest and scream and draw attention to his crimes but the mouth that slides over yours is warm and familiar and the hand that was once bruising your jaw is now holding you so tenderly you might as well be made of delicate crystal and he is…
Soft, on your lips, the pressure of plush warmth and gentle breath, faint sighs from the both of you melding together a moment before blue eyes meet yours and he rests his forehead to your temple. I’m done waiting around, sweetheart.
It’s not a threat.
It’s a plea, soft and sweet, and don’t you want to give in? Don’t you want to surrender to the warmth of him, the strength of him, don’t you feel saferight here, in his arms? You do. You feel it in your bones that you do.
So why is it that when you open your mouth again, you say I can’t and let his eyes shift from begging-soft to hard as ice?
Why do you always try to fly away?
He strokes your cheek like a regret, wiping away a tear, a streak of blood, a memory of pain, and the second kiss is no longer asking.
The plushness of your mouth is his own playground, teeth tugging at soft lips and soothed with a brush of his tongue, demanding surrender and if you do not give it he will win this war for your affection, do not tempthim… or do. Do tempt, curl your fingers into the harness at his chest, feel the warm expanse of him swell with the longing of unknown lifetimes and fall.
Fall right into him.
Let out that whimper of a moan when his lips travel along your jaw, when he finds the tenderness just below your ear, when he nips at you and threatens to mark you his here and now. But you are his.
Come with me, sweetheart. Rasping and warm and there’s the heat again, snaking through you and pooling slick around your center and here you are, snaking your hand up to his shoulder and around the back of his neck and there go your fingers winding through that soft long hair and That’s it, sweetheart, hold me closer, I’ve got you.
You want to.
You shouldn’t.
Steve, please d — you’re cut off by the sound of his snarl and then the sudden release as he pushes himself off the wall and away from you, leaving you to crumple against that sole solid surface on shaky legs as his thigh leaves the space between yours and you realize just how molten your body had become.
He steadies you by holding your wrist again, making you look at the red ring on your finger, his other hand showing you his, the strings tangled between you both. You can’t keep running from this, sweetheart, and we’re not gonna let you, understand?
The further you run, the tighter we will hold you.
And you. You gape at him with love-swollen lips and slick warmth in your panties and you have the audacity to try to wrench your hand away and snap I’m not running. I’m right here — you leave me alone!
And oh, he looks cut to the quick when you say that, the lust-blown darkness in his eyes fading fast, less angry than hurt and dropping your wrist for you to take back. Slink into your chair, girl, and look at the wounded lion before you.
Look what you’ve done.
Sweetness… he reaches out again, saying your name like an apology, watching you flinch from his fingers and shushing you softly, I’ll give you one more chance to get used to it. You know where to find us. Find me.Don’t make us come after you again, sweetheart, cuz we ain’t gonna be patient long.
And with that, he turns you around and leaves you to face the consequences of your reactions.
Tumblr media
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fayeimara · 17 hours ago
Meant To Be || One For Ever Billion
Interlude | Winter Wonderland
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Behind The Scenes!
-Oikawa and Y/n haven't been interacting as much since that conversation in October
-Y/n and Suna, on the other hand, have gotten very comfortable with each other, even though they've only met in person that one time
-They continue to message and game online together and since their convo in October, she's opened up a little more with him and he with her
-But she's still more open with Oikawa given how long they've known each other and the nature of the time they spent together in person
-Y/n did make up with Declan, Keaton, and Thierry but clearly, things are not actually sorted... Consider it an unspoken line drawn in the sand by Y/n which leaves them all stuck between a rock and a hard place in their own ways
A/N: Okay, I know I said probably little to no angst... but I guess that's going to depend on everyone's definition and tolerance level. So fair warning, we're in for some upcoming bumps in the road. Can you see them coming? Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend <3
Taglist: @delusivist, @prettyinblack231, @kac-chowsballs, @sakusasimpbot, @hawkthekinnie, @poppi144, @oikawasbuttcheeks, @tanakasimpcorner, @zukolosthishonor, @chaoticlyclowning
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