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#soul mates
my-kindred-soul · 18 hours ago
We need to normalize having twin souls/twin flames and soul mates from the 'celebrity' world.
Celebrities are also people, they're human- even if people forget that.
They are not their job and at the end of the day, they are no different than you and I.
I am being called fake on Instagram, because of this stigma that surrounds this very thing and I am tired of stigmas.
I have had people tell me I am wrong and that I am not who I claim to be.
YOU'RE the only ones who are wrong, in thinking celebrities are apparently incapable of love or something.
It's not just the SHINee community either.
I've heard that other fan communities are the same way with people and it's absolutely ridiculous 🙄😒
Who are you people, to say that we are wrong and that we are not true?
Do you know us personally?
Have you walked down our life journey/path?
The answer is no, you haven't 😐
Try to get to know someone first, before assuming/accusing them, because no one likes to be judged ☹
I was brought up being taught that you should treat others the way you wish to be treated 🤔
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I didn’t know why, at 17, seeing you for the first time hit me the way it did. It wasn’t “love at first sight,” or maybe it was and I just didn’t know what love was yet. But I knew, at that moment, something had happened. It wasn’t just an exchange in passing, there was something that was telling me “remember this moment, hold onto it” and I did, even though I didn’t know why at the time. I never fixated on it, I didn’t think about it constantly over the next few years, I didn’t try to understand what exactly it was that made me pause that day; I went on with my life, and so did you.
We went to different colleges, in different cities, in different states. We never shared another word for six years; Then we met again, but I wasn’t at a point in my life that I could share it with you, and neither were you. We both still had growing, and healing to do. So I thought that would be the end of it, I thought that was the extent of our story, that maybe whatever had pulled on me and said “remember this moment” was meant for something else.
But here we are. Five years later. Eleven years total. “Remember this moment” I remember being 17 and seeing you for the first time. Despite four years of high school together we managed one single interaction. I remember being 23 and waiting a whole month before you asked permission to kiss me. I remember being 26 and falling in love with you despite all my efforts not to.
We were just friends. I was moving, I told you that up front. There were no expectations, no standards to meet, no occasions to rise to. We were just friends watching football, sharing stories, building furniture. Eventually I tried to push you away, and you didn’t budge. And if I’m being honest with myself, that’s the moment you had me. How ridiculously simple of me, to fall for a man because he fought for me just once? No. You fought for me every day. You made an effort. You held me through my tears. You nursed me through fevers. You loved me through the darkest of my days. You forced me to face my feelings instead of suppress them. You made me talk instead of shut down. You convinced me to stay instead of run. You showed me what love was supposed to be.
“Remember this moment” as I’d watch you move through the kitchen, cooking dinner, my move always a heartbreaking whisper in the back of my mind. How many months left? Days? Hours? How many dinners? Not enough. Never enough. It felt like a lifetime in the beginning but summer came, turned into fall, turned into winter and as the days got shorter every little moment whispered “hold onto this.” Before I knew it I was holding you and sobbing, clutching the fabric of your shirt like if I held on tight enough I could make the world stop spinning. But I couldn’t, and you had to go.
“Remember this moment, hold onto it” because it’s those moments that get me through every day without you. Every day I’m alone in an unfamiliar city, missing the person I love the most, wondering if I made the wrong decision. But you never let me believe that, not for a second, you supported this move, even if it meant going without you. You never held me back, you only supported me, encouraged me, pushed me to see the excitement and opportunity instead of the sorrow and loneliness.
I love you, so wholly and completely. Without question or pause. Without conditions or concerns. Something I’ve never known before.
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undefiinedwalker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
When I think about you I always think if you’re thinking of me too.
I said what I needed to say.
I’m letting you go once & for all.
I’m free.
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theshortchick · 2 days ago
I've loved you since we were just kids playing on the playground. We grew up - went our separate ways; but your heart is forever my home. The only person I could never really ever let go of. The only person who comes to mind with every love song on the radio.
And I have no idea how to tell you or show you just how much I still love you this day.
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my-kindred-soul · 2 days ago
Jinki posted a little while ago.
I'm not sure exactly when these were taken, but in this moment at least, he was truly happy.
He wasn't faking a smile at all, because for the first time in a very long time- his smile reached his eyes.
It's not very often that happens anymore and it's only to be expected now, but I am so happy that he is able to have small, happy moments like this.
I hope that when I send him some of my energy, that it helps him as well.
I know that his 'higher self' accepts it, but there's no way of me knowing if it helps him in any way 🤔
As long as I keep manifesting positive things for him, I am sure that it will continue to reach him ❤
After all, the three of us are all connected, since we are soul family ☺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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visionsinpastelsbynxt · 4 days ago
I've made a Discord for people who have no idea what they are doing in life or what they want from it. Maybe your likes and dislikes are peculiar. Maybe you don't know what you like or don't. You're just drifting through life not having a purpose. Maybe if we drift together we can find ourselves.
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tatersgonnatate · 4 days ago
Does anyone feel like their best friend is their soul mate? Not even in a romantic or sexual way, just like... Idk you GET each other. Like the essence of what makes you YOU just works better with the essence of what makes your friend who they are.
Nobody? Just me... 👀
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feel-sakinah · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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shyashbish · 5 days ago
do u ever just belt out adtr hits in ur car after the gym & wonder if anyone else is as fucking WEIRD AS U?!
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ichayalovesyou · 5 days ago
Tel-tor: T’hy’la Eh Ashayam is Modern Golic Vulcan for The Bond: Soul Mate & Beloved
Previous Chapters:
Kanu T’Eshikh (Children of The Desert)
Suvel Nahan Fa’Surak: Whl’q’n Yuk-tor (The Time Before Surak: The Vulcan People Slumber)
Suvel Nahan Po’Surak: Keshtan T’Ozhika (The Time After Surak: The Birth of Logic)
Psthan Na’K’war’mah’khon (The Inner Search for Being One People, One Family, One World)
The Psthan is the private inward journey to understand the self, the Shai. The K’war’ma’khon binds us to our friends, our people, our world. Yet there is a sacred connection more powerful and sacred than both, those who share a soul, a heart, a mind, it is Tel-tor, the Bond.
Whatever you may call them, be they chosen or fated, friend, brother, lover, ashayam, or as it is called most commonly by the Vulcan people, T’hy’la. It is a feeling regarded more highly than the passions and furies of Pon Farr.
These are the songs for the keeper of our soul, our friend, our brother, our lover, most beloved of soulmates, T’hy’la.
Nature Boy~by AURORA from All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend (Album)
Strange Darling~by Miya Follick from Strange Darling (EP)
Simple and Clean~by Mree from Simple and Clean (Single)
Cosmic Love~by Florence + The Machine from Lungs (Album)
Brother~by Kodaline from Brother (Album)
Wolves Without Teeth~by Of Monsters & Men from Beneath The Skin (Album)
The Gardener~by Sarah Sparks from The Ways and Means (Album)
Meteor Shower~by Owl City from Ocean Eyes (Album)
Fly Me To The Moon~by Annapantsu from Fly Me To The Moon (Single)
Oblivion~by Bastille from All This Bad Blood (Album)
What About Love?~by Cynthia Erivo & Jennifer Hudson from The Color Purple (Broadway Score)
The Mermaid~by Kate Rusby from Life in a Paper Boat (Album)
Soul Meets Body~by Death Cab for Cutie from Plans (Album)
Your Light~by Will Morton from Lost Ember (Game Score)
Eternal Flame~by Saint Sister from Eternal Flame (Album)
The Deep~by PHILDEL from Wave Your Flags (Album)
The Host of Seraphim~by Dead Can Dance from A Passage In Time (Album)
The Dull Flame of Desire~by Björk from Volta (Album)
Warrior~by Anilah from Warrior (Album)
Mermaid Calling #2~by Marta Mazurek from The Lure (Movie Score)
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broken-angel-1997 · 6 days ago
Twin flame this, twin flame that. Where are the flaming hot cheetos
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4bworld · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Are soulmates real? 🫂 Yes or no? Read both perspectives, vote, and discuss at the 4b.
#soulmate #relationships #marriage #love #twinflame #psychic #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #soul #soulmates #truelove #lovequotes #happiness #life #spiritual #marriage #lovespells #psychicreading #lovers #quotes #happy #couple #relationship #loveyourself #instagood #twinflames #tarot #healing #spiritualawakening
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yovibeispretty · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
i love how my best friends mom wished me a hbd before she did cuz her lazy ass just woke up 😅🖤.
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wonder-lusting-witch · 8 days ago
wanna make some likeminded people on here so dm if you are witchy, alt, philosophical, or just nice :) no perv's allowed have a twin flame - life long partner - soul mate <3
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trippyunicornbaby · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3 years ago today I got married. I don't want to feel regret and hurt when I think about my marriage. I want to be able to remember the good memories because there were so many of them and yes it didn't end well but he was my best friend and I'll always love him. I want to remember. I want to remember him holding our new kitten for the first time, the day he proposed at the zoo, and again when he proposed with a ring pop. I want to remember going to Luray caverns and weekend trips to farmers markets and random nature places. I want to remember him letting us stay in Texas an extra day just so I could go to a unicorn cafe.
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